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How to Overcome Procrastination

1. Be honest with yourself and admit that you’re putting off stuff that really needs to be done.

2. Try and figure out why you’re procrastinating. Is it because you don’t like it, it creates anxiety, you don’t understand it, it feels overwhelming, you’re disorganised …?

3. Decide to break the habit of procrastination by deliberately rewarding yourself for doing something you’d rather not do.

4. Make a pact with a friend –where you deliberately and regularly encourage each other, and hold each other accountable.

5. Sit down and think – in detail – about all the likely consequences of not doing what needs to be done. Be brutally honest, and try and picture what you’re life is going to look like 6 months, a year and five years from now ( if you continue to procrastinate).

6. Decide to break large tasks down into smaller, more achievable tasks, and then tackle these smaller tasks one at a time.

7. Recognise your progress, and affirm and praise yourself for making these changes – and doing things differently, even though it’s hard.

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Starco shippers are so immature and rude. How the hell can you affiliate yourself with that?

Woah, buddy…. easy there. First of all, don’t really appreciate the rude entrance, but I’ll answer your question anyway.

1. I will ship what I want.

I, first and foremost, am a multishipper. I just have a strong preference for Starco. It’s cute, fun, light, and harmless. Not to mention, I’ve liked it for ages, even before the show’s premier; I’m not one to jump ship so easily. I don’t care about people’s opinion on the ship. Star Vs. the Forces of Evil is just one show of many, many others. It does no harm. It will not change the world. It is a children’s cartoon on Disney XD that too many of you guys get wrapped up in. Speaking of which, a new point.

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With a smile, Samantha leads Caleb outside to the fountain in the backyard where they’d spent so much time together already. Caleb doesn’t question her as they sit down. Instead, he simply watches her patiently.

“So… I don’t really know where to start,” Samantha admits sheepishly as she fidgets with the hem of her skirt. “I assume you already know that this is about what happened not too long ago and why I was standing out here being all moody.”

OKAY BUT SMELL THE SWEET VALIDATION, that latest promo brings all my headcanons home to roost about Hardy and Miller sharing the same shitty sense of humour, Hardy being really good at making Miller laugh, Hardy being a complete arsehole to everyone but her (and Daisy), Miller finding it amusing and endearing when he’s being a knob, Hardy getting all fussy around her because that is his Best Friend, Hardy and Miller still bickering when things get stressful because that’s just what they do, but making up easily afterwards… and the amount of costumes I’ve seen that are practically identical is frankly hilarious and also so sweet, that they unconsciously dress like each other all the time now. 

I’m convinced we’re going to see a lot of Hardy being quite nice to Ellie, probably while not saying a single word - like he’ll just silently open doors for her, slide kit kats across the table, make her coffee and tea just the way she likes it, and Ellie will be similarly nice but more upfront about, e.g. yelling “OY FUCKTRUCK IT’S COLD, WEAR THE SCARF I BOUGHT FOR YOU.” But doubtless there will still be some embarrassment about physical contact. ENTER YE OLDE FANFICTION TROPE OF “their hands accidentally brush while reaching for (x) and they pull away embarrassed” or “they bump into each other and blush” or “she takes his hand to get across a puddle.” I think there’s going to be tiny little touches here and there and they’ll act like dumb teenagers about it.

HHHHHH this is INVIGORATING, I’ve had to put up with people saying “they hate each other” and “they’re not compatible” and “they’re only working together because they have to” and now Chibbers has shot out of the blocks like “THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS AND LOVE EACH OTHER A WHOLE LOT, LOOK AT THE DORKS IN MATCHING CLOTHES SMILING AT EACH OTHER WHILE THEY WORK” 

I don’t even mind if it doesn’t end in explicit romance, if I get a whole season of them being best friends and openly adoring and supporting one another I’ll die happy.

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How do therapists typically handle dissociation in a session?

Hi Anon

There isn’t necessarily a set response. It depends on a lot of different factors! 

