what are we tagging this as because i have no idea

Us: I’m glad that neo-nazi fuck, Richard Spencer, got punched in the face. Punch nazis.

Some troll: The National Socialist German Worker’s Party hasn’t existed since 1945 so your use of the word nazi makes no sense. Checkmate. Gotcha. #kek

Us: You obviously know what we mean, and you’re just being purposefully ignorant and trying to get a rise out of us or make us look like we have no idea what we’re talking about. And if you’ll also note we use the term “neo-nazis,” just as much, if not more so and tag for both - but it doesn’t matter because YOU. KNOW. WHAT. WE. MEAN.

Someone who completely missed the point: Well ACTUALLY that obvious troll is right, you do use the word “nazi,” as opposed to “neo-nazi” sometimes. You’re coming off like an idiot, maybe you should be more specific with your words here. This is the real issue at hand.

iztarshi  asked:

I was reading through your Peridot tag and I wanted to say, I think another reason Homeworld can't have maliciously or even intentionally hidden Peridot's powers from her is that she literally makes Era 2 Gems. It's her job. If Era 2 Gems had noticable powers I think you'd have a hard time hiding that from the person who monitors their development.

That’s very true! I mean, in general I find it hard to accept ideas that hinge on Peridot accepting something uncritically just because it’s what she’s told when as we’ve seen, she doesn’t let anyone off the hook besides that one time she agreed to go back to Homeworld without checking on the Cluster and she made a big deal about how little she wanted to do that, and later she pushes YD because YD doesn’t explain her logic about Earth.

Nobody could just tell Peridot she doesn’t have powers without her trying to investigate that for herself. And Peridot is pretty solidly convinced of the fact, and, something I think a lot of people ignore from Too Short To Ride? Is Peridot is mostly right. The metal power is the only ability Peridot’s shown, she’s unsure of her ability to fuse but willing to try, suggesting that she isn’t entirely convinced that she’s completely powerless (another strike against Peridot being told that she’s powerless to control her) and Peridot repeatedly tried to shapeshift the entire episode before venting, in frustration, that it’s very likely she doesn’t have that power.

It aggravates me when people act like Peridot will just unquestionably accept everything she hears. Especially when, as you say: it’s kind of Peridot’s job to know an unreasonable amount of information about gem development. She doesn’t just take the idea that Amethyst is too small for gospel- she is able to basically diagnose exactly went wrong with Amethyst’s development to create her particular symptoms- hole too small, positioned too low, and late emergence. And Peridot is good enough at her job she was sent to diagnose and study the development of an entirely experimental type of gem life that they didn’t really know for sure how it would progress. She and she alone was assigned to determine the health of the Cluster just from that.

Why wouldn’t Peridot, who is so interested in this subject, go back and think about the circumstances of her own birth? And if she can’t find anything that would produce her symptoms, that would catch her attention. The same way Jasper’s perfect exit hole completely stopped her. 

What if …

- Cinder was raised by Levana instead of being almost killed by her?

- Scarlet grew up on Luna rather than on Earth with her grandmother?

- Cress hadn’t been born a shell but inherited the gift from her parents?

- Winter never promised herself to not use her glamour but to serve her queen?

May I present:

Crown princess Selene Blackburn

Alpha Scarlet Benoit

Dr. Crescent Moon Darnel

Head Thaumaturge Winter Hayle

PHILKAS WEEK – a week dedicated to philip & lukas

i wanted to do this because the fandom is so nice and i don’t want us to drift apart any time soon, especially not now that we have to do everything we can to get season 2. you don’t have to follow the prompts or do it every day, they are just there to make it easier if you don’t have any ideas. the week takes place between the 2nd - 8th of january.

day 1: what made you ship them
day 2: a quote
day 3: a scene
day 4: an episode
day 5: music (playlist, song lyrics, etc.)
day 6: details (hands, kisses, hugs, etc.)
day 7: anything you want

day 1: domestic
day 2: soulmate
day 3: alternate universe
day 4: breakup
day 5: confessions
day 6: long distance
day 7: anything you want

- tag creations with #philkasweek so that people can see it. i’ll reblog many of them!
- if you have got any questions, send me a message or an ask.
- you don’t have to but please reblog this post to spread the word.

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What are the pros and cons of "street fighting"? Like no formal training, somewhat self taught, and for surviving. Can this apply to sword fighting? I'm writing about a character who has formal training but also learned street fighting because they saw some value in it and they find it unpredictable

Since these questions come up a lot, we have tags for #street fighting and #untrained fighter.

It’s worth pointing out that street fighting is just fighting, there’s nothing special associated with it and the idea that it’s unpredictable is… untrue. The true moral of Fight Club is that Fight Club is a stupid expression of toxic masculinity that is worth nothing. Getting beat up a lot doesn’t make you a better fighter. It will give you an endorphin high and sell you on the illusion of your own toughness.

