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Dorothea or Bill

do you honestly expect me to choose between two of my favourite lesbians of all time jfc I’m doing both, the Super Shady Least Pure Lesbian and the Purest Ray of Sunshine Lesbian


  • First impression

“who the fuck is this shady bitch - oh she’s flirting with Quill I could maybe get into this, alright, I don’t trust her but I love her whole deal”

  • Impression now

I love her so much like oh my god. Her motives are still very ??? up in the air but like, I just love how she’s so relatable in how gay she is for Quill. She went on a near suicide mission just to help Quill cos she had a crush on her, what kind of gay extra can you even  

  • Favorite moment

Omg, this is hard. “You are… intriguing” is so iconic, obviously. But then, there’s also “you do realise that’s not my car?” 

  • Idea for a story

I mean I’ve already written about Dorothea seducing Quill and really what more could you want than that? I’m kidding, I’m here for legit any story about her, the world needs more Dorothea content.  

  • Unpopular opinion

jfc idk honestly, this fandom isn’t big enough for there to be any huge opinions on Dorothea, though I remember once having someone say “Dorothea is at least bi, probably” and wanted to just scream “SHE’S A LESBIAN” because hearing anything else just felt so completely wrong, but like… that isn’t the same thing lmao everyone who is With It knows she is the gayest person so

  • Favorite relationship

Quillthea. Duh. Her thirst for Quill is so relatable. Quill tried to attack her with a chair leg, what kind of iconic, honestly. 

  • Favorite headcanon

I think the one that’s most popular is that she’s super super kinky (and obviously an uncompromising domme), but there’s also the one where she just… has an extra apartment that she uses specifically for, uh… private engagements. Or “Dorothea’s fuck flat” as others have called it. 


  • First impression

I loved her from the preview clip, adored her from the first episode. I’ve been in deep since the beginning. 

  • Impression now

Favourite New Who companion, actual princess of my heart, the cutest purest bean, what a good!! Also her level of gay is so relatable like my god

  • Favorite moment

I think the moment where she goes to yell at the Doctor for having the Pope interrupt her date is pretty iconic, but otherwise I struggle to pick a moment, she’s too good all the time. 

  • Idea for a story

If you think I haven’t got plans to write Quill/Bill (named Quibble by the wonderful @crystalsoulslayer) then you are sorely mistaken my friends. 

  • Unpopular opinion

Don’t have any I don’t think?? What unpopular opinions are there to have, anyway? (Other than that thing about her being bi but like, no, that got shut up pretty quick, we’re good.) 

  • Favorite relationship

Platonically and overall, obviously her and Twelve. He’s her space dad trying to set her up with girls and I am SO here for it. Romantically, I’m really rooting for her and Penny, but I just know Missy is gonna fuck me and Bill up with the gay in six days time so who knows? 

  • Favorite headcanon

That she’s super gay for Missy, duh. 

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Imagine Sidon trying to constantly impress Link. Like. All. The. Time. But not in a cocky way. Like as in a "ur so cool and I feel as if I don't prove myself you'll abandon me for being so lame." So he shows off his strength, humor, etc. When link confronts him in a heated argument, Sidon breaks down and says he just wants Link to stay and Link is like 'omg' and that's all I can think of so far. sorry. - Noodle

:‘0 my precious boy !!!
what if … its based partially in th fact tht when mipha died sidon was just a weak child and he couldnt protect her or even do anything to help her at all and probably couldnt help dorephan or any one else in the domain w their grief bc he was too small and young and weak so fast forward to link who stirs up a good deal of his memories of mipha and deep down he starts fearing that link will think hes still not strong enough to protect him and shit and then not like him / just straight up abandon him , which is Bad for sidon so he tries to prove to link that he is strong and brave and powerful enough but then it just manifests as him being excessively protective ? of link (ie hes always like Look I Can Protect You See and then carries him away from like a red bokoblin) and links ?? fine w it for the most part but then also since hes woken up hes had to deal w everyone thinking hes just some scrawny little squirt who couldnt possibly be the champion so hes developed a. minor Thing abt being able to prove that he can take care of himself and all of hyrule so eventually sidons overprotectiveness grates on his insecurities just a little too much and he snaps @ hm and tells him to stop but like link doesnt stay mad u feel it was just a momentary build up of frustration However sidons still frozen looking like hes about to cry bc hes very confused ?? why would link not like him doing that he was doing it so link would like him ??? and then sidon tries to explain to link that he was only doing it so he wouldnt think he was still miphas weak kid brother and so he would see him as finally being strong enough to protect at least him and then link feels Horrible™ bc he hadnt even considered any of that and Now He Feels Like An Ass

