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Election Day is in one week.

I’m literally begging you, if I know you: Please, PLEASE get out and vote for Hillary.

I don’t like her. Anyone who follows me probably knows I’m exceptionally critical of Hillary, and I remain so. I don’t want her to be President. But PLEASE vote for Hillary.

You have to understand there are no other choices. I don’t care what color Jill Stein makes her Facebook portrait, she’s a bad candidate and she isn’t going to win. Neither is Gary Johnson. Both of them are jokes, and you can’t vote for them just because you don’t like Hillary or Trump, because that will mean Trump wins.

This election is critically important. Trump winning won’t just saddle us with 4-8 years of an awful President; it will validate all the terrible people who support him, who think like him. They’ll feel like winners. Things are already awful; if you don’t know how awful, then that puts you in the category of the only people who are going to safely weather a Trump Presidency…assuming there’s anything left, after that.

People who are going to vote Trump are going to do that no matter what. Their minds are made up and nothing is going to change them. Votes for 3rd party candidates are only going to come from Hillary’s pool, so in the realest possible sense, staying home or voting for Stein or Johnson is voting for Trump. I’m telling you this as a sociologist, as a scientist with experience in this field, and as someone who lived through the Gore/Bush fiasco, when those who voted for Ralph Nader cost Gore the election and stuck us with Dubya. And you can’t write Bernie in; he didn’t register as a candidate, so your write-in vote will be invalid. He doesn’t want you to vote for him; he understands that, now he’s been cheated out of candidacy, Hillary is the only choice. She’s the only road forward, from here. Electing her means we have a window to change things down-ballot and to implement progressive agendas before leadership moves on to somebody else.

There’s so much at stake: A Supreme Court position, education, reproductive rights, the economy, police reform, civil rights reform, and so much more. Jill Stein will not be President. Gary Johnson will not be President. Hillary or Trump will be President. Only with Hillary can we address these issues for the better. We all need to vote Hillary and we need to vote progressives in down-ballot, too, like Jim Gray and Nancy Jo Kemper. We need to get people like Rand Paul and Andy Barr and Mitch McConnell and these other self-serving conservative clowns out of office before things get worse.

Please, PLEASE, if you actually care about literally any aspect of life in America, put your feelings aside in exchange for sense and vote for Hillary. There’s only a week left; the fight isn’t about Bernie and Hillary, any more; there will be other chances for that, or for other progressives like Bernie. It’s about literal life and death, now. If Trump gets elected, things are going to get a lot worse for real people like me; having him as President might just be the catalyst folks like our confederate-flag-waving, homophobic neighbor need to finally build up enough courage that they come visit us in the middle of the night with a gun or try to set our house on fire. These are real stakes.

Your Black and Latinx and Asian and Native friends and family, your gay and lesbian and bi and trans friends and family, your female friends and family, your poverty-stricken and your veteran and your young friends and family, are all begging you, and you need to listen:

On November 8th, get out and vote. Vote for Hillary. Vote for progressives down-ballot. Vote AGAINST Trump in a way that matters. If not for you, then for us.


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Do you do anything in particular to make your art work (for lack of a better ternm) "pop"? Like everything looks so clear visually to the lines and colors as opposed to when I draw and things tend to look kinda blurry washed out no matter what I do? So I was wondering what method you used if any :O

hm for one thing when i line i really like to use a brush with no pressure, for me i feel like that helps me simplify my lines more. im not really sure what to say about my color choices though, to be honest my whole process is really arbitrary because im constantly experimenting. >_< 

i dont really use a specific method unless ur talking about my process in general but im really bad at explaining in words so i think maybe showing pics would be better ^^;

1. i start off with really rough sketch

2. line over that sketch in order to make it more legible, this helps me with lining and allows me to be more precise.

3. line

4. flat color, i put a clipping mask layer over the lineart in order to add some color in some parts. all flat color is in one layer, i use selection tool to help alleviate the color filling lol.

5. i use a purplish-gray color for shading and set the layer to multiply (100% opacity) and clip it to the flat color layer.

6. finally i use a gradient map layer on photoshop and set it to overlay @ 5-10% opacity, just so i can have the colors come together a little more.

i hope this can help in some way ^_T sorry i am bad at explaining……….

