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The Honest Guide on Preparing for College

I thought it’d be cool and useful to give you guys an “Honest Guide on Preparing for College.” It has all the things you may already know, and then also some things you perhaps don’t. And a bunch of tips that are helpful for preparing for college, but also during college. I’ve been working on this post for months, adding few new tips every now and then so hopefully you guys like it and find it useful! :) I may add more tips from time to time, I’m not sure.

  1. Suffer from acne? Visit a dermatologist to get it under control ASAP. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll see results! And trust me, you’ll be going bare-faced a lot in college. At least twice a day- morning & night. And you’ll always want to look and feel your best! It sucks to be self-conscious.
  2. Figure out a rough guideline of your morning/ night routine. Your college routine is usually not going to be the exact same as your home routine. Ie: Make up will probably be done in your room, not in the bathroom. If you use makeup often, consider buying a vanity mirror! Very useful. 
  3. You won’t need binders. I brought 3 (1-inch) in case and I hardly use one. It’s more useful to have individual folders for each class. Or even those notebook with tabs inside to hold papers. The point being, the way you organize your work is different in high school. You’re not going to the same 5 periods everyday in college. You have classes that meet MWF, and TTh, etc.
  4. Don’t forget to bring college essentials! Refer to my two posts here (”College Essential Hacks”) and here (”Things I Forgot/ Nearly Forgot to Bring to College”. 
  5. Invest in make-up. In high school, I never wore make-up but now I often wear mascara and light lipstick! I spent countless trips figuring out what shade was best for me and trying out different products. Would’ve been easier to just do this in the comfort of my own home than in college! I’m still a make-up noob though, haha. I can’t even figure out how to apply eyeliner confidently!
  6. Bring clothes you’ll actually wear. 1/3 of the clothes I’ve brought to college were never worn… They just took up closet space!
  7. Bring formal clothes too. You never know what events you’ll go to (including sorority rush, galas, etc). Don’t forget a good pair (or two) of shoes for the outfit!
  8. Realize that the first month-ish of school is the prime time to make new friends. People are more open to making new friends and are more friendly and receptive. Make the most of this!!! I can not stress this enough! Remember that first impressions can stick, so be especially graceful during this period. I would even go so far as to say that you should try to go out to a party in the first few weeks of school for two reasons…. 1) You can see if you fit with the party scene and if you enjoy it. 2) When you attend events early on, people will assume you’re down to go for the rest of the semester and you’ll get invites. (Which you can turn down, of course.)
  9. Keep in touch with old friends! Seriously. Don’t just make new college friends and forget about your old high school friends. Keep in touch! Message them regularly and keep them in the loop! It might seem like a lot of work to message them all the details about something, especially when they are unfamiliar with the people so you have to describe it a lot (Wait, who’s Jim again? What’s your roommate’s name again? etc), but it’s so rewarding to have an old, familiar friend with you as you both experience college together, but separately.
  10. Know your schedule and be on top of this. Be organized. I recommend a planner and also having a print out of your weekly schedule that has your classes and other time commitments. I actually drew my weekly schedule and hung it by my desk. It not only helps me visualize my week, but also lets my roommates know when to expect me. I also use a calendar app very diligently. Whenever I commit to an event, I immediately put it into my calendars (the app, and also my physical calendar in my room). I also inputted the dates and times of my exams/ important assignments from the get-go so I wouldn’t be surprised about when they were. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND INPUTTING THE DATES OF YOUR EXAMS AND DUE DATES OF PAPERS, ETC INTO YOUR CALENDAR ASAP!!!!!!!!
  11. Keep in touch with family. Similar reasoning with #9. But basically, your parents and siblings have lived with you all of your life. They’ll miss you. Text them, call them, facetime them once in a while. Send them a postcard. Buy them college gear. Do little things like this; they’ll really appreciate it!
  12. Don’t be so uptight and remember to be grateful. I feel like I’ve matured greatly in college. I used to have these crazy-high expectations about friendships and stuff, and now, it’s not that I have absurdly low expectations, but I just don’t take everything for granted. I am grateful for anything and everything my friends do for me. They bought me Chipotle? Aww. They reminded me about the review session? So sweet. Basically, don’t take things for granted.
  13. Don’t be that one annoying friend. You know who you are. College is a time where you can really ‘reinvent’ yourself and you should really try to be a ‘better you’ during college. Here are some traits I find annoying, personally… An annoying friend is one who does any or all of these things:
    1. “Forget” to pay a friend back for spotting you. Seriously, we all hate that person who does this and we all really respect that person who is really diligent about paying back someone. So take note. Everyone is on a tight budget in college.
    2. Rants all the time. If you’re ranting all the time and your friend is just listening, you have yourself a freaking awesome friend. Just remember that friendship means you can rant, and your friend can rant back. It’s a two-way street.
    3. Tries to peer pressure others into doing something they like. Okay, I get that you drink and smoke a lot. But you don’t need to feel the urge to ‘convert’ me to doing the same. No means no.
    4. Always bails or is flaky. Freaking annoying.
    5. Takes things too far. We all have that one friend who takes things too far and doesn’t know when to stop….
    6. Too sensitive… But we also may have an uber-sensitive friend who always holds grudges and is a grumpy cat. 
  14. Don’t skip class. Seriously. It doesn’t matter if the lecture is posted online, or if you’ll just get notes from a friend. Or if you already ‘know’ what’s being taught. Just go. Skipping class = lower grades = lower GPA = unhappy you.
