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internet slang

as promised, some keyboard slang (we stole a lot from you)(sue us). I wrote what is accurate at the moment, a few years ago it was quite popular to write lik this m8 but it became pretty unhip (I could tell you that you can type “aussi” (: too, as well) “O6″ but literally no one has done that since 2008) most people write normally and add some of the following words :

basics :

- jpp (je n’en peux plus) : I can’t stand it anymore, I’m dying from the lols

- osef (on s’en fout) : no one cares

- mdr (mort-e de rire) / ptdr (pété-e de rire) : lol

- cmb / ctb (comme ma bite/comme ta bite) “like my dick/like your dick” : easy punchline to almost anything, ex : “the line was so long!” “cmb” “you have a short memory” (expr ”tu as la mémoire courte”) “ctb”

- cmt (comment) : how / cmb (combien) : how much/many

- slt (salut) / bjr (bonjour) / bsr (bonsoir) : hello

- bn (bonne nuit) : good night

- bcp (beaucoup) : a lot, much, many / tp (trop) : too, too much

- mtnt (maintenant) : now / ajd (aujourd’hui) : today / jms (jamais) : never

- srtt (surtout) : especially, above all / vrmt (vraiment) : really

- jsp (je ne sais pas) : I don’t know / ms (mais) but

- pr (pour) : for / pcq / pq (parce que) : because

- pq / pk (pourquoi) : why

- ss (sans) : without OR (sous) : under / sr (sur) : over, on

- tt (tout) : all, everything OR (tant) : so much, as long

- mn (mon) : my (m) / tn (ton) : your (m) / sn (son) : his/her

- ns (nous) : we OR (nos) : ours / vs (vous) : you (pl) OR (vos) yours (pl) / lr (leur(s)) : their / theirs

- fr (faire) : to do, make

- tmtc (toi-même tu sais) : you know what I’m talking about, private joke

- tkt / tqt (ne t’inquiète pas) : don’t worry

- c (c’est) : it is OR (sais/sait) : know (½/3p sg) / ct (c’était) : it was

- d (des) : some, ex : mange des chips / t (tes) : your (pl for one person)

- h (heure) : time/hour, ex : on se voit à ql h? (at what time do we meet?)

- keske (qu’est-ce que) : what is, ex : qu’est-ce c’est?

- kesta (qu’est-ce que tu as) : what’s up/wrong with you?

- ke / q (que) : that/what, ex : ke ve tu? (what do you want?)

- ql / kel (quel(s)/quelle(s)) : what/which

- askip (à ce qu’il paraît) : from what I’ve heard, apparently…

- oklm (au calme) : relaxed, calm, ex : petite soirée oklm avec les potes #posés

borrowing to english or kids :

- go : to leave (j’y go)

- dodo (beddy byes) : to sleep, sleeping (je vais dodo)

- miam (aka “yum”) : to eat (je vais miam)

- lol, the legendary

- chiller : to go somewhere and have some relaxed time, without doing much

- fat : something big/amazing, ex : cette soirée est trop fat!

dropping the vowels : 

it’s hard to explain but since so many words in french contain “ou”, “an”, “ai” or “on” (…), when we need or want to make verbs (or possessive pronouns as we have already seen) smaller, we drop those letters and the other person guesses what’s missing regarding the context.

a few examples (but you can play with lots of other verbs) :

- vx / vt (veux/veut) : to want, ½/3p sg, ex : tu vx d pom? je ss o magasin (do you want apples? I’m at the store) OR (voit) : to see, meet, 3p sg

- ss / st (sais/sait) : to know, ½/3p sg OR (suis/suit) : to follow, ½/3p sg OR (suis/sont) : to be 1p sg+3p pl, ex : où st t frères? (where are your brothers?)

- cns (connais) : to know someone, 1p sg

- pvs (pouvons) : to can, be able/allowed to, 1p pl

NB : I have used 1/2/3p sg or pl several times in that post, if you have doubts it means that those forms are the conjugated forms - reminder : je / tu / il-elle-on (singulier) ; nous / vous / ils-elles (pluriel).

shirena  asked:

What if Kel was executed for treason in Lady Knight? What if it caused a rebellion? Because you can't tell me that what the world will hear in canon isn't that Wyldon ordered her to follow the refugees. Anything else would create resentment. For all Wyldon's pretty talk, surely he noticed that. And if they tried to hush it up? I don't see Raoul and Alanna letting that happen. And if you knew your king executed nobles for rescuing commoners from a fate worse than death, wouldn't you rebel?

