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Maybe too fluff: A sweet addicted SO saying to the skellies “Your love is my candy, and I wouldn’t dream of trying to give it away to strange children.” They say this blushing in a very cheesy way, awww~ ( with UT & US Bros)

I love fluff



  • “Oh god. What are you saying, doll?”
  • He’s in hoodie town for a bit but you can see the blue glow of his blush and you can hear him laughing inside.
  • He’ll pull you closer and start a cuddle session right then and there. Be ready to not go anywhere for the rest of the day.


  • He is ecstatic.
  • He knows how much you love candy, even though he doesn’t approve of it, so he knows it means a lot that you said that.
  • He pulls you into a hug. And not like a regular hug. It’s one of those hugs where you get picked up and spun around and it’s great.



  • He blushes, covers his face with his hands, and starts giggling.
  • He’s so happy you said that. He’ll peek at you through his fingers, laugh, and cover his eyes again.
  • He’s just so happy.
  • He takes the rest of the day off to cuddle you.


  • “Oh? That’s a pretty sweet thing to say, honey.”
  • He’s the most outwardly chill but he’s super flustered on the inside.
  • He takes you out to Muffet’s to get you some sweets.
Why Sansa is going to betray Jon (and why we should have known since Season 1)

Okay guys, the new trailer is out and the thing that shook me most (apart from Beric Dondarrion’s flaming sword) were the final words by Sansa:

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” 

Now, there’s some discussion on the net about what Sansa is going to do. Is she going to be loyal to Jon, or will she betray him? I think the latter is going to be the case. But why?

The quote did it for me. “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” You might think - well sure, she’s part of the pack, Jon’s part of the pack, she’s going to be loyal. But is she really part of the pack?

We all know (and book readers even more so) how important the direwolves are to the Stark children. Just think of Arya and Robb. Arya sends Nymeria away and what happens to her is mirrored in her wolf. In the book we learn about a she-wolf of monstrous size that is killing people in Westeros, while Arya is also a she-wolf (maybe not of monstous size) that becomes a killer. Nymeria (alleged) story mirrors what Arya is going through. And remember Robb? His storyline is a bit different from the storyline in the series, and I think the show runners missed the most important part: Robb is distancing himself from Grey Wind (even though Catelyn warns him not to), his wolf warns him before the Red Wedding and Robb ignores it. His last line in the book is “Grey Wind”, and I think this shows us that Robb realized his mistake.

But what has all this got to do with Sansa and Jon and the upcoming season? Remember season 1, when Ned had to kill Lady? By killing Lady he killed an essential part of Sansa’s identity. It’s like she’s no longer connected to the direwolf-network. I’ve thought about that before and I knew that it would eventually play a role in the story. The quote from the trailer makes me pretty certain about my assumption: When Lady died, that part of Sansa died that made her a wolf, leaving her lost and as someone different than before.

“The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” True, but I’m afraid Sansa is no longer a part of the pack, but rather “a little bird”.

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I really hope your "keep a husband" is ironic.............. =)

No, that is literally what I was told growing up. Repeatedly. There are little girls, even now, being told this same thing. You “keep” a husband by giving him what he wants (especially sexually), and he will speak for you, care for you by being the provider, and you will give him children and raise them and keep a clean house at the same time. You learn all of those skills starting when you’re young (instead of getting to playing outside like the boys) and you are groomed to believe that it’s an honor as a woman to do 90% of all cooking, cleaning, childrearing. Ya know, because he chose you.

Stefán Karl Stefánsson is one of the most advanced actors of our time. Yes he is from a children’s show but he has also been in theatre and film. When this man acts he is like a real life cartoon character he can make his own sound effects and when he moves his whole body moves, his face can move so fast that you would have to slow every 10 seconds of whatever your watching right down  just to catch everything he is doing with his face and body. He inspires me. And now it has been comfirmed that since having cancer once before he has gotten it again this time the cancer is terminal.

My heart is shattered but Stefán continues to smile in the face of cancer. He would want us to celebrate his life now and not dwell on what might come in the future. 

His career was formed on making children laugh and I know that this is something he is very proud of.  He would want us all to continue smile and laugh with him even now. I know it’s hard but if he can still smile at a time like this then we must continue to make sure that wonderful smile remains and be brave for him.

His time may be limited but he will live on in our hearts!

We love you,  Stefán Karl Stefánsson!

Why I love Tom Holland

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I officially became a fan of Tom. Throughout that time, I’ve tried to figure out what he’s like. Just today I took a few minutes to think about why I love him so much. Here are my reasons:

What I love about Tom is how down to earth and grounded he is. He hasn’t changed even with the fame, he still is himself. He’s very kind, polite and respectful to everyone he meets. He cares and loves his fans so much. He tries his best to meet them but when he’s unable to, he gets bummed out. The connection he has with them is very different, light hearted and fun (the roasts and the quackson joke). He has made children’s days by visiting them in hospitals. He brought smiles and joy to them and he loved being able to do that which shows how big his heart is and how sweet he is. He loves and cares about his family, friends and dog a lot and brings them along with him when he can. He’s very talented and works hard at what he does. The fact that he can do more than just act is impressive. He has accomplished quite a lot at the age of 21. He’s so energetic, lively and funny. He can light up a room with his presence, smile or laugh. He’s truly captivating. He’s definitely not afraid to be himself which shows just how comfortable and confident he is in his own skin. He takes absolutely nothing for granted & appreciates and is grateful for everything. He has acknowledged and shown appreciation for the people and experiences that have helped him thrive in his career. I love how he lives life by not taking everything too seriously and by living life to the fullest. He’s very admirable and inspiring. He has shown that if you work hard, stay focused and determined, you can do anything and even live out your dream.

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I saw the Not Dead Yet image. Does it mean I'm not really disabled because I actually want people's pity? It just hurts SO MUCH & life is just SO INCREDIBLY HARD & it sometimes just seems like no one really cares or else they'd be trying harder to make things more equal for me, so I could actually build a life that works for me. (I was told when I grew up I would do great things; no one prepared me for being disabled & not being able to have a career, house, car, children, or permanent partner.)

Empathy and understanding are not the same as pity. And even if what you really wanted was pity, that doesn’t make you any less disabled. 

When everyone talks about the dream life we see on tv and we can’t reach it, it for sure feels like we’re missing something. 

Though, life is more than having money, public recognition and a romantic relationship. I’m still trying to find out what it is but i’m sure of it. 


