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Gurl both Natasha and Elise Instagram and Twitter comments are messy as fuck. When people aren't calling them Daddy or saying they should date, they're being rude as fuck. Natasha gets sassy and replies sometimes which I love but I pray Elise's religious family doesn't read half the crazy shit these fans think it's okay to send. Who raised them? Control your damn selves!!

Y’all should also see what people tag Natasha and Elise in 💀  YIKES.  

Get a hold of yourselves, you weirdos.


Elise: Do you think he knows much of a pain in the arse she is?

Giu: I have no sympathy if he does.

Ignoring the Cunningham behind Elise, he glanced at the time on his phone. 6:20pm. The bookshop had meant to close at 6pm but with Giu in there, they’d let him wander about, reading through the blurbs on the back of books whilst Elise had rummaged around in the art section trying to kill time.

Giu: Come on, let’s get out of here. We can pick up our pizza.

Elise didn’t make any move to go and had a sheepish look on her face.

Giu: … what’s happened?

Elise: You know how I said I’d ordered the pizza, well I opened the app, I just didn’t uh order anything. I didn’t think you’d be too long and figured we’d just pop next door shortly after.

Giu: You realise I was in a bookshop.

Elise: Yeah, I made a false estimation. Oops.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My Parents Going Through My Tumblr
  • Dad: Why do you post about us?
  • Me: People find you guys funny.
  • Dad: Funnier than you so I get it.
  • Me: Dad.
  • Mom: You should watch your language.
  • Me: My language? I was quoting you!
  • Mom: That's no excuse.
  • Me: Y'all make no sense.
  • Dad: What's a...Jamilton? Is that one of those ships you talk about?
  • Me: Yes. Jefferson and Hamilton.
  • Mom: Ah yes. They have more sexual tension than you and that 'friend' of yours.
  • Me: Mom oh my God.
  • Dad: Is Lams another one?
  • Me: Yes. Laurens and Hamilton.
  • Mom: Well he did shoot someone for Alexander. Even I wouldn't do that for your father.
  • Dad: Yeah she - wait, what?
  • Mom: Oh look people can comment of these posts of yours!
  • Dad: No no let's get back to the previous -
  • Mom: Would you look at that - we're more popular than you AJ.
  • Dad: HA!
  • Me: Oh my God...
  • Me: I mean no one believes y'all said it so.
  • Dad: Well...
  • Dad: That's rude...
  • Mom: You're rude.
  • Dad: The hell woman?
  • lin manuel miranda: legacy. what is a legacy? it's planting seeds in a graden you never get to see. I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me, america, you great unfinished symphony
  • lin manuel miranda: i could cut the shower door open with my nipple
Okay can I just say

I love Hamilton.

And I know that the founding fathers were terrible, racist, slave-owning people.

The two are not mutually exclusive and Hamilton, with its diverse cast and (what I believe to be) an inclusive message should not be getting as much hate as it is getting.

That being said,

To the people that idolize the founding fathers because of this musical, fuck you.

You missed the point.

These were bad people.


baumanelise: Who’s getting excited for @clexacon in Las Vegas?! I’ll be there March 4th and 5th to meet some of you rad humans. Get your tickets now cause they’re selling like hot cakes….I don’t actually know what a hot cake is, but does anyone really? And in case you were wondering, yes, I did film this in my shower, cause I’m fancy like that. #clexacon

Hey guys!  I’m getting so excited to come to Las Vegas for Clexa Con.  I’m going to be there Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th.  It’s going to be a great time.  I’m really excited to come.  I hope to see you guys there!”



Mori Ougai and Akutagawa Ryuunosuke
Mori: Akutagawa-kun. What a perfect coincidence! I’ll give you some money, so will you listen to my request?
Akuagawa: Money is not necessary. Enemies are to be destroyed. Please, your orders.
Mori: Hm? Enemies? No, no! I want you to go buy something for me.
Akutagawa: …..?