No, no, no, no I can’t do it. Kel is my lady, my light, my love–and I can’t imagine a world where the people on that war front would ever have allowed her death. So let’s tell this story–she was found guilty of treason. She was sentenced to death, kneeling on that Tortallan river mud, enemy territory a stone’s throw behind her, hundreds of abandoned souls saved by her stubborn hands. 

Dutiful misery was stark in the grip Wyldon used to pull her to her feet and tie her hands behind her. (He would not leave that job to a lesser man.) Rage poured off Raoul, simmering, trapped. The King’s Own protested–when they shut themselves up it was not at their commander’s order but at Kel’s quelling shake of her head.

Wyldon could protect Owen, who was his squire and his responsibility. The King’s Own had technically, roughly, been following orders. The rescued civilians were ushered toward safety with faintly awed hands. Kel, Merric, and Neal were ushered forward, too, by awed hands, but it was with their own hands bound behind them and it was not toward safety.

But the awe was there– these knights had done the impossible. They had gone into enemy territory, after monsters made of death and metal, and saved their people. They had done the impossible– they had put protecting homeless peasants above obeying their lord. Wyldon tied each of their hands behind their backs and they did not apologize. Neal raised his chin like he was challenging Wyldon to demand it of him.

But the Giantkiller fortress was flooded with children and civilians who had been written off as collateral damage. After days of hard travel, the children were no longer unnaturally clean and coiffed; they would always be scared. They would always be brave. They would not allow Kel to be the price paid for their lives.

A pretty young woman who had once stabbed a Scanran slaver to death found out where they were keeping Kel and her knights. Children threw tantrums to distract while the ex-convicts picked the locks on their doors. Tobe got the horses and kept them quiet. When they got to the main gates again, Neal ready to put them all to sleep, the guards turned around the same way they had days before and let them through.

Up in the commander’s quarters, Wyldon slept restlessly. He had told Keladry of Mindelan once that he believed the best thing that could be said of his tenure as training master was that she had been in his care. He still believed that to be true, but he had his orders. When they woke him, he would be stranded somewhere between rage and relief.

Only a handful of Haven civilians came out into the woods with Kel that night. Neal tsked about Giantkiller’s healers and worked on them all while Merric went though their stolen saddlepacks and took inventory. Fanche pulled bread, cheese, and knives out of her bulging skirts and passed them around.

Kel sat, staring at the space they would have put a fire if they had thought it was safe to light one. Neal bullied some bread into her and Merric asked, “What do we do now, Kel?”

She considered saying, “Why are you asking me?” but Kel had always been very bad at lying to herself. She looked up at the trees. Fir. Spruce. “There’s a war on,” Kel said. “No matter what they say back there, we still have a sworn duty. Or at least I do.” Her school friends were looking up at her like she held their allegiances in her callused palm. The Haven people were careful shadows, tired, certain. Tobe looked at her like he was never letting her out of his sight again. “I’m going to keep fighting.”

They took down their first Scanran raiding party the next day, finding them almost on accident. The first Haven dogs and cats skipped and sauntered into their makeshift camp the next night, curling up by the fire and dropping rabbits for the humans to clean for them.

Haven civilians and convicts began wandering in, grinning tightly, bringing stories of Giantkiller all up in arms. After the first week, once she’d figured out they might be there for good, Kel had started looking for clerks.

When Dom and most of his squad of the King’s Own walked into their camp without a single piece of official Crown livery on, Kel seized Dom by one rough, plain sleeve and dragged him to the side.

“You can’t be here,” she hissed. “Neal and Merric are as damned as I am. The refugees have nowhere safer to go, and I’m not going to keep them from a fight if they want it. But you– Raoul needs you, Dom.”

“Raoul needs us to win this war,” said Dom. “And neither of us could think of any better hands for my squad to be in than yours. If we’re going to win this, we can’t keep our best commanders in the dark.” He grinned. “Even if they’re grumpy giantesses of fugitives.”

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Y'all remember this?

🎶Koo Koo ca choo what you gonna do?🎶

Past & Presents: Day 6

Wet & Wild

Kelly knocked on the bathroom door, craning his head to listen for a response. He could hear the shower running over the sound of Digger and Owen playing the Nintendo 64, and he was pretty sure he heard a call to enter.

He poked his head in, wincing at the steam. “Hey bud, you got a minute?”

“I’ve got a lot of minutes if you don’t mind me showering while you talk,” Nick replied.

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It’s Kels and Sabrina coming to you again.

Kels is currently sailing the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise with family but this is super important.

By now you guys have heard the statements from the talking heads that are the executives at Fox. We didn’t hear the news we wanted today. We were hoping to be able to exhale for the first time since September 22. Unfortunately, we are still on the hook.

