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Do you think Marude being alive will in any way affect Ui?

That’s an interesting question. At this point probably not. Ui seems to know full well that Furuta is bad news at this point, even to a further extent than most of the remaining moderates in the CCG do, but also it’s made quite clear he doesn’t care at the moment or considers it worth it, or his only chance to get what he wants.

Even if Ui might not react personally though, there’s still an interesting comparison to be drawn between Ui and Marude. Actually, there are three parallels as pointed out to me by @mon-petit-maru.

If you look at the current Washuu as three separate generations, the oldest being Yoshitoki and Marude who were basically running the CCG at the start of the series, the middle generation being Ui and Furuta both representing a new wave that was meant to take over the CCG. Furuta is hailed as a revolutionary new type of chairman. Meanhile, Ui himself is called the young hope of the Arima squad. He was genuinely believed to be proof that a new generation of investigators being raised up would be able to surpass even geniuses like Arima, or old staples like the Washuu. 

Then there is the third generation and the youngest, which are directly descended from the previous generation. Urie is the son of a special class investigator, and his most highly associated Washuu is Matsuri Washuu who was the legitimate heir to the Washuu position. Both of them are considered prodigies who will one day grow into their role but are not quite there yet. Marude even says so that while the Washuu investigators are talented, the techniques that Matsuri currently uses to lead are far too bloody to ever last him.

So you have three generations, the oldest who currently hold power and prestige, the middle generation who represent a new wave and a breath of fresh air in the organization, and the youngest prodigies who will do almost anything to climb the ranks of their forebearers. 

Each of the representatives of these generations have a human, and a Washuu counterpart. Not only that, but the human and the Washuu counterpart closely interact. Which is strange because the Washuu’s number one priority is to keep both the human and ghoul populace at bay, they regard themselves as kings and therefore above most of normal society. 

Matsuri’s musings provide a possible window as to why this might be. After all, he’s really our only narrative perspective left at how a main bloodline Washuu might justify himself. They understand the power they wield, but at the same time they envy the people who get to have normal lives and normal relationships. Essentially it’s lonely at the top, they’ve come to most perfectly embody the box that they themselves have created as the ideal, but that means they too are suffocated by that same box and their same role. The Washuu head this dehumanizing system, but they are as human as everybody else (well ghouls, but with the same psychology) and therefore they still crave companionship and ease to their loneliness. 

So we see the halfway compromise each of these prominent Washuu figures makes by choosing a natural born human to be a significant part of their plans and designs, but reaching across the border lines to form some kind of imitation of friendship with. 

It starts with Yoshitoki and Marude, according to the flashback Yoshitoki went out of his way to introduce himself to Marude when they were both young. Also, considering how in Jack it was Marude himself who looked over a young Arima he must have been involved with the affairs of the Washuu for a long time or even doing that as a favor to Yoshitoki. 

Then there’s a scene towards the end of Tokyo Ghoul where Marude whose main personality trait is his own cockiness as a commanding figure goes out of the way to express regret, and even fear in front of Yoshitoki only to be comforted by him. 

Remember a lot of Tokyo Ghoul is the interplay between these standard work relationships, and genuine firendships. Especially for characters like Marude, Ui and Urie where their profession basically takes over their entire life. So their work friends are the only significant friendships they have. 

We see between Furuta and Ui as well, Furuta going out of the way to bring Ui a “present” evne if it may just be silencing his manipulation. Whereas Ui much earlier was the first person to believe in Ui and even stood up for him in front of Matsuri and reassured him.

The way Furuta has treated Ui has been different from every other character so far with the exception of the clowns who are his closest personal allies. After all when Urie questioned him in the same way, rather than trying to bribe him with the revival of Shirazu, Furuta simply had him killed. 

That’s how twisted the Washuu view of the world is though, you have these actions which resemble genuine friendship, them comforting each other, them trying to help each other in their endeavors, but it always comes with an unspoken element of manipulation. 

That is the tripping point at the end of the day, as much as they desire to be human the Washuu are still the Washuu. They hold themselves the tightest to the dehumanizing role they’ve created. Their jobs are their utmost priority. 

So we have two examples so far, Ui and Furuta, Marude and Yoshitoki. When Marude found out it was all a lie, he destroyed the place he had with the Washuu family. Whereas when Ui saw similiarly with his own eyes the manipulation Furuta was capable of, he decided to allign himself with them.

This can be reflected in their trump card imagery as well, Marude’s card the nine of spades is meant to sacrifice everything for the greater good. Whereas Ui’s the nine of diamonds is an incredibly cursed card, and he’s meant to lose everything. 

While there is an obvious foiling going on between the two of them with Ui choosing to follow the Washuu still after learning the truth in hopes of getting what he wants, and Marude instead breaking away from them I’m yet to apply a moral judgement if one of them is meant to be better or worse. A foil comparison is not always pointing to one as better, but rather simply showing how the traits in each character contrast.

