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RTX Sydney RvB Panel Highlights

They’re not giving us anything for 15 yet. What we do know is:

  • It will be a continuation of the last storyline
  • Miles is no longer writer/director, someone who wrote for S14 has been selected
  • Burnie thinks this person “gets” the character’s voices

  • Miles says he’ll never tell what he thinks happened on the Staff of Charon, but the new person can do whatever they like
Season 14 stuff:
  • Miles spent like 80% of the budget on the Mercs Trilogy

  • Niner was supposed to get an episode, got cut for time reasons

  • It was confirmed again that there is audio footage of a drunk recreation of episode 2 somewhere

  • Gus hated filming the live action crossover episode because he had to be up late

  • The official ship name for Sarge/Grif is “Blood Orange”
  • Joel wants Caboose to get laid

  • Burnie wishes he’d been able to do more with Junior

  • Miles can do pretty much every character’s voice
  • They are really sick of people asking them “ever wonder while we’re here”, seriously guys, stop it. 

(video can be found here)

You know what else I don’t get about ADHD? We have to go through hell and back and bounce between doctors and psychologists for months to get diagnosed but once you do your doctor just writes you a prescription without any advice and without bothering to tell you that

  • you’re not supposed to eat grapefruit when taking ADHD medication
  •  you can’t eat or drink citrus fruit, soda, Gatorade, and anything carbonated an hour before and after taking your medication 
  • you should monitor your heart rate if you take the decongestant psuedophedrine when you have adderall in your system because it also has the side effect of increased heart rate 
  • you should really avoid caffeine when on adderall (haha I know we’re all hooked on caffeine) but lots of people with add feel like they need to be drinking a “study beverage” like coffee/energy drinks constantly while working. Give your adderall the 1-3 hours it needs to kick in before you do this, drink a placebo beverage like decaf tea instead

I’m not a pharmacist, none of this is medical advice, but as the girl who used to start her day with a whole grapefruit and glass of orange juice… I wish I’d known this. I got more instructions for my strep throat medication then I ever got for adderall.

A little while back, I had wanted to edit everyone out in the snapshot of Keith’s room to use for this blog.

I was also supposed to edit out Keith, but I realized that this scene is what Keith might have endured for one year and decided to keep the snapshot like this.

Feel free to use whenever, but tag me if you do. Also please remember that I had to adlib a ton of stuff for backgrounds we never saw so it may not be accurate.

Reclaim the Day:

What is it: A day for witches of color to post selfies, scenery, rituals, pages from your grimoire, altars and other aspects of your witchcraft on tumblr.

Why is this is a day: Because we as a community of witches need to be seen and heard. There is already a certain standard of what witches are supposed to be on tumblr, and unfortunately the standard does not apply to witches of color. That said, I want to take this day to celebrate and “expose” our community.

We are more than a stereotype. We exist in all shapes, colors, and sizes. It’s time that people realizes that. Realize that witches of color do exist, and that we are valid and real.

When is it: February 11th, 2017 (the day after the next full moon)

Misc: Use the tag #pocrtd. Anyone of color can post.

Spread the word, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

(logo created with power point, all mages belong to bing ;D) 

What the question boils down to is really quite simple: if you genuinely think cis women can’t have any measure of gender dysphoria (despite the facts that a lifetime of messaging about what we are supposed to be and want and do includes impossible and painful ideals, that the social imposition of a painful gender role since literal birth might make you not want to live out that role and the lack of visible gender nonconforming women might make gnc womanhood seem implausible, that you might under these circumstances see yourself as fundamentally outside that impossibly narrow category, and that the social role of women is such that being seen and treated as a woman means being seen and treated poorly) then I wouldn’t necessarily call you an individual misogynist or homophone but its it’s an essentially misogynist and homophobic position. This is especially the case inasmuch as gender nonconforming lesbians have been writing for years about experiences with dysphoria, sometimes using that term and sometimes using other terms depending on culture, historical period, etc. But there’s a very solid and long history of lesbians and women who are to some extent uncomfortable being perceived as women and for many of whom a lot of their secondary sex characteristics cause significant distress in a specifically gendered way. Like it or not we’re here and have been for a long time.

Hey everyone! So as you may know, the TFP tag - the one meant for the entirety of a 65 episode-long show and a 65 minutes movie - is being commandeered by a SINGLE EPISODE of Sherlock.

Haha, no. We were here first. We’re part of a 30+ year-long fandom. We’re being told to change our tag - a tag we’ve had for 6 years. We lost the TFA tag (lbr Star Wars is bigger than anything, including Sherlock), we’re holding onto TFP.

