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I think the core thing that caused The Last Airbender to be the horrible, piece of shit movie that it is was the fact that Shyamalan clearly looked down on the TV series as just some dumb children’s show and not for the good thing it is. It really shows through in the movie that he thought that the show’s just a mindless cartoon made to momentarily distract children too dumb to comprehend the world around them. That was his first of many mistakes, and that, combined with his incompetence, laid the foundation for the film.

a general psa:

if you’re going to talk shit about a character in tumblr, it is considered common courtesy to use a standard anti tag, e.g. anti-mon mothma. if you’re talking about them in the post break up the name so it does not show up in search results, e.g. m.on m.othma or mon mothm@ or whatever.

including a tag in the first five tags also means it shows up in the tag. if you want to keep something out of the tag you can use numbers, .e.g. “star wars, millennium falcon, x-wings, 4, 5, anti-mon mothma”

giving people the benefit of the doubt for now since there are many people new to fandom and tumblr with star wars, but please use these methods and stay in your designated corners. this goes for everyone. you can hate a character or ship but if you put it in the tag, all you’re doing is trying to upset someone’s day over fictional characters. you hate them. we get it. please stay in your corner.

now, if you’re sending people anon hate or replying to people’s posts with hate, you already know who you are. obi-wan would be disappointed in you.

So some jackass threatened Jimin???? What the actual frickedy frack is wrong with people!? He’s just a pure cinnamon roll sun beam angel???? Why on God’s green Earth would anyone want to hurt him??????

honestly, boys are so dumb like why would you give me a tour of your place, introduce me to your friends, give me a little gift, walk me to my car, ask me to get dinner later this week, kiss me, and then cut off all communication? 

There’s a package on his bed.” | Fanart of ‘Made to Fit’ written by @abovethesmokestacks. Hope you like it, Pia! Art-sterlist