what are these children even doing

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I would be so pissed if I was that little girls mom. It's also kind of creepy that the babysitter thought they had the right to talk to a child about sexual assault. Especially to the point where they "casually bring it up while watching voltron". I mean it's creepy enough that they say the child down and force them to watch a show so they can rant/gush about their fictional ships. Sometimes I honestly can't believe I used to be an anti.

Yes, & that part was the MAIN thing that pissed Us off so much.

You DON’T do that with children.

We got this from an anon post (added it to Our original News post), but it appears that the videos were MUCH more creepier than what We first thought.


I watched the video before it was taken down and it was so obvious that the anti fed that kid some lines and then recorded them parroting their words so they could be smug on the internet that “even little kids are smarter than shaladins”. No kid looks at two characters in a cartoon and thinks that if they dated it would be “sexual assault” (literally words used by the kid in the video). They way they presented the situation to make the kids think it was something wrong (“remember how i told you they were like brothers? you think it would be okay for an OLD GUY like that to date a 17 year old?”) was also pretty disgusting.

There were also other videos where the kid was talking about Keith and Lance “flirting” and saying they’re gonna date, which was also pretty obviously the babysitter’s doing. The fact that they forced the kids to watch the show even though they didn’t want to creeped me out as well.


We’re very glad you got out of the anti-dom, dear disciple.

Everyone has things in their past that they regret.

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty-Eight

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE: I use a gif from Ragnarok here, it has nothing to do with the movie and reveals nothing of the plot of it, it is safe but funny. 

‘What?’ Ariella looked at Loki worriedly.

‘Come on.’ Loki grinned, trying to encourage her to consent.

‘Loki, I do not need a disguise.’

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Okay theory time!! I think these parents (some of them, fuck you Chase’s dad) actually care about their kids. I don’t see them as pretending, for now


I mean, they’ve all got issues, some serious issues. Some VERY serious issues, but they (save Victor Stein) seem to truly love their children.

The Yorkes seems to really demonstrate this out of all of the parents, but the Wilder’s definitely love and care for Alex too (which we never really saw on Geoff’s part in the comics. It was more of a “behind-the-scenes” affection, but here, he jokes with his son, is interested in what he is doing, even with his video games and his and Nico’s relationship).

You’ve also got Janet Stein who wants to make sure that if/when she leaves her husband (that was my understanding of her scenes with Robert, I might be wrong) that Chase would not deal with the consequences from Victor. 

As for Tina Minoru, it seems to be the case of her being much closer to Amy than Nico, and now that Amy is gone, Nico feels like and is treated like the “unwanted”, and her Dad is trying to help and is stressed to Tina that they may end up loosing Nico too if the situation doesn’t get any better (which is won’t if he and Janet cheating on their spouses, but that’s a meta for another time).

The Deans are a little bit harder to pinpoint. We haven’t see Frank really interact with Karolina at all, and from what I can gather from Karolina and Leslie’s relationship, Karolina is so used to believing and following what her mother says and thinks is best, that rebelling is a totally new concept to her, but she’s also frustrated that her mother doesn’t see what’s really going on with her. 

The Yorkes, as I said above, are probably the best out of all the parents. They’re the typical weird, embarrassing, loving dorks that obviously love their girls. I also see the sense of guilt they have toward Molly (because whatever they said to the Hernandez’s put them in danger in the first place), but from the lines said by Stacy Yorkes, the Yorkes and the Hernandezes seemed very close, so it’s no wodner they were the couple to reach out and adopt Molly into their family.

Honestly, I have a lot of feelings about the parents, and I know a lot of people are saying they are focusing WAY too much on them, but what? We got 1 out of the 3 episodes (so far) focusing solely on the parents, and honestly that’s a good thing. As much as I love the original comic, the Pride, while not one-note, weren’t exactly explored (we only got two or three lines from Victor and Geoff saying how they really felt about their sons, and a few from the Hayes’ and the Deans’ but that’s about it). 

The Pride are way more in-depth this time around, and so far, I’m really liking that, and I’m really excited to see how their relationship becomes after the kids finally run away.

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Thank you for speaking out against those who hurt children. It is rug swept too often and it always restores a little faith to see someone take an actual hard No against it.

You’re welcome, anon. I can’t abide nasty shit like that being set aside for the sake of people enjoying their fun things.

Like, look, I still think the RK fans should be able to continue enjoying the series if they feel comfortable doing so. They should employ death of the author to heights never heard of before.

But they shouldn’t put the series’ continuation ahead of what’s best for society even in casual comments, and saying “oh but it’s so sad the series is over now” is just so…ridiculous. First, the series has been over before several fuckin’ times by now, and second, making this all about how awful it is the series won’t continue (instead of how awful it is that the author is a pedophile) comes dangerously close to giving people the idea that you’d rather the creator not have been outed because then you could still be enjoying your precious weeb shit.

Like…you can be sad and upset about both but one is OBJECTIVELY WAY FUCKING MORE IMPORTANT TO BE MAD ABOUT. And I have a zero tolerance policy for nasty people like RK’s creator.

