what are the odds though my god

Seth Rollins Sex Headcannons

I love Seth so much… What are the odds that I’m in my Seth Rollins tshirt too! It’s fate guys. Good God look at that gif. UGH HE DOES THINGS TO ME!!!

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- This guy has stamina. Like he is the myth who can have like 3+ orgasms one after another. So you’re in for a very long sex session.

- He will actually fuck you anywhere though. He’s up for anywhere at anytime. You name it and he has you with your pants down and near orgasm in like 3.2 seconds. 

- He can tell that you love his beard, like you don’t even have to tell him. He just knows when he moves and you shiver while biting your lip. From then on, he makes a mental note to always brush his beard across your thighs. 

- Is very rough but he can be gentle too. Say the words and he will have you on your back as he kisses every part of your body and treats you like a queen. Or he will have you against a wall with you on your knees. 

- If you look up the dictionary definition of tease, it says ‘Seth Rollins’ because he is the ultimate tease. I can bet that he will probably have you begging, even if you’re like me and you don’t beg for anyone. He. Will. Find. A. Way.

- There will be many occasions where you wake up with his head in between your thighs. 

- The guy probably has rope, handcuffs, vibrators… A fuckton of stuff to make it better for you. 

- He’s had a lot of one night stands, so I think his brain will tell him out of instinct to not leave any lovebites. But he will love it when you scratch his back, or his arms. 

- I think he’d have a kitten kink. But not that much of a daddy kink tbh. 

Harbor In the Tempest (2/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

@caprelloidea is an absolute goddess of a fic cheerleader.

Rating: T

Word Count: 4373

Chapter 1 | Chapter 3 |  Chapter 4

AO3 | ff.net

Emma’s face grows even paler, a feat he’d not thought possible, her lips pulled into a tight line.

He’s sure he looks much the same, his sudden realization having turned his veins to ice, his stomach twisting uncomfortably and his heart made of lead. He’s felt this before - on two separate occasions ( three , a traitorous voice in his head supplies, reminding him once again of how Liam was snatched back from the clutches of death only to succumb as soon as they thought they were free) - and the depth of it shakes him. She is not Milah. She is not Liam. And yet -

“What kind of poisons?” She interrupts his thoughts, biting off the words through clenched teeth.

He needs the acid in her tone to bring him back, to distract him even, but when he looks at her that familiar feeling once again lodges itself in his chest, tenterhooks that refuse to let go. “There’s at least a dozen I know of, and probably several dozen more that I don’t.”

“You said there was nothing on that arrow.” It’s not quite an accusation, but close enough.

“I said there was no Dreamshade on that arrow.” He picks it up once more, examining it. “Whatever was on it either stayed inside you or isn’t visible to human eyes.”

“Any ideas?” her voice wobbles on the words.

“Well, we can cross Dreamshade off the list.” He regrets the words the instant they leave his mouth, and her eyes grow hard when she hears them.

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late night kiss pt. 2

A/N: Ahhh, thank you all so much for the wonderful love that ‘late night kiss’ has gotten! I appreciate every single one of you, and all the love is what motivates me to keep writing. I hope you enjoy this part as much as you did the first.

Also, I might make this into a series with more than just two parts, but let me know if you’d be interested in a part 3….

summary: After the Spider-Man incident, you decide you need to tell your best friend, Peter Parker. It has some unforeseen, yet good, consequences.

pairing: peter parker x reader

01 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

You rushed into your algebra class, slamming your stuff down onto your desk, right beside Peter. He startled and looked at you with wide eyes. His cheeks were dusted with pink, but you chose to ignore it.

“I have to tell you something,” you said, looking at him intently.

“Wh-what—what—what is it?” he stuttered, rubbing his neck with one hand and then crossing his arms.

You raised an eyebrow at his odd behavior and then peeked at the clock. Your teacher was already setting up for class.

“You won’t believe what happened to me last night,” you told him. He raised his eyebrows in a gesture to continue, though his cheeks were starting to get a little darker. “Freaking Spider-Man showed up in my room,” you whispered, leaning in close.

Peter’s eyes darted down to your lips, but you didn’t notice. He laughed stiffly. “Oh?”

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pokemaniacgemini submitted:
Now that chapter one of Caretaker has come to a close (and with a spectacular cliffhanger, I might add!) I feel it’s time for more speculations. To start with: Asriel.

We know now that Azzie is still alive and kicking, which brings so many new questions up it makes my head spin! And we all know the lovely mods intend to keep us hanging by a thread with their spoiler images (are you guys…Muffet? 0.o) so we can only draw our own conclusions. Now, there’s a lot we could speculate here- why Asriel and Chara are both alive, how Asriel got that sick scar, why Asriel is hanging out in Snowdin forest instead of New Home, where Toriel and Asgore are, or if they’re even still alive- but I’m going to focus on just one thing.