Hetalia people - I can’t believe I’ve never drawn something from Hetalia. This fandom needs more love ;-; 

Also I drew inspiration for the “colouring” from the Tokyo Ghoul manga, which is to use patterns to fill in a surface. And even though I use this method all the time when I’m doodling, it apparently never occured to me that I can use that digitally, what?? And it makes the picture look so alive omg

Made by jiyu-koya. Please, do not repost, do not remove source.

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Spider-Man Homecoming makes me extremely sad because I think Tom will be an excellent Peter and I'm excited to see him and Zendaya on screen together (as well as just Zendaya omg I love her sm) but I feel like the movie we're going to get is "iron man homecoming" and that makes me sad

I feel you but what you gotta do is just focus entirely on the Tom and Zendaya of it all, ignore the rest

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Just wondering . . . what, if anything, do you thing they will reveal about Loki's time with Thanos in Ragnorok? Do you think we will get any flashback scenes of Loki being tortured? I thought I read somewhere that Cate Blanchet said in an interview that we will find out why Loki is so screwed up in Ragnorok.

wait wait wait wait what? I had not heard this??? can someone link me to this interview if that is true because omg are they actually going to follow up on a Loki emotional plot thread?? 

I mean I’ll believe it when I see it but STILL.

cause my answer is basically “I doubt anything” because that has, historically, been the way it goes. the lack of follow up on things like the Jotun reveal inclines me to think that Marvel isn’t going to go back to that whole thing - and I doubt we’ll get any actual flashback scenes even if they do do that. but I mean, if that was a thing Cate Blanchett said…I might be a little more hopeful that we’ll actually get some information on that. 

and I’d be delighted, I really would. 

I’m just, you know, dubious. my faith in Marvel to do justice to the characters I love best, especially in terms of emotional arcs, is…very low. 

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6. What’s your lucky number ? 10. What shoe size are you? 11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 12. What was your last dream about? 19. Do you want a church wedding? (the questions I am asking don't make any sense with the others XD shoe size to church wedding omg I'm terrible XD)

6) What’s your lucky number?

It’s 5! I even wear it sometimes, see?

I answered 10 already so instead, I’ll answer 9) How tall are you?

I’m like 5ft. I’m tiny. The reason I get kidnapped so much is because I’m so darn small and light. I’m easier to steal than a TV.

11) How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Actually, not that many. I have three pairs of boots, some sneakers… some sandals too. And I have two pairs of black flat shoes. And some slippers too, do they count? Eight pairs.

12 has been answered so instead, 13) What talents do you have?

Would you class my psychic skills as a talent? Na… Hmm… I’m not bad at singing I suppose. I also like to draw! And I’ve been told I give amazing massages too.

19) Do you want a church wedding?

Not really. You know, nothing in my life has been traditional so why start now? I think I’d prefer a little private wedding somewhere pretty where we can see the sunset. As long as I get to look like a princess, I’m happy.

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My boi Luke Smith for the character ask 😘

  • First impression

Like with a lot of older Whoniverse characters, I can’t remember the specifics but it was probably “who is this kid in SJ’s attic, she has a son??” lmao

  • Impression now

My boy!! My nerd son, I love him so much, I can’t believe he invented Gay Scarf Fashion in England, like, wow, iconic. 

  • Favorite moment

Oooh. This is so hard omg. I love the moment where he gets Clyde and Rani to dance together at his farewell party, like what a fucking shipper, can you even believe?? But also whenever he teases Clyde and Sarah Jane, like with Sanjay being his best friend ever ever or that he isn’t going to do his homework lmao

  • Idea for a story

Luke and Santiago Jones being cute and gay and following Jo and SJ’s legacy in being amazing and fighting aliens while looking great. 

  • Unpopular opinion

??? idk what opinions there are about him so??

