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imagine knowing that this is the1000000th time this has happened but still thinking harry styles is once again the victim of a "leak" and yet he still hasn't upgraded his internet security or told anyone around him to do the same ...

antis and hets truly live in a different world lol 

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The day Clint find out that whatever romantic partner you want learned ASL for him

The silence was loud. Or maybe that was the bells. The buzzing bees? The ringing in his ears. What was left of them. Well, his ears were still there. The shells of ‘em and all. It was just his hearing that was gone. Again.

The nurses kept coming by to check the monitors and replace his IV, holding up a white board with explanations for what they were doing in the simplest words possible, but Clint didn’t honestly care what they were doing.

All he had the energy to focus on was the pain that the drugs couldn’t quite dull and all the fucking noise within the silence.

The room was white, with the occasional blip of blue and red scrubs and then it was red and white and blue all rolled into one–wait, no. That was just Steve. Captain America-Steve, shield and all.

Clint didn’t bother to turn his head, he could still see just fine, thanks, his peripherals didn’t diminish any in the blast.

Steve set the shield down in the corner and pulled the lone chair in the room up as close as he could get to the side of the bed. Clint started counting the ceiling tiles for the 37th time as Steve stripped off his gloves and tossed his cowl aside.

Then Steve let his hand fall to cover Clint’s on the bed and just…left it there.

Clint finally twitched his head over in Steve’s general direction, more looking at their hands than anything else, but he caught it just fine when Steve brought his other hand up to his face, fingers spread as he brought them to his forehead then drew them down his face, pulling his fingers together as they went.


Clint’s eyes jerked up to Steve’s face, wide and awestruck and dead-set on taking in every detail as Steve pulled his hand away for a moment to sign, I will keep watch. Sleep.

Clint couldn’t move his arms. Frankly, it was a miracle he managed to even move his head, honestly. Everything hurt, where the hell was the nurse with his next dose of pain meds anyway?

But it was suddenly so quiet, and Steve was right there, speaking to him so that Clint’s eyes could hear him.

Painstakingly, he curled his ring and middle fingers in toward his palm, the tips dragging across the starch-stiff sheet. And Steve’s hand, forming a mirror image of Clint’s own, came back to rest there, love overlapping love.


Wait a minute



*whisper* What happened?


Alrighty Y'all are awesome

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So it’s time for 3 shoutouts! 

@yakulev-trash , whose blog isn’t actually trash. It’s beautiful, trust me.

@pwrandcntrl This multi-grain-fandom blog is just a great mush of great things. 

@beemoviefan420 , who gives me memes to deal with and cry over. They’re one of my longest-standing followers (seriously how do you survive this trash)!

SO PLEASE HEY HEY HEY to all these great people and a lot more because everyone is amazing and really, you guys are the thing I come home to each day and smile.

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I have this new fixation and it’s called demon fairy Orion

I wonder where they get all these fancy clothes in ME
imagined some special believer uniform for MC


First meeting of Oswald Cobblepot & Edward Nygma (1.15)