“Don’t even try to escape!”

Azzie seems pretty ticked off here, but why? He’s only just spotted Frisk for the first time, and from what we know of Asriel in canon, he’s not the type to just attack on sight. So what happened? Could it be that the fateful trip beyond the barrier still happened, but played out very differently, perhaps making Asriel’s view of humans less than savory? Perhaps other humans have fallen and done terrible things, making him want this one dead? Or maybe…


Asriel isn’t talking to Frisk here at all, but to Chara? I know, seems strange, but bear with me. Going back to canon Undertale, we know by Asriel’s own admission that Chara didn’t treat him very well growing up. From what we can tell, it was an abusive relationship. Given the chance to actually grow into adulthood, it’s possible Asriel got sick of Chara’s crap. Maybe they had a falling out. Perhaps, after that, Chara moved to the ruins and proceeded to kill any humans who fell down, maybe as their own twisted way of trying to apologize? And perhaps Asriel found out about this, and didn’t appreciate it? So in that hypothetical situation, we would have Asriel, already angry at Chara for abusing him, now even more angry with them for killing innocent humans. Asriel orders Chara to stop, another fight happens, and Chara shuts themselves away in the ruins, blaming humanity for ruining their relationship with Asriel. Alternatively, what if a human fell down and the two disagreed on how to handle it? Maybe that’s when Asriel finally told Chara off, and Chara stormed off to the ruins, etc.

Cue Frisk falling down. Super bad luck for them, as Chara now hates humans EVEN MORE than before, and is probably looking for someone to take their anger out on. And on top of that, this loathsome brat stole their reset ability! How infuriating! Chara chases Frisk all the way into Snowdin forest, now getting worried because what if Asriel sees them chasing another human? He’d probably be upset, and, in Chara’s mind, in some serious danger of Frisk killing him. They become frantic, trying to catch Frisk before they meet any other monsters, but lo and behold, who should appear but Asriel himself?

Naturally, Asriel is surprised to see Chara out of the ruins, especially since they clearly put a good amount of effort into keeping themselves in and everyone else out (hence the gate lock being on the ruins side.) It takes him a second, but he realizes that Chara isn’t alone- there’s a small human trembling at his feet, obviously having been running from Chara, who is wielding a knife. God dammit Chara, not again! Asriel’s reaction to this is: “Ggnrgghh!!” And getting angry enough to summon fire magic, ready to confront Chara again and fight them if need be.

Now of course this is all wild speculation, honestly the idea struck me and I ran with it, so I basically pulled this out of my ass. Lord knows I’ve sent in specs before that turned out to be embarrassingly wrong, and we never can tell what the mods have planned!

One other thing I noticed is that Asriel looks damn near exactly like his “god of hyperdeath” form in the game, which seems odd since that was probably just a projection of what he thought he’d look like as an adult. This could either be a completely unimportant stylistic choice by the mods, or it could mean something huge. As for the scar, who knows? Maybe Chara caused it somehow, harkening back to the abuse of their childhood. (Though I somehow doubt it…)

Anyway, that was all I had to say for now! Thank you to the mods as always for putting up with my ramblings, and also for this amazing comic. And congrats on finishing chapter one! You guys are great! (Also I hope you don’t mind I’ve dubbed you the “Mint-Chocolate-Ship” in my mind. Geddit? Ship, instead of chip…? I’ll see myself out.)

Girls Night In

Sam Winchester x Eileen Leahy
Words: 2k
Warnings: mild language, HAPPY ending
A/N: 12x21? What’s a 12x21? (Idk if you noticed but I’m bitter as all get out) This is what happened when Eileen showed up at the bunker to bunk with the boys for a little while, featuring a very present, very okay Cas. Here it is @justrandomspnstuff !! I hope you like it! <3

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

The loud clang of the slamming of the bunker door drew Sam and Dean’s attention away from the electronics spread on the table in front of them. After scouring the entirety of their home, they had found every bug the British had planted. Sam learned quickly how to carefully disassemble the equipment and was trying to figure out if there was a way to feed it false conversations to relay back to homebase. He’d gotten terribly close. Dean had been watching unhelpfully, throwing in smartass comments every now and again.

Dean reached for one of the hidden guns he had placed in various nooks and crannies, and Sam followed carefully. They had been suspecting some kind of surprise attack from either pissed off demons or nosey Europeans for quite some time now.

“Probably those British pricks.” Dean mumbled quietly to Sam.

