what are my motives i don't even understand


Let’s be real for a moment shall we? The guy on the right eats healthy and works out regularly. The guy on the left does the exact same thing. Social media is a place where we all filter out everything but the best representations of ourselves and share it with others. Because face it we all want others to see us at our very best. What happens though is when you compare yourself to the very best version of someone else it makes it incredibly hard to be happy with any version of yourself. So here’s a comparison of a real world me and a flexed best version of me. Because let’s face it I don’t walk around flexing everywhere I go. I wear comfortable cloths, I lounge around, I like to relax and I certainly don’t always look like the best versions of myself I share from time to time.
Social media plays a major part in body image issues and even I can say I’ve fallen victim to it comparing my progress to someone else’s. There’s a constant pressure to look perfect and it’s a toxic mindset to fall into.
Don’t compare yourself to the person that’s posing in front of the camera and only showing you the very best version of themselves. You have to remind yourself of who you are and what is real.

Getting reviews is so nerve wracking because it’s like when I get the notification there’s a momentary spike in excitement and delight but then immediately afterward there’s a feeling of dread because I have no idea what type of review it’s gonna be. On the one hand, I could get a long gushing review that makes me super happy, but on the other hand, I could just get a one sentence review along the lines of ‘pls no ichigo in the future’. Which first of all, doesn’t even have anything to do with the current plot, and second of all, results in an instant feeling of annoyance followed by a drop in motivation because what part of don’t tell me how to write my story do people not understand.