what are you doing kurt. what are you doing

when you gotta make an arrest but you don’t have your cuffs on you, don’t worry, wifey’s got you covered.

  • Warren and Bucky, simultaneously: Yeah, this evil organization picked me up at my worst time, proceeded to replace one of my vital assets with metal replicas, and sent me to destroy the world
  • Warren and Bucky: ...
  • Warren: Did we-
  • Bucky: Just become-
  • Both: BEST FRIENDS?!!!!!??!?!????
  • Steve and Kurt: get your emo leather jacket wearing butt back here smh why are you like this

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Kurt Wagner x Reader


Author: Morgan

Prompt: Kurt always telling the reader how much he loves her in German then lying about what he said until one day Hank gives her a translator earpiece that Kurt doesn’t know about and oops I accidently gushed over you and confessed my undying love for you.

Note: Awwwwwwwwww!

“(Y/N), I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why exactly do you need a translator?” Hank asked, handing you the metal earpiece.

“Oh, it’s just for…things…” you told him. “Sometimes Kurt goes on German rants, and I don’t always catch all of it.”

“Ah. Well. Good luck with that,” he waved as you left the lab. You paused, pushing the piece into your ear and hiding it behind your hair. Now you were ready to figure out what the hell Kurt was saying.


“Hey blue, what’cha doing?” You asked walking into the living room. Kurt was spread out on the couch, a book of German fairytales in his hands.

“Reading,” he replied, smiling at you.

“Wanna read to me?” you asked him. He nodded eagerly, setting down his cup of tea. You walked over to the couch and laid on top of him. The first time you had done this, he had freaked out, but now he was accustomed to your presence, your warmth. He used his tail to gently stroke your hair while his hands held the book.

“Is German all right?” he asked. You nodded. “Okay.” Kurt cleared his throat. You reached up and tapped the button on the translator.

Once upon a time, zhere vas a little blue circus freak. He traveled from city to city vizh zhe circus, never quite finding a place he belonged. He began to feel like he belonged novhere. But one day, zhe little circus freak found a place to call home. It vas a great big mansion, full of people just like him. Zhese people didn’t make fun of him. Zhey didn’t…treat him like a freak. Zhey treated him like he belonged.” You sighed as Kurt told the story. He continued.

Vhile zhe little blue circus freak vas at zhe mansion, he met zhe most beautiful girl he had ever seen. And vhile he vas somevhat embarrassed by his appearance, she looked at him as zhough nozhing vas wrong vizh him. She made him feel…alive. She had zhe stars in her eyes, and every time she looked at him, touched him, he felt as zhough he might melt into a little blue puddle. And zhough he loved her vizh all of his heart, she vould never know. He couldn’t vork up zhe courage to tell her in a language she understood.” He paused. “The end,”

“That was a nice story,” you smiled softly. “But I think it has a happy ending,”

“Vhat do you-”

“I love you too, Kurt.” You stroked his cheek, tracing his scars gently. His amber eyes went wide.

“You speak German?” he asked, startled to say the least.

“No, but Hank loaned me a translator,” You pulled it out of your ear to show it to him.

“So you heard everyzhing?”

“I did,” you brushed tufts of blue and black hair out of his face. You decided to be bold and go for it, leaning forward to kiss his soft lips. His hands gingerly held your waist and he nervously kissed you back. When you pulled apart, he looked at you nervously. You could feel him shaking beneath you.

“You okay?” you checked. He nodded, gulping.

“Zhat vas my first kiss,” he confessed nervously.

“Was it everything you imagined?” You asked.

“Better,” he replied, smiling. “C-could I…vould you mind if I kissed you again?”

“Not at all,”

I’m most likely never going to complete this and I wasn’t happy with how it was going, but I’m going to post it just for the sake of it. <:

little kurt/taylor feels to ruin your wednesday.

“Where do people go when they die?”

Her question caught him off guard. He was sitting on the floor, his text books and copy books scattered on the coffee table in front of him as he was finishing his homework. Taylor sat across from him, a coloring book in front of her left ignored as she watched him. Emma Shaw was working late again and Kurt was babysitting their neighbor.

“Why are you asking?” he asked the younger girl. He himself had only just recently learned about that issue, after his mother’s uncle passed away a few months ago and their parents had sat him and Sarah down and explained to them.

Taylor shrugged, looking between him and and the colored pencils she had spread over the table. “I don’t know,” she said, “just asking.”

“I think when good people die, they go to a place called heaven,” Kurt said, “it’s a happy place, with everything you could ever imagine.”