Street fighting is extremely predictable, especially from self-taught fighters. This is because self-taught fighters have a limited move set. A move set that is limited to what they’ve seen in practice by someone else. Today, this means what you see on on television. Whether that’s professional boxing, UFC, WWE, or someone trying to ape the moves of a Hollywood action star like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, etc.

An untrained swordfighter is even more screwed than untrained hand to hand because sword combat on the street is called dueling and they practice that in the salle.

Your character would actually be more unpredictable via seeking out secondary instruction from “practical” aka practical application or more street minded sources. This can be police self-defense, training in forms like Krav Maga, and others that focus on teaching your character to use what they’ve learned in their studio out in the real world.

The techniques don’t change, but the mentality does.

For a character who has formal training, they’re going to re-learn to use what they already know in a new environment where the stakes are higher. The difference between a recreational martial art and a practical one is what you’re training for rather than the techniques themselves. Changing from one to the other involves changing how your perspective on your environment and learning to evaluate threats as opposed to simply focusing on technique and training for sport or spiritual enlightenment.

All martial arts training revolves around survival on some level.

For a character to “train” in “street fighting”, they’d have to go out and fight on the street. This would involve taking their life in their hands and risking it for… what, exactly? They saw value in going out to beat up/get beat up by random strangers at a bar, in a Fight Club style set up, or something similar to backyard wrestling rings.

This character isn’t actually learning a new fighting style. They’re taking what they know out into the real world to test it. (An act which will get you evicted from most martial arts studios if they catch you, especially if you’re a minor.)

The “unpredictability” of street fighters comes from the fact that most people can’t predict when a fight is about to break out. They don’t see it. They don’t get in the frame of mind for it. They see the aftermath, after the first punch is thrown, and are stuck mentally playing catch up as they’re getting pounded.

The average street fight lasts less than thirty seconds.

Those first few milliseconds at the beginning of a fight are crucial, as is your frame of mind before the first punch is thrown. Getting yourself into the right mindset, ready to defend, and ready to fight means that you’re not going to be blindsided when the time comes to go.

That is the unpredictability of street fighters, though. They’ve learned that the first one to the punch usually wins, they’ve learned that the most aggressive fighter is the successful one. So, they to take the initiative, blindside, and pound. By the time the other person mentally catches up, the fight’s over and they’re either broken on the ground or dead.

“Unpredictable” is just code for “I didn’t expect that”. It isn’t a mystical state that is forever surprising. Through time and experience, the unpredictable becomes predictable for the individual. For the same technique to continue being unpredictable, you need to consistently perform it on those who’ve never seen it before. The street fighter illusion will fall apart fairly quickly because, when you’re working from the basis of the self-taught, street fighting isn’t that complex.

Those with formal training benefit from not only their own experiences, but the experience of their instructors, their instructors’ instructors, and everything else that comes with a martial that has survived for multiple generations. It’s a battle against a multitude of experiences, against a co-operative effort.

I will point out again that combat is a science and utilizes science as a means to kill people. It isn’t part of human nature and natural instinct, it is specifically designed to exploit them.

Street fighting is fighting in an uncontrolled environment, where the risks are higher due to the lack of protections and harm is assured.


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General Cluster B Things

let’s make fun of stuff we all have in common

  • you don’t care about a person at all, but they still can’t leave you because everyone else will notice
  • you get ultra defensive over something you faked, then happily let anything you truly believe in slowly fall apart
  • people aren’t taking a hint, so you decide to do an inappropriate
  • 🌈 all the lies 🌈
  • you feel rejuvenated after a week-long binge
  • you daydream about killing somebody, then daydream about killing yourself because that is your idea of a balanced argument
  • who is sicker, you or society?
  • you.
  • no, society.
  • i mean, you gotta put absolutely all the blame on something
  • social norms aren’t even real. morals aren’t even real. money isn’t even real, gender isn’t even real, Nietzche wasn’t even real
  • you’re annoyed that nothing is even real
  • you aren’t even real
  • you know how to provoke a conversation without actually getting aggressive
  • however, you still manage to get called out for it
  • “BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?” is your silent mantra
  • drama is now paradoxically following you
  • “i’m just finding out what i like about the world…by process of elimination”
  • you’ve talked to somebody with the exact same personality disorder(s) as you and you hate everything about them

Anyway, a final tipsythought before I sign off:

When a show’s canon is fixed, that is, when we’re still marathoning to catch up or after it’s already ended, we tend to be understanding of and even celebrate dramatic character shifts as being exciting and justified and somehow fundamentally necessary developments in a coherent narrative.

When a show’s canon is open, that is, when we’re watching live and legitimately have no idea what to expect, we tend to be wary and hypercritical of even minor character shifts because we’ve let a fixed vision of the characters and their relationships take root, and any deviations seem artificial. When we’re watching live, there’s a constant risk of something going terribly wrong with the characters and the story as a whole, and it’s very easy to stumble into the trap of deciding that any deviation from the norm is the first inevitable step off that cliff.

