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RFA + V and Saeran react to overhearing MC's family scold her because they despise who she's dating? Maybe they think they aren't successful and responsible enough or not loyal or trustworthy or feel like MC deserves far better than what she's getting our of them? Specifically I'd like to see Saeyoung's reaction given his insecurities.

And we’re back! Did you guys miss some scenarios?

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V finding MC’s family disapproval


  • “Sweetie, I just think he’s playing with you.”
  • He heard that coming from your father when you two were washing the dishes in the kitchen, Zen noticed you two forgot a plate and was bringing it to the kitchen.
  •  “And what makes you think that, dad?” “Well, he’s handsome, I bet he has tons of women running after him. Maybe famous women? What makes you think he won’t dump you for some famous actress? He’s a public figure, honey, his image is everything. Plus… he sounds shallow like that.”
  • Shallow? Zen could deal with being called narcissist, workaholic, but… shallow? He was sounding shallow to your father?
  • He wanted to walk into the kitchen, maybe subtly, maybe not. He wish he had some really witty and smart statement to give so your father would realize he wasn’t just image
  • And he was about to step into the kitchen when he finally heard your voice: “If he sounds shallow, maybe you didn’t pay attention enough to what he was saying, dad. Have you listened to his story? His problems with his family? The way he struggled when he started his career as an actor? Have you heard when he told you how much he loves me and how guilty he feels that we’re still not married? Come on, dad. Either you weren’t listening, or you don’t know what shallow means.”
  •  “But, honey…” “His family is broken enough, dad. Let’s not break ours too just because you’re seeing Zen as just another actor, not as the man I chose to share my life with.”
  • Zen could almost cry right there. How did he manage to find someone who can see so deep inside him? Yeah, he definitely likes being known for his looks, but the fact you see beyond them is really overwhelming.
  • When you two are saying goodbye to your father, he gives a firm handshake to the man.  “I hope we can spend more time together, sir.”
  • “I would like that a lot. I see you have a bike, what brand is it?” that goodbye turned into a long conversation about bikes, which was super boring to you, but seeing them bonding was worth it.


  • “I honestly thought it was a joke when you introduced him as your boyfriend, sis.”
  • He heard when you and your sister were in your bedroom trying to find something for you to wear, Yoosung accidentally spilled wine on you.
  • “Shut up.” “No, I’m serious! What are you thinking, MC? He seems like a teenage mama’s boy. Look at what he did to your shirt, he’s so clumsy and… nerve-wracking! You’ll have to play his mommy all the time!”
  • Well, it’s not like he haven’t thought about himself like that before, but listening when it comes from another person, that person being someone who grew up with you hurts a lot more.
  • His first instinct was head out of there without anybody noticing he’s gone. But… then your sister would be completely right.
  • “He just spilled wine on me because his spatial notion is still a little compromised due to his eye. Have I told you he hurt his eye trying to protect me, sis? And yeah, he’s still a little nervous because he doesn’t know my family too well, but your hostility definitely won’t help him calming down. If you’ weren’t such a bitch, maybe you would have noticed by now he’s an amazing smart man that makes me really happy.”
  • “You just called me a bitch because of that guy?” “I did, just so you know how serious I am about him, to the point I’m fighting with my favorite person in the world.”
  • Well, he’s glad he didn’t run and stayed to listen to this. You made him sound like a really cool reliable guy, the type of man he’s trying to be for you.
  • After you and your sister go back to the living room, she makes sure to sit next to you two. “So wait… you asked her to be your pre-girlfriend before you got together? Oh my God, that’s so adorable…”
  • Then you two kept squealing over that photo of his with the roses, and though he’s super embarrassed, he couldn’t help feeling a little smug when your sister said ”Huh, I wish my boyfriend were like this.”