To the Sherlock fans who think we’re being petty: you don’t understand what this series did for Transformers. You don’t understand the impact of one of the most successful Transformers reboots to date. You don’t understand that this series won Emmys - a feat only accomplished before by Beast Wars back in the ‘90s. You don’t understand that TFP was supposed to be a 5 episode miniseries, only to become a grand retelling of characters we’ve come to know and love over the course of 30+ years.

The animators did every episode in three months when it should have taken five. We got Brian fucking Tyler to do the entire TFP score, creating one of the best Transformers themes we’ve heard. It’s had its ups and downs that we’ll gripe about and dig into as much as someone who loathes the series. But as you may know, nobody hates Transformers more than Transformers fans.

So hours upon hours of animation is less important than your 2 hour episode? A single episode? Alright. But remember that post about liking old guys? We’re gonna do it again.

We’re not just going to hijack the TFP tag, we’re gonna stick a flag in it and claim it for the colonization of Cybertron.

Everyone, stay tuned for a half-month TFP Challenge! We’re gonna do this with class.

27 Dresses (Part 7)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – None

Word Count – 1,840

Notes –   Well, this fic was only supposed to have been six parts, but obviously since we’re on Part 7 and nowhere near the end, that plan has gone out the window!  As of right now, I have about three or four more parts planned, but we’ll have to see how it goes!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!” 

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


Originally posted by luvinchris


“You’d always told me that you didn’t like Mom’s wedding dress,” you reminded your sister.

She gave you a dirty look.  “I know I said that when I was a kid, but obviously I’ve changed my mind.  I know you’ve always wanted to wear her dress, and you still can.  I’ll give it back after my wedding.”

Your dad grabbed each of you and pulled you into another group hug.  “See, everything is working out perfectly!  And (Y/N) knows everything about planning a wedding.  I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to call her connections and get everything ready in time, won’t you (Y/N)?”

You would have been able to say no to Nat, or at least you’d like to think that would have, but you couldn’t say no to your dad. He looked so happy, you just couldn’t let him down.

“Sure, Dad,” you agreed.  “I’ll get the ball rolling in the morning.”


You spent your entire lunch break on Monday calling in every connection you had to get Nat’s wedding planned in three weeks.  You practically had to promise Josh your firstborn child to get an appointment at the bridal shop the next day.  It was going to take a miracle to get the dresses rushed and altered in time, but you’d never met a challenge you couldn’t overcome.

You called Nat and let her know that she needed to meet you at Vandall’s the following afternoon at 4:00 pm. She had actually squealed when you told her about the appointment.  A wave of guilt washed over you as you realized just how happy she and Steve really were.

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Pack up what you cherish and carry it on your back to the future.

charles l. mee, jr., as quoted in anne bogart's and then, you act: making art in an unpredictable world

(she asks him: “How are we supposed to function in these difficult times?  How can we contribute anything useful in this climate?”

and he says: you can give up.  or, you can believe that there will be a better time.  and then, “If that is the case, your job in these dark political and social times is to become a transport bridge.”)

this took me longer than i wanted it to bc i had no idea what i was doing during colouring it and i didnt want to restart it over

Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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Paint it Black

Winchesters x Sister!Reader// Bobby x Reader

Dean’s dying and there’s only way you can think of to save him.

Warnings: Blood, the boys and you are being chased, a character death.

A/n: Reminder that requests are open ☺ italics is what the reader wrote in the note.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate

Edit is mine​​

“If you’re reading this, I’m dead.”

Pausing, you inhaled a shaky breath and continued.

“Please know that this is what I wanted. To die and save another. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, and never in my entire life would I have thought it would go down like this. But hey, that’s life. Right?”

**Six Hours Earlier**

“This way!” You could barley yell out to your brothers due to shortness of breath from running. “Come on, hurry up!”

With one blood stained hand you held the metal door open. The other was extended towards your brothers who were running to the safe zone. Also known as Bobby’s “keep demons out” room.

Sam rounded the corner, glancing behind him to make sure Dean followed. Of course he was. Your hand instantly connected with Sam’s as you helped him into the room and over the large step. He threw his bag down and hobbled over next to you. Yelling for Dean to hurry.

He couldn’t have been more than three feet in front of you when the look of relief hit him. He was safe. Without a second doubt you reached out and grabbed ahold of his hand, trying to yank him in faster. But you couldn’t. Something had locked on tightly to his leg. A Hellhound.

Giant familiar claw marks reached upward and clung to the skin on his back. You never let go of him. Even as he was on the floor you held on tight and tried to get it off. There was no way your mind could think clearly, your brother was being torn to shreds in front of you when a gunshot went off. The grip on Dean let go and you didn’t hesitate to pull him in and shut the metal door.

