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@metalosse asked for my Top 5 SoMa moments in the SE manga and i went a little too extra… ((thank you for asking me friend <3 i missed you!!))

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bonus for the Top 5 favorite Pokemon is in the keep reading below! (sorry i had to make this a separate post from your ask since there are a lot of pictures hehe)

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So here’s the thing - I don’t want you to forget me. I want to be the reflection you see when you look in your morning cup of coffee, wondering what happened and why I’m no longer around. I want to be in the sound of people chattering in the background, when you can’t remember the sound of my voice calling your name anymore. I want to be the face you search for in a crowd, even knowing I am no where near and there’s no possible way it could be my own. Call me selfish, but I want every second I’m gone to ache.

To put it simply, I don’t want you to have a moment’s peace… I hope I fucking haunt you forever.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #64

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Hello Salt, look what took me almost a week to write. :’D I hope you and everyone else enjoys it~

Sequel to this

Warnings: Torture, blood, Tuckington, Fluff with a rough beginning

Five things Wash’s team would do for him and the one thing they’d never do

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Just Like Your Father  Pt. I


He’d heard the phrase before, many times in fact, from various members of the family. He’d always held the comparison quite close to his heart. His father, his idol, the man who (alongside his mother, of course) taught him everything he knew. 

But, somehow, each time he heard it - he gained a fresh sense of pride.

Draco, darling, come over here.

I hear you’re in your first year of Hogwarts, are you? What have you been up to? Making the right kind of friends I hope?

Of course I am. 

Why, I hope I don’t even look like the type that would hang out with… 


Wouldn’t expect anything less, dearie. Are you still friends with Pansy? That’s her name, right? It’s been so long my dear. She’ll be a powerful witch someday.

Of course, I am! 

She’d probably tell you I wouldn’t last a day without her. Lying, git.

How is your mother? Look out for her, my dear, one day you’ll have to look after her.

Draco: She’s doing well, I assure you.

And Lucius? 

You’re growing up to be just like him - aren’t you?


I appreciate it.

It’s a wonderful thing to be pure and strong, dearie, remember that.


Well, run along - I hate to take up too much of your time. Merlin knows, you’re destined for some big things.

And at the time - he believed her.

This Text post is OOC

((This is going to be addressing the recent thing with Madalena and all that junk. I understand I am a silly character and I will be eliminated. I didn’t do this to win. Actually, I expected to get eliminated the first chance Alex got. I joined the OC to have fun and brighten days and to showcase my funny side, and I see that’s what Alex wanted to do with her OC Madalena, so why did I get dragged into that post? Alex, you said you made Madalena to have fun, that’s why I made Meme, so how come you trashed me for your exact reasoning? I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that I don’t understand why you (Alex) blame Meme when you did the exact thing with your OC. Hate is never okay and trying to push yours onto me wasn’t cool either. I have not once done anything to anyone out of seriousness or ooc that could be taken offensively and if my oc has really been that much of a burden I’m sorry. I just wanted to make some people laugh. Nothing meme said was out of malicious intent and I thought everyone understood she was just a joke. I’m sorry if my fun annoyed you. I have not sent any hate to anyone so I once again don’t understand why I was thrown into this. I thought my oc would be a nice distraction from all the chaos, but I guess I thought wrong. I apologize for this rant, but like you said I am allowed to have emotions and be upset about things.  Me being thrown into something that had nothing to my OC or me as a person just kind of upset me and I wanted to share so this didn’t happen again. 

~Just some thoughts from the creator. Also just a quick note: Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my jokes and played along. I deeply appreciate you and I don’t want it to seem like I got excessive hate because I got a couple comments here and there. The people who were kind to me, thanks geese, you were the best.))

(true to my ocs name I thought it would be appropriate to post a meme at the end of this all.)