Allen and Ryan appear oblivious to the tensions in the house. They, at least, are a pair of team players. Margaret gives them carte blanche to bring friends home, and they take advantage of it, luring other children, even older children like Patrick Cooke, with the prospect of the karaoke machine.

Lucas avoids family politics in favor of doting on his daughter. 


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1. What is your favorite book and/or book series of all time?
Nerdy Panda: I always say The Catcher in the Rye
miss kitty: I love anything by Patricia Briggs

2. What is the longest book you have ever read? How many pages?
Nerdy Panda: Les Misérables with the grand total of 1,463 pages
miss kitty: Definitely A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin 1138 pg

3. What is the oldest book you have ever read? (Based on its written date)
Nerdy Panda: Pride and Prejudice (published in 1813)
miss kitty: Maybe Black Beauty

4. What is a book series that everyone else loves but you do not?
Nerdy Panda: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (I didn’t even finish the first book)
miss kitty: Most young adult. I try to stay away from them since they tend to more expensive except for a few.

5. What book or book series would you like to see turned into a film/ TV series?
Nerdy Panda: I’m waiting for The Lunar Chronicles to be adapted somehow
miss kitty: Harry Potter the TV show made by a true fan. all animated kinda like game of thrones but again animated

6. What is your favorite stand-alone book?
Nerdy Panda: Never Never (a Peter Pan retelling about Captain Hook)
miss kitty: Anything by John Green

7. What is a book that you feel glad for not reading?
Nerdy Panda: no clue
miss kitty: 50 shades. I can find that stuff for free and better written to boot.

9. What is a book you have read that is set in your country of birth?
Nerdy Panda: The Infernal Devices
miss kitty: Lots lol (born in America)

8. What is a book that you feel guilty for not reading?
Nerdy Panda: I don’t really feel guilty about not reading a certain book
miss kitty: Pride and Prejudice

10. What is a book that you own more than one copy of?
Nerdy Panda: I own multiple copies of books but the book I have the most copies of is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
miss kitty: Got rid of my extra copies and I’m not counting mom’s copies

11. What horror book made you really scared?
Nerdy Panda: Horror isn’t my thing
miss kitty: I don’t read horror

12. What book do you passionately hate?
Nerdy Panda: Say What You Will
miss kitty:  When Zachary Beaver Came to Town. I loathe that book.

13. What is the biggest book series you have read? How many books are in it?
Nerdy Panda: Chronicles of Narnia (7 books)
miss kitty: The cynsters. I dont know she keeps writing more. Plus the other series by Stephanie Laurens all connects and is one big world. But last I checked there was 39.

14. What book gives you happy memories?
Nerdy Panda: The Mouse and the Motorcycle. My happy memory of that is always checking it out from the school library when our class went in elementary school.
miss kitty: This Disney short story book. Mom used to read it to me every night before bed.

15. What book made you cry?
Nerdy Panda: So many books made me cry. I cried for about five minutes while reading Cress and The Raven King
miss kitty: The Fault in Our Stars

16. What book made you laugh?
Nerdy Panda: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
miss kitty: Nerd Gone Wild by Vicky Louis Thompson

17. What is your favourite book that contains an LGBTQ+ character?
Nerdy Panda: Carry On
miss kitty: In the Mercy Thompson series there’s an adorble gay couple. One iss a werewolf cowboy, the other a divorce attorney

18. Have you read a book with a male protagonist? What is it?
Nerdy Panda: A lot
miss kitty: A lot of romances switch point of views

19. Have you read a book set on another planet? What is it?
Nerdy Panda: I read a couple of pages of The Martian (set on Mars)
miss kitty: Zodiac by romina Russell. Planets are named after the different signs (thanks for the bday gift nerdy panda)

20. Have you ever been glad to not finish a series? Which?
Nerdy Panda: I don’t know about finishing, but I haven’t picked up the fourth book in the Dorothy Must Die series. I’m gonna pretend everything gets wrapped up in the third book
miss kitty: Hmmm nope can’t think of one.

21. Have you ever read a book series because you were pressured?
Nerdy Panda: Yes. Everyone keeps on talking about how great (insert hyped-up book) is. Sometimes I like it, other times I don’t get it.
miss kitty: No

22. What famous author have you not read any books by?
Nerdy Panda: Sarah J. Maas, Emily Bronte
miss kitty: Charles Dickens even thou i hav a copy of his complte works

23. Who is your favorite author of all time?
Nerdy Panda: John Green
miss kitty: Patricia Briggs

24. How many bookshelves do you own?
Nerdy Panda: Four. One is dedicated to holding my books. 
miss kitty: I have 3 over spilling ones mom has one. I need more.

25. How many books do you own?
Nerdy Panda: 266
miss kitty: Over 300 i just found 2 more boxes of books i need to go thugh

26. What is your favorite non-fiction book?
Nerdy Panda: The Diary of a Young Girl
miss kitty: Braiding Sweetgrass

27. What is your favorite children’s/middle-grade book?
Nerdy Panda: The Mouse and the Motorcycle
miss kitty: Where the Sidewalk Ends

28. What is your next book on your TBR?
Nerdy Panda: After the book I’m currently reading, I’m picking up We’ll Always Have Summer
miss kitty: No idea. whatever I’m in the mood for

29. What book are you currently reading?
Nerdy Panda: It’s Not Summer Without You
miss kitty: Braiding Sweetgrass and A Bite to Remember

30. What book are you planning on buying next?
Nerdy Panda: Hmm, who knows?
miss kitty: What ever catchs my eye

31. What was the cheapest book you bought?
Nerdy Panda: I got a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for about 50 cents
miss kitty: I got a big box of books for 2$

32. What was the most expensive book you bought?
Nerdy Panda: The Infernal Devices box set was around $38. For an individual book, Heartless was around 27 dollars.
miss kitty: Not including text books Braiding Sweetgrass

33. What is a book you read after seeing the movie/ TV series?
Nerdy Panda: Marley and Me
miss kitty: Harry Potter. I was stubborn as a child. I refused to read it because it was popular then my parents bought the movie.

