what are the tags for this fandom i don't understand

Is it weird that as a transman and despite trans Snape being such a popular thing, I just can’t get behind it?? Not that I don’t support it because I do obviously, I just….idk???? Like I have tons of trans HC’s for a bunch of other characters in different fandoms, but when it comes to HP, idk????

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I love this blog and the top-quality shitposts but there seems to be an influx of non-hp stuff. I really appreciate that you're able to talk about this stuff but I use fandom to help distract myself from RL mental health stuff. This is totally a me problem so understand if you tell me to get lost but I wanted to try. I primarily use mobile so I can't block tags otherwise I would. Sorry, I don't mean to tell you what to do with your blog. I just wanted to give another perspective I guess.

we understand and appreciate your concerns! we certainly wont tell you to get lost - we understand that tumblr mobile having no blacklist is pretty sucky, but we’ve heard of an app/mobile site called “washboard” that lets you blacklist tags even on mobile, so try that maybe ! <3

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hey someone made a post on how lance is selfish and manipulative. everyone's telling op that they did a really good job and they're all like 😫👏 in the tags but i honestly don't see anything good about this. why should ppl congratulate op for trashing lance? we get it, he's flawed. just like Every other character is. i don't understand why she had to single out lance like that. it just doesn't sit well with me. what do you think?

short answer: this fandom doesnt know when to shut up

long answer: theres a double standard with lance in this fandom for some gd reason? god forbid you crit keith but then people will make ugly posts like that and be like ‘ah yes… i meta’d’. tbh the colorism lance hunk and allura all face is so different imo. lance gets hated on and gets posts made like that where he gets criticized just for breathing i swear, hunk gets ignored (along with the fatphobic rhetoric), and allura gets a nice combo of both depending on the day (who else remembers when allura got called racist/homophobic after s2 bc she wasnt the nicest to keith lmao)

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I don't understand why people are overreacting over the tag thing. For me personally, I only tagged the original Mafiatale as such. Everything that's been made mob/mafia related after that, no matter if it's undertale, gaster!sans, or etc, I've tagged as mob au. It's really not that hard to do lol You're doing great and you're honestly an inspiration to this fandom, so thank you for being a part of it <3 At the end of the day, you need to do what's best for you and make yourself happy

honestly? me neither. i honestly didn’t think it was an unreasonable request, that’s why i made it, and i never expected something like this to happen. i honestly don’t get why some people get so up in arms about being asked to not tag something as something, it’s not like it takes a lot of effort? and i get it, people have their own categorizing systems that they don’t wanna mess up, but…idk. i was totally unprepared.

thank you!

Lance and Allura Friendship Headcannons

•Lance makes sure to learn all of Alluras little ticks so he can help her because she won’t reach out for help
•He’ll bring her food and water and brush her hair out while she works to keep her from getting too stressed
•sometimes when they can’t sleep lance will teach allura different hair styles from earth (i.e, types of braids, ponytails stuff like that)
•Allura shows him Altean hairstyles
•Lance asks about different types of Altean clothing
•she explains and they play dress up while the others are on a small mission
•Lance supports her decisions, but if they’re not completely safe he’ll try and help make a sounder plan
•She puts makeup on Lance at least one
•Lance loved it, everyone else was very confused
•Lance convinced Allura Godzilla is real
•She wants to travel to earth to save them from godzilla
•The team has to explain that it’s just a movie
•Allura doesn’t find the movie trope funny
•Coran relates godzilla to a house pet on Altea
•Allura will spar with Lance when they have some down time because he wants to get better
•and he knows Allura needs to let off some steam sometimes too
•Lance will stay up late with Allura and just listen as she talks about everything that happened to her
•he understands that what happened to her people is still a very fresh memory to her and let’s her talk to him
•They love and cherish eachother ok
•Best friends
•Allura starts to find Lances’ pick up lines more endearing when she learns it’s not him wanting to “pick her up” but it makes him think of family
•She tells him he reminds her of her cousin
•They talk about their family
•They think of eachother as siblings soon enough

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Can I get an explanation of what is this antisjm problem? I just finished reading acowar and I took the tag off my black list and I'm finding all sorts of posts like this that I don't understand.