They crept towards the war room, footsteps in-sync, and gradually made their way under the staircase leading out. After a brief moment of silence to collect himself, Dean sharply turned the corner he was pressed against and pointed his gun towards the figure near the door. As his vision focus, his grip faltered and his gun was being dropped to his side.

“Eileen?” he asked surprisedly, clicking the safety of the pistol on.

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where you are

TAZ, Gen, 1K, T for implied violence, Post-canon

Because, like, the thing about forgetting a century of your life and then suddenly remembering is that sometimes, later,  you forget that you remember. It takes some time to get back into the habit of thinking those thoughts. And Merle, he’s glad to remember, he really is, but there isn’t much missing from those days that he hasn’t gotten back.

Taako though. Well.

OR: The boys remember. Taako rushes in

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Class 1x6 aka Angy's favourite episode that made everyone emotional, hey you know what else will make you emotional? My (class) fic Cool Kids


2)Back again with the slave/servant fight

3)Quill is planning something and I’m scared

4)2:25 and there has been an explosion

5)Detention…IN SPACE


7)It’s very funny how everyone is SURE that Quill tried to kill them

8)How is that not in a mean way?

9)I mean,Ram does have a point

10)A meteor

11)Interesting deadly

12)Where did that come from?

13)Why is everyone mad?

14)What the hell?

15)I feel so bad for Charlie,he’s shaking

16)He’s in Poland?WHAT IS THIS THING?

17)“Is this what Poland feels like?“in moments of crisis this show makes me laugh

18)Mattie.I’m using this


20)No,don’t go there.Do not go there.They were so happy!

21)Well at least Mattie admitted that he loves Charlie

22)First of all,I think we all got the answer to how does the frickle frackle work-since Charlie is apparently a human everywhere-secondly….oh no

23)I’m not emotional ready for this

24)Charlie is sad

25)So I am also sad

26)Charlie don’t be mad at Matteusz!It’s just the alien thingy

27)This specific athlete does not only have brains but he’s also a super brave sweetheart that deserves the world

28)Nice save,girrafe

29)This episode won’t end well

30)April’s right…Ram’s being a dick

31)Damn you asteroid!

32)Well it’s definetly an alien thingy


34)“Tell me the truth"sounds creepy af

35)No baby,they are your friends!They love you!

36)WELL EXCuse YOu but the alien prince is from another planet and happens not to know normal things!

37)Charlie is being very much attacked in this episode and I don’t like it

38)I’m alone in the house and scared

39)I have the same question.How bad can one have been in order to be put in a space prison?

40)Everyone is attacking Charlie and this is giving him anxiety

41)Narnia is in Canada #confirmed

42)I certainly complain about my friends all the time.

Like my canary murderer/meme friend.

My bookworm friend

My lowkey stupid friend.

My internet friends that break me with fanfictions.


43)Charlie is precious

44)Protect him

45)What the fuck?

46)Oh this is weird

47)Luckily not Shadow Thingies having the sex weird

48)Yeah April there’s just a tiny problem…MISS QUILL PROBABLY DOESN’T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!

49)Oh no,Ram will pick it up

50)Nothing you’re ashamed of?Think twice sweetheart

51)I don’t know how he keeps getting into these situations either

52)Fuck he told April he loves her

53)What part of "too soon” haven’t you understood?

54)Charlie will probably be thinking"Why does April get a love confession from her boyfriend while mine tells me he’s scared of me?“


56)Oh…this is indeed a deadly rock

57)Yes I’m offended too!White people what?

58)Tanya,I’m 14,I can be your friend

59)Erm she sort of does.Remember the first episode when no one came to help her and I mean,Tanya was her only friend

60)I’m calling Matteusz a big polish giraffe and no one will stop me.Though I see it as a nickname not an insult

61)Stop fighting!

62)A panic attack……….




65)I think I’ll cry


67)I don’t trust how fast he’s fallen and I don’t trust that it’ll last either

68)"Here and nowhere” reminds me of that quote from a philosopher that says “I know that I know nothing”

69)Confess each other to death is a very logical and good plan,isn’t it?

70)Charlie isn’t feeling angry which is another proof that he’s precious and needs to be protected

71)I agree with the big tall giraffe…don’t pick up the stone

72)Imagine seven year old Charlie trying to give a speech XD

73)Tanya’s insults are the best

74)Okay I understand April because I too think this is rushed but I also agree that Ram should be feeling sad

75)Ram please don’t turn to the idiot I thought you were

76)ExCuSe YoU



79)He’s Charlie’s boyfriend


81)No no no don’t make my two sons fight

82)I don’t know which side I should choose

83)Why is everyone so interested in how Charlie and Matteusz are having sex?!