34. What is the newest book you have bought?
Nerdy Panda: Always and Forever, Lara Jean
miss kitty: I got 5 new books on my vacation

35. What three books are you most looking forward to reading this year?
Nerdy Panda: Wonder, The Silver Linings Playbook, Emma
miss kitty: my new books

36. What is a book you love that has a terrible trope? (Love triangle, etc)
Nerdy Panda: Les Misérables has a love triangle but I like the trope in the book because it works
miss kitty: no clue

37. Have you read a book in a different language? What was it?
Nerdy Panda: No
miss kitty: I wish

38. What is a book you’ve read that is set in a time period before you were born?
Nerdy Panda: The Perks of Being a Wallflower takes place in the 90s
miss kitty: Lol most of my books are in a different time periods. I like my historical romances

39. What book offended you?
Nerdy Panda: No books have offended me… yet
miss kitty: 50 shades of grey. The DUFF she was neither ugly or fat!

40. What is the weirdest book you have read?
Nerdy Panda: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer was pretty weird
miss kitty: Alice in Wonderland

41. What is your favorite duology?
Nerdy Panda: Maus
miss kitty: Don’t have one

42. What is your favorite trilogy?
Nerdy Panda: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
miss kitty: Hunger Games is the only one i can think of lol

43. What book did you buy because of its cover?
Nerdy Panda: A Little in Love. The cover reminded me of Les Misérables and then I realized it’s a retelling set in one of the character’s point of view
miss kitty: Too many lol

44. What is a book that you love, but has a terrible cover?
Nerdy Panda: Books I love tend to have nice covers
miss kitty: Umm cant think of any

45. Do you own a poetry anthology? What is your favorite poem from it?
Nerdy Panda: Milk and Honey. It’s hard to choose a favorite
miss kitty: Yes i love We wear the Mask

46. Do you own any coloring books based off other books?
Nerdy Panda: Alice in Wonderland
miss kitty: I used to hav the harry potter one

47. Do you own any historical fiction?
Nerdy Panda: Yes
miss kitty: Yup and if historical romance counts a lot of it

48. What book made you angry?
Nerdy Panda: Clockwork Prince because the line ‘his blue eyes' kept coming up every other line and I just got annoyed.
miss kitty: When Zachary Beaver Came to town

49. What book has inspired you?
Nerdy Panda: Fangirl inspires me to write more
miss kitty: Braiding Sweetgrass

50. What book got you into reading?
Nerdy Panda: I think it would be The Mouse and the Motorcycle
miss kitty: No clue

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Signs as sea monsters

Aries: Jörmungandr- The jörmungandr, which can be found in Norse mythology, is also known as World Serpent. As a baby, the monster was thrown into the ocean by Odin. By the time it had grown, it was large enough to wrap itself around the earth and grasp its own tail. Legend says that it is still holding onto its own tail and the day it releases it, various natural disasters and battles will ensue known as Ragnarök.  Ragnarök will end up destroying the world.

Taurus: Cuchivilu- The cuchivilu is an aquatic creature from Chilota mythology. It is approximately the size of a sea lion and is half pig, half snake. This creature inhabits the bottom of the sea and occasionally will rest on the muddy, shallow shores. They can also be found in lagoons and swamps. You should always be careful when wading or bathing near a cuchivilu because if you do, soon you will be covered in grains and scabies. The grunt of a cuchivilu is also said to curse you with a short life. The creature will destroy fishing pens and eat all of the fish- the water in which this is done is then cursed and no fisherman will ever be able to catch another fish.

Gemini: Aspidochelone- Described as a large whale or sea turtle, it is a sea monster that is so enormous it is often mistaken for an island. This is understandable because the back of the aspidochelone is covered with rocks, valleys, sand dunes, trees and other greenery. It comes to the surface from the depths of the ocean and entices sailors to land upon it. It then dives deep, pulling its victims deep under the water where they are then devoured. 

Cancer: Umibōzu- The umibōzu is a Japanese sea spirit said to live in the ocean and destroy or capsize the ship of anyone who dares speak to it. Believed to be the angry spirits of drowned monks or priests, they take on the shape of a giant human with pitch black skin and large eyes. Sometimes instead of capsizing the ship right away, the umibōzu will ask the crew members for a barrel and then use it to fill the ship with water, eventually sinking it. The only way to avoid this fate is to trick the umibōzu by giving it a bottomless barrel. Only then will you have a chance to escape.

Leo: Kraken- This legendary sea monster is one feared by many. It is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Stories of the monster may have originated from giant squid sightings. The Kraken is depicted as a large octopus-like creature with spikes on it’s suckers. It will attack ships or eat them whole. It also is known to create very sudden and very dangerous currents.

Virgo: Siren- Sirens are dangerous creatures that can be found in Greek mythology. Using their enchanting music and voices, they lure nearby sailors, causing their ship to crash on the coast of the siren’s island. Now trapped, the sirens kill and eat them. Sometimes, instead of being lured, the sailors are lulled to sleep with the creature’s beautiful voice. Once asleep, the sirens come aboard the ship and kill them. In early Greek art, sirens are depicted as woman-bird hybrids. Later, they were depicted to resemble beautiful and seductive women. In addition to their beautiful appearance and voice, they can also be heard playing a harp.

Libra: Abaia- The abaia is a large and magical eel-like creature which can be found in Melanesian mythology. It is said to dwell in freshwater lakes. The abaia considers all of the creatures in the lake to be its children. Therefore, it will kill anyone who tries to harm or disturb them. Legend says that once a man fished in the lake of an abaia and caught an abundance of fish. The next day, he brought all of the townspeople to fish some more. This angered the abaia. The next day, the abaia caused a huge rainstorm which significantly raised the water level, flooding the town and drowning everyone in it with exception of one woman who did not eat any of the fish.

Scorpio: Leviathan- The leviathan is an extremely powerful and terrifying biblical creature. During the Middle Ages, it was used as an image of Satan. The leviathan would endanger God’s creatures by attempting to eat them. It is known to be one of the Seven Princes of Hell, classified as the demon of envy. It can also breathe fire, sometimes boiling the surrounding water which completely melts the skin off of unsuspecting victims. When the leviathan consumes its prey, the victim’s life, knowledge and complexity are absorbed into the monster.

Sagittarius: Each-uisge- This creature is a mythological Scottish water spirit and can be found near a water’s edge. It is a shapeshifter, usually disguising itself as a beautiful horse. It lures victims through it’s sheer beauty and majesty. If ever mounted, the skin of the each-uisge becomes adhesive and it dives to the deepest part of the nearest body of water with the rider helplessly stuck on its back. After the victim has drowned, it rips apart and devours the entire body except for the liver, which then floats to the surface.