  • “She seems a little cold, MC. Are you sure she really likes you?”
  • She heard when you and your brother were setting the table while she was talking to your parents in the living room, she decided she needed to help as well.
  • “Ugh, don’t even start, bro.” “I’m not saying this to be an ass! Come on, MC, she’s so formal! She’s almost like a granny, you’ll get bored if you stay with her! This if she doesn’t dump you first, she seems cold like that.”
  •  You warned her about your brother’s brutal honesty, but this still felt unexpectedly hurtful.
  • She was really trying to loosen up, and she honestly felt she was doing a good job, at least next to you and to your friends, maybe she wasn’t and people close to you were feeling she wasn’t real about your relationship?
  • “She’s been working her ass off on a very strict company basically since she graduated, she’s still learning to loosen up. You would have noticed this if you weren’t so desperate about finding something to complain about my girlfriend, as you typically do.”
  • “Jeez, MC, calm down! I’m just worried for you.” “I appreciate it, but you’re the one boring me right now, let’s end this before I stop feeling bored and end up getting angry.”
  • She can’t help feeling this warmth growing inside her. Knowing that you are willing to fight for her like this is amazing! Not only because she never had that before, but also because it’s you.
  • Your brother decides to talk a little more to her. “Whooooa, so you’re a judo blackbelt? That’s awesome! You gotta teach me some moves!”
  • Well, giving this guy an ippon after he pissed you off would satisfy her more than she cared to admit.


  • “Are you sure this is a healthy relationship, honey?”
  •  Your mother asked you when you two were making dinner while he was setting the table, as you asked him, but he didn’t know where to find the forks.
  •  “What do you mean, ma?” “I mean, he seems so intimidating and, everything is happening so fast, you barely know each other and are already engaged, he seems very intense, for that matter.”
  • Well, he was indeed very intense, but… intimidating? He never wanted to come across as intimidating, not to you, not to the woman who raised you.
  • Was he intimidating you to the point you were feeling pressured to get married?
  •  “Mom, I know what you’re trying to say. He’s not like dad, okay? Yes, he is very intense, just because he never had the chance to express his feelings like all of us do.“
  • “Well, your father wasn’t good at expressing feelings either, then he expressed with actions…” “Ma, Jumin would never hurt me, emotionally or physically. I know you might be thinking I’m on a cycle, that I have daddy issues, but… just give him a chance, okay? Let him prove he is nothing like my father.”
  • He was really sad for you and your mother. Two amazing women were suffering due to a man’s behavior, this was awful in so many levels…
  • He walks into the kitchen, pretending he didn’t hear a thing. “Why don’t you just rest while MC and I cook, maam?”
  • “Oh wow, what a gentleman… nothing like her father.” He smiled genuinely, neither of the women were feeling intimidated by that smile.


  • “Your mother and I think you deserve better.”
  • Your father says when you were helping him changing a light bulb, Saeyoung decided to help when he heard this.
  • “Why would you think that, dad?” “Sweetie, he’s a train wreck! He’s immature, irresponsible, you told me how rude he acted with you. How can you be sure he won’t start pushing you away again?”
  • Of course he knew how immature and irresponsible he was, but he never really thought about what if he started getting snappy to you again. He promised he wouldn’t, but… was he good at keeping promises? Ask his brother.
  •  If he had any good sense, he would walk away and pretend he didn’t listen to any of this. He was already immature and irresponsible, he didn’t need o be nosy as well.
  • “He just pushed me away because he was worried and pretty sure he would die at any moment back then, dad. He was scared, he’s been scared his whole life! Have I told you what kind of hell he and his brother grew up at?”
  • “Sweetie, it still doesn’t justify…” “It does to me. He is scared and willing to change for me, I know that because I trust him. Can’t you trust the man your daughter loves? Not even a little?”
  • Well, if you asked him anything with that tone, he would oblige without thinking… ugh, you’re so sweet, so lovely, so caring… he can never push you away again! Not right now his life is so great with you and his brother, but it isn’t perfect, since your parents don’t like him…
  • “I’ll be honest with you, son. I still don’t trust you, but my daughter does and she never failed her judgments, that, and only because of that, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” You looked at him and smiled.
  • “Thank you, sir. I’ll prove it will be worth it.” Not so immature and irresponsible right now, is he?


