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Pray for Ye

i’m so sad y'all. Kanye’s hospitalized in LA for his mental health and all people are saying that it’s “another publicity stunt” or “good he’s crazy” like are y'all missing the point. Kanye, like a regular person, suffers from mental illnesses too. everyone’s bashing him for canceling the tour and walking off stage when he performed endlessly for days straight until his voice left (RIGHT AFTER HIS WIFE WAS ROBBED) and y'all being ungrateful ass motherfuckers. he overworked himself and overestimated his capability. the anniversary of his mom’s death was just a around a week ago and people don’t think that Kanye has feelings too?? if you really understand Kanye, you’ll support him no matter what. most people don’t understand Kanye and that’s fine but they don’t have to bash him for his mental health. Kanye needs the love and support of his fans while he gets help. the mental health awareness in this country is so poor and you guys are just proving it. i’ve met Kanye myself, and he’s the nicest and wisest person you’ll ever meet. he went as far as giving me and all friends free tickets to his show. he’s such a great man and he’s not getting enough credit for it. he’s probably the realest in the industry right now and he’s being constantly bashed for telling the truth and speaking his mind. i love Kanye and what he stands for, and i hope he gets the help he needs and gets better. i’m done YALL i just needed to rant.

PT 2.i’ve seen comments saying that Kanye is dumb and that he’s seeking attention and i’m sure if Kanye was a white man they wouldn’t be saying that!!! Mental illnesses in men are not even seen as real and much less in colored men. SO MANY WHITE MEN have been in the media for mental illnesses and they aren’t treated like shit. they are “sympathized” with. the racism and double standards in this society is unbelievable. 
“Racism is still alive they just be concealin it” 
racism NOR mental illnesses are taken seriously. Kid Cudi literally spoke out about his mental illness a few weeks ago. there are tons of celebrities who get into rehab or hospitalized to deal with their mental health. when Selena Gomez went to a rehab center nobody said shit like that. just because kanye is seen as a bad person and he’s the scapegoat for the industry, he gets shit. he’s seen as the arrogant asshole, but he’s really not like that. mental illnesses aren’t being taken seriously. kid cudi and kanye west aren’t the only men to be suffering from mental illnesses. i’m tired of people being so ignorant and not knowing wassup. “We at war, we at war with terrorism, racism, but most of all, we at war with ourselves.” - Kanye West
the signs as actual things my mother has said.
  • Aries: you know what, i miss the old kanye
  • Taurus: i would leave your father for tyler joseph
  • Gemini: wake up its dinner time
  • Cancer: what's up with all the bee movie things recently?
  • Leo: 4 years of cheer and all you can do is a split on the dick
  • Virgo: what is with you and reading about your idols having kinky sex?
  • Libra: we get it, you want to die. just do your fucking chore already
  • Scorpio: go back to reading your porn kiddo
  • Sagittarius: are you really looking for a sugar daddy?
  • Capricorn: stop trippin' little homie
  • Aquarius: U little stinker. Y u have ur ๐Ÿ“ฑ? What time u wake up today?
  • I'm having a hard time with not being too tired now. I woke up at 5pm ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ฉ
  • Pisces: if he isn't your dad, don't call him daddy.

You ever think about how Kanye West has sun in the 12th house and a cancer ascendant… maybe he pretends to have such an inflated ego because he doesn’t have one to begin with. And it’s why he retreats to solitude to work on his creative endeavors. Because he actually needs to do that. It’s why he isolates himself and embarks on self discovery voyages all the time, and can disappear from social media suddenly and for long periods of time. He is just a very confused, spiritual and sensitive guy

You get black people like Kanye West going on a rant saying that people of colour should just accept that the world is racist like, you do realise you have a predominantly black fan base? he used to be such an inspiring person to listen to, and he’s such a talented artist, but how can he just tell PoC to stand by and watch White People fuck them in the arse? It’s easy for him, he was born into a middle-class family in Chicago. he never had to struggle financially, he didn’t grow up in the ghetto where people get shot on a weekly/daily basis. he reaps the advantages of being rich even to this day. does he think that all people are on the same boat as him?