Enjoy the fandom if you want. Make it into your own space. Push the author out. Those are good ways to cope with this shit. Complaining that the series won’t get finished now is not productive; it’s gross. Finish it yourself with fanfic; take ownership of these characters because the author doesn’t deserve them anymore. But people making this about the tragedy of ~an unfinished work~ is just fuckin’ ridiculous. Go find a different unfinished series to be sad about–one where the author wasn’t a nasty piece of shit who deserved having his own series taken away from him.

In other words, fuck that small part of fandom who is too busy being selfish to see what the real tragedy is, here.

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I’ve just seen his tweet saying that gays and asexuals having no biological responsibilities or whatever because the primary reason we are here is to breed. I’m asexual myself and even if I wasn’t I still wouldn’t want children, I never have… what about the straight people that choose not to reproduce? In all seriousness he must be a very boring person if he believes that the only thing people should do as human beings is have children. Jesus fucking christ.

Yeah, he takes a very pessimistic view on humanity that just never leaves any room for complexity or grey areas, ever. Everybody does not need to reproduce in order to be valid or useful. Plus, queer people are perfectly capable of having children - being a man who is only attracted to other men doesn’t magically impede them from having sex with, or impregnating, a woman. There are plenty of gay men who had children with women - hell, I’ve even heard of gay men having kids with gay women. As usual, his position lacks nuance.

there’s something pretty naive about simply thinking that finn just left his agency because his agent was accused of sexual assault. it’s naive when you don’t know that the people who accused the agent in the first place were men and some even underage at the time of the assault. and that’s what’s been bothering me so much about all those tweets and posts about how brave he is for standing up for women because it’s not considering that there were no women included in these claims. this is about children in hollywood. they are literally the easiest target in those situations, these men easily manipulate children make them think what they’re doing is normal and convince them to keep things in secret. please, understand that finn dropping his agent wasn’t just a statement, he (and his family, i suppose) literally did this for his own safety. he is a kid in hollywood and his agent was accused of sexually assaulting boys (around his age). 

when talking about sexual assault claims in hollywood PLEASE bring up children, include children in this conversation. kids are the most vulnerable, they don’t get to choose for themselves. 

I love children’s books, but I get that not everyone does. That said, I came across two August books in the mail pile that take a critical (and, yes, more grown-up) approach to kids lit. Was The Cat In The Hat Black? by Philip Nel explores at the hidden racism behind popular children’s books, and Wild Things by Bruce Handy provides context and analysis for childhood classics like Little House on the Prairie, The Giving Tree and Goodnight Moon.

If you ARE into picture books, Chelsea Marshall and Mary Dauterman just published a satirical one for adults called  What Are We Even Doing With Our Lives?

Had to include this interior image – because public radio and tote bags:

- Sydnee

Images: Oxford University Press,  Simon & Schuster, Dey Street Books.

Lets say there is a group of humans stuck in a room with no entertainment whatsoever and this for a while. So what do humans do in a situation like this? We make noise and we just don’t shut up. Whether it be talking, singing, telling jokes, stories or even worse playing games.
Sure it could begin innocently with something like I spy with my little eye…, but it soon could evolve into things like truth or dare, two truths and a lie, would you rather or never have I ever. All of these can end so badly, not to mention making the aliens question if were even sane, depending on how far these so called games go.
If we can add some physical components like dice or cards into the mix there is such a wide array of possible games that need a certain sense of logic, luck and the ability to deceive others.
And if there is enough space the humans could possibly start playing tag or hide and seek or when they’re inside and an alien comes into a game, where all humans are perched somewhere on some sort of furniture and xe ask what the humans are doing there, but the only answer they give xem are the words “the floor is lava”, so xe backs out of the room slowly leaving the humans to… whatever it is they’re doing.

Basically all of our games have something to do with learning something about each other, being able to deceive someone better or even unconsciously train our children with stuff like tag and hide and seek to be pursuit predators. If there is not a game humans will invent one or make one up and the only things you know is that the rules will be super weird and you possibly could get hurt - especially if they decide they’re putting some sort of ball or other playing equipment in the equation.
Look at all of our games on our planets and tell me that we aren’t going to be known as the weirdos you never ever want to play with, because their games sound super dangerous and at best questionably sane.

  • namjoon: who are we?
  • BTS: BTS!!!!!!!
  • namjoon: and what do we want?
  • yoongi: to have lots of pretty children with hoseok
  • hoseok: to raise said children with yoongi
  • jungkook: to have more time alone with jimin to get more material for videos
  • taehyung: to be able to post that picture of my bare ass, it's aRT HYUNG!
  • seokjin: a magic mirror to tell me how pretty i am
  • jimin: to be able to fuck jungkook in peace thank you
  • namjoon:
  • BTS:
  • namjoon: you know what, i don't even care anymore
  • namjoon: *stands up* *flips everyone off* *leaves epically* *makes a whole album that gives murderous vibes*
Matthew Mercer’s Raven Queen ™

I’ve been seeing a whole bunch of stuff being thrown around about the Raven Queen after the latest Talks Machina, mostly centering around the speech that could have happened if anyone in VM had tried to argue with the Raven Queen for Vax’s soul. For simplicity’s sake, just in case anyone hasn’t seen or read it, this is the speech Matt gave:

“Do you have idea how insignificant you are? You are the instruments of divinity. Everything you have accomplished is because we gave you the tools to accomplish it, for goals unforeseen to you that fit our needs and interests. You are nothing, and yet you come and beseech me this, after all I have done for you?”

