what and why am i here

Damsel Keith
  • Lance: I have come to rescue the Damsel in Distress!
  • Keith: Oh, screw you Lance. I'm not anyone's damsel.
  • Galra Soldier: Uh-- What happening....
  • Lance: Fear not, young Damsel!
  • Keith: If I wasn't handcuffed to this table, I would slap you!
  • Lance: You are captured by this Galra and you are distress. You are totally a Damsel
  • Galra Soldier: Still can shoot him you know
  • Lance: Can you be quiet for one moment, I am trying to save this Damsel.
  • Keith: Go to space hell !!!
  • Galra Soldier: ...
  • Lance: Look Galra, I am here to save this Damsel. Why don't you leave before I go all voltron on your ass, Okay?
  • Galra Soldier: ... yeah, okay. *leaves*
  • Keith: STILL NOT A DAMSEL !!!
It's a bird...it's a plane... it's a dumbass!!

I have been debating this post for the past few days, but just decided to do it and get it over with. If for no other reason, it will make me feel better, and may help some of you too!

Aside from the current mood that is surrounding Shippers ( and some quite understandably and with good reason…they know who they are and have my unwavering support!), I am trying to figure out why any of us want to continue fanning at all based on all of the horse poop I have been reading lately. The fear and intimidation some have felt is very real, so I am not diminishing that one bit. If anything, I am royally pissed that trolls and scumbots have the ability to do this to anyone, and especially to anyone here. But, that is not what this post is about.

I am truly baffled why people in our part of the community cannot seem to enjoy SC and the reason we came together any longer. Maybe I am a little delusional, but since I am one of the perceived few people who see pictures and tweets and think positive thoughts instead of automatically descending into “Spot the Swiffer mop”, or “I Spy bad roots” ….I truly don’t get it!! SA has been a gold mine as far as I am concerned, but for whatever reason, people are turning it into the worst game of Clue ever invented. As far as I am concerned, the goodies we have seen from them have been quite fun, and it is one of the prime reasons the other side is ramping up the doubt through anon’s and asks. My hat’s off to the folks that answer these ridiculous people, and I won’t do it because I have neither the time, nor the patience for such idiocy. I love those who take them down with the witty responses, and wish more would do just that!

So, if I might offer any suggestions….think about this….next time we get a pic of them hiking, how about enjoying it instead of questioning every thing about it. This last round was crazy…“ is Sam with them, is he planking somewhere else, is he on another peak, did Cait not hike with Sam” is Sam’s dick on the peak??..you see where I am going with this. Based on Cesar’s IG, and the fact that a group went hiking, and Sam’s own post said he was at Table Mountain answered the question for us….so, WHO THE HELL CARED about those other questions??? They went hiking together….WHEEEE!!!

My point is sometimes we need to take our collective heads out of our own asses and enjoy the fanning experience. Instead, we are becoming our own anti’s, and as I have said a zillion times….I will NOT do their work for them. At the end of the day, this is a TV show, and these are two actors, and two people that will probably never be my BFF’S, nor will I exchange Christmas cards with. But, I will be damned before I let anyone decide or prevent me from enjoying what I came here for, and that includes ourselves. I am not a rainbows and unicorns type of person, and compared to the real issues of the world (London, bullying, doxxing..the list is long), this is escapism entertainment at best, and we should treat it as such.

So, find your joy where you can, snark where you need to, and stop waiting for the sky to fall. I for one am sitting on the Lido Deck in the sunshine, lamenting the plight of some of my virtual friends, yet toasting and bragging about how great our ship really is. And ,watching my SA duo work, hang out personally and continue to contribute to the narrative that has been written for three fucking years, and continues to be written to this day. We just need to pay attention. Fake blondes, wannabe BFF’S and wankers need not apply!