  • The therapist’s primary discipline 
    • example: I work with trauma all the time so I’m pretty comfortable with dissociation but someone else may not be
  • How much the therapist knows about trauma
  • How long the therapist has been seeing a client
  • What the client’s primary trauma was -or- 
  • What is currently triggering the dissociation
  • How comfortable the client is with the therapist
  • If the therapist and client have a plan in place around dissociation 
  • What typically happens during/after a dissociation 
  • The level of dissociation - are we talking spacing out, losing touch or transported to another place

I’m really comfortable with dissociation. I’ve both had experience with it personally and a whole lot experience with it professionally. I know for newer therapists, it can be a little nerve wracking the first time (it’ll get easier). 

No matter the stage (early, middle or full dissociation), I tend to shift my body language -  my voice gets very calm and steady. I speak in short, concise sentences with easily understood language. I pay attention to my breathing - clients unconsciously will a therapist to mirror their breathing depending on the therapeutic trust level so if I’m breathing in an even, calm way, I can help them breathe more regularly. I let a client know I’m moving or getting up before I do it. I move with care. Depending on the trauma, I sometimes move my body in a way that makes it a bit smaller and less threatening. But my presence in the room tends to be pretty big - I keep the room contained and I’m not frightened by their trauma. 

If I’ve been working with a client for a while, I’m usually pretty good at figuring out what’s happening with them given the context. If I see them starting to head towards dissociation, I will draw them to what is going on. Usually, I try and figure out what, if anything, was occurring in session was feeling like too much (sometimes it’s nothing but if it is something in session, it’s really important for us to know). I will try and ground them. Sometimes that means information - “You look like you are getting really anxious and starting to {space out/zone out/get fuzzy/whatever language the client uses}. Is that’s what happening right now?” Often the response is “I don’t know” - so I’ll reflect what I can observe and invite them to do a grounding exercise with them. That can be doing a “body scan” meditation, progressive muscle relaxation or having them use tapping (this is a new skill for me so it’s not *quite* in the rotation yet). We’ll do the 5 sense thing. Or doing names with every part of the alphabet. Sometimes it’s having the client listen to a song that will calm them down. Sometimes it’s art or using some regulatory aide (sand, fidget cubes, etc). Sometimes the client will ask me to talk to them about something else - usually something practical and immediate. I will remind them that they are safe right now. Sometimes a client will ask to hold my hand or have me sit next to them (which I’m fine with).

If a client is totally dissociated, I’ll do some of the things mentioned above for sure. But it’s important to get the client back to this time and place. I do my best to orient the client. I’ll remind them of the safety of the space and of our relationship. I try and meet the client where they are at and attempt to work from there. Usually the bit in the middle is highly personalized so I can’t really speak to that. I speak calmly but with guidance. Usually, there is a lot trust in place so I have the ability to guide them back. If there is an immediate safety risk, I’ll deal with those as they arise. I’m lucky - I get a *lot* of flexibility on length of time for the session but I do need to get the client to a place where they are okay to leave the session. I usually also take notes for later so that I can let them know what all happened. 

Once they are out of it, I usually set an appointment for the next 24-72 to check in if possible. I’ll get them some water if they need it. Sometimes, we will do some kind of movement (like a quick walk). We’ll make a plan on how they can be gentle with themselves and stay safe. Sometimes (depending on the situation and age), it will mean that I call their caregivers or parents to give extra support but only only it’s something they want or suggest or we have spoken about it previously. 

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I know you've probably been asked this a million times, but what's your thought on the idea of Henry and Edward being shipped together? Just curious, sorry if it's annoying ><""

I think it’s perfectly fun and silly! If people want to write fanfiction or….headcanons or whatnot on the subject, I’m all for it!

As for me personally, I’d have a tough time writing anything on the subject. Hyde is able to really get at Jekyll when he can attack his insecurities, but while Jekyll is certainly insecure about his bisexuality, I’m not sure Hyde would actually be able to intimidate him with shows of sexuality. At the end of the day, Jekyll knows that Hyde’s physical manifestations–in the mirror or in hallucinations–aren’t real. I suspect that if Hyde did a sexy dance at Jekyll, he’d just roll his eyes and walk away.

