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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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Viria you're a ray of sunshine what happened to you, you went directly from salty (very reasonable and understandable salt) to well, the embodiment of hugs? Kinda? I'm so happy for you and I'm glad everything is going fine, really

Sasha happened to me, ahah:”D

Thank you! I’m glad to hear I’m kind of growing! I just have more important things to care about these days? I used to spend a lot of time on tumblr, and tumblr makes me salty almost every time I spend a lot of time using it. Even if you try avoiding the negativity here it’s still showing and you soak it in a lot. Now I just realize how unimportant it really was.

I still get salty sometimes anyway, but these days I no longer feel miserable and unhappy to be honest..I have been turned into a total sap, what can I say:”D I have no regrets.

Your opinion is my opinion, Anon.

^ 꾹찜집

At this point, I think we can say with certainty that JK has a habit of holding Jimin’s waist (we’re adding Jimin’s Hips to his list of favorite things). And I’ve seen him make up really inane excuses to do it (like that one time when he said he was cold during ISAC), but for the most part, there is no reason; he just… does it.

So it’s habitual, almost subconscious, and like you said - instantaneous. And don’t even get me started on how he likes to gently stroke Jimin’s waist sometimes.

Jimin, by the way, knows what he’s doing.

@markiplier please explain why you look different. something looks off and it’s freaking out people like it doesn;t just seem like lighting anymore, considering even the outside pictures look weird.

like idk what’s off but something is off and it’s so fucking weird

edit: it’s a SUDDEN change. like weight loss, i get. but it was such a drastic out of nowhere what the fuck. recent videos and all.

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My Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Elvira loves intimidating my boyfriend and his Pokemon. He says when I'm not at home Elvira growls and leers at him but she's always so sweet and cuddly when I am home. What can I do to foster some good behavior in my sweet Elvira?

Tough love time. When you two are together with Elvira, ignore her. Do not pet her. Do not pay attention to her. Don’t even feed her when he’s around. Instead, your boyfriend will be the new source of attention and care. Have him give her a simple command (like “sit” or “down”). When she does it, she gets pets, treats, and praise from him only. Eventually, she will look to him as a positive equal to you, instead of someone she can push around without repercussions. Once she does, both of you can give her attention again.

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Bucky helping you frost cupcakes but you're having a hard time keeping him from just eating the frosting #fluffyFriday

“Get your finger out of there” you grumbled, hitting his hand with a spoon as he dipped it into the frosting.

“That’s not what you said last-” he smirked only for you to cut him off with a warning.

“Don’t even” 

He smirked before opening his mouth to finish, only for you to swipe pink frosting on his nose. He narrowed his eyes before grabbing the bowl, causing you to run in a fit of giggles down the hall. 

Fluffy Friday™

phandom gothic

-dan and phil said they would upload in an hour. you wait the hour and then glance at the clock. it’s been 2 minutes since they tweeted.
-you wait until you get home to watch dan’s new video that he mentioned in his liveshow. you get home and there’s no video and he never mentioned it in his liveshow.
-the video is 16 minutes long so you watch all of it. you glance at the clock. it’s been three hours.
-you tell yourself that you’ll make a playlist with a few phan-related songs. you compile the list and glance at the playlist. the only song on there is toxic by britney spears.
-you tweet dan after he tweets about something stupid he did. he never responds so you go to bed. you wake up to check if he ever responded and you open twitter. there’s no response. he never tweeted anything.
-you watch phil’s liveshow for an hour after school and you sit down at 4. he finishes his liveshow and you glance at the clock. it’s 10pm.
-you go on dan and phil’s shop website to buy a new sweatshirt. you order it and it takes 3 days to arrive. it never comes so you check back on the website. the sweatshirt never existed.

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Hey! I'm so in love with your Tyler HCs. You're doing great! Could you do one about Tyler comforting you after a recent break up with a pretty crappy GF/BF that you dated to get your mind off of him?? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, if so, just ignore it! ☺️

I think I get what you mean but I’m sorry if I’m getting it wrong (also thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my hcs!)