Mori Ougai and Nakahara Chuuya
Mori: Chuuya-kun, hey Chuuya-kun. Will you listen to my request?
Chuuya: Boss. What happened. Is there a problem? Is it a business trip?
Mori: Business trip? No, no. I want you to fetch something for me.
Chuuya: Fetch…?

Mori Ougai and Ozaki Kouyou
Mori: Aaaahh! Kouyou-kun! Listen to my request!
Kouyou: Fufuun. Let’s see…. I, don’t, want, to.
Mori: Eh?! Without even hearing the request? Don’t say that, please. I can only ask this to Kouyou-kun. Please, I’m begging you!
Kouyou: Ey, you’re annoying! Stop being so clingy! ……I suppose there is no choice…. What is it, say it now.

Mori Ougai and Elise
Mori: Haaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I’m so glad everyone’s here today. Now then… Elise-chan, Elise-chaaaaan! I prepared lots of new dresses, so let’s get changed!
Elise: No.
Mori: Eeeehhhh! Then, how about eating a delicious cake together for 10 o'clock snack?
Elise: Rintarou is gross, but I’ll eat the cake.
Mori: Elise-chan ♡ I’ll go prepare it immediately!

**This event will be released in 12 parts with 4 interactions each - we’ll make a final large post at the end! Sorry for the huge number orz**


Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Rating: Solid R rating
Warnings: sexting
Author’s Note: I hope you guys enjoy this! Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!

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“So how long have you and Wonho been together again?”

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13 Reasons Why (Daveed x Reader)

Sooooooo this took me literally forever to write, but I’m happy with the way it turned out!! Lil shoutout to Becca ( @angeilca-s ) helping me with some of the reasons ;) feedback would be lovely, and enjoy! 

Warnings: ANGST, swearing, it gets a little heated at one part but other than that I think it’s all good?

Words: 5447 (dang this took forever)

One - Constantly distracted

You mindlessly scraped the food around on your plate, your eyes glancing from the food up to your boyfriend, who obviously had something much more important than your three year anniversary on his phone.

“Babe, can you please put that away?” you hinted, glancing down at his phone when he looked up at you.

“Oh, yeah, mhm,” he nodded, sliding it into his back pocket and looking at you. That’s one of the many things that killed you, was the way he looked at you. No matter what you looked like, what you were doing, it didn’t matter. His chocolatey brown eyes bore into you like you put the stars in the sky and made the earth spin on its axis. You sighed and continued eating.

“Babygirl,” he strung out, letting the word slide right off his lips like music to your ears.

“Yes?” you responded, once again giving him your attention.

“I love you, I promise. So much,” he grinned, reaching over to take your hand. He rubbed his thumb across the back of your hand, something that you had always found calming.

“I love you too,” you replied, smiling back. It was a truly genuine smile. You couldn’t be more in love with the man sitting across from you.

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sylvennia  asked:

Your favorite heroes with an S/O that loves to have their hair brushed/played with, etc. or vice versa? Thanks! :3

Just realized how picky I am with my Soldier gifs. Send help

Genji Shimada:

  • He loves playing with your hair wherever, whenever
  • Relaxing in your room? Expect finding Genji’s fingers gracefully toying with your hair
  • Spending time with friends? You’re just curled up against the cyborg ninja as he swiftly begins braiding random strands together
  • He does make sure that he isn’t hurting you and often asks you if you’re comfortable
  • Sometimes Genji will take off his face mask and let you play with his hair
    • But you know that he would rather be the person who played with their partner’s hair
  • The most frequent time that Genji plays with your hair is before a mission
  • Especially stressful missions which leave you fidgeting a lot on the dropship
  • If he sees your knee bouncing up and down or your foot swaying from side to side, Genji will reach over and begin massaging your scalp until you calm down
    • He won’t always talk during these massages, but if need be, Genji’s there with a few comforting words for you

Prefall!Gabriel Reyes:

