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8 and 38? :)

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8. Does he know about the baby?
38. If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.

Warnings: swearing, protective Avengers, fluff, mild angst (?)

(Bucky x pregnant!Reader)

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One thing about the typical New Englander accent is that it’s actually very tied up in social class, at least in the town I’m from. Almost all Blue Collar workers and their children and very few White Collar workers have the accent. In a way, it’s almost looked down upon and seen as uneducated. What’s funny is that even people who don’t have the accent will joke around about the stereotype and have a sense of community pride when it comes to people who don’t live in New England. In my town, each there are less and less people who have the accent each generation.

honestly tony builds personal relationships with machines and other inanimate objects. he never upgraded DUM-E and U’s 20-yr-old flawed software even though he gets aggravated over it. he spent decades tinkering with a vintage car that belonged to his dad. he greets broken tractors with puns and asks them to tell him what’s ailing them. he creates AI with distinctive personalities. he nicknames every single one of his armors like they’re his children. he gave the mark 42 an official introduction. “imminent arrival of your bouncing badass baby brother.” he calls his workshop a “birthing suite” he made party hats for his robots??? he nicknamed the bots

like i know everyone realizes tony loves machines but do they realize that he Loves machines. do the avengers realize tony will talk the sink disposal through its stress while fixing it. do they realize that tony has talked about his day to every piece of avengers technology that they use. again, i know that they know that tony loves tech but like do they Know. do they KNOW. DO THEY KNOW THAT EVERY PIECE OF ANYTHING THAT TONY HAS EVER GIVEN THEM IS CARRYING HIS HEART AND LONELINESS AND CRAVING FOR LOVE AND HOPE FOR REDEMPTION AND SALVATION

tony’s armor was born in fear and nightmares and RESOLVE and the arc reactor has yinsen’s ghost in it and both his AI systems are manifestations of how much he loves and misses a specific person like holy shit do people knoW??? DO PEOPLE KNOW TONY’S HEART IS ALL OVER EVERYTHING, ALL OVER ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYTHING GOSH I’M JUST!!!

listen I love those ‘imagine Padmé giving birth during the Clone Wars aus’ but instead of the Jedi Council just being okay with it for no real logical reason other than 'we need general Skywalker because he’s the chosen one’ please imagine Padmé and Anakin still trying to keep their relationship a secret even when it starts getting ridiculous.

Obi-Wan: Anakin why do Senator Amidala’s children look like you?
Anakin: The Force is my father so maybe it bullshitted them some genes too.

Mace: Anakin why did you move into Senator Amidala’s home?
Anakin: What? She needed help raising the twins. I’m just being helpful.

Rex: Umm General Skywalker? Why is there a baby strapped to your chest?
Anakin: Luke is sick and Senator Amidala didn’t want Leia to catch it. I’m babysitting.

Ahsoka: Master, we’re on a mission. Why are we stopping to buy toys for the Senator’s children?
Anakin: Listen Ahsoka, Luke and Leia will love this.

Everyone who knows Anakin and Padmé: Look Anakin, we know you’re the father.
Anakin: *snuggled up to Padmé and they both have a sleeping baby in their arms* I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Things that I need to do:

1. Re-watch all of Yuri on Ice

2. Re-watch all of Yuri on Ice again

3. and again

4. and again

5. and again

6. maybe take a break.

7. Re-watch it again: re experience my feelings, and proceed to cry even more.

8. Watch season 2



I don’t care if they are 13, I don’t care if they are 30.

This is what transphobia looks like. This is what being 27 years old and your family is talking to you like a toddler and telling you “Sweetie, that’s just how the world is. We can’t change our minds. I’m sorry, we don’t love Kyle, we love Katie.”

I am strong. I will survive this. But this is what is killing children. This is what is killing adults. This is the ugly reality of things.

I went home for Christmas in the hopes I could show my family how good I was doing. Even after they told me I wasn’t allowed to come originally. I fought to be here. I had gained weight, me depression is better, my anxiety is gone, my smile was real.

But it was crushed. Every. Day. No one stuck up for me. Not even my siblings.

It’s not wrong to be transgender. You don’t need to be fixed! I don’t give a fuck if a book or some old dude tells you it’s wrong. I don’t care if your mom tells she doesn’t love you anymore and your dad hits you. It isn’t wrong. You are normal and you have to be strong and you have to live for you.

It is time to take control of your life. I don’t know what happens when we die. But I know it’s important that we live and show this world that we deserved love and respect and to be a part of a family.