It is up to us to save Ginny Baker and Pitch. She may not “need a man to rescue her” but she needs to her fans to do it.

We are asking that each of you please follow our new Twitter account @PitchStreetTeam. We have work to do!

This is about saving a show that matters and NEEDS to be on the air. If things don’t go our way in May we need to be able to rest easy knowing we did all that we could. But we feel confident that if we put in the work now, things will go our way. This is gonna take work and persistence. Let’s remember it took Ginny five years in the minors before she got to the BIGS. What if she quit in year three or four even?

We can’t quit in January. Right now we are the Padres six games back in the wild-card race! Please follow @PitchStreetTeam where we will be running campaigns monthly until May. Remember how hard Ginny worked out in episode 2? Yeah that’s us right now. “We gotta get our work in.”

We love you guys and we love this fandom.

Let’s put in this work!

-Kels and Sabrina


Zuko: Kel, I wanted to talk to you about something

Kel: Yeah? what is it?

Zuko: I’ve been here a few months now, and I love it, I love being with you but… I don’t think I can stay here forever. I miss my family, my parents, I miss Windenburg.

Kel: Oh. Right, of course. I understand. You have to do what’s best for you.

Zuko: But the thing is Kel, I don’t wanna lose you either. I don’t wanna be apart from you again. Kel… I want you to come back with me.


Jax was nervous. Obviously nervous as he sat on the couch, watching as Kelsey looked over the Chinese menu. They were waiting for Wyatt to show up as his mother was in the kitchen getting them non-alcoholic beverages because she was lame like that. When Brianna walked into the room, Jax looked up at his mom. “I’ll have what I usually get. What do you want Kels?” He asked, bouncing his knee as he looked at Kelsey.

She walked through them and down the hall, turning into the library corridor. Running footsteps approached. She turned to find Neal.
Kel stared at him. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’
He looked down at her for a long moment. 'You’re the oldest ten-year-old I’ve ever met,’ he said finally.
Exasperated, Kel put her fists on her hips. 'What is that supposed to mean?“
Neal thrust his hands into the pockets of the breeches he wore at night. 'It means I’m trying to justify to myself the fact that the best lesson I ever had on chivalry came from someone five years younger than me.’
—  First Test by Tamora Pierce, chapter 9
Look, I know I cannot tell you what to do. I know it doesn’t work from all the times I’ve tried to tell you what to do before.
—  Wyldon to Kel

So I did a thing a few weeks ago. And Shannon was a terrible terrible enabler and made me post this.

Read on under the cut for the Shinko/Kel Protector of the Small mob AU oneshot you never wanted.

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anonymous asked:

What type of daemons do you think Kel and Neal would end up having?

…!! gosh, I’ve never thought about this. I don’t have specifics, but… I imagine Kel’s daemon would be steadfast and protective, so I’m leaning either a bear or a large dog (Great Dane, maybe?). Neal’s I absolutely see as a member of the cat family since he’s vain and doesn’t suffer fools and is more about self-preservation than self-sacrifice compared to Kel (though he has his own protective/noble streak). Maybe a lynx? What do you guys think :D 

bbydreamer  asked:

Leiella was in the bathroom, having been really shaky since she got home from the store earlier, and Lisa and Kelly were both guarding the bathroom for some reason. Even they weren't 100% sure why, just that Leiella had asked them to.

Amando came home from yet another meeting, tired and exhausted. Once he got to his room, he saw Lisa and Kelly standing outside of his and Leiella’s bathroom, wondering why they were there. “Lisa? Kel? What are you two doing standing there? Why is the door closed?” He asks as he goes to approach the door.

amirosebooks  asked:

What about Kelly waking up Nick by sucking up marks all over the cross tattoo on Nick's back?


It starts off innocently enough. Nick sleeping on his stomach and Kelly sprawled practically across his back, using him as a Nick sized pillow. Kelly waking up with his face pressed into Nick’s neck, the two of them tangled together so naturally the only natural thing for him to do is to press a kiss to the base of Nick’s neck. Soft, slow and long. Inhaling the scene of Nick. Of cool ocean air and the faint taste of sea salt lingering even in Kelly’s warm woodsy home. 

Kelly nuzzling between Nick’s shoulder blades, pressing his cheek to warm skin and dragging his nose down the thicker outlines of the tattoo while his fingers trace the more intricate knots in front of his face. Turning his head and pressing a kiss to Nick’s shoulder blades as he stirs from sleep. 