  • Much like Genji, Gabe adores playing with your hair
  • Just snuggling together with him running his hand through your hair instantly relaxes him
  • If Gabe knows that he’ll be away for a long period of time, his hand will act like it’s stuck to your head
  • Sometimes he’ll just have a hand on your head without either of you knowing it
  • You enjoy stealing his beanie just because it gives both of you an excuse to mess around with each other’s hair in public
  • He would never admit it, but Gabe loves having someone run through his hair just as much as you do
  • If Gabe’s feeling cheeky, he’ll run a gentle hand up and down your scalp and chuckle when you make an annoyed sound
    • You might get a few hickies on your neck as well

Jesse McCree:

  • His hand has found a new home on your head the moment you tell him that you love having your hair
  • Jesse doesn’t mind having you run your hand through his own locks, but he would prefer if he did it to you
  • It’s a bit of a challenge for himself to see if he can elicit any noise from you while his hand moves from one spot on your head to another
  • He does make sure if you’re okay with him massaging your scalp, just in case your head might be a little oversensitive
  • If you can’t sleep, Jesse’s already running a hand up and down while humming a song to help you sleep
  • Lots of picnic dates where the only thing Jesse does is mess around with your hair as you try to enjoy the food that was prepared for the two of you
    • You have to feed the man himself just so he didn’t starve
  • Loves surprising you with little hair tugs as he walks by you
  • Honestly, Jesse is just a big dork when it comes to playing with your hair

Soldier: 76:

  • In all honesty, you never expected Jack to be putty in your hands when you ran your hand through his hair
  • But he did
    • Listen, if you apply enough force as you’re mussing Jack’s hair, he will make a sound that resembles a moan
    • But you are careful to not overdo it though
  • Nowadays, you would try and think of any excuse to run your hand through his hair at least once
    • The most common one being “The wind messed up your hair, so I’m here to fix it for you.”
    • Watchpoint Gibraltar did get windy sometimes
    • Just not often enough
  • At night, if you felt Jack tossing and turning too much, you immediately reached over and began giving him a massage, hoping it would calm him down
    • And it always does
  • It was such a simple and mundane thing to do, but that was probably what appealed to Jack most whenever you brushed your fingers through his white locks
  • He may not be the man he was all from the Golden Age of Overwatch, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be a bit self-indulgent from time to time

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Counts For Something (Thomas x Reader)

I actually really like this, so I hope you guys do too! I think a sequel is necessary for this one, so hopefully I’ll write that soon. Enjoy :)

Warnings: swearing & drinking

Words: 2,789 (damn)

Thomas knew that debate class would be the same as last year. The only person who could even come close to outsmarting him was Alexander, so this class would be easy for him. He went about his day, waiting for the clock to strike 12 so class could begin. This class would be an easy one for his junior year of college, something that would get him credit without having to do much work.

That was, until he actually walked into class.

There, at the front of the room, there was a girl, already arguing with someone. Their voices were raised, although he couldn’t tell what they were arguing about.

“You. In the purple,” you yelled, glaring at him. He pointed at himself, unsure of who you were talking to.

“Well I don’t see anyone else in purple, so yes you,” you continued shooting him daggers.

“Is it really necessary to stare at someone for that long? I understand that girls normally don’t take this class, and I also understand that you’re the reason for that,” you accused.

“Hun, why don’t you do us all a favor and go back to your home-ec class and learn how to cook, you’re embarrassing yourself,” Thomas shot back. Your hands were in fists at your sides, redness blossoming across your cheeks.

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baumanelise: Who’s getting excited for @clexacon in Las Vegas?! I’ll be there March 4th and 5th to meet some of you rad humans. Get your tickets now cause they’re selling like hot cakes….I don’t actually know what a hot cake is, but does anyone really? And in case you were wondering, yes, I did film this in my shower, cause I’m fancy like that. #clexacon