Essentially: even the most fully scripted and painstakingly planned show takes on an inherently improvisational quality when it’s airing live, and staring too long and too fixedly at the characters in the moment you finally catch up with their exploits can leave you with a still image seared on your retinas, blotting out any signs of gradual growth or change until they’ve become too extreme to ignore.

Sense8 Season One Sentence Starters
Feel free to change pronouns/descriptions/etc. appropriately!

  • “So this is how you’ve been hiding from me?”
  • “We are born into this world the same way we will leave it: alone.”
  • “I’m not sure what’ll give me more pleasure: the money, or seeing his face.”
  • “The stuff he’s talking about? It is exactly what you need.”
  • “Say one more word and I’ll colonize your face with my fist.”
  • “I can’t tell you how bad I feel even being here, because I know I shouldn’t even be asking you this, but I have no one else to turn to.”
  • “You’re scared. You needn’t be.”
  • “I don’t owe you for what you did, but you should know: I won’t ever forget it.”
  • “You have no idea what’s going on, right? So you just kind of have to let go and go with it.”
  • “You just look them right in the eye, and you lie.”
  • “This is like some crazy witch burning shit.”
  • “You cannot kill a man like that. If you want to do it right, you aim here, for the jugular.”
  • “You came back. I knew you would.” 
  • “If I wasn’t such a bad person, I would let you get on with your life.” 
  • “It’s not something you make happen; it’s something you let happen.” 
  • “I just spent the last two hours getting my ass reamed by the feds.” 
  • “There are few things that are unpleasant to me than to hear you whine.”
  • “Impossibility is a kiss away from reality.” 
  • “I’m not calling you or anyone else.” 
  • “Sometimes, violence is necessary. Violence changes things.” 
  • “You are safer there than where you were.” 
  • “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think I’d ever have to revisit this part of my life. I’m sorry.”
  • “If you guys are starting some crime fighting super team Charlie’s Angels shit, you count me in.”
  • “Legality is a bit of a moving target.”  
  • “I know I’m the bad guy.” 
  • “Fuck her in good health.” 
  • “I would never go straight.” 
  • “I’m sensing a bit of a negative vibe here.” 
  • “If you didn’t hear voices at least once, you were doing something wrong.” 
  • “Just promise me no matter what you have to do, you will not let that happen to me.” 
  • “Gods don’t give a shit about us. I speak from experience.”  
  • “Only thing I want to ruin is that smart mouth.” 
  • “Love ain’t nothing but a black hole.” 
  • “If life has taught me anything, it’s that I can take a punch.” 
  • “Not fair? This is the real fucking world. Nothing’s fucking fair.” 
  • “The idea of praying to a god to somehow influence my own fate is both primitive and terribly sad.”
  • “I don’t know what you should do. All I know is what I have to do.” 
  • “I was living in two separate worlds. And then somehow they crashed into one another. Now everything is dead.”
  • “I was afraid that if I came here I would want to die – or worse, that I wouldn’t want to.”
  • “I want to believe that the past is done with us the moment we are done with it.”
  • “What makes us ‘us’ is far less important than what makes them ‘them’.”
  • “Lying is easy. It’s what I do." 
  • "I know what you did. You will pay. I swear it!”
  • “I’m an all access kind of girl.”
  • “This is a bad place. You should not be here.”
  • “Some things in our lives are inevitable.”
  • “Crying won’t help him.”
  • “I don’t know how to use my fists, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.”
  • “What kind of man betrays his own fucking family?”
  • “When I give instructions, I expect them to be followed.”
  • “You didn’t expect this, did you? Have you made a mistake?”
  • “Are you real?”
  • “You did it. You saved us.”
What I read last week


As usual a mix. Though I  think there’s a lot of the Christmas ones =) 

burning up for you by haleofStilesheart  | Explicit |
Summary: Stiles is an omega of considerable means which means he doesn’t have to worry much about going through his heats alone. He just has to worry about falling in love with the alpha seeing him through them.

practice makes perfect by bleep0bleep | Teen |
Summary: “So… you’re interested? Or you just said yeah because it’s what you say when you don’t know what to say.”
“Interested. In kissing you.”
Stiles makes a vague gesture with his hand. “I mean, yeah, if only to get you more comfortable with the whole dating thing in the future. I mean, we’re friends, and I want you to be happy.” He bites his lip, nervous.
Derek doesn’t even need to think about it because he knows it’s a bad idea. He’ll kiss Stiles and get to know what it’s like, and his heart will break because he won’t ever get to have him, that this is out of friendship only.
But this might be his only chance.

Always Had the Key by Omni | Teen | <3
Summary: Years after Derek’s left Beacon Hills, he runs into Stiles at a conference for werewolves and their emissaries. While they both have changed a lot, some things still remain the same.