And I get it, it’s incredibly rude! After everything VM has done, after everything they have bled for, struggled for, lived and died for, to call them insignificant at the moment of their greatest triumph? It’s a slap in the face right before she takes away someone who should have gotten the happy ending that everyone else was getting.

But I feel like maybe we’re forgetting a key element of the Raven Queen in the Critical Role setting.

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Mika: Maybe you want to name one first, Yuu-chan? 

Yuu: The blonde looks just like you, Mika! How about we name the younger twin after you? “Michael”. 

Mika: Then the older one will be “Luciel”. 

Shinoa: Luciel and Michael. I like that! 

Mitsuba: Aunt Shinoa and Aunt Mitsuba approves! 

I just really wanted to design what Yuu and Mika’s children would look like. Then I made up these two babies! <3 They are twin brothers basically. 
Who gave birth to them? How were they created?
We may never know. xD
I haven’t thought too much about their personalities, but I guess that’s something the blog can explore together. ^^ One ting is know, though. The brothers are very attached to one another. Luciel is especially protective of his younger twin, and Michael won’t go anywhere without Luciel. ^//w//^

So welcome Luciel and Michael into our blog’s family! <3

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hi your andriel 'I hate Neil Josten and his pretty face' headcanon is beautiful and pure and wholesome and has healed my soul and i was hoping you'd be open to expanding on Neil's 'revenge' calling out Andrew and being dorky in the process?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much and, sure, here you go!

  • Andrew is waiting for it
  • he knows Josten’s too much of an actual child to let go of the video
    • no matter that he solved the coming-out problem
    • and made Renee and Reynolds a tonshit of money
    • fucker never knows when to back down, does he?
  • so really
  • he’s not that surprised when Nicky sends him a link to some live streaming website
  • there’s 10-reasons-to-hate-Andrew-Minyard-by-Neil-Josten in the page name so it’s not hard to guess what’s going to happen

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Steven Grant Rogers was a tiny, sick little child. Sarah often had to bundle him up in a swaddle of blankets to hopefully stave off any colds that might come. Of course, to Sarah’s lament, Steve would unravel himself and crawl around and try to put everything in his mouth and touch anything with his hands. He was scrawny enough to fit in every little crook and nanny that their apartment had (which wasn’t a lot but still).

He wasn’t healthy enough to go to school and so Sarah did what she could and taught him at home. She prayed every night that Steve would get better before she went to sleep with a young Steve tucked into her chest.

(Steve would refuse to public acknowledge that he cuddled with his mother, not giving anyone anything to bully his mother about. But without a doubt, every night he crawled in and wriggled his way into her arms under the sheets)

When Steve was finally in the clear to go to school, he shortly realized it wasn’t anything he imagined it like.

Kids were screaming everywhere and there was a kid who was in his class that wouldn’t stop picking his nose and putting his boogers everywhere (that is disgusting and Steve wants to bleach his brain of that memory). Steve just wanted to make some friends and draw with crayons.

Then came the bullying. Steve was healthier but he was still small and weak and an easy target. It started with name calling and ruthless teasing and then it got physical.

Never the less, he had the famous Roger temper and would fight back and brawl all the bullies with his bony fists.

Sarah came to more meetings that she would like to have. Although she reprimanded Steve for his methods of protecting himself, she mercilessly ripped through conversation and lecture to the other kids, their parents, and the teaching staff about how the situation should have been dealt with and how ridiculous it was that nothing was done to prevent this.

Thoroughly shaken and guilty, the other parties apologized (and quivered at the sight of a vengeful Sarah) to Steve and Sarah. She took Steve out of that school and with permission, transferred him into another one. Steve went along with it because he didn’t want his mom stressing out any more than she needed.

When James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes and his family moved next door, it was summer and Sarah thought it was a godsend and that Steve might have a playmate and stop running all over the place, wheeze, and then try and fight the summer bugs that would wheedle their way into the complex.

Sarah was wrong.

She was completely wrong and now there were two little shits running around and being a menace. Steve and Bucky latched onto each other quickly (to their parents’ amusement) and caused double the headache.

Sarah definitely recalls Steve licking a frozen pole because Bucky dared him. Steve being Steve took it as a challenge and stuck his whole tongue on it. Bucky, in solidarity since Steve couldn’t get his tongue off, stuck his tongue on it too.

That’s how they were found. Sarah and Bucky’s mom frantically searched everywhere for them and sighed when they saw the two boys.

After some medical attention was provided, Steve had the fucking nerve to proudly claim that he did it and he won the dare. Bucky’s brows scrunched up like he was digesting it and then opened his mouth to retort but promptly closed it when he saw his mom’s penetrating glare at the back of his head. Bucky just crossed his arms and hmmphed while pouting. Steve was about to gloat some more until he froze when he saw his own mother’s gaze on him. He immediately shriveled up and became the beacon of excellence.