  • Favorite relationship

Him and Sarah Jane, of course. I get all the feelings. He loves his mum so so much. :’) 

  • Favorite headcanon

That he’s pansexual because of the being made of thousands of humans thing, but has a strong preference for boys just because… he very gay. 

honestly ariana grande is undeniably strong and courageous for everything she’s done/is continuing to do after what happened. like my respect and support for her has grown tremendously and idk if I could ever look at her and have a dislike towards her anymore. idk she is so amazing rn and i am so so so happy she’s going back and honoring those who got killed and putting on more concerts for the victims, just ugh. She’s so strong and amazing i cant even explain it

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nose recorder omg :( ❤❤❤❤❤❤ okay I love my idiot

he is an idiot, that dumb little ray of sunshine

but he does dumb things so cutely, you just end up loving him more

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even his dorky dancing is amazing

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why is this his first reaction when seeing the camera

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he’s still the cutest boy on the planet protect him

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idk what he’s doing but support him anyway pls

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@missbeckywrites: All the damn time

<3 And here I am, thinking that you absolutely should not because you are an amazing writer and I love your work and how could someone so talented feel that way??

@violyntfemme: Omg I care so much you don’t even know, same goes for you @missbeckywrites​

My friend, what have I done to deserve you *hugs*

@alethiaii: Why do you have to call me out like that?

Isn’t it clear by now that when I suffer, you must as well?

@illgouri: every time i write anything lmao

I feel you, fam. Trying to figure out why I keep coming back when every time I just want to burn everything.

@potentiality-26: far too often, sadly

As bad as it sounds, it’s comforting to know that writers I admire so much struggle just the same.

@arlessiar: Doesn’t everyone at some point? *hugs* I know the feeling. It’s hard sometimes. Then I remind myself that I’m first and foremost writing for myself. Because I enjoy it, because I love to make these thoughts come alive in words. And other people reading and liking it is a bonus. Telling myself this doesn’t always work, but often. :) And you shouldn’t worry - you’re a great writer and many people enjoy reading your stories, me included. Your writing is excellent!

<33 I do try to remind myself that I am writing for me but, man, when you put your heart and soul into something, you just hope desperately someone out there loves it and at the same time you think it never will. And thank you, so much. It really does make my day when people say they enjoy my fic, even if I act like a sad goober most of the time.

@annaofaza: (Raises hand)

*gently pushes your hand down* Sorry, you’re not allowed to think your writing is bad. I refuse. Because it is not.

@thenerdyindividual: Honestly I do it all the time

And you, too! Stop! Don’t listen to my hypocritical ways! Believe in yourself!!! I just want my friends to know they are talented (but don’t look at me tho)

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Who was the best Ghostbuster? Why do you feel this way? Support your contention.

“Well first I need to just disclaim that I pretty much lived my childhood rewatching Ghostbusters every chance I got–that and Star Wars and Indy. So I definitely have opinions on who is the best Ghostbuster, and who is my favorite.”

“Because Venkman is my favorite, but he’s clearly not the best at what he does. He’s just so fucking hilarious, and arguably the leader of the team even though he probably knows the least about what they’re doing. He’s got the charisma that made them a success.”

“I think the best Ghostbuster is probably Egon. Who is so underappreciated, but clearly the brains of the operation. I almost said Ray, but everyone loves Ray and Egon needs some love too. I’m pretty sure Egon could science the shit out of any problem, just don’t ask him to interact with people too much. HE invented most of their equipment, so where would they be without him?”

“I told you not to get me started.”

During any kind of interview
  • Interviewer: So what do you do in your spare time?
  • Me: I love to read and draw, and I even write a little
  • In reality: has several 3k+ word gay fanfics on AO3, about three Pinterest boards filled with my ships, almost exclusively draws smut to put on here and has exhausted nearly every fanfic tag ever

Mother’s Day is coming up and this is just my small reminder to please not assume everyone still has their mother because going through Mother’s Day without your mom is already hard enough and we don’t need it to be made harder by the people who come up to us asking about what we’re planning for our moms or giving us ideas for how to make our moms happy on that day etc.

How the types differ by one letter


  • INTJ: They don’t care to get to know everyone, but everyone at least knows of them
  • ENTJ: They know everyone and everyone knows them. How else would one move up the social ladder?


