what are the ship names for this ship goddamn

At school today during history class my friend was hugging another guy and i came up with a ship name and then i accidentally said out loud “We should make a punnet square to see what their children would look like” and the guy in front of me says “THAT’S SO CREEPY” and it took me a minute to realize that it isn’t normal (and yes it is hella creepy) for people outside of tumblr because some people on tumblr make punnet squares for their ships and i swear i can’t with this goddamn website

I love China and Skulduggery

First we get “lessens, but never entirely goes away, does it, Skulduggery?” and the fucker staying quiet. Then we get China actually hugging and thanking Valkyrie for going to save him. China more than likely being the only person okay with her doing this

I think about the two of them alot. I think about what would’ve happened when they met all those years ago. She fell in love with him, he would’ve fallen in love with her and China would’ve used that to her advantage, right? Something would’ve happened between them? Maybe that’s why she got so jealous of his wife, because she took Skulduggery away from her

“When it comes to China, you rarely know what you’re doing”
That’s what Ghastly said. But what made him say that? Does Ghastly know about things they possibly did? We don’t know, but I sure do like to think about it. Plus, the only time China has ever been vulnerable is when someone threatened to jeopardise her realtionship with Skulduggery.

Everything we’ve gotten about China and Skulduggery has been… subtle. You don’t really notice it unless you look. The way she teases him, the way he stays silent. Is he ashamed of the way he let him get to her? Does he not want to be in love again? So many questions and so very few answers. But even after everything China did to him, he still cares about her. He still insisted on getting help when she was dying. “I can’t just stand here and watch you die”

But what happned after all that? China pretty much confessed that she loved him. Sure, his head was probably filled with other things with Valkyrie being gone and all but did he ever talk to China about it? Maybe he remembers how things used to be between them but knows they can’t have that anymore. He still cares about her though, he still loves her and she still loves him. There has to be a history there keeps them together after all these years. We don’t know but goddamn I want to know

Soulmate AU Where Trans Kageyama has Kenma’s name on his skin, but it worried Kenma might have someone else’s name on his hand, or worse, his birth name… So thanks to that and a combination of Kenma being intimidated by him he never asks. Hinata eventually finds out and tries to push them together becuase they are his setters!! They deserve each other!!!! Eventually Kenma talks to Kages at Hinata’s urging and askes is his name is Tobio. Kages bu r sts into tears because holy shit holy shIT and Kenma is like fuck. Goddamn why is he crying Hinata help me?! And then they go get ice cream and a happy end goODBYe

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I really dont like canon zelgan but the idea that they could overcome their differences and at least work together/be friends sounds attractive. Then no one would label either as evil *shrugs*

i’m all for the three of them working together tbh friendo, just not the ship. but if it were like an au where they’re like all around the same age and friends/partners and whatnot… i still wouldn’t ship it but just due to personal preference instead of actual problems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m relatively new to the Voltron fandom but I just want to point out that if you’re sending hate to other people because of shipping reasons, you are pathetic.

Yes, I know how it feels to fall-in-love with a ship and want to scour the internet for every bit of fanart and fanfiction.. it’s a great feeling. However, at the end of the day people need to realise that these characters are fictional. There is no need to tell people to kill themselves over a cartoon or harass them. 

Let people ship what they want as long as it’s not hurting anybody. 

Goddamn like you don’t even have to ship Togafuka. It’s not for everyone and I respect that. But when you post hate, unless you put breaks in the name lik-ethis in the post itself, it’ll still show up in the search, because that is how the search works.

You know what many of us do with posts where we complain about your adult/minor ship? We say tk, or to-uko-mar/u (come combination), and as for when characters are mentioned, we say fu, we say kom, we do everything to prevent them from showing up in the toukomaru tag and search, because we at least respect those who ship it! We know that when someone checks a search on tumblr, it’s to see things of that, not hate! The hate is irrelevant. So we keep irrelevant content out of YOUR search.

Why do so little of you do the same?

i love yugioh but the fandom has such challenging ship names

like, most fandoms you just mash their names together like johnkat or gerita

but fuckin yugioh has like blueshipping and theifshipping and angstshipping and puzzleshipping and polarshipping and peachshipping

like goddamn you gotta google all that shit before you even know what it is

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What about TomatoFox for the ask???

You’re talking to the goddamn founder of that ship. Dude that ship has been ever so slightly alive since October 2015 with just like, 5 people who actively thought about it. I’m so glad it’s popular tho, I just love Lila and Nath and them together as a couple would be sooo cute!! XD the one thing i dont like about it is the name tho i like nathanila or nathanielila better

what annoys me is ppl trying to shittalk pairings that threaten their otps
like dig ip dirt, you know, “20 reasons why kataang is abusive so zutara is the best” and “20 reasons why zutara is abusive so kataang is the best”, this kind of shit
like shipping is suddenly some moral purity contest or something
like i don’t give a shit abt who ships who but i always prefer ppl who can just say “i think this ship is dry so i don’t like it” instead of trying to prove to everyone why the ship is shit
like i follow ppl who dislike some of my otp and it’s okay!!!!! as long as it’s just “i don’t understand this pairing” and not “it is abusive!!!!! here is why!!!!”
this is just so petty when ppl try to make some characters look bad just to pit a pairing down?????
and also everyfuckingthing is abusive like ppl reach so much???? soon it will be “there was a moment when A and B talked and B was in a bad mood so this pairing is abusive!!!!!!”
idek, it’s just so silly like even if you don’t want to characters to be together you don’t need to make one of them a bitch!!!!

Okay, it’s time to say this.