Capricorn: Charybdis- This horrifying beast is sometimes portrayed simply as a massive whirlpool. Other times, it is depicted as an actual creature that lies at the bottom of the ocean and create whirlpools by sucking in thousands of gallon of water and spewing it out. If a ship was caught in the middle of it, there would be no chance of survival as the ship and crew would be dragged down to the deepest depths of the ocean never to be seen again.

Aquarius: Hydra- The hydra, which originated in Greek mythology, is a giant snake-like creature with nine heads, one of which is immortal. If one head was cut off, two more would emerge from the fresh wound. It’s poisonous breath and blood are so toxic that even its scent is deadly. The hydra is native to the marshes of Lerna, Greece, where it would periodically appear and eat the people and livestock. 

Pisces: Qalupalik- The qalupalik is a monster from Inuit mythology. They can be described as human-like creatures with green skin, long hair and long blackened fingernails. They are also known to wear an amautiit (a type of pouch worn by Inuit parents to carry their children) so they can take away babies and children who disobey their parents. What they do with the children is unknown. Some say they eat them and others say they keep them as their own. Qalupaliks are also said to make a distinct humming noise when they are around. One can hear it before they can see it.

quick queer rant

im really tired of people within the LGBTQ+ community pointing fingers at each other and saying “you don’t really belong because you benefit from [insert type of privilege here]”

a cishet asexual still suffers from marginalization. their sexuality has been pathologized as a mental illness right along with gayness and transness. in a hypersexual heternormative culture where we’re told we must enjoy sex and we must be in relationships, an asexual person is made to feel as if they’re broken, as if they don’t exist, as if forcing sex and intimacy on them is a corrective measure to “fix them”

a straight trans woman still suffers from marginalization. being able to “pass” as a woman while also being in a relationship with a man does not negate the fact that trans people face the most violence out of anyone in the queer community, must face a society that enforces a standard of womanhood that may not necessarily apply to them, and must navigate a political climate that seeks to banish them from public spaces and paint them as criminals

a bisexual man in a relationships with a woman still suffers from marginalization. compulsory heterosexuality not only erases this identity but enforces this idea that bisexuality is a phase or a kink that can soon be grown out of. bisexuality is the largest subset of the LGBTQ+ community yet has the least amount of representation and leaves bi people more likely to have mental illnesses. being constantly recloseted when you date different genders has psychological and emotional consequences

individuals in a polyamorous relationship still suffer from marginalization. they exist in a society that hails monogamy as the only acceptable relationship model and attempts to make polyamorous individuals feel as if their relationships are abnormal, deviant, and inappropriate for children. they are treated as the example of what not to do, seeing as how society fails to acknowledge the breadth of relationship models that don’t necessarily have to include just two people. 

examples like these can go on and on and on and on

these critiques also exist without the context of race, ethnicity, immigration status, ability, and/or religion. we’re so focused on worrying about whether certain queer identities even belong in the LGBTQ+ umbrella yet fail to see how whiteness, Christianity, citizenship laws, access to disability services, etc. further compound on the experiences of those who are told by a cishet world that we are abnormal. 

and that’s what it comes down to: there is a formula for privilege in our society, and part of that formula involves being straight, being cis, wanting to marry, desiring sex, and believing in only two genders. queerness was always meant to represent those who live in opposition of those formulas, in opposition of systems that enforce and perpetuate those formulas. 

our job is not to gatekeep our community because that is childish and unproductive. our job is to understand the systems that oppress us, figure out how to navigate/change these systems, and advocate for all people who fall victim to the violence and oppression that these systems were created to enforce. 

we don’t do that by telling people that they don’t belong in our communities bc “they’re not as oppressed as we are.” this isn’t the oppression olympics. this is a time to fight, to love, and to advocate. 


Prepare yourselves , cause this is going to be a long ride ;) # i KNOW WHAT KIND OF RIDE YOU GUYS JUST THOUGHT ABOUT MUWHAHAHAHA





Look at him spreading his legs to show off #I’m hurting

How TIGHT AND FIRM they are

Thighs of MADE OF steel

sO Muscular , you just want to @#$%^&*

They even enhance his perfect looking butt

How they steal the spotlight and your eyes somehow land on them

How they enhance other features as well…

You want those feel those thighs, don’t even lie to yourself



oh and now he does as if these sexy thighs aren’t a problem




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oH AND NOW YOU’RE ROLLING your  perfect hips ?! WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER??!!

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I’M CALLING YOUR MOTHER #that lap still looks extremely appealing and comfortable


IMAGINE HIM PULLING YOU ON HIS LAP , LIKE : “ you have 4 seconds to hop on it, or I’ll do it for you”

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Mr. Spreading legs huh…. he really own up to his name lol

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Better legs than victoria Secret

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You better put that tongue back in your mouth and close your legs, YOU SON OF A FETUS



oh well , you can now prepare the grave… i’m going to hell


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okay … i’m done. jungkook. I don’t know why you’re doing this. but have you ever heard of the word CHILL?

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i’ve had really intense conversations w/other millennials about how Spongebob Squarepants was literally one of the smartest shows on television bc it used its absurdist narrative to explain adult concepts to children while also pointing out how Dumb and Pointless adult society is so how you should just have fun with your friends and do what you like

when I was growing up every single fucking adult I spoke to HATED spongebob squarepants. there were entire articles written about how spongebob squarepants killed brain cells and this fuFkcng yellow sponge was teaching kids to be Gay and looking back at the Spongebob Scare is still the funniest shit ever because they were literally SO mad that every single kid loved this fucking happy yellow sponge and his sea critter friends, they never even noticed the dirty jokes or commentary on capitalism they were just mad because they thought Spongebob Squarepants was turning us Gay and also killing us slowly

it was Wild

Homestuck Pool Party Headcanons

John: Canonballs in IMMEDIATELY, he is yelling and he is fucking excited move out of the way this boy is coming through!! Also, because he has a breath aspect I am 413% certain that he can stay underwater for indefinite amounts of time and you can bet your ass he’s going around grabbing people’s feet to freak them out. He and Terezi have a contest to see who can make the most people jump, I will not say who wins I will only say that it is unfortunate for everyone involved. He and Dave are an unstoppable chicken team, they have never lost and will do Whatever It Takes to make sure that remains true.