- You didn’t even know why you were crying so much about this
- Your s/o wasn’t exactly very good to you
- They were so manipulative, most of the time you didn’t even know if they really loved you or not
- You only started dating them because you wanted to get over your crush on Tyler
- Because you knew it wasn’t meant to be a reality between you and him
- You were scared of messing up your friendship, scared of losing him
- But now you were crying because your s/o had left you for someone they were seeing on the side
- You felt stupid and unworthy and alone
- You heard a knock at the door and thought maybe it was your s/o to take you back.
- You wiped your tears before opening the door to see Tyler with a teddybear and your favorite candy. “Amy told me what happened.”
- You just started crying even more and let Tyler guide you to the couch. You curl up with the teddybear and Tyler sits next to you
- “You deserve better than them. Someone who cheats on you and then leaves you isn’t worth a single tear from you.” He soothes you, wiping away tears
- He spends the rest of the day holding you while you cry and trying to make you laugh and smile
- You worry that you’re bugging him with all your crying but he reminds you that he wouldn’t be there unless he wanted to be
- He tells you that you’re wonderful and deserve someone who will treat you like royalty
- Also some thinly veiled threats towards your ex s/o
- He helps you delete their number and block them on social media

- A few weeks later when you’ve had time to move on from your ex you confess to Tyler you only dated them to get over your crush on Tyler
- He kisses you and tells you that there’s no need to get over him if you just dated him to begin with

Life is so weird if you think about it. You regret something that you done in the past and when you get another chance to do that thing, you do the same thing and regret it again. That’s what keeps happening with me. I keep getting obsessed with people even tho I know that they will never be obsessed with. It happened again. Why the fuck do I keep repeating myself? I guess i’ll never fucking learn anything.

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Top 5 reasons you like Bucky Barnes?

5. he’s a smartass lil’ shit sometimes
(okay maybe more than sometimes) [x] [x] [x]
4. he whispered ‘holy cow’ while at a science fair. what a cute nerd! [x]
3. he’s selfless [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
2. he’s brave (and a badass) [x] [x] [x}
1. despite all the horrible stuff he’s been thru, he’s still KIND. like, MCU!Bucky didn’t even get revenge on the people who hurt him (even tho i was 100% on board with the idea of Bucky’s REVENGE 2k14 - 2k16) and i … *tries not to cry* …he’s just such a good person *ugly cries* [x]

f.tom: how long have you been sleeping with your past self?
f.edd: what?
f.edd: i dont even get…why would…i…
f.edd: ive never had sex with anyone anywhere.
f.edd: its none of your…
f.edd: you have the nerve, the audacity….
f.edd: and how…how do i know, frankly,
f.edd: that you’re not sleeping with him?
f.edd: maybe you are. maybe you’re trying to throw me off.

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I hate to spring this up on you while you're on your trip (or any time really) but did you ever struggle with finding your style? I look at it and it's just so full of life an emotion even in the simplest of doodles. I love seeing everything you draw, really, your drawings put me on a rollercoaster of emotions! But at the same time, seeing them breaks my soul a little because I feel like I'll never be able to create something as lively, or just as beautiful as what you make.

aaww noo please don’t feel bad about this.

Listen. I don’t talk much about my struggle with art here because I do my best to keep my blog happy. 

The gloomy me preffers just to fade away everytime art gets hard ^^. But believe me when I say that most artists are always in search of perfection, in search of improvement, in search of a style !! Sometimes it’s a frustrating search. 

I do always look at other artist’s styles and feel the frustration, they are so amazing, their work so clean and dynamic, the lines so soft, etc… and what do I do about all of this? I WORK, hahaha yes!! The only way is just keep working! your favs should be an inspiration… not a let down.