  15. Be willing to try new things. This can vary to an extent from person to person. It can be as crazy as asking someone out or trying new food. College is a time of growth, new experiences, and fun times. HOWEVER, don’t do anything that will harm yourself. None of this “yolo” mantra please.
  16. Bring a lot of undies. Shirts and pants can be reworn more than once (within reason), but undies can’t. So save yourself from doing laundry all the time and bring a lot of undies.
  17. Learn to let things go. I used to be that person who held onto grudges. But since starting college, I’ve really begun to realize that life is so much more fun and enjoyable if you don’t let the little things faze you. Learn to let it go. Don’t let what that rude guy said to you this morning stick with you for the whole day. Who cares if you asked someone out and it failed? You don’t need them anyway! You’re too fabulous for them to handle! 
  18. Learn to be confident in yourself. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You “- Dr Seuss. Over the years, I’ve found that I’ve grown much more confident and independent. I love it.
  19. Learn how to socialize and be a great conversationalist. Smile and actually pay attention to what they’re saying. Remember what they said and bring it up the next time you see them. Hey, how was your lunch at Gypsy’s with John? It makes people feel special and nice. Use their names in the conversation as often as you can (without it sounding totally awkward and weird). People like hearing their names in conversation. [Btw, I read these facts on a Time article somewhere so its legit.]. People don’t remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel. So make them feel loved and appreciated. Laugh.
  20. Live and learn through your mistakes. No one’s perfect. So what if you bombed your first midterm? It’s the first of many. Pick yourself up and study harder for the next one. Don’t get all beaten up.
  21. Consider bringing your AP study guide books to college. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened my AP Calculus review book from Princeton Review to review and look up things.
  22. Keep track of your meal points. I frequently hear people saying they always have leftover meal points at the end of the year, but maybe it’s because I like to buy a lot of snacks, but I was actually behind on points for half the semester. It’s no big deal–I can easily add more points–, but just don’t be under the illusion that you have unlimited amount of points and can buy whatever you want. Be smart about rationing off your points.
  23. Don’t let one midterm grade affect you. Yeah, you failed that midterm. So what? Just do well on the next ones. There’s nothing you can do about your midterm grade–you can only improve yourself for the future. Have a good cry, rant to friends, watch some Netflix–and then realize the changes you have to make and enforce the changes. 
  24. Pick classes that you’ll enjoy. Don’t pick morning classes (if you can help it) if you’re not a morning person. Don’t take a Drawing/ Painting class if you’re not an artsy person for your Visual Arts requirement–there’s classes like Art History or stuff like that. Be reasonable about the classes you take and how much workload you know you can handle. Not everyone is the same.
  25. Go see your adviser from time to time. Just to make sure you’re on track! Work out a 4-year plan. You don’t want to have any surprises later down the road!
  26. Be careful with labels. Like “best friend” or “favorite person”. Sometimes, these can lead people on unintentionally and you’ll get yourself in awkward and uncomfortable situations where they like you but you don’t like them or something. I learned that it’s just best to call people your “friends” and unless you are really bonded with a person, then call them your best friend. But honestly, if you two are best friends, you kinda just know you are each other’s best friend–it’s a mutual feeling and it doesn’t really need to be said or labeled. I think it’s just best to rid yourself of using labels, honestly. Terms that imply exclusivity can sometimes lead people on. I think you should have a self-check with yourself every month or two and go like, “Okay, where am I at? I really like where I am right now. I could improve on this… etc etc. Let’s see the friends I’m close to… Do I think any of them likes me? I don’t want to unintentionally lead them on.” Just stuff like that.
  27. Understand your finances for college. Including scholarships, how much you’re paying, how much you’re working (if applicable), etc. Just be on top of all your money stuff! 
  28. Don’t go out and eat out a lot. I ate out a lot during freshman year. Too much. I had no regrets during the moment but now looking back, I just imagine all of the money I could’ve saved if I didn’t eat out…. :( You can save so much money by reducing how much you eat out.
  29. Be financially conscious and be mindful of how much you spend. There are plenty of hangouts you and your friends can do that don’t require money or that much money. Examples: movie nights, picnics, checking out the campus botanical garden, going sightseeing in the city, cooking dinner together, etc. Just because it costs money doesn’t mean it will always be fun, memorable or worth it–something to remind yourself of! In addition, shoot for quality over quantity. Buy a $50 pair of Rainbows sandals that will last for years, instead of flimsy, cheaply made sandals that will break after a couple of uses. Splurge on that North Face jacket–you’ll be wearing it a lot and it’s versatile and will last you years. Now that I buy groceries and cook for myself, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the value of the dollar.
  30. Realize how small the world is and how connected everything is. Don’t talk shit about people. Seriously. The person you’re complaining about may have a friend who is taking a class with the person you’re telling to. Or the person you’re telling it to may have a friend who has a friend who knows the person. If it’s one thing that keeps coming up in my time here, it’s that everyone seems to know everybody (or is a friend of a friend). So limit your shit-talking, secret-sharing, gossip talk to only your trusted confidants. Seriously, though. As you go through college, you’ll come to notice that many people will reappear in your classes because of being in the same major, and more. The world is small, y’all. Don’t be reckless.