While Marude is fighting against Furuta and the Washuu at large, he still seems to mistakenly believe that he can bring the old CCG back. Ui is currently allied with V in everything down to the clothing he wears, but he’s also much more cognizant and probably the only major CCG officer that picked up Furuta’s message. That the CCG cannot continue like this and it was already doomed before Furuta brought the rot to the surface. 

So you have one character with proper motive and lacking perspective, and another character lacking motive  but having proper perspective. 

Then finally there is of course Matsuri and Urie. They are the outlier because rather than having a tenuous friendship, Matsuri is blatantly in love with Urie. Whereas, Urie cannot stand Matsuri. 

In a way Matsuri breaks the farthest away from all of his predecessors as Washuu, he was able to enertain genuine love in his heart. Unlike Furuta who clings to a past love, and Yoshitoki who ultimately put his job first. The death of his family in a way, liberated Matsuri to be able to recognize those feelings which he seems to have been hinted as carrying since even before the Rose arc. 

On the other hand Matsuri’s love is still as flawed as all the rest. He clearly doesn’t understand that Urie does not return his feelings. If anything Matsuri seems to be in love with more of an act that Urie puts on rather than what is under the surface. He likes that Urie acts like his dog, or just somebody who exists to bounce his feelings off of and reassure him. Rather than the person Urie is, who is a boy cluttered up with all of his own issues. 

Whereas Urie’s own words to him are always false and peppered in with his own intentions to simply use Matsuri for his position.

So rank and order, and the fact that both of them absolutely live for that kind of structure has a lot to do with the interplay of their relationship. Urie cannot tolerate Matsuri as a person, but does like the rank he holds. Whereas Matsuri doesn’t seem to understand Urie as a person, but he likes the fact that Urie thinks the same way as him in a rank and file.

So even if Matsuri is capable of genuine love, as a Washuu rank plays a great deal in his relationship.

Marude and Ui directly foil each other, whereas Urie is more of a middle between the two of them. I would say of all three the character with the most potential to actually have his perspective changed by Marude, or even interaction with the Washuu, the ghoul world, or just being removed from the CCG is Urie. Which is why we see him being recruited by Hide’s terrorist forces. 

It’s possible this entire scene was set up merely to shuttle Urie into an environment where he could grow, rather than being a real conclusion to his arc.

As to how Ui will react to this, like I said in the beginning despite all of the similarities between him and Marude both of them seem dead set on their paths right now. It would probably take something more major for them to shake out of it. 

Please give me some pointers on little demon fashion!
Asked by 秋花さん

Some points to note are— As expected, the most basic would be that a demon’s favorite color is black— And preferably, the more items the better♡ Because if you go with the simply-coordinated outfits that are the trend now, you’ll just end up all dressed in black♪ That’s why winter is the perfect season for little demon fashion♡ Tights and boots are definitely perfect!

What sort of loungewear do you wear at home?
Asked by 松海鳳さん

Sorry, this— Is it alright for me to say this? Somehow it’s a bit— I feel like Ruby-chan or Yocchan will get mad at me for this— but well since you asked I’ll just reveal the answer♪ Just as everyone imagined!! Sweatsuits and jerseys!♡♡ I still love wearing my middle school’s jersey even now~♪

To the book-loving Hanamaru-chan, just how many books do you have in your room?
Asked by 紫鮫さん

Ah— what should I do, I never really counted them before— I don’t know zura… Hmm, maybe, I have 2 large bookshelves and 3 smaller paperback-size bookshelves so— around that much♡ Ever since childhood, I would always go to Numazu’s bookshop on my off days and buy entire paper-bags filled with books— I remember being filled with joy over it!

Since you like reading, do you talk about books with your fellow book-lover Hanamaru-chan?
Asked by ラプラスのbox小宮さん

Maru-chan and I actually have rather different taste in books— As one can tell, she prefers comparatively serious literary fiction, while I like books written by female authors. Things written from a female perspective. But— At the very least I talk about books with her more than I do with my little sister Ruby, so occasionally it feels almost as though Maru-chan is my real sister instead— Well if I say that, Ruby would certainly get mad♡

When you paint, what sort of things do you mostly paint?
Asked by ともちさん

From the start— What I painted was mostly sceneries, and occasionally images of still life— But after coming to Uchiura, I’ve started painting portraits a bit. Compared to Tokyo where I’ve lived all my life, Uchiura is filled with overwhelmingly beautiful sceneries such as the sea, mountains, forests and Mt. Fuji— So even I find it strange that I’ve switched to painting portraits instead♡ Now— I want to paint everyone’s smiles.

