what are you even sir

  • Mercy: Good evening, sir. How are you and what have you come in for?
  • Reaper: You see how you’ve got a face? And how your assistant has a face? And how that painting of your father hanging up on the wall has a face? You see- YOU SEE A F***ING PATTERN EMERGING? WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘WHAT HAVE IN COME IN FOR’ YOU F***ING QUACK?!
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is it just me, or does this seem kinda like a… club meeting…

kind of like a…

hey! hey! hey! don’t you……… forget about me….. YEAH!!!!!

kind of club meeting….

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When people say nothing else but a product name to me, I act very dumb to it. "TACO SEASONING" "what?" "do you even speak english? TAAAAACOOOOO SEEEEEAAASOOONIIING" "I do speak english, sir." "FUCKING TACO SEASONING" "Personally, I don't think it's that bad." It goes on lile this until the customer can form a proper sentence asking where it is.

A Stone Wall (Business AU Minho)

Originally posted by shineetho

Type: Fluff Angst

“We can’t do this" he said as he was brought in for another kiss “then stop” you tell him as he melted into the kiss more. It was hard to believe this was your father’s second hand man. You couldn’t help it, you watched Minho grow up to the strong man he was. He grew more handsome to you as well. Everything about him made your mind go blank and everything. He watched you when your dad had to leave for a trip and worried that something would happen to you. Your father was not a good man per say, he was a common overly wealthy business man and Minho was something you never understood. He didn’t make sense to you at all, you wondered if he was always sorta stick-in-the-muddish.

His eyes widen as your hand had grabbed him “woah” he said pulled away. “You’re so young” he said as you chuckled “I’m 20 Minho, An adult” you coo as he pulled your hand away. You chuckled pulled him towards your room. You unbuttoned his jacket “you’re always so overdressed” you told him sliding the jacket off of him before pulling to your bed. You pushed him onto it as his eyes widened but your actions. You smirked jumping onto the bed beside him grabbing the remote. He watched as you cuddled into him and turned the TV on.


“Your dad is right os in the living room” he whispered as you smiled “that’s why I have you in the linen closet” you tell him. You pressed your lips to his but he didn’t kiss back. He was a private man so that was why you were guessing he wouldn’t mention that he even liked you to anyone. At least you wished that was what it was. “I have to go. I’m sorry” he says pulling away as he grabs a random thing from the self “say you needed a towel for a shower and couldn’t reach” he says as you roll your eyes “if you don’t like me you can just say so, you’re so unhuman it’s crazy” you say walking passed him annoyed. He sighed walking out “daddy, I want to go shopping tomorrow” you tell your dad as he gives you a look.

“Sir I can take her-” “no I want to go out with a friend of mine” you stop Minho mid sentence. “Who?” your father asked “just a friend” you tell him as you gave a smile before kissing his cheek. You turned and sent Minho a glare before venturing towards your room. “Do you know who she going to see?” your father asked “I’m not sure sir” he responded. “You know I won’t have her go alone right?” his father asked “I know I’ll do the normal” he tells.


“So the guy who’s always watched you?” Yoonkyeong asked, another daughter of the an overly rich business man. She was know for being a bit of a troublemaker and someone your father asked you to try to avoid but you had to say you liked her. She picked something out for you and held it up to you “you should buy lingerie” she said as she took your hands pulling you off to another section. 


You walked out of the store laughing as Yoonkyeong told you a story “so is what I heard about Taemin true?” you ask gesturing downwards “yes” she said before you smirked. “It must have been nice” you say “what happened to Jonghyun?” she asked as you shrugged “he’s got a nice body as well but he’s not my type” you tell her. “Yeah awkwardly silent yet sexy men are your thing” she teases as you shrug. “I don’t think he’s capable of emotion anymore” you tell her as you two start walking out of the store “oh my god” you state as you look out into the parking lot “I’m taking you home” Minho states as he glances at Yoonkyeong “I should go my mother wants to meet up for brunch” she says as she heads over to her car. 