I finished @thepenumbrapodcast and all I got was these lousy feels.


Lin x Reader

Uh, hi. It’s been about…4 weeks? Since I posted an actual fic of my own? I just finished my first year of college and it has been a stressful set of weeks, but it’s summer now so I’m going to try to be more active. Ps. I suck at titles. 

Thanks to @angeilca-s for being great and helping me through the writers block that has plagued me, being my second set of eyes, and just kind of being the absolute best.

Warnings: None, other than the fact that I can’t write without including swearing and some very slightly implied smut but it’s all joking.

You were pissed. Practically fuming in annoyance and you speed walked your way from your apartment to your best friend’s. A walk that would normally take about 20 minutes was cut down to about 10 as and before you knew it you were walking right through his front door, not bothering to knock because you never needed to.

“I’m done. I’m fucking done with guys. My life is over” You exclaimed, walking in and flopping down on the couch. Lin walked in the room, laughing lightly at your dramatic entrance, two beers already in his hands.  

“Hello to you too,” He handed you one before sitting down next to you, “Wanna tell me what happened?”

“You know that guy? Greg? Yeah, we went on our date, if you can even call it that-”

“Greg. Is that the one from Tinder? Or Match? Famers Only?”

“Oh shut up! Tinder. I only use Tinder,” He only raised his eyebrows in response, making you role your eyes. “Can I vent? I came here to vent.”

“You’re right, I’ll shut up.” He gave you his usual smirk and took a sip of his beer.

“Greg seemed like a decent contender, he didn’t seem like he was just like all the other gross, horny guys on Tinder. He took me to dinner and then we get to my place and he tries to have sex! Why can’t I just meet a nice guy who isn’t thinking with his dick? I’m getting too old for this crap.” You sighed, taking another drink of the beer. The irony of the situation was not lost on you. The fact that the only reason you were even attempting these dumb dates was because you loved your best friend, not that you would ever tell him that.