“Like candy, chocolate and all the toys in the world?” Taylor asked innocently.

Kurt smiled, “I guess so.”

“How old do you have to be to die?” Taylor then asked.

“I don’t know,” Kurt replied quietly.

“Do only old people die?” she then added.

Kurt looked up at her, putting his pencil down, he said, “you don’t have to worry about it, Taylor, you’re still very young.”

“But don’t young people also die?” she asked.

“I suppose,” Kurt replied, “sometimes… but don’t worry. I’ll always keep you safe,” he said solemnly “you’re not going anywhere. Not on my watch.”

She looked at him and smiled. “I know… but heaven doesn’t sound too bad, either,” she said, taking a pencil and going back to her coloring book.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Jay Gave to You...

A Peter Maximoff x Reader!


It was the middle of the night on Christmas eve, well technically Christmas morning, when you were woken up.

Groaning and moaning, you squinted under the light of the flashlight being held in your face. There was a lot of hushed laughter and shushes but they went silent when you sat up, “What the hell guys?” You asked, rubbing your eyes.

Scott, Warren, and Kurt were leaning over the edge of your bed, gesturing for you to be quiet.

You rolled your eyes, and whispered, “What?”

Looking like he was doing everything he could not to laugh, Scott whispered back, “There’s a special present for you downstairs.”

You raised an eyebrow at the three. Now, you didn’t hate the three, but they certainly weren’t your favorite group and this was not the first or last time they would try to trick you into doing something stupid. It was then you noticed the missing fourth member of their group, Peter. Now he was one annoying guy, not to mention the fact he told you nearly everyday he was in love with you. And it wasn’t like you hated him either, you just liked to mess with him, and you weren’t even sure if he really liked you, or if he was just joking.

You shook your head, ridding your thoughts of the speedster, “Guys is like two in the morning, can’t you do whatever dumb trick you’re planning in the morning?”

“It not a trick, (Y/n), just go look under the tree. We won’t leave until you do.”

Weighing your options, you figured it was better to just go downstairs and see what they wanted you to see so you could go back to sleep.

You shuffled along behind the three, and they stopped at the end of the hall, motioning for you to go ahead.

Glaring at them, you begrudgingly did so, and froze at what you saw under the tree.

There was the normal things, like presents, and then there was Peter.

He was lying on his side under the tree with his hand on his hips. Naked.

Two bows covered his nipples and there was a wrapped box conveniently placed over his junk. And finally placed on his head, there was one of those hats with mistletoe hanging from it.

He laid there with a confident smile, and winked.

Letting out a snort, you hunched over, laughing so hard you could hardly breath.

“What the hell Peter?” you said between breaths.

“Merry Christmas, my love.” he said dramatically, and you could hear the hushed laughter of the boys from the other room.

“Why?” you asked as you started to control your giggles.

“I’m your present!”

“Are you serious right now?” you asked.

“Yes, I am, now unless you want me to move this box and get up, I suggest you come over here and give me a kiss.” he winked, shaking the mistletoe hat.

Shaking your head, you walked over, dropped onto your knees and pulled him up into a kiss.

And as you two passionately maked out under the tree, neither of you noticed the camera flashing. And let me just say, Professor Xavier was not pleased when they sent out Christmas cards to the whole school with that picture on the front.


Warren at the end joins the x-men’s side. But in the school, no one seems to forget what he has done. They forgave Ororo, because she helped them in the last minute, but Angel? he was loyal to the end to that bastard.

Xavier tries to help, but the students don’t listen and Warren only shuts everyone out. He doesn’t even let professor talk to him.

And what does he do? He starts drinking. Because he may have his wings back, he may have another opportunity, but eveything still sucks and he never felt this lonely before.

But something weird happens.

Kurt starts looking for him almost everyday. At first he did it in order to apologie because of the wings, but then Kurt only looked for him to talk about the most trivial stuff.

‘Hey, did you see the Star Wars movie?’

'Oh have you been to the mall?’

'What are you doing?’

'Do you want company?’

'I made this, hope you’re hungry’

So Warren, ends up getting so used to Kurt’s presence that he reachs the point where he feels worried for him if he doesn’t show up to their afternoon meetings.

Slowly, Kurt’s starts bringing his bew friends one by one and before Warren could realised he was surrounded by a group of annoying teens.


I regret nothing if my english is bad

Klaine Advent Drabble - “The Taming of Kurt Hummel” (Rated PG)

Worried about Kurt, who’s embroiled in a heated exchange with a temperamental designer, Isabelle feels unable to help, and calls in reinforcements. (769 words)

Written for the Klaine Advent Drabble prompt ‘dare’ with a helping of ‘charm’.