You sigh “your father said to stay away from her” he tells you “and I don’t care” you inform as he opens the door for you. “Why did you go there?” he asked as he caught sight of the Victoria’s Secret bag “none of your business” you continue as you buckle up. He gets in the front seat and starts the car “about yesterday” “don’t worry you made it clear” you tell him as you look at your phone. Minho stopped the car making it jerk to a halt “what the hel-” “stop acting like freaking little kid. For godsakes you grabbed my crotch, your mind doesn’t seem to understand that I work for your father. He can fire me. Do you understand?” he said loudly which was very out of character for him.

You moved back in your seat feeling weird “I’m not unhuman I’m logical and not acting like a horny teenager” he continued before he turned the radio on loudly not wanting to hear your response. The ride home you spent in your thoughts feeling bad. He did work for your dad, and you would hate if anything had happened because you couldn’t keep your tongue to yourself.


You began avoiding Minho since the last time. You weren’t mad or anything, you just felt bad. Minho and your father even began noticing that you were avoiding being around him. “Did something happen between you two?” your father asked as him and Minho were in his office. “What do you mean sir?” he asked “you two don’t even glance at each other and my daughter normally stares at you” he states as Minho looked shocked. “Cone on Minho I’m old but I’m not dead. I can see It” your dad laughs as Minho looks down. “I’d want her to be with someone like you, maybe even you. It wouldn’t be bad if it was you either” your father tells him.

A clear blush came over Minho’s face “you’re a good kid Minho” you dad told him slapping his shoulder “show some emotion you brick wall” he teased. Minho gave a slight smile before looking back down. “Your 12 o'clock should be here soon” Minho states as he heads towards the door. “She likes the expensive cafe down the street” your dad called.


You stood in front of the mirror looking over the baby blue lingerie you put on that Yoonkyeong picked out. You turned to the side looking at your butt before you looked at your chest. “Not bad” you comment before your door opened. You looked over casually seeing a wide eyed Minho there. His mind was now blank “not bad right?” you ask before picking up the cute black dress you had on earlier. “I um I” Minho stutters as he takes a deep breath to calm himself down. “Okay okay” he said to himself “you gonna stand there and talk to yourself or tell me why the hell you’re here?” you ask. He steps forward grabbing your arm and dragging you into him.

He pressed his lips to yours putting as much emotion into the kiss as he could muster. Surprise filled you but you quickly kissed him back. You even jumped when his hand grabbed your rear. This was a Minho you had never experienced and felt wrong if you even tried to stop him. By the time he pulled away his once neat hair was everywhere and you were fanning your face before a giggle left it. “Hello Minho. Finally glad Mr. Robot can express some things” you tell him.


Your father was a grand man and often hosted large events though it the year. Usually those who attended were trying to cut into your families money by them trying to seat you up with their sons and even once a daughter but now you had a valid reason not to accept. “Ah Miss. Y/L/N” an English voice called as you turned from your friends “hello Mr. Royce” you say as you looked at him, he was a friendly 40 something year old man who came to Korea only a few years ago for a meeting with your dad and finally moved here permanently. “This is my son Clive. The one I told you about the other week” he spoke as you nodded looking at the little blue eyed male. “Clive is new to Korea and I’m hoping you can speak to him in English” he said as you nodded.

“Hello Clive” you say as he smiles you offer him your hand as he takes it. “Can I show you my cars?” he asks “I think it would be wrong if you didn’t” you joke as he giggles pulling you off. You waved your friends off who were awing at the going boy.


“Mr. Y/L/N” Minho turned to the man before giving him a bow “ah I’m glad you could make it” your dad says taking Mr. Royce’s hand. “Clive seems to like your daughter. I left the two of the to bond” Minho peaked at the words. “I think he’s even dragged her off somewhere” Mr. Royce continues as Minho looked around the large reception hall for you. “I’ll be back sir” Minho spoke interrupting the pair before leaving. “He’s the one dating your daughter?” Mr. Royce asked “engaged” your father clarifies. “He knows my son is 5 years old right?” Mr. Royce asks “with that look he has no idea” your dad says.


