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The Infernal Devices Appreciation WeekDay Two Favorite Ship: — Will and Tessa

You and I, Tess, we’re alike. We live and breathe words. It was books that kept me from taking my own life after I thought I could never love anyone, never be loved by anyone again. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Reading your words, what you wrote, how you were lonely sometimes and afraid, but always brave, the way you saw the world, its colors and textures and sounds, I felt - I felt the way you thought, hoped, felt, dreamed. I felt I was dreaming and thinking and feeling with you. I dreamed what you dreamed, wanted what you wanted - and then I realized that truly I just wanted you. The girl behind the scrawled letters. I loved you from the moment I read them. I love you still. Tessa had begun to tremble. This was what she had always wanted someone to say. What she had always, in the darkest corner of her heart, wanted Will to say.


Happy Birthday Nightmare and Dream..

Just a short comic to celebrate it.. heh..

Dream and Nightmare belongs to @jokublog (sowwy..? ;w;)


when everyone gets hyped and join to dance “Chewing Gum”…
except Jeffrey from California who probably hasn’t heard about it yet 😂😂

15 things I wish I’d known before starting my studyblr:


You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.


You didn’t know there was such a thing as branded stationery, but heck, there’s a thriving market out there. 


LOOK AT ALL THE APPS. THE ADVICE. The resources! Be wary: sometimes simple is best.


People are going to share their dreams, fears,  doubts, hopes, ambitions and “oh my fuck what the fuck is happening moments” with you. You’re going to learn so much from people you’ve never met; who live half a world away. You’ll learn that exam stress is universal, as are feelings of inadequacy and loneliness and anxiousness. A whole new world will open up to you, one message at a time.


People will take your photos, re upload them, use them without credit. They’re going to delete your captions. It’ll piss you off. Its downright disrespectful. You’ll want to leave. Platitudes like ‘the internet is a free space’ will not dull the swell of anger. But don’t let a few fools ruin a good thing. Remember all the messages of support, the funny tags on the reblogs, the kindness oh god the kindness.


Stand up for yourself. Whether it be your study methods, your study philosophy or your style. Be firm, but respectful.


Sometimes you’ll wake up to messages which will make you cry. You’ve never wanted to move mountains before, you never thought you could have such a visceral reaction to someone else’s problems  - but in that moment you’ll want to cross international borders and give someone a hug. Oceans be damned. 


You’re no hero. You can’t help everyone, and your advice may be useful to some and useless to others. That’s ok. Find your own support network within this huge ass community and make it a positive experience for yourself.


Tumblr’s text formatting is a nightmare.


Be vulnerable. Writing about your personal experiences will be cathartic. Giving advice will be cathartic. In guiding others you will be guiding yourself. In doing so, you’ll need to be brutally honest about your own failures, your own doubts and misgivings. You will feel vulnerable, a twisted form of quid pro quo you’re not sure you love. Share your stories of success, your stories of failure so that others will step forward and share theirs. Cheer at other’s success; lend a shoulder to cry on when they don’t. Reach out and start a dialogue. 


Taking a photo will not dull the pain, or tears. You will still have bad days.


People won’t believe that you use natural lighting. They evidently haven’t spent Summer in Australia before.


The number of notes or reblogs your posts have does not reflect the impact that they have on a person’s life. Who the fuck cares about reblogs when you’re sitting in the exam hall the next morning. 


There’s going to be a pointless debate about 'aesthetic’ vs 'effective studying’ which will make you groan and smack your forehead against the closest wall. And then you’re going to remember livejournal. And then you’re going to feel old.


You’re going to meet people who are kind, lovely, whose opinions differ from yours - and that’s ok. There are going to be people you’ll be able to have long 3am conversations with, whose music library you’ll want to freaking raid, and others whose tags will always brighten your day. There’s going to be people who consistently pop up on your activity feed, shadowing your every move and you’re not sure how to express your appreciation but trust me, they’ll know.

+ You started this project in a midnight ramble not expecting anything out of it. You’re going to be in for one hell of a ride. There is no reason to be afraid.

With love,



Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


The James Webb Space Telescope Will Truly Do What Hubble Only Dreamed Of

“By the same token, the James Webb Space Telescope will teach us an incredible amount about the Universe, including further details about how stars form, what the earliest stellar populations look like, will show us gas giants and rogue planets in unprecedented detail and will tell us what made up the Universe at any given time in the past. It will show us a whole slew of things that Hubble cannot, by virtue of it reaching to much longer wavelengths of light than Hubble could ever hope to see. And with its huge, large-aperture primary mirror, it will be able to collect more light in a single day than Hubble could in a week. The most exciting things, of course, will be the unexpected: the things we’ll discover that we don’t even know to look for yet.