Electric Lizard

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Characters -  Priestly x Reader

Summary - The guy with the bright hair always comes into the beauty supply store you work at, buying a bottle of hair dye each week. What happens when he asks for some help?

Word Count - 1,162

Warnings - Super-cute fluffy as hell Priestly. He’s just so cute and sweet, guys.

A/N - I adore Priestly, and I couldn’t help but do some writing for him. Definitely expect more of him in the future whenever I get stuck with SPN.

He knew he was spending far too much money on hair dye. A bottle a week was more than enough, but by now he had each color of the rainbow and was buying multiples at this point.

Priestly had it bad. Each week, he would go to the beauty supply store and spend as long as possible hemming and hawing over color choices, even though he knew exactly what color he was getting. Anything to see you, the pretty girl with bright hair that stood at the cash register.

He noticed you changed your hair color often as well, though not nearly as often as he did. Today as he walked into the store, he smiled briefly at you, taking in the bright orange and yellow that covered your head. He had yet to see any color you didn’t look good in, and he was sure that one didn’t exist. He beelined for the bright hair dye section, trying to angle his boy so he could sneak peeks at you over the aisle.

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Hello tumblr folks! IT’S TIME FOR SOME COMMISSIONS! 


Icon Commissions: 

  • Portraits or Original Characters/Your Fav Character! 
  • Please send references as links or attachments. If it’s a portrait, please provide at least 3 good photos of the person you’d like me to draw!
  • Color background of your choice! Let me know what color background you’d like!

Chibi Commissions:

  • Full color chibi! 
  • No Backgrounds
  • Up to two characters per image. 
  • More examples here
  • Again, provide me with reference images for the character(s) you’d like me to chibify! (cute chibi portraits of friends/family/SO is also totally OK!!)

Email me at genuerevuelta@gmail.com with your commission request, references, and your paypal email if it’s different from the email you’re messaging me from. I’ll then invoice you via PayPal so I can get started on your commission ASAP! 

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns! 


ASC with Mamamoo

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imo I wouldn't mind the wonky neon colours if they had been consistent with them (I love eyestrain) but I hate how the art style has just become so... samey and characters who had really good designs got changed for the redesigns ""chibi"" aesthetic

Yea I really like when shows use bright neon colors or patterns to make a scene more visually appealing, but SU’s new color palette just looks so….bad?
Like no one complained when Pearl turned pink in Laser Light Canon or how Jasper and Lapis were green in The Return, because that really was the lighting, and it worked well with the scene and the atmosphere of the episodes!  But in new eps characters randomly turn bright neon for no reason while the background and lighting remain the same and it looks like shit.
Not to mention the weird fukno pops and family guy eyes designs…….. what happened SU had one of the best character designs and color choices I’ve seen in a long time and now it just looks like deviantart’s front page

Making Fake Fur

So I got ideas I wanna share from my recent cosplay I’m co-making with a friend. I’m doing Sting Eucliffe from Fairy Tail and we needed a way to make the fake fur that lines his jacket. Low and behold we saw a video tutorial that showed us how to do just that from using only yarn. (Credit to original idea) I thought I’d share it on here as well for all your cosplay needs. 

What you need: 

Yarn of your choice color -big/thick fluffy yarn because you are going to comb it out- 

A base to sew yarn onto maybe like a matching color felt type material 

Edit: You’ll need a comb and also a pair of scissors to cut the yarn.

and a way to sew said fluffed yarn onto your cosplay, clothes etc. 

First Step

We started off with using a white felt base to sew the yarn onto. So you are going to want to measure how big of strips you need of the white felt. For Sting’s jacket it depends on the size/measurements of the person it is going to be used for. 

Fold the felt material hot-dog style. And cut slits into the folds.

Like so;

Second Step:

You are going to take your yarn and cut it to the size you need. As a rule of thumb you can probably cut the yarn into 3-4 inch strips.

Then get a HUGE pile of ‘em;

(Note we used a helluva lot more yarn strips than that but for reference y’know.)

Third Step;

Take the felt strips you cut slices into and take your yarn strips. 

Tie the yarn strips around the cuts in your felt material.

Also as a rule of thumb it’s probably useful to tie three yarn strips per felt slice.

The back should look like this;

Forth Step:

Fluff the yarn.

