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Glossy Eyes 65

I made V3 of my glossy eyes before I updated my recolor palette to what it is now. And I decided that it was about time that updated them to have all 65 colors. These are brand new package files, so they would most likely still work with the other non-default glossy eyes if you want to keep those in your game. Included are:

  • 65 Non-default Eyes
  • Face Paint Contacts
  • Skin Detail Heterochromia (requires mesh)
  • Face Paint Half Eyes (for customizable two-toned eyes)

Notes: The texture for the heterochromia eyes does overlap with the texture for bracelets, so if your sim is wearing a bracelet it may interfere with the heterochromia texture. Only the non-defaults have the ability to remove eye shine. If you have my defaults installed then I don’t believe the shine will be a problem. All eyes included are disabled for random, work for all ages, humans and vampires, and all have custom thumbnails.

The heterochromia textures should be better sized in this version. Also keep in mind that the two toned eyes are different this time. Now they are just the right half of the eye, and you can use the regular eye colors to determine the left half.


And The (2017) Winners Are...

Favorite Rhyming Poet: @ellenya
Favorite Short Poem Writer: @sapphire-red
Favorite Prompt Participant (wrote for any 2017 prompt): @teacup13
Favorite Photograph Poet (uses photo uploads): @just-4-thought
Favorite Poetry Blog Platform (as a whole): @theprocast
Favorite Storyteller (short stories): @unsettlingstories
Favorite New Writer (blog less than a year old): @something-like-scripture
Favorite Writer of 2017: @teacup13

Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees!

What do you win? I guess just the comfort of knowing that at least a few people love your work, and hopefully that puts a smile on your face! Which is good for wrinkle protection, SO YOU’RE WELCOME! :p All jokes aside, I wanna thank you all for taking part in this whether you were nominated, voted, or just made this a thing by being an active member of the tumblr writing community in the first place. DO NOT feel bad if you didn’t win or even get a nomination, because you are still special and loved! I really just wanted to do this as a way to remind people that their work is seen and appreciated, and also to just boost some spirits and bring light to the community!

Did I succeed? I think so! I got some messages from people saying they gained some followers throughout the experience, which warms my heart, not to mention I myself found some new writers through your nominations, and ultimately I felt a bit of a positive boost in the community throughout the process, which is the goal. So success! Plus, it was just awesome to see who voted for who. That’s right, I could see your names. So if you used your url name to vote… I KNOW WHAT YOU DID! :p But seriously, I was overwhelmed with the amount of votes that came in. Guys… I had email notifications on for that shit! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY EMAILS I GOT?! …Me neither, I deleted them.

Will I do this again next year? Maybe I will, maybe I won’t… we’ll see! :p
Thanks guys!

PS. If you think I’m done coming up with ideas to spread the tumblr love around, are you new here?! I ain’t eva gonna stop. Too many awesome blogs out there I want to help promo. I’ll see you guys soon. Just you wait. We’ll all get some luv.



♥♥♥Hey guys! After some questions about faces I decided to make a little tutorial for everyone ♥♥♥

♥This is a step by step guide on what to -check- in your pictures to be certain your angles and anatomy are correct. It is suggested to go through every step as a checklist for your art to make sure everything is well. Sometimes going through more than once can also serve you well!♥ Granted, this example is one of billions of faces that people have so all faces won’t need to look like this to be accurate. However, a lot faces do follow some of these guidelines, even when some features aren’t apparent or obvious.

♥This is a —-long tutorial— so I’ll put most of it under the cut so not to spam. !!!Please do not remove the description!!!, for it is vital to the understanding of the markings I’ve made on the faces and in guiding artists through the step-by-step check of making sure their faces are even and accurate. This is not all the steps necessary for good facial structure and I am still a learning artist. It is suggested to continue your research on faces in the future LOL♥
                                              ♥ Continue Below ♥

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maydaykoigo  asked:

What are your favourite affordable highlighters that are more glowy than glittery? 💫

Highlighting is all about bringing the highest points of your face forward and making them look more pronounced, not looking like you applied glitter all over your face before heading to Coachella. Finding that perfect highlight that gives you a gorgeous glow on a budget can be tricky, but I’ve tried my fair share!