“Don’t sit yet” Clive stops you as you two were about to sit on the floor to play. He pulls off his jacket and lays it down “dad says you shouldn’t get a lady’s dress dirty” he says as you giggle “well aren’t you a sweet boy” you say sitting down on the small jacket before he sits down with you. “You know my dad has the real deal things” you state as you were handed a car you knew your father owned “really?” Clive asked bright eyed “maybe we can talk him into allowing you to see them” you wink as he nods rapidly. Heavy footsteps filled your ears as you turned to see Minho who looked out of breath “hey” you say as he looks down at the two of you confused.

“Who’s that?” he asked “Clive” you say as Clive waved at him. “My god” he groaned before sighing. “Mr. Royce didn’t mention that Clive is a child” you say. “Who’s that?” Clive asked “he’s gonna be my husband” you tell him as he nods. “He’s jealous because I ditched the party to hang out with you” you continue as he giggled. “I’m not jealous” Minho says “yeah you are” you tease as he rolls his eyes. “Do you want to play Mister?” Clive asked. “I have to be-” “you don’t have to be my dad’s lap dog right now” you hum as Minho sighs sitting down on the ground.

Coffee Breaks with Oak - part 2: Coffee with milk

Note: I really enjoy writing this, so here’s the 2nd part. I hope you enjoy. Oak deserves more love.

Wordcount: 2061

Pairing: Okieriete Onaodowan x reader

Warnings: Still no warnings (yet)

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The play was nothing short of phenomenal. You had not expected to be bawling your eyes out to at least a few of the songs, but you did. Listening to some of the songs made you tear up before too, sure. But, the emotions that the cast put into their roles was incredible and made the characters came to life and it was almost painful to watch at some points.

When the show ended, you and your friends stuck around until everyone had left. Lin had messaged you on Facebook earlier, telling you that he would meet you guys at your seats when he had made a quick change into his street clothes and that he did; after about 15 minutes of you and your friends chatting excitedly about the play, Lin showed up.

“Lin, that was amazing!” You exclaimed excitedly as soon as you saw him, pulling him into a tight embrace.

He chuckled softly, hugging you back. “Thank you, Y/N.” He grinned and the two of you pulled back from your hug, you turned towards your friends.

“Well. These are my friends. And coworkers.” You presented them all to Lin. You got more and more nervous as meeting the cast came closer by the second. It was not like you did not want to meet them because you definitely did. You were just nervous and especially nervous about your friends telling Oak that you had a crush on him.

After chatting with your friends for a while, Lin decided that it was time for you guys to meet the cast, his friends. “I’m sure they won’t mind taking pictures and signing your playbill and stuff.” He lastly said as he lead you backstage.

You were all met by Oak himself pretty quickly and you honestly just felt like hiding behind Alex, but she would probably make sure that did not happen. You swallowed lightly before offering him a small “Hey.” Followed by a weak smile.

“Oh. Hey. You must be Y/N? And your friends? Lin said that you would be here tonight. It’s so nice to finally meet Lin’s barista friend.” He greeted you with a smile and you pretty much felt like you were about to die right then and there.

You giggled softly, feeling a slight blush spread across your cheeks. You just prayed that it was not visible. “Yeah. It’s so nice to meet you. You were great.” You complimented a bit more confidently. He thought it was nice to meet you. Lin had called you his friend. You could do this, right? Oak was just a guy. A really good looking guy.

“Thank you. You are pretty great at making coffee.” He grinned at you. Another blush spread across your face and you could not help but wonder if he was doing this on purpose.

“Is that Y/N?” Daveed Diggs himself asked as he ducked out of his dressing room in a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and your coworkers swooned, but you simply stood there staring at Oak who was looking at you with an amused grin.

“Yeah. This is my barista friend and her friends.” Lin said as he placed a gentle hand on your shoulder. You knew at that point, that Lin knew. He knew that you had a crush on Oak. You were not sure how, but he definitely knew.

“Well, I hope I am me. It’s nice to meet you, Diggs. You were great as Lafayette and Jefferson.” You complimented as you shook his hand with a smile. After shaking your hand, Daveed went on to say hi to your friends and while they asked him for autographs and pictures, some of the other cast members showed up. You could not help the grin that spread across your face. You felt like you got to see Lin in a way that his fans did not and it was only then that it sunk in, that you had actually become friends with him.

