what are they feeding them

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………


that was an unexpected role reversal  😁


both end up asking Yuta to buy them snacks ( ˙꒳​˙ ) 

“Zippity, guess what? You may have two meeces pieces for dinner tonight!”

Yes want. Give two foods.

“Do you want to choose which one to eat first?”

No choos. I eet two foods.

“Yeah, sweetie, you get both. Which one do you want first?”

Want both first. Give two foods. No choos, eet both.

“Yes, you can eat both! First one, then the other.”

No. Both first. Om nom, like dis.

“…Oh. Well as long as you’re happy I guess.”


Moon: how you nurture, how you show affection, how you offer comfort & care, how you tend to needs; how you cope with anger or frustration, how you express those emotions, how you express love; your perception of what your child needs based on your memory of your own childhood, how you apply your experience of life to your child, how you take what you learned from the parent that nurtured you and use it in raising your own child; how you make your child feel safe and loved; how you navigate pregnancy/motherhood (if you’re a woman) and your perception of / attitude toward those things; how parenthood affects you.

Mercury: how you speak to your child, how you teach your child to speak, how you listen to your child; how you teach your child in general, the attitude and approach you take to teaching; the way you share information with your child.

Venus: what you dress your child in, how you style their hair; how you decorate their bedroom; what you buy for them, especially the toys & clothing; how you handle their self-esteem; what social values you instill in them, what manners you teach them, how you socialize them, what you teach them about their presentation and their appearance; how you express love and affection.

Jupiter: your philosophies/beliefs about parenthood, your knowledge surrounding parenthood, your parenting values; how you impart your personal wisdom to your child, how you mentor them, the morality & philosophies you teach them, the truths & deeper meanings you teach them; what you learn through parenthood, how the experience of parenting a child enlightens you; how you encourage & impassion your child, how you engender a lust for life within them; how you enrich their life or how they enrich yours.

Saturn: how you scold/punish your child, how you handle their mistakes & flaws, what privileges you give them, what you teach them about their privileges; how you discipline your child, how you engender self-discipline within your child; how you influence their self-worth and work ethic, what you teach them about work, how you prepare them for jobs / the future / society; what practical skills you teach them, how you encourage (or force) them to be productive; the structure you build in their lives, the foundation & stability you create for them; how/if you introduce them to the harshness of the world, how you raise them to be a member of society, the life lessons you prepare them for; your fears about your child, your fears about parenting, the mistakes you make as a parent, the mistakes you’re afraid of your child making, how strict you are as a parent.

Ceres: what you feed your child, how you satisfy their physical needs, how you nurture & care for them physically; how you nurture your child in general, what compassion and sensitivity you offer, your selflessness or lack thereof, what you are willing to give, your unconditional love; your relationship to the organic and biological side of being a parent; how you make your child feel secure.

Vesta: how family fits into your destiny and/or highest potential, how you channel your individual essence into the well-being of your family; your devotion to your family & children; how you “keep” / take care of your home, the things that belong to you, and the people (and animals) you’re responsible for.

2nd House: the environment you raise your child in, how you accommodate them materially, how you take care of them physically, how you treat/spoil them; the fundamental & personal values you teach your child, the principles by which you teach/raise your child, what you teach is be important in life, how you influence their personality and life path, what you teach is essential for happiness; how you set them up for the future practically/materially.

5th House: your attitude toward procreation; your relationship with your child overall, how you connect to them as a parent / their creator; the media you surround your child with (music you play, shows you let them watch, etc); how you play with your child, the sweet & joyful side of parenting, the fulfillment you draw from raising your child; how you bring art into your child’s life; what you teach your child about love/sex & relationships; how you allow your child to enjoy life (especially in their teenage years), the freedom you give them in their teenage years; the essence of your love for your child.

6th House: your relationship with your child overall, how much you’re able to give, how you behave as a caretaker in general; your devotion to your child’s well-being, your concern with their health; your everyday home routine; how you tend to the physical needs of your child, what you feed them, how you keep them active & healthy; how you approach sickness in your child, how you prevent illness/injury, how you heal your child, how you cope with an ill/injured or disabled child, how you cope with a child that consumes all your time & energy; your unconditional love and how you show it through care/service/healing.

