what are we gonna we with our fandom

an important message to all newcomers to the voltron fandom:

this is a nasty fandom. i’m just gonna come out and say it. we have differing opinions and we fight about them, and we are aware of how toxic our fandom is. this isn’t at all healthy, yet we still do it.

but you can change this. you bring new faces and new ideas into this space that we desperately need. you can break all the shipping stigma, verbal violence, and anti culture that live here.

some words of advice: stay strong. be yourself. own your ships. say what you feel needs to be said. take no shit.

we need this. you got this.

i love how everyone is online quietly waiting for harry to fuck us up, no one can say this fandom doesnt bond man cause this always has been our bonding time since the day what makes you beautiful first came out … it doesnt matter who you stan, what you ship, how long you been in the fandom because as soon as we hear that we are getting new music nothing else matters and we all always end up here waiting on it together (leaked ot not), the tradition is never gonna change the boys could be 60 and we will still be here staying up til 3 am to hear the debut of a brand new song.


So we all know the college board is an actual piece of shit right? They overcharge for exams, to send CSS profiles to colleges, to send exam scores to colleges (and of course the colleges already have our scores because that’s why you keep getting mail saying omg your sat is so high pls apply), and they don’t even fucking give us a breakdown of our scores after we spend a couple hours taking their awful tests that are often designed so we fail them.
Anyways, it’s time to do something about it. AFTER we all get our AP scores this year, let’s ALL give the college board a piece of our minds. They won’t be able to do anything to us anymore - we’re done with their crap. We might not change anything, but at least we can annoy the fuck out of them.
So please reblog this and spread the word. Seniors, we’re gonna show the college board what we’re made of 👊🖕


Alright, so for the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about the whole “diamond spending” thing with PB. And before I get into the details, I’m just gonna say that all of you are 110% right. It is unfair that many of us can’t afford to unlock special items or scenes with our favorite characters because a lot of the times, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not all rich and capable like some other fortunate people are and while we think it may not affect us in the story, it actually prevents us from accessing other things that could help us like the dossiers in ES or the Adventurer outfits. I’m not saying PB has done nothing in regards to making us happy and having fun because believe me, they have❤️ But none of us want to deal with this issue anymore and it needs to be resolved.

So luckily, @cartoonfanforlife and I have taken the liberty to start a petition in changing this. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. How are we gonna make PB aware about this? Well, that’s why we decided we need backup. @hollyashton has been a HUGE part of the fandom since the beginning and while we believe she’ll be a big influence on getting our point across, she’ll also help take “the gold home.” So what do you guys think?? We won’t make further decisions on this until a majority of us agree to pitch in and work together. But until then, thanks for listening guys!! And spread the word if u can. It would be so awesome to make this real😊💯😊💯😊💯 Thanks again!!

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The treatment that these two lovely souls have been getting for simply loving each other and posting pictures of each other on their Instagrams by these so called self proclaimed “fans” is genuinely disgusting. Matthew Daddario and Esther Kim have been nothing but generous and caring and this is how they get treated? Calling his LONG TERM girlfriend “ugly” and a “disgrace” and that he’s beautiful and deserves “so much better”? You guys (you fucking assholes who dare say these awful things) are horrible people. Didn’t you guys say that you “love Matt and Esther together!!!” And that you absolutely ADORE and ADMIRE Matt? How dare you send him and his girlfriend hate for simply wanting to share their relationship with you? He trusted you guys, he’s trusted all of us. You wanna know why he keeps his private life a secret? Because of assholes like them who just did what they did. If any of my followers are one of those people you can unfollow me right now because I will not have those kinda people on my blog. So, in order to let them know just how much we love both of them we are all gonna spread #welovemattandesther on Twitter at 2:30 pm US TIME!!!!!!! AROUND 7:30 pm EUROPEAN TIME!!!!!! please signal boost and reblog this!!!!!! @softshumjr @sonias-world-of-fandom @alexandargideonlightwood @blissfullybane @larlarinlalaland @bane-of-brooklyn @claryfaechild @willjtudor @alightwood

For every klance shipper and everyone in the freakin' fandom

For the klance shippers:

I don’t ship klance but I really feel bad for the cool and sweet klance shippers. I honestly feel so bad that I want to bake all of you some cookies. But hey, let’s be honest, if klance doesn’t become canon, you don’t have to be all depressed or try to commit suicide. You can all ship it! ^^

For the klance-antis:

I know that all of your asses are pretty much happy right now, but you guys need to remember in your freakin’ brain that if something isn’t canon or confirmed not canon, you can still ship the ship! There’s a reason why fandoms exist. Get it right.