Oh sweety, I’m sorry you’ve come back to find this.

I guess one could say that the bad always seem louder than the good. While there has always been a presence of critique in the fandom, which was in a good and healthy balance with the rest, it has gotten out of hand and grown into a monster.

Many bloggers have deleted their apps because their dashes are full of nothing but negativity. Bloggers are attacking one another (from both sides) and stirring drama rather than just scrolling passed or letting it go. Instead of critiquing Maas’ writing, bloggers are now attacking her as a person, rather than realizing that it’s her mind, her story, and she has the right to write however and whatever she wants. They are her own characters, and we don’t know their stories as she does.

Imo, people are projecting their own hurts, problems, and issues into the books, creating “between-the-lines” content and context that doesn’t actually exist.

But I’m sorry you’ve come back to find the fandom disintegrating from the inside as it is. I sincerely hope a wave of respect and maturity sweeps through the fandom soon.

FT Hate (And why it's beginning to bother me)

The amount of hatred I’ve been seeing for the recent Fairy Tail chapters is to be perfectly honest, kind of appalling.

Honestly, I do agree when people say that this arc has gone on far long than it probably should have. And some of the criticisms that were made during this arc are valid, as they addressed some very legitimate plotholes in the way the manga played out. 

I don’t care for the shipping fanservice at this point. Tbh, I never cared for it much to begin with but now it’s dead to me. With the exception of Dragon Cry, the excitement has worn off due to people bitching and moaning about even the slightest thing not going their way. It’s ruined my time in the fandom and at this rate, it’s going to ruin the end of the series for me as well.

And for most of you who say that to avoid those types of posts, here’s the thing: I can’t. 


Because whether we like it or not, you and I both know that we like to hear other opinions, no matter how off putting it may be for some people. And there are some things that we cannot avoid no matter the tags that we block.

Like, it’s the end of the damn series, can we please enjoy it for what it’s worth?

When half the fandom is sending threats to the author, it’s prudent to understand that it’s his work and for the love of god, this is all fictional.

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Nowadays whenever I check the fairy tail tag all I see is negativity or people bashing on something like ships, characters or the plot in general. So it makes me really happy when I see blogs like yours and others that spread positivity about this great manga! It reminds me that there are others who love this series as much as I do. Just wanted to thank you for keeping this fandom enjoyable and to spread a little bit of positivity!Your efforts are appreciated don't forget that! Have a great day!

Thank you so much. I understand what you mean. I mean, It really sucks to go into a tag of something you like and only see hate. I don’t check the fairy tail tag for that reason. 

PSA to all my followers. DONT TAG HATE. It’s perfectly okay to post your opinions about something, but for a lot of people, seeing hate about things you like feels really bad. So please, please, don’t tag your hate.

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I wish people understood that I don't want to read about Supercorp or Lucy/Alex in the Sanvers tag. Why is this so hard to understand for AO3 writers? What is wrong with the Supergirl fandom? We shouldn't have to mass share links excluding half a dozen tags because writers should be clear about the content of their stories and who it's directed to. I never had this problem in other fandoms, it's the damn Lena/Kara crew...

There’s a lot of it been happening with all of the Supergirl ships alas, people putting tons of ships in to maximise their hits, mistakenly putting background pairings in (we all have to learn sometime!), and yeah a clutch of people doing it maliciously to ‘trick’ people into reading their ship because they think it’s so beautiful and perfect that no one should be allowed to avoid it. Sadly for them it tends to make people who disliked that ship upgrade to hating it, as all obnoxious tactics do.

Unfortunately s2 brought a big influx of much younger fans from other fandoms that are a bit… y’know. Those fans. The social media hacking, calling the actors mom, no freaking boundaries types. But there are little clutches of bad eggs everywhere it would seem. It does make me miss s1 fandom like whoa, when Supercat, General Danvers and Superlane all stayed in their lanes and overlapped in the fun ways. 

