what are you doing phillip

Dan and Phil have now both called each other family and I don’t think my heart can take that

My parents considered a prank to be waking us up early for school, getting us dressed, and then driving half-way there before surprising us with a trip to Disney.

Jesus, they were doing it all wrong. You’re supposed to put them up for adoption, beat them, destroy their X-box, curse at them, and get their older siblings to destroy their rooms. Now, that’s a prank!

Seriously, though, I hope CPS gets those kids out of there- especially little Cody and Emma- and get them into a loving family.

there's a devil in your smile (that's chasing me)

♡♡♡ for bruna @suprcorp ♡♡♡

the high school au i took too long to write and it ended up being longer than i thought it would be.

basically: the one where kara is very much in love with lena just as lena is very much in love with kara & everything goes sort of wrong before it ends up right.

also on ao3

Kara wasn’t supposed to be in detention. It isn’t even her fault that she is here, no matter what the voice inside her head - which sounds suspiciously like Alex’s - is telling her.

She was just trying to help the poor kitten down from that tree. Everything was going okay and according to plan.

She climbed the tree, calmed the poor animal down and was opening her backpack so she could put him inside, that way she could climb down safely and as a normal human would, using both hands and decidedly not flying.

Naturally, everything started going downhill from there.

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Steve Rogers and the Father-In-Law of Doom *x Reader* 1/5

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

Summary: Your whirlwind relationship to engagement with Steve Rogers, left little time to meet family members. With yours and his work, it left little free time, till now. Chicago, where your father resides. Dr Henry Walton Jones Jr and Steve Rogers go way back. 
Characters: Steve Rogers, Indiana Jones, Sam Wilson, Howard Stark, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Peggy Carter, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff
Pairing: Steve x Reader

Note: This was inspired when I watched Indiana Jones, the first movie was set during WW2 and figured, he’d know Peggy and stuff if universes collided. I’ve had to change Indy’s age a bit, to fit with Marvel universe, so things are kind off. Don’t question it too much, go with it. - Rosalee

We all have @juliagolia87 to thank for this!

Chapter One

Exactly six months ago your life had changed for the better. Some would call this a whirlwind romance, a fleeting moment of passion, not you, this was something you were holding onto with every fibre of your being. So, it’s happening faster than normal romances, you’ve read romance novels that were only 268 pages long and had much more happen in them than what you’re currently going through.

You had met Steve, your now fiance, at a Stark Gala back in the spring. You were introduced by Tony, knowing you’d both have some things in common; it was meant to be a joke but it turned out for the best, for everyone. You’re an archaeologist, in the short term, you like looking at the study of human activity through the years. In Tony’s terms, a lot of old cool shit, hence the joke. Steve, on a whim, asked for your number and you happily gave it to him, you didn’t hear from him till a week later, mind you. Since the first date it kind of cannonballed, you had moved in with him after three months and by the fifth month, he had proposed.

There was essentially nothing stopping you both from just getting married as soon as possible.

Except for your dad.

During your relationship, due to him with Avenger commitments and you travelling the globe for your work, you hadn’t exactly had the time to tell your dad you were in a relationship let alone engaged. You had no doubt that they wouldn’t get along, it’s just that, your father is a hardass. If Steve isn’t good enough, to him, then he would make it known and wouldn’t approve… and guess what, that’s what Stevie wants. Approval.

“I understand us going but them? I don’t get,” You nodded to Tony, Clint, Sam, Bucky and Natasha piling into the van also. “This is meant to be you getting to know my father, not a vacation for the Avengers.”

Steve sighed gently as he got into the passenger seat. “Tony insisted on tagging along, Bucky doesn’t like being without me and the rest, I guess vacation.”

You let out a small sigh and decide to not question it further, hopefully, the added moral support will help calm your nerves. You drive to Chicago, where your father resides, currently. It’s a long, horrible, tedious drive but you make it. He lives just outside of Chicago, actually in, Blue Island, on Grove Street, Illinois.

You pulled up to his house, smiling as you stepped out, it had been a while since you last saw your dad. Steve takes hold of your hand as he looks directly at the red painted house, a timid smile of his own. You could hear yelling from the backyard, glancing at the others with a grin, you nod from them to follow as you walk to the side gate. Your older brother’s voice, plus the stern one of your father through the old wooden gate. You unlatched it, letting go of Steve’s hand and pushing it open to reveal the small yard, a BBQ trying to be set-up by the Jones’ men.

Steve followed behind you, nerves erupting in his stomach at the disciplinary voice, it had an edge of familiarity to it but he tends to hear that tone in his own voice. The yard was small, not too small, well-kept grass that must be fake. His eyes drifted to the two men, an older gentleman and one not a few years younger than Sam. Dark hair and black leather jacket, he looked a little like you except, well, a man.

His eyes drifted to your dad and Steve frowned.

He knows him, well, knew him. His blood ran cold the more he looked at him, the colour draining from his face, if there was one person that scared both, Steve and Bucky, it was your dad.

London, England: 1941

“What do we know about this tesseract?” Steve asked Colonel Phillips, staring at the map he had accurately pinpointed the Hydra bases.

He received a long sigh. “Not a lot, virtually nothing, Stark and his team are still running tests,” his stern voice as he looks over files that Lieutenant Lorraine brought over.

“Stark actually has called in a favour to a friend who may know a little more on the Tesseract.” Agent Carter smiled at Steve, who nodded back, “He’s here now, best if we meet him before he runs off.”

Steve and Colonel Phillips follow Peggy through the S.S.R base. Being led to where Stark does most of his experiments, his team all bustling around the area, papers flying around and off the tables to the ground when someone walks past. Steve frowns when he sees Bucky walking towards him, raising an eyebrow in question to his best friend.

“Stark, had some tech for the guys to look at but they’re all too drunk to look at it,” Bucky shrugged as he shoved his hands into his missions pants, he hadn’t changed out of them since yesterday when they returned from taking out a Hydra base. “Why are you here?” Bucky muttered.

“Howard has some guy coming in to talk about the Tesseract!” Steve shrugged lightly and nodded to where Peggy and Phillips had walked over to; the soldiers following shortly behind.

Once walking to the table there are old parchment papers with cryptic writing; images of the Tesseract also. Steve’s eyes glance up to the man who is stood beside Howard, also dressed in Military uniform, a bright smirk upon his face as he shakes Peggy’s hand. He looked roughly the same age as Steve, maybe a little younger. Dark sandy hair, tanned skin from being out in the sun a little too long, must be part of his work. 

Originally posted by mlder

“Captain Rogers, Sergeant Barnes, meet Doctor Indiana Jones.” Howard smiles, Steve raises an eyebrow at the name but shakes the man’s hand nonetheless. “World’s greatest Archaeologists.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” Steve smiles at the man who nods. “Airforce?” He looks over the uniform on the man in question.

Indiana chuckles, “No, I had this from a job I did over in North-America and thought, I’d fit in better here if I wore this. I’m usually more casual than this,” Steve nods awkwardly.

“Doctor Jones, what do you know about this Tesseract?” Colonel Phillips asks looking at the papers on the table, picking one up and looking it over till it’s plucked out of his hands, he gives an unruffled look to Indiana.

Indiana puts the paper he’s holding down, “These papers are thousands of years old,” he states to Phillips with a unimpressible look. ”There’s only mythology on the Tesseract, up until now it was all legend and myth, much like everything else.” Everyone listened intently to Jones. “It was created by these four beings,” he moved a piece of old cloth that had drawings of four, tall, figures with the Tesseract above them. “It then came into contact with what Norse mythology calls, Odin, their God, of such. He brought it down to Earth and left it here; its energy sustained their lands and helped their warriors, so it’s told. Now it’s being found in a Church up in Tønsberg,” Indiana shrugged and crossed his arms.

