what are parabens

A Paraben for Me and You...

Paraben, paraben, paraben.  What are you and why are you soooooooo causing so much trouble?

Recently, a number of brands have gone Paraben-free.  “Why?,” you might ask.  First let’s deal with the what.  What is paraben?

According to none other than our friend Wikipedia, parabens are chemicals used as preservatives, often used in cosmetics.  This chemical is used primarily for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties.  More than likely to keep your products free of bacteria and to make the shelf life longer.  Honestly, if you’ve had some product for years, and years, it might be time to replace it for your own safety.  Not only do germs carry on our hands, face, eyes, mouth, purses, make-up bags, but they also carry in the actual product.  This is why these ingredients are used to sustain the life of the product. 

Apparently, synthetically produced parabens have been showing up in samples of breast tumors.  Not only that, but it produces estrogen, which can lead to breast cancer. The research is still in its premature stages, but the results have been enough to prompt a “Paraben-free” campaign. 

It’s so nice of these companies to really think about the consumer and make the products paraben free, but if that preservative is removed, what are they replacing it with? Hmmmm…

-Crissy J.