For the anti-shaladins:

I just want to let you guys know that you don’t compare fiction to reality. This isn’t realistic fiction. It doesn’t have to make sense. Plus, how do you know the characters’ ages anyways? Are you the creators? No. Plus, Shiro is considered to be a teen either way.

For all the fandom:

I know there’s fire going on in this fandom. Anyways, please guys! Voltron isn’t a romantic show! It’s about action! Don’t be all immature and fight over ships! We all have rights to ship who we ship! I know a bunch of people say that klance is dead it any ship is dead. But guess what? It ain’t dead. Wanna know why? Because it isn’t dead in our hearts. We all have the right to ship someone with another person!

Now some people get over the top. They send death threats and tell people to kill each other but let’s think for a second. Are you really gonna kill yourself if someone tells you to? No offense, but if you are going to, you have no brain whatsoever. This is a show.

Another thing. You guys do realize that if we fight more about the ships we will turn toxic! Maybe we are a toxic fandom but we can fix that everyone! ^^ If we can just stop the ship hate and appreciate what DreamWorks made for us, then we can finally be happy!

In my opinion, I do hope that nothing becomes canon because then there’s gonna be that ONE FUCKING HATER who gets butthurt. Please.

I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make any sense! I’m just so upset of this fandom! I’m sometimes ashamed to be in it! :/

But anyways, I hope everyone has a great day and remember…don’t let anyone let you down!

SNS fandom ✊

We are strong. There may not be as much as there was but we are still a strong army. Others can bring us down, beat us into the dirt, call us names and defile our existence as a fandom but one thing they will never break is our spirit. We are the losing team that still plays the trumpets loud and hard, no matter what the score on the board is.
Don’t try to degrade us, don’t try to take away our luster, don’t try to take away our legitimacy or our soul. We will rise back up. We are warriors that have held on strong through waves of hatred, spite and anger. It doesn’t matter what you say anymore, you’re never gonna bring me down. You’re never gonna bring US down.

So come at us, go ahead. When you do, you better come with all your ammo because we won’t go down without a fight.

Long live fucking SNS💪

I am so done with everybody's shit

I am just so done with these insecure people attacking vmin or jikook or even ships like yoonseok just because their ships are literally sinking… like I know this might come off as rude but… It is so cringy for me to watch people bash us Jikook shippers for every moment we have and them trying to turn it into “brotherly love”. It also went THAT far that SOME people were pretending to be KOREAN in other people’s asks to JUST PROVE their point. Also I am really sick of people going out there and trying to push on people how JIKOOK or VMIN are “fanservice” and their ship is not by claiming their ship have a handshake?! WHAT THE… Yeah Jikook are totally fanservice with most of their iconic moments being off camera and we all know that some videos were even DELETED without any reason… and we might just guess that jikook had something to do with that. And Vmin are literally so close that you might think they cuddle each other every night to sleep and tell each other their deepest secrets. I take myself as very openminded person who doesnt judge anyone in what they ship because shipping is supposed to be fun and part of fandom. But I really cant stand these certain people because they literally attack jikook fans out of nowhere and then they go and make post how immature WE are just because we get offended by them. Of course people are gonna get offended when you act like an asshole and go to people’s twitter or asks and attack them so PLEASE DONT make a VICTIM out of yourself!!! These are just my thoughts that I had to put out there to summarize my feelings about what has been going on these days in our fandom. Why to make ship wars when you can basically just not mention or tag other ships on your bullshit, stay on your tag and mind your own business?!?! Like I am starting to think these people are secretly obsessed with jikook when they make so much affort to check on every moment they have and then hate on it.