“Is there anything else we should know?” Peggy asked.

“Yeah, you should have left it in that Church!” He bitterly remarks, “It’s power, whatever it is, only brought destruction to Vikings that wanted to find it. It shouldn’t be looked or touched by men,” he was already packing up his papers into a brown, old briefcase, the initials ‘H.W.J.JR.’ inscribed onto a gold band.

Colonel Phillips and Peggy left to go over the new information, Indiana had already given his best opinion to Howard about the power of the Tesseract provides to the weapons Hydra have. Bucky raised his eyebrows as Steve walked over to Indiana who was clipping his case up, also giving a questioning look to Steve who stands beside him.

“What exactly is it you do?” Steve questioned as Bucky sighed, shaking his head at his friend’s curiosity.

“You heard Stark, Archeologist,” Indiana repeated with a nonchalant look to Steve. “What’s it to you?”

“I just- I just think you know more about the Tesseract than you have admitted,” Steve shrugged with one shoulder, trying not to show how intimidated he suddenly is.

Indiana narrowed his eyes at Captain America. “Listen, I’ve given you all the information you need to know, there are some things about that cube that are better left unsaid. You got it, spright?”

Steve nodded instead of answering, Indiana sarcastically grinned and gave a half glare to Barnes who instantly looked away, something about Indiana made both of the men feel a little uneasy. 

It didn’t help with the fact, Howard insisted that he stayed a little longer and help, meaning Steve saw Indiana a few times in the base. Each, and every time, it was just as awkward and intimidating as the last. He overheard Indiana talk of his expeditions, his adventures and the people he encountered along the way, it was safe to say; Indiana Jones was a man that no one should mess with, not even Nazi’s.

Present Day

“Engaged?” the enraged voice pulled Steve from his thoughts and back to reality, “Engaged! Are you hearing this Mutt?” your dad asked with disbelief to your brother who only shrugged as a response to him. “Why am I only just hearing about this?”

You sighed gently, “Dad, I’ve been busy and so has he, it kind of just happened.” You tried to explain but only received a cold stare back from your father. “Please, be nice. He’s really nervous,” you grab your dad’s hand in the hopes of reassuring him or calming him down, it didn’t work, he only grumbled.

Lightly pulling your dad to the group that awaited you noticed Steve and Bucky’s wide eyes, almost shock-horror, you frowned but looked at your dad who was already nodding at Stark; your dad knew the Starks, it’s how you and Tony are friends, grew up with one another.

“Dad, these are my friends, guys this is my dad, Henry Walton Jones Junior.” Your dad stiffly nodded at them all, eyes sweeping the line before stopping on Steve and Bucky, he didn’t look shocked but you noticed his fists clench. “Dad, this is Steve-”

“Don’t you say it.”

“-My fiance,” you finished with a frown as he yelled ‘Goddammit’ into the air. “What’s wrong?” You look to Steve who looked slightly terrified and flustered.

Your dad huffed, “Him? Really? You’ve been in a relationship with Captain Fucking America?” You nodded, “he’s older than I am, almost.” You rolled your eyes at him, “Don’t roll your eyes at me, young lady!”

“I met your dad back during the war, he helped, gave information about the Tesseract,” Steve mutters to you and you sigh gently; your dad hadn’t changed much since his youth, still a hardass and stubborn idiot, no wonder Steve looks terrified, probably thinks your dad is gonna gut him. “It’s nice to see you again, Doctor-” Steve turns back to your dad who is marching down the end of the yard towards the shed, you widen your eyes.

“Oh no.” You breathe and run after him, your brother chuckling to himself as he stands back and watches your dad unlock the shed. “Dad, get out here, right now.” You yell from the other side of the old, worn, door.

Shuffling and banging happens before the door is shoved open, “I just had to get somethin’” Your dad appears holding a gun, specifically, a shotgun in his hands and an untroubled look on his face. “I hear, he can survive a bullet wound, let’s see if he can withstand a Mossberg 590 special purpose shotgun blow.” He racks the slide of the shotgun.

Originally posted by thefirthy0ne

“You can’t kill him!” You stress to your father.

“I’m not gonna kill him,” he exhales, “I’m gonna maim him.” He steps around you swiftly and you groan, turning and walking slightly behind him, glaring as Tony and your brother laugh on the sidelines.

You stand in front of Steve who is currently edging himself behind Bucky, “Dad, stop right now. Put down the gun, you’re gonna hurt, someone.”

“That’s the point of the gun, sweetie.” He dismisses you, his eyes dead set on Steve, he lowers the gun when he looks into your E/C eyes, looking just like your mothers when she was angry at him.

You take the gun and pass it to Natasha, “if you don’t behave I’ll leave.” You warn to him and his eyes soften and nod once.

“You’re here now, me and you will discuss this later but I don’t approve of him, he knows that and my mind ain’t changing.” You sigh as he walks around you.

He passes Steve and Bucky, giving them both glares before walking through the sliding back door, not even sparing another glance to you or anyone. 

(Let me know what you think. If you want to be tagged especially for this, I get inspired in the weirdest way. I am so proud of this, I am working on other stuff but this, this is good, in my opinion. - Rosalee)

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Blow Us All Away/Stay Alive Reprise

This was written in the @hamil-tots AU, because I’m a huge fan of the blog, and also a huge fan of Phillip. It’s super angsty and might not be very good because it was written at 3 in the morning.

A few things: This isn’t exactly in the established Hamiltots universe, because 1) Phillip is a person here, and 2) Alexander and Eliza, along with the others are in second grade, instead of kindergarten. Also, I want to say that I ship Lams, but for the purposes of this story, Hamliza is a thing.

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Without You

phillip hamilton x reader

prompt #2: “you said what to your teacher?”

a/n: ah i need to write my hamwriters write-a-thon fics so badly, but i’m taking a small break and writing this instead oops


Phillip saw nothing but red as he stormed his way to your place, his footsteps pounding against the cobblestone roads in a flurry of noise. He knew you were the only one who would understand his actions. Everybody else saw it in a negative way. 

His friends saw it as foolish, his parents saw it as embarrassing, and he made a fool of himself in front of his whole Literature class. He was making his father proud not humiliating his family’s legacy, right? So why were people shaming him?

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idk man I really like the idea of Peggy Carter being in the Valkyrie with Steve when it went down and therefore being unfrozen with him in the future.

Like imagine this:

So why was Peggy Carter working on that American training camp in the first place?

The same reason Doctor Erskine was there.

Imagine that Doctor Erskine was not looking for someone to make the first super-soldier, but the second.

Imagine that Peggy Carter is actually the first super-soldier that Erskine created, but due to the time period and all that, no one wanting a woman in power and stuff, the two decided not to come out about a woman being the first genetically-engineered super-soldier.

So instead they went looking for a man to become the “first” super-soldier but really they were looking to make a team.

This was a project that only Peggy and Erskine worked up together. To make a team of two genetically engineered super-soldiers to kick Nazi ass form the inside and out.

Which meant brute force coming from the outside (Steve)

And super-spy espionage coming from the inside (Peggy)

So no one really knew that Peggy Carter was a super-soldier except Erskine, who took it to the grave.

So que finally battle, Colonel Phillips, Peggy, and Steve chasing Red Skulls plane as it is threatening to take off. But instead of Steve being the one to reach for the wheel well of the plane, it is Peggy.

Of course Phillips is all what the hell are you doing Carter, get your ass back in this car. But Peggy just turns to Steve and asks, well are you coming?