NATASHA: One thing I admire about Elise is that she unabashedly is not afraid to be herself, even when she does things that are adorkable or weird, she is herself and she is so beautiful for that and that’s something I admire because as much I try to be a nice person, I can get caught up in what’s cool and what’s not. ELISE: Thank you! One thing I would say about Natasha is that I love how you’re not afraid to speak your mind, I think that’s something I struggle with and sometimes I worry about how things come across if I’m disagreeing with someone. And I love that you fight for what you want out of life and I think that’s so amazing. And even with these new projects that you’re creating, I think that’s so wonderful to fall in and wholeheartedly create the life you want and not be afraid to say what you want.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Your voice sounds just like my phone sex operator’s voice.”
“Excuse me?” She replies, absolutely appalled at the strangers comment. She is utterly confused on how she got into this situation, she had done absolutely nothing to draw attention to herself. Sat in the waiting room of the veterinarian’s office with her dog (a seven year old golden doodle named Bella) she had just been studying for her organic chemistry exam, with headphones in. Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” was her mantra for everything. Whenever she was studying or working out, the song helped her calm down and focus on whatever task was at hand. But then, she had this prick tap on her shoulder and spit this misogynistic comment at her. All she had done was reach down to pet and comfort her pup, who always got nervous at the vet’s office. Any remaining whisper of calm left from “Fur Elise” has evaporated from her body.
“Yeah,” the asshole responds with a chuckle and a smirk, “Her name, is Janice. She’s got the sexiest voice in the world, second to yours of course. Always manages to get me hard when-”
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” A third voice chimes in.
She turns around abruptly, thanking the heavens that someone is coming to help defend her. She was never fond of confrontation.
A boy, about her age, was standing there holding his fluffy cat. It’s obvious by the expression on his face that he’s just as puzzled and enraged by the disgusting comments this stranger has felt the audacity to announce to the whole office.
“Is that how you pick up all your women? By berating them and making them objectified and uncomfortable? How about next time you take a gentler approach, like, I don’t know, maybe a hello first? Ask her about her dog maybe. Also, where the fuck is your pet? Why are you even here? This is a vet’s office you know. Not some sleazy bar that you are probably used to.” He rages all of this in a very short amount of time, and the entire office goes still.
The receptionist is already speed walking around her desk, to diffuse the situation.
“Sir,” she points to the offending stranger, “If you don’t plan on doing any business with us while staying appropriate, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Or I can call the police. It’s your choice.”
The older man’s face is flush with embarrassment, and the vein on his neck is protruding offensively. Before anyone else is able to respond, he gets up abruptly and walks out the door, slamming it shut on his way out, making the bell attached to the top ring loudly. The receptionist turns around promptly and walks back to her desk.
“Jesus Christ,” the girl whispers, clutching her dog’s leash and headphones close in her hand. She is still so taken aback by the whole situation, and not sure of how to process the encounter that occurred just seconds before.
The boy moves to sit next to her with the cat perched in his lap, a few seats away.
He looks into her eyes, “I know this place isn’t necessarily on the best side of town, but I assumed that it’s because the costs here are cheap. I didn’t expect to people taken advantage of. I’m sorry that happened to you.”
She smiles into her hands in her lap, and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.
She assumes he can feel her embarrassment radiating from her chair, so he’s quick to change the subject.
“Who do we have here?” He says leaning down to Bella who has her face rested on her paws on the floor. He readjusts the squeaking animal on his lap, “Is it okay if I pet her?”
“Oh yes of course!” She responds flustered, “Her name is Bella, she’s a golden doodle. So a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever.” He reaches down to scratch behind her fluffy ear and pat her head. Bella lifts her head up and wags her tail excitedly.
“Ah I see. So she has the coat of a poodle and the athleticism of the retriever. Does she take the intelligence from both?”
“Yes! She’s an amazing dog.” Both of them turn their gaze to the dog on the floor, where Bella soaks up the attention.
Only about ten seconds of comfortable silence go by before the cat in the boy’s lap squeaks a loud meow.
“Oh hush, you big baby.” He looks down at the disgruntled creature, “I can’t love on any other animals besides you?”
She gives the kitty a big smile, “Who do we have here?” She asks the boy.
“His name is Genghis. I got him off of craigslist, so I’m not sure what breed he his, but he likes to talk a lot that is for sure. My name is Harry, by the way.”
“Nice to meet you Harry. Do you mind if I pet him?” She asks politely.
“You can try, he is just a little wary around strangers, but he isn’t a biter so you should be - oh,” He’s interrupted by Genghis’ loud purring. When he was talking, she reached her hand out tentatively to the cat, and he immediately rose his body into her hand and started purring. Harry is shocked, it seemed that in all his years that he had Genghis, Harry was the only one he could truly tolerate. Genghis only purred in the comfort of their own home, under the covers in Harry’s soft bed.
“That’s amazing! You must be some sort of animal whisperer.” Harry looks at the girl with such a shocked expression. Her only response is a giggle, as she scratches behind the cat’s ears.
All of a sudden, Genghis stands up out of Harry’s lap, and hops over the two seats into the girl’s lap where he promptly curls up and falls asleep.
“He likes you more than me! I can’t believe this, I guess I just have to keep you around, huh?”