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@ the Undertale fandom

Can you please stop attacking my good friend Nelly? She’s a really good artist and just wants to do what she wants to do. Believe it or not she does have more than one interest that isn’t Undertale. And you guys attacking our fandom and what we like is beyond petty.

I mean, jesus christ you’re the Undertale fandom! You guys are always complaining about how people make fun of your fandom and call you cringy. If you really want that respect how about not attacking other smaller fandoms? All you are doing is making your fandom look even more pathetic.

Look, I’m not gonna act like the Ninjago fandom is a great fandom either. Believe me, we really suck sometimes. Some of us really love to start shipping wars, and some of us take political correctness WAY too far.

If you guys were calling us out for that I would understand, but this is over harassing a good and well known contributor (and my personal friend) to our fandom that we appreciate. And we’re not going to stand by and watch you guys do this to her.

And before you start typing away in the comments, yes. I am perfectly aware that the Undertale fandom is a big place, and it probably is a small part of the fandom that’s responsible for this. But it still doesn’t change the fact that you are still the fandom that’s hosting this bullshit. If you really want your fandom to be a nice place, then I recommend you go and support or apologize to @nelly-the-dog

thank you for reading and sorry for making a fuss and causing drama.


The Ninjago fandom

As far as all the rumblings about what is to come with Once…

One thing I’m thankful for is this. However this show does or does not end, this fandom will write through fic and illustrate through art infinite different versions that will inevitably be more nuanced, thoughtful and appropriate than anything we will ever see on our TVs. And while this sounds like a slam of A&E and the writing staff (which isn’t necessarily false) it’s just a fact. We care about the small moments as much as the big milestones and have the time and desire in our art to delve into them. We remember every tiny interaction and take time to tie up loose threads, maintain continuity and make sure there is a payoff for every crisis. There are simply too many characters and storylines and realms and curses and villains and heroes and lions and tigers and bears for A&E to focus on what we want all of the time. Thank god we have this space to do it for ourselves. I can’t wait to see what this fandom creates.


That being said, fuck up Emma Swan’s happy ending and I’m gonna riot.

Pied Piper screwed me over. LOL

First of all… Ayayay… Wow… I didn’t expect… THANK YOU.

The song hit a sore spot, I guess. If you follow me and read the shit I write, you’d know. I fangirl with my sisters and I enjoyed it a lot. But things haven’t been easy around here. The more I get sad, the more I turn to KPop, mostly Bangtan, mostly Yoongi, mostly this blog.

It has been my escape, like for most of you guys too, I guess. But as my low points got worse, my escapism worsened too. And it roots from the fact that I think people have so many expectations from me which comes from my age and seniority and I can’t deliver. This blog has been the highlight of my day. Bangtan eased away my thoughts. But I think I need to balance it.

Pied Piper talks about how twisted our relationship is with these people we admire and, in all honestly, damn near worship is. Their songs and their whole being inspire us and make us happy. We spend time, we spend money, to keep up to date and in the hopes that somehow we are helping them reach their goals. It makes us feel like we are a part of it. No matter how far we are, we feel like we belong in something that keeps aspiring for more.

And they did clarify that we are a part of it. In a twisted way that can be imputing on our own lives, we have dedicated a part of ourselves to them. And though they are sorry for the way they have affected our lives negatively in some sense, they can’t let us go.

You guys are right! And thank you for reminding me that what makes me happy should just make me happy, reagrdles of age and I should just keep on finding happy. But at the same time, I can’t escape. So my resolution is temperance. When you run a blog, you tend to go deep. When it starts growing, you tend to have greed.

Thank you, for reminding me that this whole new journey is about learning how to love ourselves, myself. And KPOP, BANGTAN, YOONGI… these are parts of me. Bangtan is making us face reality by giving us the most HONEST, TWISTED LOVE SONG an idol group can give to their twistedly loving fans. I love them and I love this.