84)Yeah small tiny problem with killing the Shadow Kin…April is technically one of them


86)This got too real and he hasn’t even touched the rock

87)He touched the rock…fuck

88)Charlie is precious and he’s also badass!YOU GO BABY!

89)Oh he’s bleeding


91)Damn you asteroid!They would have kissed!


93)You…Are…My murderer

94)Are they back?

95)This entire show is messed up

96)What the fuck is going on?








104)Why is everyone mad again?

105)Damn you rock!

106)Oh my God she took the thingy out,didn’t she?Fuck

107)Fuck she took it out

108)Everyone will die

109)“And things are…"shaping up to be pretty odd?

110)Are we going to see what happened to miss Quill?

111)Oh…this looks…wow

This episode inspired so much fanfiction. (Search @gleek-runner on Ao3 and Wattpad btw)But it mostly caused tears. Many many tears. I still love it though. It’s my favourite episode.

@witchunters: Love is a losing game might be my guess….

oh damn, this is a good guess tbh! the lyrics sure are fitting:

“Love is a losing game
One I wish I never played
Oh what a mess we made
And now the final frame
Love is a losing game”

“Though I battle blind
Love is a fate resigned
Memories mar my mind
Love is a fate resigned

Over futile odds
And laughed at by the gods
And now the final frame
Love is a losing game”

Chub n’ tuck responsibly, kids.

(It’s a reference to this)

I know this is hardly a joke but I couldn’t get the image of Sans chub n’ tuckin’ out of my head so here ya go.

in your arms

A/N: Woo! I hope you like it, and I hope it’s what you imagined.

summary: You’re stuck on a different Earth, but it doesn’t turn out as bad as you thought it would.

pairing: barry allen x reader

“No!” you shout to yourself, just as you nearly face-plant in the middle of a street. As you shakily lift yourself to your feet, cursing at your now-ripped jeans, cars honk at you. Oh, crap, you think, watching the cars come toward you.

There’s wind in your hair and everything is blurry until it’s not. You blink up at a man wearing red leather, his arms wrapped around you tightly.

“Are you okay?” he asks, looking you over quickly.

“Yes,” you reply bluntly. He nods and looks over your shoulder. You realize this man has super speed and you gasp, grabbing onto his sleeve just as he flashes off. You don’t even have time to process anything before everything comes to a stop and he’s staring at you oddly.

“Um,” he starts, looking between your face and your hand. “Would you mind letting go? I’m kind of in a hurry.”

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Explain, Parker (Peter Parker Imagine)

Request: “Can I request prompt #84 with Peter Parker?” -anon

Prompt: #84 “I made cookies

A/N: (Y/F/N) = Your friend’s name. Sorry it’s a little short! I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Your boyfriend, Peter Parker has been acting strange for a couple of months, so you give a choice: explain what’s going on or be single.

Warnings: One swear word?

Originally posted by quinn-harleen

Send a request | Prompts | Masterlist

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Forces of Nature by PipMer
Words: 4,406, T, WIP
Summary: It isn’t that they’re necessarily rare. Approximately ten percent of the population manifest as Elementals. Gifted ones, though? Those are one in a thousand.What are the odds that two Gifted Elementals would meet and become flatmates? Very improbable. Not, however, impossible.

@pipmer this was amazing! Oh my god, that cliffhanger! That was ‘mic drop’ material XD

Memorable Moment:

“Changeable and unpredictable, just like the wind,” John says.

Sherlock swallows. He clears his throat. “Yes, well. And you’re a Terran. As steady and unchanging as a rock. Admirable qualities that are worth preserving. I’d be a fool to not try and ensure your continued existence.”

John barks out a laugh. “Right. Good to know that I’m good for something, at least.”

I love the names you’ve come up with for the different Elementals. Super original!  

This ones a WIP, but oh man it’ll be worth the wait for part two! Please remember to leave kudos and/or comments for the author! It makes their day XD

Tags below:

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for those of u who maybe didnt see this when it came out awhile back, one of tezuka’s daughters finally opened up a locked drawer in his desk and found these like erotic unfinished sketches (to be honest i dont understand what the huge deal was at all because if u have read some of his library of work he wasnt exactly subtle about his fetishes, drew lots of ‘adult’ titles which have far much ‘weirder’. the sketches are like incredibly tame compared to what hes actually published so i…dont get it. i guess cuz they were ‘hidden’? but anyways) both east n west media ran with it and was like ‘oh my god i can’t believe tezuka drew this sexy transforming furry mouse!’ as though it was like. they popped open disneys secret cryogenic vault and found a photo of a boob in there. the height of scandal 