I’m trying to stay out of the saltmines these days, but a constructive way to reduce aggro between ships would be to stay in our respective places and not invade. Correct tagging would be a big step towards that, on all sides. 

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I literally can't with nh anymore?? What is the idea sp is trying so hard to shove down our throats?? That hinata was their for naruto since the beginning?? I don't watch boruto but everytime i see a gif set of the new ep where hinata is like," he reminds me of someone" and" don't you remember" as if she was there the whole time, as if she knows what naruto went through in his childhood. She is making me sick tbh and i feel like she would be the reason i leave this fandom. Sorry but i'm so mad🔪

I can understand your anger, though don’t let it get to your head. Obviously, you can leave the fandom at any time, but if Hinata and NH really bother you this much, you should blacklist the respective tags in order to avoid enduring the delusions certain shippers try to impose on us. It is irritating, greatly so. 

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I don't understand what happened with the whole dashcon thing like wtf happened

u can go into the dashcon tag to learn more but basically here’s the gist of it

  • there was a tumblr-themed convention (not endorsed by tumblr) that was being held this weekend in chicago (i think??)
  • it was centered around the superwholock fandoms and was basically a huge embarrassing shitfest
  • the dashcon people expected 3,000-7,000 people to show up but apparently less than 1,000 did lmao
  • the con was being run by a bunch of teenagers and like one adult with a vague hospitality management background and was destined to fail from the start BUT!!!! we didn’t anticipate actually how much it would fuck up
  • so apart from the convention being a bunch of screaming 13-15 yr olds running around and being obnoxious, it featured classic panels such as “bdsm 101”, “english men with….. cheekbones”, “can you knot? (exploring a/b/o dynamics)”, “demon hunting in stilettos”, “dramatic fanfiction readings”, and “finding homoerotic subtext”. these are 100% real. google them.
  • the dashcon people hyped up this bounce house and ball pit room as like the main attraction of the con and it was literally a children’s inflatable pool filled with plastic balls sitting in the middle of this huge, empty room with like 5 homestuck cosplayers sitting in it. and apparently someone pissed in it.
  • and it gets more fucked up
  • so on the first night of the convention, the dashcon people pulled everyone out of the panels and had them gather in this big room and basically started crying about how the con would get shut down if they didn’t raise $17,000 within the next half hour
  • and since tumblr is tumblr, and tumblr is embarrassing and dumb, they donated the money
  • it was basically a huge scam bc it was all done through paypal and the con promised to refund all of the money but literally what they did was pass around a piece of paper and have people write down their email and how much they donated. that’s it.
  • it was just a sketchy deal in general because in order to host a convention like this, you have to pay the hotel/venue well in advance. the sudden need for $17,000 is really sketchy and their explanation was even sketchier.
  • so basically they provided this “letter”, which looks incredibly fake and has 90% of the text blacked out, from the “hotel” basically saying that they need $17k or the con would be shut down. 
  • it looked like someone opened a microsoft word template and wrote “marriot” at the top and somehow thought that it would look legit
  • and then they started crying about how the hotel was discriminating against them because of their fandoms and blah blah fucking blah basically they played that up for sympathy and somehow the idiots on this website fell for it
  • and as if that wasn’t enough drama and sketchiness, the welcome to night vale people were scheduled to do a panel, and it was basically the main panel of the entire con, and they straight up walked out because the dashcon people couldn’t pay them. and then the dashcon people had the audacity to call them con artists.
  • and apparently they were letting underage people into 18+ panels but idk if that was ever confirmed
  • but yeah that’s it i think?? it was basically sketchy as fuck and i wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being 100% a scam
  • like there was something similar that happened in florida kind of recently where someone staged a fake con and charged everything to paypal and promised that all of this awesome shit would happen, but it didn’t, and the guy who did it basically got away with over $50,000 and hasn’t faced legal action bc the disputes couldn’t be settled over paypal
  • so this would definitely not be the first time that this sort of thing happened

gansaey replied to your post

�� who where what did they say??? ��

@gansaey on that post i made about like “WHERE IS THE TRC FANDOM” someone was complaining in the tags like “uhg YA lit fandoms r so elitist… @ op and anyone reading this.. if u think they aren’t, you’re part of the problem” and i was just ???? i’m still ???? like. literally i made that post bc i miss the good old days where there was a ton of content and everyone was less bitter and more nice to each other like. lmao. i just miss the 2015 trc fandom. 