“Oh my God.” You were all out of the woods for now, except your oldest brother who laid on the cold floor as blood came out of him like air. “What do I do?” Both of your hands were holding onto him. Looking down at his eyes which we’re going blank.

Sam showed up beside you, putting an old rag to the deeper wounds and pressing down on them. The sound that came from Dean was dreadful enough as the site of it all was. The only thing you could do was give him your hand to hold.

“Shh. Shh. It’s okay. It-it’s okay.” Tears poured from your eyes uncontrollably. “You’re gonna be okay, big brother. I promise.”

It seemed as though hours had passed, and they had. Bobby showed up eventually and informed your he coast was clear. But even he wasn’t ready to see his adopted son bleeding out. Dean’s entire face was pale. The amount of blood loss was bad, and the fact you suspected an infection didn’t help. Somehow the three of you had managed to get the badly wounded Winchester upstairs and onto a bed.

“It’s pretty bad guys.” Bobby spoke to Sam and a very devastated sister, you. Of course you were nowhere near Dean. There was no need to get him worked up.

Sam must’ve noticed how your entire body language changed. You were slouched over and your head was hanging low. It was like his instinct was to walk over and wrap his arms around you.

It was like this was a trigger. Tears once again began to fall as soon as his touch met yours. “He would never be in this position if I would’ve just…pulled him in.” His arms tightened around you even more.

“Nobody is saying it’s your fault.” His voice vibrated your ears as he spoke. Your head was directly on his chest.

“Nobody had to.” Pushing away from Sam you took your hair down from its messy ponytail and began heading towards the front door. Bobby got in your path and tried to stop you.

“You really think I’m lettin’ you out of here to do somethin’ stupid, kid?” Placing a hand on the door knob, you just smiled the best you could for the time being.

“I need to get some air before I vapor lock in here.” Obviously both of them weren’t buying it. “I’m staying right out front by the door.” You stepped outside, taking one last glance of your perfectly messed up family.

There was no doubt in your mind that both of them were watching in the window. But you didn’t care. They both knew you prayed in cases like these. But neither of them would guess you were asking for assistance form a certain person.

“Billie. I know you’re out there. Watching from a distance.” Your eyes were closed as if you really were praying. “Dean’s dying, but I’m sure you already knew that. And I- I want to trade my life for his.” The familiar face showed up in front of you.

“And why would I do that?” Her arms were crossed as they almost always were.

“What’s it to you? A dead Winchester is a dead Winchester. I only ask for one thing…”

**Back to Current Time**

“I completely understand if you’re all mad at me. Honestly, I am too. But I couldn’t just stand by and watch my big brother die. Plus, I’m a Winchester. Throwing my head on the train track for somebody else is kind of in my blood.

Dean, don’t carry the weight of my death on your shoulders. This was my decision. And don’t get self centered and think I did this for you. I did it for everybody. The world needs a strong hunter- the world needs you. If I’m being upfront I did it for me too, it was my fault you weren’t safe in time.

Please…all of you: Do right by me. Kickass everyday. Drink a beer. Rock out in Baby. Most importantly, go kill some evil sons’ a bitches for me.

I love you all. -Y/n”

“Son of a bitch…” Dean just whispered it barley, but your lingering soul in Heaven looked down at him, listening in.


Hey guys. So 2017 was going alright up until last week.

I’ve maxed out my Credit Card and used the money I had set aside for my monthly car payment to feed my family, buy wood pellets for the stoves to keep us from freezing to death, and for gas to drive my mother’s husband to his appointments in Lutherville, MD (I live 3 hours from there mind you and I have yet to receive any compensation from his Workman’s comp. people like I was supposed to).

I have no money and my mom’s husband just lost his job because Purdue is a horrible company. Her husband was making a good majority of the money and his paychecks normally left us with enough to buy enough of what we need to survive, which was very little.

I have opened commissions once more to try to make any money that will help us because I don’t feel right asking for donations.

The above works were chosen quickly and yes I did reuse my old commission info format and final image. I have tags to show what my other works are like and they are Ki Drawings and Ki Dooldes

If you are interested PLEASE contact me at rinx1148@yahoo.com so that I may go over details, cost, and so that I can send you an invoice through PayPal. Invoices are a must now so that I don’t get in legal trouble.

If you cannot afford to commission me or just do not wish to, please at least reblog this. I am at my wits-end trying to help our family of 6. 