  • “MC, listen to me, this guy is trouble!”
  • He heard this through the baby monitor when you and your sister went to check on her son.
  • “Why are you saying this?” “MC, he is… creepy! Are you dating him to punish dad? Look at him, he looks like he’s on the edge of a mental breakdown! Are you sure you want to play his nurse forever?”
  • He wasn’t on the edge of a mental breakdown! At least not now… at least not since you came along, but there were a few says, though…
  • Your sister is so right! He’s so weird and creepy, he doesn’t deserve you at all! Why did he even think he could handle trying to be normal and do normal things with you?
  • “I’m not playing his nurse! I like to help him because I love him, and he had mental break downs in the past, you would have too if you were locked up and forced to drugs after growing up with an abusive mother. All he needs is support and a loving family, not this… judgment from you!”
  • “MC, calm down, I was just…” “I know you’re concerned, but focus your concern on helping me give him what he needs. If you have nothing else nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  • Saeran didn’t hear any of this, he hid in the bathroom when you two left the bay’s bedroom and kept talking as you walked into the living room.
  • Then you two heard the baby crying through the baby monitor, but he quickly stopped, you two found it odd and went to check on him.
  • He was fine, Saeran was holding him. “Am… Am I doing this right?” Making yours and your sister’s heart explode from sweetness? Yep, he was doing this right.


  • “What are you even thinking dating this guy, MC?”
  • Your brother asked you when V went to the toilet, he got lost and tried to get back to ask your brother where was it, exactly.
  • “What do you mean?” “I mean, he’s an old blind man, MC! You’re wasting your youth with a guy like this, he won’t be able to keep it up with you!”
  • V already thought about it, yes, you were so young, did you really need to take such a responsibility by dating him?
  • And that coming from your brother, who sounded so worried… he hated being a burden and provoking this arguing between two family members…
  • “He’s just one year older than you, so chill. And what century are we in? Do you think just because he’s blind, he’s not able to have a normal life? Dude, we’re planning a trip to Italy for my birthday, I think that’s pretty normal, don’t you?”
  •  “MC, take I easy, I’m just…” “You’re concerned, but you don’t have to.  He’s pretty good by himself, and he’s independent, he doesn’t need me, yet he wants me, and I want him, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.”
  • He needed you, maybe not to do things for him, yes. But he needed you because he loved you, and he was so happy that you were so sure about him not being a burden.
  • You were saying goodbye, when your brother said: “I’m sorry, dude.”
  • “If you want to apologize, apologize for stressing her out. As for me, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to bring you a gift from Italy as a peace offer.”

Unpopular opinion: 2016 was actually an incredible year to me, so many cool things happened!! I’ve become independent, I learned and experienced tons of things, I’ve overcome my problems and finally I achieved what I’ve wanted for so long: I am truly happy with who I am as a person! I learned how to be happy and how to stay happy, I learned what’s important and to what extent. I realised that everything is a choice and there are literally no limits!! I finally see that every minute spent on whining and crying under a blanket is a wasted minute!! There’s literally no point in being stuck in one place, life moves forward and so should I!! Every failure is a test of persistence and determination, the key is to never stop looking for solutions!!

tl;dr Bring it on 2017, I’m ready


Author:: Myan (WOW)

Word Count: 1628 (EVEN WOWER)

Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x reader

Au: Soulmate Au where everyone has a heart tattoo somewhere on their body, and on their sixteenth birthday that heart gets filled with their soulmate’s favorite color and their first initial

You were extremely nervous. Today was your sixteenth birthday, which meant the heart on your forearm would be filled with your soulmates favorite color, and in the middle would appear their first initial.

Your parents had wanted to throw you a party, like most teens had to celebrate. You didn’t want that though. At all. If anything, all you wanted to do was burrow under your covers and hide from the world.You almost got away with that, too. Almost.