I want to know the level of Chika’s talent in table-tennis♪
Asked by かっちゃん!さん

Needless to say, I’m at the level of the Olympic athlete Mizutani— or at least that’s what I would like to say, but that’s obviously a bit impossible— Tehehe♡ But I can smash quite well! Lately I’ve managed to beat Kanan-chan all the time!! Without trouble!! Plus when we were kids, I always lost to the older Kanan-chan. I’m definitely the champion of table-tennis in Uchiura♡

Are there any stars or constellations you like?
Asked by 燃え上がれ、俺の小宇宙よ!さん

I like the winter constellations, because the sky is clear and you can see the stars quite well— And though it might be overly common, I like the Orion and Cassiopeia constellations♡ Back in elementary school— When I first found them during the early moths of the winter constellation, I was moved by how those two were easy to find— and came to like stars because of that. It tells us the position of the North Star even when out at sea, isn’t that role romantic?

Does Starbright have any other horses as friends?

Asked by 鈴生昴さん

Right now, it’s alone in its stable— so while it’s sad, it doesn’t have any other horses as friends, but it seems like it’s friends with the cats and penguins raised on the island. Hehe— Isn’t it amazing, for it to have penguins as friends— Living in a hotel is also interesting in that aspect. So Cute♪ I’m certain it’ll make friends with the sea lions and dolphins while living here too♡♡

If you were to keep a pet, what would it be?
Asked by ハマチャさん

I’m absolutely terrified of dogs so— maybe a cat? Ah, but then if it got mad and lashed out with its claws with a snarl that would be scary too… What should I pick. Something smaller— I know, a rabbit might be great♡ It doesn’t bark or bite, and doesn’t scratch— I want to sleep together with a fluffy and kind rabbit♪ ♪♡☆

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine January 2017 issue

I have Feelings about Dr. Maru.

I suspect that this is the ending of a much larger fic, but since I’ll probably never have the spoons for that larger fic, here it is.

ft. implied off screen redemption arc

tw: reference to torture, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Nazi reference

It’s a little café barely protected from the London winter, sometime in the late 30’s. The woman she’s looking for is difficult to miss but easy to lose, and she has little concerns about how this ends - not that she ever has. So she sits across from her, tugs her scarf down from her mouth, and waits.

Diana Prince has not aged. Then again, Dr. Maru supposes that her kind doesn’t.

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Long Time Comin’ Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Star Trek AOS

Leonard McCoy x Reader

Warnings: It’s literally just fluffy nonsense. I think I swore once.

A/N: This part is honestly kind of a mess but I think it’s cute so there. Let’s just pretend it’s here for character development or something okay? Okay. Also let me know if you’d like to be on a tag list for the rest of the series/other works I do!.

Thanks for reading!

           You shivered a little as you typed a last-minute note into your PADD and glanced around the medbay. Despite the temperature controls on the Enterprise, you couldn’t help but feel a little chilly in the vastness of space.

           “How you holdin’ up, kid?”

           You pushed back an errant piece of hair and turned to see a mildly concerned McCoy looking at you.  Another shiver ran down your spine as you rubbed your arms absentmindedly.

           “Is it always this cold, or is it just me?” you sighed.

           He chuckled as you handed him the PADD, clocking you out from your first shift. “You’ll get used to it eventually. Come on, let’s go to dinner.”

           “Are you going to talk me into making a life-altering decision again?” You shook your head slightly and walked out of the medbay, turning towards the cafeteria. It seemed impossible that the last time you’d had dinner with McCoy had been only a few days ago; so much had changed in so little time.

           “No, but buckle up darlin’ because you’re about to meet Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself.” McCoy rolled his eyes and abruptly changed directions, “but first, I’m going to take you on a tour.”

           “That’s really not necessary, I’ve studied the map,” you protested, “you’ve done enough for me as it is.”

           “Too bad.” McCoy playfully shoved you into the turbolift and proceeded to give you what was likely the most deprecating tour of a starship in Federation history.

           “And this is the engineering room,” McCoy gestured around the room with a sarcastic flourish when you reached the ship’s heart, “where Scotty over here plays with what is nothin’ more than a giant bomb waiting to explode.” He shook his head, looking deeply pained, “also known as the warp core.”

           “Hey! That’s my ship you’re talkin’ about there laddie!” The chief engineer poked his head out from a hole in the ceiling, hanging upside down with a torch in hand.

           “Good god man!” McCoy jumped back, startled by Scotty’s sudden appearance, “you’d think someone in charge of keeping this entire hunk of metal together would be more careful with the damn blowtorch.”

           You laughed and stepped past McCoy, reaching up a hand to shake Scotty’s. “I’m Y/N, pleasure to meet you sir.”

