what are the norms

Slytherin Monogamy

Slytherins are known to be traditional. But as is the norm, there are always exceptions to the rule and sometimes those exceptions reinforce the norm.

  • Narcissa grew up and saw what her fathers cheating did to her mother. And she swore that whomever she married would know better than to cheat on her.
  • During her years at Hogwarts she had to make Andromeda stand down when her first boyfriend and the one after that cheated on her. 
  • The first one she hexed, nothing serious mind you. Just a little something to make him violently ill to the touch of a female.
  • The second one didn’t realise she didn’t take kindly to being cheated on. So this one she hexed the same as the other and enforced a Slytherin Girl wide rejection. Some of the Ravenclaws took it up as well. These girls would not talk to him and would go out of their way to be snide and rude to him. This ban lasted nearly a year before he came back apologising and begging Narcissa to stop.
  • This in turn made the rest of the girls be less forgiving on cheating partners, starting the Slytherin Sisterhood that dealt with these sorts of situations.

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I'm so glad for the opportunity for open discussion while all of us are living under the shadow of some truly sinister rhetoric. One question that I'm continually turning over in my head is what can we do individually and day-to-day to create cultural norms of tolerance and respect?

Most importantly, and arguably easiest, is to be a role model. Set a standard for tolerance and respect yourself that others around you can imitate. Then, hold your elected officials accountable to that same standard. Inform yourself and make your voice heard. If your elected officials are trying to pass legislation that fights against diversity and respect, take action! Call, write, tweet - everything!  

And finally, we need to get the facts straight. Unfortunately, much of the intolerance we see in our country is based on inaccurate information. For example, a National Hispanic Media and Latino Decisions poll found that 1 out of 3 Americans inaccurately believes that most Latinos are undocumented. This inaccuracy leads to misconceptions that only leads to intolerance and disrespect.  Call these inaccuracies out when you see them and help educate those around you. People are more likely to listen to their friends and peers, use that power to correct misinformation.

Why Sangwoo Became Affectionate

As my best friend @officialperidork said, chapter 6 is basically an ecchi. We are presented with a soft, sensual, and sexually charged tone which is a dramatic shift from what the readers now understand to be the norm. But we don’t really get an explanation and I doubt a handjob would turn Sangwoo from knife-happy to cuddly.

After reading @killingandstalking ‘s theory that Sangwoo’s mother may have sexually abused him, everything becomes clear.

Recapping the interactions in chapter 5, we see that Sangwoo was initially carrying unconscious Yoonbum to the basement but stopped midway and instead brought him to his room. We are not given a motive for this. I doubt it was a sudden change of heart or pity. I think Sangwoo recalled an event from his past where he was sick as a child.

Sangwoo places Yoonbum on his bed, helps him drink down the salt water, and tells him to rest. Later he comes back to the room and asks if Yoonbum is okay, and here is when Yoonbum shares how he wants to eat at the same table as Sangwoo from now on.

This is a key shift in the roles of the characters. Sangwoo has not shared the big table with anyone else to our knowledge and made Yoonbum sit on the small table like he did as a child. Now child Sangwoo shared the small table with his mother and must have questioned why he and his mother couldn’t eat at the big table too. By expressing how he wants to eat at the big table, Yoonbum makes a connection to child Sangwoo. Child Sangwoo only ate with his mother.

If they both eat at the big table now. Sangwoo may be able to “change” his past.

His Father doesn’t exist.

Yoonbum now has the role of child Sangwoo.

Sangwoo now views Yoonbum the way his mother viewed him and so he begins to comfort him the same way. He introduces to Yoonbum to intimacy in the same room he was as a child, and thus the fear of his mother has passed and he is now in control of how the “child” is handled.

In chapter six, we see Yoonbum explaining how since that incident, Sangwoo hasn’t hurt him, ordered him around, or made him do chores. Yoonbum is no longer the housewife. Sangwoo has taken on the role that his mother had and takes care of the abused “child”.

Dealing with the aftermath when “father” is gone

normally Yoonbum would be sprawled on the floor getting beat by now because of “father”

Showing empathetic concern

definitely not something “father” would do to “mother”

Changing the subject/showing affection

Yoonbum is even drawn like a child getting his cheeks pinched

Overall gentleness in caretaker behavior

Yoonbum explains that it feels like he’s living with twins that have a completely different personality from one another and it took time for him to get used to this. He goes on to say Sangwoo bathes and dresses him daily, which is really not like him. He normally would not give a damn if Yoonbum was hungry, dirty, or hurt. 