Introducing: @ContactTJLC

The TJLC community is an incredibly clever, big-hearted, and fierce bunch, and I think it’s high time we all get to know each other better!

This blog will serve as a way to do just that: using the submissions feature, send us 1-5 pictures of yourself, a link to your blog, and a brief-ish description of who you are & who/what you’re looking for here (friends, dating, a mentor, etc). I’ll add it to the queue and in a few hours (?) it’ll post!!

Then, you can look through the blog to see a snapshot of the community at large, or you can search specific tags to find TJLCers who live nearby and/or have similar interests! Think of it as a TJLC-themed combination of Tinder, LinkedIn, and Humans of New York.

If this blog becomes popular enough, I also hope it can become a tool to organize real-life TJLC clubs around the world (including college campuses) and a way to show the world how many of us there are when we turn out to be right!

I love this community so much, and I’m super excited to meet more of you this way! 

With amo,

Admin Elise (@221beautifulmorning)

EDIT: make sure y'all submit a profile too! That’s the only way this thing is gonna work ;P

(Tags, thanks, and ways you could help/get involved are below the cut)

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Styles & Co.  Part 10

Authors Note: Sorry this has taken so long, hit a rough patch and don’t know where to lead with the story. My previous ideas seem to come across as too dramatic.
I am also sorry this has a lot of dialogue, but it needs to be there. Oh well.

Warning: Mild Smut included.

Last night was one of those glorious nights where we failed to keep our hands off of each other, I guess we could designate it ’celebratory sex’. If there wasn’t such thing, there definitely is now.

I leisurely wake up, my eyes opening to reveal my soon to be husband staring out the window, a pair of sweatpants hanging loosely over him. He turns around and he provides me with a modest smile,

“Hey, you finally woke up.” He grins, staying by the window as I move my legs within the silky sheets, the silkiness of the sheets brushing against my skin in a satisfying manner.

I nod, “Mhm, and you’re not beside me.” I arc my lips into a pout before he shuffles over to the bed to lean down and kiss me sweetly,

“Mornin’ sweetheart,” He murmurs against my lips, “Our weekend get-away sadly has to end.” He declares, only causing me to sigh.

Three days alone with him is not enough for me.

“I’m not ready to leave,” I inform him, moving the white sheet to expose a little bit more of my skin, trying to grasp his attention entirely,

“I know, but my business does not need to burn to the ground, at least not yet.”

“It’ll be okay for a few more hours.” I tug on his arm, “You really want to turn down your soon to be wife who is currently only covered by a very, very transparent sheet?” I smirk, watching as he bites down on his lip, perhaps debating on what he wants more at this moment.

He leans down and kisses me deeply, before pulling his greedy mouth away from mine.

“I got you coffee and breakfast, we should hit the road.” He sighs, trying to avoid eye contact with me.

“Ouch, turning down your fiancée”

“I’m not— fuck it.” He lowers himself closer to me, taking possession of my mouth, intensely kissing me, his hand moving the sheet away from my body, his hands gliding up the softness of my skin, sending sweet shivers down my spine.

He drags his mouth away from mine with a heavy groan when the sound of his phone ringing disrupts us, “ignore it.” I mumble, pulling him back in for a sloppy kiss as the ringtone continues to echo. The room grows silent and all that is heard is the sound of our breathing. We are distracted again by his phone.

