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Jonathan felt like signing up for football and joining half his squad. But then he thought about joining Craig and Brock in wrestling/rugby… Or maybe Soccer with Brian and Arlan{Droid :D}… Or he could play baseball….

He sighed, “Mom, Ii don’t know what sports to do this year.”

“We’ve got the money this year and the Fongs really want you to join Evan in football and hockey.”

“But you know I can’t skate worth the shit… We’ve been stuck in North Carolina before dad did his bullshit.”

His mom sighed but nodded, “Okay… Football?”

“I’m… I’m all skin and bones, i have no muscle, mom. I’ll be destroyed on the field.”

She shuddered and hesitated before looking over the sports paper.”You’re ankle isn’t well enough for it either, you could do swimming or wrestling or even tennis.”

Jonathan beamed at the mention of tennis and swimming, “Is there golf or bowling sports, mom?”

She shook her head, “Tennis and swimming like usual?”

“And Track.”

“Jonathan, honey, that’s how you broke your ankle. We’re not having another re-run of this.”

Jonathan sighed, one hand gripping his elbow of his other arm, “R-Right… But… tennis and swimming are… majority girls’ sports.”

His mom’s tone grew irritated and harsher, “Honey, don’t talk like that. To hell with those who call you gay. Even if you are, that doesn’t give them a reason to tease you for such silly labels.”

Jonathan flinched and nodded, shrinking back a bit as he glanced at his mom, “Same old sports every year I guess.”

“They need more variety. How about clubs, honey? What clubs do they have at this god forsake average high school?”

He let out a breath he’d know idea having held in and looked over the sheet of light neon green paper in his hands, “Gamer’s club. I’d like to join that one…”

“Done deal, how much is the entry and what is the requirements?”

“The requirements is having two or more game consoles at home and paying the entry fee of 20 dollars. Members must be responsible of taking care of rental game discs and being able to have enough anger management to handle future rage games and what not. Members will help achieve a goal of becoming possible game testers and designers in the future.”

She nodded, “Alright. Next one?”

“Student council, I want to try for that one this year mom. The entry fee is 10 bucks actually and the requirements is attending over 85% of the school year and having a G.P.A. of over 3.5″

His mom nodded again, “Sounds good to me. You’ve always been straights A’s and B’s.”

“There’s another one, mom. I think Evan’s attending this one too, much like the Gamer’s club. Lui might be in it as well, Maybe Tyler and David!”

“Get on with it, hun, what is it?”

“Upstander’s Club.”

“No hun, not this year. It’s never helped you with the bullies despite being it’s leading member. Absolutely not.”

Jonathan sighed but nodded anyway, “Art Club? The entry fee is 5 bucks and the requirements is 75% of the school year attended and a G.P.A. of 3.”

“Alright, any other clubs, Jon?”

Jonathan shook his head before casting his eyes over one last one, “Actually… This one. The entry fee is 15 bucks but it’s opened to everyone.”

“What is it hun?”

“It’s the poetry club.”

His mother seemed drawn back by his interest for poetry, “Shakespeare? You can’t even comprehend a chapter of a book yet, hun, I don’t think you can-”

“It’s writing poetry mom. You’ve seen me write a poem for you before.”

“Jonathan, it’s going to worst the cause of people calling you… gay.”

“What? No it won’t…”

“You aren’t doing any sports but Tennis and Swimming, you’re in the  Gamer’s Club, student council, Poetry club, and the art club.”

“Yeah, I’m a normal boy with normal interests and a very frail body. It’s completely fine, mom.”

“Fine, but if you get bullied, you come to me or the guidance counselor automatically.”

He nodded solemnly, already knowing he’d run to his best friends instead. His friends who actually did sports and athletic things….

There’ll be a part two later on today~

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What about Alex having a career ending injury in High School and she doesn't know what to do besides sports. So when she's all healed up The entire gang and kids have a massive fair where they use all of the stuff Alex loves doing and they help her find a career she wants to do because of them. Turns out she wants to do Sports Medicine. Everyone is so proud of her.

I love this but the only change I’d make is Alex goes to work with Alexander who’s kinda getting old and she knows her way around since she was a toddler and he just…knows she’s the one to inherit the company

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This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook. Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

i love pasta

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What are the college/sports majors?

Jin: theater arts

  • major in acting
  • minor: directing and singing

Yoongi: music

  • major: producing/composition and music theory
  • minor: business

Hobi: performing arts

  • major: dance choreography/composition
  • minor: business

Namjoon: literature

  • major: creative writing
  • minor: poetry and poetics
  • on the tennis team

Jimin: performing arts

  • major: contemporary and modern
  • minor: hip-hop

Taehyung: education

  • major: early childhood education and child development
  • on the basketball team

Jungkook: media design

  • major: game design and development
  • minor: 3-D modeling & animation
  • on the baseball team

A couple of people have asked me to do the ‘draw x character in your wardrobe’ thing, so here’s Bucky in what I’m wearing: black sports bra and chiffon shirt, cropped black jacket (which I drew shorter on Bucky because he’s hecka tall) black studded belt, weird skinny jeans which my brothers refer to as ‘the star wars pants’, and the heeled boots I wear all the time. I’m not actually wearing fingerless gloves, that’s just Bucky. 

Luckily for Bucky, my entire wardrobe is shades of red and black. 

I left you guys a lineart version just because.

-Mod Hell

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If swimmers scare aliens what about rowers holy shit like we literally carry our boats above our heads, some teams are at such an even height they can just set it on their shoulders and not have to hold it or anything. Plus the rowing machines, man. Those are killer, we’re basically told that we really did a good job if we puke at the end of practice or even a race. Plus sometimes we do relays just for fun and that’s honestly really difficult since you gotta get off the machine, try not to die, and the other person has to scramble to get on and pick up where you left off and then like 1000 meters later it’s your turn again. And in those cases if someone can’t finish their portion the next person in line finishes that portion and their own without hesitation.

And oh my god aliens would FREAK if they saw a rower catch a crab like. There are 3 kinds of crabs. The first is one easily righted and doesn’t disturb the rhythm much at all. The second is an overhead crab, that’s when your oar goes over your head and you’re forced to lie back or get your face smacked by the handle (but don’t you dare let go of your oar that is a huge No No). And the third is my favorite to watch. We call them ejector crabs. As you can probably guess, they’re when you’re literally knocked out of the boat by your oar. Go look some up on YouTube you won’t regret it. Rowers are hardcore.