We do not know how long this behavior continues. We later see them sleeping in Sangwoo’s room, under the same covers. I think we can assume with the abusive dad, Sangwoo’s mom often slept in Sangwoo’s rooom instead…and that’s when things get really fucked up. 

Sangwoo solidifies his role as the mom.

1) He teaches sexual acts in the room he was haunted in

he even thanks Yoonbum after the blowjob 

2) He caresses with damp hands

3) He provides food rather than having Yoonbum cook

4) He explains the situation the way an abused parent would

Again, time passes after this. And then Sangwoo tests his loyalty and Yoonbum tries to make his escape and royally fucks up. I’ll make a post about that too later.

BONUS *when you’re your own mom and you cuddle yourself??*

killing stalking is a wild ride that we’re all going to get thrown the fuck off of

Ep 8 Suggests Viktor & Yuri are Now Lovers

Clue #1: Episode Narrated by Yuri… Plisetsky?

For the first time, the start-of-episode “here’s what’s happening with me” narration is not done by Yuri Katsuki. Why? Because, as Yuri has been bluntly honest with us from the start during these little bits of narration, he’d clearly tell us about the most major new development that has happened in his life since episode 7: he and Viktor are now lovers.

Japanese TV and mainstream sensibilities being what they are (inclusive of all as long as they only bend, not break, the norms of society), but unwilling to compromise what is clearly canon in their minds, Director Yamamoto and Series Writer Kubo appear to have decided on this little bit of subterfuge to keep their artistic integrity–they won’t compromise their story or Yuri’s integrity as a narrator, but they won’t rock the boat enough to get thrown overboard either.

Clue #2: Viktor’s Adorable Cowlick is No Longer Forbidden Fruit?

Viktor kneels in front of Yuri, giving Yuri a prime view and excellent reachability of his normally unviewable/inaccessible cowlick to Yuri (since Yuri is shorter than him). Twice in the past, we’ve seen examples of Yuri’s fascination/attraction to that cowlick, to the extent that he reaches out to touch it, even though he was annoyed with Viktor in one incident, and exhausted/unable to resist despite the extreme rudeness of the intimate gesture toward his coach, in the other incident. This time, with their clearly growing intimacy and the prime reachability of the cowlick in this position, Yuri isn’t even tempted to touch it. Why? Perhaps because it’s not forbidden fruit anymore—which it wouldn’t be if they’d become lovers since Episode 7 and Yuri’s been granted access to much, much more than Viktor’s head. ;-D

Clue #3: The UST is Resolved?!

Prior to this episode, anything smacking of PDA with Viktor was cause for extreme blushing and physical tension on Yuri’s part. Observe the effects of a simple hug in episode 5:

And yet, here is Viktor kneeling in front of him, lifting up his leg, and KISSING his skate. And Yuri lets him do it/watches him do it with barely a flush. Why? Because they’ve resolved their Unresolved Sexual Tension and are comfortably together/intimate now. So a thing like this? Pleasurable, but normal. ;-D

To say nothing of Yuri grabbing Viktor’s tie and whispering sexily in his ear. XD

Clue #4: Synchronized Husbands / Yuri’s Not Threatened by Yurio

In these two adorable “bakkapuru” (idiot couple) moments, we can see the now-comfortably-together/settled boyfriends starting to act in synch with each other in terms of reactions and expressions. Also, Yuri is no longer threatened by Yurio as he once was when he was unsure of himself and, thus, his hold on Viktor. Now that the couple is officially together, they’ve developed this solid “we” stance when regarding others.

Also, this tag-teaming in one another’s languages—while cheering on Yurio, Yuri shouts “davai!” in Russian and Viktor shouts “ganba!” which is a regional/colloquial way to say, “ganbatte!” that we’ve heard Yuri and all the people from Hasetsu use. (credit to @zibilivedro for that insight!)

