what are you doing kaner

random throwback video of the day #10: kaner mic’d up at morning skate

things of note:

  • “hey who do you think has more career goals on the backhand?” and kaner’s ensuing full-body laughter is the cutest, most adorable thing ever ugh
  • that weirdly nice exchange between kaner and jonny lmao “you look good” “thanks buddy” i wonder if this very civilized conversation was because they knew kaner was mic’d up ha
  • “SO NERVOUS!” i don’t even know what he was nervous about, but ADORABLE
  • you know that best friend conversation with sharpy – i can never fully make it out so anyone else wanna chime in? i’ve always thought kaner was saying that sharpy’s one of his best friends right now, but the more i replay it the more it sounds like he’s talking about someone else who’s becoming his best friend? someone he’s in a relationship with maybe?
  • “i really think you stepped up in the relationship (leadership?) department…must’ve learned from me.” “nah i learned from duncs and seabs” i love these assholes
  • “get away from me” oh pls kaner, you wouldn’t know what to do without sharpy :’)
His stick is a normal size. Typically, smaller players compensate for their smaller stature by using a longer stick, a la Callahan, St. Louis. He uses a regular-sized stick (…)
—  2/28/14: NHL Network commentators on Patrick Kane

My mom is watching and panting over Michael Jordan specials and going on and on about how awesome he was and how she just wants him to come back and I thought “well shit this is gonna be me in 25 years with Patrick Kane” and then I realized it’s me right now

So you know how Seabs and everyone would fight anyone who touched Kaner? Well imagine now that he’s back from his injury. Things are going to get CRAZY.

Don’t mess with Kaner you don’t know what will happen if you do.

Veela!Johnny, the continuing adventures

Yeah, so here’s the second section of Veela!Johnny. 

- have no actual plan for this at this point

- am not sure if I will repost this to A03, ‘cause I’m not sure if this is going to turn out, you know, readable. We shall see. I will definitely finish it! I have no clue how fast I will update it though, 'cause I’m just writing it as kind of an exercise.

Given those disclaimers, ENJOY.

Part I

Part II:

Practice starts out fine. Practice goes absolutely normally, even, right up until Burish skates up and says, a little breathlessly, “Hello.”

Johnny nods at him, distracted. He’ll be up to shoot in a minute.

“I was thinking we should go out to dinner tonight,” Bur says, and he does this little shake-shimmy of his shoulders, like some kind of dance move.

“Sure, yeah, get some of the boys together,” Johnny agrees absently. It’s his birthday, his 21st birthday, and yeah, he would like to go out for it. They’ll keep it pretty tame; their series against Vancouver starts tomorrow. 

“Actually,” Bur starts, stroking a finger down Johnny’s cheek, startling him into jerking back. Bur’s glove is tucked in under his armpit.

“Toews!” Q barks, and Johnny realizes that he’s up, so he skates off, still blinking. He shoots and bangs one off the post. Bur glides up behind him, having taken his turn right after and missed the net by about a mile himself.

“I was thinking maybe you and I could go out, just the two of us,” Bur says, looking…hopeful. Johnny skates back a bit, uneasily.

“Don’t be dumb,” Sharpy says, having just scored five-hole on Khabibulin. “If Johnny’s going out to dinner with anyone, it’s obviously going to be me.”

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