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“Those who win over the world, are few.
Those who looses to themselves, are many.
We can accept failure, but never accept giving up.
Battling through the journey, is not to change the world.
It’s so that the world doesn’t change us.”
- 吴亦凡 (Kris Wu).

Please watch this. This video is so important. (This video is translated. It’s just the first part that isn’t and that is translated here ^)

exo shitpost #2: exo at the carnival
  • junmyeon: alright assholes go wild
  • chanyeol: hoo boy i'm going to win me some prizes
  • baekhyun: you suck ass at everything what could you possibly win
  • chanyeol: that thing with the hammer
  • sehun: your arms are two limp noodles lmao
  • chanyeol: fuck you
  • luhan: your weak ass can't even get it past the halfway mark
  • chanyeol: i don't deserve this verbal abuse you try it
  • luhan: what. the fuck.
  • luhan: it doesn't work
  • sehun: excuses are for the cheap
  • luhan: this is bullshit, this game is rigged, and we are going home
  • -
  • yifan: ok junmyeon let us get wild
  • junmyeon: would you fuck off i will not ride a roller coaster
  • yifan: why
  • junmyeon: because i may shit myself
  • junmyeon: but also because i don't want to be seen next to your crusty ass
  • yifan: why did i ever love you
  • -
  • jongdae: fuck yes corndogs
  • kai: holy shit kyungsoo take it slow
  • kyungsoo: i am a hungry bitch today don't speak to me
  • jongdae: did you really just inhale that entire corndog
  • kyungsoo: it's not that big
  • kai: i can personally assure you he's seen bigger
  • jongdae: wow kyungsoo, king of the dick
  • kyungsoo: if you don't shut up right now i might eat you
  • -
  • zitao: fuck i lost my watch, i must have left it on the ferris wheel
  • minseok: you irresponsible fuck what did i tell you about leaving your goddamn shit everywhere
  • zitao: here, take my ice cream and put it on your tits because you need to chill
  • minseok: /rubbing nosebridge/ how much did that stupid thing cost
  • zitao: it was gucci
  • minseok: i just pissed my pants
  • zitao: relax jethro i have like ten more at home
  • minseok: what
  • zitao: eleven including the one i gave to candy
  • minseok: you have eleven gucci watches, one of which is for your dog, and you still gave me a fucking slurpee for my birthday
  • zitao: at least it was a jumbo size
  • minseok: you're dead to me
  • -
  • yixing: life is fantastic
  • kyungsoo: you're a cheery mf today aren't you
  • yixing: why are you so pessimistic, go inhale another corndog
  • kyungsoo: i can't eat too many, i'm corn intolerant
  • yixing: that's not a thing
  • kyungsoo: i'm also mildly allergic to dogs
  • yixing: that's,,,, not how it works
  • luhan: don't bother this is from the same guy who didn't know how dna works
  • kyungsoo: no more kimchi spaghetti for you
  • -
  • sehun: cotton candy BITCH
  • chanyeol: this is your fifth one, stop it
  • sehun: i am in love with this shit
  • chanyeol: diabetes says hello
  • sehun: i might dye vivi this colour
  • chanyeol: what the fuck she's not an easter egg
  • sehun: doggosthetic
  • chanyeol: s e h u n that's abuse pLEASE DON’T DO THAT
  • -
  • yifan: aw fuck
  • junmyeon: what now you overgrown baby
  • yifan: i'm too tall for the bumpercars
  • junmyeon: too bad
  • yifan: this is no fair
  • junmyeon: go ride something else you ingrate
  • yifan: that's it i'm putting you on the death drop
  • junmyeon: you better freaking not
  • yifan: hi yes one ticket for the death drop
  • junmyeon: nonononono im sure i don't meet your height requirement eheheh
  • yifan: don't worry dear, they have seats for shrimps like you!
  • junmyeon: WU YI FAN YoU fUckeR
  • yifan: enjoy bitchy!!
  • junmyeon: YoU haVe a laWSUiT oN YoUR handS
  • -
  • jongin: i love the fact that i still look hot in all of these
  • jongdae: hey baekhyun this mirror's got me looking just like you
  • baekhyun: how so?
  • jongdae: makes me look ugly as shit
  • jongin: im piSSing
  • baekyun: this kind of commentary is the reason no one loves you
  • -
  • luhan: haunted house, leggo
  • zitao: fuck this shit i'm out
  • minseok: nah i'm in let's do it
  • yixing: zitao i'll protect you
  • zitao: too late i'm already crying
  • minseok: oh ShiT i am Spooked
  • luhan: his soul has left him
  • yixing: you made it taozi, i’m proud of you
  • zitao: thanks yixing, the only thing that helped me through it was the fact that those goblins back there kinda resembled you and it was really funny
  • yixing: wow, this is basically bullying!
  • -
  • junmyeon: well boys, it's been fun
  • kyungsoo: no it has not
  • junmyeon: but we must head back to hell
  • yifan: he means home
  • junmyeon: trust me, i mean hell
Amongst thousands of idols, why love Kris Wu only?
ELLE May 2017

Acting in 7 films in 18 months, working with Luc Besson and Vin Diesel, taking on the lead role in <Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons> which made 1.6 billion yuan box office; participating in the NBA All Star Celebrity Game, being appointed as ambassador of two major international brand labels, reaching over 20000000 fans on Weibo, getting millions of reblogs… Kris Wu is one of the most popular celebrities of the moment.