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I have really big boobs (G cup , or idk how u measure then but they big af) and i really really hate it but girls seem to like it tho? Ur opinion in having big boobs?

In my opinon a G cup is really big (like European G cup size at least is). And yes i like all kinds of boobs but out of pure honesty i find a G cup too big. Also with bigger boobs comes the problem that you can get back/neck problems quicker bcs you have more to cary. Ofc there are girls who really love bigger breast so if you feel bad bcs you don’t want to be judged or are afraid of bad reactions/girls not liking it, you shouldn’t. There will really always be a girl who likes you nomatter what. But in the end the only thing that counts is how you feel about your own body/breasts because others may love your body but when you don’t love it yourself it gets harder.

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I feel like your one of the most popular magnus blogs out here so imma ask you. What do you think was in that box magnus gave max? It's legit killing me.

that’s a really good question! i hadn’t thought about it. i could see it being related to his getting his first rune, like a protective item? but also i can see magnus just getting max something fun and cool, like a toy he put a charm on, too. i get the sense magnus has always been critical of the way shadowhunter children are raised, so i can see him just getting max a gift that has nothing to do with shadowhunting at all and it’s just something any ten year old kid would love to have.

I had forgotten that part in Dragonshy where Rarity tries to Bilbo Baggins this dragon’s hoard. And it actually almost worked until she showed her hand too early.

It’s kind of funny because this episode is so focused on Fluttershy being scared and inconveniencing everypony, but I never really realized until now that literally none of them have the slightest idea what they’re doing at all. Which kind of makes sense, cause they’re still pretty new to adventuring and stuff, but it kind of seems like Twilight’s making it up as she goes along.

Like, Twilight’s plan if the dragon got rowdy was for Applejack to kick apples at him. Fluttershy was the least of their problems.

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do you like gender switch Korrasami fan art? As in where they're both male.

tbh i didn’t even know that sort of fan art existed, but at the same time it really doesn’t surprise me. whilst i’m all about gay ships, as well as creative expression, and as a gay man i particularly like m/m ships, gender-switched korrasami? nah. there’s not a lot of good representation out there for ladies in relationships when it comes to tv shows and other sources of content, so i personally just kind of want korrasami to be left alone, and to be respected for what it is, you know?

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Could I have 2p! Iceland kidnapping a somewhat fiesty s/o who is actually sweet and innocent but is really nasty when messed with? He could kidnap her after she rejects his love confession or something?

She loved everything about her. She was beautiful and everything he had ever wanted. She was perfect. She was so sweet, even better then licorice. She wanted to eat all of her up, so he would be consumned with only her.

She was sure that she had feelings for her too. They were very close friends after all. So she wasn’t nervous when confessing to her. But what she didn’t expect was rejection.

She felt her heart break into a million little pieces. Her usual cheerful personality was gone. It was replaced with a murderous demeanour. She growled and attacked her, by pushing her to the ground.

“I didn’t think I’d have to use this. But this is your own fault.”

She took her needle from her pocket and injected her with her medicine, that he got some help from her big brother. She truly loved her big brother for this. She giggled when her love quickly fell into unconsciousness.

“You’re going to be all mine now~”

She picked her up and dissappeared into the shadows.

 if i killed myself these ppl wouldn’t feel sorry or bad about everything they had said/did to me and that’s really gross to think about haha i really don’t know how anyone could possibly hate me so much seeings though i’ve spent the past 3 years of my life keeping to myself and trying not to inconvenience literally anyone even my family but i guess this is what i deserve ?
goodnight gamers have a nice day/night love you all .