Nick’s voice, still thick with sleep, rising from the pillows, (Kels? what are you doing?) Bringing a small smile to Kelly’s lips, and a plan as he allows his teeth to drag across Nick’s skin pulling gently, teasing. He draws a low moan from Nick. 

Curling over Nick’s back Kelly has full access to Nick’s bare tattoo. A landscape of twists and turns for him to explore. Nick’s lose and relaxed beneath him, still residing in the gray between sleep and awake, a state they rarely get to revel in. Kelly knows, despite his present calm, that sometimes Nick feels exposed with his back bare and face down in the pillows, Kelly takes special care to harness onto the calm feeling, careful that it doesn’t edge towards trapped. 

He starts with just his hands, running them over Nick’s back, the friction and the heat of his palms keeping his skin warm and protected from the cooler cabin air. But soon Kelly can’t resist ducking his head again, placing a trail of open mouthed kisses from the top of Nick’s spine, all the way down the tattoo to the base of Nick’s back. Nick shivers slightly as Kelly dips lower, the kisses feather light against his lower back. 

Nick’s beautiful like this, Kelly thinks, not for the first time. The lines of the tattoo swirl around hard muscle which bunch up, loosening and tightening as Nick shifts under Kelly, either pressing up hoping for more, or pulling away when the feather light touches become almost too much. Kelly basks in the small movements, know Nick is trying to keep still for him but is almost unable to from the sensations. 

Kelly could spend hours mapping Nick’s tattoo with his mouth, and if Nick’s moans weren’t becoming more impatient and his movements less controlled, he probably would. But he’s always been an expert at reading Nick, and he knows what he needs, and like always, he’s inclined to give it to him. 

The scrape of teeth over Nick’s shoulder, capturing the skin and sucking hard, Kelly leaves marks in this fashion all across Nick’s shoulder blades. They’ll turn dark like the lines of his tattoo but they aren’t confined to the same pattern. They’re one all his own. One Nick will wear just as proudly.  

Your Daughter Gets Her Period While You're Away

He’s basically at home with your daughter as you’re away on a trip! This was requested!!!xx REQUEST!!!!


Niall: You left about two days ago with your girls to the city of love; Paris. It was a little vacation Niall hooked up for you to get some relaxation time. The day you found out about the tickets and that you could take your friends along, was a very thrilling moment for you! He was left at home with your twelve year old daughter, Mia. He was happy as well getting some father-daughter action as it is father’s day. Mia and Niall had been working up a sweat outside playing football (soccer). “Alright M, this is your final chance.” “Oh please dad, you’ll be on your knees begging for mercy.” “Oh look at my little one, ya know you’re just like your mother.” With her swift legs sprinting towards the ball, in one quick movement the game was over! “I WON!” She screamed doing her little victory dance. “I won, I won, oh yeah, can’t touch that! Because I won, that’s right,” she sings still doing her dance. “Uh sweet heart?” “Yeah dad?” “You’ve got uh, y-you’ve got something on the back of your pants.” “Eh probably just some dirt or a bug-,” “No sweetie I think it’s begun.” “W-what?” “Your period,” Mia’s face went pale as she quickly put her hands back covering her bum. “Oh my gosh, call mum! What do I do?” “I don’t know!” “What do you mean you don’t know, aren’t you married!” “Y-yeah but I don’t pay attention to that!” ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?“ She hurriedly went into the house grabbing her cell hoping she didn’t cut into your relaxing time. "Hey sweetie everything going ok,” you say through the phone. “Oh just dandy mum, nothing like starting your period after you beat your father at football!” “Haha that’s good- wait what?” “My period what do I do?” “Oh this is too soon, okay first go through my cabinet and get some of my pads, also take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly. You’ll be fine it happens.” “Thanks mom atleast I have someone to count on.”

Harry: “Where is mum again?” “At some fashion show in Milan.” “Who needs fashion shows when we could strut in our clothes all day?” “Eh her friend invited her.” “The one we don’t like?” “Yep, that one,” Harry and thirteen year old Kelsie stayed on the couch in the basement having a movie marathon. It was pretty cool with just the two of them having some bonding time. After watching countless disney movies Kels asked if they could watch a scary one. “Dad lets kick it up a notch-,” “The last time I did that your mother was pregnant.” “Wait what?” “Nothing baby girl, what do you want to watch?” Kels furrowed her brows at her father’s mumbling not picking up a word he said. She shrugged it off crawling towards the tv stand digging through the movies. “Hmm lets see, we have Straw Dogs-,” “Boring.” “Mama-,” “Weird.” “Texas Chainsaw-,” “Nope.” “Insidious-,” “Too paranormal.” “I agree, Evil Dead?” “Yeah I guess put-,” he stops abruptly looking at your daughter’s mess. “Dad?” She looked back at him as she saw him with a shock look. “Kelsie, you um, have a little something-,” “On my face!” “No your pants,” he stutters. She turned to look at her pants and sure enough, the evidence was there. “Oh is this what a period is?” “Yes unfortunately, wait a minute if the stain is that big, then,” he looked at the couch and saw a small spur of red sitting proudly on the couch. “Damn.”