@sawatarisena we were supposed to laugh it off about afterdeath aND NOW WE’RE LITTERARRY RP-ING IT WHAT HAVE WE DONE


HAPPY late BIRTHDAY HUNNN!!! ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ ✨ ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ ✨ ✨

I’m so sowy I’m lateee! Here have a R13 AFTERDEATH!! This is the closest thing I get so far..since this is ma first time acctually submitin…. ‘bed pic’.. I kind of nervious X’D but JUST FOR YOU DARLINN!! HOPE U LIKE ITT!! >wO;;

okay I’ve been thinking about this for a couple days now, and I’ve gotta share…

someone has probably already thought of this, but honestly it seems really reasonable to me


with all the hype that episode 8 is bringing, I’ve been thinking… we’re supposed to find out who Rey’s parents are, whether she’s a Skywalker, Solo…or what I personally believe, that she’s a Kenobi

with this in mind, a lot of us here on tumblr have been begging for an Obi-Wan anthology film, but there has been little to no talk of one from Disney/Lucasfilm

I don’t think this is a mistake

and now I may be wrong, because I know just as much as anyone else, and while there are theories, none of us know for a fact who Rey is related to

but, I’ve watched and read many convincing theories about why Rey may be a Kenobi, and I now find it very hard to think otherwise

if in fact Rey is a Kenobi, and this information is released in Episode 8, it would make perfect sense for Disney/Lucasfilm to then release an Obi-Wan film

it would definitely add critical information as to what exactly went down while Obi-Wan was on Tatootine…who he had a child with, who Rey’s parents wound up becoming, and why Rey was left alone on Jakku all those years

I think if they were to announce an Obi-Wan film after the release of Episode 8 the hype would be insane, and this is just my thought about why there has been little talk of an anthology film

keep in mind this all hypothetical bc I have no idea what’s gonna happen until December, obviously


hey guys! i’ve been drawing often enough recently that i finally feel confident in opening up commissions! these are basic examples of my work, but you’re also welcome to look through my art tag and tell me if you want something a little different!

i will draw anything but what i’m not comfortable with drawing! its pretty much up to my discretion when we’re talking about your commission, but bear in mind; things i’ll most likely to say no to are niche fetish NSFW things. i also won’t draw rape/noncon/dubcon, or NSFW of characters that are canonically minors, even if they’re supposed to be aged up in the content.

how commissioning me works
private message me through tumblr messenger! we can have a chat about what you want. we’ll discuss the price, then i’ll do a very rough sketch of your commission. once you ok the rough, i’ll give you my paypal email. then, when your payment goes through, i’ll start working on the rest of your commission.

i will only have 25 slots open at a time, check under the cut for availability!

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I got very excited over Pacific Rim 2, though, I keep forgetting it’s an actual thing we’re actually getting and now with those set pictures ??

I’m super stoked, I wanna see what the world is like after the Kaiju war (or rather, as is more likely, between Kaiju wars), I wanna know if people kept up that unified stance everyone had, the whole “world saving the world” attitude, or if they fell back into the usual divisions and squabbles as everyone collectively tries to pick up the pieces.

What happens to the PPDC? Is it dissolved because the threat is (as far as they know) eliminated? Do they keep training Rangers just in case? Do they have Jaegers on standby? And if countries start fighting again, what happens if one of them happens to have a Jaeger team handy in the hanger?

Like, I’d love to see the cooperation continue. It took a team of Japanese, British, American, and Australian to take down the Breach (not to mention all of the support teams in Hong Kong) and it would make me super happy to see the world keep on like that, work together to start rebuilding 

but I’m also super curious what it would be like if people went back to their usual scraping for every last resource, fighting over jurisdiction (who has to clean up the Kaiju Blue if it’s in international waters?) only this time with giant robots to back them up. And then, of course, only to need to come together again when the Kaiju decide they aren’t done with this ridiculous little planet.

I’m really excited for Maelstrom guys

Let It Go - snowbaz

NOT frozen anh nah. this is just a small lil thing to let me catch the HECK up to everyone. day (eh?) of carry on countdown (am i supposed to tag someone???): Music (song it Let It Go by the Neighbourhood bc i love how the last line worked with the (lack of) plot). (it has literally no other relevance im crying)


Implied smut but not explicit

When it’s said and done, let it go.

He hums a soft tune as we’re cuddling.

Our hands tangle.

“What song is that?” I ask him.

There’s a wicked twist to his smile.

“Are you telling me you don’t remember the song we were just listening to?” He teases. “Five minutes ago, Snow?”

“I was a bit distracted, excuse you.”

He hums with no tone, an acknowledgement of my statement.

“I was that good, was I?”

“Shut up.”

He turns to place a single, held kiss on my lips, then continues to hum.

I wasn’t listening, listening at all.