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I really like Lucy but sometimes I don't understand why our fandom is all over her? Like I get that she's Lauren's bestie and is a super beautiful and intelligent woman but I don't get the hype ? I sometimes feel that she kinda mooches off of Lauren's fame. Some people make the argument that her dad is rich enough to buy 5h if she wanted it, but money doesn't always necessarily translate into a loyal fan base/fame. What are your thoughts? 🤔

harmos stan everyone that’s close to the girls, nothing new really 😂 i don’t get the hype about anything, i don’t keep up with her actually

hey not to like get all on you about agriculture but tilling practices are really being thoroughly rethought recently .. extensive tilling of fields might make it easier to plant initially but it dispenses soil structure and ultimately reduces soil organic matter and makes it harder for plants to grow and water to get in and all kinds of other Bad Stuff … conservation tilling and even no till farming practices are becoming more popular recently, conservation tilling where you till only a thin strip of soil right where you plant the seeds, and no till is what it sounds like, you dont till the old plant material into the soil, just plant on top of it. i wonder about those shoes. i dont think theyd really be functional to till a field … what could you use them for?? reminds me of the spongebob squarepants movie how dennis steps on david hasselhoffs muscled back with his terrible spiky shoes

Me, and me now.

Written for Philinda Valentines (Hot Potato Event).

This is the disjointed confusing version of this fic ;) which was the whole point, for everyone to be confused XD somehow it didn’t really work out :P since our team was really clever :) 

Thank you all for the dedication and time you put in :D especially…

@samandjackshipper​ : for reading and discussing “Ulysses” with me.

@calltomuster​ : For being able to work so quickly and reply instantly, making my job much easier. :)

@melinda-kane​ : for telling all of us about your job and educating us on what “Barnes and Noble” is. :P



This is a more polished version, with smoother transitions and a more accurate timeline. 


The mission was standard, more of a formality than anything. No charging in guns blazing, no exhilarating strenuous fights, not even a little skirmish to stir things up a little. After all the diplomatic terms were fulfilled, followed by dull meetings after meetings with important senators, press conferences and all the PR drama, they headed, three days earlier than planned, back to the base. Phil sat in the cargo bay of Zephyr One, writing his report as May walked over to him and dropped a black duffel bag in front of his feet.

“What’s that?”

“A few items you will need. Some clothes, food, the usual.”

“And why do I need them?”

“Because you should wear something in Dublin or this vacation would get really awkward.”

Phil’s head snapped up and looked right into Melinda’s eyes, the left side of her mouth quirked up and a second bag hanging from her shoulders. She was serious about this. He hadn’t had a vacation in around 15 years and now she was just standing there like it was nothing at all.

“B-but why? I mean not that I’m complaining, but where is this coming from? I mean, why Dublin?” He asked quizzically, distinctly remembering telling her LMD that it was a dream of his to someday go there, but after he found the real May, he hadn’t mentioned it.

At this, the familiar mischievous glint in her eye that he’d remembered from her days of pranking the other agents-in-training returned in full force.

“And two copies of Ulysses.”

Smirking at his astonished appearance, she explained.

“I was curious if my replica really acted like myself, so Fitz gave me the conversation log entries he found at Radcliffe’s, and I read what you said in the library.” At this Phil shifted slightly in his seat, diverting his eyes to focus on a point on the floor. Melinda reached out and rested her hand on his forearm, trying to comfort him and show that she doesn’t care.

“Hey, don’t do that, just forget it okay? Forget her, you have me now and I wanna try this.”

Phil looked back up, blue eyes meeting brown, and nodded slightly, still uncomfortable because of what happened, what he done. The overwhelming guilt once more crashing back onto his shoulders, along with the reappearance of  the knowledge that he couldn’t differentiate between a robotic version and her was unsettling and weighed heavily on his mind.

But she couldn’t go further, as the co-pilot interrupted them.

“Changing course to Dublin, wheels down in 20.”


May and Coulson were sat off at a little, quiet Airport at the border of Dublin. They put their bags into Lola and drove off over the beautiful, green landscape.

That was what had fascinated him always the most about Ireland: Miles and miles on nothing but meadows, hills and fields, all green and fresh; the air mere and clean; no skyscrapers, no traffic jams, no noises. Just plane, welcome silence.