           “Aye, there’s no need to be callin’ me sir, lass.” He shook your hand and winked, grinning at McCoy, “She’s a pretty one, isn’t she now Leonard?”

           McCoy grumbled something about where Scotty could put his blowtorch and led you through another set of hallways, ending at the observation deck.

           You immediately strode into the room, staring up at the stars streaming past you in rays of light. It was peaceful yet striking, a quiet display of the beautiful enormity of the universe. You were quiet for a few moments, wrapped up in the view, until you noticed that you were standing in the center of the vast room alone.

           “McCoy?” you turned around, frowning when you saw him shifting uncomfortably in the doorway.

            “I don’t like space,” he said bluntly, staring at the floor and crossing his arms.

           “Why?” you squinted at him, confused, “why do you work on a starship if you don’t like space?”

           He shrugged, “Jim dragged me out here. Besides, someone needs to keep all of these idiots from getting themselves killed.”

           You masked a smile at his thinly concealed affection for his crewmates and walked to the door, resisting the temptation to take his hand. He seemed so small and vulnerable suddenly, cowering in the doorway, afraid of what was always just outside the glass.

           “I’m hungry,” you nudged McCoy, still not entirely sure of what to do with his inconvenient fear of space but knowing better than to push him.

            “Let’s go meet these friends of yours.” 

           You walked into the Cafeteria and were greeted by a chorus of hello’s as McCoy was waved over to one of the bigger tables. The group assembled was talking loudly and energetically, waving their hands as they joked and argued.

           “All that I’m saying is, the Kobayashi Maru isn’t even fair to begin with,” the handsome man in a gold shirt seemed barely able to keep himself from running around the room, bouncing his leg and staring pointedly across the table.

           “Captain, as we have discussed numerous times before, you are missing the point of the test entirely,” an even voice responded, the Vulcan radiating a calmness that counteracted the captain’s endless energy.

           “Come on, Spock –“  

           McCoy cleared his throat loudly and the conversation came to an abrupt halt. You felt a slight flush rise to your cheeks as everyone turned to look at you, suddenly noticing your presence.

           “Everyone, I’d like you to meet Y/N. Y/N, this is Commander Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, Lieutenant Sulu,” Spock nodded to you while Uhura and Sulu both smiled and gave you a wave. “This is Chekov, our very own child genius,” McCoy pointed to a curly-haired teenager that strongly resembled a puppy, “and of course, our captain, James T. Kirk.” McCoy gave an exasperated sigh as he looked down at the captain.

           “Jim, you eat like shit.”

           The captain gave him a wicked grin and you your second wink of the day. “I have to keep my figure somehow, don’t I Bones?”

           “You’re an idiot.” McCoy ate a fry off of Kirk’s plate, ignoring his cry of protest and turning to you. “Have a seat, I’ll be right back.”

           You fidgeted nervously with the hem of your uniform and went to sit next to Uhura, at a loss for what to say.

           “I’m Jim,” the captain held out his hand after studying you a few moments, “it’s good to have you aboard.”

           “Thank you, captain,” you smiled, “I’m happy to be here.”

           He continued to look at you like you were a puzzle he couldn’t quite solve. “Have I seen you before? You look familiar.”

           “I was a few years ahead of you at the academy, it’s possible we ran into each other at some point.” You shrugged, not wanting to discuss the reasons for your several-year disappearance from Starfleet on your first day back.

           Jim, however, was insatiably curious.

“If you graduated before me, why does your file state that this is your first assignment –“

           “So, tell me about the away mission I was lucky enough to miss out on today.” McCoy came to your rescue, sliding you a plate of food and sitting down beside you. “Speaking of which, you still haven’t come in for your physical yet.”

           You gave McCoy a thankful smile when he glanced at you. You weren’t ready to talk about your past, not just yet, and he seemed to understand that without you having to say a word.

           “Don’t tell the captain, but you can call me Nyota.” Uhura whispered to you, the corners of her mouth turning up into a mischievous smile.

           “No problem,” you felt yourself finally relax, letting down after a long day. You talked to Nyota and Sulu as you finished your dinner, the comforting presence of McCoy never leaving your side.

           Space was cold, but your heart was warmer than it had been in ages on Earth

       The medbay was quiet when you walked in the next morning, sipping a cup of coffee and humming quietly to yourself. You walked over to set your mug down and found something soft draped over the nearest chair with a small note pinned to it.

           Jim’s dragging me to some godforsaken planet, so try not to let anyone die while I’m away. Comm M’Benga if you need anything.        

-          McCoy

The note was written on a piece of paper that looked to be torn from the page of an old book in neat, slanted handwriting. You picked up the sweater it was pinned to, slipping it over your head and breathing in the now-familiar scent of the Enterprise’s Chief Medical Officer. McCoy wasn’t the most tactful person, to say the least, but he somehow still managed to be one of the kindest beings you had ever met.

