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to my dear ichiruki fam,

to my dear artists and writers, editors, colourists, and creators of all kinds,

you are brave, and you are appreciated. you are not alone, and the content you create matters. regardless of popularity or notes, you’re doing something incredible by keeping on just because you love our ship so much. i can guarantee that your ichiruki content makes people happy. i’m one of those people. seeing this ship brimming with life after an unfortunate end in canon inspires not only me, but so many others who continue to embrace this ship.

forget whatever the antis want to say - they don’t practice what they preach, so don’t bother to listen to their ugly words. just remember that they are petty and jealous, so laugh and hold your head high. do what you love, and fuck anyone who tries to tell you different.

much love (and ichiruki) always 🍑🍓🌞🌝

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hi! okay you don't need to that in-depht with this at all, since there probably isn't much to say lmao, but okay so if MC had a really husky and low, pleasant voice, and then one day she made an really cutesy/ultra feminine sound by accident (when tripping, stretching, laughing or whatever up to u!), how would the rfa-v-saeran react to that? thank you very much, love your blog! <33

Thank you for the request and the kind words! Makes me all fluffy inside hahaha

Reactions to MC’s cutesy/feminine tone compared to her normal low tone

Zen: You two were just out walking one day for who knows what reason, when you accidentally tripped and shrieked in a high tone, he thought it was a bird at first. After being told that it was actually you, it takes a moment to register but then he’s super surprised and sort of turned on. He would love to hear more of that voice ;)

Yoosung: You’re just casually stretching and you accidentally made a cute sound to accompany it, Yoosung is then put into a state of shock as he can’t believe what he just heard. Now every time he sees you, his face goes red and he turns away because all he can hear is your voice echoing in his ear.

Jaehee: Thoroughly surprised by your laugh because it doesn’t match your appearance, she rather likes seeing another side to you. She’s finds you even more adorable and wants to pamper you. 

Jumin: Zen got sort of turned on however Jumin gets completely turned on. You were napping on the couch and you made a little noise in your sleep. From then on he just has the urge to cuddle you, he knows it’s weird but he doesn’t stop. Somehow, just somehow, he wants to get you to make those cute noises again.

707: Shook, absolutely shook. His emoji of his glasses breaking, but in real life. He doesn’t know how to react, should he react? He can’t even think of a joke to say, he’s just shook to the core. He’ll be a lifeless shell until he can fully compute what he just heard.

V: Laughs because he’s amused at how cute you sound when you and despite your embarrassment, he feels the need to tease you. Behind his usual angelic face, a little devil has been ignited as he continues to laugh at how cute you are. Of course, he’ll chuckle after he helps you up off the floor and makes sure you’re alright.

Saeran: He’s mildly shook but when he realises it was you that made that sound, he just gives you a weird look though really he’s just trying to figure out how you could make such a noise with that voice of yours. For the rest of the day, he’s just staring directly at you trying to piece together HOW.

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how do you make such high quality art icons?

I am not completely sure what you mean but usually I just crop icons from my comics or other drawings that I have made. But a few times I have specifically drawn icons. Then I do this:

Which is still the same process. I draw the thing on a big canvas and then I crop the thing. The high quality comes from the big canvas which prevents the cropped picture to get all blurry and pixelated.

  • Cassian: Can you feel what's happening?
  • Azriel: What?
  • Cassian: And they don't have a clue.
  • Azriel: Who?
  • Cassian: They'll fall in love, and here's the bottom line -
  • Azriel: Oh.

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The way you draw hair and expressions is perfect btw I'm in tears ///also your hands???? How the fuck can someone draw hands so good did you sell your soul to Satan????

WHAT omg you’re too nice, thank you so much?!?! I really actually high key hate the way I draw hands and I’m trying to get better at them (i love knuckles i need more knuckles in my drawings) so thank you!!!

but also, i tried to sell my soul but they didn’t want it :(

siffieleafy submitted: Lady Suzanne as she prepares herself to conquer the Thicket of Doubt and Uncertainty with her trusty blade “Willpower”. May her rule be long and just, and her blade never dull.

((I’ve noticed stuff and things have been tough for you these last days, and in a effort to pull myself out of the inky abyss of disparity​ I’m going to grapple you along.
Sorry for the wonky inking, I was in a rush to get this to you. Lofe you muchly, bunny. Keep on trooping!!!))

(You’ve always been an inspiration to me, and as I grapple myself out of my own dispair I will take you with me, come ell or high water))

*looks into inbox, sees what you’ve done, slowly crumples to the floor*

Originally posted by forbeautifulpeopletv

This is actually what my face is doing, no lie. But for God’s sake, how on earth am I supposed to react when you…!

Y-you made into a Warrior Girl You made me into a Lady Knight. 

Siffie, I can’t even get into how much this means to me. I am so beyond enormously touched and will have set up a new life upon the floor because you knocked me down so hard with this. 

Thank you. Thank you, darling, for having so much faith in me and so much love. Words can’t even hope to capture how I feel right now. 

{You actually submitted this two times, I hope you don’t mind that I adapted and added some of the text}

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what r some makeup tips u can share?

here’s my biggest tips:

  • know your skin type and undertones! it’s so important if you wear foundation or concealer to make sure the color and formula suit you
  • color correcting can be useful but like, on a normal level. in moderation
  • same with contouring tbh
  • in my personal opinion there’s no reason to own any eyeliner or mascara that isn’t waterproof. just save yourself some heartbreak, please
  • people will try to tell you that you shouldn’t do a flamboyant eye look and bold lip at the same time, but those people are wrong, you should do literally whatever you want. there are……no rules
  • everyone has different things that they think are worth investing in. mine is foundation, bc i have really shitty skin and a good foundation is a necessity but i can get by with drugstore shit for everything else, yk? so like with trial and error you should discover what your Thing is that you’re willing to go high-end for, but just know it’s not always whatever someone else says it is.
  • on that same note: drugstore makeup is actually so good most of the time don’t let anybody tell you different. nyx is great, maybelline is great, wet n wild is good, milani is good. l’oreal is not terrible but a bit overpriced. elf is the cheapest of the cheap but the quality is only regular amount of cheap so it’s still better than the price
  • your eyebrows frame your face…they’re important. your eyebrows are important. they should look however you want them to look, but like, don’t ignore them

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Mr. U what laptop would you recommend? I'm going inta high school next year and mine turns itself off

That new fangled HP touchscreen laptop


if you expected a serious fanart from me, im sorry

four word first impressions of anime

code geass: highly unrealistic leg standards

assassination classroom: really fast tentacle dude

fairy tail: omG JOIN MY GUILD

free!: wow this is gay

ouran high school host club: ok this is gayer


haikyuu: IM SHORT OH GOD

attack on titan: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

tokyo ghoul: TAKE IT FROM ME

black butler: LOL STEP ASIDE JESUS

hibike! euphonium: gayer than originally perceived


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and paint.net”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”