It was always comfortable to be with each other and the boys were two peas in a pod. Steve knew that, even as a kid, Bucky was always gonna be in his life. Bucky, of course, had to one up him and say that Steve was going to be with him for infinity.

It wasn’t until the following school year, when a small brown haired and honey eyed boy came into their classroom when everything changed.

Steve and Bucky fell in love at first sight.

And when Tony (he shyly introduced himself to the class) came to sit next to Steve, Steve was so nervous to talk to him that he promptly threw up all over his first crush.

Bucky kind of just stared for a good long second and walked off to get some paper towels.

Tony just sat there, frozen and a little scarred.

Questions for Immortals/Ancients

For ancient and/or immortal muses, here are some questions to build your headcanons!

😇Do you think you’ll ever experience an afterlife?
😷Do you have any weaknesses that could challenge your lifespan?
👥Have you met others like you?
👨‍👨‍👦Are you part of a family of ancients/immortals?
🎈Do you remember the start of your life? How long ago was it?
💔Is there anyone from your past that you missed for a long time?
😢Do you still think about people you knew years, even centuries, ago?
👶Do you have children? If you don’t, do you think they would be like you?
🍼 Would you ever consider having offspring with a mortal?
📕Do you ever run out of things to be curious about?
📗What is one of the most valuable things you’ve learned?
📘In the remainder of your life, what else do you hope to learn?
💀What is your opinion on death and mortality in general?
🥀Do you create bonds with mortals or avoid getting attached?
☹ Talk about your memory of a tragedy you’ve witnessed.
🖤Do you believe immortality changes someone for the worst?
🕗In your time, what has been one of the most interesting time periods?
 ⏳Do you ever wish you had a mortal lifespan?
😿Is there any one person you would sacrifice your immortality for?
🎁Name one thing that never gets old or loses its charm for you.
🔮Have you ever considered (or looked for) ways to end your immortality?
🤡How do you deal with avoiding suspicion while living forever?
✨Other than immortality, do you have other supernatural abilities?
🌱What is one thing about the world you’ve come to appreciate?
🌼Have you traveled? If so, name one place that you love the most.
💾Do you ever have trouble with new technology?
💗Is there one mortal in your life you will never forget?
🎼What is your opinion on how music, art, and culture has changed?
💕Do you think two immortals could handle one another’s company forever?
🙄How do you handle boredom and monotony?
💿What is one (or more) inventions you’re thankful exist in your current time?
👿Would you ever use your power and knowledge to destroy?
🌋Do you think you will be alive to see the end of the world?
🗻Do you ever want to escape society altogether for a while?
🤠Have you ever disguised yourself or gone by different names?

i love the fact that neil josten is a cat person like ;;;; he made a concious decision to own not one but TWO WHOLE cats and just……. imagine neil doing Cat People ™ Things like the cats meow at him and he holds a 5 minute long conversation with them and like ? he probably uses it to annoy andrew like “whats that, sir? andrew should get his feet off the coffee table?” “meow” “yea ur right damn” and like neil doesnt like other cats pictures bc his cats are the cutest and the best and he definitely owns like a billion lint rollers but still shows up covered in cat hair but honestly he doesnt even care like ye fuck u i have cats and theyrr my CHILDREN :)) he probably brags abt shit they do to like…… everyone and anyone like ooooh mysterious neil josten with his dark past cant shut the fuck up abt how his furballs can tell the difference between his house and the neighbours and how theyre clearly geniuses god i love neil josten and his fuckinf cats

How Authors Get Paid

This is pretty simple. Authors get paid when you buy their books. If you don’t buy their books, they don’t get paid. They get paid a percentage of the price you pay for their books. If you buy highly discounted books (from amazon or B&N or Scholastic book fairs), they get paid a lot less. If you borrow a book from the library, they got paid for that one time (in the US), but at least they got that. If you read a book from a pirated site, they don’t get paid.

The problem I see is that most people don’t understand this very simple equation. They think that authors get paid by publishers just to be authors. Hint: we don’t. Authors don’t get paid to do book tours. Unless people buy their books. Authors don’t get paid by the government to be authors. Authors don’t get paid by Hollywood for their books unless they get a pittance if they’re actually given an option (1% of authors get books optioned, 1% of those get made into movies). If an author gets a movie made, they still make very little of that money, except for if books are purchased. If an author wins an award, most of the time, they make no money from that directly, only if more books are sold.

Are you starting to understand what my point is here?

Yes, some authors make money on the side doing school visits for children. A lot of them don’t even make that, especially in Utah, where local publishers are using school visits as a promotional opportunity and have nearly eliminated the market for paid visits from authors who AREN’T trying to push books on kids. (Yes, I have strong feelings about this.)