ELF Baked Highlighter

ELF Baked Highlighters are undoubtedly my all-time favourite highlighter drugstore or not! Although some people have complained about it in recent years (I suspect they changed the formula) I find that this highlighter gives me a gorgeous intense highlight that no other can, it really is perfect for that “blinding” highlight and has a pearleascent metallic finish as opposed to a glittery one.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All in 1 Face Palette

This palette contains multiple shades of highlighting goodness, making it super easy to customize it to suit your skintone. You can either use certain shades individually, combine rows together or just mix the whole thing! For the most part this highlighter just gives a gorgeous highlight but you may find the odd fleck of glitter every now and then!

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter

A brand made famous thanks to Instagram, when it comes to ColourPop the price is unbeatable. An online only brand, their highlighters have an amazing mousse like texture that set to a powder once applied. The formula has  great pigment and is filled with beautiful fine shimmer, not glitter!

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for consideration, products are marked with an asterisk. This post also contains affiliate links. Please view Makeup Tips disclosure policies regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.

Rio de Janeiro || Mark

Seven Cities, One Night || Series Teaser

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Rio de Janeiro? Beaches? Partying? Samba? Well, Rio is all of that and much more. Welcome to the city of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most tropical cities in the world and famous for their Carnivals. Where bronzed Cariocas clad in skimpy swimwear and Havaianas stroll the wave-patterned promenade in the shadow of Christ the Redeemer, what more of a paradise would you want? Also, we wholeheartedly invite you to attend our Carnival this year. Why? Because it’ll be an experience of a lifetime…

“What’s your name?” He yelled over the loud music. The sweat washing away his face paint, revealing the handsome man behind that mask. His pearly white teeth shone in the light as he continued to dance with the music. 

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radientwings  asked:

Omg so first of all, every single one of your headcanons are amazing like yesssss, and secondly I would love your forever if you could do 13 or 15 for elriel <3

omg thank you so much!!!!!

I’m gonna 13 bc i love thinking about what they love about each other. 

13. Soft Spots/Weaknesses

  • Azriel softspot is Elain’s laugh. He will do absolutely anything to make her laugh and has made a fool of himself many a time just to get a giggle. 
  • One time he literally walked around the House of Wind squawking like a chicken. She was cackling and crying with laughter so it was worth all the humiliation he faced afterwards. 
  • Elain’s softspot is i bet you guess this but get ready Az’s hands. 
  • She loves them. She loves the scars. She loves the calluses. She loves his strong fingers. She loves what he creates with them. And she especially loves his hands caked in dirt when he helps her in the garden. 
  • Much like Feyre with Rhys’s wings, Elain is always touching Azriel’s hands. She loves interlacing their fingers, but she also just loves running a finger over his palm and tracing his fingers. 
  • One night Azriel asks Elain why she loves his hands so much. 
  • “They’re beautiful,” she states matter-of-factly. 
  • “No they’re not.” He responds by pulling his hands away and hiding them. “They’re scarred and ugly.”
  • “Azriel….” She looks up at him with love in her eyes. “Your hands are beautiful. They’re strong like you. They’ve given life. They’re scarred, yes, but that only shows how resilient you are. How you’ve gone through so much and you still can be such an amazing male.” She swipes a thumb under his eye to wipe an escaped tear. And then she takes his hand up to her face and kisses each scar. “I love these hands. Almost as much as I love you.”

send me a ship and a number for headcanons!!!!!!


Allison hands the phone to her sister. Lala takes the phone with trembling hands.

Allison: I would tell you to only read the beginning and the end because Angelina gets pretty graphic. But I think you should know what Remy is capable of.

Lala nods, and begins to read the text messages. Allison watches her sister’s face, expecting Lala to crumple into tears and fall apart. But Lala reads the messages with no expression, her face calm and impassive.

Allison: You don’t need a problem like this, Lala. Think about it. All this was happening while you were tossing and turning waiting for him. On the day of your transfusion. It’s unacceptable. You need to leave him.