But even if you don’t learn about any of the science that James Webb will bring to us, there’s one thing it will deliver that everyone can enjoy: the James Webb Space Telescope will show us how the Universe grew up.”

The Hubble Space Telescope, for all of its scientific findings and how it revolutionized our understanding of the Universe itself, touched us all in a way that no piece of knowledge could ever encapsulate. In perhaps the greatest find of all, Hubble answered a question that many of us have had on our minds every time we’ve gazed up at a night sky: what does the Universe actually look like? From its images of star-forming regions, stellar deaths, galaxies, gravitational lenses and the deep abyss of empty space, it’s awed us in a way no other observatory ever has. But James Webb is poised to do us one better, and show us something Hubble never could. It will show us how the Universe went from a state with no stars, no planets, and no galaxies to the Universe we know, recognize and inhabit today.

In short, the James Webb Space Telescope will show us how the Universe grew up. Come learn exactly what that means, and see if you aren’t awed by the possibility!

One Night

In which you find yourself in bed with Harry Styles, and you’ve got a bit of a secret.

A/N: Could it be? Sydney finished the virginity oneshot?! YES MY FRIENDS: IT IS TRUE! I’m hoping this doesn’t disappoint because its probably not quite what everyone was expecting… but nevertheless I had fun writing it because it seems that this is a dream for a lot of fans.  So enjoy. ;)

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I like to think Jay is inspiring Louis with all this new music and projects, I like to think she told him to never give up, to hold on even if when anyone else would be like ‘you know what? fuck that, its not worth it’, to live his dreams and make them happen cause he’s perfectly capable of doing it and he doesn’t know how strong he is, i hope he can feel his mum’s inspiration forever and she can help him create amazing stuff and make her incredibly proud 

quiet constellations 

word count: 1520
notes: futurefic, compliant to 316, dreaming in ‘if onlys’ + established
a/n: i wrote this a million years ago in an attempted fix-it collaboration with @margueriitecaine. i thought about this today, rereading it, and still loved what i wrote. so i wanted to share it.

The cabin is dark, light slipping through the crack as she opens the door. She can see Bellamy tangled in their sheets, the golden expanse of his back illuminated by the moon. Leaving it open to guide herself towards the bed, Clarke eases herself onto the edge, sitting with her back to his sleeping form, barely allowing herself to relax.

“Clarke?” Bellamy stirs behind her.

She looks at her hands.

She feels the bed shift as he sits up.

“Where’d you go?” he asks, glancing over to her spot, now empty and cool to the touch.

Her heart hammers against her throat.

“We’ve been good for a long time now, haven’t we?”

Bellamy crawls towards her, settling right behind her back. His hands automatically circle her waist and pull her into his chest. Clarke tips her head back when his lips find the exposed skin on her shoulders.

“I just–” she starts, then stops with a frown. After a second she collects herself and says, “You’re not going anywhere, are you?”

It’s not really a question for him.

“Clarke, what is this about? Of course I’m not going anywhere. We’re not running anymore. None of us are.”

Clarke turns slightly, his lips near her temple.

“Everything was so much, all the time. But I’m here, with you, and I don’t feel like I’m carrying it all on my own anymore.” She squeezes her eyes shut, trying to combat the wave of emotions coming at her. “You’re the realest thing in my life.”

Bellamy tightens his embrace. “Clarke, a lot of real shit has happened. People we’ve loved, we’ve trusted, we’ve cared for, we’ve tried to protect– those people have died, or gotten hurt, or– or left.”

They don’t mention them by name.

Clarke slowly lifts her head, she’s barely on the bed at this point, Bellamy surrounding her. Getting to her feet and turning, Bellamy’s body chases her, finding the edge of the bed. He drops his feet to the ground, and Clarke remains in the cradle of his thighs.

His hands rest on her hips, looking up at her with wondering eyes, careful eyes.

Clarke’s hands cup his face, tracing his jaw, her thumb dipping into the dimple in his chin. His whole body radiates heat, like his whole being does. Everything about Bellamy is warmth. Her eyes finally find his, and it’s overwhelming. They see into hers, exposing every part of her. Every truth. Every insecurity. Every flaw. Every beautiful, broken thing.

Her brows knit together, thinking too hard.

“Stop thinking so lou–”

“I love you.”

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Thoughtforms: Theory & Ethics

Thicket’s Thoughtform Masterpost

Thoughtforms are known by many names. Tulpas, servitors, artificial spirits. Each name has its own connotations and context. In general I call them thoughtforms which holds the least “baggage.”