anyways my point being if u ever feel embarrassed about drawing silly/odd stuff please know they just released now a new book with all the sketches, like literally a delicate little novella about ‘we found this weird stuff locked in his desk and now we’re publishing it cuz its so weird can u believe this’ imagine being roasted this hard. u may have done lots of embarrassing things in ur life but at least u didnt get a book published entirely devoted to ur fetish sketches hidden in the back pages of your sketchbooks. except ur dead so u cant even be like ‘ok listen it was for a commission’ or something. brutal 


okay can we talk for a minute about Leverage and how Nate and Maggie are estranged at the beginning of the show

but there is just so little hostility and instead a lot of confusion and regret

but they wind up in a much better, closer place at the end

even get a little closure over the death of their son


them getting back together isn’t a plot thing at all

jealousy between her and Sophie is not an issue

Nate is never forced to choose between them

there is no regretful “i will miss you but i see how happy you are with her/him” scene at the end

the whole team rallies to save her butt when she’s framed for stealing that Faberge egg without question

instead of being bitter and trying to get in the way of the team, she helps the team out not just on the job that will allow her to get revenge on the guy whose policies led to their son’s death, but on a totally unrelated, earlier job

the script was so good and the character stuff so good we don’t feel like Maggie got shafted and Nate “got the girl”

i mean, unless i am forgetting about scenes or something, there’s all these really frustrating things they COULD have done, and they just didn’t

and the whole show was like that

it openly acknowledged the attractiveness of ALL their leads (Nate was a bit of a mess, but that’s Nate) and Eliot and Hardison (in that order) were the most casually sexualized (Sophie pretty much sexualized herseif, and it was almost always done as part of a con, on her own terms); Parker was not really sexualized at all, despite being cute as hell and even taking her top off in front of the boys – we believed she was sexy, we didn’t have our nose rubbed in it

the suffering of women was never depicted in a sexual way, in any way that made it look attractive

female incompetence was never a theme

“natural” female superiority was not a theme (those ”haha silly men can’t do anything right” sorts of depictions often come from a place of male insecurity, not female empowerment)

the boys on the team showed complete respect for Sophie, even though she was the “sexy one”

as the boys on the team came to understand how broken Parker really sorta was and how “odd” even aside from that, they rallied to supporther, not fix or take advantage of her, and they accepted her oddness even though it often aggravated them and sometimes led them to gloss over what she was saying as Parker weirdness (the jury episode where she tries to tell them that something is fishy and they dismiss her – actually very realistic but not done too painfully) Parker was never shown in a light that made her look inadequate because of her “shortcomings” which were really just the facts of her existence

the whole premise of the show revolved around righting the wrongs created by capitalism, even if not every episode explicitly went there

and the characters oh god my heart

every one of them was a treasure, someone i could fall in love with

Eliot was an Okie from a blue-collar background, and was a rough guy, but was never shown to be sexist in any way despite how attached sexism is to the trope of the tough southern dude who loves horses and beer and country music; he was violent, but his arc was not to unrealistically eschew that violence … rather, he channeled it into protecting, not destroying; he had very real feelings, not just caricatured reactions to things

Parker was not involved in a romantic tug-of-war between other teammates, she was never a narrative device to create romantic tension within the team; she arguably was the glue that stuck Eliot (protective big brother) and Hardison (darling loving cinnamon roll) together in that OT3 relationship that pretty much everyone who watched the show realized existed

Sophie was incredibly sexy and manipulative and this was never thrown in her face via slut-shaming or making her out to be an awful person or turning her into any of the unflattering stereotypes that sort of character often gets turned into; also, there was no running gag where she slept with every member of the team (no that it would have been bad if she had, just that sort of thing tends to get handled really badly)

Hardison, our beloved incredibly multi-talented genius with a heart of gold, was Black, but they didn’t write him like a white character or have him speak like a white character; he was also the most stable and gentle and soft-spoken member of the team, IMO, which is not how you would expect a show to depict the sole Black teammate

Nate was an alcoholic whose addiction was treated realistically and with respect, was not over-dramatized, was not magically “cured”, was acknowledged by the team without there being a major intervention plotline, didn’t function as a real liability team-wise, and was never played as a device to keep him away from Sophie by having her deliver an ultimatum he couldn’t meet; it was a part of his personality, not all of his personality, and while addiction recovery narratives are important, not everything about an addict has to be about that, any more than all gay love stories have to end in tragedy

it was just a really, really good show, you guys, grounded in real feelings and issues without being too dark, hilarious without being mean, and feelsy without being saccharine

i love it so much and sometimes i just have to gush about it

pick me up and punch me out

@poppypomfrey as always, i love you. your fic today was to good for the world. 

“I think it’s going well.”

James looked up from his chair, cheek throbbing like a fucker and contact half sliding out of his eye. “I’m losing.” He said, in disbelief.