“[Y/n], I invited Phillip over. I understand that you don’t want a big party, but you can’t lock yourself in there for the whole day. He’s your best friend.” The door creaked open.

You groaned and rolled over to look at your mom as she stuck her head through the door. “Moommmm.”

She sighed. “Sweety, he’s your best friend. You don’t need to go out or anything. Your dad and I are going out for dinner, so you guys can watch a movie in the family room.”

You let out a grunt before pushing the covers off of yourself. “Fine,” you muttered as you opened the door to your closet to find some suitable clothes. Phillip might be your best friend, but that didn’t mean you wanted him to see you in your stained pajamas. On the other hand, it also meant you didn’t feel obligated to dress up, which was always nice.

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Finding things out about people is fun so let’s snoop around and ask people questions!!!!!!!!


1: Rose Art or Crayola?

2: Jeans or Leggings?

3: Books or eBooks?

4: Computer or Laptop?

5: Dentist or Doctor?

6: Knitting or Crocheting?

7: Pens or Pencils?

8: Beach or Pool?

9: Manual Toothbrushes or Electric Toothbrushes?

10: Netflix or Chill?

How Many…?

11: Kisses?

12: Crushes?

13: Pets?

14: Failed Quizzes?

15: Scoops on an Ice Cream Cone?

16: Times You’ve Lied About Brushing Teeth?

17: Classes Have You Ditched?

18: Fan-Related Merchandise?

19: Concerts?

20: Projects You Haven’t Started?


21: Was your favorite teacher?

22: Your first crush?

23: Was once your best friend but now, isn’t?

24: Your internet crush / best friend?

25: Are your top 3 favorite celebrities?

26: Are your top 3 OTPs?

27: Have you lied to in the past 48 hours?

28: Have you last called in the past 48 hours?

29: Is your #1 stan?

30: Got your your most treasured thing?


31: Is your favorite Asian food?

32: Is your favorite subject in school?

33: Movie have you watched most recently?

34: Clubs do you participate in?

35: Are you most skilled at?

36: Is your favorite tropical animal?

37: Is your favorite Neon color?

38: Is the number that you favor most?

39: Have you done recently that got you in trouble?

40: Is your favorite animated movie?

Random Questions…?

41: Who are you voting for in the 2016 Presidential Election (If you’re over 18)?

42: What’s your favorite highlighter color?

43: What season do you prefer most?

44: Forks or chopsticks?

45: Hot Topic or nah?

46: Apple or Windows?

47: Veggie Chips??????

48: Night Owl or Early Bird?

49: How many piercings?


“Draco putting Harry’s fork on the left, because he uses it in his left hand despite being right handed”


in what universe do you not put all forks on the left

that’s the way it goes?? fork on the left, knife on the right, always  (there’s like. two forks that are exceptions but that’s too formal)

and draco especially should know this??? he probably grew up with multiple utensils to every meal so

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Okay so a bit late maybe??? A day, but Tsuna is a former merperson who is now a permanent human. (Maybe it was an accident. Maybe he knew Reborn before hand and wanted to join him.) So, Reborn has to show him the ropes. Problem is, he's... Still kind of new to this whole human thing. He doesn't understand things like forks. ('So you eat it?' "No" 'Then why is it there?' "To eat with" 'Isn't that what hands are for???') Hilarity and Reborn's fond exasperation commence.

So normally I wouldn’t have considered this one, just because 90% of the time anything involved with mermaids always ends in tragedy and heartbreak. BUT there isn’t any in this prompt so enjoy anon!

Part of Your World

Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn

Pairing: R27

Warnings: None

ff.net link | ao3 link


Reborn woke up to the sound of Tsuna falling out of his bed… again. It was a common occurrence ever since Tsuna had come to live with Reborn.

Placing his shoulder on the door frame, leaning, Reborn peered into the room that Tsuna had claimed in the last six months. As expected, the brunet was on the ground, tangled in his blanket and limbs sticking out everywhere.

“Dame-Tsuna,” Reborn drawled. “When are you going remember that you no longer live underwater?”

