what are you doing stahp

I think there’s this misconception that social media prevents privacy because you’re always sharing what you’re doing, where you’re at, what you’re thinking, etc. But that’s just it though, YOU are choosing to share those things. So stop saying that social media is invasive if you’re constantly inviting us into your life. The only reason I know your nigga cheated on you is because you posted screenshots of the DMs & texts you found. The only reason I know you’re a scammer is because every week you’re telling people to DM you if they tryna make $2,500 in a day. The only reason I know where you work & what you do is because you’re posting pictures & tagging your location. Fam…..STAHP IT.

Every. Epilogue. Ever.
  • *dude leaves*
  • Other dudes: So, MC, how far have you two gone?
  • MC: KYAH! Wuuuut?
  • Other dudes: Ya mean y'all haven't done the do?
  • MC: Awuhhh?
  • Other dudes: You gotta do the doooo!
  • MC: (maybe he doesn't love me.)
  • MC: (maybe he doesn't find me attractive.)
  • Dude: We're gonna do the do.
  • MC: WUUH? No! Huh? What do you mean? Stahp!

Buck: Listen, I’ve been thinkin’.

Sona: Yeah? About what?

Buck: About how Ellie probably needs a little sister.

Sona: Probably needs a little sister?

Buck: Okay, definitely needs a little sister.

Sona: Buchanan J. Maguire, are you trying to tell me you want another baby? We just got the three we have out of diapers! …mostly.

Buck: Come on, don’t try and tell me you wouldn’t want another little girl to spoil.

Sona: What if we had a boy instead? You don’t exactly get to pick these things, you know.

Buck: Well, then we’d just have to keep tryin’, duh. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sona: Settle down, settle down. I think you want another little girl to spoil.

Buck: I might, yeah.

Where’s the clapping icon cause I just want to say that comparing what happened to Wanda to internment is disgusting and I can’t believe they had Steve Rogers, actual fighter of actual Nazis, actually say those words.