Yes, these days authors make money sometimes by being youtube celebrities (I can count on one hand the number of authors doing this). Yes, authors sometimes make money through Patreon, though this is pretty new and we’re still figuring it out. Think about this for a minute. Authors have to hustle to make money because actually writing books doesn’t pay them very much. What? Yeah, even NYT best-selling authors are not making enough to pay mortgages sometimes.

Lots of authors are offered lots of opportunities to write for “promotion.” We do need to promote ourselves if we’re going to stay in the game and keep getting contracts for new books. But promotion is pennies. I’m not trying to complain about my chosen profession. This part of it sucks, but there are other wonderful parts, clearly, or I wouldn’t stay. But if you want to help me out and thank me for any of my writing you’ve gotten to read for free, it’s really simple. Buy one of my books. And while you’re at it, buy a book from another author you love.

broken rings & queens and kings | kth

summary: to make a long, long story very, very short, you and kim taehyung have been sworn enemies ever since childhood, that is, until you find out that you’re betrothed to each other for the good of your kingdoms, and everything comes crumbling down.

{a long (and quite frankly, unnecessary) mixture of enemies to lovers!au, royalty!au, and arranged marriage!au}

pairing: taehyung x female reader
word count: 24k (ahhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!)
genre: fluff, light angst, light smut
warnings: hate sex and strong language (when will i ever stop w/ the hate sex)
a/n: u guys don’t know how much this took out of me. dedicated to the one and only @guktwt, without whom i wouldn’t have even written this. this one’s for u, lara!! 

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people have been talking about lup and barry having a kid in the 2 years they spent on faerun before lup disappeared, and i suddenly had the urge to rewrite the entire story with taako raising this pair of half elf twins that he thinks are his cause they look like him, but he has no idea who the other parent is.

like, it’s a work in progress because i cannot imagine barry would have had taako kill him when he started forgetting lup if he had two lil babies waiting for him, but just hear me out.

imagine sizzle it up with taako & family, with these two little kids hamming it up as much as taako does.  imagine one of them almost eating the poisoned chicken, and taako manages to stop them at the last second, vowing right then and there that he will never, ever feed these kids his cooking again.  taako still never settles down in an actual house, so he ends up with a pair of street savvy caravan kids good at making themselves useful and better at picking pockets.

taako is extremely protective of these kids, trying very hard to always be there if something happens, but also teaching them how to look out for themselves.  he teaches them to rely on each other, because he knows how terrible it is to grow up all alone.  he teaches them to protect themselves and each other first, to not be ashamed to run away from danger, even if others (him) need help.  he teaches them survival.

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Bts | Reaction | A Child’s Love

[ i think i understand what you mean, if im wrong then i am incredibly sorry for being illiterate lol hope you enjoy no less :) ] 


Jin was a bit confused when he came home to a quiet, and empty house. Usually when he announced his arrival, it would soon be followed by the pitter-patter of feet rushing to greet him with excitement. Calling out for his wife and child, Jin was once again given silence. Scrunching his eyebrows in concern, he took a moment to review if you had anything scheduled for today - soon concluding that you were staying home. At least, that’s what he thought. 

It didn’t take but five minutes for the front door to be opened once again, entering the two missing people he’d been thinking about since he walked in. Sighing in relief that the mystery was over, he turned toward the two of you with a smile - only for it to slowly disappear when he saw the look on your face. You were, unfortunately, giving him your best bitch face. 

“Is something wrong?” He finally voiced, the sniffling child in your arms making his heart clench. “Did something happen?” 

Slowly, you put down the child and sweetly instructed them to get ready for bed, that you would tuck them in, shortly. Nodding that they understood, they quickly ran for their room, not even giving Jin a passing glance. This only made his heart clench even more. Looking back at you for some sort of explanation, Jin’s obliviousness only pissed you off even more. 

“What is today, Seokjin?” He stayed silent, making you sigh heavily. “Why don’t you go take a look on the calendar, and then come ask me what happened.” 

With that being said, you headed for your child’s bedroom without another word, once again leaving Jin by himself. Scratching his head in even more bewilderment, Jin did as you had asked and made his way for the kitchen.

Saturday, November 18th. What was so special about that day? 

And, that’s when it hit him. Jin felt like the world’s worst dad in that very moment, when all he could do was blink at the date, dumbfounded that he forgot in the first place. He missed his child’s first soccer game. Not only was he wrong about you staying home all day, but the fact he even remembers saying to them this morning that he wouldn’t miss it for the world. He practically lied right to his child’s face. It wasn’t his fault that it slipped his mind, there was just a lot going on at the office, but Jin didn’t see that as a good excuse. 

Judging from the chocolate stains on their cheeks, he concluded that you two had just gotten back from eating victory ice cream - which could only mean that they won their game. Which could only mean Jin had a lot of apologizing to do. 

He could only hope that his child, and yourself, could forgive him. 


Yoongi sat outside his daughter’s bedroom door in shame, it physically hurting him to hear her cry her eyes out, and he couldn’t do anything about it; probably because he was the cause of them in the first place. 

“Sweetheart, I am so, so very sorry. They held me in the studio longer than I anticipated, you know I would never do this to you on purpos-”

“Just leave me alone!” She immediately cut him off from his apology, her cries getting worse by the second. “I looked like a fool, I should have known you’d always put your music before me, no matter what!” 