and idk? how YA lit fandoms r elitist like? is it bc we’re aesthetic pretentious hoes? is it because they’re kinda hard to break into ? is it because books aren’t always the easiest accessible media like ????? how is… making a post like “where did the fandom go” elitist like…. i’m confusion. 

i’m absolutely confused???

me: *goes to yuri on ice tag for quality dank memes and good viktuuri & otayuri stuff*

yoi fandom: *raging over something call love on ice, others saying they shouldn’t, memes about it popping up*

me: eh????? what in the world is this about??? *shrugs* oh well *scrolls down*


me: ayyy i’m up for that fam 👌👌👌👌 *scrolls down*

yoi fandom: *hella shit over killing stalking, comparisons between the characters, more memes, weird shit everywhere, no chill*

me: eh??????? wtf is this???? what’s going on??????

honestly though.. I complain about fandom a great deal I think, and obviously there are elements of it that could be much, much better! but fandom as a whole - fandom as a unit - is one of the most incredible things ever.

there’s fic. there’s people who analyze a character’s motivations and voice and inner workings to the point that they can write that character, and write them well, and explore them beyond the boundaries of the canon, the everlasting questions of “what if?” or “why that?” or “what happened then?”

and there’s podfic, there’s people who see fic and say “there are people who can’t read this, or don’t have time to, and I should make it available to them”, and then they make their own audiobook.

there’s fan-art, there’s edits, there’s people creating visual representations of works people love. fan-art that makes people cry, or laugh, fan-art that depicts characters attaining the happiness that they don’t get to achieve, or that depicts them in a way that aligns them with part of a group that the author didn’t think to include.

and there’s people who write meta, who write brilliant, thought-provoking analysis for fun, people who change the way everyone else thinks about the characters. there’s people who look up relevant facts and do the necessary historical research.  there’s people who contribute with their knowledge of a certain language, a specific historical period, anything relevant that furthers the understandings of others.

and there are people that they do it for. people who comment, people who ask questions, people who keysmash in the tags, people who leave asks on a bad day, and anyone can be that, and fandom can’t function without these people, 

and that’s what fandom does, it functions as a unit. and that on its own is amazing.

When watching Skam...

…make sure not to look at the skam tag or comments before you watch it(although…if you’re reading this, then that’s probably what you’re doing…if not then okay ). It’s better that you watch the clips first and have your own opinions about it based on how you understand it. Reading others opinions might affect yours before you’re sure of your own. Remember, how people view things are not exactly the same as each other for we have our own different perspectives. And I think that a show is only as good as you interpret it.

…try to keep an open mind. Things can be confusing sometimes. There are also many instances wherein a character does something that you won’t agree with. Try to put yourself in their shoes before judging them too harshly… nobody’s perfect. The characters are young and are at that point in life where they are still trying to figure out who they really are… most of what they do and say usually happens in real life with people their age(and even older,actually). they still have so much to learn and having people constantly judging them and reminding them of their mistakes won’t really help them grow(I’m talking about real life people who can relate to the characters). It’s really discouraging to read about people being so hateful about the characters…I mean, if people can be that harsh to fictional characters, then how much more can they be to real people. And yes, I know…the world is harsh, and it’s full of cruel people and all of that…but that’s the point, it already has so many people like that you don’t need to add yourself. and if you keep seeing and reading things like that, try not to dwell on it. Try being the keyword, because sometimes that makes all the difference.