The bowl of soup noodles at 10pm

As the 7 hour photo shoot was coming to an end, making use of the interval when the staff were clearing the lights and cameras, Kris Wu remained seated on the sofa of the final set, staring into space. The cosy cafeteria was filled with the photography team of 20 staff, occupied with completing tasks on hand in an orderly manner, moving around, chatting to each other, and only Kris Wu remained unmoving.

His waist condition had worsened, till the point that he required surgery. But because he was still very young, he chose to opt for conservative treatment. Of course, the most important thing was to make sure he had enough rest, as he could not stand nor sit for long periods of time.

The doctor had instructed to remain in bed for half a year, but he just answered with, “There’s no way, there’s no way I would be able to control my time.” Helplessness painted his face, yet he did not hesitate to immediately return to the basketball court, film site, recording studio, event venues, photo shoots… There would always be a place which needed him.

Later on, when he encountered dangerous stunts during filming, his team intended to stop him, but he still chose to grit his teeth and go ahead to try it out, as he felt that he could do it on his own. “I feel that since I am young, I should be doing my best.”

Time had gone by and it was already 10pm. He sat at the corner of the dressing room, with a bowl of soup noodles which had already began to clump together, yet he still ate with gusto. We talked as he ate, alternating between spoonfuls of soup and noodles, until finally at the end of our conversation, the bottom of the empty plastic lunchbox could be seen. He said happily, “We’ve talked till I have finished this bowl of soup noodles, should I still eat more tonight?”

“Have to do it on my own, only then will it be even better.”

Kris Wu has written on his Weibo profile bio: Singer Kris Wu. Actually I’m an actor. As an actor, he is gaining more and more recognition, and Kris Wu is also forking out more time for his passion - Music.

A combined work of the world’s top music producers, <July> made it to number 49 on the US iTunes Chart upon its release, making Kris Wu the first Chinese male singer to achieve such a result. <Juice>, which was the theme song for <xXx: The Return of Xander Cage> which was released 3 months ago, made it to number 28 on the US iTunes Chart, beating his previous record. Vin Diesel even made an appearance in this MV.

His next song, is still in the works.

However, he is clearly a producer who writes songs very quickly, completing it in one go, and remain unfazedf by the his surroundings as well. He is able to write in the car, and on set as well. His previous song <Bad Girl> was written on the filming set of <Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back>. While waiting for his scenes, he would evaluate his acting of his character Tang Monk’s scenes, and his mind would churn out the melody of a new song. Usually, it would take around two hours for a song to take shape, after writing, would be added in.

It’s written so quickly? Why not write more?
“Actually, I’ve written a lot.” He pauses his chopsticks and looks over, eyes shining.
Why not release them? What is he waiting for?
“It’s because I want to ensure the quality (of my music)!”

When Kris Wu talks about music, in an instant he becomes filled with excitement. Without having talked much, his self-confidence is already overflowing.

Directly obtaining songs would definitely mean less work, but he is certain that “he is not suited to this”, as he feels that he must personally participate in the production process. “For example, after making a song, there will be someone singing it, and after listening to it, I’ll say, alright, when you sing this part, I only like the first and fourth line, and the rest can be deleted.” He is like a military strategist, and he is also very clear on what he is comfortable with, what he can control. “Like a director of music.”

Because many of those whom he works with are overseas, on the other side of of the world, and time differences cause his days and nights to be swapped, later on when efforts are more concentrated and focused, in order to accommodate the other party’s timezone, sleepless nights are uncommon for him. “For many things, if you don’t pay close attention to them, others would not care. You have to do it yourself, only then would you be able to do it even better. For example if today I do not wish to wait for them to wake up and intend to go to sleep, once I fall asleep, an entire day would go by already.”

At only 26 years old, he already has the understanding of the urgency that time and tide waits for no man.

“When your level of passion is very high, the level of hardship you experience will gradually do go down.”

Before releasing a new song, Kris Wu would hold a small listening party for the people around him to listen to his song. He would listen to everyone’s opinions, and include friends who are not into music as well. He would ask them, see if you can hear any differences between these two segments, and at times there would just be a small delay in rhythm. There would be some who can hear the difference, “It’s different, but I can’t place my finger on which part?” Which one is better? Kris Wu would patiently ask about each point, then go back, and make amendments.


ELLE: For the final question of the interview, last year you….
KRIS WU: It’s the final question? Goodness! Really? I’m too happy!

ELLE: Have you thought about last year…
KRIS WU: No. (What are you doing? Answering in advance?) Yes, I think I know what you want to ask me about. Alright, you can ask. (Summarise your growth last year!) I don’t think I do. I won’t really do a round-up myself, because my math isn’t good, this was the case since young, also my handwriting is ugly, hahaha! I won’t, I have never done such.

ELLE: Many people like to bring up topics about “get a clear understanding of oneself”.
KRIS WU: What do I think of myself? Perhaps it’s because I feel that I am rather clear, no uncertainties, so I don’t really need to obtain a clear understanding of myself. It’s with my unchanging heart of original intent, passion, interests, and various things which I persevere in, there isn’t anything much that has changed.