Let me calm down for a second.
Look, I, myself, am a Pharmercy shipper, but I absolutely loathe the amount of hate and or harassment other people get for shipping Mercy with ANYONE ELSE. 
I’m mainly talking about the harassment Mercy76 shippers get.
Guys, there are so many polite Mercy76 shippers out there who just want to ship what they think is canon, and some of them even like Pharmercy! They just ship Mercy with someone else. That doesn’t mean that they hate Pharmercy. They just think Mercy and 76 are more compatible/more cute. Please stop harassing or hating on them.
I shouldnt have to watch people harass other people because one person just wanted more Mercy76 fanfiction. It is FANFICTION, PEOPLE. Its not like you arent still going to get more fanfics of your pairing, because you will.

Guys, NONE of the Overwatch characters have confirmed sexualities. You can’t go “Oh! But Mercy is a lesbian! She wouldn’t be into men!” or “Mercy is obviously straight, you’re wrong!” to people when there are no confirmed sexualites for OW characters. People are therefore allowed to give the character their headcanon sexuality if they so please. I have headcanon sexualities for OW characters! Everyone does! If you think Mercy is bi or a lesbian, then you can believe that! If you think Mercy is straight, then you can believe that! You, however, cannot tell someone that their sexuality headcanon for that character is false because you see differently. I personally think that Mercy is bisexual, for example. I’m not going to attack someone if they think she’s straight. That’s their opinion, and I respect it.

And please don’t say “But what about the age gap!” for either Pharmercy or Mercy76. Because first of, for Pharmercy, five years is not a bad age gap, okay?
And no, I’m not about to bash Mercy76. Trust me.
I’ve recently talked to an EXTREMEMLY POLITE Mercy76 shipper((who I won’t tag because I don’t know if they would be okay with that, if you want me to I’ll edit you in)) who made me realize that;
1. The Mercy76 age gap would still be okay AS LONG as both of the members of the relationship CONSENTED TO IT. Couples with an age gap like that EXIST IN REAL LIFE as well. It may be looked down upon, but who the fuck cares?
2. Some Mercy76 shippers have headcanons that decrease 76′s age. Which is totally okay guys. It’s okay to decrease a characters age, since, guess what guys. WE DONT KNOW 76′S ACTUAL AGE. And no, you shouldn’t bash someone’s headcanon either. Which leads me to my next topic

Please, please don’t bash on someone else’s headcanon because it either goes against your ship or because you just don’t agree with it. It isn’t okay, it’s EXTREMELY rude, and nobody fucking likes that. Imagine if someone bashed you and your headcanon because they disliked it? How would that make you feel? So don’t fucking do it.

I know that I’m probably going to get bashed for even writing this post, but before you try to send me death threats, please remember that these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

Do you think that it’s okay to send someone death threats or hate because they disagree with something about a character that doesnt even exist? Because seriously guys, you could probably find much more things to be angry about.

So, please stop harassing people for a ship that’s different than yours.

Anyways, I’m done here. 

TLDR: I respect Mercy76 and any other Mercy/Character ship, and I don’t appreciate people harassing people because they ship something thats different then what they ship. Please stop.

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3, 7, 11, 12 + 13 :)

3. answered here

7. What character would you like to see more of? kima

11. Do you ship any characters? i ship perc’ahlia so much

that’s been a favorite for a long time, but i do also like vexleth bc Girls and also pls consider that dynamic?? it would be so good?? i didn’t like vaxleth much to start, but i like how it’s evolved and sort of… passively ship it. kimallura is the best thing. i also recently discovered tary/percy aaaaaand i’m….. intrigued

12. Name a moment that’s stuck with you. keyleth’s “call me child one more goddamn time” to raishan

her whole… issue with raishan is amazing but that one line gives me chills. i love it. also her follow up conversation with grog about anger and family. 

also percy’s “vax… i have a sister” back during the briarwood arc bc honestly let him be happy. also also the bodies hanging from the sun tree bc what the fuck matthew

13. Has Critical Role ever made you cry? When? lmao all the fucking time

basically every death, every resurrection, the fall of emon, learning that thordak killed the twins’ mother, everything about the current fucking arc, keyleth’s “oh god this is my fault” at the beginning of the conclave arc, vax’s “i think of my sister” during the failed jenga clusterfuck with the briarwoods, keyleth’s “worse, we’re family, and family leaves” after everything with scanlan, vox machina’s collective “this is it” before the recent shit show

An Ode to Shipping.

Here’s a notion. Pay attention. Listen really, really hard.

With me? Good.

Shut the fuck up about everyone’s ship. 

You ship Johnlock? Welcome aboard the H.M.S. Metagayfest. Please help yourself to subtext in the lobby. We keep each other right because Sherlock is a girl’s name. Yes, the eye-fucking is complimentary. 

You ship Sherlolly? Welcome to the H.M.S. Wallpaperwindowkiss. We’ll start with the riding crop. Don’t forget the fucking lipstick. 

You ship Adlock? Welcome to the H.M.S. Sexyisthenewgoddamnsexy There’s a cage match on the lido deck to see whose cheekbones cut whom first. 

You ship Mystrade? Welcome to the H.M.S. Silver&Redfoxes. The British government stops for no man… Except that one. That one can stay.  

You ship Sheriarty? Welcome to the H.M.S. Socio-Psychopath. Let’s do a jump and kiss (what? too soon?). 

You literally ship an umbrella and a goddamn tea kettle? Well, we don’t have name for your ship yet, but think one up and we’ll work it in. 

We have one of the longest hiatuses of any mainstream TV show running right now. Infighting won’t solve anything. Frankly, it just makes us all look like GIANT SHITBAGS. 

I don’t care who started it. I don’t care why you ship what you ship. I don’t care to explain to you why I ship what I ship. In the wise words of John BAMF Watson, “IT IS ALL FINE.”

So sit the fuck down,

calm the fuck down,

and get the fuck down,

because this fandom? It’s a fucking party.

So let’s dance.