Melinda suggested to not directly drive to Dublin, it was still early, not even noon. So Phil led them across some small country roads, the wind catching Mays hair, a smile on her face. Her sight was mesmerizing, steeling his breath with every second.

She caught him watching her every now and then as the two of them let the hours pass by. They talked nonsense, chuckled at random thoughts, it didn´t matter what they sad, just hearing each others voices was a relief.

At some point Melinda laid her hand on his one, which was holding the control column, gently threading her small fingers trough his, caressing the scarred skin there, without breaking their conversation.

For others it would have been just an ordinary touch, something you could do everyday. But for Phil and Melinda it meant everything. They didn´t needed to hide anymore, on this trip they wouldn´t be Agent May and Agent Coulson, no, they could be just Melinda and Phil.

As the sun began to slowly went down they had arrived at the outskirts of Dublin. The city was definitely a sight to remember, even more with the beaming gold of the afternoon sun setting at the end of the river.


The cobblestone-lined streets complimented the burnt brick colour of most of the houses along it, with gold flecks of light reflected from the river onto them.

It wasn’t June 16th, but still close enough to Bloomsday for the atmosphere to still be captivating.

The cursive “Davy Byrne's” sign hung proudly over the newly repainted celadon doorway. The light tinkling of wind chimes welcomed them into the surprisingly busy pub, a stark contrast to the peaceful quietude that is Dublin in July. They took a seat at the side of the bar, ordering a glass of Burgundy wine each, in accordance to the book. “Ulysses” where it belonged. The crisp navy blue cover seemingly fitting well into the rustic styled bar.


Phil cracked open the book slowly, savoring every detail. Now that he was finally doing this, he wanted to do it right.

“Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairwell, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.”

Phil grinned at the opening line, barely able to contain his happiness at fulfilling a lifelong dream of his: Ulysses was open on the Irish bar in front of him, and keeping him company was–“Enjoying it so far?” Melinda May asked, plunking a glass of ale in front of him.

“The book or the company?” He asked, having tried his best to sound charming. His heart swelled as Melinda gave him her classic “You’re such a dork” smirk. Phil was suddenly aware of how silly and out of place he must look.  

There he sat, on a bar stool covered in blue velvet material,  setting the antique leather copy of Ulysses May had tracked down for him onto the smooth marble countertop.

He took a sip of his ale to hide his flushed face and the fact that he was embarrassed.

Phil knew he had only one play.  "You know, I only play the dork because I know you’re a sucker for corny lines and a charming smile.  Remember, we at Communications practically invented ‘game’.“ Melinda dramatically rolled her eyes "Oh, really?” She asked, sarcastically. He painfully realizes that any attempt at flirting with her would yield the same reaction. If there’s one person in the world that knows Phil Coulson has no game - its Melinda May.

She takes a sip from her pint, “Phil, in all the time I’ve known you, your 'game’ has never improved,” Melinda remarked with a teasing smile, “but it’s cute that you tried.”


He took in the sight that was Melinda May in her black jeans jacket, effortless waves in her rich chocolate-coloured hair, more relaxed and laid back than he had seen her these past few weeks.

He had always been amazed at how open she was when she chose to show it. It seems as if the flawless compartmentalization of all emotion, hidden behind a blank mask everyday, that had now melted away to reveal the true woman underneath. The flawed, vulnerable, damaged person that made up Melinda May. And he loved her all the more for it.

“ her indeterminate response to inaffirmative interrogation: her potency over effluent and refluent waters: her power to enamour, to mortify, to invest with beauty, to render insane, to incite to and aid delinquency: the tranquil inscrutability of her visage: the terribility of her isolated dominant resplendent propinquity: her omens of tempest and of calm: the stimulation of her light, her motion and her presence: the admonition of her craters, her arid seas, her silence: her splendour, when visible: her attraction, when invisible. ”


Again she caught him staring at her, like she had in the car. But he just couldn’t help himself sometimes, so he just smiled brightly, getting rewarded with a similar necking smile.