It’s scary though… thinking that I’m watching from the sidelines as the people I admire continue to move forward. I’m starting to feel like I’m just watching and not living. AND that, ladies and gentlemen, is the wrong way to live. The age thing… is an age thing. You keep thinking about how much time you have left to do what you thought you should be doing and where you should be at any given point. No matter what age, that thought comes.

This has gone long. My point is… WE NEED TO LIVE. I NEED TO LIVE for myself too. Our fandom is growing and we keep having these united goals we want to acheive but at the end of the day, we should never forget the goals we placed for ourselves. Invest in you and in what will give you peace and happiness. Build on towards your definition of success.

Thank you for caring to ask and for speaking your minds… this community… how can I leave it? I guess, I won’t completely. I still have some thinking to do… but… Thank you!

My JeRza thoughs

Okay, time to tackle this one, it has been a week already! Time flies!

But first, a big thank you and a shot out to @thefairystales for her work at translating the interview with Mashima and because we got a nice convo a couple of days ago and it was a delight to discuss with her about the ending and jerza.

This is something I have been thinking and discussing with several friends in the course of this week after the end of FT and how at first I feel very dissappointed and later on mostly bummed and then after digesting all of this and talking it out my perspective changed more. The interview translated by @thefairystales finished to settle things for me.

I was right in a couple of things and It’s nice to know.

Mashima mentions in his interview that what he wanted was to leave room to his audience to imagine the rest (same as what happened with the Jerza kiss) And Lucy is an unreliable narrator.

Before anyone starts the attacks, this is not an attend to diss Lucy, far from it. Unreliable Narrator is a narrative resource (forgive the redundance) used in literature to give the audience the opportunity to make their own interpretations of a story through a character inside it, because unlike the omniscient narrator, in which the author is privy to all thoughs and knows everything, the unreliable narrator aka the character, doesn’t.

Keep this in mind please.

Lucy for all purposes and here I quote Mashima, is someone who

 "shares the same point of view as the reader…. is by the reader’s side. She doesn’t understand the things that the readers don’t understand, and she says it out"

Thus why the vagueness over Jellal and Erza’s relationship status from her POV. Even Lucy says it herself in regards to Erza, she still can’t get her, in the way she misinterprets her words and gets surprised along us when she says “it’s complicated” and then next panel we along her learn that she is not talking abour her and Jellal but about the book in her hands.

The “it’s complicated” was misleading and was played for laughts over Erza’s apparent inhability to read a barely difficult book or write a letter.

At this point Lucy can’t tell us anything about Jellal and Erza’s current relationship because she does not know more than what she has told us: Jellal is free and Erza has started to act more openly as a typical woman in love who wants to impress her beloved.

What is truly going with jerza, just Erza and Jellal know.

Coming back to canon, are they canon?

First, What does mean “canon” in the romantic sense?

A ring and a wedding?, Grandiose declarations of eternal love?, An “and they lived happily ever after”? Children? Appearing side by side with knowing smiles? Mutual feelings of love? Confessions?

I think canon can be found in any of this and even more scenarios I am letting out. Jerza is mutual. Their love for each other is something that has been hinted throughout all Fairy Tail’s story. It survived pain, hatred, deception, death itself and they both keep loving each other. And I don’t need to mention the Beach scene and the infamous “kiss” because if you remember panel by panel, Erza initiated the action but Jellal followed suit, both consenting it and both closing distance on their own volition, making it clear that their feelings were mutual, no discussions there. That was as good as canon can be.

Soooo, are they canon?

Hell yes!

For that I think the important question is not about canon but about the status of their relationship:

Are they dating/getting to know each other?
Are they taking their time?
Are they going one step at a time?
Are they seeing each other from time to time?

It can be lots of things, maybe they are somewhat dating and thus why Lucy has noticed the change in Erza’s behavior regarding her appearance. Or just getting to know each other better without being in life or death situations. Maybe they are not doing more than take things slowly because Fiore just got trashed and there were more urgent matters this past year.