Don’t be afraid of trying other artists styles or take them as reference because a style is a mixture of all that you learn trough practice and it also contains the best of your favourite and most inspiring works, the ones that you slowly adapt to your own likes and needs. I am not afraid to admit that I tried to imitate some manga artists at first and now I see the remains of it on my works. 

It takes time dear, I’ve been creating digital art for 7 years and now, only now!!, after so long I can say I think I have a style that isn’t even consistent hahaha!. Don’t worry, and don’t give up please :)


Fudo, where are you going? And what happened to the beast? We heard a roar after the storm cleared. When things went silent we feared the worst!

I- we’re leaving!

I can see that! Just tell me why! I’m not mad. I just want to know! 

You.. promise not to get mad?

Just let me listen. I know you.. don’t feel we care about you. What happened back then happened. We did what we did. Koshi doesn’t feel much different than she did when we executed your exile. But it’s better you tell me than she hunt you down and drag it out of you.

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we all know that you guys are probably one of the biggest fandom in the world (hell i was an exo-l too) so i’m making this post to ask for your precious help! monsta x really deserve to get their first win with their latest comeback, but no matter what monbebes do, we still are a growing fandom and our votes aren’t enough, so any help is appreciated! please stream ‘beautiful’ and vote for them (there are so many tutorials here! i can share some if you want) because even though we might be from different fandoms, i think we should all help each other (especially when your favs aren’t competing!)

so yeah, i’m also offering to write drabbles/make moodboards for everyone who is willing to help.

please, i’m literally begging you, help monsta x! if you don’t wanna contribute, just reblog this post and spread the word!

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Sometimes when I work on a piece of art, I feel there's just some technical part I can't do that makes the whole piece not fun anymore. Do you have advice for getting over these humps?

Do what you can and move on. Don’t let it bog you down.

Keep in mind, however, that this should only apply to more finished pieces. If something is giving you trouble, that’s what you need to practice. Practice, apply, reflect, practice, apply, reflect, practice, apply, reflect.

Just keep at it in your practice. That’s what practice is there for. It’s not even something that you have to show others. So go nuts! Go nuts until you’re comfortable with it.

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What would happen if the s/o of ut, uf, and us sans fell on top of them by accident while tripping and landed on the bed?

Undertale Sans

Is gonna have a hard time believing it was an accident.

“Y'know, babe, if you wanted to jump my bones so badly, all you had to do was ask.~”

He won’t let you live this down. In the future, when you’re about to do the do, he makes a comment about how he’s disappointed you didn’t throw him on the bed this time. It was actually pretty hot.

Underfell Sans

He takes the opportunity to turn this into a make-out session before you can even apologize. What happens next is up to you. ;)

Underswap Sans

 He believes you when you say it was a genuine accident, but he can’t stop his mind from going there. He gives you a quick kiss on the nose before getting up again. 

I hate that feeling of melancholy you get after being obsessed with a book, game, show, etc for several days and then finishing it. It’s not even that the thing is over, just a weird feeling that I don’t know what else to spend my time doing until I mentally adjust.

Ugh do antibiotics mess anyone else up? Because I’m pretty sure the stomach ache and headache are from that.

Also I guess I always just get sick in March. When I was at the clinic today they were like, “Oh you were here on March 8th of last year for bronchitis.” And I was like WHAT.

Then Facebook memories was like on this exact day two years ago you had walking pneumonia. So. That’s cool.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My lungs always seem to be doing… some shit. I have asthma, but, I dunno. It’s never affected me THAT much. I hardly ever ever have to use an inhaler and I often forget to even carry one on me. Worst time I ever had was gym class in high school before I was diagnosed and I kept having mild asthma attacks until they gave me an inhaler.

But I get bronchitis and pneumonia “at the drop of a hat” as my mom put it to me on the phone yesterday. She also brought up my grandmother who had like some breathing machine… thing that she occasionally would use because of her lungs. I was young and I honestly don’t remember what it was but, uh, thanks for the comforting thought, mom. :V

I just want to breathe and that’s been difficult for the past two weeks :V