While your friends were busy making heart eyes at Daveed and taking pictures with him and the rest of the cast members that had shown up, you were left with Oak. You knew that your friends did this on purpose, because they had made Lin come over after the other cast members had arrived to make it seem a bit smoother, but it was so obvious.

“How’d you like the show?” He asked curiously with a soft smile on his lips that successfully melted your heart. He was just so unbearably handsome and way too kind and likable and you did not get how it was possible for anyone not to have a crush on the gentle giant.

“It was honestly pretty great. I didn’t really expect to be bawling my eyes out, but I did.” You admitted with a small laugh. It was a really emotional play and you knew that, so you probably should not have been that surprised at how it affected you. But, you still were.

He chuckled slightly at your words. “Happens to the best of us. Which song got to you the most then?” He questioned. He seemed way more curious about your opinion on the show and you were unable to help the smile that spread across your lips.

“Well. You know. Almost all of act 2 got to me pretty badly.” You giggled as you lowered your gaze when a blush spread across your cheeks again.

“Yeah. It is pretty emotional, I guess.” Oak seemed to agree with you. It truly was. A lot of stuff happened during act 2 for the Hamilton’s and it is really hard to watch.

The two of you talked for a while, simply enjoying each other’s company chatting about the show. But, you were soon interrupted by your friends: “Y/N? Can we go, please? You have work early in the morning and so do we.” Alex asked. You nodded lightly as you turned to Oak.

“I think we’re gonna head out now. It was really nice meeting you.” You said with a soft smile and it truly was. He had been way easier to talk to than you had originally thought. Not that he seemed like a person that you did not know how to interact with, but you were really nervous about meeting him. But, he was nice. Pleasant to be around with a calm demeanor that was so likable.

“You too, Y/N. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning then? I gotta have some of that delicious coffee again.” He grinned and you were positive that you were a blushing mess.

“Guess you will.” You agreed and then you were off with your friends.

True to his word, Oak showed up the next morning just after shortly after you opened the blinds and started wiping down the tables. You had not expected him to show up that early and without Lin. You were practically the only one there since your boss was going over some accounts.

“Oak.” You greeted with a soft smile which he returned with a huge grin. You had honestly expected Lin to be with him, but he obviously is not.

“Y/N. Good morning.” He chuckled softly.

You left your cloth at the table you were currently wiping down and was soon behind the counter to take his order.

“So, what can I do for you today, sir?” You joked. Even if it was usually how you would greet customers, it still felt a bit weird since you had already met Oak and it was not something that involved work.

You managed to make him laugh and that made you sort of proud. “I’d like a coffee with milk.” He ordered. You were not surprised since that was what Lin had gotten for him the last time.

“Right. One coffee with milk coming right up. To go?” You questioned. You figured that would be the case, but surprisingly not because he soon shook his head in response.

“Nah. I think I’m staying.” You were honestly quite surprised by his words and you were unable to hide the grin that spread across your lips.

“If there’s nothing else, it’s gonna be 5 dollars and 50 cents.” You concluded.

After paying for the coffee Oak had ordered, he had sat down close to the counter while you made his coffee. The two of you chatted while you did and it was all really nice and comfortable. You had no idea what you expected when he stepped inside, but you were not sure that you had expected anything like this. Yesterday, when you got home you figured that he had just been nice to you because you were Lin’s friend and a fan of the show. However, that did not seem to be the case and it made you really happy.

“Coffee for Mr. Onaodowan.” You called jokingly as you finished his coffee and put it down on the counter. You were the only two in the coffee shop this early morning, but it still seemed fitting.

“If you know how to pronounce my first name too I’ll definitely have to marry you.” He joked with a grin as he got up to collect his coffee.

“Okieriete.” You simply said and it made him smile. You nailed it thanks to the few people you had actually heard pronouncing his name properly, mainly being Daveed Diggs and an interviewer who once interviewed Oak.

“Go on a date with me, Y/N?” Oak blurted.