These Woods Sigh by blacktofade | Explicit |
Summary: Derek and Stiles never plan to start a family together, it just happens. Or, the one where Derek accidentally wishes for a baby.

Tumblr fic by @sterekseason
Summary: Picture this: Stiles and Derek reconnect at John and Melissa’s wedding after not seeing each other for nearly six years.

Even Christmas has Legal Contracts by vivoegoincrastinum  | Gen | <3
Summary: Derek wakes up on Christmas day to breakfast made by Stiles and knowing that he’ll get to see most of his pack later that day. Stiles wants them to go ahead and open a present from each other since they have to wait so they do.

The Better Alpha by buffylover | Not rated |
Summary: Stiles was banished from the Hale Territory for college. For his own safety Derek said. But Derek never makes good choices and Stiles is bitten by an Alpha.Who knew his life would be so good?

Home for Christmas by mikkimouse | Teen |
Summary: “Derek,” Dad said with a warm smile. “Glad you could make it."Derek nodded seriously.
"Of course, Sheriff."Stiles felt the pieces slot together in his head.
"Wait, you called him?”
“Technically, Melissa called him,” Dad said.
“Ha ha. What’s he doing here?” Stiles turned to Derek. “Seriously, what are you doing here?"Derek held up his keys.
"I’m here to take you home.”
When Sheriff Stilinski is hurt after an encounter with the supernatural, Stiles ends up spending the Christmas season with Derek. It’s not nearly as bad as he thinks it’s going to be.

Taking Care by LoveActually_rps | Explicit |
Summary: Derek had returned from a conference where the new CEO, Mr Stiles Stilinski, took over his company in a so called meeting where all the white collared, richly clothed shareholders - assholes - voted against Derek. He hadn’t even waited for a final handshake with the new owner. He knew, he’d never be able to fake a smile when his heart was shattering into a thousand pieces. Well, they had Peter to deal with these formalities.[aka, Derek was already having the worst day when he was hit by his heat, right in the middle of his office]

I Ran (So Far) by thepsychicclam | Explicit |
Summary: “But, you don’t run,” Derek pointed out, confused.  
“People can get new hobbies,” Stiles snapped. “Geez, if I’d known it was going to be this big of a deal, I’d have called you first. Want me to give you my workout schedule? That way you can coordinate your nose accordingly?”
In which Stiles’ summer starts off so badly he starts running, gets pelted by paint balls, and decides he is, in fact, going crazy if he willingly wants to hang out with Derek Hale.

The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home by turningterrific | Explicit |
Summary: Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.And then he leaves.

slang, phrases, and terms of the star wars universe

hi all!! recently i’ve been working on a little project to create a semi-comprehensive list of star wars slang, phrases, and terms for fic writers, RPers, and any other interested fans! I’m always going to be adding to it, so there’s no point calling it done, but it IS in presentable shape! 

click the big header up there to be taken to the spreadsheet. i have it set so that anyone can leave a comment, so please, if you have ideas for slang terms ( because come on, y’all, we can get creative! ), if you know something I’ve forgotten, or you just want to say hi, leave a comment, and I’ll respond asap! you can also jump into the chatbox at any time, or find me here or on my personal, whose URLs i’ve mentioned on the doc. 

please feel free to save this to your drives, bookmark it, and use it as much as you’d like! and, of course, every reblog spreads the word! have a great day, and may the force be with you! <3 <3

Being pregnant with Crowley’s child would include...

  • Crowley kissing your stomach and resting his head on it whenever your lying in bed together
  • not letting you do anything and practically locking you up in your room to keep you safe
  • forcing him to go shopping with you and Crowley grumpily tagging along even though he secretly enjoys it
  • telling you how much he loves you
  • not being able to agree on a baby name because you have very different ideas of what’s appropriate
  • Crowley constantly being worried about you
  • having demons follow you around all day to look after you
  • “I will not raise our child in hell, we need a house!”
  • getting a bit more clingy than usual but Crowley likes it since you’re normally not that affectionate
  • heated discussions because you don’t like to rely on others and someone constantly worrying about you gets on your nerves sometimes
  • hugging you from behind
  • no demon would even dare to look at you the wrong way
  • Crowley lovingly calling you his ‘queen of hell’

Funny story: I promised myself this go ‘round that I was under no circumstances going to analyze the Holby City: Winter Trailer.  At all. I was going to be very mature and watch the Trailer one time like all the normal people in the GA general audience who have watched it the way it was meant to be viewed. Once.  And that was going to to be that.