ELLE: But the surroundings are so chaotic, so unclear…
KRIS WU: Do you mean hazy weather? Then I won’t leave the house! I won’t be affected, I really won’t, really would not! I have a world of my own, this world is extremely quiet, and isolated from the rest of the world, it enables me to do what I wish to do, and dream what I wish to dream.

translated by: @wu_yi_fan

So yeah okay lives of thousands of fans were saved when Hobi didn’t show his abs for real. But you know, just a friendly reminder:

Oh, let me help you with that.

yas, that’s better - anyway - if the abs were visible during a body roll, what the fuck do you think is hiding under that shirt now?!

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“o-o-omg. wu- wut wut? a-a-abs?” hoho, yeah, well, he was all cute and that, I mean look:

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So yeah. Now I gotta say I would love BTS without their ridiculously good looks, but since they are so handsome, let us feast:

But since Hobi ain’t into showing skin, let’s not bother him though we’re thirsty for Hope abs, mkay? Let’s leave the striptease for the very-mini.

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He’s pretty good at it…


I couldn’t help myself. BEHOLD OF THE MONSTER ABS

ya okay, I’ll see myself out now XD

EXO Reaction to you coming to a fan sign even though you aren’t exactly a fan but they think you are cute

Like you are accompanying someone or something like that. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“So you came here with a friend hm? And don’t really know who I am? Well… why not getting to meet each other.. that would be nice” *So smooth*


*Writes his number instead of his autograph* “Just promise you won’t tell anyone. I’m trusting you…”


“Woah impressive… I don’t meet people that don’t know who we are very often… I would like to meet you though, what do you say?”


*Can’t stop staring at you* “A person that only comes here for her friend… that’s really amazing. I like it, I like you… I would like to be your…. friend too”


*He’ll try to tell you a lot about him in five minutes so somehow you end up liking him just like he likes you* “I love dogs… and eating and.. sleeping and I’m Kai… and you are pretty…”


“Woah… so the autograph isn’t for you but… for your friend that couldn’t come… That’s a really nice touch from you. Here, I’ll give you another one for you. I hope I see you again~” *Very sweet*


“Please like me~ I mean… hi I’m Byun Baekhyun and I’m form EXO!” *Can’t hide that he liked you a lot*


*He probably won’t hear a thing you say, just stare into your eyes and think how beautiful you and your heart is* “So… would you like to go for a coffee or something?”


*He’s just having a lot of fun being the one asking you questions* “Oh I think we are running out of time… what if I give you my number and we continue talking later? I really would like to get to know you better”


*This is him seeing you as you walk to his seat. He’ll probably try to act as normal as always but it’s pretty obvious something in you got into that big heart of his*


“Wait let me see if I understand… so you came here because your grandma is a big fan… but she can’t come… so… what if I go visit her? That way she can meet me… you’ll give her a nice surprise and I also get to see you again?”


*A few weeks later* “Hey… aren’t you the girl that… isn’t really a fan but came to the fan sign? Of course I remember you… what you did there was very nice of you… so.. do you want to grab some coffee or something?”

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Dating Luhan Would Include

what dating luhan would be like?? 

Note: Enjoy~ ♥

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Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

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In The Daytime

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  • Okay so dating this man is going to be real amazing 
  • Like seriously
  • He’s always so passionate about you
  • And will brag about you in interviews
  • He doesn’t accept fan hate
  • Him posting selcas on social media a lot of both of you, but he also keeps a few for himself and even sets the best ones as his phone lock screen
  • Sometimes the worst times for him are when he’s on tour because he doesn’t get to see you much when he’s away
  • But he always makes it up to you when he finally gets back
  • Him loving the fact that you’re into indie music, and will always try and get into the kind of music that you listen to. 
  • Seeing you wearing his clothes gives him life
  • “Jagi, never take off that hoodie.” 
  • “But it’s you most expensive o-”
  • “I don’t care, it’s yours, you look so damn beautiful”
  • Him writing songs about you and playing them to you before anyone else on his guitar, because your opinion is very important to him
  • Him hitting all those high notes in the shower
  • Him taking you out on cute dates to coffee shops and treating you to cakes and sweets even though “they’re not as sweet as you.”
  • “Luhan, stop with the shitty compliments, you’re making me blush.” 
  • “That’s the point, my love.” 
  • Him always finding time for you even though he’s so busy with work.

At Nighttime

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  • Lying in bed and just talking about the most random things until stupid hours of the morning, Just because you can.
  • Him talking about the future and opening up about how scare dhe is about certain aspects in his life
  • And you always being there for him whenever he needs it
  • Sometimes he’s adorable and just wants lots of cuddles and forehead kisses
  • Other nights he wants you underneath him in a hot, moaning mess.
  • There isn’t much in between.
  • Him always treating yo well with after care 
  • Making sure you’re warm and wrapped up in the blankets so you don’t get cold
  • Him running his hands though your hair as he helps you fall asleep
  • Sometimes he’ll whisper things to you as well, sometimes it’ll be hoe much he loves you, other times he’ll be talking about what he wants to do tomorrow
  • But regrdless of any of that
  • He loves you a lot
  • And never wants to let you go.
Sehun's birthday Reactions
  • Suho: It is amazing to see what a big difference one year can make in a person’s life. Last year, you were stupid and this year you have suddenly turned stupider. Congratulations and Happy birthday Sehunnie!
  • Chanyeol: OLD is an abbreviation for Obsolete, Lazy and Dull. Congratulations for turning one year OLDer. Happy birthday Maknae!
  • Kyungsoo: Don’t worry, I am right here by your side to help you mourn the death of your youth. Happy birthday.
  • Baekhyun: Getting someone as awesome as me to send a birthday message to you, has undoubtedly been your biggest achievement this year. Happy birthday Sehunnie!
  • Minseok: Did you just turn a year older? I feel your pain, I really do. But don’t worry because we are all in this boat called Life together. Happy birthday Sehun.
  • Jongin: Best friends never lie to each other and I must be honest with you. Damn, you’re getting old. Happy birthday Sehun-ah!
  • Chen: Here's to remembering the day you were expelled from that uterus!! Hahaha! Happy birthday Sehun!!
  • Luhan: Your birthday is just a remember that my birthday is just a few days away. THAT'S RIGHT EVERYONE MY BIRTHDAY IS JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY! And oh. Happy birthday Sehunnie! Love you!
  • Kris: I'm to lazy to wish you a happy birthday. Mind if I "like" someone else's post on Facebook?
  • Tao: Happy birthday Sehunnie! I sent you a lot of anti-aging creams knowing that now you will develop wrinkles on your face. P.s: I want Gucci merch in return.
  • Yixing: Wait what day is tod- SHIT! Happy birthday Sehunnie! Hyung loves you and I hope you stay healthy and wise all year!
  • Me: *Sehun comes in*
  • Me: *faints*
Kris Wu x SE Weekly Interview (May 2017)

