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Prompt number nine - “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?” for @suzunesays

I watched as Yukimura stumbled out of his room, his eyes squinting against the light of the sun streaming in through the windows. His shirt was buttoned wrong, the hem of one side a button higher than the other side, his collar sitting unevenly against his neck. “Good morning,” I said, glancing over at the clock on the stove. “Or more accurately, good afternoon.”

I watched as his eyes went as round as saucers, a blush creeping up from beneath that crooked collar until every inch of visible skin was a warm pink. “Wh-what are you doing here?” he stammered, flinching back and raising a hand to his hand, visibly pained by the sudden movement.

“Cooking brunch,” I replied, flipping the last of the eggs I had just scrambled onto three plates. Lifting one in each hand and balancing the third on my forearm, I walked around the kitchen island towards the cozy breakfast nook set off to the side of Yukimura’s open concept living area. If you had asked me a moment before, I would have said it wasn’t possible for Yukimura to get any redder, but I would have been wrong.

“Are you – “ he paused and cleared his throat as his voice broke a little. “Are you wearing my shirt?”

I glanced down at my current outfit (to use the word loosely). Yukimura was enough taller than I was to ensure that all the scandalous bits were covered, but not so much taller that it didn’t reveal a long expanse (well, “long” in the relative term) of leg. The sleeves were rolled into a chunky wad of fabric at my elbows – they had dangled too far past my fingers for me to cook with.

“Yes – you said it was okay. In fact, you insisted,” I said, looking back at him quizzically. I set the plates down onto the woven placemats, next to the glasses of orange juice. I gestured towards one of the chairs. “Sit. Eat.”
Yukimura stumbled over to the table and collapsed into the of the seats, his eyes dazed. “I – insisted?” he said, taking in the contents of the plates. I was quite proud of myself – the bacon came out perfect, and the pancakes were light and fluffy. “Wh- why are there three plates?”

“For Saizo, of course,” I said, confused. Saizo chose that exact moment to walk into the room, steam wafting out from the bathroom behind him, wearing only a towel around his neck and a pair of Yukimura’s sweatpants. Yukimura’s blush, which had partly faded for a brief moment, flared back into life again.

“S-s-s-Saizo is here, too?” Yukimura said, his voice sounding strangled.

“Of course, dear; where else would I be after last night?” Saizo drawled, throwing the towel behind him without even looking, which of course hung itself up on the door handle after flying in a perfect arch behind him.

“Honestly, Yukimura, you’re acting like you weren’t even expecting to find us here,” I said, sitting down at the table and lifting a fork.

“W-well, I,” he began to say before Saizo leaned over Yukimura’s shoulder and shoved a piece of bacon into Yukimura’s mouth.

“Hush up and eat, little lord,” Saizo said as he moved to take the last seat. “It’s rude to not eat what you’re served.”

I sent a quick smile towards Saizo. I could always count on him to remind Yukimura of the practical things in life. Yukimura’s face returned to its normal colour as we ate, his eyes darting between me and Saizo nervously the whole time. Predictably, both men ate much quicker than I did. “There’s more in the oven if you’re still hungry,” I offered, as Yukimura practically licked his plate clean.

“Yes, please,” he replied, standing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” I said, waving him back down and moving toward the kitchen. Knowing Yukimura, he’d forget the oven mitt and burn his hand. Yukimura’s eyes shot straight to my legs before he quickly turned his head and plopped back into his chair, a flush rising to his face again.

“So, um,” he began, fidgeting with his fork as I placed the warm food in the centre of the table. “Where… where are your clothes?”

I exchanged a glance with Saizo. I mean, I knew Yukimura had been pretty drunk, but I didn’t think he would have been able to forget something like last night.

“You don’t remember last night at all, do you, little lord?” Saizo said, snagging a piece of bacon from the plate and bringing it to his mouth, raising an eyebrow at Yukimura.

“R-remember what?”

I met Saizo’s eyes again, a quick flash of understanding going unvoiced between us like a laser except not blinding.

I let out a dramatic gasp, causing Yukimura to look over at me in alarm from his current activity of shoveling more food onto his plate. “You forgot a night as unforgettable as last night? I mean, the things you did to me. The things you did to Saizo!”

“You couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough, little lord,” Saizo said, reaching his arms out in a long, languid stretch (which I couldn’t help but admire. He moved like a shadow made of rubber, but like, SEXY rubber, you know?).