Apparently the actual, literal translation of I’m not going to analyze the Holby City Winter Trailer this time around is: Imma gonna watch that sucker 75 times, backwards and forwards, in slow motion, frame by frame, screenshot Serena’s scenes, catalogue and label blouses, earrings, hair-line and makeup, cross reference with spoilers and official synopses and a preview video to come up with some ideas.  Forget one theory. I’ve got six. I could blame @nicolaruth27 because she tagged me this morning and asked for some CSI level investigation, but that would be unfair as we all know I would have done this anyway.  In any case I’m shoving it all under a read-more, mostly to save my six, I can’t believe you’re hanging in you precious people followers who don’t watch Holby City and obsess over Serena and Bernie and anyone else in the tag who simply like to watch the pretty gifs and have no use for the rambling prognostications of the obsessed theories.

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Joker x Harley Week?

Hello everyone! 

So I’ve been talking to a friend of mine  @joker-x-harley and we think we have an idea that would bring the community together and also just be a lot of fun. 

Have you ever been in another fandom that has a week for their ship? The point of the week is for everyone to get involved and basically just have a week dedicated to their ship and their love of that ship. You could get involved by writing fanfics, headcanons, drawing art, cosplay, making gifsets, your other talents, or you can simply reblog if that’s what you want. And everyday of the week is themed for the prompt of the writings, artwork, etc. 

Would anyone want to do a week like that for Joker and Harley? Like maybe one week every three months or something like that. I think it could be a lot of fun! Let me know, we can try to make it work. 

I’m tagging a lot of people because I genuinely want your opinions on if you would participate and/or if you think this is actually even a good idea. 

@harleenfrancesqvinzel @monroeisabadass @harleyrotten @crystallinee-waters  @mabelmadnessss @madness-driven @harlzquinzel @murderous-manipulative-angel @whatever-fangirl @mad-neverland-saviour @royal-flush-gang @redandblack22 @x-mars @jargotquinn @jokers-dream-car @yesharleyhaha @harlspuddin  @ask-harley-quinn @ask-mistah-j  @jokersquinn  @kirsty-lou666

Please please please make sure to tag people if I forgot someone (I’m so sorry if I forgot you) and please tell me your opinions!! 

💚💜 + 💙💗 


Hey? I promise Im not spamming you, I have request. You and I have a mutual friend jenny-opm and I wanted to get something drawn for christmas for her. We often hang out irl eating and watching anime. Can you draw a scene with saitama and genos reflecting the time we spend together? I have an extra stripped bed that is elevated high so we use it as a table and sit on either side of it. If you could draw saitama and genos like that with some of the mini genos I would be grateful.  

For @yaoiboyssesseduniverse (not letting me tag you, sorry!) Re-reading your post, I hope you weren’t specifically hoping for them to be eating and watching anime because if so I missed that first time I read it, oops! But when I was thinking of something all of them could do together, a game of Jenga is what came to mind, I hope that’s acceptable ^^;

Bottom is just a very rough doodle, but I wanted to include something that showed the whole bed-table as well (I hope I got the look at least somewhat right, I tried googling converted beds but Google wasn’t very helpful!)…

Not trying to start discourse here but I think I figured out why antis act the way they do and I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on it.

I have a theory that all the worst antis literally only ship what they ship because it’s not straight. Like a lot of them are misandists, I’ve noticed, who hate men so much that the idea of this kind of ship and even bisexuality is completely repulsive to them. So they put no thought into why they ship their ship, just the genders of the characters in question.

Using that logic, it only makes sense that they would call us homophobic. They can’t think outside themselves and their own reasons for shipping and they apply their own shipping logic to us instead of considering a wide variety of reasons for shipping.

Basically, since they only ship their OTP because it’s gay, we must only ship our ship because it’s straight. And no other reason. And they can’t fathom that there even can be other reasons.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking, let me know if I’m onto something if you like!

Sing Fanfiction #3

Here’s a fluffy sing fanfiction a little early because  happy new year :)

Some fluff, as promised.
(Well mostly fluff ;))

Basically I combined 2 different ideas from 2 different anons and then added onto it :D basically the idea is Ash, Meena, and Johnny go out for a night to a teenage club for karaoke and fun and hijinks ensue


“…She what?”

“Ash got a new boyfriend.” Meena told Johnny over the phone. “She asked if she could bring him with us to that club thing tonight and I told her she could. That’s okay right?”

“Yeah but….. Is she even thinking about what happened last time?”

“She insisted he’s not like her….previous boyfriend.”

“Well we’ll just have to be the judges of that.” Johnny said. He heard Meena laugh on the other end.

Meena heard a skid on the other line before Johnny spoke up again. “I just got to the prison so….see you in a few hours?” He said. Meena nodded, then realized he couldn’t see her. “Oh! Uh, yeah, see you in a few hours.”

There was a click as Johnny hung up, then Meena did the same.


A few hours later, Ash, her new boyfriend, and Meena all stood outside the club. Ash looked at the clock on her phone and then around before hearing a screech, then a thud and turning back around.

