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Being Chin Ho Kelly's Daughter In Her Late Teens/Early Twenties Would Include

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  • Him being very protective. 
  • Him teaching you self-defense. 
  • You never once believed the accusations about him stealing the money.
  • Him being grateful that you don’t believe the accusations. 
  • Being happy for him when he joined Five-0. 
  • Being very close to Kono. 
  • Convincing him that Adam wasn’t a bad guy and that Kono was happy with Adam.
  • Kono asking you to be maid of honor at her wedding.
  • Girls days out with Kono. 
  • “Auntie Kono, what about this?" 
  • "That’s gorgeous. Get it." 
  • "Dad, I bought this dress/top. when I went out with Kono. What do you think?" 
  • "It’s gorgeous, pumpkin." 
  • John McGarrett was like your uncle before he died.
  • Joining the team for meals. 
  • Being close to the whole team.
  • “So, Y/N, tell us some stories about your dad. There have to be some embarrassing stories he’s keeping hidden from us.”
  • Everyone loving you. 
  • Being part of their ohana.
  • Calling Steve, Danny, and Lou ‘uncle’.
  • Always considering Jerry to be your uncle.
  • Being like a big sister to Grace and Charlie.
  • Being close to Malia before she died.
  • Comforting him after Malia died. 
  • Him being scared someone was going to go after you.
  • Him being terrified when Gabriel comes back.
  • Him being scared Gabriel will harm or kill you to get back at him. 
  • Taking every precaution he can to ensure you’re safe. 
  • Even if that means putting you under protection.
  • "Dad, you don’t have to assign someone to protect me. I’ll be fine." 
  • "I just want to make sure you’re safe. I hate the thought of something happening to you." 
  • You being scared for his safety when he gets thrown in jail.
  • Being there for him when he discovers Sara is Malia’s niece. 
  • Comforting him when Sara gets taken from him.
  • Being delighted when he regained custody of Sara. 
  • You and Sara being like sisters.
  • Him being happy to have you and Sara. 
  • He calls you his girls.
  • Movie nights. 
  • Family trips.
  • Going to the beach and surfing on weekends.
  • Going for drives in his Mustang or on his Harley Davidson.
  • Him letting you borrow his Mustang when you learn to drive. 
  • Him buying you a classic car of your own for your birthday.
  • Him being supportive of you no matter what you want to do.
  • If you ever feel down, he brings you your favorite food and watches your favorite movies with you. 
  • Cooking together.
  • Visiting him at work.
  • "Hey, dad." 
  • "Hey, pumpkin. What are you doing here?" 
  • "Just thought I’d come see you." 
  • Going to Kamekona’s shrimp truck with him and the team.
  • Kamekona calls you ‘little sister’.
  • Telling him to be careful and stay safe every single day before he goes to work.
  • God help anyone who wants to date you.
  • “So, what are your plans with my daughter?”
  • “Dad. Oh my God.”
  • Big hugs. 
  • You constantly hug each other. Especially when he gets home after a hard case. 
  • "I love you, dad." 
  • "I love you too, pumpkin.”

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Mcdanno Thoughts 7.14
  • LOL at Steve using Danny’s car for his driving test. I guess it really is “our car” as Danny said a while ago. Also LOL at Danny warning the woman giving Steve his driving test about Steve. They are super, super married.
  • LOL at Danny telling this random kid on a bench all about his life. This only furthers the “Danny must talk to random strangers about Steve” (and Grace, too) characterization the show has given us. He literally cannot shut up about Steve. (Seriously, Danny marry him already. PLEASE.)
  • I loved the cargument about mind reading. Nice to see some cute banter with them, and it made me so happy to see the adorable way they smile at each other. I wonder what would happen if either of them actually developed the ability to read minds. (That would make an interesting fanfic idea.) Also, they should definitely go on a date to get wings after the end of the episode.
  • I loved that little bit with Danny cataloging Steve’s facial expressions while he was on the phone and the way Chin looked at Danny and said “You know your boy well.” Chin is totally a shipper, too.
Steve McGarrett - Mālama

You and Steve are happy together, or at least, you thought you were. After over two years of being together, Steve decides to end the relationship and you need to know why. Even after he gives you a reason you still struggle to accept it. Wo Fat takes you to get to Steve and contacts Five-0 to inform them about what he’s done and what he’s planning to do, but will Steve and the team find you in time?

Requested by: @flowxrsforyourgrxve

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Characters: Reader, Steve McGarrett, Danny “Danno” Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua, Lou Grover, Wo Fat. Grace Williams and Charlie Williams (Briefly mentioned)

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Swearing, Mention of death and blood.

Using the prompts: 5) “I did it because I love you .” & 6) “I’m doing this to protect you.” From my Prompt List.

A/N: The title roughly translates to Protect/Save.