Peggy and Cap successfully kill the Red Skull but are still faced with the problem of the missiles and lead to the same conclusion. They notify Colonel Phillips over the radio who tries to convince them to find another way, but when both Agent Carter and Captain America are telling you there is no other way, Phillips accepts it. Tells them he expects a full report on his desk first thing in the morning, no exceptions.

With tears in their eyes, they tell him of course. Steve starts to explain the mission as if he were writing it down for his report. Then only static as the plane hits the water.

70 years later, the Valkyrie is discovered with the bodies of both Captain America and Peggy Carter. The frozen bodies are holding hands.

And they are both alive.

Shield, who was founded on the ideals Peggy Carter had set, is buzzing with questions.

They understand how Cap survived, but Peggy?

There could be no way.

But it is. She is a super soldier.

So of course everyone thinks that she went under some secret operation to try to be like the man she loved, but Peggy Carter thankfully sets them straight.

And Steve Rogers is right behind her to back her up because, of course he knew. There was no way he would have let her fight with him on the Valkyrie if she wasn’t; not like he could stop her though.

So now there is Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers, super-soldiers out of their time.

Shield exists and everything is relatively the same as it was in Cap 1 except now Peggy Carter is here and even more ass gets kicked.

Peggy gets her own patriotic Cap uniform and guns and maybe even a Shield???

Anyways, the point is Cap and Peggy finally get to dance eventually and live happily ever after in the 21st century together because Steve and Peggy defiantly deserved better than what the MCU gave them.

Reckless-- Phillip Hamilton

Request!: “ Requesting a Philip Imagine where the reader is in love with Philip and ends up taking Eacker’s bullet? “ AND  “ Can you do a Phillip one where the reader is Burr’s daughter and they meet when They are both taken to their fathers’ work and they fall for each other. “

Paring: Phillip Hamilton X Reader

TW: drinking, dueling, eacker being a DICK, language?, death

WC: 2838

A/n- THis is now our biggest fic at almost 3K words. It’s also the first fic where we combined two request! We did not expect it to be this long but…


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Snow Day - Jack Frost Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of knife, mostly fluff with a tiny bit of angst

Summary: Your best friend is Jack Frost. That means flying, snow days, and everything inbetween. You wouldn’t trade that for anything. And neither would Jack.

Word Count: 2546

Notes: went really overboard this time…. But, to be fair, it was 5000 words at first

Walking alone from class at night wasn’t the best thing to do. You clutched the books to your chest. Your eyes flitted from one place to the next, making sure nothing lurked in the dark shadows.

Your eyes caught a little glimmer of light. Naturally, you whipped your head around to assess the matter.

You sighed with a smile. Snow.

Reaching up, you let the little snowflake fall into your palm. You looked to the sky and giggled like a little girl. Snow! You haven’t seen snow in a long while. Ignoring the piercing cold, you twirled in the drifting snow, laughing. You didn’t want to stop.

Then, you froze. You heard laughter. Deep toned laughter. Male laughter.

You spun around, hand resting on the pepper spray you held. You gasped at the sight. The  boy looked… strange. It wasn’t a bad thing, it was just uncommon. His hair was white as freshly fallen snow. Frost curled around his blue hoodie, and despite the cold temperatures, he wore no shoes. A Jack Frost character. You laughed internally at the silly thought. There was only one Jack Frost in the world. Why would he be here?

You blinked away your surprise. “Who are you?”

The boy’s eyes widened. He peered behind him. He tilted his head.

“Yes, you. Who are you?”

The boy’s lips slowly curled into a wide grin. He laughed and jumped. “You can see me!” The white-haired boy ran to you and moved his head in different directions with a small smile.

You followed him with your eyes, confused.

The boy’s smile grew again. “You really can see me!” He backflipped right into the air. Then, he stayed there. In the air! The boy, for lack of a better word, was flying!

You shook your head.

It couldn’t be. It was impossible. Out of all places. Out of all people. Here? You let go of the pepper spray. You gazed up at him with scrutinizing eyes. You opened your mouth, wanting to say something. Your breath faltered. You laughed nervously. “Jack Frost?”

The boy blinked. “You said my name. My name!” He threw his hands into the air. “This is amazing!” He flew down, his feet gently resting on the snowy ground again. “How old are you?”

You tilted your head. “I’m… um…” Your eyebrows knitted. Could you tell him your age? You made the mistake of looking at him, your breath hitching once again at the amount of amazement in his eyes. You sighed and smiled a little. “I’m in college, so you can say I’m over eighteen.”

His eyes widened. “Over eighteen? That’s wow! And you can see me?”

You laughed a little. “Why shouldn’t be able to see you?”

“Because,” he cleared his throat and over exaggerated a straight posture, “only those who believe in a spirit can see said spirit.” HIs posture fell. “And being over eighteen and still believing in me?” He laughed. Jack swung his staff. Even more snow fell around you.

You gasped and smiled a little. You caught the snowflakes in your hand. You lifted your eyes and blinked a few times. Jack’s smile was just so big and brilliant and bright.

That night was the start of a new friendship. Jack Frost always made time to visit you often. Even when weather reports were certain of sunny days, snow clouds always rolled back in, and you couldn’t be happier.


You turned your head and smiled at him. You didn’t want to say hello out loud. After all, there were people who couldn’t see him. Jack flew down to you. Frost crawled up your jacket.

“Oh, sorry,” Jack laughed, “I didn’t mean-”

You smiled. “It’s ok. It means I’m blessed by the winter spirit,” you whispered.

Jack nodded, staring at the people around the two of you. “I just wanted to ask a quick question.”

You nodded.

Jack grinned and pulled you around the corner, out of sight. “You know what’s coming up, right?”

Your eyes twinkled. “More snow days?”

Jack laughed. “That, too, but the holiday that’s coming up?”

“Christmas.” You smiled. “Right, of course. What about it?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Jack sighed, turning around and swinging his staff nonchalantly, “I mean, it’s not like some Santa Claus wants some help at the workshop or anything.” Jack smirked and peered over his shoulder to gaze at you.

Your jaw dropped. “What? That’s amazing!” You had already met the other Guardians. North wanted everyone to meet you and see that you were a believer in them. Jack, coincidentally, found you chatting with Sandy, and was a little upset that no one told him they were so interested in you and your beliefs. He didn’t blame them, of course, but he wished they had told him.

You beamed. “Jack, North wants me to help for Christmas? I mean, I don’t know. Am I qualified for that? I’m not really-”

“(Y/n), you are perfectly qualified to help North.”

“And what makes me qualified?”

Jack held your shoulders. “You are a believer, which is a lot to say for your age. So, you can actually see us. That is one heck of a talent.” He laughed.

“Jack! Be serious.” You shrugged off his hands, immediately missing the buzz of electricity. “Plus, how are we going to get there?”

“That, dear (Y/n), is why it is great that you have the winter spirit as your friend.” He threw out his arms and smirked.

“Jack,” you drawled.

“Wind! Take us to North.”

“Jack!” Suddenly, the wind swept you off your feet and right through the trees. Prepared, your shielded your head with your arms and burst through the branches with a laugh. Jack followed you and asked, “Ready to help make Christmas happen?”


“Yeah It’s gonna be a snow day, anyway.” Jack spurred up the wind. “Take us to North,” he yelled with a smile.

The wind carried both of you farther up, right above the snow clouds. You laughed with Jack by your side as the two of you surfed the clouds. You and Jack soared.

You slid down the currents of wind and landed right in Jack’s arms. “Jack!” you laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

The Guardian just laughed along with you. “What? Didn’t want you to fall.”

You blinked, confused. Then, you peered down, and you understood. You gasped. By the side of a cliff stood a magnificent, wooden building with red and white accents. It was like a gingerbread house, but much much grander. “It’s beautiful,” you gasped.