There are many things that can be going on, and If Jellal and Erza have something in common is to keep things just to themselves, specially a relationship between them.

As you see I have enough room to speculate this and not be refuted cause Mashima gave me enough to reach my own conclusions.

I think they are in contact, there are lacrima phones and if Erza keep in contact with Jellal during the year of Fairy Tail’s disbanment, she can easily do that now that Jellal and his group are not fugitives anymore.

So I am not pulling at straws here. And I believe that the 100 years quest is not gonna be a big impediment to them when Jellal has been roaming all of Fiore, so crossing paths time to time is in the realm of possibility. Even better, knowing Team Natsu are nothing more than limit testers I am sure they can finish the quest in less than 10 years at most (being pessimistic. Come on! they flattened a so called powerful kingdom in mere days, so I can say they can tackle a 100 years mission in 10 years or less).


Now I know I am avoiding a question in regards of Jellal who is at times considered an obstacle to jerza, ironic, uh?

But, what if there are things Jellal needs to do to finally settle with Erza? A friend and I (God bless her) talked about it and we reached this not very popular conclusion: His journey to freedom is still ongoing.

Hisui asked him along CS to live for the future and Jellal just uttered a word and keep pensive. And before that, Erza also in a gentler tone asked him this time to value his life. Nothing about sins, but about living. So my conclusion is that this time he is thinking long and hard about it, not about sins, but about true freedom and living on. A freedom he could not taste while he was a fugitive and less when Zeref was alive. So now that Zeref is no more and he has been freed, he needs to keep moving to get acquainted with this world, to know who he is and what he wants in order to get his fresh start.

And I think this is the way to become free of his burdens.

Yes, there was regression and some messyness for the sake of drama over his character but I believe Mashima gave him the best ending he could give at that point in such short space in the last chapter.

For me it works, for me it means Jellal is searching for himself, I can imagine him traveling as a free man to tie loose ends (searching for Wally and Sho, going to Mermaid Heel to have a long chat with Kagura and apologize properly, visiting the ruins of the Tower of Heaven, etc), to see the world and learn how to live in it before returning to Erza, That’s for me a good end for him.

And you know what? Erza gets it. And it’s OK because Erza is also living her life, she is moving, she is doing stuff and being hopeful, she knows (by caring for her hair) that he will come back to her soon but that does not mean she is going to just wait for him doing nothing, because Erza is not like that, she is a person with her own life to live. 

I repeat, there are lacrima phones, Jellal knows where she is going, what she is doing and is okay with it because he wouldn’t like to see Erza wasting away her life just waiting for him, he is not a selfish jerk.

Sooner or later, they will be together.


Of course, I am not telling anyone to not feel sad or dissappointed, it’s natural, we all wanted more than what we got and I know some parts of the fandom have been quite nasty, I got my share of rudeness here on my tumblr for shipping jerza. That ppl is not worth our time, let them go, block them, we can do better with our time that let them get to us.

But if there is a thing we can’t to is to be a jerk to others or force our reasoning on ppl. Take it or leave it, but don’t be a jerk about it. And don’t be a jerk to Mashima, insulting him is not gonna fix shit, the man did what he deemed the best, at the end of the day is his own story to tell. 

Rant in your page, feel dissappointed and robbed but don’t go to the page of a man who busted himself to bring us chapter after chapter week by week without fail for 11 years. That deserves our respect.

i know i’ve been gone for a minute but i need to get some things out right now. 

when bts got nominated for top social artist, i heard all kinds of shit. “it’s not even a real category.” “they’re not revolutionary for it.” “the award means nothing for k-pop anyway.” those things just motivated me even more to vote, so i did. i told every single army to, and we did our very best. 

yesterday, bts won the award, and suddenly things changed. there were people in my mentions saying that the victory was important for k-pop as a whole. that the award wasn’t only bangtan’s. that they got there thanks to other people who “paved the way” for them. people started acting as if the whole k-pop community had helped and supported us, which is a fucking joke.