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  • Sang Min: Well, it took you long enough, you two. When was the happy event?
  • Danny: We are not married.
  • Chin: If you fight like a married couple, and touch like a married couple…
  • Sang Min: What he said.
  • Steve: June 5th.
  • Danny: Not helpful, babe.
  • Steve: Sorry, sweetie.
  • Chin: [to Sang Min] Now do you see what I have to work with?

My police academy graduation dinner’s at Haleiwa Joe’s, 7:30. Can you make it? I’ll try. Car was a rental. Come on, you’re gonna make it to my graduation, right? You know, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Between our family and HPD… I don’t care what they think. You’re the reason I became a cop. Well, a ceremony doesn’t make a cop. Doing the job makes a cop. I want you there. No, you don’t. They think I’m dirty, Kono. They’re gonna paint you with the same brush. I’m doing this for you.

  • <p> <b>Kono:</b> There’s no easy way for me to say this…<p/><b>Chin:</b> Say what, cuz?<p/><b>Kono:</b> I may have forged Steve and Danny’s signatures on a marriage license.<p/><b>Chin:</b> You did what?<p/><b>Kono:</b> Oh, please, you’re just disappointed I thought of it first.<p/><b>Chin:</b> Well, I guess that surprise wedding ceremony I had planned is just a formality now.<p/></p>
WRITING PROMPTS- Rush In (A McDanno fanfic)

Prompt: “You’re judging me?” “Of course I’m judging you. It’s what I do.”

The two of them were in the Camaro on a night-time stakeout. They were currently surveilling someone they believe was their suspect. They believed the suspect was involved in multiple roberies involving two victims shot professionally in their homes. They knew the suspect was armed and dangerous so taking precautions for their own saftey was important. Unfortunately for someone that seemed to go over thier heads. Especially when they suggested that the only way to get evidence proving their guilt was to break into the suspect’s house. So that’s why the two of them were sat in the car. They were waiting for the suspect to leave the house. 

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You Can Do This - osointricate - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“What’s it about? Steve and Danny start dating each other, then they start a family, and then they freak out because they realize they are dating each other.” -Kono Kalakaua, age 31

“Uncle Steve and Danno are idiots, they are such idiots, they drive me crazy because what the ["Grace Danielle! Watch your language!”] took them so long?“ -Grace Williams, age 13

”‘Mander and Danno are the best except Daddy is pretty cool too. (“Can they all tie for best?” “Yeah, sure.”) They all tie for best.“ -Charlie Edwards, age 4

"The motorcycle stuff is my favorite part. The rest is just an exercise in frustration because they should have been dating years ago.” -Chin Ho Kelly, age redacted

“Turns out I get a happy ending, imagine that.” -Nahele Huikala, age 15

Featuring: Giant sharks, family bonding, a bazooka, frustration, idiot fathers, purple casts, mothers that just don’t understand, New Years confetti, and Grace facepalming way more often than she would like it. Rated T for “Throw them in a closet until they make out.” “Grace, no.”

Okay, you know that kid!fic I’ve been freaking out about writing these last two weeks?  (Thank you for putting up with me.)  Yeah, this is it.  This fic literally started with “WHAT IF STEVE WAS A DAD?!?!” and became this.

McDanno.  111k.  There ya’ go.  It’s out of my hands.  I feel light-headed and free.

(There’s a couple sequels that have been written I just have to polish and post so it’s not quite over yet.)


chin ho kelly meme: otps [1/6]

       → chin/steve

My review of episode 7x01

That scene in the chapel … guys. That scene in the chapel. It lasted only few minutes, but I have so much to say about it.

Some premises: I love the tributes to the original show, I didn’t watch it and they make me emotional, so I can’t even imagine what is the effect they have on those who watched and loved it. I’m still hoping we will have a Duke centered episode (I think you all already know that Dennis Chun is the son of Kam Fong Chun, who played the role of Chin Ho Kelly in the original show), but this one, in this episode, was probably “the” tribute par excellence and, in my utmost ignorance on the matter, I read about the process that was behind the realization of it all and I was impressed and have a tremendous respect for all the work that was necessary to come up with this scene and I also appreciate, narratively speaking, all the possible layers and interpretations to it.

But there are some things, especially about some of the things Steve said, that I need to get off my chest, so please put up with me…

-     “Okay, I’m sorry. You were a cop? You’ve been married for 45 years? What’s your secret?” I’m surprised at how surprised Steve is. I’m not even talking about the fact that he’s married with Danny for six years now and they’re both cops ;-) , but – jokes aside – he surely knows some happily and long married cops, Grover, for example.

-     The Jack Lord character says that his secret is he met the right gal and then he asks Steve if he’s married or has a girlfriend, Steve answers no … For the second time, Steve is with someone he can’t call his girlfriend. Curious, if you see how easily he tells Danny he loves him and the way he rarely corrects the people who think they’re married or tease them about it.