“I’ve never had such a hot experience with two men before,” I continued, as Yukimura stood abruptly and staggered back, tripping over his chair and landing with an inelegant thump on the floor, bumoing his head against the wall. His entire chest, neck, and face were a bright crimson, enhancing the bright blue of his wide, shocked eyes.

“I… you… we…” Yukimura choked out, barely managing words. I stood and rushed over to Yukimura’s side, checking the back of his head for any lumps or cuts. Saizo remained in his seat, blithely continuing to eat his breakfast. Yukimura flinched as I found a spot on his head, stroking my fingers through his surprisingly silken tresses.

“Sorry,” I muttered. Okay, it was less funny now that someone got hurt. Taking pity on Yukimura, I said, “We were just teasing you, but you kinda deserved it.”

“Kind of? He very much deserved it,” Saizo declared from the table, leaning over to take a pancake that had been sitting on Yukimura’s plate.

“Okay, you super duper deserved it,” I agreed.

“What did I do?” Yukimura asked, his body stiff and motionless as I held his head and softly stroked the sore spot soothingly, as if he was afraid I’d leave if he moved. As if. His hair was super soft.

“You basically lit us on fire.”

“I did what?” he yelped, finally jerking away from me.

“Yeah, you were telling some story about fighting with someone at your martial arts thing and spilled brandy all over me. Then when you tried to apologize and clean it off, you knocked over a candle onto me. And then when Saizo tried to help put me out, you knocked the other candle onto him. Clearly, we couldn’t wear our own clothes, and I wasn’t going to go home wearing nothing but this.” I gestured towards myself. “And Saizo decided that if I was staying here, he may as well stay here too.”

Hiding his face in his hands, Yukimura said, “I am never drinking again.”

My Decision (6)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader, Lawyer!Bucky x Model!Dot

Warnings: aaannggst, sad Bucky, sad reader, bitchy Dot

Words count: 1,358

Sumarry: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?

Part1 Part2 part3 part4 part5


           Pushing his apartment door, Bucky dropped himself onto the bed. Running his hands through his hair, he groans loudly and cursed a lot. The kiss felt so right but it’s wrong, why he kissed you? Does he loves you? Does he loves Dot? And then he remember about Dot, he keeps distancing himself from his fiancé because he hangs out with you a lot, he knew he needs to make it up to her.

           The knock on his door brings Bucky back from his thoughts, opening the door Bucky was greeted by Dot, “I was about going to call you!” Bucky hugs her in a tight embrace, pushing Bucky away dot asked, “I saw you coming out of her house” dot stated, “Whose house?” Bucky asked, “Don’t play dumb Bucky, of course that slut you’ve been hanging around with for the past months! How was it? You two fucked already? Did she pleasure you amazingly?” she asked angrily, “For fuck sake! First of all, she is not a slut and there’s nothing going on between us!” Bucky screams. There’s some unsure feeling he had when he said you and him were nothing, yes he did felt something but he just can’t figure it out, “Do you even love me?” Dot asked, “Of course I love you!” he said, “You barely touch me, Buck” Dot said, and Bucky grabs her neck and kissed her, let’s say that night they’re fucking like an animal.

           Waking up in the morning Bucky looked beside him was Dot naked form, and last night it was overwhelming. Bucky knows he didn’t make love with Dot last night, it was them just fucking around, there’s no love but just lust. He didn’t even feel anything and this is wrong, he knew it. He can’t just end things with Dot but he also hurts your feelings and he definitely hated the way he reacted and pushed you away after he just kissed you and he regrets saying Goodbye, and he didn’t know what to do now. Getting out from the bed, Bucky went to the bedroom and cook the breakfast. After placing the plate on the table, Bucky felt Dot hands wrapped around his waist, “What are we having?” she asked, “Bacon, scramble eggs, and sandwich” Bucky smiles and kissed her lips and now he compared Dot’s to your lips, Bucky quickly turn around and shake his head from the thoughts, he just can’t get you out of his mind.

           At first they’re eating peacefully until Dot shows her phone and showed Bucky a necklace, a super duper expensive necklace, “what do you think?” she asked, “it was a nice necklace” Bucky said, “I want one” she said simply, “Dot, we have weddings to go. Your dream wedding has a lot budget and I’ve been saving my money to get you your dream house” Bucky said, “But I want this Bucky” she said, and this is the side of Dot that people hate but Bucky never realize he was actually being used by her, “I’ll buy you one someday” Bucky smiles, “But I have a gala to attend tomorrow! I need this!” , “Baby, please understand” Bucky pleaded, “No! you’re the one who needs to understand me! You can keep buying things to your mom and now you’re refusing to buy me just a necklace? Are you even love me? Or do you have spent your money buying things for that (y/n) girl? I think we’ve made an agreement that you will not seeing her again!” she screams at Bucky hoping her tricks will win by bringing her up, Dot knows Bucky will felt guilty and gave her anything she wants, and that’s always goes as planned, “Okay, I’ll buy you one” Bucky surrender, “Thankyou, Bucky. I love you, I have photoshoot to go so, see you around” she pecked his lips and went out from his apartment, “Unbelievable” Bucky muttered under his breath.