Jack smiled, loving the sight of your awestruck expression, sparkling eyes, dazzling smile. Sure, North’s workshop was breathtaking, but the sight of you, that made the famous Santa’s workshop seem like a penny in a bank.

Jack shook his head. “Hold on tight, ok? And do not, I mean it, do not look down.”

You were a rebel. You looked down, and, immediately, you regretted it. You were really high up. And the ground was very, very, very far away. “Jack!” you yelped, scrambling to hug Jack tighter.

“Don’t you worry. I’ve got you. Now, if you want, you can close your eyes for the next part.”

You arched one eyebrow at him. “Why?”

“Because,” Jack shrugged, “there is only one way I know how to get in.”

“Jack,” you drawled.

“The sled’s way out!”

Jack zoomed with you in his arms through a cave with twists, turns, loops, and things you couldn’t even fathom. Eventually your screams of surprise changed. Your cries bubbled into joy. You laughed and reveled in the feeling of the wind in your hair. “Woohoo!”

Then, it stopped.

And you were taken aback. You had landed in a tower. However, you couldn’t be sure. You couldn’t see the walls clearly. Toys of all sorts were floating, flying, climbing the walls. Graceful hot air balloons. Zipping planes. Fluffy dresses and ironed shirts on hangers. Everything was full of joy and childlike wonder, and it was spectacular. “Wow,” you gasped.

Jack let you down, letting you take everything that was North’s workshop in. He gazed at you. He swung his staff and rested it on his shoulders, relaxing.

“Jack! Is that you?” a voice boomed throughout the tower.

You smiled and yelled back, “Jack and (Y/n), North!”

“(Y/n)!” a crowd of voices greeted.

Sandy and Tooth flew down. Bunny jumped from the top floor and landed on his feet. North sprinted downstairs. The four greeted you with hugs and “How-are-you’s”. You laughed, telling them that school was challenging, but you were excited for the break and happy to be there.

Jack laughed and rested his staff on his shoulder. “Yeah, guys, no need to greet me, Jack Frost, fellow Guardian.” He smirked.

You giggled and continued to chat with the legends.

Jack rolled his eyes. “All right, all right, how many toys must be made again, North?”

North gasped. “Right! We must get to work! Christmas is coming!”

You laughed. “So, what can I do?”

“Phillip could always use some help with painting,” Jack suggested, placing his arm around you and pointing at a yeti holding a blue paintbrush. Jack whispered, “He forgot that North wants red.”

You giggled a little and blushed as a shiver went down your spine. Jack was the spirit of winter, yes, but it wasn’t the cold that made the blood rush to your ears and cheeks. It also wasn’t the reason for the sudden tingling of nerves.

Nervous and scared, you held Jack’s hand and stepped out of his grip. “We should get to work then.” You smiled brightly. “Christmas is in a month!”

The Guardians excitedly agreed and rushed to different places. North leaned down, placed a gentle hand on your back and started to explain different stations around his workshop.

Jack pursed his lips and flew near the roof of the workshop. Not only was it a good place to work, but it was a great place to observe and think. The irritating elves were too scared to stay there, and the yetis only went there to test flying toys. Jack paused his work and peered down. There you were, next to Sandy, painting some robots and trying to understand Sandy’s pictures.

Jack laughed. He enjoyed your smile and light, and he wanted to keep enjoying that. He just wasn’t sure if you felt that way, too. Sometimes, the spirit wondered if you thought of him like he did of you. Maybe you did. Maybe you also looked at him when he wasn’t looking. Maybe you liked to see his smiled and longed to see more. Maybe when he was late to your usual outings, you worried about him. Maybe… just maybe you cared about him.

Jack closed his eyes and swung his staff. You couldn’t possibly care that much about him. You were too smart, too beautiful, too bright. Why would you settle for a spirit who won’t grow old and can’t be there for you? You didn’t deserve that.

Feeling eyes on you, you looked up, and your gaze softened. Jack Frost was near the roof, swinging his staff and creating new ice blocks and even fixing some of the toys from above. You beamed and felt your cheeks heat up. Jack was your best friend, and he inspired you to be better, to be braver, to be more optimistic.

You pursed your lips and blinked repeatedly. But, why would a Guardian love you? No powers. No immortality. No anything.

Time had passed. Jack chased you with snowballs. You stole his staff. He painted you nose. You put eggs in his hood. It was a funday at North’s!

Jack and you flew back to your town. You took out your phone and talked to Jack. Since many people couldn’t see the Guardian, Jack and you came up with the plan. When in public, pretend to be on the phone when you were actually talking to your best friend.

“I still can’t believe they locked us in the room!” Jack laughed.

You beamed. “Yeah!” You averted his gaze as the blood raced through your cheeks and right to your ears.

“Is it too cold?” Jack asked, seeing your red cheeks. He backed away from you. “I’m so sorry. I-”

“No, it’s not that. I’m fine.” You placed a hand on his arm and pulled him back towards you. You gasped. “Sorry, I didn’t-”

Jack laughed. “Don’t worry about it, (Y/n). Just making sure.”

“Hey, you should go. It’s getting late.” You smiled a little. “Other places need Jack Frost.”

“Can you get home by yourself?”

“I may not control the wind, but I do have Bunny’s easter bombs.”

Jack chuckled. “Right. Tomorrow?”

You smiled. “Yes.”

Your best friend’s lips curled into a bright smile. He leaned to you quickly, and, suddenly, his lips brushed your cheek. “See ya.” Then, he was gone.

You blinked a few times. Once. twice. He kissed you. Not on the lips, but on the cheek. And yet, you couldn’t move. Your fingers were tingling. Your heart hummed in delight. You were swept off your feet just by the thought of Jack’s little stunt. You licked your lips and stared at the ground. Little dork.

“Bye, Jack,” you whispered and put down your phone.


“You’re an odd one.”

You gasped, whipping your head around. A hand was placed on the Easter bombs hidden in your belt. “What?”

A man, tall and skinny, emerged from the shadows. Of course, he had a knife.

You gulped. Fear gripped your throat. You needed to scream. Something!

“Always talking about fairytales and wind and a… Jack.”

You sneered, “Don’t.” You hated the way he said his name.

“Aw. That’s sweet. Maybe I can find this Jack, just to amuse myself.”

You swiped out your weapons. But, before you could throw them, the villain was swept right off his feet.

You stifled a laugh. Your eyes lit up and searched the darkness. Where was he? Then, you spotted him. Jack Frost was in the trees, his grip tight on his staff. However, his smile was still as bright as ever. He held a finger to his lips.

You smirked and pointed at yourself. You glared at the criminal. “So, wanna try that again?” You crossed your arms.

The man cowered and sputtered.

You smiled and strolled away.

Jack flew down and walked beside you. “That was good.” He nodded with pride.

“Thanks. You weren’t too bad yourself.” You took in a shuddering breath.

Jack stopped you. “Hey.” He moved in front of you. “(Y/n).”

You pursed your lips. “Thank you. Jack.”

Jack’s gaze softened, and he pointed at himself. “It’s what I’m for!” He smiled at you and opened his arms. “I don’t wanna see you hurt.”

You leaped into his arms and held him close. You nuzzled into his chest, the comforting cold surrounding you.

Jack rubbed patterns on your back. “You’ll never get hurt. Not while I exist.”

You grinned into his hoodie.

Jack patted your back. “Come on. We gotta get you home.”

You nodded. You pulled away from Jack, however, not completely. You held onto his arm and let your head fall onto his shoulder.

Jack smiled and walked you home.

Went through 3 drafts, but this was the shortest it could be. My goodness that was long. I just love Jack Frost! Thank you for the request Movie Buddy! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x Reader (Burrs daughter)

Warnings: almost smut?

