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                  BE HAPPY. BE HAPPY. BE HAPPY.  that’s what he keeps telling himself—-repeating it constantly, every moment she steps out, trying on a new dress.   (  OH THE JOYS!!  of being the friend of someone your IN LOVE WITH & their marrying someone else  )   he gets the honor to suffer & watch as she tries on dresses for her wedding day—-looking insanely more BEAUTIFUL than normal. as jealousy bites down & devours him, inch by inch. he can hardly look at this point at every new dress.  he’s afraid he’ll SNAP

                           if only when he had the chance, elijah would’ve confessed his feelings—–instead of sitting her up with axton, thus leading them down this road. maybe today, alys would be trying on dresses to MARRY HIM…. not axton. their wedding day would be approaching. not hers & axton’s. it’d be elijah & alys NOT axton & alys. but, this was life now & she was marrying someone SO MUCH BETTER than him. elijah can’t even compare. axton is better for her. 

                         ’  just how many dresses is she trying on??  ‘   a silent question, as he pulls out his phone. he had a date in an hour—–& at this pace he doubts he’ll make it.  deep sigh rolling off his lips, gaze lifting towards the dressing room door, as tiers slowly open allowing soft, annoyed vocals to roll freely.       ❛   how much longer is this going to take??   i have a date, here soon….