Lala holds the phone away from her, and even though her face still remained calm, her hands were shaking so bad she could barely hold the phone. Allison gives a small smile. Lala wasn’t crying, but her uncontrollable shaking showed she was very upset.

Allison: My God, Lala. He’s done this to you so many times you’re not even reacting. You’re not even crying. Do you think it’s right? That you’re immune to his cheating? 

Lala softly: Her name is Angelina. 

Allison: Yes. You know that. You know who she is. I’ve mentioned her before. She’s the heiress to True Corporation. One of the richest women in San Myshuno. In the whole country, actually. And she’s very beautiful. She was here not too long ago because I’m on her committee for the huge Christmas gala she throws every year. You even helped me plan the brunch for her. That’s the day she met Remy.

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Matt Murdock goes to the Tower to deal with some business with Tony, you're Tony's cute assistant. Everyone knows how much of a flirt and how charming Matt is. The whole time he is there you have the biggest smile on your face, squirming a little on your seat (bc that voice and all that), little do you know that Bucky is seeing everything and is getting very jealous "Gonna have to remind you what name you scream at night, baby doll" "I think we should invite Matt to join us" You say cheekily.

I haven’t actually seen daredevil but! I know other people are gonna drool over this ask

Moaning Monday™

so i was reading the epikegster arc again because i fucking love pain and something struck me. as anyone who knows me will be aware, i’m a total nerd for speech patterns and something about parse’s struck me as weird. this frame, specifically:

i’m from wisconsin, and let me tell you, we are all about that “didja” “dontcha” “wouldja” kind of stuff. that is who we are. that is what we do. seeing this was like a calling card. a little hello. i immediately smelt the stench of dairy product and cranberries all over this dude.

so i continued reading on and suddenly the passive aggression is like, yeah, that’s basically how the midwest is. we’re very “smile in your face, stab you in the back” kind of people. we’re really only nice on the surface. and the plaid is like, maybe not a hipster thing in this context. maybe it’s a “i grew up in 20 below winters and this is warm” kind of thing

plus, wisconsin and most of the upper midwest are super big into hockey, because ice is kind of our thing. we have a lot of fucking ice. 

this is the kind of nonsense headcanons i come up with in the wee hours of the morning. fear me. regardless of whether this is even close to plausible, i think it’s really fucking funny.

tldr: i think parse is from the midwest because he says “didja” and is passive aggressive. 

🔺bastille emojis🔺

🎵When did you hear your first song by them? What was it?

⛺️Have you seen them live?

🎧What do you like about them and their music?

💿Favorite album?

🌎Favorite song from Wild World

🗣Favorite song to sing along to?

📼Favorite song off the mixtapes?

📀Favorite cover?

👤If you could only meet one member who’d you choose and why?

👀Craziest or weirdest thing you’ve done as a fan? 

💔Most underrated song?

🚫Most overrated song?

🛒How much of their merch do you own?

📸Post your favorite photo of each member. (or your fav of them all together)

🎸Favorite song to hear live?

🎻Favorite acoustic song?

📝Favorite interview?

💕Which member do you relate to the most?

📽Favorite music video?

🎡If you got to spend the day with the band what would you want to do?

🎶Favorite song from Bad Blood?

🥊Which member do you want to punch you in the face?

💘Which member do you want to punch in the face with love and kindness?

💞Would you rather smother them with affection and hugs or them smother you dead?

🤝Would you hold dan so he can stop asking about it in his songs? 

🖕🏻If dan gave you the middle finger how much better would that make your day on a scale from incredibly better to blessed?

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How would the UF/UT/SF skelebros react to an s/o who becomes shy at the slightest bit of affection and often talks themselves down about how they really 'don't deserve it'?

UF Sans: Haa….same. He will tell you the things he usually likes to hear, like how you do deserve it and how he won’t stop, because he loves you. You actually help him open up himself a bit more, while he helps you.

UF Papyrus: He has a pretty big ego, but he does feel sligthly worthless at times so he at least knows what you are talking about. His methods of helping you are a bit aggresive. He will lift you up in a hug with force, spinning you boh around on the spot like crazy, ignoring your face hiding in his shoulder from emberassement. He will then list of all the things he love about you, screaming them out angrily, not letting you go.