You’ll probably wanna use a comb for this to get best results. (Preferably a hair styling comb so you can tease it easily) 

Don’t just comb it either, you have to be gentle and tease the yarn into coming apart and being fluffy! 

When you’re done the yarn should be super soft and fluffy like so;

Fifth Step:

The last part is to sew (hand or machine wise) the yarn fluff onto the costume. For Sting Eucliffe’s jacket that means sewing it around the edge. (If you need tips on how to sew it search google/youtube for sewing tutorials. I would suck at explaining that part) 

Basically we used a sewing machine and sewed right down the middle of the yarn, the fluff should hide the seam. 

End Result:

And that’s how you make fake fur with only yarn! Have fun and be creative with whatever costume you’re making! Good luck!


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YAY NEW COMIC. I don’t know if I would have a schdule for this but hopefully, i’ll be able to post one or two pages every Saturday or Friday

Oh and this will be a colored comic because I find it easier for me.

By the way, they are in a private school so they have uniforms. The students have the choice to choose what color they want for their Uniforms. Oh and to find this comic search in “Lapidot Partner Comic” In the search bar on my account.

Craft Project #1 - Polymer Clay Cake Charms

Materials You Will Need

- Polymer Clay in the colors or your choice.

- Clay tools such as a needle tool, toothpick, toothbrush, blade, ball tool, etc…

- Round cookie cutter

- Eye pin, jump ring, cell phone strap

- Pasta machine or clay roller

- Embellishments such as silicone, whipple cream, glitter, clay sprinkles, micro beads, cane slices, puffy paint, etc…

- Glaze of your choice, paint brush

- Pliers

Step 1 & 2

Pick out what two colors you would like to use and condition your clay.  Once you get it nice and soft either roll it out with a clay roller or run it threw a pasta machine.  You want the clay to be between 1/8 and ¼ of an inch, depending on the style your going for. Once you get smooth sheets of clay, take your round cookie cutter (or whatever shape you’d like to use) and cut out two circles of one color and one circle of the other color.  You will also need to roll out a pretty big sheet of really thin clay to act as ‘fondant.’ You want this to be about four inches round or so. After you get them cut out , stack them together, single color in the middle and other color on top and bottom.  Smooth out any imperfections.

Step 3

After you are satisfied with the way your layers look, take the layer of ‘fondant’ and smooth over top of the cake making sure to get the top and the sides.  Cut off any access clay at the bottom.

Step 4

Take your blade and cut out however many slices you wish.  You should be able to get six to twelve slices, depending on how big or small you want them.  After you get your slices cut out you want to insert your eye pin to the top of each slice.  

Step 5 & 6

For the middle part, you can either take your needle tool and poke lots and lots of tiny little holes, to give the illusion of it looking like ‘mousse,’  you can leave it smooth, or you can make it look like ‘cake’ by taking your needle tool and picking at the clay in a circular motion. For the top and bottom layers, you can do the same thing as the middle or do something different.

Step 7

Once you texture all of your cakes, and they look the way you want them to look, you want to bake them in the oven for fifteen minutes at 275 degrees, 


Step 8

After your slices have cooled completely, you can either glaze your cake first and then add the embellishments or add the embellishments and then glaze it, or if you want a more realistic look, dont glaze the cake but just the ‘icing’ and toppings.  After everything has dried you can use your pliers to open your jump rings to add them to your charm along with your cell phone strap.

You can use these as cell phone charms, key chains, zipper pulls, wine markers and lots more!!

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yo i wanted to send u a color but the post is gone ... so hey i guess

i did a goof and deleted the post after i reblogged it rip. but for you danielle my luv i will answer the color of your choice which is yellow 💛

what do you consider lucky?

i am one of those annoying people who’s always like luck doesn’t exist! i primarily believe that things are meant to be because i’m just that sappy. but i am also the kind of person who will like. ask the universe for Signs in random situations. it’s really hard to think of examples but i guess like, if i hear this song on the radio i’m going to text so-and-so. or, if the wind sounds like voices i have to do that thing i’ve been afraid of doing, and so on. i guess that’s sort of my form of luck. deep down i know that those things are not actually signs from anything but are in fact, me, projecting my own readiness to do something on the outside world. but also there’s an element of luck in that, right?

send me a color! 🎨