Singer, actor, and “little sun” of variety programs…
Kris Wu
“I have always been myself”

“I would not stop myself from doing something just because my fans do not like it”

In real life, are you someone with a hip hop style?
Yes, I have always liked hip hop. However when it comes to wearing outfits, it depends. When I was young, I would wear extremely oversized pants and tops, because at that time that was the fashion style of rappers, but right now [their style has evolved to] something which incorporates many elements. For example, in the past, you may think that wearing a leather jacket would be of a rock n roll style, and wearing tees would be of a hip hop style. But right now, there isn’t that much of a clear distinction.

You have mentioned before that you have an R&B soul, could you explain this statement?
Hahaha, actually I was half-joking. What I meant was that I really loved this genre of music, really liked the culture, and perhaps I felt that it really suits me, suits my taste. While making this genre of music I feel like a fish in water, because in a very short period of time, I am able to produce many works which I feel are OK.

Many people feel that hip hop culture has a sense of rebelliousness and anger towards it. Do you have a rebellious heart right now? Do you also require such an outlet of expression?
I feel that being rebellious is alright, in a sense that one will express themself in a more direct manner. However there is one point that I would like to reiterate, [which is that] many people have a misconception towards hip hop, they feel that hip hop is very aggressive and also a little noisy, and that it has a slightly negative feel to it, but in fact this is not the case. This is just merely one type of style, which has actually never really became mainstream. Many times, singing rap songs has the feel of reading a poem, it’s all about having a rhythm, and expressing the many beautiful phrases and meaningful stories which are in it. The general audience has to give hip hop music another chance, and this would require the combined efforts of many people.

Will you write a song for one person or a group of people?
Currently not yet, but because I am participating in this show (<Rap of China>), I would definitely personally write a song for the contestants, my team whom I have selected.

This year you have participated in many variety TV programs, do you think that your variety TV skills have increased?
No, I have always been myself.

Earlier on you mentioned that hip hop has a smaller audience. Would you be worried that your fans would not like it?
Absolutely not, because I really love this culture, not only just the music. The reason it is not mainstream is because many people have misconceptions about hip hop culture. If they are fans who like me, I too hope that they will be able to like this culture and genre of music. Conversely, I would not stop myself from doing something just because my fans do not like it. This is something which will not make me happy.

Favourite lyrics of your own songs?
Can’t think of any at the moment, there are too many, perhaps one or two lines from every song

Favourite singer?
I guess it’s still Drake

Favourite actor?
Leonardo DiCaprio

What do you think is your best feature?
My whole being is good looking

Even if you are dieting, what is one food item you have to consume?

Where is place that one most likely to bump into you?
Basketball court

What is your usual method of de-stressing?
Listen to music, play video games at home

If you were to have a superpower, what ability would you most wish to acquire?

I feel that there would be a lot of freedom, I can fly anywhere

Most cute/winsome words you wish to tell fans?

translation: @wu_yi_fan

Lipstick Prince w/ Winwin

A/N: i’ve only ever watched one ep of lipstick prince so im sorry if this in inaccurate!


Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

  • sicheng was already really nervous to be on the show
  • none of the nct members would be there
  • and he still isnt 100% confident with his korean
  • plus he has like no idea how to do makeup
  • “how do you eyeshadow”
  • same tbh
  • his nerves were eased when he met the people hed be filming with tho
  • heechul acts like his dad
  • again
  • before the princess is revealed his pretty chill
  • but then the princess walks outs
  • and hes kind of like
  • omgitsynshessoprettyinpersonomgomgomgomg
  • so youre a pretty well known idol
  • and his ub
  • so hes freaking out
  • you notice right away
  • bc he refuses to make eye contact
  • and kind of stops talking
  • him basically being really shy
  • which you found cute, and so did everyone else
  • when you were asked what makeup you wanted done
  • your answer kind of surprised everyone
  • “i was watching a Chinese drama… and i really liked the girl’s makeup”
  • >> makeup is wu zetian’s (fan bing bing??) from the empress of china
  • he finally spoke
  • “ah… i watched that one”
  • it was kind of a whisper but the mic picked it up
  • you made eye contact again
  • he very obviously hid behind hakyeon 
  • cute
  • moving on
  • when he was sat in front of a mannequin
  • you could see the question marks floating over his head
  • “how do you eyeshadow” pt. 2
  • both heechul and the makeup artist had to go and help him
  • the outcome wasnt pretty but hey he tried
  • he did the lipstick really well tho
  • lip shape on point
  • so thats what he was put in charge of
  • which made him freak out even more bc
  • “oh my god?? i get to look at yn’s lips up close?? oh mY gOd???”
  • when it was his turn to go up and do your make up
  • he was hella stiff and awkward
  • with that awkward smile
  • you know which one im talking about
  • youd put your hand on his shoulder like “child, calm down”
  • which made him even more frazzled
  • he was shaking a lot while doing your lipstick bc he had to hover really close to your face
  • which made him mess up
  • and there werent any napkins or anything so he had to wipe it away with his fingers
  • cue your heart attack
  • he could hear heechul and the others screaming in the other room
  • but he was too focused on not passing out that second
  • his thoughts would probably be like
  • ‘ohmygodimtouchingherfaceohmygodherlipsaresosoftohmygodohmygodohmygod’
  • youd start talking to him while he was cleaning your face
  • which settled him down
  • you guys got really distracted and started talking about stuff
  • mostly nct and how it was like coming to korea, etc.
  • that is, until tony shouted for him to hurry up
  • which made you laugh
  • he swears he fell for you right there
  • more than he already was anyway–
  • after he finished your lipstick
  • you openly gave him your number
  • lowkey making hakyeon and hyunwoo jealous but oh well
  • and when you came out at the end
  • wearing a similar costume as zetiens
  • at the end you didnt choose sicheng as prince tho
  • you almost did but hakyeon went after him w/ the eyeliner and you were shookt
  • “he does makeup better than me”
  • but after the show you went up to sicheng
  • and complimented him 
  • which made him blush
  • aw cutee
  • anyway
  • you guys would probably keep talking afterwards
  • after like three months mama and papa yutae found out
  • they almost interrogated you
  • but they realized how much sicheng likes you
  • so now they’re the head of your fanclub
  • that you are unaware that you have
  • anyway, he wouldn’t confess until like… a year later
  • but thats a story for another time

^ the makeup done

Wu Yi Fan - As a Boyfriend

A/N: OK. I know there are a few requests in there (and a kyungsoo one is up next) but think about it guys. I’ve been drowning in Kris feels for a while now. I had to write this out. I just genuinely had to. and to top it all of, he my bias. Like a huge one. The first one. This had to be done you know. This is going to be so me-biased im sorry. i hope you can imagine yourself in this too.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

  • If Kris is your boyfriend please let me take the honour to say - you lucky lucky little dumpling. Also. He’s going to take full advantage of that and also call you ‘little dumpling’ or cute names like ‘lil one’ ‘pea pod’ ‘momo?’ i dont know something along those lines. Have you seen how this boy names his pets (rourou, which is also what his family used to cal him when he was little)? I’m pretty sure you’re going to get named somewhat similarly.
  • Yi Fan is a super hardworker and too busy at that. I haven’t seen the boy give himself a break since 2014 tbh so that means you’ve got to be awfully close to him (and for a long time) before you can even think about dating him. That doesn’t mean you have to be in the same field as him, I don’t think he’d go for an actress or a singer because he’s quite empathetic so he knows what kind of schedule the girl’s in for. So he’ll be against that. But then he’s also quite accepting you never know with this boy
  • But you know what? Here’s my favourite thing. Yi Fan is the kind of guy that you discuss a relationship with. You guys dating, would be a well-informed decision taken by both parties instead of the whole ‘asking out’ thing. No. One day you guys are probably meeting up for some tea somewhere and suddenly you bring up how both of you have liked each other for a while and you’re pretty compatible and you’ve been doing pretty well with the contact thing for all these years, it shouldn’t be that hard to date right? He’s going to nod along and think about it (and overthink about it atleast for 10 months) before he says “Hmm. I’ve been wanting to ask you about the same thing. Should we try it?”
  • Only after a week do you realise what just went down. So you end up texting him. “Wait. So you mean… you and me… we’re dating now?”

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  • Sassy and cool kris will make a comeback then. With a cool text like “We were dating about a year back, but I just wanted you to bring up the conversation first. All of our friends already think we are going out.” And that’s when you suddenly understand why EVERYONE ALWAYS PAIRS YOU UP WITH HIM during all the awkward games and why his mother is extra nice to him and why all his friends are so nice to you.
  • You’re going to be in touch with his mom long before you guys go out because you’re dating your best friend and you and aunty are going to have loads to talk about.
  • Him working. How he sleeps. How he was as a child. The worst moment would be when aunty feels extremely guilty about having him grow up alone in Canada and you try to comfort her and Kris watches silently from the kitchen door and he can’t help but feel so lucky that he’s got such a kind, warm hearted and understanding girl. Not to mention, he’s probably going to join the hug very soon.
  • (A/N: So i’ve grown up a lot like kris, always moving houses as a kid and thus never having stable friends until the age of like 13 but then i moved out of the country again at 15 so lol thats a joke) SUCH A HUGE NEED TO TRAVEL WHEN STRESSED. When it’s been a while and his schedule has gotten too much he’s going to want to pack his bags and sort of just leave. he doesn’t care where or when or how far, he just wants to go out and fee invisible for a while. So many roadtrips and treks and standing atop mountains looking down at the world being tiny.
  • “I guess we’re all insignificant to the Universe.”
  • “But you’re galaxy fanfan. im pretty sure you count as a galaxy to the universe.”
  • Him staring at you, and glaring at you for the rest of the trip, for ruining his awesome philosophical moments.