That, to Yoongi, felt like a kick to the stomach. Never in his life did he think that his music was more important than his family, it never once crossed his mind. But, after tonight, he couldn’t possibly blame his daughter for feeling that way. That night was the annual sixth grade ‘Father-Daughter Dance’ at her school, which she was so excited for-for the past two months. Everyone’s father showed up; give you one guess on who ended up having to go home early due to embarrassment of not having their date show up. 

You practically chewed Yoongi out over the phone, saying how it took three bags of family sized m&ms to get her to calm down enough to remember to breathe. The both of you were livid, but your daughter felt neglected. And that was the last thing Yoongi ever wanted her to feel. 

“Mi Sun, that’s not true…you know that’s not true. My music can never compare to you, how happy you make me everyday, the joy that you bring. Sweetheart, daddy is so sorry that he stood you up, I’ll make it up to you somehow, I promise. But, just know that you will always mean more to me than my music, no doubt about it.” There was silence on the other side of the door, which wasn’t entirely a bad thing, it just meant she stopped crying. “Tell you what: I won’t go to the studio all week, next week. You’ll have me all to yourself, we can do whatever you want, it’ll be a little ‘Father-Daughter’ outing. What do you say, princess?” 

Yoongi waited with high hopes, ear pressed against the door as he prayed that she would at least consider his offer. It wasn’t until the sound of her door being unlocked relieved him of any thought of rejection, soon greeted with a gummy smile that matched his own. “You mean it?” 

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his phone all the while picking up his little girl with his free arm, dialing Namjoon’s number without hesitation. Putting said person on speaker phone, he spoke. 

“Namjoon, I’m taking all of next week off. I think it’s time I gave my greatest creation of all time my full and undivided attention. Goodbye.”  


Your two children practically cursed Kim Namjoon’s existence, they were so mad. Not only did he run over one of their bike’s that morning, but now he had just broken their game counsel they had gotten from their uncle Jungkook, by stepping on it by accident; they were enraged. 

He had promised them dessert after dinner to kind of set the atmosphere back into a lighter one, only for them to just eat it angrily as they continued to glare in their father’s direction. You tried so hard not to burst into a fit of laughter at Namjoon’s failed attempts to get back on their good side. Who could have thought that two seven year old boys could have a grown man begging on his knees for forgiveness? 

“Please, what do you want from me? I said I was sorry, what more do you want? I told you countless times to never leave your bikes in the driveway, or to leave your game counsel lying around - so it’s technically not all my fault!” 

They continued to be silent as they ate their desserts, their expressions never faltering. Finally letting out a small snicker, you speak. 

“I don’t think you’re helping your situation here, Joonie.” 

“I already gave them ice cream, what else do they want - my soul?” He exclaimed, losing all hope at this point. Namjoon didn’t like when his children were mad at him, it was one of the worst feelings in the world. He tried his best to be a good father and loving husband, and a small inconvenience like this just wasn’t sitting right. “I’ll buy you new bikes! And an even better game counsel, if you want, I don’t care. I will personally give you my wallet, if it’ll get you to stop-”

“Okay.” Hyun replied, while his brother nodded with enthusiasm. “And we want those diamond earrings that mom saw at the store a couple days ago, too!” 

“And a puppy!” Jae was quick to add in, finishing up the last of his ice cream. Namjoon looked at the two boys with wide eyes and mouth agape. When Hyun’s statement finally registered in his brain, Namjoon slowly started to glare at you. 

“You set this up, just so you could get those stupid earrings, didn’t you?” 

Shrugging your shoulders, an evil grin slowly started to form on your face as you get up to retrieve his wallet. “Hey, I’m not the one who asked for them, the boys did. Too late to go back on your word now, Joonie.” 

Shaking his head as you left the kitchen, Namjoon couldn’t help but chuckle as the two boys started poking at his face - back to their normal, goofy selves. 

“You two, and your mother, will be the death of me.” 


He was devastated when he showed up to the school an hour late, and his little girl was no where to be seen. Hoseok frantically asked the teacher where she could’ve gone, only for him to get a look that could only be described as judgmental. What kind of father didn’t know where his own child was?

“There was a swarm of men that ran at your daughter with cameras, they chased her back into the school. She was the last student to be picked up, and they wouldn’t leave, so we called your wife. She tried your phone, Mr. Jung, but you wouldn’t answer. She is safe at home, by now.” 

A small breath of relief fell from his lips as he thanked the teacher, and apologized for the inconvenience with the paparazzi. She merely responds with ‘I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.’ She couldn’t have been more right.

As if on cue, his phone starts to vibrate in his pocket, after hours of having it shut off. Hoseok visibly winces at the sight on his lock screen: 37 text messages, followed by 52 missed calls. He was definitely screwed.

Now, he found himself parked in the driveway, mentally preparing himself on how he planned on apologizing for leaving his daughter all alone in that kind of situation. She must have been so frightened, and just thinking about it made him feel even worse. 