Imum Coeli: the home you make, both materially and emotionally; the safety, structure, and stability you provide; how you handle your child’s psychology & the influence you have on it; how you nurture your child emotionally, your relationship with them as someone who protects & cares for them, how you defend your child from the outside world & the public, how you treat your child in private; how you treat your child at night & how you handle their sleep schedule; how you handle their secrets and their deepest psychological needs, how you handle their emotions and their pain, how you care for their development.

Medium Coeli: your vision for your child, what you hope they will become, how you influence their destiny/purpose/potential; how you build their self-esteem & self-worth, how you encourage their dreams, how you help them achieve their dreams, how you support them in their career, how you instill the discipline to work toward their own dreams; your authority in their life, the impact you have on who they become, how they find the meaning in what you taught them & apply it to the rest of their lives, how their identity/ego absorbs your parenting style.

(The IC-MC axis also rules how your childhood and experience of parenting from a child’s perspective influences your parenthood; your parents, the way you lived and what you learned as a child is re-purposed as you raise your own child. You become what you learned from your parents, positively or negatively, in your own unique way. The mistakes you make and the things you do well as a parent come from your understanding of your own parents’ mistakes/skills.)

Nessian’s Kids Headcanons

I know this is unexpected from me because I was vehemently against any pregnancies/baby faes for any of the ships in ACOWAR but I am okay with them having kids waaaaay way down the line. Anyway, I don’t remember how this happened but Sarah @nessiansmut and I came up with a few headcanons of Azriel and Elain babysitting Nessian’s kids so here we go:

  • The inner circle would do the ‘not it’ thing whenever nessian need a babysitter. no one would be able to keep those kids in line
  • Elain would volunteer as a last resort 'how bad can it be?’
  • Azriel agrees to help because Elain convinces him he could probably help keep the kids entertained with his shadows
  • one hour in they’re missing one child, one’s running around naked and another’s pulling at Azriel’s wings trying to get him to spread them wide so they can see them
  • just imagine loud curly headed children running around everywhere
  • even azriel’s shadows wouldn’t be a match for them. Elain would be frantically screaming at him to find the missing kid and he’d just be like 'I’VE GOT NOTHING! IT’S LIKED THEY DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!’
  • I thought fae children were supposed to be rare where do they keep coming from????
    From your damn sister who apparently spends all her time “training” doing something else entirely
    Someone needs to stop them before they make a small army
  • The naked kid is pulling out all these random weapons and Elain is just horrified. “Do they not baby proof?!?” (Cass would be offended to hear that: 'that is baby proof! the blade’s shorter than 20cm!’ )
  • Azriel would be begging and pleading for Rhys to use his daemati power to convince the kids to calm down “But you’re High Lord surely you can get them to stop moving.”
  • one of the kids would be grinning really wide but his teeth have a blue glow and Az sees and he’s like 'Spit out the Syphon! Geez, how and when did you even get that?’ (SOMEONE PLEASE DRAW THIS)
  • a completely dishevelled Elain would be furiously whispering to Az “Just knock them out! Not too hard. Nobody has to know. It’s the only way to get them to sleep and we can get a break. Please”
  • Azriel trying to change diapers having to use his shadows to stop the kid from squirming around
  • one of the babies is that type of kid who just doesn’t stop asking questions. “Are your wings bigger than daddy’s? Do you sleep upside down like a bat? Why are yours blue?”
  • the only reason nessian needed a babysitter was to go to the cabin in the illyrian mountains and have sex for a few hours.  
  • Nesta: I have a meeting with the humans. Emissary business he’s coming for protection.
    Elain: *mutters under breath* the only protection he needs to provide is of the contraceptive kind
    Azriel: emissary business my ass.
  • imagine Az with a baby hanging onto his back for dear life and nibbling at his wing while he’s trying to find his pacifier “Elain it bit me” “Azriel they have names…" 
  • “I fought Hybern. Twice. I survived my brothers. This this is too much.“
  • They find a 4th kid just sitting in the kitchen completely still. they’d look outside into the living room muttering "1…2…3…” they turn and look into the kitchen “4?…” “I thought they only had 3.” “So did I.”
  • after they realise that two of them are twins Elain would be running around yelling 'WHO ARE YOU?! WHERE’S THE SECOND YOU?!’
  • Nesta then lets them know that they won’t make it home in time and they need them to babysit the kids overnight  “What do you mean you’re running late and watch them for 3 hours is now over night? What do we feed them? Do they sleep?” 
  • eventually Nesta and Cass would come back and Az would be passed out on the couch with a baby cradled in the crook of his wing on the floor, the baby’s nappy not even secured properly. Elain would be sleeping upstairs with her head on the toilet seat with two more kids sleeping in a nest of blankets in the bathtub and the fourth kid would be in the kitchen stuffing his face with marshmallows and grinning at them when they come home
  • They wouldn’t even blink, though. Cass would just pick the kid up when he makes grabby hands at him and goes 'DADA!’ and he’d be like 'Heeeey buddy… did you give auntie Elain and uncle Az a hard time?’ and the kid would nod and he’d be like 'good job!’ and fist bump his little fist. Nesta would go upstairs to wake Elain up and thank her
  • Elain would wake up and the first thing she says is  “I swear to god, Nesta if you have any more kids not even your death powers will save you from my rage” or “I’d rather be thrown in the cauldron again than babysit these monsters again.”