Meena walked over to help a laughing Johnny off the ground while Ash grabbed his skateboard, which had been launched several feet behind him as he’d apparently crashed it.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said, “I got caught up at the prison, and then I saw what time it was and rushed over here on my skateboard.” He motioned to the sidewalk and laughed. “Apparently a little too fast.” Ash and Meena laughed, and Johnny looked behind them to a uncomfortable looking porcupine standing behind the two.

“Who’s this?” He asked Ash, knowing perfectly well who it was.

Ash looked ecstatic. “This is Vincent!” She said enthusiastically. She handed Johnny his skateboard and grabbed Vincent’s hand, bringing him more forward. “Vincent, this is Johnny. Johnny, Vincent. My boyfriend.” She said.

Johnny stuck out his hand, and Vincent shook it. “Pleasure to meet you.” Johnny said, squeezing Vincent’s hand a little harder than he should’ve and giving him a cold stare until Ash cleared her throat and spoke.

“Well? Are we going in or not?”


Vincent sat at the table with Johnny and Meena, watching in awe as Ash karaoked an amazing cover of “Dream on.” The performance got her a standing ovation, and she playfully curtsied for the clapping crowd.

She walked back to the table, wiping sweat from her forehead. Vincent was so in awe of his girlfriend that he didn’t even notice Johnny and Meena practically staring him down.

“That. Was. AWESOME.” he breathed as she walked up. “I wish I could sing that well.” Ash smiled. Johnny shot him a look, then said, “You were great.” Meena nodded. “Yeah.”

Ash wiped sweat off her forehead again. “Thanks guys.” She slipped off her jacket. “It’s real hot in here so I’m gonna go put this with Johnny’s skateboard. Be right back.” She said cheerfully. Then she walked off.

“She seems happy.” Vincent said. “Yeah, she does.” Meena said. Then she looked at Johnny. “Johnny?” She said, as if she was giving him a cue.

Johnny stood up and slammed his hand on the table, getting all up in Vincent’s face.

“Wha-” Vincent said, startled.

“Listen here,” Johnny said in a darker tone of voice than he’d been using that night, “You’re right. She looks HAPPY. You don’t have any plans to change that, do you?”

“What? Why would I-”

“Hey!” Johnny continued, “Listen here, listen closely: Ash is our good friend. And I swear, if you break her heart like her last boyfriend did…” He leaned in closer, causing Vincent to lean slightly back. Johnny lifted his finger to Vincent’s face. “I may not be that violent, but I’ve picked up a thing or two from my dad, and if you hurt her I swear to god I will not hesitate to mess. You. Up.” He paused. “Is that clear?” He asked slowly through clenched teeth.

The porcupine didn’t move an inch. “C-crystal…” He stuttered.

Johnny remained in Vincent’s face for a moment, then pulled back. “Good.”

Just then, Ash came back without her jacket. “What’d I miss?” She asked cheerfully. “Nothing much.” Meena and Johnny replied simultaneously, just as cheerfully. Ash smiled, and didn’t seem to notice the terrified expression on Vincent’s face.

She grabbed his hand. “C'mon, let’s go dance!!!” She said excitedly. “I heard they’re just about to play don’t stop believing!” She pulled him out of his seat and started running off; then she stopped to turn to Johnny and Meena. “Oh! You two wanna come?”

Johnny and Meena both immediately put up their hands and shook their heads.


“No no no no no no no-”

“I’m good-”

“Can’t dance-”

Ash laughed and rolled her eyes at the two and then dragged Vincent off before he could say anything.


Meena and Johnny were struggling over conversation. They’d never really hung out alone together before, and had no idea what to talk about.

Meena coughed. Johnny whistled.

Meena was the first to break the silence. “Is your head okay?”

Johnny was slightly confused. “What?”

“Your head: when you fell off your skateboard earlier- it looked like you hit it pretty hard on the concrete.”

Johnny paused, then laughed. “Aw, no, I’m fine.” He tapped the side of his head with his fist. “I have a thick skull.”

Meena laughed.

Brief silence.

“Sorry that I was late.” Johnny said. “I was talking with my dad… Kinda lost track of time.”

Meena paused. “What’s he like?” She asked suddenly.


“Your dad. I’ve never actually met him personally. What’s he like?”

Johnny thought for a moment. “Well,” he said. “That’s kind’ve hard… but….before? Really annoying. Always pushing me to be a part of his stupid gang, constantly telling me I wasn’t good enough…” He paused. “But I mean…he loved me. It….I could tell. Sometimes it wasn’t obvious, but I could tell.” He paused again and smiled. “You know, when I was younger, he took me on heists all the time, you know, to get me used to them, since I was apparently destined to become part of his little gang.” He took a sip of the coke that he’d bought earlier. “Anyways, we were on a heist one time, and I saw this guy- he was riding an awesome skateboard, and he had on an awesome jacket.” Johnny laughed. “I thought he was so cool- I wanted that jacket and skateboard so badly. Well, my dad noticed, and he dropped this entire plan to- get this- steal GOLD, and made the entire gang go on a heist to break into the stores and steal the jacket and skateboard. I remember: the rest of the gang was SO mad at him, but he said, "I don’t care what you think- it’s for my son.” Johnny laughed and took another sip of coke. “The skateboard was about as tall as I was at the time and the jacket was like, 10 sizes too big, but I was so colossally happy. And hey,” he motioned to his jacket, “I grew into them both.”