Dave: Is just chillin, he cares more about keeping his shades dry than swimming around. He will go hard as hell in Marco Polo tho, if you thought he was too cool to jump at the nearest person faster than the speed of light you were wrong buddy he will do what it takes to WIN. Also, when he is the Marco he will (unfairly) target Karkat. This is frustrating. “I’m not even being that loud” Karkat protests for the umpteenth time Dave tags him. “Bullshit” everyone else says, but there’s still a rule that Dave can’t tag Karkat more than five times in a row because really Dave we know you love hearing him yell but Enough Please.

Karkat: Is Bad At Marco Polo. He is so loud. My son. Please. Is very hesitant to get into the water at first bc he’s sensitive to the cold and would rather angrily sweat than deal with the initial shock of getting in. Dave will patiently chill nearby until Karkat is ready, or Dave decides that Karkat is ready in which he will absolutely drag him in. Karkat does not know how to swim so he won’t go past the shallow end, and considering how short he is, uh, that’s not very much of the pool. Dave has to carry him sometimes which he complains about A Lot but secretly kind of likes it whoops. Karkat and Sollux are the shittiest chicken team, Karkat is too afraid of falling in to have any sort of effective strategy and Sollux is like “Karkat just push him” and sort of plows into the other team which just leads to Karkat screeching and nothing gets done.

Roxy: LOVES SWIMMING WITH HER FRIENDS!!! Real people?? That she’s hanging out with?? And you KNOW she’s excited to wear that cute as fuck bikini she alchemized months ago ‘just in case’ ;) ;) ;). After years of knowing Jane and her silly prankster shenanigans, John will absolutely not get the drop on her no sir, he tries to grab her foot she will raise that leg and pull the boy out of the water and give him the Mom Look™. This is war. John will not win. She loves being with Jane and Roxy and her boys!! She is just full of so much love it’s incredible. She deserves this so much.

Calliope: Doesn’t know much about swimming or why humans (and trolls ish) find it so enjoyable, but Roxy is excited so she is too! Interestingly enough, cherubs Do Not Float. Roxy is waving a nervous Callie into the pool and she’s coming down the ladder and once it gets to her chin everyone expects her to do something but no, she makes it to the bottom of the pool and just walks like normal over to where Roxy is. The water level comes up to just below her nose and she has to tilt her head back to speak. “Like this?” She asks excitedly, ‘uh,,, yeah,,,like that’ everyone responds nervously, giving big smiles and thumbs up because they don’t want to disappoint her.

Jade: A master swimmer, she and Jake grew up on an island in the middle of the goddamn pacific my girl knows how to GO. No one realized how fucking ripped Jade was. Jade is ripped as heck. She’s got back and shoulder muscles like an absolute goddess and everyone is like holy shit? Jade? Have you been benching pumpkins all these years? She likes chilling with Jane and Roxy and Calliope because she has been longing for some gals to hang with forever. Not that she doesn’t love Rose, she does, it’s just, they have such differing personalities and anyways it’s kind of hard being around her and Kanaya bc they’re so cute it makes your teeth hurt.

Rose: She and Kanaya have matching floppy sun hats, they love laying out in the sun because Kanaya is a little nervous around water thanks to a certain sea-dweller *cough* eridan *cough*. Rose doesn’t mind, her swimsuits are more for show than swim anyways. She’s got some really cool and intricate goth-y ones and some nice lighthearted pastel ones, an orange and yellow fancy one-piece and a frilly lavender one. Rose has a new appreciation for sunlight but still religiously applies sunscreen because a home girl may be immortal, but fuck if she is gonna deal with any nasty sunburns after defeating the fucking embodiment of evil.

Kanaya: As previously stated, very nervous around water, but so so happy to be in the sun?? It’s not as bright as the one on Alternia which is fine because that means her troll friends can enjoy it too, but she’s literally just so happy to be around people that enjoy the sun the way she does because she’s felt wrong and different about it for years and she finally found someone that understands her ahhshshsjs. She designs all of Rose’s swimsuits and loves seeing her wear them. When it gets dark out, she likes to turn on the glow a little and all these cute little furry wingbeasts will flock to her?? “Those are moths” Rose tells her. “These are my children now” Kanaya pats Rose’s arm, they’re her children too because that’s how human marriage works she’s pretty sure

Dirk: Is so awkward oh my godddd, a little uncomfortable in his body actually? This boy might have muscle but he is all arms and legs and doesn’t know what to do with them because he’s never fuckifnfnfn been around people before. Doesn’t say “Marco” during Marco Polo, he just listens. Breath too loud? You’re tagged. Splash a little? Tagged. Move? Tagged. He’s never Marco for more than two minutes because he’s so in tune with his reflexes that no one even stands a chance. With Jake on his shoulders, they make a decent chicken team, but they’re too worried about each other to be effective. “You okay up there?” He wants to make sure. Someone is tipping Jake over oh no get him off my shoulders is he okay, oh he’s fine, yes I know how the game works Roxy, no Rose why don’t you get in the pool and do a better job before you come for me like that. Rose and Kanaya, in an extremely rare occurrence, do get in for a round of chicken. They beat Dirk and Jake almost immediately. They return to the deck. This never happened and we don’t speak of it.

Jake: Is bad at Marco Polo, he’s an amazing swimmer but he’s not…quiet. After growing up on that island, fighting and swimming, Jake is also Ripped as Heck. Dirk blushes his fucking ass off the first time he sees Jake shirtless. Jake acts all clueless like oh? What’s wrong Dirk? Is something the matter? But he knows exactly what he’s doing and if he’s subtly flexing in front of him, well. That can’t be helped. He may suck during chicken with Dirk, but with Jade on his shoulders? Hoo boy, they give Dave and John a run for their money. He is also John’s favorite to grab the feet of because his reactions are always so over the top with his phrasing. “Horsefeathers!” He grabs at his foot in panic because his first thought is it was one of the monsters from his island, then he sees it was just John who is laughing his ass off because, horse feathers? Really? “I say,” Jake huffs indignantly even though he’s smiling now. “Warn a fellow!”

Jane: Looks rockin’ in her swimsuits because she’s wearing the whole high waisted pinup style ones and?? She’s super gorgeous? Roxy makes sure to tell her that every five seconds just in case she forgets. She and Roxy make a decent chicken team, usually they’re laughing so hard by the end of it that whoever was on top can’t do anything and they fall off because they don’t care about winning they’re just having such a good time. She and Roxy take turns carrying Callie around when the water gets too deep, not that Callie needs to be above the water per se as she seems to have no trouble breathing, but it just makes everyone a little more comfortable and anyways Callie loves it.