BONUS Headcanons:

  • Nesta and Cassian have 4 kids: the oldest is a girl, the twins and the youngest are boys
  • They name the girl after Cassian’s mother
  • the twin who always disappears has Nesta’s personality and he always just hides somewhere and reads

You just know that after Maggie “I can spot a repressed queer girl ar 20 paces” Sawyer’s interaction with Kara and Lena she’s just gonna be like shit. Shit what is Eliza feeding them it’s BOTH of them they should come with a warning. It only gets worse after she hears from Alex that Lena filled Kara’s office with flowers. Poor Maggie. So many baby gays all around her


“Father Mulcahy hauling Frank bodily out of the OR in The Kids” -requested by @brinnanza)

  • Bonding over a mutual love of learning and snark to cover the rising feeling that neither of them have any idea what they’re doing
  • Dorian feeding her lines when she’s trying to flirt with her love interest
  • Bookclub in the library where they unironically love the hell out of Swords and Shields. They give Cole dramatic readings.
  • A mage who’s never had to fight before learning from Dorian because “you might as well learn from the best. And that’s me. I’m the best.”
  • The Inquisitor defending Dorian from anyone who even looks like they’re going to talk smack about him
  • A rogue or warrior planning combos to take advantage of the literal firepower Dorian can bring to bear
  • Judging other people together
  • The Inquisitor slowly realises how lonely Dorian is
  • Sitting in the dusty, forgotten library next to the kitchens together, because it’s warm and food is close at hand, even if the spiderwebs make Dorian sneeze
  • The Inquisitor noticing that there is something going on with Bull and Dorian and dragging them both everywhere because he deserves to be happy, dammit
  • Dorian being completely hopeless at relationships because flirting is easy and risk-free but putting himself out there and asking for more is terrifying and risky
  • Bull waking up at 2am to find the Inquisitor has locked the door so they can have an If You Ever Hurt Him conversation
  • (he will never speak of what transpired, but he came out of his rooms white as a sheet)
  • The Inquisitor coming home to Skyhold after a day wading through Fallow Mire or baking in the Hissing Wastes to find Dorian waiting at the gates with her favourite drink and all the juicy gossip
  • Dorian abruptly refusing to enthuse about magic with Solas anymore after he breaks up with a Lavellan Inquisitor
  • The Inquisitor pretending to be exasperated by Dorian’s seemingly endless list of complaints he has about the south in general and whatever place they happen to be specifically
  • (she’s really not)
  • Both of them flirting shamelessly because it’s fun
  • Dorian always listening attentively when the Inquisitor finds something magically unique, because she “always finds the strangest things”
  • The Inquisitor feeling so happy she could sing when she sees how Dorian has been adopted by the Chargers (if she’s an elf, Dorian claims she definitely made that Ghoul’s Beard grow with her humming. He might even be right)
  • Dorian and the Inquisitor having each other’s backs … even when he goes back to Tevinter
  • (If those talking crystals had minutes, they would both be paupers)

Pennywise At The Pet Store (Headcanon)

Request by @yeww: Could you maybe do a headcanon where Pennywise goes to a pet store and gets a pet? I think it’d be super cute ^^