Meena blinked. “That jacket and the skateboard are stolen?”

Johnny nodded. “Yeah, but…shh. Don’t worry, it was my dad who stole them, not me. I was like, 6.”

Meena chuckled.

“He’s uh, different now. A lot more supportive. He’s trying to be better now.” He paused and cleared his throat. “What about you?” Asked Johnny. “What’s your dad like?”

Meena was quiet for a moment before speaking. “He’s… Um…not with us….anymore.”

Johnny looked at her with empathy. “…oh….I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” He paused. “When?”

“I was 10.”



“If it’s any consolation, my mom died when I was little.” Johnny said.

Meena looked back up at him. “She did?”

“Yeah, but….I guess it’s worse for you. You probably actually have memories of your dad. I was only like, 2 when my mom passed. I barely remember her.”

Meena nodded. “You know what’s ironic?” She said, “He was a police officer.”

Johnny took a sip of coke. “Sounds like he’d get along with my dad perfectly.” He said sarcastically.

Meena stifled a laugh. “Yeah. I used to go with him to his office, he always had the coolest things, the coolest stories.” She paused. “You know, one time…”

And just like that, the two were chatting like they’d been best friends all their lives, telling stories and sharing memories of those loved and lost. They continued until Ash came back with Vincent, smiling and exhausted.

Then they goofed around, dancing and singing and telling terrible jokes into the late hours. All in all, a great night.


“That was awesome.” Ash said as they stepped outside. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Johnny checked the time on his phone. “Dang, its late.” He said. He set down his skateboard. “I better go- god, Rosita is gonna kill me.” The others laughed. Johnny said goodbye to Ash and made sure to shoot Vincent one last glare before leaving.

“I should go too.” Meena said. “But I had a great time!” She said  goodbyes to Ash and also shot Vincent a glare before leaving.

“Uh…” Vincent said.

Ash turned to Vincent. “Well, that was fun! Glad you guys got along so well.”

“Well uhm-”

“C'mon!” Ash said, grabbing the other porcupine’s hand, “The nights not over yet!”

And they ran.


weirdnonsensefandomstuff  asked:

omg i love eldritch skywalkers please share more of your ideas? like on leia and ben/kylo? or how leia and luke find comfort in each other because of their shared monstrous heritage?

  • Her son is born shining. Many mothers have said similar things; but Leia means this quite literally, for she bears what on first glimpse seems to be some kind of opalescent octopus. It shifts and judders into shapes that human eyes cannot comprehend, and Han ducks his head, swearing through his teeth.  “Don’t look,” she says, soft and infinitely sad. Her son is like her: this should be a wondrous thing. And yet it isn’t. She takes the bundle of light and shifting colours – at least half a dozen colours that have not been seen in this universe – and at once it solidifies into a little baby. “Look,” says Leia. “Look how much he looks like you.”
  • He does. When he is human at least: the same knowing smirk, a smuggler’s grin. And at other times he looks like her, just like her, only at those times Han can’t look at him for longer than five seconds without cringing in pain. Hey princess, he said, when she brings it up, says how it bothers her, sometimes I can’t bear to look at you for longer than five seconds, you drive me kriffing mad, but I love you still – and she had slapped him, kissed him, and they’d laughed into each other’s mouths. 
  • Kylo Ren is roiling rank blackness. He is void. He is starless night. He is, he is, he is: this is what Leia and Han tell themselves. Their shining boy, their Ben, is locked away somewhere in there. But that isn’t right. And when Han faces Kylo Ren he doesn’t see darkness but white light, endless and shining and beautiful, and that’s when he realises how badly he has misjudged this. Because Ben didn’t die; Kylo Ren grew out of him, and they are one and the same, and it isn’t as easy as plucking Ben free from the mess that is Kylo Ren, for Ben made his choices again and again, and made himself into the monster that burned the temple. How could I have been anything else. I am a monster, you could not bear to look at me, says Kylo Ren, says Ben, and Han –
  • Han never gets a chance to answer. I love you. You’re a wonder. You’re –  
  • Kylo Ren wants to eat Han’s heart (Snoke’s suggestion: something final, derisive, the act of one who will never fall to the Light), but he doesn’t get a chance, because Rey – human and whole and beautiful – is intent on ripping his own out. 