A/N: Ive seen this idea of Phillip x Theodosia and i jut had to guys. Sorry not sorry.


“So, you’re totally sure your parents are gone?” You asked again. It was just to make sure. Phillip had said that Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton were going to be out of town for a week, and they’d brought their daughter with them. How anyone got Alexander Hamilton to go on a vacation, you would never know, but it meant plenty of alone time for the two of you.

You and Phillip had been together for almost a year, but neither his nor your parents could know. At any costs.
Could you imagine, Y/N Burr together with the Hamilton boy. No, your father would never allow it.

“Yes, I promise. They left a hour ago I told you.” Phillip looked at you for a second before leaning in and planing a soft kiss on your nose. Then another on your forehead. Soon he was bombarding your face in kisses.

“I just wanted to make sure because you know-” He cut off your sentence with a long kiss on the lips. Making you gasp a little.

When he finally pulled away you saw his eyes look up and down your body.

“Hey, you look really good in that dress.” Phillip smirked. Whatever was going on in that beautiful brain of his, it wasn’t good.

“Why thank you, Daddy got it for me as a present.” You said going along.

“But guess what?” His twisted smile widened.

“What?” You leaned in close to his face, leaving just inches between your faces.

“I bet you’d look better out of it.” He looked into your eyes for a moment before closing the gap and tackling you. You reached up and pulled his face down onto your own. Locking your lips together.

You slid your cold hands down Phillips chest until you felt the hem of his shirt. Slowly, you slipped your hands inside and ran them against his bare skin.

“Here ill make that easier for you.” He sat up, straddling your hips. With one fluid motion he tore off his shirt and threw it across the room. God, he was perfect. Phillip was that perfect in between where he wasn’t ripped but he had just enough muscle to make a girl go weak in the knees.

He leaned down once more. This time pressing your chests together. Keeping eye contact, you fiddled with the waist band of his pants. Slowly untying the bow that held them taunt.

You pushed your fingers past the fabric and rested your palm on his hip bone.

“We’re ba- Phillip oh my god!” A woman’s voice barked from the door way. You whipped your hand out of your boyfriend’s pants. Turning your head to the side to see none other than Mrs. Eliza Hamilton standing in the hall looking into the living room at you and her son.

“What’s the matter Eliz…oh. Oh?” Mr. Hamilton joined her in gawking at the two of you. You looked up and poor Phillip was still on top of you, starting back at his parents. His face pale. You cleared your throat softly to try and get his attention. That didn’t work at all. “Phillip!” You whispered harshly. Still no response. “Phillip!” You put your hand on his cheek and forced him to meet your eyes. “You might want to sit up right about now. Sound like a good plan?” He nodded his head and wordlessly pushed his body up and off your own. You sat up along with him.

Well this was just perfect. There are two confused and angry Hamilton’s standing in the door frame. Another half naked on the couch, and the girl he was just on top of. Sounds fun right?

“Welp. We came back because your sister forgot her suitcase. So I’m gonna go grab that. You got this Eliza?” As Mr. Hamilton crossed the room he looked back at his son and tried not to laugh. Failing miserably he ran upstairs covering his mouth.

“You’re not helping dear!” His wife called up after him. Planting her palm into her forehead. She stepped into the room and sat on a chair adjacent to the two of you.

“What am I going to do with you Phillip?” She let out a deep sigh. “Will you at least introduce me to your little friend here?”

“My name is Y/N.” You piped up. It was quite obvious that your boyfriend was still to shocked to say anything.

“Do you have a last name dear?” Eliza was obviously faking the huge smile on her face. “It’s umm… my last name is…” You looked over at Phillip hoping that he could offer some sort of help. Guess not. Your eyes turned back to Mrs. Hamilton.

“It’s James.”

“It’s Thomas.”

You and Phillip said at the exact same time. Shit, this wasn’t going well.

“What’s your last name?” Alexander came bounding down the stairs, a small suitcase in hand. He continued on until he was in the seat next to his wife.

“My name is.. it’s umm… it’s a name, that’s for sure.” There was sweat on your brow. The Hamilton’s could sense something was wrong.

“What is is girl?” Mr. Hamilton was getting more annoyed by the second.

“MylastnameisBurr.” You mumbled covering your mouth with your hand. You looked up at Mr. Hamilton, lowered your hand and offered a smile. Hoping to get him to back off a little.

“What’s your name damnit?” Alexander was activated with your lack of cooperation, but what were you supposed to do?

“Her last name is Burr, dad.” Phillip sounded so defeated, it broke your heart.

The Story of Paul Phillips

Excerpt from the book: The Other Side of Silence: Men’s Lives & Gay Identities - A Twentieth-Century History by John Loughery

Paul Phillips was a young black gay man growing up in the Midwest during the early 20th century. He was the son of a fairly prosperous middle class lawyer within a family exemplifying the aspirations of the talented tenth. Somehow, rumors of Paul’s extracurricular activities revolving around his “sexual behavior and preference” reached his father. Quite calmly and plainly, his father explained to Paul that he was living his life within an “unnatural” condition since he did not evince a desire for the opposite sex within their small segregated community. To help his son overcome this “condition,” a trip was planned to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

For a total of seven day, Paul was interviewed and examined. At the end, the doctors reported to Mr. Phillips and his wife that nothing could be done to change Paul; he would be a “homosexual” to the end of his days. And, that under Minnesota law at the time, they were required to report suspected gay men to the Rochester police, gay being a criminal offense. For whatever reason, the doctors, to the great relief of Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, declined to report Paul to the law enforcement authorities.

After returning home from an exacerbating trip that required them to camp out because they were not allowed to stay in white only hotels, Mr. Phillips came to a rather judicious conclusion about the sexual nature of his son. If his son suffered from an “illness” for which there was no cure, he would allow his son to lead his life as before, but lead it with DIGNITY and caution. Mr. Phillips said to Paul:

Find yourself a friend you can trust and bring him …What you do in your own room is your own business.

Mr. Phillips feared for Paul’s welfare. He understood the dangers of clandestine meeting spots where those like his son found one another and sometimes the law waiting for them.

It took Paul sometime to find a congenial lover, but at college in Topeka, Kansas after becoming a lawyer in the mid 1920′s, he met another black man, a musician who played the organ for churches near school and together they began a relationship of mutual affection providing a respite against an often hostile and prejudiced world.

Sweet Kisses (fluff/pastel!Dan & punk!Phil au)

Prompt: pastel!Dan and punk!Phil are roomates, and Dan bakes Phil treats and Phil likes Dan.


Phil woke up to the annoying sound that is his alarm clock, saw what time was it and saw it was 7:30 a.m, since he moved there he could wake up a little bit later, since a certain pastel used to bake him breakfast and he didn’t have to figure it out by himself. He started walking down the stairs and start feeling the already usual warmth and smell, followed by a blur of pink running around the kitchen

“Hello, Danny, what have you got in stock for me today?” He heard a small crash and saw Dan in pijamas turning around, cheeks flushed and mittens on hands.

“Ph-Phil! I didn’t know you were already coming down here!, What are you doing with your jammies on? You always get a shower and dress before coming down here!” Dan said, rushing to pick up whatever he had dropped.

“I was just hungry Danny” Phil said pouting.

“Aww, you’ll have to wait, Philly, the muffins are still baking.” Dan responded with a smirk.

“Hey, don’t call me that! My mum is the only one who can call me that, and I know you know that.” Phil replied, his cheeks turning crimson.

“What do you want me to call you? Mmm… Phillipe? Nah, not tough enough. I know! P wait, even better! BIG P!” Dan teased.