Please be strong. Please choose to live because I am choosing to live and document this in the hope that one day it is going to get better and someone will find this and see even in the darkest hours we can pull through.


request: May i suggest going skating in a public ice rink for their first date, like surrounded by children and all, astonishing everyone by how talented and in love they are?

*Takes 50 years to do one piece*

(ok, its not exactly the same as what was requested but i had a lot of problems at first and ended having to change everything and even start over completely)but at least i got it finished,…right?ԅ[ •́ ﹏ •̀ ]و

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Mr Poe was without a doubt the least qualified person to be rehoming orphans. He wasn't even a social worker, he was a banker. He left three children in a dangerous looking house that was covered in filth with a man he obviously didn't do a background check on. Then when those children came to him telling him that said man was being neglectful and planned on marrying one of them, he shrugged them off and acted like his hands were tied. He then left them in the home of a reptile collector without asking if any if them had a fear of snakes, not to mention it was pretty well established that said reptile collector was a traveler and that's not at all the best environment for children. When the reptile collector died he somehow thought it was a good idea to leave three children in the care of a mysterious man who showed up the day their guardian died whom he had never met. He then brings them to the house of a woman with severe neurosis under the wild assumption that she's somehow fit for childcare. When that inevitably fails, he brings them to a sawmill? Every place he left the children in was extremely dangerous and he never once seemed to care or tried to help, but why was he put in charge of them in the first place?
In light of the Betsy DeVos confirmation,

Some tips for how to help:

  • Call schools and ask if you can pay off lunch balances.
  • Find reputable after-school programs that need volunteers or financial donations.
  • Donate school supplies! Even cheap notebooks and pencils can make a difference.
  • Love the kiddos in your lives. Tell them they matter. Listen to their stories; refuse to write them off as kids who just don’t know anything about the world and are just being dramatic/millennials who are always glued to their phones and so on.
  • When in doubt, call your local schools and ask what you can do. Every school has different needs, but they all need our help.

My heart breaks for my educator friends.
My heart breaks for parents of K-12 children.
My heart breaks for underprivileged, disabled, and otherwise marginalized children who will not be able to access an equitable education over the next few years (even more so than they already weren’t), who will be told in word and deed that their mere presence in the system is a burden.
My heart breaks.

The first time Nico summoned skeletons after starting his relationship with Will

Will: How do they move?

Nico: What do you mean “how do they move”?

Will: I mean, how do they move? They’re just bones.

Nico: Why does it matter?

Will: They have no muscle. Muscle is what makes a body move.

Nico: …

Will: Even if they had muscle, once they hit rigormortis, they wouldn’t be able to move anyway.

Nico: We’re the children of literal gods and you’re bothered by a skeleton moving without muscles?

Will: It’s physically impossible, Nico.

“I grew up, like, savage. My stepfather abused me starting at the age of four. My mother threw me out when I was fourteen. I became addicted to drugs. I fell in love with a drug dealer and we had a daughter. He hit me but I had nowhere else to go. I tried to get away from everything when I turned nineteen. I thought: ‘I’m leaving Puerto Rico and I’m going to change.’ But on the plane to New York, the guy next to me was a heroin user. And he convinced me to try it. And things got worse in New York. It was even harder because I was alone. I ended up in the street. I was jumping from house to house. I was doing what I had to do to survive, you know. The government took my children away. I was lost for so many years but I’m a new person now. I’m sober and I’m working and I’m going to church. But I struggle a lot. I have all these emotions and I don’t know where they come from. It’s like I can’t control them. And when I’m with other people, I feel less. My past always comes back to me. I say to myself: ‘Who do you think you are? You’ve done so many bad things. And you don’t even know how to talk right.’ I can never get away from the things that I’ve done. But Jesus forgives me, you know? He knows that I’m a sinner person and he still loves me. My past does not matter to him. He is changing my thinking. He is helping me start new. Without him, I would have nothing to hang onto.”

I find it endlessly fascinating that Bruce Wayne, known in DC as the crabbiest, grumpiest, darkest character is (when written well) a very open and sympathetic person who mentors and parents a large number of children. Meanwhile, Clark Kent, the eternal boy scout who is cheery and kind and wonderful has a known history of being uncomfortable and even rude children who look to him as a mentor. I love that dichotomy and, more importantly, I love how such paradoxes actually really suit their characters.