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Peter Pevensie x Reader

Request: Peter imagine where he and the reader keep finding themselves in awkward situations (hands brushing, accidental footsie, pressed against each other in a tight place, ect.) and one day Peter snaps and kisses reader? Takes place after Prince Caspian? ♥

Peter Pevensie x Reader - If You Wanted Me That Badly…
Setting: After PC but a slight AU where they stay in Narnia a little longer. 
Contains: N/A
Word Count: 1025


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I laughed alongside the Pevensies and Caspian as we walked around Caspian’s castle. We were all enjoying our time we had left here in Narnia. Who knows, perhaps it’s going to be way shorter than last time. I have a feeling it will be shorter… 

Nonetheless, I still had fun. 

“That couldn’t have had happen, Cas!” I called him by a nickname I came up with. I couldn’t help but think I saw Peter frown a bit when I did. 

“Ah, but it did. I just happened to not be looking and I just got dragged by my horse. It hurt but after looking back at it, I found it to be extremely hilarious,” Caspian chuckled. 

The six of us continued to walk and explore the castle we once raided. It was rather beautiful, but it would never be as magnificent as Cair Paravel. Caspian had said he’ll rebuild Cair Paravel back to it’s former glory. With the help of the fellow Narnians, of course. 

I was walking alongside Peter and our hands brushed together. Surprisingly, his was soft for someone who was always wielding a sword and shield. We both retracted our hands as quickly as possibly because of a sort of electricity we felt. And not because of that sort of static you get after rubbing your feet on carpet and touching someone else. 

We both looked at each other and we both smiled a bit nervously. 

“Sorry…” Peter said. I waved it off.

“It’s fine, it was an accident,” I replied. I tucked my hair behind my ear. Let me tell you this, this isn’t the first time or the last time something like this had happened.

Flashback to the Raid

Peter and I stood back to back in the middle of the room near a door. On both sides of us were Telmarine soldiers. 

“The door, next to us. We’ll have to go through there,” Peter suggested. I nodded my head. 

“Do you think Susan and Caspian will be here by then?” I asked.

“I’m sure, if it’s a way out then we’ll easily get away. If it’s a room, we’ll be safe in the meantime,” Peter answered. “Ready? Now!” 

Right when the enemies lunged forward to kill the two, Peter opened the door and we both jumped in. I used my dagger that was in my boots to keep the door closed once Peter shut the door. Before we knew it, we both found ourselves in a very tight space in what seemed to be a closet. Without clothes. Strange. 

“… Peter?” I called out.


“Is that your hand on my arse?” 

Complete silence followed. I felt something squeeze my butt and I yelped.

“I am so sorry! I was just, uh, seeing if it was your arse I happened to- Hey!” 

“Oh, sorry,” I apologized sarcastically, “I was just seeing if it was my hand on your arse.” 

“Hey! You put your hand there purpose! My hand was just on yours when we entered this wretched closet.” I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn’t see it.

It was dinner and we all sat at a table. The food that was served was nothing compared to the food that was served at Cair Paravel. I sighed, I missed the Golden Age too much. 

I stretched my legs a bit under the table and I felt my leg bump into something. I thought it was the table’s leg so I continued to wrap my leg around it, it was surprisingly kinda comfortable. Then it moved and it did the same thing to me. I flinched and looked at the person who sat from across. Peter. 

We both stared at each other, both in the middle of chewing. Our foots were still wrapped around each other. A blush started to appear on both of our faces. Then in the next moment, we both brought our legs back towards ourselves. 

“Are you guys alright?” Edmund asked the us. We both snapped our heads towards Edmund. How long has he been watching us, I don’t know. 

“Ye-yeah,” I stuttered out.

Peter coughed into his hand, “We’re fine.” With that being said, I started to stuff my face with my food, not wanting to speak anymore.

I was running around the castle trying to find Peter since Aslan had requested to see him and Susan. I already found Susan but Peter was rather difficult. 

I quickly turned a corner and crashed into someone. We both toppled over and I landed right on top of the other person. 