           Since those days (y/n) only focus on her drawings for Ronald McNeil exhibit, the theme was about the journey of love, which every artist who participated must present the drawings about their love life. It was sickening for (y/n) but she pushes the feeling cause working with Ronald McNeil is one of her dream. Little did you know, everytime you open the store Bucky always right on the opposite of the building enjoying his morning coffee while seeing your painting, or smiling politely to people who bought your drawing. Even he didn’t had time to watch you every morning, he will make sure to drive passing your store just for seeing your face. As creepy as it seems and considering himself as a stalker, he couldn’t get enough of you, and today he sits at the same position on the café in front of your store, “Bucky, what’s wrong with you two?” Steve asks, “nothing, just some misunderstanding” Bucky sipped his coffee and still keeping his eyes on you. He notices your body moves a bit slowly than usual, your face paler, and those bags under your eyes were noticeable. He felt the urge to run towards you, lays you to your bed and feed you with bunch of tacos and pizza because you love it so much.

           “Talk to her Buck, you’re such a mess” Steve stated which brings back Bucky from his thoughts, “I can’t, I promised Dot I won’t see her again” Bucky answers, “But why? You two are just friends, right?” Steve asks curiously, ‘Yes friends who kissed’ that’s what Bucky thoughts, “or more?” Steve asks again, “dammit Steve would you shut up?!” Bucky hit the table, which cause everyone looking at him. You notice a movement from the café in front of you and you saw Bucky glaring at Steve, you miss him so much and it’s been hard weeks for you, but seeing him right there not really far from you making you wanted to run away, so you did. You put the ‘close’ sign and run upstairs to your bedroom. Bucky turn around and found you’re gone and you close your store, “I shouldn’t have brought you here” Bucky sighs to Steve and push the café door and leave.

           By the night he came back to his apartment and was greeted by Dot, wearing a long silk dress with the necklace that she insist Bucky to bought, “what are you doing here Dot?” Bucky sighs, “Why? I can’t visit my fiancé? I’m actually confused, why you never ask me to move in?” Dot asked, “We’re getting married Dot, will living in the same roof soon” Bucky dropped himself on his bed, “what’s wrong, did I upset you?” she asked straddling Bucky’s lap, Dot dressed hike up exposing her black lace panties, Dot starts unbuttoning Bucky’s shirt but he remains silent, he just lays there not even paying attention to Dot. She kissed his neck, his jaw and asks again, “You seems tired, lemme take care of you. I don’t want you be taken care of by her” Bucky’s eyes snapped open and pushed Dot from his lap, “What the fuck?” Dot asked, “Would you stop bringing her into everything?!” Bucky clenched his fist and giving Dot the death stare, “I’m tired listening to your drama, okay! I wanted to be alone right now, and than you here, seducing me, and bringing her in every conversation we had! What the hell is wrong with you? She never even hurt you!” , “I told you Bucky, I don’t like seeing you hanging out with girls!” she screams, “You know why I hanging out with her a lot? Because she understand me! She listens to me, I listen to her, but with you? I’ve always been forced to listen to you, but you never even once listen to me! Everything is always about you Dot, everything is about you and I am sick of it!” Bucky screams in the way he never thought he could, “So what now? You wanna end this? Listen you James Barnes, if you end this than the business our dad has must ended too, so goodluck with that” and she left his apartment.

Sooo college start again tomorrow and I have finished writing this story, can’t wait to share with you guys! four chapters to go! Hope y’all enjoy reading it as much as i am enjoy writing it! send me feedbacks!xx

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Confession (NCT Dream’s Chenle scenario)

Ok so I’m sorry but I’m too lazy to write a proper scenario so I’m just gonna do a list type scenario! If you really don’t wanted this then please tell me and I’ll try to make a proper scenario!