“I know but I’ve got money on it.” Lily said, moving the ice pack from his shoulder to his temple, even though he’d read somewhere that using one icepack for the whole body was unhygienic. If he brought this up however, she would probably stuff the pack in his mouth.

“But then wouldn’t that be bad because you’d be los-“ he started, and then realised what was happening. “Oh my god, you put money on Black?

Lily shrugged. “Odds are on him winning.”

You’re my manager.”

“Hey, numbers don’t lie.”

James couldn’t believe her.

“I fucking knew I should have hired Remus. He never would have bet on my literal opponent-”


Lily sighed, blew hair out of her eyes and looked at him like he was an idiot, which was not unusual. She took the icepack off his temple and threw it into the bin as if his whole body wasn’t a walking bruise right now, and squatted down to meet his eyes.

“Potter. Focus. You keep letting him in on your left side and it’s why you’re going down so quick, and when I say ‘hover your hands around your face’ I mean cheek level, not at your goddamn eyes because we’re not at fucking practise, it’s not like he’s gunna break your glasses.”

“You did break my glasses.”


“Four times.” He corrected, because it had been, and he has the receipts to prove it. Lily rolled her eyes.

Focus James. Stop fighting like you’re in school. Stop misdirecting and just fucking hit him. The more times you try the more likely you are to actually knock him out.”

“Wow. What a tip.” James said sarcastically, because it was already the third round, and he was so tired, and her hair looked so pretty like this, why didn’t she wear it like that all the time.

Lily looked at him, scanning his face, and he could feel his lip swelling. It felt enormous, bigger than his whole head. “Are you good?” she said at last.

“Fine. Yeah. All good.” He lied, although it wasn’t really. He could go back out. He’d gone back out with worse. That time with Avery, where his rib broke and punctured a lung but he’d kept going and fainted. Lily had screamed at him the whole ambulance ride, blood on her hands and eyes wide.

“You can win this.” She said in her Lily voice, all sure and steady and solid, like it was an absolute. Like he already had.

“Alright.” He wasn’t sure what he was agreeing to. The room was to bright, and her hand was on his leg, and he would fight a dragon if she would keep looking at him like that.

“Hey,” a guy poked his head round the changing room, “its two minutes.” James could hear the crowd again, yelling names and stomping their feet. His mum was watching tonight, huddled in the corner with eyes peeking through her fingers. The last time she came to watch he’d won in three rounds, and now he was down to Black with blood in his mouth because his mouth guard had been mashed into his gum so many times.

“Let’s go.” Lily said, standing up. James followed, picturing the simple movement of his arm. The swift action of an upper cut colliding with a jaw. The pounding in his fingers, the feel of bone against bone.

“Did you really bet on Black?”

She met his eye, lanyard tangled and in jeans with a hole on the knee that was not stylistic. “’Course not. I pick you every time, so fucking win or I won’t be able to pay my rent.”

He grinned, and the crowd roared, and the doors opened, and he could still feel the imprint of her hand on his knee like a burn. Proof of how royally fucking gone he was, not just in this fight, but with her.

Vaguely inspired by this piece of artwork by the amazing cherryandsisters

When Nico opened his eyes, he almost felt relieved. It wasn’t surprising, relief was a pretty common feeling from what he understood, but he had never expected his own death to feel so…so easy.

He looked around, trying to determine where in the underworld he was. Nothing looked familiar. He found himself in a sort of blue mist, not cold or warm, no smells or sound or… anything. Well, that was odd. He looked down and saw his hands, which was also odd. “Hello?” His voice echoed around the odd space, though he couldn’t get what the sound was bouncing off of. He realized with a jolt that he had just spoken…which was also very unexpected. Most ghosts couldn’t speak, at least coherently.
“Hello?” He tried again, “Father?”

“Not quite.”

Nico didn’t so much hear the voice as much as he thought it- the words etching themselves on the inside of his mind like a stone tablet. Nico smiled.
“My lord Thanatos.”

The god seeped into existence, tendrils of shadow appearing and twisting until the dark form of the god of death became physical, he great wings stirring the mist. “Hello, Nico di Angelo.”