Maybe coming aboard the Enterprise wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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Prompt:  Can you do a series of bones x reader oneshot on how throughout the films they fall deeper in love as they work together as doctor and nurse pretty please
Word Count: 1368
Warnings: None that I know of
Author’s Note: Part 1 of (at least) 3! Each movie is going to be a oneshot. This ended up being pretty long so I kind of skimmed over a bunch of the plot for 2009 leaving the interactions between the reader and Bones. Enjoy!

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Fandom: Love Live! Sunshine!!

Summary: Hanamaru enters the student council office with a rather unusual request: she would like to brush Dia’s hair.

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Featured Characters: Dia, Hanamaru

Pairing(s): DiaMaru

Chapters: 1

Word Count: 1976

Publication Date: 06 August, 2017

Warnings: none

Extra Notes: none

Alt Links: AO3, fanfic.net

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Vik: Listen… I have a favour to ask of you…

Maru: What is it?

Vik: Could you guys… Look after Daisy for me?

Cass: Sure! Where you off to?

Vik: No… I mean, could you take care of her from now on.

Maru: Wait- You mean, you’re giving her away to us???

Vik: Not like that- It’s just- I don’t think I can be physically stable around her anymore and I’m just- I’m just so- I don’t even know.

Maru: Well- Well- Man up then Vik! You can’t just give your daughter away because you feel weakened! Do you even know what you’re asking for?!

anonymous asked:

any diamaru pregnancy headcanons? who carries, who's the worrywart other mother, mood swings, sex, delivery, meeting the baby, etc?


Hanamaru would definitely carry, I think. Even though I’ve written it before, Dia carrying a baby is just so weird to think about. I don’t think Dia would be a worrywart, though – as soon as Hanamaru suggested them having a child, Dia found every book and website she could and researched what to do before, during, after a pregnancy etc., so she was fully prepared. 

Thankfully Hanamaru didn’t have any angry mood swings too badly, but Dia often found her crying. At first she panicked but eventually she just got used to it and found ways to comfort Maru. Also, Maru was a BIG eater. Dia even took some cooking lessons from Kanan and You because Hanamaru would have random, desperate cravings for seafood.

As for sex, Hanamaru was rather insistent. Dia wasn’t worried at all, but they took it nice and slow. The frequency seemed to slow down after the early stages, though.

During the delivery, all of Dia’s composure instantly melted away. She was freaking out constantly. During the delivery it was her, Ruby, and Kanan, and the latter two had to reassure Dia that everything was fine every couple of seconds. Dia was asking the doctors questions throughout the whole thing and she got pissed/paranoid every time they said a word she didn’t know. Whenever she wasn’t harassing the doctors she was holding Hanamaru’s hand tight. Of course, everything went fine.

After the baby actually arrived with no problems, Dia finally calmed down, only to break down into tears when she held the baby. Hanamaru was just happy that Dia had stopped screaming (finally).

Word Count: 1006
Author’s Note: Per request, a part two to Georgia On My Mind

“It was a Starfleet sanctioned apprehension, Bones!” Jim argued. “I know how you feel about this, but we can’t just overlook the law and -”

“I’m sorry, Mr. The Prime Directive Is Really More Of A Guideline, did you just try to tell me you’re unwilling to break a Starfleet directive? Horse shit!” Leonard interrupted. They were on one side of the glass arguing. You were on the other, watching. You spun the ring on your finger absently, focusing on the fight happening in front of you.

“What exactly am I supposed to say?” Jim threw his hands up in frustration. “We’ve found her, and it turned out it was just a lover’s spat?”

“It’s a goddamn start!” Leonard spat. “I don’t know how you’re going to make this work, Jim, but you confounded the damned Kobayashi Maru, you’ve shown disdain for the prime directive, you’ve even flirted with death and managed to come out unscathed. Mostly thanks to me, on that last one, I might add. This is my life! I’m not going to lose her again. So either figure it out, or you lose us both.”

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A Dark and Stormy Night, Part I

Harvey’s nights were usually pretty quiet. As much as he loved living in Pelican Town, in a small community of people who he could help in real ways, he was still the introverted bookworm he’d always been. Occasionally he would venture out to the saloon for an evening, and he’d never miss a festival for the world, but the truth of the matter was that he needed a lot of time alone to balance out with the very social nature of his day-to-day job.

So yes, his nights were usually very quiet. He’d spend them reading with a glass of wine, or working on his models, or fiddling with his broadcast equipment. Sometimes, like this particularly rainy night in Spring, he’d be downstairs in the clinic, taking inventory or cleaning up. One of the trials of being a small-town doctor with a private practice and only one part-time employee, he supposed. He didn’t mind, there was always something soothing about methodically filling out lists or rhythmically sweeping, mopping, or dusting. It was peaceful and mindless, and allowed his thoughts to wander in a way reading and model-building couldn’t. Right now, as he was sweeping the floor in the larger patient care room, Harvey’s thoughts were on the newest addition to Stardew Valley.