Read on AO3.

“What!? What did you just say to me!? No, no, no, you do not get to talk like that when … tacky!? Do you want to know what’s tacky? Your last summer line! That’s what’s tacky! Oh yeah, I went there …”

“Where is he? Where is he?” Isabelle asks, pacing outside Kurt’s office, anxiously wringing her hands. She flinches with every screech-punctuated PG-rated curse Kurt flings. “He was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!”

“He just texted. He says he missed his connection, but he’s on his way,” Chase reassures her, peeking in at Kurt as he rails on about the one thing in his life that he absolutely cannot stand – holes as a fashion trend. Kurt switches the call to speaker, puts his phone on his desk, and starts gesturing wildly. “Oh no,” Chase mutters. “He’s talking with his hands.”

“This is a disaster,” Isabelle says, obsessively checking her watch, hoping it’ll make time move faster. “That vein in his neck is about to pop! We’ve got to do something …”

“Never fear, never fear,” a harried but upbeat voice calls from the doors of the elevator. “The cavalry has arrived.”

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I Promise (Erik Lehnsherr x Reader)

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“So, what exactly can you do?” Erik asked as (y/n) sat across from him with her hands intertwined.

       "I mean… it’s not that extraordinary as your power, but it’s something,“ (y/n) sighed as closed her eyes to concentrate. She set her hands on the tables with her palms up and the lights in the room started to flicker. She opened her once (e/c) that were now a bright yellow due to her powers being in use.

       "What do you mean that isn’t extraordinary? You can literally create and probably control electricity. That’s true power,”  Erik smiled making (y/n) stop herself.

       "It’s pretty cool, but I am afraid that I will hurt someone that I care about. I’ve burned my little brother once and we were just playing,“ (y/n)’s eyebrows furrowed in sadness as she sighed.

       "It will be alright my darling. I promise that I’ll help and protect you. Just remember that your mutation isn’t a disability, but a gift. Although our gifts get a lot of criticism, it makes us even more unique individuals,” Erik took a hold of the (h/c)’s hands and she smiled with a low giggle.

       "I’m glad that I met you. It’s been the greatest time with you because you have always given me confidence,“ (y/n) planted a soft kiss on both of his hands, leaving perfectly sculpted red lipstick marks.

       "I’m glad that I met you too, my beautiful rose,” Erik smiled again and (y/n) ran her thumbs across the top of his knuckles. If only she had known that he’d leave later on…

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Imagine Kurt waking you up on Christmas

You slept peacefully in your bed, hidden under a couple of blankets to shield you from the cold. Well at least you were sleeping until something started poking you in the back. Rolling over to hit whoever thought it was okay to wake you up this early, you came face-to-face with your boyfriend Kurt. Any ill words you were about to say died in your throat as you looked at his smiling face. He looked absolutely giddy, he was leaned in close to you and the smile on his face was almost blinding.

You smiled groggily at him, “Hey, what are you doing up this early?” If possible his smile got even bigger, “Do you not know what today is, liebe?” He didn’t give you time to answer before he poofed himself to stand next to the little tree in the corner of the room you two had put up a few weeks ago. He stood in sweatpants and a hideous christmas sweater Storm had gotten him (she had meant it as a gag, but Kurt fell in love with it and refuses to take it off), with his arms spread wide the smile still on his face. “It’s Christmas!”  He teleported again, “Which means we get to open presents,-” Bamf “-and play in the snow-” Bamf “-and Jean said she was cooking turkey for dinner-” Bamf “-and we get to spend all day together-” Bamf “-ICH BIN SO AUFGEREGT!”

When Kurt finally stopped popping around the room and turned to look at you, he was practically shaking in glee. Seeing him so happy like this brought a smile to your face. Stepping out of bed, you walked over to Kurt and took his face in your hands. Placing a small kiss on lips you laughed out, “How about we start with breakfast, okay?”

He blushed and took your hands off of his face and held them in his own, “Okay.”