Melinda looked around the pub, which was slowly getting filled up with people, before looking back at Phil. He obviously was enjoying Dublin. Phil just was this kind of guy who could absorb the soul of something and just live it. Ireland was so pure and natural, just like Phil himself. She knew he liked just to sit here, drink something with her and solely chatting with, but she wanted to be alone with him.

“Do you mind, if we go out of here? I know, we have a few days here, but I would really like to explore to the city a bit before it is getting dark.”

“Of course not, just let me finish my drink and we can take a walk around.”

They decided to take Lola and drive in the direction of Dublin bay. On their way they stopped several times, looked for places they wanted to explore further in the next few days.

There was a little cute Tea and Coffee Shop in the City Center, even near a comic-bookstore, which was very inviting for Coulson.

In the end Phil suggested to take a walk at the beach promenade, enjoying the afternoon sun at the Dublin Bay. He parked the car and closed his jacket securely, it was fresh and windy at the coast. He saw Melinda doing the same, before joining him by his side, following a small trail along the cliffs.

It was a rare, beautiful sight they got presented in this moment. Green hills around them, no buildings, just the Dublin Bay before them. The Sea was strong and so the waves surged wildly, colliding high against the cliffs. A swooshing sound, some seagulls, nothing more to hear.

“This is heavenly.”

“Yeah, incredibly.”

Phil closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, filling his lungs with breezy sea air, calming himself to the bones and savor the warm sun on his face, as he felt something warm brushing his right hand.

Slowly he opened his eyes and glanced downwards, where May had entwined their fingers, looking questioning towards him.

He then gently squeezed her hand without breaking their eye contact, tugging her nearer by his side until their arms brushed together.

“You’re sure, you want this… with me?” he asked her, almost whispering, his voice trembling with fear. Yes, he was afraid, not only of losing her, as his friend or partner, but to disappoint her. She needed someone better, he knew that, someone who could heal her broken half, not someone who would add the his own broken self and increase the pain, the nightmares and restless personality.

Melinda stroked his hand with her thumb, obviously seeing him struggle with himself.

“Yes, I want this. I want you.” She grabbed his other hand, his fake hand, which now reminded him every day again on what he didn´t realized, that he couldn’t tell what was real or not. “I want all of you. I know you thinking something like you’re 'not worth enough for me’ or that I could do so much better. But that’s bullshit Coulson, so stop torturing yourself other what happened.”

Phil wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the right words, so he was letting her talk, rather than rambling over how he should had known or that he should distinguish her from a freaking LMD, but they had done this before, multiple times and it was always ending with her being annoyed over his stubborn self.

“Yeah, it´s right, you kissed her, you were chatting it up with her, but that doesn’t makes me angry at you or the LMD for that matter. I am angry at both of us, to let 30 years of flirting, bad excuses, nearly dieing and actual dieing passing by without even thinking about taking a shot. Just because I was fearing that we could lose each other one day, not in the field or to other people, but because even when we were still young we were already broken.”

He knew what she meant, it was a rather sad story though. He saw his parents die separately before he was even in Highschool, he had to live trough the important years of growth on his own and May was since she was born raised to be a fighter, no matter what she really wanted, her life chosen for her, no normal childhood, everything had to serve a purpose. Which was one point why they were getting along so well since the first second they met. They just understood each other in a way other people never could.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier, like the first few times I talked like an idiot …”.

Melinda tugged him closer to her, their bodies touching in some parts just lightly, a smile spreading on her face.

“Because I wanted to be alone with you. Not only in one of our bunks, where we could easily called for another emergency or someone interrupting us. But here”, she gave a small nod to their surrounding, before returning her gaze to his magnificent blue eyes, “here it’s just you and me. No Agents, no duty, just Melinda and Phil. Because that is what I want and what I am offering you. Like Joyce said, Me, and me now. No worry about tomorrow, no guilt about the past. I just can’t live another day with the knowledge that you like me and not being able to-”

“I love you.”

She gasped, standing there, a little confused at first.