Originally posted by t-yong

  • Ok so you two are friends right
  • and you’re in the same class together
  • idk what grade he’s in but he’s a tiny child ok
  • so you two had a test in like science or something tomorrow right
  • and you’ve both studied together for sooo long
  • if you’re like me then you’ll still probably fail it but hey it’s the thought that counts right??
  • So you both have been studying for hours the night before the test
  • and you get really tired of studying ofc
  • but he’s all like
  • “no, no, y/n we need to study!! otherwise we might fail!!”
  • and you’re like
  • “chill boy we’ll have more tests in the future anyway”
  • and so you start to fool around and try to make him laugh to distract him a bit
  • bc why is this boy studying so much he probably knows it all already
  • and he does, this is just his excuse to be with you
  • and he’s still like super concentrated
  • and so you decide to lay down with your head on his lap
  • bc why not 
  • and ofc he starts blushing
  • who wouldn’t you’re hella cute
  • “y/n what are you doing??”
  • “trying to get your attention”
  • then he does his super duper cute little giggle
  • which makes you smile
  • “did i succeed?”
  • he smiles and nods at you
  • so you smile back and just kinda lay there
  • and hes all like “arent you gonna get up????”
  • and you’re all like “??? why would i?? you’re so comfy!”
  • and now he’s red as a tomato but is still smiling like an angel
  • so you two just start talking about whatever comes to mind
  • he’s playing with your hair and looks at you like you’re his everything
  • which you are
  • “hey, y/n, could you get up for a sec?? i need to tell you something”
  • he looks super serious so you get up immediately
  • “hey, are you alright??”
  • he looks kinda scared??
  • “I’ve just.. been feeling kinda weird lately.. or well, not lately but.. whenever I’m with you i feel really really happy and just content. just seeing you gives me butterflies in my stomach and i just… y/n i really like you and i was wondering if you maybe..”
  • you don’t let him finish his sentence before you hug him
  • “i feel the same way chenle”

I’m sorry this was really bad but I tried my best ok

Feel free to request anything!

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Mystic Messenger


First Date

Steve fluff!!! As I said, I thought I should give you some nice Steve after I made him so horrible in TTW!!! I feel like this is going to have a part 2 if this part is popular, so let me know if you want one. And enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2

“Hey, (y/n). He’s here again.”

“What?” You glance up from your computer and see Steve Rogers lurking next to the water machine. One of the other girls in the office heads over and makes first contact, putting herself between you and him.

“Wait for it.” Darcy, at the desk next to you, mutters.

“Stop.” You hiss back, looking at your computer again.

“He did it!” She whispers gleefully, gently clapping her hands. You look up reluctantly, and see Steve rotating slightly so he is back in your eye line.

“You need to calm yourself.” You shoot at Darcy, feeling your cheeks heating slightly.

“He so has the hots for you. He comes down here every day and just stands there!”

“He doesn’t even know my name.” You reply, not letting yourself think about what might happen if Darcy was right.

“Just go talk to him! He’s probably shy!”

“Oh come off it. Captain America? Shy? Yeah right.” You scoff.

“Stranger things have happened.” She says with a shrug, going back to her computer.

“Look, see. He’s gone now.” You say when you glance up a final time.

“He’ll be back.” She says firmly.

“How can you be so sure?” You ask.

“He’ll be back.”

And sure enough, he was.

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Buckynat MCU ship manifesto

Hello again! historymiss here once more to lay it out for you on why you should ship MCU Buckynat. 

Honestly, it’s pretty similar to the reasons for 616 Buckynat, but a lot simpler because there isn’t a whole bunch of canon to draw from. So here’s the basic reasons, in handy list form.

1. Similar backstories

Just like in 616, Bucky and Natasha are both still a product of the Russian Red Rooms. Admittedly, this is a fairly subtle link and it’s not made explicit, but the fact that the Winter Soldier still has his trademark red star hints at a Soviet connection, and we know Natasha was trained by the KGB. It’s not impossible to believe that they have a shared background.

Plus, even if they didn’t have a past romance that was brainwashed away like their 616 counterparts, they still have that shared experience of brainwashing and being used as a tool to bond over, possibly even by the exact same people. Just like in 616, no-one else will really get what Natasha went through like Bucky, and nobody would be able to relate to Bucky quite as well as Natasha. 

(”Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?” “You know I do.”)

2. It’s super-duper hot

Two superspies in black leather who habitually swagger as they walk and whose fighting styles are fast, aggressive and lethal. Don’t tell me that their romance scenes wouldn’t leave you looking for a new pair of knickers.