Liebe- Love

Ich bin so aufgeregt- I am so excited


Truth or Dare HC: Peter, Warren, Kurt, and Scott (ft. Jean)

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Warnings: Bow-and-arrow, one swear word

Peter, Warren, Kurt, and Scott playing truth or dare would include:

  • they all know Scott likes Jean but they just want to mess with him
  • Peter smirking and asking, “So, Scott, truth or dare”
  • Scott choosing truth because he’s afraid of what Peter would dare him to do
  • Peter would expect this
  • “Is it true you like Jean”
  • Scott blushing like crazy and squirming around in his place
  • “Uh- uh- I uh- I pick dare instead”
  • Peter expecting this also
  • “Okay, but you have to promise to do the dare since you changed from truth to dare”
  • “Fine, fine what stupid thing do you want me to do? Steal an apple from the cafeteria? Give Kurt a lap dance?” scott would say sarcastically
  • Kurt would be all “Vats zis ‘lap dance’ you are referring to?”
  • Warren falling onto his back laughing at his innocent mind
  • “Don’t ever change, my adorable little blue friend” he’d say while giggling and ruffling Kurt’s hair
  • “Guys be quiet I’m trying to tell Scott his dare!”
  • they’d all turn their attention back to Peter
  • “You have to steal Jean’s bow-and-arrow without her finding out”
  • Scott standing up out of fright and yelling back, “That’s impossible! She knows everything! She’s probably even listening to our conversation right now!”
  • “Don’t be chicken, laser beams” Warren would tease
  • “Ugh, fine, let’s go”
  • the group went around the mansion and the grounds only to find her practicing archery

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  • “I can’t steal them when she’s using them” -scott
  • Scott would be all happy that he now didn’t have to fulfill the dare
  • Peter rolling his eyes and saying, “That’s no fun! Ugh, well I guess it’s your turn then”
  • they’d all sit back down in a circle on the grass to continue their game
  • Scott sporting a smug grin as he asks, “Peter, truth or dare”
  • “You all know I only choose dare” -peter
  • “Exactly.” -scott
  • the group being confused by seeing Scott’s devilish side for the first time
  • “You have to run by Jean, poke her cheek, and not let her catch you” -scott
  • Peter paling at the thought
  • Warren smirking, standing, and pulling Peter up with him 
  • “Better get started, buddy” -warren
  • “Guy, zis does not seem like the safest of actions” -kurt
  • “Maybe, but Peter has never backed down from a dare before in his life. Is this going to be his breaking point?” -scott
  • “Please, this is nothing” peter retorted nervously as he stretched his arms then pulled his goggles down to cover his eyes
  • he’d gulp as he looked back at the group like it would be the last time, saluted, and then zoomed off

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  • “I can’t believe he did it” -scott
  • “Oh, shit! Jean’s pissed! Everyone run!!!” -warren
  • running back into the mansion giggling like children
  • going straight to Peter’s room
  • “Peter let us in! Quick!” -warren
  • “How do I know Jean isn’t with you!” -peter
  • “Because she would’ve killed us, now open the door before she finds us!” -warren
  • stumbling into his room
  • “Vat are Ve going to do? Ve can’t stay in here forever” -kurt
  • “He’s right, you know. And when you do come out, I’ll be waiting. Have fun in there boys.” Jean interrupted their thoughts making them look at each other petrified

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Heather Asks
  • Veronica: What's your biggest accomplishment?
  • J.D.: Tell your craziest story
  • Heather C.: What would you want your legacy to be?
  • Heather D.: Favorite & least favorite celebrity?
  • Heather M.: Biggest fear?
  • Martha: What do you like most about your current crush/partner?
  • Kurt Kelly: Have you ever played any sports?
  • Ram Sweeney: Have you ever gotten drunk?
  • Ms. Fleming: What are you most passionate about?
  • Mr. Sawyer: Do you patronize anything?
  • Mrs. Sawyer: Favorite snack?
  • Paul Kelly: What's your sexuality?
  • Bill Sweeney: Who is one person that you love?

*Scott, Jean, Kurt, and Peter

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Dylan and Eric thought of Nirvana? More specifically, what do you think they thought of Kurt Cobain? I feel like Dylan could have empathized with him being how they were both depressed and maybe he even envied Kurt when he killed himself because, as we know, that's what Dylan wanted to do.

Did you know this question only gets asked like every three months? ;) I don’t see these two as Kurt Cobain fans most especially not Eric. There is no evidence in their writings that they were Nirvana fans or into grunge music. So, given that, I really don’t think Dylan had any sort of focus or fascination regarding Kurt Cobain’s suicide. You can E-C Search “Nirvana” for other answers on this Q. :)

Nirvana, University of Washington HUB Ballroom, 1989.

“This show was before ‘Bleach’ was released. They were the openers for The Fluid. The thing I love about this photo is it encapsulated everything that I was trying to do with my photography at the time, trying to capture this texture and emotion of what these musicians were doing with their guitars and hair and ripped jeans. This is really what [you saw] when you saw Kurt Cobain play back then. A few years later, I took one almost identical of Courtney Love facing the other way.” - Charles Peterson