Terezi: Killer at Marco Polo for obvious reasons, sometimes she gets tagged on purpose just to show off how quickly she can find people. The only person she’s never been able to get is John, he uses his windy powers to obscure his scent so she can’t “see” him. He is her Marco Polo white whale. One day, John, one day. She and Vriska are terrifying during chicken, Vriska will plow full speed towards the opposing team and Terezi is ready to Throw Hands. The most intense games are between them and John and Dave, both John and Terezi are on top and they fuckin battle it out so hard that Dave and even Vriska start to get nervous on the bottom.

Sollux: Says the water feels slimy. “No shit,” Karkat tells him. “It’s water you fucking shitstain.” Sollux cheats during chicken by using his psiionics to keep Karkat on his shoulders which only makes Karkat mad because he’s terrified of falling in and holy shit Sollux I don’t care what you think your powers are doing I’m gonna fall in fuck fuck fuck. “No I got you” Sollux assures him. He does not. Karkat is not got. Oh well. Sollux mostly likes chilling on inner tubes, plural. He has a blue one and a red one because he’s too tall to fit in just one. “Get a bigger inner tube” Karkat complains. “Perhaps get one of those long, recliner like ones?” Kanaya suggests. No. Sollux will use two inner tubes. He will make the sacrifice of comfort for his aesthetic.

I have become pretty obsessed with Humans are Space Orcs/Space Australia posts, and here’s what popped out of my brain:
Humans can be told “Under no circumstances are you allowed to do this”, be threatened with punishment, and STILL DO THE THING! We have a specific phrase for when something we wanted to do has negative consequences: “Worth it”
Even more, it’s EXPECTED that children will be disobedient. “Rebellious phase” and all that. Parents will tell their kids “Don’t run on the sidewalk you’ll fall and scrape your knee” and the kids RUN ANYWAY. And they fall and scrape their knee. And then THEY DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY.
Sometimes being told not to do something makes us WANT TO DO IT MORE! (Same vein as morbid curiosity, i.e. ‘That’s a bad thing which makes it more exciting’)

Now imagine the aliens trying to deal with it:
“Human Clara, I can see you are looking at that rocky cliff. Do not climb it, it is very perilous”
“Well, I was just thinking about it, but now…”
“Thank you for seeing reason Human Clara… Human Clara? Human Clara get down from there!”
“Haha, nope!”
“… Worth it.”
“Human Clara there was no gain from this it was not 'worth it’”

Submitted by @ lord-of-the-dark-realms 


So, I had this thought after reading several stories about humans giving birth and not having eggs.  What if aliens do not have ‘family units’ the same way humans do, but instead raise children in more of a group setting.


Captain H'roll'ah was excited to have hired on not just 1 but 3 humans, all of whom were extremely qualified for space travel.  Even better, they were all from the same clan and so there would be no rivalry or refusal to work together because of old scores to settle.

“Captain! Three humans just came in a have taken over the dining area! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?” Ensign Khralhen was out of breath and panicked, but his species was notoriously afraid of humans after it became public knowledge how dangerous they were.  Not that his own was much better, but H'roll'ah knew that these humans should be here and it was probably near a meal time for them.  How could such an evolutionary advanced and apated species not figure out a way to avoid needing 3 or meals a day was beyond H'roll'ah.

“It is fine, Ensign Khralhen.  These are likely the Humans that I just signed on to the crew.  They are from the same clan, so they should work at peak efficiency,” the Captain answered, trying to put as much calm and soothing into his voice as possible, “Let us go introduce ourselves and welcome them so that the ‘pack-bonding’ can begin.”


“Greetings, I am Captain H'roll'ah and this is Ensign Khralhen, our cook.”

“Nice ta meetcha! Cook, huh? Guess we best buddy up to you right quick then!” said the male.  He was average height for a human and perhaps a little on the heavy side, but H'roll'ah knew that it was likely muscle not fat.  After all, this human and one of his female companions were security personnel.

“Always thinking with you stomach, Thomas.  How about you buddy up to the Captain, so that we do not get kicked off this boat? Hmm?” said the smaller female, later identified as Samantha or “Sam” for ease.  "Small" being used only in comparison because she did not have the bulk of her clanmates.  She must be the medical officer.  H'roll'ah was worried that she would be distant from her clanmates but her body language suggested extreme comfort and trust, above what H'roll'ah felt for his own clanmates of different castes.  The third human, Laura if the captain remembered correctly, remained silent but was constantly looking around, as if expecting an attack at any moment, not that strange considering all that H'roll'ah had hear about Earth.

“Well then, please tell me what times that the three of you eat, and I will prepare food for you then.  Also, please tell me any dietary restrictions you have so that you do not have any medical incidents,” Khralhen said, realizing that the humans could be bribed with food as easily as a Con'valix could be bribed with fruits.


(3 Months Later)

Captain H'roll'ah was surprised at how well the humans worked together.  He thought that they might exceed standard human operating efficiency by 10%, but regularly they were 20-25% better than the reported average.  They barely needed to vocalize to communicate, and they were able to remember each other’s needs and the needs of the crew extremely well.  Captain H'roll'ah decided to ask them how they did it, and if it was a clan trait, where he could hire more humans of clan “Walker.”

“Thomas clan Walker, do you have a few minutes to talk about personal matters?” The captain asked, assuming that Thomas would, since he was off shift and relaxing in the lounge.

“Sure thing, hoss.  What can I do for you?  And I hope this isn’t about my or Laura’s tattoo’s, because we had to settle a bet on that a few days ago,” Thomas answered easily.  He was a bit flippant for the captain’s taste, but his results were impeccable and the other humans followed his lead, which spoke volumes for the man.  

“I was hoping that you could explain how you and your clanmates have achieved such a high efficiency rate.  You perform well above average, even for clanmates who grew up together.”

“Clanmates? Oh, that’s right! Sam mentioned that your species, and most species on this ship raise their young in a group setting and the kids hatch from eggs, right?”

“That is correct, and please do not remind me that human females carry their young in their bodies like a parasite.  The last time Sam explained that, it was enough to make all of us wonder how humans have managed to reproduce at all.” H'roll'ah still shuddered when he thought of it, and Khralhen wasn’t able to cook for 3 days after Sam had explained human reproduction.