  • INTJ: That quiet straight-A person in class who indulges in nerdy interests in their spare time when they’re not studying
  • ISTJ: That quiet straight-A person in class who indulges in even more studying in their spare time than INTJ


  • INTJ: *Is quiet and detached around someone* “Not my problem if they think I’m rude”
  • INFJ: *Is quiet and detached around someone* “OMG WHAT IF THEY THINK I DON’T LIKE THEM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”


  • INTJ: Doesn’t show their caring side unless they really care about you. And I mean REALLY care
  • INTP: You’re at least a good-tier friend of theirs? Time for them to tell you about everyone they truly care about and why they do


  • INFJ: Makes friends when extroverts adopt them
  • ENFJ: Is the extrovert friend that adopts introverts


  • INFJ: Cares for you by helping you survive and advance in life
  • ISFJ: Cares for you by giving you kind words and sharing food with you


  • INFJ: “I know you’re just going through a phase, but I’ll still love you and support you no matter what”


  • ISFJ: Will cuddle you in the comfort of your or their own home while you tell them what’s bothering you
  • ESFJ: Will take you on an adventure to your favourite fast food place while you tell them what’s bothering you


  • ISFJ: Hall monitor in elementary school
  • ISTJ: Cried when they didn’t get the hall monitor position in elementary school


  • ISFJ: Saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop in 2009 and thought it was pretty good
  • ISFP: Started ironically liking Paul Blart: Mall Cop cause of Tumblr, eventually actually saw it and started unironically liking it


  • ISTJ: Too quiet when working on a group project
  • ESTJ: Not quiet enough when working on a group project


  • ISTJ: *Shows up late to class for the first time all semester* “omg look how rebellious I am”
  • ISTP: *Shows up to class on time for the first time all semester* “omg look how responsible I am”


  • ISTP: Alienates people by being too edgy
  • ESTP: Alienates people by almost landing themselves in jail and/or the hospital one too many times


  • ISTP: Stays up till 5 am reading articles about how to be attractive and looking at specs of expensive watches, cars, and whatever tech they’re interested in that night
  • INTP: Stays up till 5 am watching anime and reading about philosophy


  • ISTP: Ironically writes sad poetry
  • ISFP: Unironically writes sad poetry


  • ISFP: Has coffee running through their veins
  • ESFP: Has vodka running through their veins


  • ISFP: Wannabe Instagram model
  • INFP: Wannabe Tumblr model


  • INFP: Has a “whatever” attitude about their introversion
  • ENFP: Refers to themselves as an introvert or ambivert cause they don’t see themselves as a Basic Outgoing Extrovert™


  • INFP: Has a selfie of themselves wearing a flower crown as their profile pic on Tumblr
  • INTP: Has a picture of an anime character or a superhero as their profile pic on Tumblr


  • INTP: “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we went to Wal-Mart and shouted swear words into the PA system?”
  • ENTP: Actually goes to Wal-Mart one day and shouts swear words into the PA system


  • ENTP: Shows their friends their best Batman impression while quoting lines from Batman movies
  • ESTP: Googles how long it would take to become as strong and fast as Batman and designs a workout program based around getting on Batman’s level of athleticism


  • ENTP: Would work for Reddit if they could
  • ENFP: Would work for Buzzfeed if they could


  • ENTP: Either an overachiever or underachiever in anything, no in-between
  • ENTJ: Underachiever in absolutely nothing


  • ENFP: Goes out dressed in thrift store clothes
  • ESFP: Goes out dressed in designer clothes


  • ENFP: *Person admits feelings to them or asks them out* “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT DO I DO”
  • ENFJ: *Admits feelings to crush / crush admits feelings to them* “I HAVE BEEN AWAITING THIS DAY FOR CENTURIES”


  • ESFP: Gets awkwardly hit on at bars
  • ESTP: Awkwardly hits on people at bars


  • ESFP: “Yo let’s go dance”
  • ESFJ: “I’m not really a dancer”


  • ESTJ: Has to resist throwing a fit when they don’t get to be the leader/boss/supervisor/alpha/top dog of something
  • ENTJ: Somehow always ends up being the leader/boss/supervisor/alpha/top dog of everything they do


  • ESTJ: Is the person you go to when you need help getting a job
  • ESFJ: Is the person you go to when you need help texting someone you want to date and/or hook up with


  • ESTJ: Honour roll student, multiple sport athlete, on student council and multiple school committees, volunteers and works in their spare time, has a 3-4 GPA through all of high school/college/university, lands a decent job right after graduating
  • ESTP: Puts how many Tinder matches they have and how much they can bench on their resume


  • ENFJ: Seems slutty, is actually pretty wholesome
  • ESFJ: Seems wholesome, is actually pretty slutty


  • ENFJ: Has thoroughly planned out future living situation, relationship, and type of social life
  • ENTJ: Has thoroughly planned out future career and how to attain it