UT Sans: Everytime he feels worthless, Papyrus cheers him up. And he does the same for you, pouring affection on you…as long as he doesn’t have to move to much. He won’t stop no matter how shy you get. Everytime you say you don’t deserve it, he will tell you ten reasons why you actually do deserve it, kissing you on different parts of your body for each reason.

UT Papyrus: This skele will drown you in affection. He will hug and cuddle you all the time, every day telling you how amazing you are. He will get Undyne into the whole thing, and she will get some more people into it, so expect compliments no matter where you go.

SF Sans: He will takle hug you now as a greeting and shower you in the tiniest kisses. He want’s to write you some little, cute notes with compliments, but he doesn’t have the patience for that. So he just gets a few recording devices, and hides them all around the house, with new compliments every day and an alarm set on them so they go off when your usually in that room. Expect to a sudden, screamed “YOU A RE GORGEOUS!” while your in the shower. He really has to find better places to hide those things.

SF Papyrus: “what are you talking about. you are beautifull, perfect, i’m the one who doesn’t deserve it. i’m nothing..” yeah…he may not get shy at affection, but he beats himself up everytime he recieves some himself, about how he doesn#t deserve it and how dare he just takeaffection from people like he is somebody worth their effort and time. Maybe you can convince each other that you are both worth it.

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Fake title idea: I'd punch you, but I don't wanna ruin your cute face :p

*giggles* This feels like it should be a Fall Out Boy song…

I’d Punch You (But I Don’t Wanna Ruin Your Cute Face): A Kenny Omega x Reader Fic

It was just harmless fun. You and your best friend/secret crush Kenny messing around at a local boxing gym to see what it was like? All par for the course.

Then you got the chance to spar with him, with hands as well as your usual banter. You get in a few blows here and there.

And then it hits you. By it, we mean his gloved fist. And you hit the floor.

It wasn’t that he hit you so hard you nearly blacked out that caused you embarrassment.

It was…well…you actually enjoyed it. And discovered you had a hellacious pain kink all at once.

Only now you’ve got a problem ‘cause he still feels guilty. And you really want his help scratching that itch.

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clarebearr  asked:

46 and Trent Seven

Trent looked panicked as he sees one of the girls from tonight waving at him. He doesn’t really want their attention, he only wants yours. You were looking around the club with a drink in your hand.

“ Can I kiss yeh right now?” Trent whispers against your ear causing a shiver to go up and down your spine. You turn your head looking at him. Your faces were inches away from each other. 

“ Sure” you nodded. He leans in, you lean in as your lips dance with his. His bears tickles your cheeks making you giggle against his lips. He smiles into the kiss pulling away. 

“ What was that really for?” you ask, curious. 

“Because yeh have been on my mind all day long luv and I really wanted t’kiss yeh” 

It sucks to be the one who cares. The one who texts first, the one who wants to spend time with you. The one who wonders why you don’t tell me anything anymore like you used to. It hurts when I wait for you to call like you said you would, and then forgot all about it and because you’re “too busy”. Because I could never forget: you’re the only one who I have truly opened up to. But that doesn’t matter to you, because you’re enjoying figuring out what it’s like to have a good state of mind, to feel the sunlight on your face and wind in your hair–a state I have yet to achieve. So watch me disappear into the night as I shuttle myself away from you, you probably won’t even notice until I’m long gone.
—  “The One Who Cares” -Monarch
  • Normal Person: What's your favorite video game?
  • Me: Ace Attorney! It's about lawyers-
  • Normal Person: *All interest disappears from their face as they look at me like I'm an alien*
  • Me:
  • Me: mmmkay then

anonymous asked:

what motivates/inspires you to keep writing? i admire you so much and love all your works. i'm much like ren and hux when they get letters from each other in your CWU series, i'll get giddy and excited when you update, i'll read your work and then happily press my phone to my face lol then i'll re-read until i'm satisfied (however i'll read it again later anyways) i hope all is well with you! take care of yourself, lots of love :)

I have to be pretty obsessed by an idea in order to write it, usually spending a lot of time daydreaming about it and coming up with scenes and dialogue in the process. I’m also motivated by feedback, and every time someone expresses interest in what I’m working on means a ton and keeps me going. It’s so true that if you want to see more from a fan writer you should let them know you care, it’s really important!!