“Fair enough, I think we reproduce more by accident that anything else, but yeah.  Me, Laura, and Sam are not clanmates like you think,” Thomas chuckled and shook his head, “We are siblings.”

“I do not know this word,” H'roll'ah answered uneasily.  In his experience, an unknown term from a human meant that something painful, gross, horrifying, or all 3 was about to be revealed.

“Sam could explain it better, and having Laura here only seems fair…” Thomas trailed off as he reached for his comm.  "Hey, brats (again with the casual disrespect), can you both get up to the lounge? Captain wants to know about siblings.“ H'roll'ah was always surprised that Thomas clan Walker could be disrespectful when asking for others to do something.

“Sure, be right up,” Sam responded.  She was likely a floor up in the medical facilities and wanted to take a break.

“Grrhhrhhgg.” Laura clan Walker had been sleeping, then, and did not want to come.

“Thanks, ladies, you can both explain family better than me.”  Now the captain was worried again because there was a second new word being bandied around.


“So, captain, a family unit for humans is very small compared to yours of Ensign Khralhen’s,” Sam explained, “A family is usually made up of the mother and/or father or a surrogate who has assumed that role and the children.  It usually numbers no more than 4-7 individuals.”

“But…But…how do you grow or develop? And to place all that burden on only one or two adults, how do they do anything else?” spluttered K'roll'ah.  He was shocked to find out that humans in the region called ‘America’ did not have an open community.

“Well, children who share 1 or both parents are called “siblings”, and they develop together.  The adults are called “parents”, and yeah, there is a definite loss of freedom involved.“

“So then, you three are…siblings?” H'roll'ah asked.

“Yes, Thomas is the oldest, and Laura is the youngest, with me in the middle,” answered Sam, “and our father bailed on us after Laura was 3 years old, so Tom became the ‘man of the house’ at 7 years old.”

THAT explained Thomas clan Walker’s attitude! Captain H'roll'ah realized that Thomas clan Walker had been in a command position and not had a commander from a young age!

“So that is why you both follow him? He is the new leader”

“Kind of, he is just the best at leading.  He knows what to do and does it well.” Laura answered, which was rare; she was the most quiet of the three.

“And the reason for your peak efficiency?” Captain H'roll'ah asked, determined to get an answer to his question.

“Well, we have known each other all our lives and spent most of those lives in close proximity to each other.  We just understand each other from the long familiarity and exposure.”

“Ah, the same way a pilot becomes better from being on the same ship, just with a person instead.”

“Exactly! And if you are interested in hiring others we are familiar with, we have some cousins, children of our parents’ siblings, who we know very well and want to get into space.”

“Then I will look them up, thank you for answering my questions." 

Humans were a strange species.  Instead of focusing on a large community, they developed close bonds with only a few people who share familial ties with them.  Captain H'roll'ah did hire the 'cousins’ and they worked out very well.  The human guidebook was updated to notify captains that humans sharing close blood ties have the potential to perform at higher than normal efficiency.  


Now somebody write a story about a captain hiring siblings who hate/cannot stand each other!

transcript of the speech i gave at Vassar’s black baccalaureate service

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and the Vassar class of 2017.
Just saying that aloud made me feel old. Class of 2017? Most of y'all were born after dark-skinned Aunt Viv left the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That’s wild.

I want to first thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives. I am honored, privileged, and a bit in disbelief that you asked me of all people to give this address. I try not to have feelings, and I’m going to do my best not to cry today, but no promises.

I’m here to stand in the gap between you and your parents and guardians and any other elders in your lives that you stopped listening to because you thought they were wack and out of touch. I remember being in your shoes not TOO long ago, and it is my fervent prayer that something that I say here today will help you avoid some of the mess I went through.
To be honest I’m a little nervous, but I figured there was no way could this be worse than when Betsy DeVos went down to Bethune-Cookman, so let’s get started.

As you transition to life after Vassar the changes will be both inevitable and swift, so I’d like to begin by giving you some well-intentioned advice and warning you about the continued process of becoming an adult.

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  • Draco was horrified of what he’d done during the war
  • But the thing that shocked him the most weren’t the countless dead faces, or all the people hating him and his family
  • It were the many children who were now scarred for life
  • Seven young students had lost limbs when they didn’t reach the room of requirement on time
  • Another nineteen had stayed to fight and lost limbs in the process
  • So, instead of sulking in a corner after the trials, or even trying to apologise for what he’d done, Draco Malfoy decided to actually do something
  • He wasn’t going to tell people he was sorry
  • He wasn’t going to say he would change his ways
  • He was going to show them
  • While he awaited his trial he did research on muggle prosthesis
  • While he was supposed to be helping with the rebuilding of Hogwarts he sneaked off to the library, looking for the right charms to enhance the muggle technique
  • While he was supposed to notice Harry’s lingering gaze on his lean and handsome figure, he was adjusting the charms on the wheelchair of a fourth year Hufflepuff
  • While he was supposed to study for his N.E.W.T.’s, he worked deep into the night trying to assimilate a bluetooth speaker in the artificial leg of a third year Ravenclaw
  • While he was supposed to fill out an application form for his potion master’s degree, he crafted a synthetic hand that could be controlled with your mind for a second year Slytherin
  • While he was supposed to feel terrible about all the hostile stares and howlers he got, he was actually happy as he saw a fifth year Gryffindor chase their friends through the great hall on their new running blades
  • Their face finally filled with happiness as they learned losing a limb didn’t mean losing their fun
  • And while his yearmates and former friends alienated from him when he came back for his eighth year, he grew closer to the younger students
  • Seeing how much effort he put into making them and their disabled friends feel better, they knew he was sorry
  • Seeing how he put an equal amount of work into every prosthesis he made, no matter a student’s blood status or attitude towards him, they knew he had changed his ways
  • Knowing his past of bullying and prejudice, they didn’t always end up liking him, and Draco knew some of them never would
  • But they respected the way he redeemed himself, loved the way he could make them laugh, valued all the time and energy he put into them without asking for anything in return
  • Because Draco Malfoy had a lot to make up for
  • And a lot to give
  • Like an apology to everybody he hurt in the past, because actions speak louder than words but he learnd that owning up to your mistakes is an action too
  • Like free rehabilitation treatments facilitated by his own prosthesis clinic, because that was the only right way to spend his family fortune
  • Like a gentle kiss on Harry’s forehead every morning before he left for work, because Draco couldn’t help but give the Saviour not just his sincere apology and love, but a delicate silver ring too
Enough with this anti Otayuri crap.

