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Pirate! Lan Fan inspired by my dearest friend, @xyriath and her fic “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

I really like how that story is going so far, and I felt like doing something for it. Sure, I should’ve gone with RoyEd but then, Lan Fan is just too great to ignore. No, she hasn’t appeared on the story, yet, but I know that when she does, she will be awesome!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

alannakennedy: So lovely meeting this legend. Thank you for sharing your story with us @annameares #womeninsport


Lingfan Week - Greed

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shit do you even know what a LAN party is? ignorant

shit, do you even know what a LAN party is? 

lmaoo just beacuse LAN parties are typically PC, doesn’t mean console LAN’s don’t exist? LAN literally stands for local area network, you think you can’t join more than one console to one LA network? How do you think competitive Halo players compete? 

I went to my first BYOC event when I was 14. “ignorant.

we know each other as we always were (ling and may, fma)

Because there’s complaining about wanting something and then there’s doing something that can get the ball rolling and inspiring other people to join me. (I’m desperate, if you can’t tell.) Also, I could not get the idea of Greed trying to be the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER out of my head. That’s HIS little sister, after all. So yeah, AU where Greed Lives and the world is a better place for it.

Life would’ve been strange in the palace no matter what. There was only one reason she had ever gone to the palace before: to celebrate name days, be it the Emperor’s, hers, or her siblings. She didn’t go to all of her siblings’ name day celebrations, as she had the furthest to travel and sometimes it couldn’t be afforded, but she had tried to do so, even if it meant traveling with only one other person. She could defend herself, but it would’ve looked bad if a princess went to the capital without an escort, even a princess as poor as her. Her empty seat in court on those days were noted and not in her favor.

A prince from the Yao clan could afford to go to all of them. He even had bodyguards, something that had amazed her when she had noticed them. A prince with people destined to protect him! She thought only the Emperor could afford that. All she had were her uncles, but they weren’t really bodyguards, only old men with a bit of training. It wasn’t until years later that she realized that she was the only princess to not have a single designated bodyguard, but by then, she was already learning how to take care of herself.

She had too many siblings for all of them to really matter while she grew up and the Yao prince had been relatively quiet, a nonexistent blip on her radar. Since the Emperor was so old, some of her siblings were fully grown by the time she was born. Ling was the closest to her in age, but he was still older than her and she was too shy to talk to most of her siblings, especially since they looked down on her for coming from the Chang clan. The first time she had met him had been at the banquet table, which had been completely covered in food for the Emperor’s birthday, when she was five. She had been so awed that she could barely pick anything to eat while Ling had been shoveling everything his eyes landed on into his mouth.

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Team Voltron and accidentally adopting an alien orphan that none of the other aliens know how to deal with but Lance gets it cuz he's the baby whisperer, please? * Bats eyelashes*

“We’re keeping her.” Pidge stated.
“No buts Keith. Shes adorable and we’re keeping her.”
“We don’t have the supplies for a child.” He sighed.
“They have stores dumbass.”
“Fine, fine.” Keith spoke, looking at the small girl huddled over food. Hunk was sitting across from her and smiling.

Days passed and the girl, whos name was Leise, short of Annalesise, exited her shell. She became energetic and loud. Its not that the team minded, but she could be a handful.

“Leise, please.” Keith sighed. He’d been trying to get her to calm down, she’d been especially energetic today. Pidge was on the couch but had to leave to do her work else where. Hunk was cooking and Shiro was with Allura. So it was just Keith. Well Lance was there too but Keith doubted that Lance was any good with kids.
Leise jumped around, singing something in a different language. Keith groaned and Lanve stood up. He walked over to Leise and gently picked her up. Leise went quiet.
Keith looked up slowly.
“Leise, lets calm down okay?” Lance spoke softly.
“Okay Lan.” She nodded, smiling.
“W-What did you just do.”
“I calmed her down. ”
“I’m really good with kids. Or so i’ve been told.” He turned back to Leise. “Lets get some food okay baby girl?”
Leise nodded again, wrapping her arms around Lances neck.
“Holy shit.” Keith whispered to himself.
You bet your ass the team heard about it when Lance put her to bed.

It’s not as good as it was supposed to be but I had to rush

I've made up some Wheel of Time asks
  • Rand: How do you see yourself?
  • Mat: What's the greatest gamble you've ever made?
  • Perrin: When have you felt the greatest sense of loss?
  • Nynaeve: What's the maddest you've ever been?
  • Egwene: Have you ever had to stand up to a friend?
  • Moiraine: If you knew the exact time and cause of your death, what would you do?
  • Lan: Who would you give anything to protect?
  • Thom: What's your favorite story?
  • Elayne: What was your first love like?
  • Siuan: What's your best friend like?
  • Aviendha: What's something you want desperately but can't have?
  • Faile: What name would you choose for yourself?
  • Tam: Have you ever told a lie to protect someone?
  • Galad: Do you do what's right or what's easy?
  • Gawyn: Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Morgase: When have you felt manipulated?
  • Leane: When did you feel the prettiest/most handsome?
  • Min: What's something you've learned that you wish you could forget?
  • Elaida: What's your greatest ambition?
  • Rhavin: Have you ever tried to manipulate others?
  • Graendal: What's your greatest guilty pleasure?
  • Lews Therin: When has pride gotten you in trouble?
  • Moghedien: What was your most recent nightmare?
  • Lanfear: Are you a jealous person?
  • Asmodean: What's your favorite sad song?
  • Sammael: What's the longest time you've held a grudge?