“Pe-Peter! There you are!” I sat up, not realizing the position it looked like we were in. I was basically straddling him with my hands on his chest and I was leaning over a bit near his face. His face flushed red and when it did, I realized what it looked like. I jumped up and looked away from him. “Omigosh, I’m so sorry I just - uh - Aslan’s looking for you!” I tried to walk away but Peter grabbed me and pushed me against the wall.

“This entire time we’ve been here in Narnia, you’ve been teasing me to no ends,” Peter whispered rather huskily in my ear. “If you wanted me that badly…” He moved his lips towards mine and when his was against mine, “You should have just asked.” Then he kissed me. This first kiss was rather very heated. He kissed me hungrily, as if I was the only thing keeping him alive. I boldly licked the bottom of his lips asking for entrance. 

“Ahem, King Peter? Queen (Y/n)?” Aslan’s voice snapped us out of our session. 

We both looked over at Aslan with Susan not too far behind. I looked over at Susan and a smirk was etched on her face. 

“S-sorry Aslan. I was meant to retrieve Peter for you but-” 

“It was my fault,” Peter walked over to the golden Lion. “What do you need me for? And (Y/n)?” Peter looked back at me. “I’ll need to see you later.” He winked and the three of them walked away. I stood there against the wall in shock about what had just happened. 

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How would bts kiss u when they r horny?

This has taken me so long and I am sooo sorry~ I really hope you like it!

Gifs aren’t mine

If Seokjin was horny, he probably wouldn’t want to force you to do anything if you weren’t in the mood as well. So, deciding that he couldn’t just handle it himself, he’d try to put you in the mood. So, as he went to kiss you, he wouldn’t actually kiss you; his lips touched every part of your face except your lips, and he hoped that it would leave you wanting more. His kisses would get to the corner of your lips before he pulled away again, going around them as he tried not to smile against your skin, since if he smiled, you’d think that he was just teasing, and his whole plan would fail.

If Yoongi was horny, he would let you know. Normally he’d just bluntly state it, but if he found that to be too much of a hassle or waste of time, he’d just walk up and kiss you. The kiss would be almost eager, like it couldn’t progress fast enough; he didn’t know whether to pull your bodies close or leave a bit of space so he could get to your clothes easier, but no matter what there was no space between your mouths. And, if you didn’t mind that sort of thing, the kiss would be forceful - nearly bruising - and with quite a lot of biting.

Hoseok’s kiss wasn’t really what would give away that he was horny; his kiss would probably be pretty light, not too forceful and yet not quick pecks, either. But, though his kiss was light, his hands were not; they roamed your body in whatever way you would allow - above or below your clothes, grabbing and groping or simply touching - and that would be how you knew he was horny. He might smile - or smirk, rather - into the kiss if he got a moan out of you by simply touching you, glad that his attempts to get you just as horny as he was were working.

You knew Namjoon was horny; it was easy to tell when he wanted you, as he stopped flirting with you from across the room and instead actually moved closer to you. Most of his kisses seemed eager, but they seemed almost hungry when he was horny, and if you were alone and in a private place, he would continue to step towards you despite the fact that there was no space between you, causing you to back up towards whatever surface was closest and appeared to be most comfortable, though really any surface would do the job if he was horny enough.

Jimin, when he was horny, would only let his lips connect with yours briefly, yet that brief kiss was a passionate one. But, once you’d fully started to kiss him back, he pulled away, only to trail kisses from the corner of your lips, across your jaw, and down your neck, kissing to the collar of your shirt and following it around to kiss whatever exposed skin he could. And, if it wasn’t something you were completely against, he’d push the collar of your shirt down slightly to leave hickies on your skin, making sure they could be covered up until you got into bed, where he didn’t care if you could cover them or not.

Taehyung, after simply kissing you, would begin to trail kisses towards places he knew were sensitive spots for you. But, before reaching those places, he’d divert his attention to some other part of your neck, either kissing circles around your sensitive spots or just avoiding them altogether. He’d try not to laugh if you groaned in annoyance, but that groan would let him know that he was free to progress this into something more, and so he would end up finding his way back there, guiding your hands to his shirt so you could lift it up if you were actually willing to do something more than just kiss.