-     Then Steve asks “What if I already met the right woman, and, uh, and I couldn’t hang on to her?”, the man very wisely answers “Then she wasn’t the right woman”, but Steve says “Yeah, see, I’m not so sure about that.

Now, that man is clearly so right: Catherine couldn’t be more wrong for Steve if she tried, and she tries, oh, she tries so bad to be worse for him (or maybe it’s something that comes naturally to her), every time she appears, everything she does behind his back and right to his face makes her a little bit worse for him.

But what about what Steve says? He met Catherine 10-15 years ago, and he still tries to convince himself that she might have been the right woman for him and that it didn’t work because of his job? 10-15 years and he didn’t build anything with her, he didn’t know the tiniest things about her (what she likes to eat, what football team she roots for, etc.), nor the biggest things (what she did the last two years, why, who she became …). He thought he should propose just because … it was about time. That’s sad. A total stranger could see and feel she wasn’t the right woman for Steve and told him so, let alone those who know and love this character for six years now.

How can he have the tiniest doubt she could be the right woman for him when she is literally an upgraded version of his mother, with all the lying to him, betraying him, abandoning him? He needs to learn to love himself and to believe he deserves to be truly loved.

I think he found that right person for him (I say person, because, the way I see it, it’s not like you see a man, and you just assume he’s or must be with a woman: we’re past that kind of heteronormativity, thank God!, and I think Hawaii Five-0 showed us that many times, with people genuinely believing Steve and Danny were together as a couple), he met this person six years ago and he’s the best man he knows, the one who loves him like no one else did or does or ever will. What Steve and Danny have, that is the truest and purest definition of love and I will never thank enough this show for telling us this story.

-     Now, another thing: “Sometimes it feels like this job of mine has taken everything good from me. I’ve been wearing the badge for six years, and I’m really starting to wonder whether… whether any of it’s worth it.” It was so sad to hear Steve saying these things. It’s so not true that this job took everything good from him. It gave him the good that is in his life. Some people left him, yes, but they would have found any other reason to leave him, eventually, because they didn’t love him. It was Catherine who chose her job instead of Steve, it was her who lied behind his back and right to his face, it was her who left him multiple times. Why blaming himself? 

The people who really love him, his true friends, his true family: THAT is the good in his life, people he met thanks to this job and who never left and would never leave him. People that know what true love and true friendship mean… and that’s the kind of people he deserves to have in his life, for sure not people who left him and treated him like they did, like he means nothing to them, like there’s is always something more important for them, like they can play him as they want. So I really hope that we’ll see him realizing all of this.

He can start with what the Jack Lord character told him at the end of this scene: “Son, what we do can’t be quantified. Your worth is measured in the closure you bring, the people you save. That’s your real legacy. And the best legacy a man can leave behind is the people whose lives he’s changed. Trust me.” Let’s start with this, and then let this be the season where Steve learns how to love himself and allows himself to truly love and be loved.

I’m sorry I wrote so much about that scene, that doesn’t mean the rest of the episode wasn’t worthy of attention, on the contrary there were so many things I liked. My favorite things:

I absolutely adored the scene with Chin and Sara, and my heart breaks thinking they could be separated, so I hope things could somehow work so they can stay together! And I also adored Chin and Kono’s conversation about Chin liking to be a father figure and the possibility of her becoming “Auntie Kono”!

Steve and Danny overcoming the impasse by asking Chin to drive the Camaro! That was hilarious! And Steve had to ride shotgun, of course!

I like the new Governor and I loved to see her and the team working together.

The case was so creepy and breathtaking, the action was superbe. And it all promises to become more and more scary and intense in the next episodes.

And I loved the way Steve and Danny’s interaction evolved throughout the episode, from that tension and frustration, the way Danny constantly watched over Steve and worried for him while having to deal with Steve’s stubbornness and recklessness, to them finding a way to communicate in a softer, more open and effective way, to Steve reassuring Danny, getting it was all out of love… I couldn’t decide if they looked more like two teenagers too shy to show their love for each other or a married couple making up after a fight… maybe a little bit of both. It was nice to see that fondness towards the end of the episode and I hope we’ll go from there and leave the tension behind so that their sweet way of teasing each other, that unique sweetness they reserve for each other will be back, possibly even stronger: now they share even more than before!

That Ohana scene at the end was simply amazing, I loved the way all the team looked happy and relieved that Steve was going to finally rest a bit and looked at Danny like they knew he was the only one capable of working that miracle! The way Grover said “You two…” and Kono said “They’re in love again”, warmed my heart. Love this family, so much. They chose each other and they stand by each other, in the good and bad times. So precious.

Congrats and thank you for this episode and here’s to a wonderful season 7!