Because the best way to Bruce Wayne is damaged, every single action he has taken is a result of grief and guilt and an inability to move past his tragedy. He acknowledges he is not normal, that he can’t think or feel in a normal, healthy capacity so he uses his trauma to help himself heal and maybe even better his city while he’s at it. But likewise, he understands sorrow and tragedy in others and is very empathetic to the plights of children in similar situations. He is dark and not very good with emotion but he does understand what grief can do to a person and when he sees children suffering, his big heart compels him to help out in anyway he can. He’s not always the best at it and a lot of times he becomes nervous over how attached he becomes to his children/partners and tries to distance himself. But that doesn’t change the fact that his initial reaction to sadness is to try and prevent them from going through what he did because he understands and is honestly upset by their plight.

Clark, on the other hand, had a picturesque Norman Rockwell childhood just with the occasional freak-outs about his ancestry and troubles with his powers. But having grown up in such an idyllic place where he didn’t have to suffer too much and had very open and accepting parents, he becomes a bit sheltered. Ma and Pa (rightfully so) tell Clark that his life is his own and he is entitled to his own happiness. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve seen people that go through their whole lives without conflict who react poorly when faced with change they were not prepared for. Superman is, of course, kind and generous and loving because he’s a genuinely good person and 9/10 his kindness doesn’t affect him and how he views his life. So when Kon comes along and even people talk about discovering Captain Marvel’s civilian identity, Clark responds negatively or at least, not in the open manner we would expect.

Because Clark is still caught up with his own life and his own desires that the thought of changing that up for these children just doesn’t occur to him. You can call it selfishness, cause it is, but it’s also human nature which is fascinating coming from an alien immigrant. Plus I imagine Clark has some rather traditional values having grown up in rural Kansas, he could barely handling finding out he was an alien much less properly deal with a sassy teenage clone of himself via Lex Luthor and a magic boy who can transform into an adult. I can see Clark being, well, a bit freaked out by all that. But this is a pattern we see over and over again with Clark dealing with children. He fares much better when a) he chose to have this child enter his life and isn’t feeling like he’s being forced and b) the child was younger and acquired through more normal means.

Now this isn’t a criticism on Clark, in fact, while I may curse about his treatment of Superboy and cry over the fact that he didn’t adopt Billy straight away, I love this complexity. I don’t like it when my characters are perfect, when they always do the right the thing and behave in a blameless matter all the time. It’s boring frankly. But I like seeing consistent character traits, good or bad that make sense when it comes to their behavior and actions. Like, I can easily see why the Dark Knight is a good father figure while the Man of Steel, the golden boy, is awkward and unhappy with these children in his life. Of course we see that Bruce fucks up with his kids as much as he helps them and Clark gets over his pettiness and learns to be a better mentor but we still have these initial reactions which say a lot about their feelings. DC is capable of building these interesting, complex characters and they never utilize them. They think making everything dark and grim makes things more interesting but really, if they just extrapolate the wealth of development and character they’ve already built, they could satisfy at least this reader a lot more.


The Lightwoods are having none of your shit. (x)

What was Draco's childhood like?

Did he have little play dates with his friends? -Did he have any friends besides the children of death eaters? -What was his favorite food? Or book? Or color? -Did he dream about going to Hogwarts? -Did he ever want a sibling? -Was there maybe at some point a hope of a sibling that turned out not working? -What did he do everyday in the Manor? -Did he read all day or play with toys? -Did he make Lucius play games with him? Or -would Lucius even do that? -Who taught Draco about the birds and the bees? (Imagine this talk with the Malfoys) -Did he know what was going on around him as a kid? -Was he lonely? -Did he ever want to be a normal kid without death eater parents? -Did it hurt him that his parents were involved in killing so many people? Poor baby Draco it makes me sad to think about

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I feel like roommates make fun of Derek for the things we have come to love as canon.

Y/N: "Derek can I-”

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Y/N: “What? No. No, no, no. Don’t *immitates gif* me.”

Derek: “What?! I don’t do that!”

Y/N: “Sure.” *immitates gif again*

Derek: *gif*

Y/N: “See?! Right there! You just *gif*ed me!”

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Y/N: “Isaac, you little shit, I am so much stronger than you. Don’t test me.”

Isaac: “Bull shit! I would kick your ass if it came down to it!”

Peter: “Children! Let the real wolves show you how it’s done. Derek, punch my hand.”