so let me tell you: no, this award is not everyone’s award. this award is bangtan’s and army’s, who worked their asses off to win this, on our own, as we always do. because we (and bts) are supported by others when it’s convenient for them, because when it’s not, they are always ready to rub all their 94 daesangs on our face or some shit. please, cut the crap. we never needed these people’s help and i’m not fucking sharing this with them.

you know what makes me even more pissed? the fact that there’s a small part of the fandom who listens to those people. who want to be accepted and loved by other fandoms so bad that they’re always glad to give those people what they want: a fandom who works for them to spread k-pop and never gets credit for it. i’m sick of that. i don’t care about my “fandom’s image” in k-pop because if you haven’t noticed, no matter what we do, bangtan’s success bothers most of people and it makes them turn against us. and we. do not. need. them.

i appreciate each and every single person from other fandoms who voted for bts and don’t fit on cases mentioned here, but army, you’re powerful on your own. be kind (and humble) to people who deserve your kindness. stop fighting against your own fandom to please people who don’t give a fuck about you or your idols. learn to be tough, because as bts grows more popular, we’re gonna need it. if “teamwork makes the dream work”, our team needs to be unstoppable.

and antis, no, you can’t have our bbma. 

anonymous asked:

Orihime could've been a good character and I would've admit defeat when IH became canon if Kubo could've at least develop the ship much more better than just a half assed ending.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

had IH been developed enough then ichiruki wouldn’t be as big as it is in the first place. but yeah had it been developed enough then i’d just say “oh that’s a bummer” and would’ve just moved on.

Send me UNPOPULAR opinions (or popular, it doesn’t matter) and I’ll rate them

also y’all like…idk what to tell you but white fans aren’t ever gonna produce content for characters of color in the same way they do for white characters. like it’s just never gonna happen. doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it just, doesn’t make it okay, but the reality is fandom is by and away strongly biased towards white characters when it comes to fic and art and I just don’t see that changing any time soon. so all these posts where we pull up AO3 stats and get mad about the lack of fic for black and brown characters and admonish people to write more fic/ draw more art? it’s cool to see fandom stats and get a sense of the numbers but it still won’t induce more people to write more POC-centric fic. 

what will create more fic is actually encouraging fic writers, posting reviews and kudos, making rec lists, encouraging others to write, writing yourself, learning PS or Pixlr or Gimp so you can make more edits and graphics for your faves, and boosting other content creators of color. does it sound like work? hell yeah it is. is it unfair af that black and brown folks, especially black and brown women, have to work harder in fandom to produce the content we want to see? absolutely. but it’s the reality. the sooner we let go of the expectation that white fans will ever care about and create for WOC/POC characters the way we do, the sooner we stop caring about what white fans think or do or ship or don’t ship and what reactions they will or won’t have to a piece of POC-centric media, the sooner we shift our energy from compiling AO3 stats and running anti blogs and telling people what they can or can’t ship, not only will we have the time and headspace to create more content for our faves, but the more we’re gonna find a sense of inner peace and drive wrt to our fandom activities. 

Idk if i’ll live to see the day POC characters have as many fanworks about them as characters/ ships like j*ohnlock or the w*inchester brothers. probably not. but idc, because even five stories about a WOC/POC character is better than none. no one said it would be easy or fair, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can.

Hey guys…

Can we have real talk for a minute? 

Just a minute, and I swear I’ll go back to my regular programming. 

There’s been something that’s been weighing on my heart. And I want to get it out in the open. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is an ensemble show. It just is. That’s what it was from the very beginning. Six people trying to save the world in the shadows. And what makes the show so brilliant is the writers get to delve into the human condition and really flesh out relationships. 

In a superhero show. 

Trust me, I’ve had to spot check a lot of superhero shows lately. 

And Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just is on a whole other level in terms of authenticity and heart.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is also a drama. It’s meant to have lots of action, lots of darkness, and…

…lots of conflict. 

Watching happy after happy scene of FitzSimmons does not fit into the show. 

Or they could be happy as hell, but just offscreen. 

There isn’t room for both. 