Liam: “Lets be rational about this-,” “There is nothing rational about this game dad,” it was a cold, rainy day and the two of them only wished you were doing ok in Las Vegas. “It’s your turn,” Cam says using her weird dark voice. Liam crosses his fingers hoping he would win her card. “Dang it!” “Ha, ha,” she says greedily snatching his card and hers putting them in her deck. Speed the card game was like russian roulette only no one was dying. That’s how Liam saw it. “Ok, snack time,” she got up and Liam ordered his drink and type of snack he would have for the rest of the game. “And sir that would be approximately one thousand dollars and seventy five cents,” Cam says serving him his food. “What a rip off!” “Sir do I need to escort you out of the restaurant?” They both laugh and she heads into the kitchen to put away the tray. “Alright Cam this time you won’t, you won’t oh god.” “What? You alright dad?” “Oh my god, it’s beginning you are a WOMAN NOW! MOVE OUT!” “DAD! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!” “YOUR PERIOD!” “OH MY GOD IS IT BAD!” “NOT REALLY!” “WHY ARE WE YELLING!” “I DON’T KNOW!”

Zayn: “Can we hurry dad, I want to watch The Walking Dead,” Peyton whines through the store. They were out getting some groceries for the evening along with her older brother Mike. “Stop whining.” “Shut up Mike.” “Hey be nice, your brother just got back from college.” “Ugh why couldn’t I have gone with mom? This is apparently a guy’s weekend and I’m the only female present in the house!” “Make your self useful and grab some bananas.” Having nothing else to do, she follow s her father’s orders and heads off to the produce section. Passing the sugars and fats she made it there getting six of them. At the corner of her eye she saw a cute guy walk up as well seeming to be her age. Trying to contain herself she slowly puts the bananas in the bag. He walked off not even looking at her and she went straight into a pout. “Um Peyton,” Mike calls out worriedly. “What Mikey?” “You need to come here right now.” She rolled her eyes and looked toward him. “I just have-,” she noticed a couple of people were by her staring at her but she just thought she was just Zayn Malik’s daughter people were gonna stare! “Peyton please,” he headed towards her. “Why is everyone looking at me?” She even noticed they had their phones out! “Mikey what’s going on?” “Um you kind of started your period.” “I WHAT?” She was furious and upset! No one told her and they’re here looking at her! “AND YOU ALL JUST STAND HERE TAKING YOUR PICTURES AND VIDEOS WHILE I AM HAVING MY PERIOD? HOW MATURE YOU DUMMIES! UGH I WOULD TAKE YOU ALL TO COURT DUE TO EMOTIONAL DISTRESS BUT I’M GOING TO GET SOME PADS FOR MY PERIOD!”

Louis: “Be polite.” “Be polite? I don’t, I don’t know-,” Bria and Louis were out in public at a little shop eating. Paparazzi was there as always taking every picture of her. She felt weird getting this much attention. “Is this what it felt like back then with your fans?” “Oh yeah all the time. I remember me and your uncles went shopping and as soon as we made it inside the shop, outside was flooded with hundreds of fans! It was amazing, this is nothing.” It was pretty cool to hear about Louis’s past. Bria really enjoyed listening to them because she found it interesting. “Wow I don’t know if I could do that.” “Well believe it or not, you’re doing it now.” “Hmm,” she hums squirming in her seat. “You ok boo?” “Uh yeah just,” her cheeks heated up, she didn’t want to tell her father she was experiencing weird stuff, down there. “What is it your cheeks are going pink!” “I just, I don’t know-,” “Come on you can tell me anything.” “Dad, I think it’s started.” “What?” “My you know what.” “Oh, woman hood?” “Call it that but yes.” This wasn’t the place or time. There were people outside taking photos! “What am I going to do?” “Don’t panic.” “What do you mean don’t panic? How am I not supposed to panic dad I have people outside taking pictures!” “It happens to every woman.” “I’m only thirteen! Don’t you think I’m too young?” “I don’t know ask mother nature!” “She can’t help me right now!” The two of them struggled to figure out what to do next…