what are these socks

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Hi! I love your artwork! What do you use to color it? And, if you haven't done it, can we a baby/little kid Spot? He's my fav. Thank you!!

Lil bab Spot is still completely ready to fight everyone. Jack doesn’t know what to do with him. He’s so adorable but also… those teeth… O_O

Thank you <3 I use a range of media. Maybe I’ll make a set-by-set soon? Anyway, for this one; its ink and a marker (my fave color, ash rose). Sometimes I save the coloring for digital only, but my tablet is crapping out on me, so I’ve been doing it all traditional lately.

(someone name Spot’s stuffed bunny rabbit and tell me how he got it <3)

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Ayato can't take it anymore. All the crispy socks has been found. All his brothers know what's up. Even that damn Mukami knows about it and had the gall to make an offhanded remark. Ayato decides enough is enough. He's going on the lam. Then no one can complain about his crispy socks anymore!!


ruki: sakamaki ayato. how do your feet feel walking around in those socks?

ayato: you know what ruki?? fuck you

Google Translates Welcome to Hell (Part 8)
  • John: later!
  • Socks: I realized that I could come to you as long as you want!
  • MePhe: How much time spent, socks? Day? A month later? For a week, right?
  • Socks: All ... First:
  • MePhe: No, in fact, the notion of time it was invented. ... I can not finish around the head.
  • Socks: Hi ...
  • MePhe Anyway, uh, the problem is, I do not think it will last more than just a student film newspapers and more.
  • Socks: What?
  • MePhe nothing. Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż
aesthetic french asks
  • ange (angel): what’s your opinion on religion? do you believe in anything?
  • bisou (kiss): what’s your favorite place to be kissed?
  • brûler (to burn): what are you most passionate about?
  • câlin (hug): who was the last person you hugged?
  • chaleur (heat): what are your favorite kinks?
  • chatoyer (to shimmer): what is sure to make you cry?
  • chaussettes (socks): what do you misplace the most?
  • citronnade (lemonade): what’s your favorite beverage?
  • coquillage (seashell): what’s your favorite sound?
  • croquis (sketch): are you artistic? what’s your favorite medium?
  • doux (soft): where do you feel most safe?
  • écarlate (scarlet): is it easy to make you blush?
  • éclatant (dazzling): what was your first favorite song?
  • étoile (star): believe in astrology?
  • floraison (bloom): do you believe in love?
  • libellule (dragonfly): what’s your favorite super power?
  • luciole (firefly): what was your dream job when you were little?
  • nuage (cloud): what is your dream job now?
  • orage (thunderstorm): are you scared of storms?
  • papillon (butterfly): any allergies?
  • parapluie (umbrella): favorite kind of weather?
  • péripatéticien (wanderer): believe in ghosts?
  • piscine (swimming pool): do you like swimming?
  • plaisir (pleasure): your favorite dessert?
  • pleuvoir (to rain): do you blow dry your hair or let it air dry?
  • sirène (mermaid): any tattoos? If not, do you want any?
  • soleil (sun): all time favorite concert you’ve been to?
  • tournesol (sunflower): favorite flower?

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headcanon that even tho the bros dislike each other they at least respect the 'sock code'. What is the sock code you ask? Well, when one of them wants to jack it, they just hang a clean sock on their door and EVERYONE respects it, no questions asked, on account that that it's a deeply embedded man code. Unfortunately, no one bothered to explain this code to Yui when she's cleaning, and well......you can figure out the rest.

I feel like subaru would abuse this sock code and put a sock on his door at all times just so people will leave him alone

either that or he would be too embarrassed to use it…sdfghjkl

Google Translate Welcome to Hell (Part 7)
  • Socks: What? Noah - Oh! He uses a helmet!
  • John: What do you want?
  • Socks: Oh, I'm the devil, but I'm here to haunt you? So no, it's terrible. I-uh, uh ...
  • *montage begins*
  • John: If you really have ghosts?
  • Socks: Breast, really!
  • John: Uh ...
  • *Sock dances*
  • Socks: You might have to kill yourself. Also I could scary!
  • *bathroom scene*
  • Socks: Aha!
  • John: a friend and I pee!
  • *headphone scene*
  • Socks: What do you think?
  • John: President Waerhala?
  • Socks: We have not heard of them!
  • John: Really? You are incredible!
  • *Sock takes off hat*
  • Socks: I'm late.
  • Jon: I hate you.
  • Socks: Want to put something?
  • John: Oh, a little?

so i was allowed to color some of @satoshini ’s doodles of the smolmurderchowski, and man i had fun! :3
sorry this took long though, i was fixing some small palette and saving errors. (>人<;)
anyway go follow them!!! good art right there if i do say so myself ( > ω