This season, especially, I’ve seen a lot of flack at the writers for not caring about FItzSimmons or wasting their storyline. And to be honest, it’s been hurtful to witness. 

And I know some of you must be hurting because you didn’t get what you thought would happen, and that’s fine. Your feelings are validated. 

But I’ve seen this “misery loves company” mentality where others just feed off the outrage and speak for the entire fandom, and that bothers me.

Because this fan has absolutely fucking loved what the writers have done with these two characters every step of the way. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

From the get-go, I’ve just wanted FitzSimmons to have more screen time, and in season 4, they shine a lot more as individuals and are featured in the A storylines a lot more, and I love that. 

And then we got some heartwarming scenes, and I’ve loved that too. 

And now, they’re going to get this brilliant storyline where Jemma rescues her man (which is what the fandom has been wanting, mind), and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Just. This last episode was a masterpiece in every way. 

And yet, I’ve still come across negativity about it. 

And, to be honest, it’s exhausting to witness. 

Yeah, I was definitely one that thought it would be FitzSimmons against the world, but when it wasn’t I quickly changed my tune because what we got was absolutely incredible. Jemma and Daisy’s relationship astounded me. I’ve always, you know, been fond of the pair, but it just didn’t hit me how much they truly, truly meant to each other until this episode. Oh God, I’m crying again, carry on. 

I’m just worried that there’s gonna be more writer trashing in this next pod. Because we will probably not like Framework Fitz very much (but HOLLA, we’ll LOVE IAIN OKAY). 

So I’m just asking us all, as a fandom family, to think about the weight and impact of our words. I’m asking that we enjoy whatever’s given. I’m asking we focus on the positive. 

And maybe I’m out of my depth for saying this. But the writers were the ones who saw the beauty in FitzSimmons, wrote this amazing relationship based on chemistry between actors alone, and gave them scene after scene of gut-wrenching beauty. 

Please remember this as we move forward.

The writers owe us nothing. They’ve given us everything. And now, they’re giving us even more. 

Jemma and Daisy are going to save their friends. Jemma is going to rescue Fitz. We are going to see the whole team in a different light. 

I couldn’t ask for a better arc frankly. 

And I know that it’s going to be absolutely incredible. 

You know, I find it absolutely devastating what this fandom has become. This is the second time in less than 6 months when bullying people got so far that people are taking breaks, leaving Tumblr, deleting their blogs. It’s been nearly 25 years since The X-Files started and it’s been 21 days since Season 11 has been announced. We could have all the reason to celebrate our show, our luck, invite and welcome new fans to join us in the next crazy ride. But guess what we are doing… Hating on each other! 

Gillian just published a book about honesty, acceptance and finding ourselves and look at this fandom. Does this behaviour remind you of those principles? A fandom should be a mostly fun, safe place with a hint of drama. The beauty of it should be that we are different with different views and different experiences. This diversity should be celebrated not used to generate hate.

This fandom is divided, that we have to deal with. We have to accept it, and just move on, people! It’s really not that difficult, showing some respect by leaving each other alone!! Anon hate will never stop and bullies gonna stay bullies, but! 

Please don’t leave. Please don’t let your little world being shuttered by strangers on the internet. Take a break, sure. But please don’t leave.Turn off anon mode, block everyone who hurts you. Just focus on people who make you feel safe, loved, and accepted. Create your nice, little bubble and stay in it! The X-files is coming back, Fox Upfronts is next week. As someone who lived through the months leading up to Season 10, I promise you it’s gonna be epic. It’s gonna be a lifetime experience and probably it’s gonna be the last time. Let’s come together and enjoy it! Please. 

As Gillian said in one of her interviews:

“So let’s practice what we preach and with the acceptance that we expect from others. Let us stop being so damn judgemental and crucifying of everyone who doesn’t fit into our boxed-in perception of what is right.”

@kristinships​ and I were chatting about the trailer and how we all went nuts over it and she jokingly posed the question of  “what has Rian done to us. What have we become in the two years spent waiting.”

I made an overly dramatic response and it was meant to mostly be a joke, since I wasn’t trying to be super serious about it. But she seemed to think I should post it.