In short, this is the face of a man who’s finally got what he wanted and is now happy/secure in his relationship:

“I thought I was going to work until I died. But they came in and told me that I was too old and that I didn’t know the computer. They thought I was obsolete. If that’s true—then how did I get so far without the computer? I’ve got that computer in my head. I can design the whole process. I can start with a blank sheet of paper and cycle the whole line: the robots, the tooling, everything. That was my life. At night when I go to sleep, I’m still building welding lines. There were only 1800 of us in this town that could do it. And each of us had our own style. People could recognize Norm Szewsky’s work. But you know what happened? They took all 1800 of our brains, and they put them in a computer. So now a guy who don’t know nothing can just press a button, and out comes a clamp. Oh well, I don’t really give a shit. I’m checking out soon.”

Can we just appreciate how Rowan looks like an independent woman from a 50s movie who’s watching one of her many worshippers walk off as she thinks of how boring life is beginning to get, and that having so much adoration surrounding her because of her beauty isn’t fulfilling, and that she wants to travel the world and write and live among nature because that’s what really will make her happy but societal norms and judgement is blocking her path and she hates it. Like I’m getting all of this from a single facial expression and pose by her and she’s only 15 like slay every single part of my life

MBTI types based on people I actually know

I got this idea off @entjheda and decided to do it based on the people I know!


  • You complete me <3
  • Literally we have reverse functions so you need me too HAHA
  • Will cry if made fun of. May not do it in public. But will come home and cry for hours
  • Appreciates other people’s weirdness and accepts them for who they are
  • My lil bbys essentially


  • Stop Trying To Beat Me In Sass
  • might be more funny than me what huh who said that
  • Likes to be the Dad Friend
  • Is not always the Dad Friend
  • Pair them with an INTJ I dare I double dare you
  • Up for literally any form of entertainment ever


  • Mom Friend x 100000
  • Somehow always knows what to say to make you feel better
  • Probably uses witchcraft to do this
  • Very very very very very very emotional
  • But bounces back after a hella long time of Coping


  • Gets offended easily
  • “What do you mean you don’t adhere to the social norms”
  • Worries a lot
  • Just wants harmony and peace 
  • Kind of annoying because Fi v Fe but tries to improve always


  • gets stressed out when you don’t adhere to the rules
  • Is actually pretty chill (as long as you keep to the rules)
  • Cares so much when you are upset. Will hug you when you are upset.
  • I wish I appreciated you more when you were around tbh


  • Ne. That’s all I’m going to say.
  • Could be the Dad Friend. Gets yelled at when they try to Dad Friend me though.
  • Responsibilities™
  • Will never leave you on your own drunk and dying in a club (but will make fun of you the morning after)


  • Problematic Fave
  • Very Problematic Fave
  • Likes the same weird nerdy obscure shit but hides it under layers of Social Skills Inferior Fe
  • Gets embarrassed very easily
  • Is fun to embarrass very easily
  • Pretends not to care but cares a lot 


  • Urgh
  • Why are they so attractive
  • And make you feel so special inside
  • But turns out they are Openly Fuckboiz
  • You knew this all along but you still went for it 
  • Pair with an ENTJ and you get a fun spontaneous bromance 


  • I’ve met a wide range of INTPs going from extremely stubborn fascist to a good very smart no-nonsense friend
  • Great to live with because they are so quiet 
  • Not even sure if they exist properly because so quiet
  • So nerdy but so unashamed


  • Absolute partner in crime. 
  • Has the sass and the wit, lacks the planning of anything
  • Strong Independent Woman 
  • Snapchat game is almost better than mine 
  • Needs a lot of introvert time though but its ok they’ll be back


  • You guys are deep
  • And you spend a lot of time in your room contemplating the univerise
  • Which is great because we reach the same conclusions except I do it through experiencing the world
  • they’re very loyal when they like you
  • and you definitely know when they Do Not


  • I’ve actually never met another one of me 
  • Which is very weird
  • No wait I do have this one female friend
  • Alpha Female ™
  • Very hardworking and studious and smart but will have minor breakdowns if things don’t go according to plan
  • Will Peer Review you 
  • Without you asking


  • emo
  • so emo
  • “I can’t hang out today I feel like you deserve so much better friend than me and am contemplating the universe”
  • Very thoughtful and will remember things you said you liked from 3 months ago
  • Will also get you to somehow spill your deepest darkest thoughts 
  • And then disappear into the night because emo


  • ???????
  • where do you find these
  • seriously I know NO ONE of this type
  • I imagine you’re kinda like Zooey Deschanel
  • In which case pls don’t Manic Pixie Girl around me 