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  • This man can sing, dance (?) cook, rap, SEW. You think you’re the wife? No not really. All the nephews and nieces, probably your own kid, will love him more.
  • Oh god have you seen him with kids? It’s adorable. Whenever you feel like you’re falling a little out of love (you think it’s impossible but guys its the normal course of a relationship) just put this giant dork around kids and feel yourself falling in love all over again. He doesn’t treat them like breakable dolls. He plays with them, jokes with them, rolls on the ground with them and gets his hands dirty playing clay or painting with them. But oh god the best part is when he talks to you at night about the kid he spent the day with and how they had a beautiful personality and he says, “the best part is probably watching them grow as a person, isn’t it Y/N?” and you realise that’s your favourite part too. Especially watching fanfan grow.

Originally posted by yourtypicalasianfangirl

  • This long noodle loves to cuddle. Only when its just the two of you in the house though. Because he’s majorly working in China now, he finds a lot of time to be home and whenever he’s got a “home-day” he calls you up immediately and you show up for your date dressed in the most comfiest clothes you could find - sweats. You guys just spend the day in, making each other listen to the new songs you’ve found or this amazing movie you just HAVE to watch or searching each other on the internet and playing with rourou and just cuddling. so much cuddling.
  • He’d ask you to move in with him really well into the relationship because it’s just more practical. Atleast this way, he gets more time with you because he always has to come home - to you.
  • The idea of home means so much to you both because Kris is someone who has moved around a lot. He is the kind of person to understand that a home can be a pretty important thing but it’s never a place, its a person, its a feeling. With you in his house, at 6 AM in the morning when he has to leave for work but your day starts a little late and he gets back into bed for “5 more mins” and buries his face into the crook of your neck - that’s home.
  • When he’s tired and you’re tired but you guys still decide to cook for yourself instead of ordering in (because you’ve done that so much) and he sets the table while you finish up the brownies in the oven. It’s too much work but you guys deserved it after a long day. So the three of you, or four (including mama Fan) sit around the table chit chatting about random things - that’s home.
  • Marriage is super important to him and his MOTHER MUST APPROVE. This child puts a lot of importance for family, he’s always been pushed into the caretaker, breadwinner role early on in life so obviously family shouldn’t be a new thing to deal with, it should be a respite.

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  • I hope he gets an amazing and kind and caring wife that talks to him and shares her opinions and worries about him. I hope she can take him away from his work when needed, and get him to focus back on it when needed, I hope she has an amazing job that she’s passionate about,  hope she inspires him. I hope his mom loves her and i really do hope he finds a home in her and understands that though she may be his wife, she’s also his best friend.
  • I just have a lot of good wishes for this man. He deserves all the good things in life.
  • The entire chinese entertainment industry will love you, not because you’re fanfan’s wife/gf, but because you’re probably an amazing person yourself.

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  • UMMM. ABOUT THE SEX. HMM. You slip into the sex mode like two kitties that fight. One look and boom - in the bed/ against the counter/ on the sofa. anywhere as long as no one’s watching
  • You think this boy’s clumsy hahahahahah he knows what he’s upto. He’ll kiss the bottom of your neck and trail his fingers against your waist. He knows your body pretty well by now and knows the exact amount of touches, and where to place them, to get your riled up within minutes.
  • After that though, there will be plenty of against the wall make out sessions. You try to pin him against the wall and make out like crazy but “Lil one what are you trying to do? You’ll break my neck this way.”
  • I’m sorrry but he’ll be on top most of the time but thats not to say it wont be fun.
  • The first year or so will just be you guys being the ultimate domestic couple to the outside world, and the most horniest of fucks inside the house.
  • You’re cooking and he spanks your butt. “KRIS. THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR.”
  • That is a call. That means. you. me. bed. now.
  • Also, I feel like kris would be the kind of idiot to spank your butt when you’re 50 and your kids are back for spring break and he’d still think “that’s my sexy girl” and the kids will collectively groan, but oh god youre a blushing mess
  • For all the tough times in his life, I hope Yi Fan’s girlfriend is like a breath of fresh air for him. So that he is reminded of the fact that the universe does not, in fact, hate him.
  • Also. So much teasing about what his real name is. “What do i call you though? Kris? Kris wu? Wu Yi Fan?Li Jia Heng? Galaxy fanfan? Xiao Fei? Tower of pisa? WHAT WHAT DO I CALL YOU?”

I gave myself feels but thats ok this is fanfan i give myself feels everyday either way.

Ninjago As Psych Quotes


Sensei Wu: I thought I told you no.

Kai: But your eyes said yes.


[At the museum]

Misako: Lloyd? What the heck are you doing here?

Lloyd: I should ask you the same question.

Misako: I work here!

Lloyd: I should ask you a different question.


Cole: [while making something in an Easy Bake Oven] That depends. Are you a fan of delicious flavor?


Jay: [leans in very close] Are you busy on Saturday?

Nya: You - you want me to come with you to awkward class?


Nya: I had no idea you were so serious about bowling.

Jay: Quite serious, quite serious. Matter of fact, Lego wants to sponsor me this year.