“Shut up.” Phil said, hitting Dan in the arm, and causing Dan to giggle.

“Oh well, Big P go get a shower so I can get the muffins ready will ya?”

“Alright Danny, see you in a minute”

He went back up the stairs and started to get the toiletry and towels to get a shower. He got right into the shower and started thinking.

What the fuck what that?



Big P?


One thing was for sure, this pastel was going to be the death of him.


He got himself dressed, black ripped skinny jeans, black combat boots, black leather jacket, the usual; He started going down the stairs again only to see Dan already dressed up, a lavender flower crown sitting on his head and a baby blue jumper. He looked adorable as ever.

“Phil!, Finally! The muffins were ready like five minutes ago!”

“How the fuck did you get ready and get the muffins out of the oven so fast?”

“It’s not important, besides a good magician never reveals his tricks does he?”

“Psh, shut your mouth Dan.”

“Whatever took you so long must be important, right Philly?”

“Okay, first of all, I only took like ten minutes, second, you called me Philly again.”

“Oh true, I had forgotten, BIG P.” Dan teased on a raspy voice, while showing off his nonexistent biceps.

“Aaaw, Danny if you want me to show off my biceps you just had to tell me so, sweetie.”

“Shut up, or I’ll break up with you.”

“We aren’t even a couple, honey.”

“Not yet.” Dan said with a cheeky smile and a wink.

Wait what? phil thought. He likes me? I mean, I wouldn’t mind him doing so, but wasn’t he like flirting with some dude at Starbucks the other day? He was extremely confused, so we just started sipping on his coffee and munching on his muffin hoping and praying Dan hadn’t noticed how flustered he was.

“Philly- sorry, Big P, hurry up, I need to get early to school today.”

“Why should I, I don’t.” Phil asked, even though he already knew the answer to that.

“Oh, c'mon you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of hanging out before school with me, would you?” Dan asked, with a pout and puppy eyes.

“Aw, c'mon Dan that’s not fair, you know I can resist your puppy eyes.”

“Lying makes you go to hell, Phil y'know that right?”

“Yeah, being gay does too.”

“Oh, right.”

Even though Phil knew he wasn’t lying.


They arrived at school at 8:00 a.m, instead of the usual 8:20, and Dan started heading off to the offices, Phil following Dan around since he didn’t have anything to do before classes started, so he just sat on an office chair scrolling through his tumblr feed and waited for Dan to finish chatting with the secretary about whatever he was telling her about and waited for Dan to wish the secretary farewell, and followed Dan right back out of the office.

“What was all that about?, I didn’t even have time to finish my muffin before you pulled me out of the house!”

“I just want to get permission to start a baking club”

“That’s awesome! I could totally use some baking lessons.”

“Yeah I know that, only I don’t teach you in our kitchen because I don’t want our apartment to get burnt down.”

“Shut up, I hate you.”

“Nah, you love me”

“If by love you mean roomate affection then you’re right”

“Shut up, Phil I know you really do love me.”

Phil just rolled his eyes eyes and tried to hide his blush while continuing to walk right next to Dan. Dan was saying the truth and that made Phil feel embarrassed.

If Dan knew it why tease him then?

Why did Dan flirt with him so much but never did a move?

Did Dan really like him back?

Phil decided he would answer this last question by making a move on Dan, he only had to plan his strategy.

When he and Dan separated in a hall to get to his separate classes, Phil started scheming his plan. He had been invited to a party that same weekend, so he would just invite Dan there and them lure him into a room and try and kiss him. Yeah, that could work. He only needed to talk to the hosts to get a room for Dan and himself. Thankfully he didn’t have lunch with Dan, and he did with Chris and Pj.

When lunch time finally arrived Phil stormed out of the classroom and into the cafeteria, even though he usually spent his lunch hour on the library, he knew this was were Chris, Pj and his gang were usually hanging out in. He wasn’t exactly part of the gang, but he was good friends with pretty much everyone there.

He stood in front of the table for a few seconds, before clearing his throat.

“Hey, Pj, Chris, can I talk to you both for a moment?” Phil said, akwardly shifting his feet.

“Of course mate” Chris said.

They both stood up and followed Phil to a corner of the cafeteria.

“What did you want to tell us, Phil?” Pj asked, a slight tone of concearn to his voice.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing threatening, really, I just want to ask you two a favor.“Phil

"Anything for you, old mate” Chris said

Of course Chris would help Phil, he always did. Since they were friends since they were little and helped each other out of the closet.

“Well you see, my roomate?” Phil started

“The flowery cute one?” Pj asked

“Yes, he, I really like him, and he has been really flirty lately, so I wanted to know if you could maybe give me a room in your house when the party happens this Friday, so I can make a move, y'know?” Phil said, putting his hands in his pockets, since he was fairly nervous.

“Yeah, why not, I’ll give you the key and tell you which room it is the day of the party, just don’t be to noisy.” Chris winked.

“Thanks buds.” Phil said, rolling his eyes and waving the couple goodbye.

Friday night was definitely going to be a good night.


A few hours passed and the bell finally rang, signaling the end of the classes. Phil walked out the main gate, and there was Dan, looking as beautiful as always waiting for Phil. Dan smiled and waved when he saw Phil, and he smiled an waved back, starting to walk right next to him, trying to ignore the fact that he was craving to kiss, hug, and hold hands with Dan. He just could keep his composure telling himself, ‘Just wait until tomorrow night, then you’ll know if you can do all that’ over and over again ‘til getting to the aparment the duo shared.

The walk home was mostly uneventful, except for a few brushes of hands and pickup lines from Dan’s part. And a bit of flirting and lots of blushing from Phil.

When they got home Dan plopped in the sofa and closed his eyes. Phil could and would definitely stare if he didn’t think of a distraction soon, so he just blurted out the first thing that came into his mind.

“Want me to order something for dinner?” Phil asked and let out a small breath. He didn’t say something stupid thanks god.

“No, today I’ll cook dinner, I have something to tell you.” Dan said in a really serene voice, that Phil loved, since he found it extremely soothing and calm.

“Of course, I do too, I’ll just be in my room”

“Okay” Dan said in the same tone, and Phil had to run upstairs to his room to not fall to the temptation of filling dans adorable face in pecks and kisses.

He ran onto his bed and plopped in it, just to start scrolling tumblr searching for romantic stories, the only place in his mind where he could posibly get an idea to get onto Dan the next night.

He finished deciding he’ll offer him a classy drink, like champagne or wine, then lure him into the room telling him he had something very important to tell him (which he did), tell him his feelings, and if he feels the same way, ask him to be his boyfriend and kiss. Easy, right?

He was researching which type of alcohol is the most classy and romantic, untill he heard the softest knock in his door. He obviously inmediately knew it was Dan, since he was the only other person who lived in that apartment.

“Come in, Dan” Phil shouted at the door.

Dan came in, looking gorgeous in a pale pink dress shirt and black skinny jeans, his hair that was regularly in a fringe pulled back into a quiff and the prettiest pink flower crown holding it in place. Phil couldn’t help but stare, Dan looked stunning. He made his eyes go up and down the boy’s body again and again. Why was Dan dressed so fancy? He was obiously enjoying every second of it, being able to stare at Dan dressed so beautifully, only asking himself why did Dan dress up like that in the beggining.

“Umm- Dinner is ready” Dan muttered, his cheeks turning a deep shade of pink.

Oh, right. Dinner.

“Dan! You didn’t tell me I had to dress up! Are there guests or something? Give me five minutes, I’ll sort something out!” Phil whisper-shouted while starting to jump around his room trying to get something nice to wear between his pile of dirty clothes on his closet and floor.

“N-no! Phil, I just wanted to look nice… For you.” Dan whispered the last part, and Phil was actually surprised to have been able to hear it.