“I need to get it.” He mumbles against my lips, leaving a few quick kisses before he leans over to the side to reach his phone. “It’s not mine.” He sighs, picking up my phone and looking at the caller ID. “It’s your fucking phone.” He hisses, placing the phone beside me before promptly removing himself from my body.
I pick up my phone and sigh, Logan Meyer.

“Harry, come back.” I softly command as he wanders away from the bed, completely disregarding what we were commencing.

“Answer the fucking twat.” He shakes his head as he reaches for his blue sweater he left out from the travel bag.

I ignore the call.

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7th year Hufflepuffs

You just know that the Hufflepuff 7th years “adopt” a new 1st year (from any house) and protect them the whole year, because that child is not just some 11 year old witch or wizard, oh no- that child is the son/daughter of the graduating Hufflepuff year.


* 7th year and Hufflepuff prefect, Gabriel Truman sits down with the rest of Hufflepuff for dinner one October evening.

* Abby Bones, one of his closest friends, is in the seat next to him practically praying to the slice of cake she was devouring.

* Gabriel, who is used to this behavior, notices a first year boy sitting at Gryffindor table. He is a little tall for his age and has dark brown hair, in his hands is a Remembrall.

* Gabriel smiles a little when he sees the wonder in the eyes of the kid who clearly has no idea what he’s forgotten.

* Then Gabriel’s happiness turns to confusion as a young Slytherin boy takes it from him and starts to mess with the kid Gabe is already so fond of.

* That’s when he (and the rest of the Hufflepuff 7th years) decided that Neville Longbottom would be their 1st year.

* Just before Christmas rolls around Neville revives a letter that says “you’re absolutely stellar Nev, and Hufflepuff is rooting for you!” -G+Co.

* Neville is of course more than surprised when he sees this but the Fat Friar later informs him about this Hufflepuff tradition and Neville is ecstatic!

* This time he was the special one and people were looking after him. It was all he could do to keep himself from telling all his new dorm mates.

* Not that is wasn’t super obvious, Hufflepuff had a blast watching over Neville. There were always at least two Hufflepuffs near Neville at anytime and every time Draco Malfoy tried to make fun of Neville Abby would just stare him down waving her wand in the air suggestively.

* Soon enough not only was Neville safe from harm he had friends, real friends. Like Ginny and Luna or Dean, Seamus, and Ron. He could even say he was friends with Harry Potter. The Harry Potter!

* Exam time was coming up for 1st years and some of his favorite times included studying for herbology with his favorite 7th years.

* One time Harry and Ron were sneaking out of the common room in the middle of the night and Neville tried to stop them. He stood up to his friends, by himself. He knew he would we okay with out his friends looking after him.

* Once they graduated things were different for Neville, but good different. He was a new Neville, a better Neville and it was thanks to their help.

* Being the loving Hufflepuffs they are many of them would still write Neville and he would reply as soon as humanly possible.

* By 6th year Neville barley had time to write to anyone. With DA and Voldemort’s return Neville’s life was different again, bad different.

* He wanted nothing more than to see his old Hufflepuff friends but now he could barley be with his friends that were in the same year as he was.

* By 7th year almost all of his friends were gone Dean, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Luna… the list goes on, but he knew he had to support the cause, fight the fight, so that good could win. And he could get revenge on Bellatrix Lestrange.

* He ended up leading Dumbledores Army that year and sent out letters to all his old friends that a war was rising and he needed help.

* He was nervous about the letters, what if they never got them, or had just ignored them; forgotten about Neville. Or worse, what if they weren’t even- no he couldn’t think that way, he had to stay confident.

* It was the battle of Hogwarts Neville was in the room of requirement standing on a chair in front of almost 60 Hogwarts students. They were ready.

* Suddenly a fourth year Gryffindor came running into the room, panting and yelling something about a bunch of adult witches and wizards all there to see Neville Longbottom.

* The room immediately broke into whispers and arguments about what to do. Neville had to keep his cool, he knew it was probably some ministry goons sent by Lucius Malfoy, to try and put a stop to D.A. But Neville made it very clear he would not let anyone stop them.