Once he entered the house, he becomes uneasy at the silence that he’s greeted with - it making him feel like the smallest person in the world. When he made his way into the family room, there you sat in the rocking chair he had bought, for the pregnancy with your second child. The look on your face was enough to show that you were far from being happy, but your features quickly softened when you saw how wreaked his face looked. You could tell that he had been crying out of guilt, the teddy bear he had obviously bought for your daughter confirming that as well. 

“H..How is she?” He rasps, throat tight as the guilt continued to weigh on his shoulders. You shrug slightly, before taking a deep breath. 

“Could’ve been worse, I suppose. She’s a little shaken up, but nothing physically wrong with her, thank god.” Carefully, you stand from the rocking chair, one hand resting on your bloated stomach. “Hobi…what happened, where were you? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the past hour.”

“I-I lost track of time, the clock in my office was an hour late. My phone had to be switched off, because I was in and out of meetings all day - I didn’t mean to forget. I-I rushed as fast as I could to the school, and when I didn’t see her, I panicked, I thought something bad had happened. And then, I had to find out from the teacher that the paparazzi went after her-why would they do that?! She’s only a little girl, they’d never go as far as ambushing a child! This is all my fault, she’s was scared and alone, I wasn’t there, and now she probably hates me!” 

“Hobi…” You tried to calm him down, the tears from earlier making their appearance once again as they cascaded down his cheeks, like a river; but he just kept going. 

“What kind of father am I? I even had to make you leave the comfort of bed-rest just so you could go pick her up, when it was my job to do so-I’m just so stupid! I don’t know what I’d do if they had laid a single hand on either one of you, it makes me sick! Doesn’t anyone understand privacy anymore? This isn’t the kind of life I wanted for you, or for our children. I want you to feel safe, and healthy and protected - I can’t even do that right!” 

“Hoseok, enough.” You raised both hands to cup either side of his face, making him focus on you. Your thumbs gently wiped away the stray tears, softly cooing at him to breathe and just to relax. “You are an amazing father, who works very hard for his family everyday. Sure, I was a little angry at how careless you were in the situation, but you’re human. You make mistakes, too. She won’t hate you, she never could, she loves her daddy far too much. Like I said, she was just a little frazzled, nothing serious. As for the paparazzi, we’ll get restraining orders - simple as that. Now, no more of this negative talk. Your princess needs her hope, her angel, to cheer her up.” 

By now, his tears had come to a stop, a small smile taking their place. Leaning forward to give you a sweet kiss, Hoseok felt so lucky to have someone like you to remind him that he was loved and appreciated. Even though deep down he still felt awful about the whole thing, it was nothing a good, long cuddle session with her brand new teddy bear couldn’t fix. 


I feel like Jimin would be very offended that you hadn’t brought him any treats back, sitting on the couch with an expression of pure betrayal as he watched his child munch away on yummy candies. 

“So tell me again, why you told mommy not to bring daddy anything back? Did daddy do something wrong?” The child nods their head, pouting. “He did? Mind telling me what exactly he did to make you so upset?” 

This time the toddler shook their head ‘no’, going back to stuffing their face with sweets and watching cartoons. After ten minutes of pleading for some sort of clue, Jimin finally gives up and goes to ask you what the problem is. But, unfortunately, you had no clue either. 

“They’ve just been grumpy all day, and when I offered a trip to the candy shop, that seemed to do the trick. I was going to bring you something back, but they insisted that I shouldn’t.” 

“And you listened?” He gaped. “Jagiiiii.” 

“Look, all I know is that you did something to piss off our three year old child, and I don’t exactly know how. So, you’re on your own. Think, Chim, did something happen this morning?” 

Retracing his steps on how the morning played out, Jimin couldn’t decipher anything that might have been out of the ordinary. He woke up, got dressed, came down stairs, ate breakfast - he remembers that he was running a little late for work, so he had to skip on the goodbye kis-

“Ohhhhh.” Jimin finally connected to the problem, giggling at how trivial this whole thing turned out to be. “I know what the deal is.” 

Without even enlightening you as to what he just realized, Jimin made his way back into the living room and sat right in his spot next to the toddler. Leaning downward to plant a small kiss on their forehead, he exclaims at full volume. 

“Goodbye, my little mochi, daddy loves you~!” 

You tilted your head in confusion for a moment until you, too, realized what had made your child so salty all day: Jimin never gave them their usual goodbye kiss before he left for work. Immediately, as if someone had flipped a switch, your child offered a handful of candies to their daddy, him happily taking the sweets with a wide grin. 

“Remind me never to forget goodbye kisses, ever again.”


He despised being the bad cop when it came to punishing his son. Taehyung was usually the fun parent, always sneaking snacks at night and promising never to tell you, that kind of parent. But, when the foot had to come down, it came down hard. During dinner, his son was starting to get a little smart mouthy toward you, and Taehyung was not having it. He had warned him to cool it, but he just didn’t know when to quit.

“That’s it, I’ve warned you to stop running your mouth! Go to your room, you’re grounded for a month - matter of fact, make it two months for bad mouthing your mother!”