You were taken a bit aback by his words and at first, you had no idea what to say. You wanted to. Desperately. But you also really wanted to get to know him a bit first. You leaned your elbow against the counter slightly, your head resting against your palm. “Ask me again in 2 weeks and maybe I’ll say yes.” You finally decided. As much as you wanted to go out with him, the two of you hardly knew anything about each other and while you knew a lot about him, you did not actually know him.

“So, it isn’t a no?” He grinned which made you giggle softly.

“No, it isn’t a no, Oak. But I just really want to get to know you before I do anything. Like, really know you.” You explained. Thankfully, he was nothing but understanding.

“Yeah. You are probably right. You should come to the theater soon. Hang out with us. We really like you, Y/N.” He said as he sat down at the table again.

You smiled as he took a sip of his coffee. You let the fact sink in that he had just said that they all really liked you. You had never expected to go from Lin’s barista friend to get the chance to hang out with the cast of Hamilton. You were not complaining, though. You thought that they were great people to be around. Exactly the kind of people that you wanted to be around. “I hope I’ll get to take you up on that offer.” You smiled.

You went back to wiping down the table as the two of you kept chatting. He teased you about your friends who had basically been making heart eyes at Daveed all the time they were near him last night. It made you giggle.

“Yeah. I know. Poor Daveed.” You said and he agreed. Not that you friends were not great because they definitely were. But, you figured they could be a bit much with their heart eyes. You hoped that you had not been anything like them with Oak at least.

As you finished wiping down the tables and putting the chairs on the floor, Oak was finishing his coffee. “I better get going. Rehearsal and all that.” He apologized with a weak smile.

You shook your head a bit at the apologizing sound of his words. “I’ll see you soon, yeah?” You questioned as he pulled you into a hug. It effectively made you blush yet again.

“Yeah,” Oak said as he let go of you again. He left shortly after just in time for more people to start coming in and then you were back to work and had no time to process everything that had happened between you and Oak that morning. All you knew was that you definitely needed to see him soon again.

listen i know i keep on posting higher ground vids but seriously he keeps on being completely ridiculous at it in every single show?? i mean. why is he even like this??????

this one is from the last show of the orion tour, in st. louis!! go check out the full video because honestly this level of awesomeness cannot be encapsulated in 36 seconds. 

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Zen and Mitsuhide got just drunk enough to admit that they both know very little about *the sex* and are *very* curious to learn more. And Obi... well Obi is just like LET ME LAY ON YOU SOME KNOWLEDGE

At the height of summer, underneath a sky full of stars, Kai Ulkir promises forever to a pretty girl with a spray of freckles across her nose. They kiss in the moonlight, fingers twined and wrists tied, and only part when the revelers ready them for their first night. Her smile is shy but eager as their hands slip from one another. His is bright and confident. He looks like a man ready to bed his wife.

But the night before is another story altogether.

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The mutant in the pub

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Summary: You work in Luke’s pub and one night someone comes looking for you.

Warnings: A little bit of swearing. Maybe a little bit of violence but it’s all fluff, my friends!

A/N: It’s not my best work and - as you can see - I’m still a disaster with titles! I didn’t know how to properly end it but it helped me getting out from my writer’s hole. I’m really trying to maybe brighten someone’s day! Thanks to whoever will read it! Again, English is not my first language so I’m sorry for any mistake! :)

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It was 5 p.m. when (Y/n) headed to work. Luke asked her to open the pub and she needed to be there earlier than usual if she wanted everything to be perfect. She’s been working for and with Luke for some months now and she never felt more at ease in a workplace. She knew about the vigilante life of her friend and she was very proud of him and the others. Sometimes she helped too.

The walk to work was quick and peaceful: people were running through the streets and everything was surrounded by the last light of the day.

Once she reached her destination she unlocked the front door and go immediately behind the counter, starting to clean glasses and taking out everything that could be useful to make drinks. She even started to sing along to the radio at a certain point.

Clients didn’t start arriving until 8.30 p.m. and after a while Luke showed up with Danny. (Y/n) stopped seeping a beer and greeted the two.

“Hey guys, everything alright out there?”