“W-what?…” she asked, hoping to hear those words again.

“I don´t just like you, you don´t mean something or a lot to me. I am in love with you, you mean everything to me, all I do is build on the hope that I could actually have a future that would be including you in my life.”

She was speechless, she expected him to admit his feelings towards her, but not this. It was so intimately, he laid his soul open to her, which he had never done before in his life.

Even though Melinda felt the strong urge to let the tears roll down her face over her relief, she wanted to tell him exactly that he meant the same to her, but she just couldn´t find the right words. So she took a deep breath, gathering herself together to close the small distance between them and sealed her lips passionately with his, bringing all her emotions, her love and desire for him in the movement of their lips. Her hand found themselves clinging to his neck, pulling him down towards her. His hands however were stroking her back and running through the loose strands of her hair.

As they pulled apart only for the need of air, she stroked his cheek tenderly.

“I love you so much.” She gave him a short but sweet kiss on his lips, smiling brightly.

“I love you, and I will always be yours, as you´ll be mine.”

“I promise.” He smiled back down at her, feeling such an easement on himself, so happy, he could not describe it. So instead of talking to much he simply kissed her again, soft, languidly, pure emotion and devotion.


And as the sun was slowly setting on the horizon before them, the two silhouettes were still standing there, holding each other.

But these weren’t Agent May and Agent Coulson, who waited thirty years for a drink with the other one.

These were Melinda and Phil, two people living there love in a simple term, savoring what they had.

Me. And me now.

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This doesn't even pertain to you but I need someone to talk to. So today I when to a recital for orchestra and as I was playing my violin the conductor decided to make a big deal about how awful a person I was because I messed up on this rhythm. He was saying that I shouldn't even be able to call myself a violinist and I was lucky that he didn't just kick me out. This was all over ONE rhythm in ONE measure... I honestly just feel like crying. I don't even really know why he did any of this...

i am so so so sorry my love :( i play cello, and i know how incredibly difficult and hurtful it can become. no matter what i don’t think it was okay for him to say that, maybe tell your parents or smth :( i’m so sorry my love

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So cute when you play the victim, like you haven't spewed so much shit and lies about others before that caused them breakdowns too. Only it's okay because "you never said you were nice"

I am not the victim. I don’t really care what anyone says about me. I’ve put up with all sorts of nonsense the moment I gained any “popularity” in an MMO and that’s been years ago now. If I could handle that as a teenager, I sure can as a grown woman. It doesn’t really faze me anymore. But dragging my friends and random people into this? Yeah, no, that’s not okay. And all the other random people getting indirectly shamed with the sexist, classist, slut-shaming mentality behind the rumor to begin with? Downright gross. 

And I may not be nice, but one thing I’m not is a liar. I can’t stand that shit and it’s downright reprehensible to lie about another person. If I dislike someone enough to talk about it or tell others, there’s going to be a damn good reason™, and I will want the people to know about that damn good reason™. I’ll already have a damn good reason™ and thus no reason to lie. I’m not saying I’m never incorrect. I’m human and I do dumb stuff. But I sure as hell don’t lie. I’ve never intentionally lied about anyone, and almost never accidentally spread misinformation about anyone.

I also don’t go after anyone at random. Anytime I put the verbal smackdown on someone, they’ve been harassing me and/or others. And if it’s ever caused anyone a breakdown? That’s unfortunate, and I hope they’re doing better now. But no one is absolved the consequences of their actions or given a free pass to abuse others because it might hurt their feelings if they are forced to take responsibility. Hopefully it’ll be a good lesson, in that if they feel that bad for others simply standing up to them, they can only imagine how much worse they must make others feel to harass them in the first place.

You wanna know what’s cute, though? Throwing facts and ethics out the window ‘cause you have unrelated beef you wanna settle with Faye and anyone else who gets hurt is collateral damage in your valiant crusade. As for as making up lies about me goes, you and I both know (you surely more so than me in your head) that there’s plenty of negative stuff to say about me that doesn’t involve absolutely making up nonsense.