“I’m dead.” It wasn’t a question.
“Almost?” Nico frowned, “I don’t understand.”
“You are almost dead. You are dying.”
Nico shook his head. “That doesn’t make sense.”
“It’s a very rare situation that you find yourself in, Nico di Angelo. You should be dead,” the god pulled what looked like an hourglass out of the mist, “but something is keeping you alive.”
Nico looked at the hourglass. There was no sand in the bottom, instead a faint glow bounced around inside the glass.
“It was.”
“Now, it is something else.”
“I don’t suppose I get to know what?”
Thanatos shrugged, “You may, if you wish.” He flapped his wings, blowing away the mist.
For the first time, Nico knew where he was. He saw his body strewn across the ground, his blood watering the ground and his own bloody sword beside his corpse.
Nico couldn’t exactly remember what happened, the vague and cluttered memory of battle growing hazy the longer he was in this strange purgatory. He remembered dying to the sounds of crying. Oh, that’s right.
“Will.” Nico said, and more of the mist cleared to reveal Will Solace, face and torso spattered with blood and smudged with tears and dirt. His hands were buried in Nico’s torso and a yellow and clear light was radiating from his hands.

“You have a very talented lover.” Thanatos commented, “a true protégé. Apollo should be proud, it’s not often a healer of such talent is born.”

“We’re not-”
“Lovers. I am not Eros but him and I are of the same cloth. As it were. It takes a very strong love to pull someone back from death.”

“Will is saving me.” Nico felt a clench where his heart would be. Will was crying, sobbing, calling Nico’s name over and over and pleading with him to stay, don’t go, keeping fighting. Nico please don’t go. Nico please I love you.

I love you.

“Will.” Nico reached out, trying to reach him, trying to touch him to make contact. “I have to…I can’t let him keep doing this. He’s-”

“Dying, yes.” Thanatos said, “He’s dying to save you. To breach the rules of death even for a moment is too much strain on a mortal.”

“He needs to stop.” Nico could feel Will’s life dwindling, “I’m not worth it.”

“To him you are.”

“Thanatos…my lord, please. What can I do? He can’t die for me. He can’t -”

“He can and he will.” Thanatos’s voice resonated with an authority that was above even the gods’. “If he cannot save you, he will live in regret. The weight of those lives lost under his hand burden him already. Losing the one he loves would be too much to bear. I know you understand.”

And Nico did. He hated it but he DID. And with each moment he could feel Will’s burden in his own soul as Will continued to our his own life force into Nico. “There has to be something,” Nico pleaded, “something to-“

“There is not-”
“There is.” A new voice, a familiar warm and musical voice shifted the mist.

“Apollo.” Thanatos acknowledged, “somehow I’m not surprised.”

“He is my son.” Apollo glared.
“You have had many sons,” Thanatos said, “you did not come for them.”

“Lord Apollo, please,” Nico interrupted, “you said-”

“Nico,” Apollo’s voice was soft and comforting, “You want to save him.”
“Will is praying to me to save you. He’s desperate. He promises anything he can give.”

“And you will grant this prayer?” Thanatos asked, “you will burden your favored son’s life with another’s?”

“I would.” Apollo said, “it’s what he chooses. Would you stop me?”

“You choose to add more to your list of mistakes. Death comes to everything. This life is now yours.” And with that, Thanatos vanished as quickly as he had appeared, leaving Nico in the mist alone with Apollo, watching Will die.

“Right,” Apollo glared at where the god of death had been, “another sin to my list, then. Primordial deities are all alike, truly.”

“You said there was a way-” Nico pleaded, and by his body Will’s breath came shorter and shorter.
“There is,” Apollo nodded, “But it is not easy. Thanatos was correct, it is heavy burden. But Will, my son, he prays to me and I will answer. He loves you very much.”

“I know,” Nico said, and he could feel the pain of Will’s dying love like a dagger.

“Will has a rare ability, and so do you. A child of healing and a child of death. I can grant life to both of you.”

“Yes,” Nico agreed, “please, will is-”
“You shall be bound to him. Your life and his will be tied. You shall be his burden.”

“I…what do you mean?”
“You raise the dead, Nico. You know the contract that is made between the living and the dead.”
Oh. He did. It made sense, of course. Will would be bringing Nico from death, his energy animating and controlling a corpse and a spirit. It was not a kind contract to either party. The power over death causes a heavy weight on a mortal, the actions of the dead straining and tainting the soul. “Will doesn’t know-“
“No. It will be your responsibility that he does.”
“I don’t want to hurt him.”
Apollo’s expression was solemn, “I’m afraid he’s already made that choice for you.”

“Will…” Nico felt truly empty.
“Make him happy, Nico.”

The mist cleared and went dark, and Nico opened his eyes for a second time. Cold and warmth battled on his skin, and the sudden return of a heart beat made him gasp. “Will!”

“Nico!” Will cried, literally, fat and ugly tears streaming down his face like a river. “Oh my gods Nico, you’re alive! I though you-Your heart wasn’t-i couldn’t- Nico, Nico,Nico” Will chanted his name like a mantra.

“Will,” Nico choked out, blood on his tongue making him gag, “I’m sorry.”