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planning to romance peebee with ur ryder already is pretty gross because what if peebe is asexual and doesn't want ur ryder or what if she isnt a romance option? its actually really offensive and upsetting to asexuals to have u do this.

… I literally have no idea why me hoping Peebee is a romance option is offensive to asexuals when we don’t know anything about these characters or their sexual orientations yet? I’m hoping Peebee is romaciable, and there is nothing wrong with that.

What you said is ridiculous.

Maybe you should chill out and let people get excited about the game instead of trying to police the fandom and tell people what they can and cannot do? If it upsets you that much to see people thinking characters are beautiful or hoping to be able to romance them, you should block character tags or the ME:A tag.

And instead of going on anon to tell someone they are being “gross” by hoping to romance a character, why not have a friendly discussion via PM? Because sending an anon that calls someone names is a pretty horrible thing to do.

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

I feel like maybe one of the reasons Noct x Luna doesn’t get more love is because maybe people are at some base level rejecting the idea that the arranged marriage could have played a part in their developing emotions.

From the time they first meet, they love each other, but obviously not in a romantic way. They’re children. He’s 8, she’s 12, they’re *both* children. And it’s the only confirmed face-to-face time we know about them having before the game.

But they love each other so much from that time on. They both admire each other deeply and the other becomes a driving force for them. Noctis wants to fulfill his childhood promises to her. Luna as Oracle wants to support her King on his road.

They both know the other is capable of amazing things. And those abilities awe and inspire them to be an even better version of themselves.

These children are never given the luxury of thinking of things in short-term, either. Everything they do, they have to think of in long term. They have to think of effects down the years. They both mature so quickly in a lot of ways. They’re pragmatic by necessity, and their adoration of each other is the only selfish thing they hold onto. Because it’s safe. Because it can only help them in their duties. Because they are the only ones who can relate on an equal field to each other.

That love and adoration grows through the years. As they further mature, as they take on more and more tasks… They have no time to think of things like romance, they have no time to FIND love.

And then they’re promised to each other.

What a relief that must have been, circumstances aside.

As rulers and as those carrying a specific kind of magic, they need to continue their bloodlines. It’s part of their duty, and they both are bound by and PROUD of their duties.

To know that you’ll be with your best friend… Someone who you admire so completely, someone who makes you feel calm when you think their name, someone you know you can rely on, who knows your weaknesses and who supports you, who completes you, who makes you better….

Oh, what a relief.

And then to know it’s coming, their thoughts can shift. They’re allowed. They have that freedom, it’s been given to them, promised to them as they were promised to each other. And so when they think of each other, they can think of a future together. One where they can actually see each other freely, which they had been unable to do with no freedom in sight.

And feelings change and develop into something more.

a little message to Skam fans all over the planet!

Hello, you beautiful lot! I don’t think anyone will see this because my blog is small and barely related to Skam posts, however, I do watch the show myself and have some thoughts on what the fanbase has been going through these past few months.

Well, to start off, I’m making a disclaimer (I guess) - 1) I’m not trying to be preachy or judgmental, this is just a really sensitive topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for a long time; 2) My English may be a bit weird, since *ya know*, not my native language; 3) This might not be the best piece of writing you’ve ever read, sorry!

Ok, we’ve passed the awkward stage. Now to the business:

The stalker issue has been a very big, and a weird trend in the fandom. I don’t really know why would girls (update: not only girls! even adults for some reason do that, so it’s a variety of strange people!) follow scholars and young adults that are trying to live their normal life without having to quit their jobs and getting in trouble at school (so that it has to close its doors to visitors) and make them live this *suddenly uncomfortable* life. No wonder Thomas left the show himself, it totally makes sense. These are the cast’s freedom years, exciting years of russ (that we all know of by now) and other random things. Why would we take these moments away from the cast that we apparently love? It makes absolutely no sense, if you think about it.

You can even look at it from a different perspective - imagine yourself in their “shoes”. It’s fun at first, getting all of this attention and having people scream when they see you, but then it gets so irritating with time. There’s no doubt in that. You understand why they’re doing that (well,not if they’re secretly taking pictures of you - that’s when you just can’t fucking get the point), but you don’t feel happy about it anymore and you wish to have a normal life again.

What am I trying to say with all these weirdly structured sentences? We have to respect the cast and their privacy at all times, with no exceptions. Even if there are pictures of the boys with some girls, or ANYTHING. Stop speculating, live your life and don’t try to change something in the lives of the cast. You know that your nasty comment on instagram won’t make them leave their “potential” girl/boyfriends or just their friend group, won’t make them date someone from the cast. Please be understanding and smart. We have to be adequate, not to begin the whole drama trainwreck. We don’t want that, do we?

So, please, don’t hate cast’s friends or overanalyze everything that happens to be posted on social media. Be human. Act human. Stand by the quotes from Skam you believe in. Be kind, always.

Thanks for your attention, I hope that at least one of you reads this and thinks about this issue. :)