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mikantrapper  asked:

For the prompts things, would you consider doing a Kanadia Flower Shop AU ; a ; I think it'd be really cute. Thank you in advance! ~

Sorry this has taken so long! I hope this is everything you’re hoping it might be, i’ve been thinking a lot about this since I saw it in my inbox ;u;.

I’m also doubling this as a birthday present for my fav!! Happy late birthday Dia ily ;o;!!

KanaDia flower shop au! here we go!

(Note: all italicized words said by Mari are said in English)

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Breakdown of what’s happened with CCLOWN till now

This will be a breakdown of what has happened in the past 8 months. It will be pretty long but hopefully clear up some stuff for people who keep asking.
All translations belong to crowntheclowns​ / rowlowupdates

  • December 26: Rome told us his real name was Christian
    “I love my fans no matter what ! You guys are honestly everything to me! I am barom. But my original name is christian! Its time for me to share to u guys who i really am! And u guys mean just that much to me Ill be no where and no one without my crowns b salts! I bow 2 before u”
  • January 2: CTC suddenly stopped, no further explanation.
  • January 9: “(…) i know we have been very quiet recently and im too worried for your concerns
    nevertheless we are still really happy with all the support you guys have given us
    and hopefully one day will return to you guys more of what we should have given to you all” - Rome (fancafe)
  • February 24: Last video posted on their official youtube channel. Rome looked really worn out, the other members looked really tired. Everything seemed kinda odd. 
  • February 27: Last fancafe post, written by Maru.
    “Today’s ,,chat,, wasn’t any fun huh…
    I apologize… I am self-reflecting,,
    Recently, the hyungs have been nagging at me a lot more. As a result, I’ve become more timid,,”

  • March 2: Rome shaved off all his hair.
  • April 20: Rome deletes all his instagram pictures. He changed his twitter username from RoME_Cclown to neva4get_urself (he later changed this to Yu_Christian1), and his instagram username from dproyalrome to christianyu_
    “When you’re about to quit, remember why you started” - The text on his new Instagram profile pic
    “they turned me into something that I am not. Never forget what I did for u.” - Rome’s new instagram bio
  • April 21: Rome twitter update
    “I apologize to the fans , I really do! But I tried..I really did! It’s jus too hard now ! Dw y’all” 
  • May 15: “Thx mum for come seeing me :)” - Rome (Instagram, his mom visited him”
  • July 6: “I miss being on stage too…” - Rome (twitter)
  • Rome’s recent replies to comments on instagram:
    “why there’s no crown hashtag? if you already got out of cclown then say it why hold back and make us crowns worried?”
    “because I can’t say nothing. Or else the law will be involved ! Now I wish people would stop asking me. I said there’s a reason for everything and please it’s more harder on us then anyone honestly”

    “So now you’re all about dpr? Please like take cclown out of yedang, find a good company, then you can do whatever you want.”
    “if it was that easy …”

    “its a pity the mixed tapes you worked on…you never release them…”
    “company problems sorry:;;”

  • October 5: C-clown has now disbanded

Now if you have come this far, congratulations, you know whats been happening for the past few months. Please stop bothering Rome about this, please dont bother any of the members actually. 
Do not blame any of this on Rome, as he is trying his best to resolve all of this, and we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. This seems very serious, and while we can joke around, consider the fact that this can and probably has taken a huge emotional toll on the members.

TL;DR: Rome told us his name was Christian, proceeded to cut his hair and delete all his instagram posts as well as change all his social media usernames. He has apologized to the fans several times, trying to explain as much as he can, but they are in a bad situation right now (so bad that the law will be involved if they speak out about it). Taking this all into consideration, please do not be a fucking shit and post anything about this on their social media, including asking about whats happening, as this might stress them out even more. Thank you.


from [2007.10.17] Janiben ep. 024 

Cr.: [Je-Mix]_LJ

Who is the weakest man among Eito?

Ohkura chooses Maruyama.

Ohkura: You know, Maru-chan is really nice. Because he’s so kind… I’m sure he listens to what women ask him to do… I think he will have a extremely overbearing wife without him even noticing it.

Yokoyama: Ohkura, why did you think of something so serious? It’s a variety show.

Ohkura: I was trying to think of something interesting but it didn’t come out.

*audience laughs*

By overbearing wife…





future self?

9 years make a difference for sure!! But young Kura’s predictment was right.

Sendai 2015.04.04

The first day of Sendai brought us nipples and marriages. But let’s not get ahead of things.