Derek: *gif*

Peter: *Stiles in gif*

Y/N: *after a moment of staring at Peter on the floor* “Well, that was just stupid. Even I could tell you that. He’s an Alpha, ya know.”

Peter: “I am the Alpha. I’ve always been the Alpha!”

Isaac: *after a moment of staring at Peter on the floor* “Yeah, okay.” *back to Y/N* “So, do you admit defeat?”

Y/N: “Never!”

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Y/N, Peter, and Isaac: “Do you even own a shirt?”

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Y/N: “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Derek likes to make an entrance.”

Isaac: “Oh, God.”

Peter: “It’s just bringing in the pizza, for crying out loud.”

Derek: *gif* “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Y/N, Peter, and Isaac: *unanimous groan*

hamilton characters as club penguin bans
  • Washington: Stop screaming children it will be over soon
  • Jefferson to Lafayette: I could kill you right now, no one would hear you scream, I could go back and pretend to be you, they wouldn't even realize you were missing
  • Hercules: Fashion police, you're definitely under arrest
  • Aaron: You're tearing this family apart, god damn why can't you do it right
  • Alexander: 911 what is your emergency, what do you mean you're being murdered, people can't do that.
  • Jefferson: Put it on the menu
  • Alexander: You should jump cos no one likes you lol
  • Angelica: When I see stars I think of you, because you're only beautiful from a distance
  • Peggy: I heard you like the bad penguins, I don't want to brag but, I didn't sign up with my parents permission
  • Alexander: Help I can't swim
  • Angelica: Your point
  • Alexander: I'm drowning
  • Angelica: And I'm reading
  • Hercules: I live a hard life and work a dangerous job, i work as an officer for the fashion police
  • Angelica: That's not a good thing
  • Seabury: Thank you all for coming *no one is there*
  • King George: Have you ever heard of stranger danger
  • Aaron: Girl r u trash bc I want to take you out
  • Alex: I poisoned one of our glasses but I forgot which one
  • John: The way this dinner is going I hope it's mine
  • Madison to Jefferson: What the fuck purple
  • Eliza: Magic mirror, will I ever find love
  • Mirror: Ask again later
  • Alex: I like you
  • Ang: Me?
  • Eliza: No he meant me
  • Hercules: Dora your never going to get there with boots
  • Maria: I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch
  • Hamilton: Can I pay you in swag
  • Eliza: What the flipper
  • Peggy: Why would you swear like that
  • Maria: Was abandoned, is alone and sad
  • Washington: Locked up because my eyebrow game was to strong
  • Jefferson/Aaron: Smooth as butter

What’s great about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor (I’m not using past-tense, because he’s not done yet) is that it’s probably the most complete performance of the character that I’ve seen. 

Most actors, when playing the Doctor, find an aspect of the character that they latch onto and build a characterization from there. Even Capaldi started out that way, focusing on the more rude, aristocratic tendencies of Three and One. Then, as he himself said, he “stopped playing the Twelfth Doctor and started playing the Doctor.” 

What Capaldi was then able to do was take everything that had been done with the character up to that point and synthesize it into a single, distinct characterization, in a way that only Tom Baker ever got close to achieving. If you watch that performance, everything is there: Three’s brash moralizing, Ten’s mania, Five’s quiet reflection Eleven’s kindness toward’s children, etc. It’s why Vastra’s line about the Doctor removing the mask with this regeneration is so accurate. You get the feeling that you’re finally seeing what was buried beneath all those other incarnations brought to the surface.

A consequence of this is that I’ve always found Twelve a bit harder to describe than other Doctors, much in the way that I’ve had difficulty describing Four. But that’s what makes him so great.

Peter Capaldi doesn’t play the Twelfth Doctor. He plays The Doctor. The definite article, you might say.

Sad FFXV headcanon time

The Moogle Chocobo carnival pretty much has to take place either while Noctis is unconscious after fighting Leviathan, or while he’s in the crystal. (leaning toward after Leviathan, since it’s a dream version of Altissia). It seems to be a dream sequence, and the other chocobros aren’t with him, but Carbuncle is.

I see Carbuncle as a Guardian of Children (and of dreams?), a lesser deity, still a God, but not one of The Six. He took a liking to Noct when he was a kid. So even though Noctis isn’t a child any more, he still wanted to help him. Because Carbuncle knew what Noctis was going through and was going to go through, and just wanted him to be happy for a while? 

But as a guardian of children, there’s only so much he can do. There are only so many ways he has to help. And what would a child love? An endless carnival.