…respect others opinions. Try not to be offended when someone disagree with you. Sometimes it’s good to know things from a different point of view. You don’t have to change your opinions or try to make them change theirs, you just have to respect them. And if they’re being disrespectful to you and even starts to make it personal, then try to be the wise one and do what you think is right…or just try not to respond to them. Again, try being the keyword….come on! we all know that could be really difficult sometimes.


when watching Skam, you might come to the realization that it barged into your life,made you feel so many different emotions,made you love it, and made you accept the fact that it’ll be a part of your daily life, and basically ruined your life in the best way possible, then it had the audacity to end way too soon… okay, I’m just ranting now…

and Even needs his own season, and Magnus, and Mahdi, and Jonas, and Chris, and Vilde, and even Eskild, and Linn, and Yousef,and everyone really, and……..sorry, I got carried away…. seriously though, I’d even like to have a season about Sonja…like each characters have their own story to tell, and I’ll regret not being able to know them…probably for a very, very, very long time… just imagine the things that could’ve been…..

I’ll never get over this show…


I’ll stop now 😒

bye 😊

  • Snk Fandom: It's wrong to expect 12 years olds to be mature and responsible. You are not humane if you think that.
  • Also Snk Fandom: the 12 year olds are capable of leading SC, honestly Erwin was so overrated
  • Also Snk fandom: let's pair these 12 year olds to 30+ dudes who beat them to pulp because it's so romantic
  • Also snk fandom: Erwin Smith is an abusive piece of shit for saving Levi from underground and giving him a reason to live. Good riddance LOL
  • Also Snk fandom: Eruri is so gross necrophiliacs wtf get some therapy (disregarding 99% Eruri fandom is AU)
  • Also snk fandom: er/eri is so good I live for this, any of ya bitches that tell me otherwise can stfu and gtfo you should ship them too. In fact here have er/eri post you're clearly uncomfortable with in your Eruri tag and I will tag it Erwin x Levi x Eren just to be safe even though there is no Erwin or Eruri in it.
  • Also snk fandom: stop being a crybaby I am so mad at people who are upset about Erwin's death in HIS tag, honestly stop being such an attention whore. It's not like Erwin was popular or anything
  • Also snk fandom: what did Eren do to deserve a prison this is too harsh just let him rest, people are so mean to him because they are salty and can't read the manga properly
  • ....
  • ....
  • ....
  • Me: One ticket to Mars please. I don't think I understand the language of this planet anymore.
  • Note:
  • I know this is offensive but I am not trying to pick any fights or pick on anyone in particular but just highlighting a lot of hypocrisy going on in our fandom. If you don't like this post simply ignore it. Not everyone is like this in snk, but plenty are to make surfing tags difficult. I respect all tags and never cross tag my stuff or tell people how they are supposed to feel about things or who/what they should like. I used 12yo instead of the actual age of characters 15 yrs because I am honestly amused how many people call them 12 year old for sake of defending their argument even when it's clearly mentioned in wiki what their age is. This is not even factually correct anymore. I am also not opposed to any ships and used above text only to highlight how bipolar some people act. By snk fandom I don't mean every single person but I am just astonished by all the stuff I see every time I visit snk tag.

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about your tag in the 'hands pic' i think what it made me "don't understand why" was the fact that louis and harry were doing a coupley gesture when, since i've been in this fandom (6 months), everyone was telling me "they try to avoid being next to each other" (because they can't). i do understand they want to be together "in front of a famous landmark" what i don't understand is why now

It was obvious that Louis and Harry were operating under extraordinarily harsh restraints on the TMH stage, and they were constantly separated and monitored in interviews. It was externally imposed—you could see that in the little things that matter, like immediately seeking out eye contact with each other whenever anything surprising happens (a variation of this, Harry immediately checking in with Louis when he was late coming back to accept their Brit award), things were still okay with them. When we /did/ see them together, they did things like slip up about having dolls at their shared house, or Harry casually reaching into Louis’ crotch, or Louis sexually staring at Harry on their Kimmel appearance (note that they were separated there too). Ditto for the 1D Day appearance.