“Yeah (Y/n), don’t worry” said Danny with a wink. They always understood that she was talking about their vigilante thing.

The girl giggled while Luke came behind the counter, ready to help her. They talked about everything and nothing while serving drinks and the night was going on pretty well until a certain stranger walked into the place. He was tall, muscular and was sporting a hoodie. His hands were covered by gloves. (Y/n) and Luke exchanged a look. He didn’t necessarily look suspicious but in their line of work they’d seen enough to keep an eye on the man. He sat at the far corner of the bar, looked around a little and let his head hung low. (Y/n) knew she had already seen him somewhere and asked silently at her friend what to do. He simply shrugged. She decided to approach the man: she could definitely defend herself if necessary.

“Good evening sir, what can I bring you?” the girl asked with a smile.

The man lifted his gaze and let his gorgeous blue-grey eyes settle on the girl. They were mesmerising and deep and (Y/n) found herself lost in them. She knew that there was something strange there, something was out of place. She was even more convinced that she knew that man.

“A beer, thank you” said him with a small smile and a deep voice.

The girl nodded and returned next to Luke.

“Is he suspicious?” asked Danny, leaning a little on the bar.

“I don’t know, I have a strange feeling.”

Danny said nothing and let (Y/n) do her work. The beer was served at the stranger and nothing else happened. It was 1 in the morning when Danny decided to go home, leaving (Y/n) and Luke to deal with the last clients, even if there were very few of them left. The stranger was still there and didn’t seem to have any intention to go away. During the night (Y/n) noticed his eyes lingering on her figure but she didn’t give it too much credit. After all she was a barista and that was not a strange behaviour. It’s just that this time she had the suspect the man was there for some business and not only to enjoy a drink. She simply had to be ready for whatever was going to happen.

“Still have that feeling?” asked Luke after having noticed that the men kept looking at (Y/n).

“Mh, unfortunately, yes. I’m just trying to figure out if they are here for you or for me.“

“I think you. Or he’s just extremely interested in you” laughed Luke. (Y/n) laughed along.

After another couple of hours the last client left and four armed men entered the place. It was clear that they were waiting for that opportunity. Luke and (Y/n) knew immediately that they were sporting guns, they didn’t even bother to hide them. They looked around and when they spotted the blue-grey-eyed man they reached for their guns. The stranger noticed them too.

Everything started moving in slow motion for the few people in the pub. (Y/n) throw herself over the counter and attacked the four men before the stranger could even move. Electricity was coming out her hands and in a few minutes they were all disarmed and knocked out. (Y/n) breathing heavily over them. A few bullets pierced through some bottle and glasses but nothing major. The stranger was shocked and Luke was laughing.

“I was going to help but, damn Thunder, go on!”

“The last time they destroyed the place and I’m not gonna let them do that again. Now, who are you?” she said pointing at the stranger. They were lucky the pub was empty at that moment.

The man smirked and took off his hoodie. “James Barnes, miss. And it seems that you are really a mutant.”

She recognized him now. “Eh yes, I’m a mutant. Not so nice to meet you. What do you want?”

“We were looking for you.“

“Told ya” interrupted Luke. (Y/n) gave him a pointed look.

“We? Why?”

“I could tell you while I walk you home”. Yes, Bucky had taken an interest in this woman after having observed her the whole night. She seemed to be quite confident, at least in what she was doing!

(Y/n) looked at Luke. “Do what you want Thunder, you know how to defend yourself.”

(Y/n) took a deep breath. “Ok but try something and I’ll kill ya.”

Bucky laughed.

After they closed, Luke went home - basically upstairs since he lived above the pub - and (Y/n) was left with James. They started walking.

“So, James…”

“Call me Bucky.“ She gave him a funny look. “It’s a nickname, my middle name is Buchanan.”

She hummed, “I know who you are, no need these formalities.”

Bucky remained silent with his hands in his pockets, suddenly insecure.

“Go on” said her, motioning with her hand and ignoring his expression, “Tell me why you’re here.“

Bucky cleared his throat. “Well, you know those blackouts?”

The city has been plagued with blackouts for at least a month now and nobody had figured anything out yet. At the end, the Avengers were called on the case, hinting that something bigger was going on.