I have no sympathy for black men who willingly go after non-black women who they know are racist and violent towards black women, but those men don’t care. All they want is a non-black woman on their arm as an attribute to their success as niggers, and then when their lives turn upside down, black men want to blame those women they thought were “better” than black women. Black men don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. Instead of evaluating, “Maybe I need to make better judgement in the women I choose,” it’s the women who made them the way that they are.

 Blame Kim and the Kardashians all you want. Kanye knew what he was getting himself into. He was warned but still chose to date a known golddigger of black men and family who fetishizes black women’s bodies and black men. I say they’re golddiggers because they often choose black men who are successful and rich because they know they’re easier to navigate than white men. Yes, they were born into money and privilege but that doesn’t mean rich white women don’t still choose black men who are considered more known and financially successful than white people. It’s a sign of envy and wanting to “join em if they can’t beat em.” However, I have no sympathy for either black men who choose shitty non-black women, and get what they choose. I’m not talking about people who happen to land abusive and toxic partners. I am talking about those who knowingly get with someone out of spite, and it doesn’t turn out in their favor. That’s life.

On Bo Burnham's Make Happy

You know, everyone is posting about how what. was so funny and Make Happy is suddenly insanely sad (and dismissing Words Words Words all together but that’s not my point). But honestly, I don’t see how you couldn’t tell from the beginning there was always something slightly off. Since Words Words Words, he didn’t ever seem to enjoy all the fame he had been getting or all the performing he had been doing. In what., he mentions his problems with fame in “We Think we Know You”. In Words Words Words, he wrote “Art is dead” that pretty much explained his views on performance art even then. He wasn’t always “just funny”. He has his own genre, he is so introspective in his music and comedy specials from Day 1 and I think it’s odd that suddenly some fans are only just noticing this now. He’s a human, and unlike so many other comedians or celebrities he’s not just going to pretend everything is alright for his fans, he’s going to be himself. A lot of people freaked out when he had alluded to taking a break from all of this, but I think it’s a good thing for him. I’m proud of him for making this decision even though it must’ve been so, so, hard to do so. He has made so many people very happy as well as getting them through rough patches of their own lives. Now it’s time for him to get through a rough patch in his own life. If that means leaving this behind him for a while, so be it. I know he said in Make Happy not to stick by him if we aren’t being entertained anymore, but I definitely think he needs support. Not nagging and whining about him coming back and doing more specials. I know he hates the term, “I love you” from fans, so I won’t say I love Bo. But I will say Bo is an artistic genius, and I wish him the best in whatever he does in his life. I know he and his work have made me happy.

“You’re encased in a disastrous matrix of fear and loathing. You’re just a function. You’re just a function of the universe. You think you’re free. You have no more freedom than a cell on your body. The universe isn’t a democracy. It’s a monarchy. You’re just a function. The closest you can get to freedom is anonymity. Fame is the worst prison of them all. Because then people have ideas about you and ideas about your life. And if you’re not what they expect then they will fuck you up. Kanye West is the biggest prisoner on this planet. Your only chance at freedom is to stay on the fringes like me. Burn all your bridges. Who cares? You’re all lying to each other. You all hate each other more than you love each other.“

could you imagine what would happen if tomi lahren was around when kanye west said “george bush doesn’t care about black people”? i think she would have imploded

full offense if you think what kanye’s done is “funny” or “artistic” you can go fuck yourself ok portraying women naked in a bed with a rapist and an abuser without their permission is absolutely disgusting

rihanna, taylor, amber and all of bill cosby’s victims don’t deserve this, no woman does, no person does and the fact that we live in a world where anyone is defending this or calling it “art” scares the living shit out of me