Nya: Oh my gosh, that’s great.

Jay: They also want me to wear shoes made out of Legos… So I’m torn…


Cole: Are you crazy?

Kai: I wouldn’t say crazy. Maybe an eccentric who looks good in jeans.


Jay: How much farther to this place?

Cole: Fifty, sixty miles.

Jay: Sixty miles? And you didn’t get me a donut?

Cole: I did get you a donut. And then I ate it.


Jay: What part of “stay put” is confusing to you?

Kai: The “put” part. I wasn’t “put” in the first place, Jay. The whole expression is a complete disaster.


Cole: Don’t worry, Sensei. I’ll crack your case like an egg. Then we’ll make omelets with shallots… and JUSTICE.


Wolf!Kris x Reader- Bath Time

Wolf!Kris x Reader

Here you go. I came up with this in the shower for some odd reason water helps me think clearly.


It had been a shitty long ass week, that was how you would describe it. You didn’t care about the PG-13 words coming out of your mouth because you were about one thousand percent done with the week. Filled with unpaid overtime at work, the relentless flirting from your co-worker, clumsiness and unorganizedness. You had to walk home from work in the pouring rain and ended up getting splashed rather rudely by a car speeding through a puddle close to the side walk. And to top it all off, it was transformation week.

What is transformation week? Well it’s the week leading up to the full moon in which your boyfriend was out doing whatever werewolves do in wolf form. And being that today was the night of the full moon it was safe to say that your much loved wolf-boy Wu Fan would not be making an appearance tonight.

So the most logical thing for you to do was to do nothing. You sat on the couch in your pajamas, eyes glued to the screen which was currently playing a rerun episode of your favorite drama. You were dozing off when you heard it. And at first you brushed off the faint scratching sound coming from your front door. Muting the television you listened closely and you heard it again, only this time followed by a howl.

You stood up and walked towards the door although not opening it. What if it wasn’t Wu Fan? What if it was another wolf? A bad wolf. But then again what if it was Wu Fan or one of his pack members? You made you decision and opened the door.

Sitting outside you door was a mud covered, soaked, rather pathetic looking black wolf. It’s brown eyes boring into your soul in a staring contest you were practically destined to lose.
“Wu Fan?”
It let out an adorable bark before jumping on you, knocking you to the floor and licking your face.
“Fan! Fan stop it you’re covered in mud!”

Needless to say a few minutes later you were sitting on the side of your bathroom tub. Inside was more bubbles than water and an amused looking wolf.
“Don’t look so smugly at me Wu Fan, you’re not the one with a dog whistle”, you threatened. He whimpered and looked down at the bubbles.

You turned your back to get more shampoo, having emptied the bottle out into the water already, and when you turned around replacing the wolf was a very human Kris.
“I thought you got rid of the dog whistle”, he whined.

“Exactly I did, and now you know”, you smirked and squirted some of the shampoo in your hands and proceeded to massage it into Wu Fan’s hair, making sure to get behind his fluffy black wolf ears that remained even in human form.

He scowled and grabbed your hands, “I wouldn’t look so smug _____ I’m not the one who’s about to get pulled into a bath tub”, he said mockingly.

You narrowed your eyes, “You wouldn’t.”

Wu Fan’s scowl turn upwards into a smirk. “Try me.”

“There would be no more bacon, cuddling or kisses for a week”, you warned knowing his weakness.

Wu Fan may look tough but he’s actually a gigantic fluff ball who liked bacon and snuggles. Although it would a be a lie to say he was harmless, after all he’s saved your ass many times.

His ears flattened against his head and he looked up at you with puppy eyes. For a moment you got lost in his cuteness, wow something you’d never thought you’d say about Wu Fan, and he took that opportunity to pull you into the tub, effectively soaking you.

You glared at him through you wet hair that now hung in your face.

“Haha I love you. You look very beautiful today, like always my beautiful jagiya please don’t hit me on the nose-”, he speech sped up until you flicked him on the nose.

“I love you to Wu Fan~”, you said sweetly as he whimpered and rubbed his nose.

Me, Myself, and My Mortal Enemy (ft. Kris)

A/N: Soundtrack to this drabble: ♩♪♪♩♬♫ ♩ ♩
Part of my Office!AU.  

“You have to be kidding me.”

You stood there with an expression of disbelief, almost dropping your bag and files onto the ground. You scoffed when you spot him smirking through the reflection of his glass walls, evidently thrilled to still be able to draw a reaction from you after all these years.

“You. You’re the CEO of EXO Systems?”

As his chair spun around and you were awarded the sight of Wu Yifan in all his glory, you did what no other girl has ever done in his presence.

You threw a fit.

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**Cause I have a thing for daddy kink lol**

“God Damnit!”

You sucked on your finger from the third burn you made trying bake cookies for Daddy. He would be home any minute now and you still haven’t made a decent and edible batch. You looked around at the mess you made in the kitchen and on yourself. You wore what you usually did when you were home alone; Daddy’s white button up shirt with a black thong underneath. You put your hair up in a messy bun, but not as messy as this kitchen.

You were only trying to show how grateful you were for everything he has done for you, and to you.

He was no other than the great man Wu Yi Fan, or some call him Kris. But you were to call him Daddy. And so here you were trying to make a simple batch of chocolate chip cookies but you couldn’t even do that. You smacked your forehead in frustration while you took a deep breath.