I was worried about doing that because in-depth posts are not exactly my forte. I’m not a writer. I guess as an artist I can see and recognize behaviours in people, links, symbolism and parallels between certain things, but I lack the right words to explain exactly what I’m trying to convey. (Thank god for all you incredible people in our fandom who can do both.)

SO I’M JUST GONNA COPY-PASTE WHAT I WROTE, I fixed the spelling a bit first and hey maybe you guys can add your own thoughts. ^-^’

kristinships: What has Rian done to us.  What have we become in the two years spent waiting 

Me:    *breathes in dramatically* In two years we: were called delusional and crazy. Held at arms length from the rest of the SW fandom like we were some kind of immoral diseased monster. We had to work harder than anyone else at convincing people, going above and beyond in our meta and theories. We were creative, our talent showing in everything we did, our writing, our artwork… The extensive knowledge we have in storytelling, we shared amongst each other. We worked so hard to prove we were good. Better than what was being said of us. To the point where it maybe made us look a little crazy. But it was never enough. We took the harassment in stride, mostly keeping quiet, not wanting to stir up something worse.  But still the name calling and disrespect continued. The attempts to restrict us and to shut us up continued. The threats began.

We became frustrated, we became angry, we started fighting back, grasping desperately at anything the creators gave us and making sense of it. Hanging on JJ and Rian’s every word because they were making us feel validated. Maybe we felt we could trust them. They were the only ones who saw things the way we saw it, perhaps. As long as they were on our side, maybe we weren’t as crazy and wrong as everyone else seems to think we are!  Anything to prove we’re right! To prove a point! 

In two years time, we became Kylo Ren. XD
 And JJ/Rian is our Snoke.

Maybe that’s why most of us connected so closely to Kylo’s character so quickly over the years and why we started understanding him a little differently than the rest of the fandom. Our experiences were kinda paralleling his. :P
(obviously many people had whole other reasons for connecting with kylo from the start, obviously.)

kristinships:  that’s actually a very astute observation and i think you should make a post about it. the abuse from the antis only molded us into the very thing that they hate. talk about irony

So yeah. Hope that kinda made sense. It  sounds a lot more serious than I intended but its fun to think about these things.
Maybe leave a thought or two of your own. :)

anonymous asked:

It still blows my mind how Tumblr (a strong social justice platform) is so violently anti-Daenerys while a giant part of Reddit (literally dude-bro city) is sobbing tears of joy at the prospect of Jon and Dany finding happiness in each other.

Hello anon,

It’s like the twilight zone, I’m in complete shock at how supportive reddit is, at least their FreeFolk forum. I’m not surprised at the Tumblr hate, I’ve seen it first hand for years. Everyone needs to have a say, so we are hearing their negative opinions whether we want to or not. However, there has been a huge growth to the fandom here on Tumblr and we should celebrate that. A lot of awesome people have joined our community and that’s a great thing. 

Haters are gonna hate, so let them. Let’s enjoy what we have and if people at reddit want to join us, even better. 


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Am i the only one who still ship supercorp?

nope, I do too.. a lot of people are just really upset rn (myself included) but I think we as a fandom are stronger than the cast’s ugly behaviour 

I’m never gonna watch supergirl again because the show isn’t about the strong supergirl I fell in love with anymore, I won’t support a cast who makes fun of their fans and I’m done with the show’s shitty pro sexism, it’s been going downhill during season 2 and with all that’s happened now, I’ve had enough..

that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop shipping supercorp, kara and lena are perfect for each other and the cast won’t ruin this for me!! I understand when people can’t really look at it the same way now after what happened, I’m still kinda struggling a little bit too.. but are we really gonna let them “destroy” us? I don’t think so!!

so let’s create our own supergirl universe where kara and lena can actually be together, our fandom is so talented, there’s so much fanart and fanfiction, let’s have our own safe space where noone makes fun of us and thinks we’re a joke, we don’t need the show or any of them!! 

..and tbh katie mcgrath would support this and that’s really all I care about