“No, no,” Will shook his head, “everything is ok. It’ll all be ok.”
“Will, please…”
Will cradled Nico’s head again his chest and sobbed “Anything. Nico. Nico. I love you.”

The words fell cold and all Nico could do was clutch at Will’s hand. “I know.” He shuddered, and saw a black feather fall to the ground beside him, “I know.”

Fun (crazy) weekend

Kory was off this weekend..yay! 

Saturday was my girl Lindsay’s baby shower..in Maryland. Kory took off to be with Luna for the day. I was hesitant for this trip since it was only a week before our move to NC but I decided to go. I really wanted to go, plus I figured driving 6.5 hours in one day would be good practice for my 9.5 hour trip next weekend. Only I had a 3 hour break in between legs of this trip. And next weekend I’ll be alone with a 3 year old. God help me..

Anyway, the shower was fun. Can’t believe there is going to be another baby girl in my life! Third one of my friends to have a baby girl after I had my little girl. No boys to speak of..what are the odds? 

The drive was easy, barely any traffic. The weather back up was crazy though. Random bits of intense rain. About an hour from home I drove through what was basically a flash flood. Again, good practice! We’re looking at some rain for the move. Hopefully that changes though.

Father’s day! It was an early day since we were trying to sell some junk at the flea market. It was painful as always, but we got rid of some junk and made $40 so worth it. Then a quick breakfast at home and down to Wildwood!!! My favorite place just about in the world. We went with our friend Jenny since we’re trying to spend as much time with friends as we can. 

We had a ton of fun..the weather was PERFECT (even if my back did get a bit sunburnt). We ate Curley’s fries (best in the world), gigantic pizza, and deep fried reeses/cheesecake/funnel cake. We played games, went on rides, and just generally enjoyed the boardwalk. 

Then we hit up Cape May brewery. Luna had reached her limit so poor Kory just had to breeze through his flight of beer so we could start getting home.

It was a fun and EXHAUSTING weekend. Now we’re getting into major moving crunch time. Spent the morning packing, making phone calls, and taking down the wall decal in Luna’s room. Unfortunately my tendinitis is flaring up at the WORST possible time. I have my brace on and it’s very restraining. Wah!   

First times #10: Boxer shorts

This is a mix of several prompts, because they just fit so well together ^_^

prettybluescarf asked for:

- First time one of Anders’ family walks into his home and finds Mitchell instead.

- First time Mitchell feels at home enough at Anders’ place to wander around in his boxers.

itsmusomuse wanted to read ‘First time Anders introduces Mitchell to his family’ - it’s not a real introduction like you probably imagined, but I’m writing that for another AU of mine so I kind of didn’t want to spoil that. I tried to incorporate it into this story, I hope it’s okay.

And an Anon asked for: First time one of them gets trapped in an embarrassing situation and the other saves them.

Enjoy! :-)


Mitchell yawns sleepily and scratches at his stomach, the last remains of sleep clinging to him like a petulant child. He pads into the open kitchen, pausing to cast a glance at the clock in the hallway. Almost two in the afternoon, no time to be so sleepy still, but it’s his day off and he’s treated himself to some sleeping in after a tough two-weeks-schedule of night shifts. His lover is out; work - meaning Dawn - having reminded Anders of his duties, and without the sleepwarm blond to snuggle against, the bed isn’t the same anyway. With a sigh that’s more out of habit than frustration, the vampire rises on tiptoes to peek into the overhead cupboard, finding some bagged tea at the very back. Experience tells him how to handle Anders’ antiquated fossil of a kettle; it’s usually him who makes tea in the morning. Anders is comfortable enough leaving such tasks to Mitchell, and Mitchell in turn doesn’t mind.

He scratches at his belly again, running a hand through the hair above the waistband of the slinky black boxer briefs he’s wearing; the hair Anders loves playing with so much. That’s what he is comfortable with, walking around in nothing but his undies, although this is the first time. While Anders has no problem at all displaying nudity, Mitchell has always felt sort of self-conscious about it. He doesn’t mind getting undressed in front of his lover, gosh, no. Even though his birth date falls under the reign of Queen Victoria, he isn’t that prudish. He could spend hours, nay, days in bed naked with Anders and not even bat a lash. But hopping out of bed for a quick snack, or just lazing about in front of the TV sporting nothing but his bare skin - that’s a level of comfort Mitchell hasn’t quite reached yet. Especially when he’s alone in the flat. After all, this is another person’s home, not his own, so it feels strangely inappropriate being nude, even though Anders always assures him, leering, that it’s not. Normally, Mitchell throws on at least a pair of trackie pants or his trademark black jeans; however, when he stepped out of the bathroom earlier, he simply forgot.

Keep reading