  • Best Friend ™ and Cinnamon Roll ™ 
  • Really really nervous socially
  • But gives A+ emotional advice
  • Very loyal, but wobbles a bit
  • Needs you to protect them at all times
  • Likes romantic comedies


  • Other Best Friend ™ and Cinnamon Roll ™
  • Protect them, they’re naive and oblivious - I’m just going to copy this from someone else because it’s TRUE
  • Literally will overlook anything if you are nice to them once
  • Will be a puddle of tears inside if there is conflict
  • Just wants to be loved 
  • Is loved ferociously
How to Care Less about what Other People Think

1. Know what matters to you, personally – what you stand for, and what your values are .

2. Don’t be anxious about breaking social norms. The more often you do this, and go against the flow, the less it will bother you to simply be yourself.

3. Decide not to live as a people pleaser, or to get upset and take rejection personally.

4. Hang out with people who are self confident, who know what they believe in, and what they want from life. You’ll find their self-confidence will rub off on you, too, and you’ll start to worry less about what other people think.

5. Working on becoming more competent in the skills and areas that matter to you. That will naturally enhance your self confidence, and develop a self image that is strong and positive.

6. Travel, or spend time with lots of different people. That will show you how diverse attitudes and outlooks are. That is, there’s no one way of being – so find, and be, yourself.

tbh positivity isn’t at all necessary for groups that enjoy continuous affirmation by the structural workings of society. like i know half-assed positivity posts are in right now but please… i don’t need positivity for being able-bodied. every day that i am able to easily access my university, apartment, and masjid & every day that i am not judged or demeaned based on my ability- i know that i am being affirmed. if you’re white &/or cis &/or straight etc. you will experience privileges similar to this- a world so intentionally created for you it can be difficult to notice how different it can be for others, especially as certain identities intersect. 

the affirmations that i receive, unfairly, for my ability do not need to be re-affirmed with “positivity culture”. if you work to recognise your privilege, you already know that a given identity benefits you in tangible ways. positivity only has any power when it counters a norm of what is deemed “good” or “acceptable” within a certain narrow & harmful viewpoint. 

like..when i was sixteen-year old sex worker and had just received a positive hiv test result, the declaration that i was not dirty or unworthy of love would have been meaningful and indeed a radical idea. when i was first discovering my sexuality as a woman of colour, the idea of my feelings being natural and good would have certainly made an impact on me.

positivity can be significant. it becomes empty when we start endorsing statements like “i hope all cis boys are having a good day” or “white women are valid your race doesn’t make you any less beautiful” or “able-bodied folks are ethereal” or “straight people deserve better”. it becomes actively harmful when we suggest that “abusive men who yell and punch walls are valid and lovable” or “support straight people who want to destroy all lgbt people because of mental illness” or “it’s okay if you violently hate all women”. like? it’s one thing to uselessly give special support to already supported groups but it’s quite another to reinforce detrimental politics or beliefs at the expense of vulnerable groups lmao.

So what if I don’t have my first date at 16. So what if I don’t know what I want to go to school for at 18. So what if I don’t have my ideal job after college at 21. So what if I’m not engaged by 24. So what if I’m not settled down with a family at 28. All my life I’ve tried to plan my future before I even know what I’m doing next week. Our generation pressures us with these norms as if we have to accomplish all these things at certain milestone ages. But the truth is, everyone moves at their own pace in life. I graduated with someone who was married at 20, and some may not marry until 40, or never marry at all… Maybe that will be me, I don’t know. But I do know, I don’t plan to have my dream job at 20, let alone a full-time job. I don’t know where I see myself ten years from now. I could be in Florida, California or maybe a different country. Maybe I will never settle. But that’s me. Don’t look at these years as a burden and look for something to tie you down but rather encourage you to explore, and ultimately find yourself. Everything after that will follow in time.

To the creators and to everyone in the Yuri!!! on ice fandom

I just want to say Thank You

It has been a complete privilege to be part of this wonderful and amazing fandom. Yuri on ice has taught me a lot of things and I am grateful.

All these weeks of waiting for that one episode to finally come. All those headcanons that we try and make so that we’d have some clue as to what the next episode might be like, but still get completely floored when we finally watch it. Over-analyzing every little detail there is. Those moments where we cried about our beloved characters and wishing we’d be there to comfort them and tell them that it’ll all be okay. I love you guys so much, even though we’ve never interacted before. We share the same love for this show. This little show that has broke all the rules there is. Breaking the norms and constructs of what is usually done.