“Yes, I didn’t cause them. I’m a mutant but I know how to control my powers.”

“We know but we want you to help us.“

“No way.” (Y/n) laughed and continued to walk without sparing a glance at Bucky. She didn’t want to help the Avengers, she was happy helping Luke.

“Come on"



“Because I don’t want to”

“There must be a reason…”

She stopped walking and turned to look him in the eyes. “Listen, I’m happy helping Luke and I don’t want to be an Avenger or work for the authorities. They don’t even know what’s really happening in the city…Besides, what makes you think that I can help you?“ she trailed on.

Bucky seemed to contemplate his options. He couldn’t go back at the compound with a failure, not now that he was trying to do some good, so he tried in every way to convince her.

“We’re sure you can help us! You only have to do it this time! Nobody will ever know and then we’re not bothering you again…but, please, we’re lost.”

She remained silent. Damn you and your puppy-dog eyes, Barnes.

She sighed. She could help them this time and nothing more. She didn’t have to make friends or…whatever. Just work.

“Will you pay me?”


“If I help, will you pay me?”

Bucky was speechless. “I could ask Tony…”

“No money no help. I’m a freelancer, not one of your agents.“ She turned and continued to walk at a fast speed.

“Hey hey, I could ask Tony and call you back…if you leave me your number, obviously!” Bucky smirked.

(Y/n) was suspicious. “And if I don’t?”

“I’ll have to return at the pub”

“Speaking of that, why those men were there? Were they following you?” She changed the topic. She haven’t asked that yet and she wanted to know. In the meantime she could think about his offer.

“They weren’t following me. They were probably there for you. They’re trying to stop us contacting you…we don’t know what’s going on behind these blackouts but it’s nothing good and we’re sure they’ll find you. I don’t know why but they want you too.”

“Interesting…” muttered the girl.

“Interesting?” asked Bucky in disbelief.

“Yeah, I mean, let them come. I’m not afraid, I’ve seen worse…”

Bucky was astonished again and didn’t know what to say. This girl was really something else.

They kept walking in silence until they reached (Y/n)’s apartment building.

“So, this is me, Avenger.” she said, emphasizing the last word.

“Ok…" Bucky trailed on, “You going to give me your number?” and a cheeky grin appeared on his face.

He was very hopeful.


Bucky’s head hung low again in disappointment. “Well, I’ve tried…”

“Ask Tony about the payment and come to the pub tomorrow night. I’ll be waiting for you.“ Bucky’s eyes returned on her and (Y/n) winked at him.

He smiled, a big hopeful smile.

“I’ll be there” saluted the man

(Y/n) giggled and turned to open the door. “See ya tomorrow”

“Sure and, (Y/n)?”

“Yeah?” she turned back from the door.

“You’re amazing at fighting.”

“Thanks” she laughed and blushed. Ok, (y/n) what the hell you’re doing?! He’s handsome but come on!!

“…and beautiful”

“It’s not working!” she laughed again. Damn you soldier!

Bucky laughed and started walking away keeping his eyes on the girl.

“See you tomorrow, doll”

And with that he was gone. Once she was sure he was out of sight, (Y/n) stepped back from the door and walked another block. She wasn’t going to let the Avengers know where she lived even if she was sure they knew somehow.

What the hell did you put yourself into (Y/n)?! Luke would never let this go…

ask-oldfashioned-bendy  asked:

Greetings Mr. Big Bendy! I have just seen what happened to you. Do not worry, my good sir! Even if your appearance has changed, you are still you. So relax, my friend, and give your body some time to recover. Even so, there's anything I can help you with, sir?

“Thank ya for such words, it means a lot. And I don’t need any help with anythin at the moment but thank ya for the offer.”


A Cup of Coffee and A Plate of French Toast- Percival Graves x Reader

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: Nothing really. I’m not really sure how a squib would be treated in the North American Wizarding Society, so I made a squib that wasn’t completely outcasted from the society but still has to work like a non-magical human

Word count: 3,929

Imagine: Percival Graves meets a squib who runs a diner

One headcanon referenced: @thesniffler with Percival falling asleep in reader’s arms-

Originally posted by nalianova

“Now, now Percival…don’t be like that. This will only hurt more if you move.”