  • After some convincing, you talk Penny into getting a pet
  • “A pet? You are my pet!”
  • As much as you’d like to be with him all the time, that’s not possible
  • After him being stubborn for a while, he gives in
  • *growls* “Fine, human.”
  • Most of his grumbling comes from him having to shapeshift into his human form just to go
  • Once at the pet store, he becomes entranced by all the animals
  • He’s fascinated by the snakes
  • Mimicking the snakes tongue flicks with his own
  • “Where did it’s legs go? Did someone rip them off?”
  • How wide his eyes get when he spots the tarantulas
  • He gives you side eye for that one
  • Drooling over a guinea pig while he holds it
  • “What do you mean I have to feed them?”
  • Telling him not to eat the guinea pig
  • The smile that finally breaks through on his face when he cuddled a puppy for the first time
  • The puppy licking his face
  • “Is that a greeting.. Do I lick it back?”
  • Him being sort of unimpressed by the fish
  • “I see these in the sewer all the time… But they don’t move.. They float” *cheesy grin*
  • Him noticing that he and the bunnies have the same buck teeth
  • Sticking his head into the bird cage
  • Pulling him away from the bird cage
  • Showing his fangs when he gets bitten by a ferret
  • Him not understanding why someone would buy a rat when they could go down to the sewer to get one
  • Him wishing they would go down to the sewer
  • You having to remind him to act normal once he starts drooling, because he’s hungry
  • Telling the workers “Oh, he’s from out of town.” When they start looking at him funny
  • After spending a while there, he finally decides on the puppy he held
  • You get him all the essential things that he needs
  • When you arrive back home, you go through the process of teaching him how to care for the puppy
  • You help him name it, and settle on “Neibolt”
  • You sit back and watch in awe as he plays with the puppy, and seems to genuinely enjoy it

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for a person getting a shelter cat? Do they have any special needs or is these any special things I should do for them?

This honestly depends on the cat, and the shelter. I’ve gotten almost all my cats from shelters but some were from fosters or other rehomes. 

The best people to advise you on the cat’s needs will be the people running the shelter! 

If it is a no-kill shelter, in particular, they should be able to tell you about the cat’s personality and the conditions it has been kept in, and possibly the cat’s history. At a county shelter or animal control shelter the people working there may know less about the cat, but there still may be employees and volunteers there that can help you. Sometimes the cats will have placards on the enclosures that will tell you about the cat’s personality.

It’s a good idea to ask to handle the cat first before you take it home, but keep in mind that the behavior of a cat in an environment like the shelter will often be very different from their behavior in a secure, stable home! Shelters are extremely stressful for cats; being kept in a small cage, or sharing their space with lots of other cats, new people coming and going every day, and so on. Cats react to these stresses in different ways.

Prepare before they come home:

Ideally, give the kitty its own room to start with. You’ll want to give your cat time to settle in; like other animals they need time to adjust. A spare bedroom, a bathroom, or a laundry room works well. Set them up with food, water, and a litter box. Make sure the food, water, and litter box are not too near each other. Cats don’t like to eat near where they poo, and some don’t like their water near their food (because of instinctual desire to keep food and water sources clean).

Set up at least two litter boxes with a couple inches of fresh clean litter. There only needs to be one in the cat’s settle-in room to begin with, but once they leave that room they should have two options. (You should have one litter box per cat, plus one. If you have more than one level in your home, you should have at least one litter box per level.) Find out what litter they were using at the shelter; you may want to start with this litter.

Find out what food they feed at the shelter. You should start the cat on this food, and gradually change to what you want to feed long term. This helps them feel secure and also helps avoid upset tummies from sudden food change.

If possible, see if you can take a towel or blanket that the cat was housed with at the shelter. This will give the cat a familiar scent. In their room, set up a cat bed with this towel or blanket on it. It is also good to provide a hidey-place for the cat, like their carrier, or a cat tent.

Make sure your house is cat-proofed. Cats are climbers, so be sure anything that can be broken or knocked down is secured away. Check for dangers to the cat. Make sure you don’t have any toxic house plants.

If at all possible, provide a nice tall cat tree. A high place to perch will help a cat feel secure and safe. You can also mount cat shelves to the wall. Cats should have a scratching post or scratching pad – sisal rope and cardboard seem to be universal favorites. 

Once your kitty is home:

Let your new cat approach you on their own time. Don’t try to pick the cat up or force your attention on them. Some cats adjust super quickly, and some take more time. Some are outgoing, and some are very shy. Some are cuddly and some are not!

If your kitty is very shy and doesn’t seem inclined to approach you, try being “small”; sit on the floor so the cat can sit above you, or approach on their own level. Spend time near the cat, but ignoring it, such as spending time reading in the room with the cat, or browsing the web on your phone, etc.