Though Jungkook probably wouldn’t say it outright all that often, it was easy to tell when he was horny, and that was mostly because of the way he kissed you. Sure, most of his kisses were passionate and deep, save for the few times when he was in a rush and couldn’t stop to kiss you properly, but it was different when he was horny; he’d pull you against him, trying not to grind into you immediately, and his tongue would awkwardly battle with yours, making the kiss rather sloppy but still incredibly enjoyable.

give me one good reason why gamzee and tavros didnt rap in paradox space. ONE.

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  • Okay so first and foremost, Farkle and Smackle do not make it past 9th grade
  • Like they’re cute and all but it’s just not meant to be
  • Anyway, so when Farkle finally caught Riley in the act of stealing all his fucking clothes it was just before summer break
  • And they have a total blast that summer
  • But Riley, while giving up her kleptomaniac ways for the most part (not all together lmao), is still giving him orange roses all the time
  • And he’s so confused
  • Like sometimes it might just be because he won a debate or got a lead in a musical- like a congratulations gift you know?- but other times he’ll just walk in the door and she’ll throw a bouquet of the flowers at him
  • It’s literally orange roses and he doesn’t know what that’s supposed to mean. And if the drama of Belgium 1831 has taught us anything, it’s that Farkle Minkus apparently just doesn’t believe in google or some shit like omfg
  • (Important Note: Riley is fucking obsessed with the Language of Flowers)
  • So anyway this keeps going on and they start 10th grade and suddenly Riley is really annoyed at him
  • Like all the fucking time
  • And you know he takes pride in being able to basically read Riley’s mind so he is so confused about why she’s mad at him
  • And one day he makes the apparent mistake of simply asking her what’s wrong 
  • It’s a mistake because she snaps on his ass
  • Starts going on and on about how he never really listens or pays attention to her, like she always deals when he goes off on excited nerdy tangents, not because she cares but because she loves how much he loves what he’s talking about, but Farkle can’t show her the same courtesy. That if he at least pretended to care he would have paid attention long enough to figure out why she’s mad
  • And this poor poor boy is just like???? WHAT?????? As Maya groans in the background (Zay, however was prepared for this with a bowl of popcorn. Lucas is distracted by something on his phone lmao)
  • Riley storms out and doesn’t talk to Farkle for a week
  • He knows he’s in trouble when she shows up to school one day wearing clothes she actually bought
  • Like he thought giving her space was what she wanted but when he saw the clothes he was lowkey heartbroken omg
  • So he asks Maya what’s wrong and OH BOY
  • She starts (half heartedly) smacking his arms and chest with a textbook
  • And then she literally sits on top of him so he can’t get up, googles ‘flower definitions’ and shoves it in his face to make sure he reads it
  • And the first one he sees is “With their warm, vibrant tones, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire. If you’re looking for a way to express admiration and attraction - with an underlying message of passion and excitement - then send a bouquet filled with these fiery blooms”
  • But then he sees a different definition saying “since they are a mix of yellow and red, orange roses can be used to symbolize the desire to make the jump from friendship to romance”
  • And he just yells “FUUUUUUUUCK” really loudly as Maya jumps off him because that hurt her ears
  • So now Farkle is having a flashback to when Riley got really into flower language back in like 4th or 5th grade and talked about it all the time but he would just tune her out
  • And he knows Riley knows that his memory is so sharp that his only reason for not having absorbed all her flower information is that he wasn’t paying attention
  • And if he had just figured out what orange roses meant they could’ve avoided all this and have it settled like a year ago
  • And another part of him is just screeching because HOLY SHIT RILEY MATTHEWS IS IN LOVE WITH ME
  • So he needs Maya to help plan the apology and lemme tell you they go hard
  • They get her parents, Auggie and Zay in on it too
  • Zay’s job is to film everything really subtly (Zay gets into film making in high school I need it)
  • So anyway Riley’s at school one day being mopey and she realizes Farkle’s just not in homeroom
  • Not that she was looking for him or whatever because who needs that loser amirite
  • But all throughout the day there’s no sign of him, which is weird- but she also keeps finding flowers which is even weirder
  • Like on the desk of every class she has, her locker is stuffed to the brim with them, the lunch lady gives her some with her lunch, when they’re walking home random people on the street keep coming up to her and giving her flowers
  • And they all have different meanings like it started with “sorry” and then there was “friendship” and “innocence” and “adoration” and “growth” and “excitement” like it seemed like a growing pattern
  • And she gets to her apartment door- Maya and Zay are with her (Lucas had been off visiting his grandfather for the week), and for some reason Zay had had his camera out all day- “I’m trying to be one of those documentary directors that just captures the moment, maaan!”