You could see how their closeting was a matter of the noose getting tighter and tighter around them. When Harry and Louis got especially rebellious in spring 2012, they suddenly started getting separated in interviews, and they suddenly started getting separated on stage—while Louis and Harry still tried to interact with each other around the other boys, and while at the same time the other boys started acting in an over-the-top homoerotic manner with each other, but awkwardly and stiffly (and Louis pushed off/gave looks of disdain to Zayn and Niall). Those same methods—H/L separation and amped up homoeroticism between the other boys—were instigated on the TMH stage, but from the beginning this time, and more thoroughly.

When they came off tour, they all had to do media appearances. Louis and Harry would have ‘gay moments’, there would be a closeting counter-move, Louis and Harry would have another ‘gay moment’, another closeting counter-move, rinse and repeat. What I called the ‘larry cycle’.

Up until Haylor. After Haylor… the media appearances largely went away, and now instead of interviews, we got lots and lots of pap shots of Harry playing golf, or Harry posing with fans in busy shopping districts (but apparently not shopping himself)—lots and lots of still photos of Harry to help get the band out in public consciousness via Harry’s face, but very few appearances of the band together, in video. Which certainly helped to hide Louis and Harry interactions from public view. I.e., no more ‘larry cycle’.

When the TMH tour started, we got a few Harry and Louis interactions in the first few shows, like Harry and Louis eyeing each other. Those went away.

When the TMH tour started, we saw a few examples of the boys doing things in their free time, like Louis parading with Eleanor in front of fans and then going behind a closed off rope to be with Harry away from fans. Or dancing together in a club, and Louis being filmed acting very upset at a girl trying to dance with Harry. Those interactions then went away from public view.

And the result of it all was, not only did Louis and Harry disappear from public view, but fans were convinced that the band was falling apart and Harry especially was just tolerating being in the band before he could go solo, and Louis and Harry acted very withdrawn, very tense, they were sick a lot, and we got lots of reports of Louis especially flipping off fans and generally acting highly depressed. The forced separation worked…. but at the cost of risking nervous breakdowns. I do not care to see what would have happened if they continued it.

Since their break started, we’ve seen many new behaviors, such as Zayn suddenly being open about his religion and ethnicity again, and the boys (especially Louis) doing things they should not do if they want to kill off gay rumors, like following the ‘always in my heart’ twitter account, or wearing the Oops jumper in public, or the rainbow shirt on stage. And we’ve seen Louis and Harry doing power walks on stage and the audience absolutely exploding, and Louis acting openly disdainful of the tabloid hack hunting for a girlfriend answer from him in the press conference.

I don’t know why now. I don’t know what shifted in the power dynamics. But clearly changes are happening. I’m just observing.


I’ve reached a moment now in my life where I put my pen down and really wondered what I’m doing with my free time. Oh well.

Animatronic Rumbelle and Security Guard Belle concepts/ref as I do more doodles and art (also if you want to you can prompt me for this messed up verse and I’ll see what I can do. *wink*)

  • - when something happens at SM -
  • Random Fans: They should pull a Shinhwa and get out like seriously!
  • Random Fans: They should set up their own companies like Shinhwa!
  • Random Fans: Shinhwa Shinhwa Shinhwa -inserts facts taken out of context-
  • - when nothing happens at SM -
  • Random Fans: Shinhwa? Who?
  • ...
  • Shinhwa is not responsible for your fandom. Shinhwa is not a shield you throw about whenever something happen to your bias group in SM, especially when you don't know much about their history. Shinhwa's circumstances are different from yours so it's not a fair statement to go 'pull a Shinhwa'.
  • I know it's a bomb on your fandom, and I'm sorry to hear that. If you want a hug, a consolation, a listening ear, we would lend it to you. But please, don't take and throw about 'Shinhwa' like a solution to all your SM frustrations and flood the tags with it, thank you.