Let your cat choose when she is ready to explore.  The cat will start showing interest in the door when it’s opened. Make sure the rest of the house is calm. Let the cat retreat to their own room whenever they want. If you have a dog or small children, a baby or pet gate helps block off a space the cat can retreat to and not be followed.

If you have another cat, here is a good guide on introducing them to each other. Do not let your cats interact until your new cat has had an exam, including blood work to check for communicable diseases. 

Here is a brief guide on introducing a dog to a cat. If you don’t have a dog that can be trusted with cats, I suggest working with a trainer or behaviorist before getting a cat! Some dogs may be too high prey drive to ever trust with a cat. Know your dog.

Cats should not ever be allowed to interact with small animals or prey animals.

Be sure to take your new cat to the vet as soon as possible. The cat may already be neutered by some shelters before you take it home; other shelters give a discount to do so, and many require you get the cat neutered within a certain amount of time. You’ll also want to get a full wellness exam done on a shelter cat, as close-quarters at shelters mean diseases can spread easily. Many shelters provide coupons for the first exam. Find out from the shelter which vaccines your cat will need

Play with your cat! Interactive cat toys, such as dangling toys, laser toys, and fishing rod toys are a great way to bond with your cat, and get the cat to exercise. I especially love Da Bird; the way it moves through the air is especially enticing to many cats. Cats over six months may love catnip (young cats don’t react strongly, and some cats never really care about catnip). Each cat has their own toy preferences, so you may have to try a variety. Catnip is not a drug and your cat is not getting “high” on it. Many cats also love valerian root.

I hope this helps. I am sure I missed some things, so anyone should feel free to add to this!

imagine eventually someone gets tired of how Black Hat treats them. Flug, maybe, likely.

and he snaps at Black Hat- full out yelling at him, chest heaving and so furious, and so tired, and Black Hat just. looks at him.

and Flug, panting for breath, hands shaking, pulls himself up. straightens his back. and looks him in the eye, one second, two, three- and Black Hat doesn’t say anything, and Flug doesn’t say anything.

and Flug nods. tight and unhappy, and he pivots around, marches out of the room. and Black Hat let’s himself crack a bit, because he doesn’t know what just happened.

his chest hurts and it’s like there’s a damn storm inside of his head, churning away, every word of Flug’s rant repeating back at him, mocking him.

and Demencia steps inside. quiet, and Black Hat barely notices her.

“he’s right,” she says, standing in the doorway. and then she leaves too, disappears around the corner, and Black Hat sits there, something cracked inside of him, and he just

doesn’t understand

there’s no connection. Flug told him to show kindness, to be nicer to them, and Black Hat doesn’t understand what he means.

he is nice to them. he lets them live, he feeds them and he shelters them, and every day he refrains from picking them apart like they’re toys, pulling their pieces from each other.

isn’t that kindness?

and so he sits there. looks down at his hands, and all he sees is the monster there’s beneath his gloves, the monster he is.

how far separated he is from Flug, from Demencia, from 5.0.5. from everyone.

and he just doesn’t understand.

Polish gothic - Cracow edition
  • There is more pigeons than humans. Do not feed them, your parents taught you. What happened to those who did not obey the rule? And why no one has ever seen the young ones? Where did they come from? Don’t ask. Keep going. Don’t ask.
  • There was a dragon once, living under the hill, ruling over the city. They slayed him, and he’s gone now. His dead eyes are watching you.
  • City tour! Join us! We will make you see.
  • There are strangers everywhere. Tourists, people say. Or so they believe. But who are they, really? Their faces are empty. Their eyes dead. Staggering through the streets, watching. What are they looking for? You know it’s you.
  • “Beer!”, “coffee!”, “pierogis!”, barkers are shouting, day after day. Remember this shy girl from high school, the one you did not heard of since graduation? She is one of them now. Do not look. Do not change your pace.
  • Unfinished building towers over the city, empty and deserted. But the shadows are there. Are they moving? Did you blink?
  • Black clouds above the city like the sign of impending doom. Suffocating fingers made of smoke and despair. There’s no hope. There’s no hope.
  • Why there is a church on every street? What do they guard? Who built them? The bells wake you up. Your dream is fading. You knew, for a moment, what was the meaning of this.
  • Do not listen to the Butterfly man. Do not approach the Butterfly man.
  • You are trying to run, but you are losing your breath, smog damages your lungs. There is no escape. You will stay here forever.