The blade was directly next to his eye and sweat trickled down his face as he stared into heterochromic eyes that were glittering with mirth in the dark.

“Now be a good boy, Percival.”

The grip on the back of his head grew tighter and the blade glinted in the light.

A scream echoed through the corridor.


Percival shot up from his bed, the scream echoing in his head, his chest heaving as his eyes frantically searched the room for…for…

No one. He wasn’t in the cell, he was in his home, his own bed.

He wasn’t with Grindelwald.

Sighing, he flopped backwards in his bed, staring at the ceiling,

Another sleepless night it would seem.

Sighing he got out of bed, pushing his hair back, scratching his head.

He hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in months. The moment he closed his eyes, he was always trapped in nightmares of Grindelwald. The phantom never seemed far from his mind and was always in the shadows.

He cursed loudly as he banged his knee against the living room table, stumbling a bit and caught himself on the wall. With a wave of his hand the light flickered on.

He had remained in the same apartment, unwilling to change every little detail of his life because of Grindelwald. But he wasn’t willing to keep the same layout the man had so comfortably been living in, so the first thing he had done when he had returned was change the entire thing.

He was still getting used to it himself.

He swallowed.

He needed air…he needed to get away.

He needed to go somewhere.

Before he even realized what he was doing, he had pulled on clothes, a pair of shoes, and was walking down the streets of New York, his wand pressed tightly beneath his sleeve. He just kept walking, kept on walking.

Until he spotted a small diner, one he had walked past several times named The Central Fairy. The sign on the door showed it was still open, despite it being so late.

…it wasn’t like he had anything better to do at that moment.

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An unexpected love

Based on “Imagine being married to Bilbo and when he comes home one day he brings two dwarven children he found home saying they were orphans and asking if you felt up to giving them a home” from ImaginexHobbit



He’s an odd one, that Bilbo Baggins.

That’s what everyone had told you when you’d taken on the job of going to Bag End to help with the cleaning and do a bit of cooking while Bilbo rolled up his sleeves to set about restoring his home to its former comfort after his long absence.

Never been quite right since he came back from gallivanting about with those Dwarves, went the whispers, and in some ways, they were right.

Bilbo generally shunned socializing – strange indeed in the close-knit bustle of the Shire – and seemed sometimes to share the common opinion that his travels had made him a misfit, and you had observed him in unguarded moments to stare aimlessly out of the window, his hands wandering distractedly to the pockets of his waistcoat, looking so restless and lost that it broke your heart to see it.

For all that he avoided company, you’d found Bilbo Baggins unexpectedly welcoming, a well-mannered, kindly soul who thanked you for your every effort, who made certain to keep the flowers you liked best in the house after an offhand comment about the loveliness of their scent, and when he smiled at you – and he’d begun to smile at you more each day – you found that, suddenly, all seemed right with the world.

It began with an invitation to supper, extended shyly and almost apologetically.

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Hayley Marshall Appreciation Week

Day Five: Favourite Relationship

I had a dream. I was holding you. You seemed happy.


Drawing people based off of weather ditties. Think these would make fun kid’s book characters.

Lightning is this chipper, ecstatic personality who loves to just speed around and dance, and every now and then she enjoys a bit of mayhem. She’s more likely to express herself in action than in words, hardly ever speaking, and she’s extremely hard of hearing. In fact, people thought she was deaf until storm came around. She can get a bit down, because she can’t touch anyone except for storm.

Storm can’t seem to figure out how to speak quietly, and so is often branded as a loudmouth. She tries to be responsible, giving the land the water it needs, but sometimes can’t tell when enough is enough. She’s found a kindred spirit in Lightning, however, as her booming voice is the only one the dear is able to hear. 

Cirrus just wants to have a bit of fun or a lazy day. He’ll speed around making skate tracks, then just waft the rest of the day away. He’s not too strong or daring, but is a smooth talker. He’s a little soft spoken, and can get tired out pretty easily, but is otherwise great company.