Follow My Vans: Corinne Lan Franco, Babes Ride Out Edition 

One of the best things about the motorcycle scene is being able to meet awesomely genuine people who treat life like one big adventure. For Corinne Lan Franco, that statement stands true as she is known to be a light-hearted gal that takes life one smile at a time. Learn more about her trek to the desert this past Babes Ride Out, and find out how she chooses to Live Off the Wall. 

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What I Call Life (Part 12)

Part Twelve of the blangstpromptoftheday mpreg fic.

Parts 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

This chapter is LONG. Over 10,000 words with this one so it’s a doozy. Sorry for the long wait. I hope this is worth it! Oh, and the song Blaine dances to in this chapter is this (I actually based his dance on this, so you should check that vid out too! The dancer is just perfection!)

This fic is on FF.net too.

Eating dinner with both Kurt and Landon was a feat within itself. Having a meal with the two of them at the same table in his apartment was strange as hell. It wasn’t like the last time they ate together, where they shared some fast food and ice cream out in public. This was private, this was personal, this was… intimate.

The whole thing scared the shit out of Blaine.

“Daddy? I want more bread.”

“What do you say when you want something, Lan?”

“More bread please?”

Blaine reached out for the tray of fresh baked rolls and took one for Landon, breaking it in half before he buttered it lightly and placed it on his son’s plate, watching as the little boy immediately began to nosh on it between bites of soup. Kurt sat quietly across from them, slowly eating his own meal as he observed the father-son interaction before him. Unlike the day before, Blaine was a lot more tense this time around. His shoulders were locked tight, his brows furrowed, and he barely made a move to eat more than a few spoonfuls of his soup, let alone any of the rolls Kurt baked. Deep down, Kurt knew what was bothering him - it was his presence there that was making things uneasy in Blaine’s life, but Kurt was reluctant to leave (as bad as that sounded.) He knew he had no right encroaching on his ex’s life after all these years, but he couldn’t bring himself to go away, not when he was aching with want over what he’d lost.

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Lan survived Myrcellas ritual even though he was sure, that he was going to die that night of the full moon. He found himself returning from a deep sleep in the middle of the forest. Kina had told him, that he had been away for over a week. And in the meantime, she had giving birth to their second daughter - all by herself. 

Lan: ‘‘Kina, how are you feeling? Talk to me’‘

Kina: ‘‘Yes, Lan? What do you want from me?’‘

She didn’t have the courage to ask him, what really happen that night. Why ha had been away for a week and why he hadn’t returned to her sooner. She was heartbroken of the betrayal of her own husband.

Kina: ‘‘I don’t have anything to say. I don’t know what happened that night, but it doesn’t feel right Lan. I don’t know what to expect for me and my daughters lives.’‘

Lan looked at her with eyes full of sorrow. He couldn’t get himself to tell her, but he had to. He owed her that much. 

Lan: ‘‘Kina, I … I made a deal with Myrcella. In favor of protecting you and to get a son from another bearer. She needs me to preform a ritual the next two moons, and then, I’ll have to provide food for the mother of the child.’‘

Kina looked down and started to cry in silence. Lan caressed her cheek and forced her head up in a gentle movement. 

Lan: ‘‘Kina, I apologize. I wish there had been another way. Myrcella promised me, that you and your girls would be safe. And once my son is born, he will join our family and Myrcella will set me free of the deal. I read it myself.’’

Kina: ‘’But it’s witchcraft Lan!? We could get killed for less ..’’

Lan: ‘’Kina. Everything will be alright. Nobody will know.’’

Kina: ‘’You promise me, that it will be over after the third moon then?’’

Lan: ‘‘I promise you Kina. You are my wife, and I love you. We just have to do this. For your sons sake.’‘

Kina: ‘’Alright Lan. We’ll manage. For our family.’’

Lan: ‘‘For our family ..’‘

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As any writer will tell you, it takes a lot more than passion and imagination to make it in any creative field. Roadblocks,rejection letters, and moments of complete panic can take even the Fitzgeralds and Austens of the world and melt them into second-guessing literary messes.

Trust me, as an aspiring journalist, I know the feeling well.

Enter Linda Barsi, an aspiring screenwriter who created her YouTube channel, OpenEllbey, to guide withered, writing-obsessed souls, like myself, throughout the writing process.

In August 2013, after 52 bad dates in 12 months, Barsi decided it was time to change her luck. Her plan was simple: Write a full screenplay, track her progress with a weekly video uploaded to YouTube, and not go on any dates for 365 days.

Writing has always been a major passion for Barsi, who graduated from Cornell University in 2011 with a degree in Film Studies. Shortly after, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked with director Elizabeth Allen on shows such as “90210” and “Dating Rules for my Future Self.”

At first, Barsi was nervous telling her friends and family about her year-long project. Not only did she intend to share her writing commandments online, but she decided to release old dating vlogs as well. In the year since her channel’s launch, Barsi has inspired her 3,100 subscribers, including Anna Akana, to stop procrastinating, pick up their pens and just write!

In her weekly vlogs, Barsi discusses all the ins and outs of writing: the power of scribbles, the warning signs you need to break up with your projects, the complications of deadlines, revising, and more.

Spoken from experience, writing can be incredibly isolating (I’m literally writing this on our stage alone – true alone story). Broken down, it’s just you, your laptop, and hours and hours of writing and revising. It is for this reason that Barsi has resonated so much with fans as she has built a community for writers to come and commiserate and grow.

Now in the final month of her project, Barsi has a 94-page screenplay to her name and a group of fans hoping she never stops making videos, myself included! So Linda, what do you say, stay on YouTube forever?

Carly Lanning is a YouTube Nation curator and best identified from all other 5’5 brunettes by her uneven clavicles.