  • So they get to her apartment door and there’s a wreath of red roses on it which basically means “Love” (She has all the other flowers she got that day in her hand and back pack)
  • So she opens the door and her whole family is gone which is weird but they head to her bedroom and Farkle’s standing there
  • And Farkle being himself just starts going on some sappy tangent that essentially boils down to “I’m hella sorry I'm still in love with you do you wanna go to homecoming with me?” and Riley is just like “YES!” it’s so cute
  • And they go to homecoming together and have the time of their lives and everything is so amazing and happy and then
  • Nothing happens
  • At all
  • Riley’s so fucking confused
  • The boy chickened out of kissing her at the dance and now they’re just acting like nothing ever happened????
  • Everyone is slowly going insane and Riley is just waiting for Farkle to make a move here
  • Our poor idiot fails to make a move omfg
  • So fast forward a few months, December 8th, Riley’s 16th birthday
  • Like not so much as forgot “December 8th is Riley’s birthday” but like no one fucking noticed it was December 8th omfg Cory and Topanga took Auggie to some school competition in Jersey. Shawn took Maya and Katy skiing for the weekend. Josh was in California trying to get his band signed to a record label. Zay and Lucas were in Texas. Riley was literally home alone with only a quick “Happy Birthday Sweetie I’ll take you shopping next week when I’ve got a quick break!” voicemail from her uncle Eric.
  • That is until she got a happy birthday text from Farkle
  • Because of course he’s the only one who remembers; especially since he forgot last year (she had still been giving him shit over that)
  • So she’s feeling a bit emotional over the situation and tells him and he is filled with a RIGHTEOUS FURY OMG
  • And considering the boy had 20 minutes to prepare he went all out holy shit
  • And Riley was still feeling emotional and she remembered her mother talking about her Sweet Sixteen and wearing a beautiful red dress as she and Cory slow danced on tv in the middle of a wrestling ring and wanted to see if she still had the dress she wore
  • Topanga did in fact keep the dress stored away with all her ~happy memories~ and it fit Riley perfect so she’s like “fuck it I’m wearing this” (although she had to find some black tights and a jacket to go with it cause it’s December but she still looks hella)
  • Farkle shows up in a fucking suit and tie so Riley apparently made the right choice but he is TAKEN ABACK by her in that dress omg
  • So she’s like “alright what’s the plan” and he gets a bit of an almost evil smirk and he’s like “You have spent the last 10 years refusing to ever let me splurge on you but GUESS WHAT YOU’RE SIXTEEN AND I’M THE ADMITEDLY OVER PRIVELDGED SON OF A MULTI BILLIONAIRE IT’S GOING DOWN TONIGHT”
  • And Riley’s just like “You need to chill ever so slightly omfg”
  • Right off the bat he just hands her a fucking diamond necklace and she’s like “I cannot possibly take this it looks like it costs more than my apartment” and he’s like “yeah well my apartment costs more than half the city you do not get to complain tonight put the necklace on and lets go”
  • And they spend the first half of the day being super touristy like every possible tourist site they can hit up they do
  • They hit up the Art Museum too which she loves
  • Then boom Farkle just whips out tickets to a matinée of Mama Mia on Broadway out of his suit pocket and she's freaking out because she loves that show
  • They see that and go crazy and then afterwards he takes her to some super Riley-Boho dinner he found for lunch
  • Then he takes her to a real planetarium that’s much bigger and has more going for it than his bedroom
  • They walk around quite a lot but if there’s a distance they need to go that it’s just to cold for he just calls his fucking personal limo
  • And Riley feels so weird letting him pay for everything and all the special treatment but it’s also fun so like??? 
  • Then at like 6 o'clock he’s like ‘we gotta go’ and she’s like 'oh where are we going for dinner’ and he’s like 'dinners later I got Hamilton tickets’ and she SCREAMS   
  • So obvi they love the show and then he takes her to a fucking exclusive 5 star gourmet restaurant for dinner afterwards
  • She’s having the time of her life and the day was so fun she forgot about everyone else and she almost forgot how weird things had been with Farkle lately
  • Because apart from the big ridiculous gestures and getting spoiled all day their dynamic was very much the same and she’s glad it wasn’t awkward. It felt, emotionally at least, like a normal day just hanging out with Farkle
  • Okay so then he’s walking home and they’re stopped outside her mom’s bakery (cause she lives over it so ya know) and their just talking and laughing and there’s fucking Christmas lights everywhere like if there ever was a perfect Kiss-The-Girl moment it was now
  • And for a second it looks like it’s gonna happen but then he just blushes and says “Happy Birthday Riles” and starts to walk away
  • He barely gets two steps away when Riley, just completely exasperated, yells “JUST KISS ME, YOU DUMBASS”
  • The sentence is barely out of her mouth when he turns around and grabs her and finally kisses her and doesn’t miss
  • And that’s the story of how riarkle starts dating e n d m e
  • AH
A Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes

A Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes

Triggers:- Angst, talks of pregnancy, fertility issues, arguing

Word count:-1,269

Co-writers:- @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms , @atc74 & @mysteriouslyme81

A/N: Shout out to the amazing @mysteriouslyme81 for the idea and writing. Shout out to the awesome @atc74 for the writing and A+ gif usage. (The gif is not ours though)

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Shit. Your shoulders slumped, your head falling into your hands as the negative pregnancy test fell to the bathroom floor. Negative again. You started chastising yourself. Why did I have to tell him I had a good feeling about this one? Why the hell did I say anything at all? Why should this one have been different? Am I defective or something?

It was at this moment you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist, you look up into the mirror to see the reflection of your husband, Dean, behind you.

“How did we do?” he whispered into your ear, not picking up on your body language.

“How do you think?!” You snapped back, pushing yourself out of his grasp

“Babe, it’s okay! We’ve only been trying for a little while.” He tried comforting you.

“A little while? Dean we’ve been trying for nearly a year. You aren’t making it  any better.” You stormed out, slamming the door behind you.

Dean ran his hands over his face as he rested into the edge of the counter. Maybe the issue wasn’t Y/N. Maybe it’s me.

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The fabric of Space and Time.

I have got an increasing number of requests to write about Black Holes in the past couple of weeks. So, to kick-start we will start talking about Space-time Fabric.

Redefining Gravity.

When we usually talk of Gravitation we are bound to think like Newton, where objects are assumed to exerting a force upon each other. Like imaginary arrows of force in space. But this picture, although good for high school crumbled, with the advent of Einstein’s theory of Relativity. ( We will explore the question of why in an upcoming post.)

What is the Space-Time Fabric?

Think of spacetime fabric as an actual cloth of fabric. When you place an object on the fabric, the cloth curves. This is exactly what happens in the solar system as well. 

The sun with such a huge mass bends the space-time fabric. And the earth and all the planets are kept in orbit by following this curvature that has been made by the sun.

The earth - moon system can be thought of in the same manner. 

A natural question to ask at this juncture would be:

Why don’t planets just swirl into the sun?

To put it bluntly, they stay in their orbits because there is no other force in the Solar System which can stop them.

The Solar System was formed from a rotating cloud of gas and dust which spun around a newly forming star, our Sun, at its center. The sun did pull objects towards itself. But the planets that we see today were resilient and stuck with their course. And time passed, the net force acting on them turned to zero and will continue to be zero.

Gravity and Light.

Light is affected by the Gravity. This was discussed in a previous post about Gravitational Lensing. 

The gravitational field of a really massive object is super strong. And this causes light rays passing close to that object to be bent and refocused somewhere else.

This is a consequence of the fact that space- time curvature is bent by objects which have a huge mass. When light is passing through this dent the rays of light are directed in another direction. And this causes effects like gravitational lensing.

**This post was inspired by this video - Gravity Visualized. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask. Have a Good Day :)

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