Letters (Prince!Jimin)

Plot: “I dreamt about you last night.” with prince!Jimin

Word Count: 988

A/N: so I will be working on youtuber!Jimin as a father, idk if it’ll be out tomorrow or the next day so I’ll update you guys on it tomorrow !!! For now, here’s a bit of prince!Jimin bc I’ve been really liking mafia!BTS and prince!BTS lately have no idea why but I just am and I’m not minding it all those are both very nice thoughts to me, the links for this are prince!Jimin (here) and more specifically, arranged marriage!Jimin (here)

Long distance relationships were difficult. You weren’t able to see him often, only getting monthly visits, sometimes only seeing him every few months. You had known who he was, you’d seen a few glimpses of his personality but you didn’t truly know him. You didn’t know what side of the bed he preferred, what his favorite late night snack was, whether he preferred the sunrise or the sunset. He would be your husband one day, the day rapidly approaching. You had been “engaged” to each other for as long as you could remember, the marriage arranged by your parents when you were just little kids.

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If you want to know who I am and the reason why I hate Ana and Mina, I'm gonna give you three clues about who's behind all of this. I used to have an account on Tomb Raider Forums. Here goes: Aquatic animal+Cutting part of a knife+Nick Wilde. This is related to my username there. Guess who I am? ;)

I don’t care who you are or what your reasons are for hating them. You’re a coward and a bully who sends threatening messages to people. What else is there to know? Do us all a favour and just grow up. Get off the computer and go the fuck outside.

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Is it possible to have adhd and empathise massively with autism and match all the materials in the lists for autism and adhd differences and similarities, without actually having autism? Taking tests etc it always comes up that i am but i really dont think i am? In a better lifestyle im more social adapt than most but thats what maybe made things difficult for me? Maybe thats what autism is idek? Im very very very emotionally empathetic but struggle conversationally :/ on meds its harder

This is an old one, but here we go!

It is possible to meet criteria for both ADHD and autism. I’m not totally sure why you don’t think you have autism, but if it’s only because of your social skills then you need to understand that this is a very small part of what makes autism a thing. Do you know any autistic people? Maybe chatting with them would help you figure it out a bit more.


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Okay am i the only that's seeing what is really happening here???? Okay WHY does "something" always happen when Camila and 5H are at the same place??? And why does Lauren always go MIA on ALL sm when this happen (CLAND at the same place)??? Gosh its like they know exactly how to distract this fandom from whats really happening. This is hilarious omw SMOKING LIKE REALLY 😂 😂😂There's a million pics&vidz of rihanna/britney smoking but its not an issue???? Does these ppl know Selena smokes too??

You’re the only one on my wavelength right now. 😏


“You should be at home with your family” Adam mumbled cinching his robe around his waist.

“I’m exactly where I should be” Keenan contradicted him.

“Babysitting me” Adam complained “is not where you belong. Contrary to popular opinion I am capable of making this decision on my own.”

“It’s not that” Keenan protested “I’m here to make sure you get the opportunity to make your own choice among the contestants. The elder’s sent a representative to ensure their agenda is followed. Why can’t you have your own representative?” He paused to allow his father time to think about what he said before adding “besides you and I both know Silver is going to be lurking somewhere waiting for a chance to stir up trouble. I’m here to watch your back.”

Nodding Adam sighed “I appreciate that son. I really do but I am capable of taking care of myself.” He ignored the look Keenan gave him that objected to being dismissed. Adam snorted softly shaking his head “but you’re still not leaving are you?”

Keenan shook his head “let’s eat” he said ignoring his father’s question altogether. He wasn’t going home until this farce was over.

i always thought i missed something really obvious here, because i never understood why holster said “your dating pool just increased by BAJILLION” so i came up with some theories (pls tell me what i missed, i am desperate, i can’t sleep at night!)

(1) did they misunderstand and think bitty is bi? unlikely

(2) are there a lot less girls at samwell than boys? meh boring

(3) did they took a lot of girls out of bitty’s dating pool for whatever reason; spreadsheet compatibility or some bro code regarding exes? could be

(4) are at least 70% of all girls lesbians, so the het dating pool isn’t actually that big? yes

so here’s something I didn’t actually know.
Caterpillars shed their skin (molt) just like any other insect with instars do.
I mean. It SHOULD make sense, I don’t know why I am surprised
But here I am. Shocked.
I was WONDERING why they weren’t eating today…
And I had just lost the smallest one to what appeared to be some kind of rupture–they leaked too much to recover from and died. I’m not entirely sure what caused it. So here I was worried that maybe it was some manner of infection or parasite, and the other three had it and that’s why they weren’t eating.