“S-shut up!” Tsuna snapped, untangling himself. “It’s impossible to fall out of your bed when you live under the sea!”

The circumstances in which Tsuna had come to live with Reborn was by no means normal. To start, Tsuna was a merman turn human. A nice little tidbit Reborn had discovered two days after Tsuna showed up at his doorstep, looking for a place to stay. (It was actually a good thing that it came out when it did because Tsuna didn’t know what a fork was of all things and Reborn was ready to call the doctors who would have been much better equipped and more patience to deal with the boy that Reborn thought was previously a little slow.) When Reborn asked why, Tsuna simply shrugged and said he wanted to explore the human world and Reborn was the first person whom he saw.

Which was total bullshit because Reborn lived a mile from the shoreline in the middle of a forest, and didn’t make a habit of going near the water due to… a childhood trauma that was, in no way, crippling or even worth admitting. Colonnello was telling lies. Lies! The only reason Reborn had bought a house this close to the shoreline was definitely not an attempt to recover from a certain trauma that did not exist, but because it was peaceful and quiet and far away from people.

That was Reborn’s story and he was sticking to it.

Tsuna stood up, wobbling before losing his balance and falling forward. Reborn sighed and moved to catch him. “Balance, Dame-Tsuna. Balance.”

“It’s not as easy as it looks!” Tsuna cried, holding tight to Reborn’s arm.

“I am never going to understand why you wanted to be a human, when the basics of walking is beyond you,” Reborn mocked, guiding Tsuna carefully out of the room.

Tsuna pouted. “Because, because…” he trailed off, staring at the ground.

Reborn looked at him, inquisitively. However, Tsuna remained silence.

Taking pity on him, Reborn redirected Tsuna to the kitchen. “Go set the table. I’ll cook breakfast. And don’t forget the forks!”

“You’re never going to let me live that down are you?” Tsuna shouted back.

“Of course not.”

Tsuna grumbled under his breath. “Why do you even need forks? Isn’t that what hands are for?”

Reborn rolled his eyes and turned on the stove to cook some eggs. A quiet but conformable silence filled the room as they settle into their morning routine. Things were going so well, until Tsuna forgot about why stoves were dangerous and why one shouldn’t grab a hot pot by its sides without potholders.



Tsuna whimpered in pain, his hands a bright red and blistering. Reborn tugged Tsuna towards the sink, running water over the burn to soothe it. Tears prickled at the corner of Tsuna’s eyes, threatening to fall. Reborn left the water running to turn off the stove, remove the hot pot elsewhere. The food could be cleaned up later.

Soon, Reborn and Tsuna were sitting on the couch in the living room. The first aid kit laid on the table as Reborn gently applied burn cream to Tsuna’s hands and wrapping them loosely with bandages.

“Idiot,” Reborn scolded without any real heat.

“Sorry,” Tsuna mumbled, wincing in pain.

“Really though,” Reborn said. “How do you honestly expect to see the rest of the human world when you’re so clumsy?”

“I don’t care about the rest of the human world,” Tsuna said quietly. “I just want to stay with you.”

Reborn paused, looking straight at Tsuna. “Tsuna?”

Tsuna huffed, puffing out his cheeks and looked away. A faint red blush began to appear on his face. “I don’t expect you to remember, but you saved me once.”

Reborn felt his mouth go dry. No. That couldn’t be. Unbidden, a memory that Reborn spent most of his life trying to repress, floated forward in Reborn’s head. He was seven and at the docks for the first time in his young life. A group of unruly boys, throwing rocks and nets at something in the water and a cry for help that had Reborn intervening. A struggle that sent Reborn off the dock into the cold water, getting tangled and trapped under the nets.

The panic and fear and the growing realization that he was drowning. A half formed image of orange colored eyes and waking up on the cold sand, wet and coughing. A fear of water formed from the trauma and a promise to never go to the ocean again.

No. Way.

Eyes narrowed, Reborn scowled. “If I’m recalling correctly, you saved me.”