* They all cheered and yelled while Neville walked through the crowd to go see who it was.

* Nine Men and Women were all standing together talking in rushed whispers. Neville was confused, who were these people? He was too far away he couldn’t tell. He quickly sped up and that’s when he noticed.

* In their hands they weren’t clutching their wands, like most were, (because you never know when you may be attacked.) they were holding each other.

* He had only ever seen that kind of trust three times before. The first, in a picture of his parents, during the first war against Voldemort. Another time was between Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the DA during 5th year. The other time was the unspoken trust every Hufflepuff had for one another. These were no death eaters.

* As soon as he realized his fast walk became a run and he yelled “Truman!”

* One tall wizard with black hair and round glasses turned to see Neville’s dirt covered, smiling face. Nevilles stopped in his tracks a few feet in front of them all.

* “No…” Gabriel whispered but a smile began to find its way onto his face and he looked at Neville. “Neville? Little Neville Longbottom.” Almost unable to believe that this tall strong confident man was the same little insecure kid they knew all those a years ago.

* Neville smiled and gave a sheepish “yeah” not sure what to do

* Then as if they could read his mind all of them went as quickly as they could to hug Neville and get a look at how much he had grown after 7 years.

* “Oh my god Neville!” Abby managed to say between laughs of happiness. “If we had known you were going to turn out to be this good looking we would chosen some other first year!” She joked and Neville laughed.

* “I couldn’t be here with out you” he said and one of them, Elise Hart, punched his shoulder playfully “Come off it!”

* “No really.” He said emotional but serious. “I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love and support you all showed me that first year.”

* “Neville” Gabriel started to say and another one, Josh Larnam, put a hand on Gabes shoulder. “It was our pleasure.”

* Neville grinned and then said “Well, are you guys gonna fight or not?”


(This sorta turned into like a little au but its real cute so I’ll go with it)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Arno lost his father when he was a child and not only witnessed the murder of his adoptive father but was falsely accused for it, and after 2-months of suffering in prison he escaped only to discover that his careless mistake may have contributed to that murder, burdening him with crushing guilt and spurring him on a hopeless quest for redemption; the only Assassin he ever had any sort of bond with betrayed the Brotherhood forcing Arno to kill him; after years of dutiful service to the Brotherhood Arno was cast out as if his contributions meant nothing; and to top it off, he lost the love of his life to a hollow revenge plot, dude he did not even get to say goodbye to Elise HOW IS ANY OF THIS FAIR TRY TO TELL ME HOW IS THIS FAIR WHY MUST IT ALL HAPPEN TO SOMEONE AS SWEET-NATURED AND WONDERFUL AS ARNO HHOW D-DAER YOU UBISOFT I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYINGG
My Clexa Con Experience

I have taken a few days between the Con ending and now, I figured it would give me time to process what exactly happened that magical weekend… Turns out, it only made the job harder.

To articulate what happened, what I and many who attended the Con experienced- is near to impossible to do without sounding cheesy or ideological. But it was. That’s exactly what it was.

We created a space where everyone was accepted. We created a space where people of all ages, races, sexual orientation, gender identity, and belief system felt loved and accepted. Above all, we created a safe space where people could be vulnerable without fear of judgement. For those three days we had created a sort of Utopua for ourseves; no one fought, everyone was respectful, there was constructive conversations about race, representation, and how we could make our world a better place.

I arrived to Bally’s not expecting much, maybe 200-300 people- what I was met with was a convention center filled and a line that went on way past my wildest imagination. I picked up my camera, slapped on my “staff” badge, and I got to work.

Walking around the convention center I was met with so many beautiful faces. I tried to strike up a conversation with everyone I met before I take the picture- you can look in the eyes of anyone I had taken a picture with over that weekend. It’s my firm belief the difference between a good shot and a great shot is the relationship you build between a subject and yourself, you can see it in their eyes exactly what they’re thinking… If they like you or not, if they’re comfortable or not, if they want to be there or not.