Nope, just getting ready to molt. 
Now they’re bigger. Level up!!

I sometimes get frustrated on here because it seems so hard for me to make friends with any of you? Like, I follow and am followed by so many awesome people.

And I see a lot of you becoming friends and talking and laughing with each other…. And like. I don’t know how to do that or what I’m doing wrong?

This sounds super whiny. This is probably why no one messages you, Brie. 🙈

I’ve made some friends in the NJPW fandom though, and that’s cool. Particularly in the Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi fandom’s.

If you guys ever wanna message me about Kenny or Kota feels (or any other wrestling feels) please do. I hope I don’t come off standoffish, idk.

This has been an outburst of feelings.

i just figured i’m 2 types of rpers in 1. like… when i’m on here, writing for the elf just feels natural & like i never did anything else in my life, i’ve grown confident with a portrayal i’m developing since nearly 2 years ago. then i switch to the other muse who is very different character-wise + modern setting, speech pattern & profession & i get freaking nervous over every single post i type. i have fun, am excited to walk that new path, but i’m also lowkey afraid to fail? then i come back here & it’s like coming home. i like this challenge & how every rper can become all nervous when entering a new field. it shows that we never stop growing as writers :)

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8 for Victor and Yuuri! (bc while the show says Yuuri's never been in a relationship, does that REALLY mean he's a virgin) (and while Victor had a list of lovers ready to recite, does that REALLY mean he's a playboy) (who knows)

hey how did you know i have lots of abominably strong opinions about this! actually it changes depending on what best fits whatever i’m writing but in canonverse… well. here we go. this got long so i’m putting it under a cut. why am i like this.

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I drew her at midnight while watching over the house. Just an experiment in more doll designing, With Kira and all those cuties I feel like there are some things I can do better with them (more head shapes, face diversity, etc.) as well as some simpler clothes that could be put to scale as doll clothes (Ya know what why am i analyzing this these girls won’t become dolls)

Here’s one of the gals I made, wave one Dia Mondoya, her mother owns a really fancy designer clothing store so she’s always trendy and cute, and she likes collecting stones, crystals, and helping kids with math.

*me laying in bed with a fuck ton of Vicks tissues over my face*
Mom: What are you doing
Me: Learning to smell again…
Mom: Well you have company squeaky toy
Me: What?
Friend: I’m back hoe!!!!
Mom: Hell she might as well live here for coming over almost every damn day..
Friend: Is that an offer “mom”
Mom: Maybe but right now it’s no…
*I wheeze as my friend climbs onto me*
Me: Get off…
Friend: Why tissue face~
Me: You’re crushing me…
Friend: Am I really that fat?!?!?
Me: Didn’t say that..
*She bites the fuck out of my tits*
Me: …..Doesn’t hurt…
Friend: What how?
Me: Because their numb from you keeping me up last night just to rub them
Friend: Oh then you should be lac-
Me: FUCK YOU!!!! Don’t finish that word!!

God end my suffering….so my tits will survive~~

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why do you keep trying to defend men? It's ridiculous. what have men ever done for you? Have some self respect

I haven’t bitched in a while so here we go…

I don’t think I “defend men” as much as I defend the idea that every single person should be looked at as an individual - individually responsible for their own actions - and all the arbitrary categories they belong to should be seen as nothing but arbitrary. I do it because I’d like to have that same benefit extended to me. Who I am is mostly independent of what I am.

I also “defend men” because the notion that we, as women, should generalize and fear half of the population affected me a lot as a young girl who was already prone to paranoia. I blamed what an individual had done to me on the entirety of men because that’s what the ideology encouraged me to do, in turn, that made me hate people who didn’t even have a say in whether or not they were born male. I’d have a panic attack if a man as much as looked at me. That’s not healthy.