★ S: I watched Tegosh’s ItteQ. At the part where Tegoshi was dancing with an unbreakable umbrella to Kaguya and got blown away I was like “Serves you right!” (laugh) 

T: Not only the narrator said this the members thought so too! (laugh) 

S: Also the “nippless” part!

M: What is “nippless”?

S: It’s from “nipp” and “less”.

K: What’s a “nipp”?

S: It’s nipple.

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Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 83 Spoilers

Hearing The Sound of Door Closing

After slicing his own throat, Arima collapses and Kaneki rushes over
Kaneki: What are you….doing!!
Arima: …I ve always waited for this
Kaneki: Arima sa…..
Arima’s mouth is covered with blood, he stops Kaneki from talking
Arima: Listen…Kaneki Ken…. The time that is left for me is always limited, it is just that….it came earlier. Me….Hairu….and Furuta….the investigators from Sunlit Garden… are not human
Kaneki: !?
Arima: …all of us….are not of purebloods…we are half human
Kaneki: Half….human….? ….that is….
Arima: My right eye, you notice it right, it can no longer see. Glaucoma is a common illness… Yes…. that is for old people
Kaneki: Old…..people……?
Arima: Those who are from Sunlit Garden ages faster than normal human, I already have one eye that is slowly losing its function, my life is going towards its end. People like us have ghoul as a mother or father
Kaneki: …. (…Arima san…never lies….)
Arima: Do you know what will happen to the child born from human and ghoul?
Kaneki remembers what Itori said before 
Most of them die….
Kaneki: One eyed ghoul…. is a half ghoul….?
Arima: ….its not like that for most of the cases. One eyed owl’s case is rare. The child born are just the same with most of the human, does not have a kagune, able to eat like normal human. The only differences are physical abilities improve and die earlier
Kaneki: Wh…what….is this…. that….. what is it for….
Arima: *smile* … I wonder…. I never knew… no matter what still wishes to be human… Washuu (V)…

Rue Island
Message: [We are engaging…please provide….] [This is Qs team…we found a cave, we are currently going in…]
Yoshitoki is listening to these reports from investigators, and then Marude comes into the operations room, behind him is few of his subordinates. Marude points a gun on Yoshitoki
Yoshitoki: …Marude, what happened to conducting
Marude: Its done
Yoshitoki: ….speaking of which, what is the meaning of this, its not funny
Marude: …Yoshitoki…its not me who wants to read this thing. The book says “Washuu’s family is ghoul’s helped”… This is wrong. From our standpoint, to clean “Washuu”. Let us clear of all the doubts, there is nothing suspicious, except for one thing. We obtained some information from the scanning gate. In order to avoid the gate from responding to Quinque, the systems was made not to respond to certain people. I have asked some people to investigate it, when the gate will respond, and those are…… the 0 team led by Arima Kishou (those from Sunlit Garden), Qs members, and……. when you from Washuu family go through. Washuu family is not “ghoul’s helper”….you are “simply ghoul” instead
Yoshitoki turns around, but expression remains the same
Yoshitoki: I thought the Marude Special Class that I know does not have such naive thoughts. You, Arima and I have known each other for a long time right. You may have not notice it. After this operation, you can look at Arima’s record
Marude: Its true that my words just now unable to prove anything. There is this old saying, well I am a little annoying….that is….
Marude pulls the trigger
Marude: You are wrong
With the sound from the gun, Yoshitoki collapses. Washuu heard the sound of gunshot from the other room “!?”
Yoshitoki’s forehead has a hold from the gunshot, collapses on the floor. A subordinate who is holding a quinque case asks Marude
Subordinate: …Marude Special Class…
Marude: ….
Marude looks at Yoshitoki, and Yoshitoki’s forehead starts to bleed
Marude: …This is…simply…. (killing human) right, tell me….
But at that time, Yoshitoki has kagugan on both eyes
Yoshitoki: I am disappointed, Maru *talking at Marude’s face*

I am Washuu Chika, nice to meet you Marude Second Class

Marude: (What is this damn it….is this a joke…everything….this is just like what you said…. Hideyoshi…..like this….I cant even think of those who are dead…)

Kaneki’s side
Kaneki cries as he is holding Arima
Kaneki: Washuu family…. The top of CCG…is a ghoul….?
Kaneki remembers the things he heard before (The ghoul organisation that Kuzen helped before)
Kaneki: (That organisation is “Washuu family”…..?)
Kaneki: Arima san….what do you want me to do
Arima: Kill me, Kaneki Ken. I…what do I want, you will soon learn it…..please, this is the only thing you can do
Kaneki: ….I understand, I will kill you
Arima: …..thank you…..
Arima remembers the time when he let go of the butterfly that he caught
Arima: I…. have…always…. hated…. this life that is always taking away…. finally…. now I feel like holding on to something….
Arima saying this, and tears fall
Arima: (Actually I wanted to die more than anyone… cause I am a death god)
Kaneki: A…. Arima san…..!!
Arima: …….Ha………..i…………………….
Kaneki holding Arima who is not moving…..