I hope when my photos come out you can see what I saw through that lens… A group of amazing, passionate, beautiful women from all walks of life and all places.

Now getting to what I assume all of you have read this far for: Yes, Katherine, Dominique, Natasha, Elise, Elizabeth, Rachel, Zoie, Sarah, Amy, Jasika, and everyone are some of the nicest, most sincere people I’ve ever met. But I want to talk about a particular couple right now… WayHaught, or Kat and Dom. Listen to me when I tell you- I have never met two nicer, down to earth, smart, beautiful and incredible women. When Dominique talks to you, you feel like you two are the only ones in the room, she engages you in a way that’s almost hypnotozing, she makes physical contact to make sure you know she’s genuinely listening to what you’re saying… And Kat, where do I even begin. If you’ve ever watched an interview or a video of Kat talking, you can hear the kindness in her voice. When you talk to her you feel an almost safety blanket put around you, that she’s there for you no matter what.

The Shoot, WayHaught, and Hollstein panel was absolutely insane- and you could tell thqt the actresses thought it was just as bonkers as we did. I also want to take a moment to recognize all of the amazing panelists/interviewers- you guys made a hard job look easy. And Dana, having Elise and Natasha read from Clexa/Xena and Gabrielle/Carol scripts was one of the greatest things ever done on a panel EVER. It was unbelievable. Everyone I met over that weekend kept repeating the same question over and over… “Is this really happening?”

Yes. It happened.

I also met many people in the industry that I’ve long admired, notably Emily Andras (If you know me well, you know I was on board with Wynonna Earp since day one). I also took her writing class, the central theme of it being a WayHaught wedding- (she knows us too well 👀) and I learned so much valuable writing/industry rules to follow and goals to keep working on that I will never forget… Least of all my favorite piece of advice, “You know you’ve made it the first time you say ‘no’ in the writers room.”

Oh… And did I mention Sara Ramirez showed up? So, let me tell you a little story- on Saturday I worked about 10 hours, just photographing everyone and everything. I realized I had to finish a 5 page paper due for my English class that I had to get in before midnight, so at 10 p.m. I get to my hotel, write my essay and send it in… I then get peer Pressured into going into the “Sinful” party (Thanks Evan and Sam 😜) and didn’t get back to my hotel until around 3:30 am… So I slept in and unfortunately missed the Queer POC representation panel (the one I was really looking forward to) but by pure luck they were doing a part 2 later on! So… I get to the panel, and I use the term panel loosely as it was more of a very large group discussion about everything from race to safe spaces and who shows up? Sara Ramirez in all of her beautiful Bisexual glory. After that, she sort of became a panelist as well- talking about mental health (which hey ClexaCon 2018 how about a mental health panel!) And the difficulties growing up Bisexual and biracial. After the panel the entire room had a group hug.

Believe me when I tell you, Sara is one of the most charming people I met that weekend- and I learned more than I could ever thank her and the panel for. Being a queer white woman I know of many things, I know about mental health issues because I’ve suffered them, I know what it’s like to be in a wheelchair for an extended period of time and the difficulties that entails (and I also know how hard it is to re-learn how to walk), I know about being gay, and I know about having white privelage.

What I don’t know is race, what it means to be biracial, trans, Bisexual, asexual, gender non conforming, and many many other things. And I will never pretend that I do. Because I can’t possibly know what I haven’t experienced. That’s why as a screenwriter and someone who tells stories it was imperative for me to ask the amazing and diverse people in that room what I can do to help tell their stories and if it was okay to ask for them to help me do so, what they wanted to see in strong female characters that represents who they are. They were so gracious and kind, they gave so many wonderful suggestions and guidelines to work on that I will always keep in mind. I didn’t say much during the panel but that was the entire point of being a white woman in a room about Queer POC representation… It was my job to shut up and listen to them. And I’m so glad I did.

To Alexia, Sam, Lisa, Evan, literally ALL of the amazing organizers and volunteers- we have made something that will last for years to come. I hope to see you all next year for ClexaCon 2018, because there’s no way we’re letting this little piece of Utopia go.

-Rachel Kom Fotokru

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