What have men - as a collective - ever done for or to me? Absolutely nothing. What individual men have done for me? A whole lot. My father, who even in his absence, did the best he could for me. My brother, who’s virtually a stranger but who’d always have my back. My best friend, who has stuck with my unstable ass through thick and thin when everyone else would have told me to suck a fuck. My ex boyfriend, who through all his faults, is an amazing guy who unknowingly helped me face a demon that I tried to pretend wasn’t there. My male friends who don’t give up on me even when I give them a million reasons to. They’re all individuals who happen to be men, and the men who did me wrong were also all individuals who happened to be men. That’s it.

why am i awake. why am i awake right now. why am i still up. why why

i got up this morning like “im gonna go to bed at midnight tonight” here we are at 3 in the morning and im awake!!! im awake!!!! im listening to songs without headphones in!!!!!! bc i dont kn ow  what im gdoinhg anm,ore osmeone tell me to go to bed

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(1) *peeks at your door* hallo~ Can i get an SLBP match up please :3 idk how to do things like this so pls be gentle ///n/// I am a 5'6 with some chubs on my belly and chubby cheeks perfect for squishing and pinching ;u; #rip um... i wear glasses and have curly/wavy black hair in a ponytail most of the time. I am a huge introvert (tho i do get very lonely sometimes unu) and i love to *try* new things for curiosity *hides all embarrassing moments*

(2) I like to listen and observe people and surroundings, especially when i’m all alone, but i will always go for daydreaming about aus here and there during that xD People say I’m too generous and kind and they keep warning me about being used but oh well what to do =w= i like giving people compliments because why not but i guess they’re not good enough because i’m awkward in my words lelel. (i just like making people smile unu)
(3) Even though i look like i’m not aware of my surroundings, i am sensitive to conversations, emotions, and movement =n= (to the point where it’s so obvious to me that people are talking behind my back =w=) i am what people would call weird. I spontaneously burst into dancing fits in the middle of nowhere with singing and i embrace it >:DD I love giving warm hugs and cuddles. I will always prioritise others before myself, to the point where i neglect even my own mental stability :3
(4) I think I’m saying too much now so i’ll just give some things here ;-; I am an INFP-T and my zodiac is cancer even though i don’t really believe in superstitions. I love to draw, from flowers to random cat-bird mutants, and sometimes write. I love reading about culture and mythology and i love new experiences. Thanks for reading this if you read all of it TAT you’re the best :3

*tears open the door*
I’M LITERALLY THE *knocks over something that makes a sound of 100 dB* MOST GENTLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET
Well, I hope you’ll like your match up!

I was thinking of Kirigakure Saizo and Sanada Yukimura and chose

Kirigakure Saizo

The fact that you are ready to try a lot of new things and even do that with delight and interest would allow you to get along well with the unpredictable ninja.

Concerning your handling of other people you would leave him exasperated very often, but he couldn’t help love you for it, as it is just who you are. He would protect you from everyone that wanted to take advantage from your kindness in case you wouldn’t notice that yourself already. Your capability to become aware of the things others do and say would serve to ease his nerves a little when it comes to your safety.
However he would also see that you’re caring so much about others to the point that it affects your own health, so he would make sure not to allow to let it come to that.

Your warm nature would contrast Saizo’s distant one, but that would be exactly why you would be so good for each other. You would offer him all the cordiality he has always been lacking with no intentions other than selflessness.
Saizo would approach everything with a high amount of suspicion and caution, even though you would rather see the bright side in things. Therefore you could teach him to trust, while he would protect you from things you might haven’t perceived.
As you both are introverted, you would be able to spend a lot of time together while still being comfortable when doing so.

That doesn’t mean that the man himself wouldn’t love to tease you. Your playful behavior would be a topic that would often serve Saizo as a means to comment on it in an unexpected way. He would know that he could do so with an easy conscience, as he would know that you love the things you do and should know that he would love that, too.
The teasing and obtaining new experiences wouldn’t only continue with words, but also physically.

You two have the same way of thinking despite expressing it in different ways which would just bring you closer.