Suddenly, Phil’s brain started processing what was happening.

Dan had cooked dinner, which he never did unless it was christmas or something special. It was April. So, he justed cooked dinner because he wanted to, and only Phil was invited. No friends, no family, no other people. Just Dan and Phil. Dan had also dressed up nicely, just for Phil to see. Also, Dan had told him earlier that he wanted to tell him something important. Suddenly Phil was really excited to eat.

“I want to look nice too, you made the effort, why shouldn’t I then?” Phil asked
“Y-you already look nice, Phil. There’s no need for you to dress up.” The pastel stuttered, his cheeks heating up.
“Okay, Danny” Phil said, a soft tone in his voice.
Dan took Phil’s hand and started guiding the punk downstairs, Phil couldn’t help but feel the warmth in his cheeks grow, because the boy he had been loving for so long was holding his hand. Their fingers were intertwined and he could feel the soft skin of the younger boy against his own rougher skin; he couldn’t help but have a big stupid grin across his face, he loved the feeling of Dan’s skin against his own. He knew that from all the accidental brushes of skin in the walk home, and the rare hug here and there. He loved touching Dan.
The pastel took Phil into the dining room, and Phil couldn’t help but feel shocked, the dining room looked beautiful, and overall, romantic.
His train of thoughts was interrupted by Dan stuttering something.
“I-is this t-too much?” Dan asked, his cheeks turning a dark shade of red.
“It’s wonderful Dan, I love it.” Phil said, giving Dan’s hand a squeeze of reasurance.
“O-okay, please take a seat, I’ll start serving dinner, okay?” dan said, walking towards the kitchen.
“Okay, sweetie” Phil said in the soft tone he had been using all night, since he knew Dan found it soothing.
While Dan was serving dinner, Phil took some time just to appreciate the effort Dan was doing to tell him whatever he wanted to, and phil was sure he would be happy about it, since the environment was really romantic. He was happy about Dan, about himself and about the aroma of whatever was cooking in the kitchen. He was happy.
After what felt like a few minutes, Dan came in with a pair of dishes of what seemed to be some kind of meat, it looked really juicy and delicious, with a side of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Everything looked so delicious, Phil just wanted to start eating on it.
“I-I know you love rib-eyes, so I cooked you some”
“Dan, you seriously shouldn’t have done this! You made a big effort and this meat isn’t cheap at all.”
“I know I shouldn’t have, but I wanted to. I wanted you to remember this meal.”
“Oh yeah, you told me you have something important to say to me, what is it dear?” He asked, since he was really fucking  curios what is so important that deserved all this special things.
“I’ll tell you when we eat dessert. You also had something to tell me, right?”
Well that didn’t help Phil be leas desperate at all. At least he got to invite Dan to the party.
“Oh yeah, there’s a party tomorrow night at Cris’ wanna go with me, Dan?” Phil asked, looking directly into Dan’s eyes.
“I-I’m not really a party guy, you know that Phil.”
Phil shook his head. Dan really wasn’t a party person and Phil knew that, he only got really excited with the idea of spilling his feelings to Dan, he hadn’t really thought about that part though.
“Oh, yeah. I was really excited so I didn’t really remember that. I am a terrible friend, I’m sorry.” Phil sad, shaking his head with a saddened smile.
“Don’t be sorry! It’s not your fault. I guess if I can be with you it can’t be that bad, I guess.”
“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to! We can watch a movie and order a pizza if you’d like that better.”
Phil thought that could also be a great opportunity to confess his feelings to dan, after all, they would have the apartment to themselves.
“I can go if you really want to go.” Dan said, putting a piece of  meat into his mouth and looking directly into his plate.
“Nah, I’d much rather have you be happy with no alcohol.” Phil chuckled.
“So, movie and pizza then?” Dan asked, looking happier than before.
“Yup.” Phil smiled and they both continued to eat in comfortable silence.
Once they both had finished their meal, Dan insisted on picking up the plates, and Phil gave in.
While he was waiting for Dan to come back with dessert curiosity started eating him.
What did Dan have to say? Was the question that repeated itself in Phil’s head.
After what felt like hours, Dan got out of the kitchen holding some kind of pot with a pair of utensils and a plate of strawberries, the biggest grin plastered on his face. He knew Phil’s favorite dessert was fondue, and he had made it for him.
“Dan.” Phil said, with a surprised tone and almost gawking, he was really confused as to why Dan was doing all this, what was so important?

“What, Phil?” Dan said, leaving the things on the table right in front of Phil.

“Why are you doing all this? I mean, it’s perfect, but what is so important to deserve so much great things?” Phil asked, actually really curious.

“Well, Phil. Your curiosity makes me feel this is the right moment to tell you what I’ve been wanting to for so much time.” Dan said really confidently, until this confidence seemed to fade away. “Philly, I-I I love you. A-and n-not as only f-friends or roomates. I want something more w-with you.” Dan said, shaking and becoming as read as the strawberries in front of Phil.

“Dan, I-” Phil started, just to be inturrupted by Dan. “D-don’t worry Phil, I understand you not feeling the same way.” Dan said, starting to sniffle and get up from the table.

“No! Dan!” Phil said, reaching to grab Dan’s hands “I-I love you too, Dan. You’ve always been nice, and you’re really pretty, too. I-I love you too Dan.” Phil said, his own face turning red.

“R-really?” Dan said, looking at his feet.

“Yes, I do.” Phil said, kissing Dan’s soft and beautiful hands.

“Does this mean we’re, like a couple now?” Dan asked, his cheeks less red, but still flaming.

“I guess so, do you want us to be one?” Phil said, smirking and raising his eyebrows.

“I-I do!.” Dan said looking Phil directly in the eyes.

“May I now kiss the groom?” Phil asked, causing Dan to giggle.

“We are not getting married you spork.” Dan said between giggles.

Not yet, Phil thought.

“I still want to kiss you, love” Phil said, giving Dan a fond smile.

“Then you may, Philly.” Dan smiled.

Phil put his arms around Dan’s waist, and felt the weight of Dan’s arms on his shoulders. The kiss was soft and slow, it was full of love and maybe not passionate but still, full of love and breath taking. It made both of them feel happy and loved, and that was everything that mattered.

“That was amazing, Phil” Dan said, after the couple pulled apart.

“I know, it was the sweetest kiss I’ve ever had, It was great.” Phil said in a soft voice, stroking Dan’s fringe.

“As sweet as my treats?” Dan asked.

“Even better”


(A/N]) Well, that’s it! Hope you liked it!

Please keep in mind this is my first time writing a complete fanfic or story, so I’m really not used to this jazz. Also, Dan is shorter in this fic, in case you were wondering.

Also, My requests are always open! So feel free to send prompts if you’d like :)


You're Cute... Wanna Be My Boyfriend?

Phillip x Reader
Word Count: 1632
Summary: Phillip is struggling with his babysitting duties and you’re his backup.

“Help,” Phillip whined to you over the phone, “I’ve tried everything; they don’t want to watch The Little Mermaid anymore, they don’t want to eat, they’re running amuck-William! Settle down!” He groaned, letting the phone drop onto the couch while he went to sort out William.  Seconds later the phone was picked up again, but it wasn’t your boyfriend this time.

“Hi Y/N,” John said casually, making you chuckle.

"Hello John,” you said grinning, “Is Phillip okay?”
John laughed, “He’s trying to catch William,” he said, “And Eliza’s crying. He’s not really good at this…”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Should I come over?”



When you arrived, you didn’t even bother knocking on the door; you’ve had to do this more times than you care to remember.

