what are non europeans

MY black ass has to deal with Trump supporters here on out. MY black American ass is gonna have to figure out how to navigate in this country that overwhelming voted for blatant bigotry and hatred. If you’re a white European/foreigner that doesn’t fucking apply to you. If you’re a non white European/foreigner you already know what the fucking I’m dealing with.

Just saw Moana

And it’s sooo amazing and pure and made me and my sis very happy. Great characters, songs, story, everything. Moana and Maui have the most heartwarming relationship ever and it’s a treat watching them interact with each other. 

The animation is gorgeooous, so much respect goes out to the animators working on this thing. Glad to see that more and more animated movies focus on non-European cultures nowdays, and do it in what seems to be a respectable way. 

Also it had the best Russian dub I’ve heard in my life, never thought I’d see so much effort, thought and creativity put into a single dub (especially considering that Russian dubs tend to be rather meh). ISTG the songs sounded amazing.

Please consider watching this movie if you’re in a bad mood, I walked in feeling extremely frustrated and unhappy and walked out feeling content and optimistic, maybe it’ll be the same for you.


if a non-european person ever asks you “what is eurovision” just show them this video

anonymous asked:

Do you know if there are any PoC (or non-whites) who complaim about us-centrism on Tumblr or is it just a European thing?

er, meaning what exactly? american PoCs? non-american but non-european PoCs? stirringwind is one tho she lives in the UK but she’s always on point. a *lot* of the europeans who blog about us-centrism are in fact **not** white according to US standards. like most people I reblog who discuss that topic who are **not** american complain about US centrism anon it’s not just us XDDD