Anyone can create a thoughtform. It is a surprisingly simple process. So simple, in fact, that many of us have unintentionally created thoughtforms that float around us and constantly affect us.

So what is a thoughtform?

A thoughtform is a human created bundle of energy with a purpose. In this way they are highly similar to spells. Certain types of thoughtforms, in fact, are identical to spells. It is only when we get to more advanced thoughtforms that they really become differentiated.

The most simple type of thoughtform is a regular thought given energy until it has power of its own.

Have you ever had a thought which seems to have a life of its own? Maybe it’s a crush, a worry, a fear, a hope, or a dream. You think about it intensely for a day or a week, and now something strange has happened to it. When this thought revisits you, it’s evolved. The factors have changed. It’s taken on a life of its own. It visits you and demands time and energy before it will go away again. That thought has become a thoughtform, a little artificial spirit without a mind of it’s own, evolving and changing and coming back to Mom or Dad for regular feeding.

What if, however, you took control over this process and carefully constructed a certain thought and gave it power, so that it would be your ally and work on your behalf. That is the type of thoughtform most of us are thinking of. Many of these thoughtforms become characters and even gain their own sentience over time.

A thoughtform of this type is limited only by your imagination and ability to feed it. I have several thoughtforms around my home, many of them guardians. I will later go over how to build a powerful thoughtform and give it life. For now, we can talk about theory!

Sentience is a huge ethical problem when it comes to thoughtforms. A mindless thoughtform is just like a spell; spells have no mind, they just do as they are told. A thoughtform that starts to make decisions and process things is more like a computer. And at a certain point, that computer gains it’s own artificial intelligence. But it’s still intelligence; it’s still self-aware. It knows what life is, and what death is. Some thoughtforms go as far as to beg their creators for life and never to kill them.

So now you’re in the position of creator god. What do you do with your thoughtforms once you’re done with them? Do you murder them and scatter their spirits to the four winds? Do you allow them to die a natural death of old age? Do you starve them out? Do you hit the self-destruct button? If you are tender-hearted, what you can do is give your thoughtform an alternate energy source (such as sunlight, moonlight, the winds, running water, whatever) and set them free from your service, free to roam the world in whatever condition they like. I suppose if you got very fancy you could create an afterlife for your thoughtforms to exist in once you’re done with them (or just lie to them about it).

Personally, I look through my notes and see what forces I used to create my thoughtform. Did I create it under the powers of the Sun and Moon? Then I will release part of their spirit back to dwell with the Sun and part to dwell with the Moon. I send them back from whence they came. Human consciousness does not survive death, regardless what you believe about souls; death is “it”. So it should be for thoughtforms. Once they have served their purpose in life, it is perfectly alright to grant them a noble end and send their spirits back to the Universe. That is my belief.

The Ultimate Test

A/N: It’s 3 AM and I decided to not sleep and write this instead. I missed my one year fic-i-versary (it was the 21st) so pretend that this is written for that. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me and for making me feel so loved - I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all. I hope you enjoy this.

Summary: Your relationship with Spencer has had its ups and downs like any normal marriage, but it is put to the test when Spencer gets put on trial for murder. (Think 12x15)

Word Count: 1500 ish

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers (It’s kind of crucial that you at least have a little idea of what’s happening in the show before reading this). Angst.

Originally posted by caliciaporter

Being Spencer Reid’s wife was like a dream come true.

He constantly showered you with his love, left you little love notes all around your apartment, and stole kisses from you when you made breakfast. When he was out on a case, he would always be sure to send you something. Whether it be a single long stemmed rose or a bag of your favorite candy, even when he was away he would make sure that you knew that he was thinking about you. The love you had for each other was unwavering and everlasting, as it was stated during your wedding ceremony. Nothing could change that.

The way he loved your daughter, Brynn, made you fall in love with him even more. He video-called the two of you when he was away and spent every waking minute that he was home with her. Spencer would do anything to make her smile. That little girl had her father wrapped around her little finger.

Being Spencer Reid’s wife was no easy task.

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a story about messages

so i logged on to my tumblr today, trying to escape an endless stream of responsibilities, you know, the usual, when i noticed i had a notification.

now, i’m not proud of this, but upon seeing that i had a photo message from an unknown blog i immediately began to panic. i started running the possibilities in my head. 

today is halloween so there’s always a chance its a picture of a pumpkin or something. it could be a screamer, or some other kind of meme. it also might just be a dick pic because the internet is a goddamn godless wasteland and i frankly could not rule that out.

so with trepidation in my heart but tenuous hope in my soul, i clicked on the message and you guys will not believe what the message contained….

did i dare click the picture? did i truly dare to dream?

i took a deep breathe and revealed the image.

my acne is cleared, my crops are thriving and i have never received a more wholesome message in my entire life. message content and pupper receive an 11/10.