This seemed to set him off even more, as he aggressively pushed away from the table to stand, pointing a spiteful finger in your direction. “She is not my mother. She’s just some skank you picked up at some club, and decided she was good enough to keep around-”

“That’s crossing the line! Four months! Say one more goddamn thing, and it’ll be a year - do you understand me?!”

“You’re always picking her side over mine! Ever since she moved in with us, you’ve changed - she’s changing you! I don’t even know who you are anymore, no wonder mom left you! She’s gone because of you, and I hate you!”

With that being said, he finally stormed off. The dining room was left eerily silent, as the only thing that was heard was the sound of him slamming his bedroom door shut. You looked over at Taehyung, seeing that his face remained blank, but you didn’t miss the single tear that slid down his cheek. 

You knew that his ex-wife was a touchy subject between the two of them, and that whole argument definitely opened up old wounds. You raised from your seat, slowly walking over to where he continued to remain motionless as the tears just kept on falling. Leaning in close, you place a small kiss on his slightly damp cheek, easing a little tension out of his shoulder for moment.

“He didn’t mean it, Taehyung. Don’t take what he said to heart, he’s just frustrated. Give him some time, and he’ll come around. I’ll talk to him.” Giving him one more kiss, you exited the dining room and toward his son’s.

Taehyung still continued to sit there as he leaned his face into his hands, now silently crying to himself. You were amazing, trying your very hardest to be a good step-mother…why couldn’t he give you a chance?

- - -

Tae didn’t even realize that he passed out in the dining room, from possibly crying himself to sleep. He woke up to the sound of the front door being slammed shut, and a couple of hushed whispers. When his eyes adjusted, he noticed two silhouettes coming toward him, only to then discover that it was you and his son, carrying what looked to be bowls of frozen yogurt.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.” You giggled, walking up to him to wipe some drool off the side of his face. “Are you okay?”

Blinking a couple of times, he directs his attention to his son, seeing that he was still picking at his frozen treat while purposely avoiding eye contact. It stayed that way for a good two minutes until you decided to speak for them.

“Dae-Jung, isn’t there something you’d like to say to your father?” The preteen sighs heavily, setting his now empty cup of froyo on the table. Shuffling his feet from side to side, he finally nods.

“I..I’m sorry, dad. I didn’t mean those things that I said, I was just…angry, I guess. It’s just…mom hasn’t been returning my calls lately, and you’ve been spending less time with me, and more time nagging me. I miss how things used to be, when you were my best friend, rather than this stick-in-the-mud. I apologized to Y/n…she’s actually really cool…I guess I kinda get what you see in her…so there. I don’t hate you, and I’m glad you’re here, and I’m sorry that I-”

Taehyung didn’t even let the boy finish rambling as he pulled him into a tight hug, making sure to squeeze the life out of him to reassure himself that he was still there. 

“I’m sorry I’ve been so hard on you, Dae-Jung, I just don’t want you growing up and seeing me as a pushover. I can’t have you walking all over me like you mother did. And I’m glad you’re giving Y/n a chance, you’ll love her, I promise.” He beams at you, grateful to have someone like yourself in his child’s life, and his own. “But, you’re still grounded.”

“What? WHY?” He exclaims, trying to pull away from the hug, but Taehyung wouldn’t let him as he hugged even tighter.

“Because, you didn’t bring me back any frozen yogurt.~”


You had just gotten back from grocery shopping, with your little plus one ‘helping’ you carry the bags inside. After getting everything situated and put away, you set her in her little high chair, so she could enjoy the little treats you had bought for her - for being a good little helper. Soon, your husband walked in, hugging you from behind followed by a small peck to your cheek.

“Hello, gorgeous.~ And hello to you, my little bunny, where’s my kiss~?” Right as he went to give his princess a kiss on the cheek as well, she immediately screamed and blocked her treats from his sight. Taking a step back in shock, he tilts his head in confusion at his baby girl. 

You chuckle softly, leaning over the counter. “Looks like somebody isn’t happy with you.” 

“What have I done?” He tried again to get a kiss, only for her to scream once more, halting his movement. “What’s the matter, precious? Why can’t daddy have a kiss?” 

“No!” She chirps, shaking her head. “My kisses!”

“I can’t have just one?” She shakes her head once again. “Why not?” 

Jungkook, now in a dilemma, places his hands on his hips. It wasn’t until he noticed the empty bag of Hershey kisses that laid right next to her, did he finally realize the miscommunication. 

“Ah, no, I want an actual kiss! Not your candy, silly girl.” He giggles before puckering his lips, leaning downward until he was at her level. “Like this! Remember? You love daddy’s kisses!” 

The little one took a moment to register what he just said, until her eyes focused in on his puckered lips, blinking at them a couple of times. When it eventually clicked, she leaned forward as well until her forehead rested on his lips - allowing him to just go nuts with the tiny kisses to her head; the large amount of affection from her daddy was enough to make her giggle happily, enjoying the shower of kisses he continued to give her. 

The sight alone was enough to make your heart melt, Jungkook could be such a softball when it came to his little gir-

“Jungkook, you ass, I literally just saw you swipe some candy-”


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