“Alright get it together ___, I can do this. I just need to start over and get it right this time.”

Suddenly you heard the sound of keys jingling at the front door indicating he was home.

Alright, now it’s time to panic.

You rushed around trying clean off the countertops but you knew you couldn’t in time. You turned around in defeat to watch him walk through that door.

Whistling a tune, Kris walked into the kitchen but soon slowed his steps as he took in the sight. Flour splatted on the counter and floor, eggs shells everywhere, and burnt cookies mixed in making the kitchen look chaotic. You stood in the middle showing to be the culprit of it all, but giving a big, apologetic smile.

“Welcome home Daddy”

Kris focused his attention on you as he quirked his eyebrow up. “I see you had a busy day”

Your smile faded as you looked down at the floor with a guilty expression. You were afraid that he was going to be upset and punish you.

“I’m really sorry. I only wanted to make you cookies to show you my appreciation to have you in my life but I didn’t do so well.

Kris smirked at your cute innocence. “You couldn’t just buy regular cookies at the store?”

“I wanted to make them from scratch because I know how much you love homemade cookies. I promise I’ll clean the mess up but please don’t be mad.

Kris gave a side smile as he walked towards you dropping his keys on the messy countertop and his briefcase on the floor. He grasped your chin and tilted your head so your eyes met his. You couldn’t tell what you saw but his eyes were clouded with something.

“I’m not mad at you”

You leaned into his touch closing your eyes in bliss. “Thank you”

“But I want to thank you for being so good.”

You opened your eyes in surprise and stared into his. You now knew what clouded them.


Kris leaned in and kissed you deeply. You kissed him back with just as much passion. You lifted your shaky hands to unbutton his suit jacket in which he hummed in approval. You had to be careful with your actions with Daddy. If he doesn’t like it, you will be punished.

He grasped your hips tightly and lifted you in the air. You squealed in delight as he set you on the counter and you hissed from the cool contact of the marble and your exposed skin. He settled himself in between your legs and continued kissing you. Not breaking the kiss you untied his tie and dragged it across the back of his neck and dropped it on the floor. You started peeling of his jacket and then his shirt.

“I can’t be the only one naked now can I?” he started unbuttoning his shirt from you admiring the beautiful skin that showed. As soon as the shirt slipped of he attacked your breasts. You moaned loudly as he tugged at your nipple with his teeth and fondled the other in his big hand.

But still you wanted more.  

“Daddy, please.”

He peeked up at you as he let go of the reddened bud. “Please what baby girl?”

You squirmed and looked at him pleadingly.

“You want some of this?” He stroked his middle finger up your already wet slit through your panties.

“Ahh yes, please”

“You like that?” He moved aside your panties and pushed one finger into your core. Your head rolled back as you gave out a long moan. His finger started pumping into you but he soon pushed in another digit. With his two long, thick fingers you were in heaven. Just like that and he would push you over the edge. But daddy was stubborn, and one hell of a tease. You snapped your head up when his fingers retracted just to watch him put them to his mouth suck the wetness off of them. You were overly horny and needed his attention. He rose his eyebrow at you and pushed the fingers he was sucking on into your mouth. You sucked on them greedily as you eyed Kris making sure he was watching. He moaned out at the feeling of your slick tongue swirling around his digits.

“Good girl, ready for your reward?”

You gave one last suck to his fingers and answered. “Yes Daddy”

He pushed you back so you were lying down on the counter. He leaned over eyeing you sexily as he dipped his tongue into your belly button. He dragged his tongue downward till you got to the underline of your panties in which he stripped them off of you with his teeth. You moaned out quite loudly when you felt a long lick up your slit. His tongue lapped at your wetness, occasionally going up to play with your clit. He held your thighs down with his hands so you wouldn’t be able to move. You fondled your breasts with your hands tweaking at the nipples. You moaned out in pleasure when he thrusted his tongue in your core. He thrusted in and out while you squirmed beneath him. Just as you were close to your end you no longer felt his tongue. Your eyes shot open as you stared at him wiping his wet bottom lip with his thumb.

“Please Daddy,” you whined.

He cocked his head at you. “What is it princess?”
You brought your hand down and started playing with your clit in front of him. He looked down at what you were doing as his eyes went wide.

You moaned out sexily, “Please, finish me off.”

He looked back up at you and smirked. He sat up and shredded the rest of his clothes off. You paused momentarily but sped up when you saw how hard he was. He smacked your hand away as he climbed on top of you and shoved his tongue inside your mouth. You tasted your bitter sweetness on his tongue still and moaned into his mouth. You then felt him pushing himself inside of you. You both moaned out as he stilled so you can adjust. Just as quickly, he pulled out slowly and slammed back in.

“UGH, Yes Daddy!”

You moaned loudly as he continued pounding into you. He kept going as he rested his head on your shoulder letting you hear his heavy breathing. That brought you over the edge as you screamed his name. When your orgasm faded, he still was going with no resent. He sped up chasing after his own release. Your body jerked with every snap of his hips still feeling the aftershock of your orgasm. You clenched your walls which tore a loud moan from him. He finally reached his end with one last thrust and collapsed on top of you. You both breathed heavily hearing each other own heartbeat. He rolled over off of you and sighed in content. You turned towards him and caressed his face with your hand.

“Thank you Daddy, even though I wanted to please you today.”

He grabbed your hand and kissed it softly.

“Thank you, for being so sweet.”


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