Tsuna’s eyes flickered orange briefly, tinted with amusement. “Well, yes. I couldn’t let you drown after you stopped those idiots from throwing rocks at me. After such a close call though, I should have gone home, but I wanted to see you again. But you never came back.”

After such a close call with death, Reborn wouldn’t be caught near the ocean. It was only after getting fed up with Colonnello’s teasing that Reborn decided to conquer that particular fear. “Then when I showed up at the shoreline years later, you decided to follow me home,” Reborn concluded.

“Y-yeah,” Tsuna said. “I just… I just wanted to be part of your world.”

“Idiot,” Reborn said. His tone was fond and warm. The light smile on his face, just the slight upward tilt of his lips, betrayed his feelings.

He supposed he could live with that.

Ode to joy

Requested by @fleurreads ♥ thank you lil darling love you lots too 

Neighbours AU: i know this is really creepy but I can always hear your music through the walls and I noticed we like all the same music. There’s a music festival coming up and I have an extra ticket. Do you wanna go?

I switched it up a little and made them like classical music (because there’s something really hot about Killian listening to Mozart okay)

3600 words of fluff and smut (mostly fluff) A big thank you to cutie @tillthebooksrunout who meta’d me ♥ 

Her new neighbor is the first thing she notices as she gets to the parking lot in front of their residence.

It’s a Sunday morning, and she’s back from her forty-five minute jogging when she catches a glimpse of him in his blue flannel, cardboard box in his arms, looking absently at his trunk.

A glance at him is all it takes for her to make out that he must be some kind of artist; the way his vibrant blue eyes look everywhere and nowhere at the same time, lips pressed together as he seems to memorize something.

It’s not the only thing she notices, to be quite honest.

Like the fact that he’s pretty fucking hot. The darkness of hair contrasts beautifully with the paleness of his skin and timidness of his eyes, and he’s tall and well built.

Rubbing her sweaty hands on her leggings, she makes her way towards him, a small smile on her face.

Be cool, Emma.

“Hi,” she exclaims as she reaches him.


Brows furrowed, she distinguishes the earbuds in his (elf) ears, and she’s the slightest bit offended.

Sighing, she gently puts her hand on his shoulder to get his attention, and she expected a lot of different things he could do or say.

However, not the part where he completely jumps with surprise, almost letting fall his box as he shifts towards her, blue eyes open wide, his earbuds abandoning his ears.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” she starts, one hand covering her mouth, but then his lips slowly part into a wrenching smile.

He’s even more handsome. Not fair.

“Oh, it’s okay love. I’m the one that’s sorry, ignoring such a pretty lass as yourself,” and he just smiled fonder, revealing dimples in his cheeks as he scratched behind his ear.

He has an accent. (She wants to die.)

“I just wanted to tell ask you if you needed any help with your boxes, because I live next door.”

Wait, that sounded creepy didn’t it?

She’s definitely blushing.

“Don’t worry, lass; I bet you can carry far more boxes than I, but this is the last one. By the way, I’m Killian.”

That stupid smile again.

“Emma,” she just grins, a little bit out of breath.

She offers him her hand then, but stumbles instead on his earbuds dangling, a little oh escaping her lips.

“Wait, I know this music…” she trails off.

She doesn’t realise how close she has gotten to him, barely a few centimeters separating them, too concentrated on the melody.

“You like classical music?” they ask as one, and as she stares at his amazed expression, she can not hold back a chuckle.

“I-” shit, they are talking at the same time again.

Absolutely fucking awkward, she curses herself. May I remind you Emma Swan that you’re awkward teenager phase is supposed to be over ?

She opens her mouth then, ready to-

“Killian ! ”

Wait, that wasn’t her voice.

Turning around with a slight groan, she discerns another blue-eyed man.

“Oh, lass, I’m sorry; that’s my brother.”

His smile could probably melt the whole Antarctica.

“It was lovely to meet you; perhaps another time?”

And with that he’s gone.

She stares, mortified, at the earbuds in her hands.

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