Our show might be over but the fandom is not. We’re still here and we’re always going to be here. If there really is a second season then you bet your ass that we’re still gonna be here, cheering on our beloved characters as they go through another round of facing their fears and overcoming them. I am not leaving this fandom and this show because for the little amount of time that it ran, it has touched my heart and made me fall in love. I hope you did too.

So, dasvidaniya and see you next level!!

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If Kindness is the rarest trait for humans, what's the most common trait?

Determination, I think. It’s in human nature to cling to their hopes and dreams just as it’s in a monster’s nature to love people. There are exceptions of course. Not everyone follows the norm for their race. What I think is special about Frisk though, is that they embody the strengths of both monsters and humans, refusing to give up and loving unconditionally.

Some people mistakenly thought of him as a trickster god or as amoral or indifferent or something, and that’s not actually how we present him.

This time, we go into his backstory. And we present him as someone who has suffered great abuse in his normal life, his real life, and therefore when he merged with the Void to become godlike in a sense—not omniscient or omnipotent, that would be kind of boring I think​—he struggles to maintain some sort of human consciousness probably.

But he ends up picking people who are going to pivotal to large numbers of people, people in history, pivotal in that part of the world, and he kind of anoints them and gives the access to great power. And he fully, cynically expects them to abuse that power and lord it over other people, and when they don’t, he’s pleasantly surprised. It’s such a break from the norm from what he’s used to, and so he serves, I feel, like as a thematic touchpoint for the abuse of power.

—  Harvey Smith about The Outsider

I think it’s important to shake up the norm and people’s perceptions of what beauty is. But it’s not always been amazing. I found it so frustrating, particularly at the beginning, because I would be told, “Sorry love, you’re too tall.” At one stage I was like, “I’ll give this another six months and if this persists, I’ll become a nun.”

i think i’ve put my finger on the thing i love so much about moana - there are so many good messages in this movie, new and important angles on the kind of messages that disney movies tend to bring


so many disney princess stories seems to have been about bucking tradition and rebelling against cultural norms and you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do, which is all well and good, but moana is about rediscovering your history and culture and traditions and finding yourself within that and being grounded in your community and i think there’s something so special about that

  • The man elected is not king, he can’t do whatever he wants, he cannot simply decide on a course of action and it take effect immediately. He has to work with the other elected officials and has proven time and again he does not play well with others. 
  • He is not the first disaster in office, just the most recent, we’ve had disasters aplenty in office and survived their idiocy, we will survive this too. 
  • Do not do anything rash, do not let despair over this choice lead you to do something that you will not be able to look back in four years and go “well thank fuck that’s over.” It’s gonna be bad for a while, the people who agree with his beliefs feel justified, for those in states where this sort of bigotry and hatred are already the norm, you should already know what to do. 
  • Don’t go out alone always bring a friend with you if you are concerned about your neighborhood, do carry some form of legal protection to help ease your anxiety. 
  • Do not let panic lead to you make a terrible decision by turning to something illegal, do take this time to breathe in slowly, hold it, let it out, and keep your head. 
  • Think positively! Yes, we’ve only had two impeachments, almost 3 but Tricky Dick resigned before they could, but there are precedents.
  • He thinks like a business man not a politician, he’s going to get shut down more than those people that came up with shitty business plans on that show he had ages ago that was also shitty…
  • You have friends here to talk to if you don’t feel like leaving your home other than for work, we will listen to your fears and not mock you, we will let you vent if some jackass talks out of turn, we will be here for you to find an escape from the possible increase in idiocy especially from certain states where bigotry is already the norm.
  • Do not stew in the possible harsh words or propaganda, you don’t have to put it on your blog, you have Tumblr IM, there’s Skype, there’s Chatzy for crying out loud. Find an outlet with your friends without worrying about anons hitting you up being jackanapes.
  • You are not alone in your panic, there are thousands, probably millions, who are also suffering anxiety but he’s just one man, not the end of the world, just the end of a term of office that was calmer.
  • Any one of your mutuals is here for you to lean on when the freak out becomes too much, and i know each of you has at least one mutual who is more than willing to write any sort of thread you need to lose yourself in your ship, whether it be romantic or just fraternal or utterly ridiculous.

B R E A T H E . the world didn’t end, just some common sense went into a coma, you’re gonna be okay.