AHHH and man this ask made me especially happy because I often smile and hold my phone against my chest after getting a nice comment or note like this!!! (I’ve also made kiss faces at my phone :B) It means so much, especially if it comes during a crappy work day when I really need a reminder that my job doesn’t define me and that I can create unique things that people enjoy.  

Having this ask in my inbox has cheered me up multiple times this past week, thank you so much for sending and lots of love back to you <3 <3!!

Draco Malfoy x Reader: Pizza bite

Warnings:language, swearing
(y/s/c) = your skin color
I was sitting in front of the TV in my muggle house and watching Friends. While I was reaching for a popcorn I felt a hand on my bare leg brushing slowly along it. I was wearing shorts because it was middle of July and I can’t stop my horny boyfriend, Draco from being, well…. Draco. I turned my head to him with a strict gaze while all he did was staring at me with his sly smirk on his pink plump lips.
“Draco, what in the name of Merlin are you doing?” I asked him, clearly annoyed. He licked his lower lip quickly, still with that smirk plastered on his face,still caressing my leg.
“Nothing love, hmph. Keep watching your chan guy, come on.” I rolled my eyes at his cockiness caused by his jealousy. Seriously? It’s just Chandler, he’s damn fictional character. When the theme song started playing because a new episode was starting I started humming it. “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to po-” My breath was caught in my throat when I felt Draco’s hot tongue on the side of my neck, causing me to sigh deeply.
“Something wrong babe?” He asked, his voice hushed while starting to leave wet sloppy kisses on my sweet spot making me close my eyes. Just when I was about to throw my head backwards so I can give him better access the door bell rang. I jumped rapidly off the bed to answer the door leaving the platinum-hair boy hanging.
“Um yes?” I heard myself saying feeling my face heated while talking to the pizza delivery guy. He was no older than 14 years old, with sun-kissed hair and skin and green eyes, slightly taller than me.
“Your pizza ma'am, extra cheese with tomato sauce, turkey and mushrooms. $6 dollars please.” I gave him 10 bucks because that’s what I had in my shorts.
“Keep the change.” I smiled to him and close the door, huffing loudly and carrying the pizza box the boy have just gave me, sitting on the couch calmly. Draco placed the box on the coffee table and opened it, taking a slice. I was pretending that I was watching the rest of the episode but actually I was carefully looking at what is he doing. He took a bite of it and then brushing it off my lips just so he can take my attention. I faced him, about to catch it with my lips when I felt his hot lips on mine, giving me arrogant but sweet kiss. He took my chin with his hand not letting me run anywhere while the other was on my waist pushing me towards him. I bite his lip, moaning softly in his mouth when suddenly I was sitting in his lap with my legs spread on each side of his hips. My ‘downtown’ was burning so I brushed myself off his lap a couple of times when I earned a loud moan from the depth of his throat while thursting my tongue in his. He tugged my hair backwards just so he can get better access to my now exposed neck and started sucking on it, leaving tiny bites on my (y/s/c) skin. I moaned loudly, starting to ride him a bit rougher until I felt the mattress of the sofa on my back. He was positioned between my legs and I could feel the bulge in his basketball shorts I bought him last week. My head was spinning and my lower stomach was already burning, making my panties dripping wet. He raised his head and looked me in the eyes, his never-ending arrogance both in his eyes and his tone.
“ Oh hello there Ms. Playing-hard-to-get. Tell me who made you this flushed and confused, with that confused look on your pretty face?” he asked, with clear amusement in his voice. I pouted, reaching for his lips again by raising my head towards him but only got his hand on my lower stomach and clicking sound of Draco’s tongue. I knew what he wanted but he wasn’t going to get it so I turned my head on my left side, refusing to look at him. I heard him chuckle and in the next moment he started grinding himself off me slowly. I closed my eyes but refused to let out any sound.
“Come on princess, tell me. I’m listening.” he cooed but I shook my head only.
“Such a pity. Guess we’ll have to use force.” Cold sweat ran down my spine at his words and then I felt his fingers tearing my shorts a bit, his fingertips agonizingly slowly running up and down my core. I let out a silent scream I’ve been holding and threw my head backwards, bucking my hips towards his hand just so I can get something but all I got was no contact with his hand anymore. I let out a desperate cry and bit my lip.
“ You know that I’m still waiting for my answer darling. Someone is getting inpatient here.” I groaned and bit my lip again, giving up.
“You did.” I said it a bit timidly but he clicked with his tongue.
“ Nope, can’t hear you. Sorry.” I rolled my eyes. He can be merciless arrogant bitch sometimes.
“You did. Draco fucking Malfoy did. Are you going to fuck me now or do I have to drink virgin’s blood or something?”
“No virgin’s blood involved. But I’ll drink your orgasms like they’re some sort of fucking nectar.” And with that he took the hem of my panties, sliding them off my legs.