Let’s start by saying that I’m not a hardcore Otayuri fan; I don’t mind them, I just like Viktuuri better. 

Now, ship hate is nothing new: always has been, always will be -cause some people are just incapable of sharing their opinions without bashing and flaming. You have the right to dislike a certain ship if it’s toxic or unhealthy (like Sasuke/Sakura for me) or abusive (like Sangwoo/Yoonbum for me… still read KS though, I’m a sucker for psychological horror) or illegal (like Sebastian/Ciel in probably every industrialized country in the world, but I mind my own business), or simply triggering. You have the right to state your reasons.

You don’t have the right to be an asshole without a reason though.

Here a piece of advice: you think that Otabek is a pedophile? That Otayuri is unacceptable for age reasons?


If it makes you feel that way, it’s your opinion. Your own perception. If thinking about a relationship between two teenagers of 16 and 19 respectively makes you feel uncomfortable because your idea of age of consent is different from the one stated by the law, it’s a matter of opinion. Every opinion matters, but you have to keep in mind that Otayuri has shippers from all over the world, and the age of consent might vary. 

Here’s some data:

In many countries (at least in most of European/Western countries) the age of consent is set at 14-16. For example, where I come from (Italy, one of the most close-minded country I’ve ever seen, but things are slowly changing, thank God) it’s perfectly acceptable to have sex if you’re at least 14 -of course the consent is invalidated with partners who have custody or some kind of institutional power over you). In Italy you can even have sex at 13, but in this case your partner must be a minor him/herself and 3 years older tops, otherwise it’s punishable. So in Europe Otayuri is generally legal.

I don’t know much about American law, but I know for sure that A) the age of consent varies from State to State, and B) the most common one is 16. Same goes for Canada. So in Northern America Otayuri is generally legal as well. 

Yuri!!!! on Ice is a Japanese show. Kubo Mitsoru is Japanese. In Japan the age of consent is set at 13 (although in some prefectures every sexual act conducted on a minor is considered illegal, while in Tokyo the age consent is 17). Guess what? With some variation, in Japan Otayuri is legal.

In Kazakistan? Here the age of consent is set at 16, regardless of consent and sexual orientation (yes, in some countries taking it up the ass makes a difference, don’t ask me why). I’m getting tired of repeating myself, but according to the law of Kazakistan Otayuri is legal. 

This leaves Russia. “Article 134. Sexual Intercourse and Other Actions of Sexual Character with a Person Who Has Not Reached the Age of Sixteen Years: Sexual intercourse committed by a person who has reached the age of eighteen years with a person who has not reached the age of sixteen years shall be punishable […]”. That means that even in Nohomoland™ Otayuri would be legal. 

So, as you can see, most of these antis are not simply stating their opinion, which would be their right if they were to respect others as well. Otayuri is legal in almost every industrialized country (Arabia and Islamic countries are another matter, and I’m definetly not getting started on that), so why the fuck are people talking about pedophilia?!? Do you even know what a pedophile is? Apparently you don’t, and you’re lucky you don’t. 

A pedophile is the old beggar at the corner of the street who tried to shove his hands under my sister’s shirt when she was 5. A pedophile is a sick person, a dangeros person, a criminal who lusts after children. 

If that’s what you think of this when you watch YOI and see an Otayuri moment, then you’re lucky enough to not know what a real pedophile is. 

Keep in mind that every data I collected is taken from the Internet, since I’m not a law student nor I have access to legal data from the other side of the world, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. What I’m trying to say is that, if Otayuri makes you feel uncomfortable because of the age difference, you don’t have to bash other people because of it: every country has its own code in the matter, although there’s a general tendency, and that has nothing to do with ship wars. And keep in mind that the age of consent matter is an ongoing debate because it has little to do with age per se and more with psychological maturity. I mean, if we were to listen to Mother Nature, women would have the right to have sex at 12, 10 in some cases, since their bodies can bear children, right? 

It. Is. A. Matter. Of. Perspective. 

one of the things I loved the most about Steve and Diana’s love story was that even though it was unconventional in its arc and ending (in that it didn’t follow the usual pattern or meet the usual goals of a fictional love story), it never sneered at those conventions. due to their circumstances- she’s a goddess, he’s a mortal, they’re in the middle of a war- and the fact that they are called to heroism and sacrifice, their story can’t end conventionally or domestically. but the beautiful thing about it is that the movie does not use its own heroic status to look down at love stories that do end traditionally and simply.

steve quips at the beginning about how no, married couples usually don’t love and cherish each other ‘til death do they part. he’s cynical about a lot and that includes love and marriage. diana was brought up on an all-female island. her goals and ambitions, her purpose in life are different from most women around her. from the start it’s clear that their love story was never going to end quietly and conventionally, not least because the story in which both of them live does not explicitly deal with the themes of love and marriage. diana begins her journey ready to fulfill her sacred mission and duty, and through meeting her and learning from her, steve also rises to great heights. both perform heroic feats and acts of self-sacrifice. they are heroes and heroes are not ordinary people. 

but the reason that wonder woman succeeds so spectacularly and rises above many of its counterparts (to me at least) is that it acknowledges that heroes should only exist to protect the lives of ordinary people. it believes that it is the sacred duty of heroes to fight evil on the grandest scale precisely so that everyone else can continue to live quietly, peacefully, domestically. convention, tradition, even routine are not dismissed or belittled. they are raised up. they are cherished and fought for as the very things that make life worth living. wonder woman is about war, but it is not about war with no cause. it is about the only thing that ever makes a war justified. 

and when steve and diana are dancing in the snow and diana asks “is this what people do when there are no wars?” she’s asking it because she never forgets that she’s fighting for more (so much more) than her own glory or even just to defeat evil. she’s fighting for the preservation of peace, of ordinary people’s right to dance together in the snow without danger, to eat breakfast, go to work, raise children, live their ordinary lives without fear. and when steve hands her his watch at the end and says “i wish we had more time” he’s saying he wishes that they had time to build a whole life together, a whole life of beautiful peaceful ordinariness. steve and diana’s love story is tragic because it’s cut short before the rest of it can unfold, but it’s beautiful because, in sacrificing a future that neither can have but both want, they are making possible the flourishing of a hundred other love stories, of a thousand other peaceful, ordinary lives. and both believe that that is worth every sacrifice.