3. Natasha’s backstory

Natasha, frankly, needs some characters to form a supporting cast. Shipping her with Bucky Barnes gives MCU Natasha a start at building her own network of people outside the Avengers to interact with. It’s the same reason people like to imagine her as friends with Pepper Potts- MCU Natasha has no non-work friends. She deserves a few, especially if she’s going to be more fleshed out as a character.

(”I’m Russian. Or I was.”)

4. Bucky’s backstory

MCU Bucky needs to be a bit more than Steve’s sad brainwashed friend to sustain a character. Shipping him with Natasha means that he’s got more of a story outside of Captain America. It opens up way more possibilities with his character, and gives Bucky someone else to connect with. Steve’s a busy guy, after all- someone needs to watch out for Bucky when he’s not there.

(”You might not want to pull on that thread.”)

5. It’s hinted at in the movie, if you squint really hard

Aside from the aforementioned Soviet connection, there’s the fact that the Winter Soldier shot Natasha nonfatally in Odessa, as well as the fact that she knew exactly where to get his file from. Plus, Winter Soldier specifically asks (in Russian!) for her to be left to him in the bridge fight scene. It’s not too much of a stretch to think that Natasha knows more about the Soldier than she’s letting on. Lies are, after all, her stock in trade.

Honestly, though? The simple fact of the matter is this: they are two awesome characters, with an established relationship in 616, which is after all MCU’s source material, and they are so, so good together. Why wouldn’t you want to see that on the big screen?

anonymous asked:

What do you look for in a significant other?

Someone who’s super duper nice, adventurous, gets along with my family & friends, has goals and aspirations, shines positivity out their butthole, can make me laugh and watch Disney movies with me. BOOTY IS A PLUS😍

the last notes of the song echoes through the stadium, quickly drowning out due to the eruptions of screams from the audience behind him. his breathing is uneven, and his body is shaking as he tries to hold the ending position to the performance. he feels the heat of the spotlight against his back, against the skin of his neck exposed from above, and he winces. 

he closes his eyes, trying to collect his thoughts through the noise. the echoes become louder before they all fade entirely, and when his heart finally slows to a regular rhythm, he opens his eyes to emptiness in front of him. it starts to fill him from the outside in when he turns around and the thousands of seats that span across his view are vacant. he starts to feel how significant this imagery was–how small he is in comparison to the rest of the world, how he is simply one person amongst thousands in this place alone. how could any of this last longer than forever? he wonders, thoughts lingering in the air surrounding him.

it knocks the air out of his lungs and finally knocks him to his knees. his hands embrace the ground underneath him, and for a moment, he wonders if everything that has happened up until that point was simply a dream; a mirage of what should have been but couldn’t be. his bones feel old despite belonging to the youngest body, and his soul is tiring even though it has always been full of spirit. it is the most beautiful moment in life–but until when will it end?

at least just for today, i want it to be forever. i just want to be young forever.

you so know me (pinch me gently) | dinosaur

OT5. ~16k. diner au. zayn centric. asexuality&soft beginnings
↳for groundopenwide in zaynmas2k15

Zayn thinks even if he wasn’t less sexually inclined than an off-white paint chip, the running line of One Night Stand Hall of Famers rotating through his doors at 5 AM would put him straight off the practice. Wednesday is, sadly, one of the least sad ONSHOFs. Zayn seems to pick them up like strays.

One day, he’ll put it on his CV.

thehopefulones  asked:

Jackie ran into Mason's room in the middle of the night, yanked the blanket off of him and shook his vigorously by his shoulders. "Mason! Mason, wake up! Now. Right now! Wake up! It's really ultra super duper important!"

Mason shot up. “What do you want?!!!”

holyshitimkawaii  asked:

When i go to a lolita meet up i have to dress in bodyline, mainly because i cant afford brand, and the other lolitas look down on me. I even got called an ita. Did this happen to you? If so, what do i do? And I LOVE YOU SUPER, DUPER, MUCH!!!!! ESPECIALLY YOUR VIDEOS! YOHR SOOOOOO COOOL!!!!

I’ve been in full on brand and people have called me an ita before. If they can’t poke fun at what I’m wearing than they’ll comment on my wig, makeup, my nose or something else. There will always be people out there who may put you down and for different reasons too. You shouldn’t let it stop you from anything. If you like the way you are dressed, then that’s all that matters <3 There is no shame in bodyline, offbrand, taobao,handmade etc. You don’t have a to wear brand to be a lolita. If we all wore the same thing, it would get boring real fast… Celebrate your own individual style. There will be people who love you for it and those are the friends you need to find, make and keep around <3 

Thank you so much for all of your lovely compliments! Stay strong and support you <3