what are you doing photoshop


saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.



“You have married an Icarus,

He has flown too close to the Sun…”


Decided to design these repeatable wallpapers based on the OIOI collection released! I love the packaging so much but was really sad I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on the box. TqT (so I just made my own lmfao;;)

Feel free to use as a bg! Credit would be nice, but not necessary!


Trouble, trouble, trouble.


“ It is very nice but it’s not considered a true art form because there are tools that will automatically do work for you.”

OMG! You’re so right.

PS: Fanart has less value than original art.


You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.