what are my motives i don't even understand


Let’s be real for a moment shall we? The guy on the right eats healthy and works out regularly. The guy on the left does the exact same thing. Social media is a place where we all filter out everything but the best representations of ourselves and share it with others. Because face it we all want others to see us at our very best. What happens though is when you compare yourself to the very best version of someone else it makes it incredibly hard to be happy with any version of yourself. So here’s a comparison of a real world me and a flexed best version of me. Because let’s face it I don’t walk around flexing everywhere I go. I wear comfortable cloths, I lounge around, I like to relax and I certainly don’t always look like the best versions of myself I share from time to time.
Social media plays a major part in body image issues and even I can say I’ve fallen victim to it comparing my progress to someone else’s. There’s a constant pressure to look perfect and it’s a toxic mindset to fall into.
Don’t compare yourself to the person that’s posing in front of the camera and only showing you the very best version of themselves. You have to remind yourself of who you are and what is real.

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Hi Leah :) , i'm a big cc creator... i have a lot of followers, kinda like you hahaha. so i was wondering how you deal with all this pressure, and how do you deal with 'hate'. also how do you keep your motivation high and still be nice to people all the time? i get so much hate lately and i don't understand why... and it's kind of like bringing me down and then i don't even want to create cc anymore... i'd really appreciate if you answer this ;) you're my favorite cc creator of all times! <3 ty

Hi there! First of all I am so sorry you are getting through this hate wave. What I will say may sound a little bit cliche but this is how it works. Whenever you get hate or being pressured by someone, you need to remember that you enjoy what you do, that you do it really well and that among all the people that follow you, there are much more enthusiasts of your works than those “haters”. You create for you and you create for those who appreciate your work. That’s all. If there is no truth in the messages you get, you have no reason to even think twice about what it says, because it doesn’t matter.

Right now I get less hate than before which makes me super happy. But when I get some from time to time I usually delete it if I see it’s just someone trolling me.

And my motivation? Honesty I live for those comments under the posts. the “YAAAAAAAS BIIIIIIIITCH” makes me laugh and motivate me every time. I swear to god those comments never fail me. Also the messages I get after releasing something. It’s a huge dose of motivation and happiness.

Though if I have a bad day and just nothing goes well in making 3D I take day off and just do other things. You can’t work day by day, everyone would end up crazy 😂

So sweetheart, heads up and remember that you’re doing great stuff and the haters probably don’t have much better stuff to do than breaking their keyboards writing mean comments.


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Do you know anything about supposed leaks for season 8? Because I keep seeing antis/j*nsa stans saying that, apparently, Jon and S*nsa will be "endgame". I honestly don't see why this would happen. According to them it's because Dany is barren and S*nsa isn't. And tbh, this is just such a vile thing to say. As if Jon would do something like that. Why do these people keep pretending that Jon is their favorite when they don't even understand his character and/or motivations?

Guys, I have addressed this several times this week and still it is spreading. It’s making me sad. I am seeing people sending asks about this to newer Jonerys blogs who are taking these leaks seriously.

Don’t. I have said this before so I’m sorry to spam my long-time followers. 

But there are, as of right now, NO TRUSTED OR CREDIBLE LEAKS FOR SEASON 8. 

I don’t claim to know for sure what will be endgame. I have written meta about why I think Jonerys might be. But I don’t know for sure. 

But I do know that there are no season 8 leaks that are real right now. So please guys, stop spreading the hysteria. I am seeing people discussing them as if they are the actual future for the show IN OUR TAG. 

When you spread this stuff it fuels the antis and just makes the community more miserable to be a part of. 

If you’re worried just think about Jon’s character. Do you guys think Jon Snow is the type who would hear Dany is infertile and drop her like a bad habit? Do you think he’s the type to be so desperate for a child that he would run to Sansa for this alone, to use her as a womb? Guys. Please. That’s not Jon. It’s just not. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen in season 8 but that isn’t it. 

hey people

i just want to apologize for posting a lot of depressing shit recently, it’s probably gonna stay because i’m not feeling well and it looks like there’s no way out any time soon

i know my usual content is band stuff but i wanted to make it a little more personal just in case someone cares about my miserable life

band stuff are gonna stay, even if they’re mostly about sadder quotes and songs, i try not to post as many memes or nihilist shit but sometimes it just comes out of me. also i’m gonna keep making gifs and other edits if i have the energy and the motivation to do so.

i love asks even if some people don’t, keep them coming, they can make a sad boy’s day a little better sometimes. 

the only thing i continously do is blogging right now and it kinda became a coping mechanism for now.

i might get professional help in the near future, my closest family are worrying about me so i might have to go to a therapist

thank you for your understanding

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You are really missing out! I finally got to the end of the V3 for the English release and I kind of loved it! I don't even understand what was so bad about it that made you hate it so much aside from favourites dying but dang that ending blew my mind! Sure there are some parts that need re-working but the game isn't as bad as you are making it out to be.

To be fair, after giving it like a “third chance”, I kinda like this game a lot now. I’m not gonna lie, I still hate this ending and to some extent Shuichi, but if I just eliminate things like that, the game is actually pretty damn good. Look, the reason I don’t like this ending is because I usually hate meta stuff and “fourth wall breaking”. But to be honest, I never really liked any of the previous games’ endings either, so it’s fine. I still think it’s worse than the previous ones, but that’s not really something to worry about as chapter 6 isn’t exactly dr’s speciality. But one thing that made me love this game for sure is the english dub. It’s so fucking good!! I even started to like other characters I didn’t like before like Kaito, Maki and especially Kokichi. Dude, I might be the only one on this, but I fucking love localized Kokichi!! They made him hilarious!! Oh man, he’s my fav character now!! Oh, and I started to find Maki pretty cute and entertaining. Especially her relationship with Kaito. And talking about Kaito, it took me a while to like him, but he was extremely awesome during chapter 5. Also Maki Roll x Kaito forever <3

Getting reviews is so nerve wracking because it’s like when I get the notification there’s a momentary spike in excitement and delight but then immediately afterward there’s a feeling of dread because I have no idea what type of review it’s gonna be. On the one hand, I could get a long gushing review that makes me super happy, but on the other hand, I could just get a one sentence review along the lines of ‘pls no ichigo in the future’. Which first of all, doesn’t even have anything to do with the current plot, and second of all, results in an instant feeling of annoyance followed by a drop in motivation because what part of don’t tell me how to write my story do people not understand.