[On Janiben 01.July.2015]: The guest wanted to try some relaxing goods, Maru-chan was complaining about being stressed by the lack of sleep lately. Ohkura was picking on him and said he had the same problem.

Hina suggested that the both of them try the relaxing cushion together, Baru ordered MaruKura to cuddle and interact, surprisingly Kura almost sit on Maru’s lap while the other members were like “What are you doing?? You are the tallest one!” but he didn’t even care and looked totaly comfy.

They were lovey-dovey for a while and then Maru said “Now we are on a river” (because Maru is a romantic weirdo). Ohkura grabbed the giant worm-like pillow and started to row, because it was the most natural thing to do. Maru started to sing, and Hina cut all this crap because the show need to move on.

Credits for the video: FB Kanjani8 Perú

Who from Aqours should you fight?
  • Hanamaru: Why would you fight Maru? What did she ever do to you? go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.
  • Ruby: You can try to fight her, but if Dia shows up RUN. Also, you monster.
  • Yohane: Don't even try. She'll probably turn into a demon and kick you straight into hell.
  • Riko: She just transferred! You're gonna pick on the new kid? How dare you.
  • You: Fight her on land, she will be powerless.
  • Mari: I'm not sure but that hair loop probably has magic powers, you might just want to run instead.
  • Dia: You can take her unless she's protecting her sister. If this is the case you're doomed.
  • Kanan: Like You but stronger.
  • Chika: She is unstoppable.

Kanjanizm Tour Nagoya 27th MC

Yoko: We never change, do we. We all went to dinner together on Christmas eve.

Ohkura: We went on the 25th, we did.

Yoko: I was looking at everyone the entire time, thinking we never change.

Maru: You were looking at us the entire time? You were eating the entire time!!

Yoko: I thought it was kind of nice.

Ohkura: What precisely did you think was nice?

Yoko: Dokkun was even secretly taking pictures of me

Ryo: No, it wasn’t like that! Listen to me, it was because Yokoyama-kun, he wasn’t wearing underwear! When he sat down, you could see his butt crack, I was taking pictures of that! I was showing everyone the picture and I send it to his phone. It was only yesterday that he suddenly replied, I saw.

Yoko: I can’t help it, it’s because I wasn’t wearing underwear!

Ryo: I showed that picture to my friends as well!

Ohkura: You shouldn’t do that!! (lol)

Ryo: Like, look at this, this is my sempai, isn’t he terrible?

Radio Tidbits 2015.09.05

They are recording in the NHK dressing room today. Kame realizes that he can bully a KAT-TUN member into joining him, so he asks someone to go fetch one

- - - - - -

Fanmail: (Talking about going to see Kame’s new stage production with her mom)
Kame: Thank you very much! (Suddenly) What did you think about that, Nakamaru-kun?
Maru: Oh, that’s great
Kame: *muffled laugh*
Maru: Seriously… Sorry, what are you talking about?
Kame: This is our special guest Nakamaru Yuichi
Maru: *introduces self*
Kame: Just now we were talking about Aoi Shushi wa Taiyo no Naka ni Aru
Maru: Oh I see. I went to go watch it, of course
Kame: What did you think? Oh! There’s a letter – what great timing
Fanmail: I watched Aoi Shushi wa Taiyo no Naka ni Aru. I went on the 18th and was surprised to see Nakamaru-kun seated there. He was wearing glasses and a mask, which is very typical of him, so it was actually easier to recognize him
Maru: I didn’t wear glasses
Kame: LOL
Maru: Was someone else mistaken for me? LOL
Kame: *still laughing* So in any case, this letter came. Nakamaru-kun came on the 18th
Maru: Well firstly I didn’t wear glasses
Kame: LOL But you wore a mask?
Maru: I did wear a mask though

- - - - - - 

Maru: (Talking about his impressions of Aoi Shushi)
Kame: When it comes to stage theater, Nakamaru-kun…
Maru: I haven’t done any since Dream Boys
Kame: Didn’t you do that other one?
Maru: That was even earlier. A one-man show
Kame: Do you not want to do stage productions?
Maru: I do have interest in one-man shows
Kame: What about theatrical plays?
Maru: I’m interested in those too, but I’m more into one-man shows
Kame: Then please do one
Maru: Give me a stage
Both: LOL
Kame: *still laughing* I’m not the one to ask, I don’t have the power to make decisions like that. I can’t act like the boss and be like “Oh, give Nakamaru this”
Maru: That’s true LOL

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