Truth and Consequence

Written for @klaineaholic‘s 400 Followers Fic Challenge!

Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 2190

This turned out angsty as hell, and I’m pretty sure if I did a sequel, it would get even worse, so probably best not too.  XD  Enjoy!

“So tell me then, what you want from me!  And whatever that is, I’ll do it!”

You both froze, your head tilting to the side as you looked at the King of Hell, who was breathing hard, multiple emotions flickering across his face as he stared at you. Neither of you ever recalled him shouting at you before, even with all the things that had gone wrong in the time you’d known each other.

“Excuse me?”  You asked, raising an eyebrow.  “You want to try that again?”

Crowley let out a slow breath between his teeth, his eyes narrowing on you.  “I said to tell me what you want from me.  Whatever you want, I’ll do it, because this is tiring love, this game, and I’m not sure how much longer I can play it.”

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BTS Skin Care Tips

Why is it important to you to take good care of your skin?

Jin: “Skin is what completes my appearance. I value my looks very much, so it’s equally important to take good care of my skin — that’s a pivotal part of my face.”

J-Hope: “Taking good care of your skin is the No.1 rule for all celebs. I get to meet a lot of fans face-to-face at fan meetings and similar events, and I’d like to look my best for them.”

What’s your biggest skin concern?

Rap Monster: “My skin is dry most of the time, and my biggest concern is keeping it [moisturized]. I get zits from time to time and that concerns me as well.”

Jungkook: “I get pimples sometimes, and it’s very stressful.”

You guys travel a lot. Do you do any skin-care treatments while you’re on the plane to keep your skin from freaking out?

V: “On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much.”

Jimin: “I don’t really do anything extra special for my skin on the plane, but I try to drink as much water as possible.”

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

V: “I’ve been looking for my absolute favorite beauty product for a long time because my skin becomes dry and oily relatively fast. I haven’t found the right one, but I’m not giving up! Any recommendations?”

What is your skin routine like?

J-Hope: “[In the morning, I use] toner and face cream. [At night, the steps are] toner, essence, acne care, lotion, cream.”

Jungkook: “Toner and cream for night and morning routine.”

A lot of people find skin care routines to be a form of self care. Do you agree?

Rap Monster: “I totally agree. My favorite brand is Mediheal, and it has a variety of sheet masks you can choose from after a long day of work.”

Jimin: “I do agree because I try to clear my mind by cleansing my face after performances.”

Do you have any bad skin care habits?

Suga: “My bad habit is that I don’t take care of my skin.”

V: “I don’t particularly have a bad habit, but I’m worried about my skin having lack of elasticity. How can I prevent this?”

Are there any Korean beauty trends that you particularly love?

Jin: “I love sheet masks. I try to put them on whenever I feel my skin is dry and exposed too much to the sun. They help me make up for lost moisture and brighten my skin.”

Do you have any go-to skin care tips for clear, glowing skin?

J-Hope: “I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work.”

Jungkook: “I wish I had one! Let me know, and I’ll try.”

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