NCT as my classmates right before an exam
  • Taeil: *tries to make others feel better about not knowing shit by telling them 'at least you're still young'*
  • Hansol: so, what is this exam about again?
  • Johnny: *didn't go to sleep hoping that his sleep deprivation would make him 'more creative'*
  • Taeyong: *cleans the entire room* I can't concentrate in this environment
  • Yuta: I have no idea what this exam is about but I also know that I'm going to ace it
  • Kun: Honestly I could care less about how little you sutdied for this? like, is it my problem?
  • Doyoung: I may be top of the class but that doesn't mean I can't stress over this now be quiet
  • Ten: you know, I should pass this exam just for writing my name right because that's something not even our teacher is capable of
  • Jaehyun: When this is over I am going to do nothing but sleep and eat for the next whole week
  • Winwin: okay but why does our teacher not buy us ice cream as reward for even trying to pass this exam
  • Mark: *probably been awake for three weeks, doesn't know what rest is, going to ace the exam but at what price*
  • Renjun: *wishes everyone good luck, makes sure everyone has water*
  • Jeno: not sure if I feel like crying or laughing because I know nothing at all
  • Haechan: I am mildly concerned about how I don't care about this exam??? like??? at all??
  • Jaemin: I just want people to be happy but apparently the school system does not share this wish
  • Chenle: *very overdramatic* I know NOTHING at ALL I am going to DIE this is TORTURE who thought it was okay to hurt ME LIKE THIS
  • Jisung: the question is, do I try to make my mom proud or do I just trust that she loves me no matter what
Ethan Dolan || Wet Dreams

💟 Requested? Yes, by @sydneyhamer

💟 Reader x Ethan

💟 Summary: Y/N stays the night and ethan has a wet dream about her

A/n: srry i kinda changed the storyline hope you dont mind :/


“Y/N, you can’t leave now, it’s pouring out.” Ethan protested, grabbing your hand and pulling you back down to lay with him. “Just please stay the night.”

“Ethan, I seriously need to get back to my apartment, its 3 am.” you said, checking your phone.

“What if something happens to you while you’re driving?”

“Nothing is going to happen.” you sighed, trying to resist giving in.

“I can’t go to sleep knowing you’re alone, at 3am, driving in the dark, in pouring rain.” he said, giving you his puppy dog eyes that always worked on you.

You finally gave in leaning into his chest, finding it cute that he cared this much about you. “Fine.” you said, “only because i love you, BUT no funny business tonight.” You werent very much in the mood for sex that night.

“I promise, no funny business, but can we at least go to my bedroom, this couch is fucking uncomfortable.” He complained.

You laughed as he took hold of your hand, leading you to his bedroom, trying to be quiet while passing Graysons room.

Ethan passed you one of his shirts to wear as pajamas, since you didn’t have any, as it wasn’t in your plans to sleep over. The shirt, not so surprisingly, still had his scent lingering on it.

You both climbed under the covers of his bed. He held you by your waist, pulling you close to him, as you guys were laying in a spooning position.

He gave your head a soft kiss before whispering “I love you.” and drifting off to sleep.

Fast foward to only an hour later. You were awoken by ethans groans. You shook his arm a little in attempts to wake him up, thinking maybe he was in pain. But that wasn’t until he thrusted his hips and let out more groans.

That was when it finally hit you, Ethan was having a quite explicit dream. The tent forming in his boxers confirmed your conclusion as well.

“Fuck y/n. Yes baby, just like that.” he moaned while he continued to buck his hips repeatedly (i probably didnt spell that right, dont judge me) “Fuck, you’re so tight.”

You had to admit the words he was speaking in his sleep was turning you on a bit. You knew you weren’t going to be able to fall asleep with him moaning in groaning in your ear all night, so you stopped the situation the only way you could.

You slowly began to grind against his situation, making him release more moans and profanities. That wasn’t enough to wake him so you continued onto something else.

You brought your hand down to start palming him through his boxers.

As his eyes began to flutter open, he let out a deep groan and held on tighter to your hips.

“Y/n, what are you doing?” He asked, barely able to keep his eyes open. “I thought you said no funny business.”

“I thought i said so too… But that was until i heard the pretty steamy dream you were having about me.” you whispered, teasing the waistline of his boxers. “Only one way to help your situation out now, right?”

You gripped his hard member in your hand catching him by surprise and making his breath hitch.

“Its 4:30 am y/n, you don’t have to.”

“Don’t worry…i’m happy to help.”


Non surprising update; im still shit at ending smut, srry :~) but i hope you guys enjoyed 💟💟