Inside the Hamilton house, there was a nearly naked William pulling on Philips hair, trying his best to escape his older brothers grasp. He had spaghetti sauce all over his chest and face, smudging it all over Phillip as he wiggled and whined. John was playing a video game in the living room, ignoring his baby sister crying upstairs in her room.

As soon as you came in, Phillip sighed in gratitude, “Thank you,” he said, breathlessly; he had spaghetti sauce in his hair and all over his face, due to William’s hitting.

You chuckled, “It’s okay,” you said, wanting to give him a kiss, but not really in the mood for spaghetti. “I’ll go see Eliza, then I’ll help you, okay?”

“Okay,” Phillip said, earning another pull of his hair.

“I want to get down!” William yelled, on the verge of tears as Phillip held him, securely.

“You need to have a bath!” Phillip yelled back, following you as you ascended the stairs.

“I hate baths!” William hollered back, “I hate them!”

Phillip groaned, “You can play with your toys in there!”

You chuckled as you went into Eliza’s bedroom, where there was a little girl crying and screaming in her crib. Cautiously, you lifted her, holding her close to your chest as she cried, her screams subduing immediately. Her arms wrapped around your neck as you held her, rubbing her back and bouncing her, softly.
You chuckled when her little cries finally stopped, “Were you just tired of being ignored, ‘Liza,” you asked rhetorically, pressing a little kiss onto her forehead, “You’re just like your older brother.”

“I can hear you,” you heard Phillip from the door over.

You laughed, “It’s true!” You called back, taking Eliza with you into the bathroom, where Phillip was beginning to run a bath for his brother. As soon as you came in, though, William was out. Like a rocket, he took off, only wearing his underwear and a single sock. Phillip groaned, flinging his head back.

“William!” He yelled, “Come back right now, or I’m going to call mom!”

You shook your head laughing, “Here,” you said grinning, handing him Eliza, “She only wants attention,” you explained.

Phillip sighed, taking his baby sister from your hands, holding her far enough away so that her cleanliness wouldn’t be sacrificed to the mess that was William’s spaghetti.

Grinning, you headed off to find little William. “William!” You called, “Where are you?” Once you got downstairs, you couldn’t see him anywhere; but he was surely down here, you heard his little feet on the stairs. Standing silently, you waited a moment, hoping to hear him moving. He didn’t. Sighing, you began the search for the little sauce covered boy, “William, you have to have a bath… Afterwards, we can watch a movie, or play a game… Whatever you want!” No answer. You peeked under the table, no William. You looked under the coffee table, no William. You looked in the pantry, no William. “Wanna watch… The Grinch?” No answer. “Do you want to play… Sorry? I can play with you; me, you, Phillip, and John can play Sorry together, won’t that be fun?” You asked, and a few moments later, the cupboard under the sink slowly opened up. You chuckled, sinking to your knees to be level with the little man, “Hi.”

“Hi,” he said, smiling bashfully, “I was hiding,” he said, looking down to his feet, only one of which was clad in a sock.

“You’re very good at hiding,” you said, grinning, offering the boy your hand. He took it, gingerly, and the two of you made your way back up the stairs, where Phillip was waiting patiently.

Your boyfriend sighed once he seen you, walking in holding hands with his baby brother, “Finally,” he said, handing Eliza back to you.

“I promised him we would play Sorry after his bath,” you said, shrugging your shoulders.

Phillip nodded his head in understanding, “Okay,” he agreed, taking the single sock off of his William and throwing it into the hamper, “We can do that, I love that game…”

You smiled and nodded your head, “I do too; me and Eliza will go set it up, alright?”

William gave you a thumbs up from over Phillips shoulder as he was lowered down into the bathtub, making you giggle. Shaking your head, you took Eliza back down the stairs and set up the game, with a little help from John.

Upstairs, you could hear the shower turning on, letting you know that Phillip was having a quick shower; he did smell like spaghetti, after all. So, deciding that you had a little bit more time, you made a quick snack. John poured juice and you cut up some fruit for you all to share, and by the time you had settled down at the coffee table, Phillip was making his way downstairs.

You smiled at him as he sat beside you, pressing a gently kiss onto your temple; “Hi,” he grinned.

“Hi,” you replied, “Me and Eliza are on a team,” you stated, looking down at the sleeping child, resting in your arms.

“That’s a cute team,” he said, kissing you softly, earning a groan from William.

“You said that we would play,” he grumbled, “Not kiss, that’s kinda gross,” he complained, taking a bite of a strawberry.

You laughed and pulled away from Phillip, “Sorry William,” you chuckled, “What colour do you want to be?”

“Red!” He exclaimed, excitedly clapping his hands, “That’s my favourite colour!”

“I’m blue,” John stated, making Phillip roll his eyes.

“That’s my favourite colour,” Phillip complained, looking at his younger brother, annoyed, before sighing, “I’ll be yellow, then.”

You chuckled, “And me and you are green,” you cooed, running your finger softly against Eliza’s cheek.

“And I get to go first!” William cried, excitedly, “Because I’m the youngest!”

“No you’re not,” John sighed, rolled his eyes, “Liza is; she’s still an infant.”

You laughed as William pouted, crossing his little arms over his chest. You picked up a card, much to Williams dismay, and moved your pawn.

“I’m going to get Eliza out when it’s my turn,” William grumbled under his breath; Phillip took the top of his strawberry off and threw it at him.
“She’s a baby,” he said, “You have to be nice to her.”

This made John scoff, “You’re only saying that because she’s on a team with your girlfriend,” he stated, raising his eyebrows, challenging his older brother to disagree with him.

You smirked and Phillip nodded his head, “Yeah,” he said, throwing an entire strawberry at John, “Yeah I am,” he said, picking up a card for his turn.

John rolled his eyes, “You two are so disgusting,” he said under his breath, shaking his head. William nodded in agreement.

“Yeah,” the youngest boy said, “And I’m still going to get Eliza out.”

You chuckled and Phillip shook his head, but didn’t say anything more.

For a good twenty minutes later, the five of you continued to play; William was winning, but you were secretly helping him out. Well, it was a secret to him; everybody else had no trouble noticing when you knocked Phillip back home instead of William, despite William’s proximity to your end goal.

“Hahah!” William exclaimed pointing to his oldest brother, “Your own girlfriend! Betraying you!” He laughed, “I think she likes me more than she likes you…” He said as an afterthought, making you chuckle.

Phillip rolled his eyes, kissing your cheek, “It’s okay,” he sighed, his lips against your cheek, still, “I’ll forgive you.”

You laughed, turning your head so he could kiss you properly, “Thank you,” you replied, smiling up at him; he quickly kissed you once more before pulling back, drawing a card.

He laughed, throwing his card down dramatically, before knocking William’s piece back home, “Sorry,” he said, his tone contrasting his statement.

William groaned in response, “Phillip!” He complained, “Y/N was closer than I am!” he cried, looking at his older brother pleadingly.

Phillip shook his head, “I can’t knock her home; she’s cute, I want her to like me,” he said, smirking.

You shook your head, grinning, “You’re cute,” you said, laughing, “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

Phillip nodded his head, smiling dopily, “Yup,” he said, kissing your cheek, “Yup I do…”

John groaned from across the table, “Can you guys stop flirting? You’ve been together for like a year, it’s just weird, now.”

You laughed as Phillip continued to press little kisses to your cheek; William, surprisingly, came to your defence, “They’re in love, John,” he said with a pout as he drew his next card, “Like mom and dad.”

You bit your bottom lip in a feeble attempt to stop yourself from smiling; Phillip laughed, stopping his kisses, instead deciding to rest his head on your shoulder. “I’m in love with you,” he said, looking up at you, expectantly.

You smiled, “I’m in love with you, too, Phillip.”