SAIL ON SWEET SHIPSTERS!! Love to you all!❤❤❤

am I the only one here who feels like apologizing to my “abuser”? (I can’t even grasp the concept of abuse, it feels so wrong to call him abusive). it’s just that I see a lot of submissions here and you’re all angry and that’s okay don’t get me wrong, but I don’t feel like this at all. I have this weird feeling of trying to make excuses for him, for why he did what he did. I want to apologize to him and I don’t even know what for, I’m just so used to feeling like things are my fault that now I apologize for all my feelings. and as weird as it sounds sometimes I miss it, i miss the “abuse” so much i feel like getting on my knees and hugging his legs until HE forgives me and come back to me

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i feel like all larries knew about cricky except me.. why didnt anyone tell me omg i was just minding my own shit till i clicked on this tag and i thought it was an animal but its cris and his "husband"???? whaaat i didnt even know he liked men what is this mess ??? where am i

ohhhhhhhh boy, anon! it’s CRICKY TIME

Here I’ll leave you with this: 

100+ FOLLOWERS?! I WAS NOT EXPECTING TO REACH THAT NUMBER WHEN I MOVED BLOGS, GUYS. WHAT EVEN? HOW ARE YOU ALL FOLLOWING ME? WHY ARE YOU ALL FOLLOWING ME? BLESS YOU GUYS FOR DOING SO AND STICKING AROUND. Seriously. I can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for staying here, plotting with me, interacting with me, and being so wonderful. Whether we have a million threads, a few, or have yet to interact, I want you to know how thankful I am to each and everyone of you here. 

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As a way to thank you all of for following me, I would love to discuss some plot ideas with you. I’m all for writing something short or something longer so feel free to like this post. I’ll message you and we can talk about plots. I really want to get to know you all better, especially if we don’t have threads between on our muses yet. Thanks again for following me, guys! Means a lot!<33


Raven - “Seriously? I showered and everything and you’re still sitting here in your pajamas.. half asleep. We have things to do today lazy.”

Carmin - “I don’t know what to wear?”

Raven - “Why did you say that like a question? I am surely not your personal stylist, so my advice would be put on some clothes and let’s go.”

Carmin - “Wow, such good advice Rave what would I do without you!!”

Raven - “I sense your sarcasm. I like it. Now, LET’S GO.”

wednesday vibes: working on a project at my desk and then suddenly deterred by a panic attack at the thought of graduating, having student debt, only seasonal employment, and being basically homeless. currently feeling very overwhelmed, terrified, and nauseous and the state of my life. so many tears. trying to breathe but my chest is so tight with anxiety. what the fuck. how did i get here. what have i done. i don’t know anything. success in this field beyond seasonal positions is a pipe dream. what am i even doing. why haven’t i made safer choices. i feel sick. 

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Heyyy I'm sorry to say: the translators failed you here he says torao in the raws OTL just be cautious about the translators. They have a tendency to juat translate Luffy's nickname for Law as straight up Law

I’m heartbroken 💔


i only noticed this after watching the episodes a couple of times but this backup dancer in ‘zombies in the snow’ is the best thing ever

(But here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come)

Dear N,
You make me happy. I wish, more than anything, that it was enough. But if I’ve learned anything recently, it’s that I am full of fear. I’m afraid that like those I loved before you, I will move on in search of something else, without really knowing why. I am always and forever looking beyond what I have, even if that is someone as gentle, patient, and loving as you. I am too afraid to end something with such potential to be so beautiful, but I know it is the kinder thing to do, for your sake. You deserve so much more than my indecisiveness and fear. I don’t have the courage to tell you this yet. It breaks my heart.


Keith: *Gets hurt. In Cryo pod*

Lance: *hovers around pod and he doesn’t understand why*

*pod opens. Keith stumbles and Lance catches him*

Keith: Where am I?

Lance: Right here, in my arms. 

Keith: …. *recalls when they first met Allura*

Lance: ….! *Also recalls when they first met Allura* 

Keith: What? *red face* 

Lance; What what? *Mega red face* That wasn’t meant to be flirty. I’m not flirting.

Keith: I didn’t say you were

Lance: Good cause I wasn’t

Keith: Awesome… cause I would have said nothing if you were flirting or if I liked it or not. 

Lance: Well you don’t have to worry about liking it or not since I wasn’t flirting.

Keith: Great, 

Lance:… would you have liked it if it was flirting?  

Keith: ….Maybe.

*Both still holding each other in their arms and the castle sharing a tired sigh at the two* 

Me being klance trash cause that is what I live for and no one can stop me.