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**raised eyebrow with cautious look** …… i n t e r e s t i n g ….

*edit* : portion of video is @ 1:03:12 - 1:04:09

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> in the first season of Skam, Isak is told by his best friend that "he only knows gay songs", and then when we get to know him again in season 3 we find out he nowadays listens to music that makes him feel tough. That that's the specific reason for it. We get a deep insight into this image of heterosexuality he's trying to project, and that dissonance in characterization makes it clear that it's something he's forcefully constructed in the last year. There are many more explicit examples of his internalized homophobia, but this one strikes me as especially heartbreaking because it's a direct response to something that was meant to be a casual remark, but had a deep impact on shaping his self image.<p/></p>

Someone probably beat me to the punch and made a post like this already, but honestly, I just had talk about this scene.

I’m sure all of you remember the infamous bathroom scene. This new flashback from episode 12 puts things into a different perspective. 

Here Yuri is, watching Yuuri’s past GPF performance. He’s trying his best to look disinterested yet you can tell he’s clearly interested. He even goes as far to admit that Yuuri’s step sequence grabbed his attention. And when he mentions the failed jumps he sounds almost…disappointed.

He isn’t making fun of him for messing up his jumps. He wants to see Yuuri be able to succeed and successfully complete a program.

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One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.
A conversation that probably happened on the set of Supernatural
  • MISHA: You know what's really out there? ANAXIMANDER! WEST ANAXIMANDER!
  • JARED: Oh wow that's really out there. I'm sticking to my white American Texan roots. THOMAS COLTON. That's pretty safe.
  • MISHA: Safe could actually be interesting. MAISON MARIE is pretty safe right?
  • JENSEN: What are you guys talking about?
  • MISHA: Baby names
  • JENSEN: OH! I GOT ONE! JUSTICE JAY. It's my name (Jay) with a side of Justice!
  • MISHA: Justice Jay, really?
  • JENSEN: What's wrong with Justice Jay?
  • JARED: It's not as badass and Texan like AUSTIN SHEPHERD!
  • JENSEN: Excuse you what's more badass than a little JUSTICE brought into this world??
  • MISHA: I think you two are glossing over the fact that I have the wild wild WEST. I'm the clear winner here.
  • JENSEN: West? Direction? Compass?
  • STEPHEN AMELL: *walks by and crosses the road*
  • JENSEN: ARROW! ARROW RHODES! Hahahaha suck it losers!
  • JARED & MISHA: Are you being serious?
  • JENSEN: As serious as that Sirius Black guy!
  • DOG: *walks by*
  • JARED: Bram?
  • JENSEN: *puts on sunglasses and walks away*


The growing saga of fake snaps revolving around John’s mysterious disappearance from Earth C. (A sort-of-kind-of-AU-thing.)

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There’s pretty much only 1 more of these that I have actually sketched out, so. Kind of interested in what YOU guys want to see. Lemme know. >:]

(When I accumulate enough of these I’ll make one giant masterpost for all of them.)


Been playing a lot of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village since classes are over ^q^) 

I was gunning for Dean originally but THEN I saw Gabriel’s event where he ate the dog food to test the quality for his brother’s sick dog and then I fell in love

So yeah, I married him LMAO 

IDK what it is about him but he always seems kinda sly in his expressions…every time he asks me to do a request he always ends it with a “you don’t mind, right?” and he does this SUPER CUTE SMILE AND IM LIKE…GABRIEL, I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SUBTLY MANIPULATING ME But I am so attracted to you I will give you anything you want

still love you Dean.. someday I will marry you, macho florist


Kicking off Clara and Stellan’s round by moving them into this cute house next door to Xavier and Keffria. :) They’re so adorable but so boring so I’m hoping a change of scenery will make them more interesting to play.

Your insecurities show.

This is cliche, but confidence is key. I get a lot of questions asking- what do guys like/how do I keep him interested? I hate saying this, but you should be confident being the person you are (fake it till you make it). I remember those weekends that I’d go out with my SDBF (developer- I posted pics when I had IG: JXSB_), we would always take his limo. We went to all the lounges/restaurants in Toronto, and EVERY SINGLE TIME when the chauffeur came to pick us up, girls right BESIDE me would be hating. These girls legit said- why is he with her? He should be with me instead/he could do so much better! These were some orange Oompa Loompas. My SDBF said- did you just hear what they said, don’t you feel so lucky that I love you? I replied: no, if you want them, you can have them. Go get em!

He was in fucking shock! I made it obvious that I am not scared to lose him, there are a sea of men who can provide me with what he did. We were together for almost two years, and I finally broke it off December 2016 (day before his birthday). He begged but his attitude isn’t worth the money (he came back every time I dumped him). He was a multimillionaire, sure that’s great, but I had also found someone who is worth a whole lot more than that… he has watches that are worth millions.

Don’t allow these men to take advantage of you. Don’t allow him to have power over you. You are a luxury, you are a Goddess, and you already know that. There are plenty more where he came from. Ps- men also want what they cannot have, especially wealthy men. Why? Because they think their money can buy them anything, it’s nice to give them a reality check.

EXO's Sexual Orientation

Based off of my own knowledge of them! I am by no means saying that they are exactly what I say they are.

Minseok: straight as straight can be.

Junmyeon: also straight, regardless of how much of an eomma he is.

Yixing: straight but sway-able if the right guy came along.

Baekhyun: Bi. He likes what he likes and sometimes it’s a guy that peaks his interest.

Jongdae: another straight boy.

Chanyeol: straight but like Yixing, he is sway-able. His big heart is very accepting.

Kyungsoo: gay for Nini.

Jongin: gay for Soo.

Sehun: gay gay gay. Lol

100 Days of Clean Eating

So starting on January 2nd, I’m thinking of cutting out rubbish food for 100 days… My goal is to eventually not crave junk food by the end of the 100 days and also be back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I’ll make exceptions where healthy eating isn’t possible or for special occasions but will try to keep rubbish to a minimum and choose the healthiest options where possible.

If you’d like to join me on the way, that would be great and I’ll update every day to talk about what I’ve done food-wise and any exercise etc. I’ll be interested to see what you guys are doing to move towards a healthier you ☺

Theory time! - Levi's cravat

To preface - I just got all of the Attack on Titan volumes up to the current one and DAMN it’s nice to not have to be online to read them. :)


During my rereading of the official translation, I noticed something interesting that I think indicates something important about Levi’s character that I don’t think I’ve read yet from anyone else.  Remember this in Chapter 51? 

In case you don’t remember, it’s when Levi finds out from Hange that Titans were previously human.  Cue guilt and Erwin creepy smile (man, him and Armin have the creepy smile game on LOCK, BTW). 

However, in every chapter since, Levi’s been missing something that we all associate with his character, his visual cue, if you will -

His cravat.  Yeah, I understand that at this point in the story, they’re on the run and haven’t worn their uniforms and such, but I feel like this little detail is actually pretty important. As momtaku has mentioned in previous posts and her readthroughs (which are great, btw), Levi is fairly horrified that what he’s been doing up until now (to paint in broad strokes) is killing humans, and is starting to lose it.  From what we’ve learned in later chapters with the appearance of Kenny and learning more about his past with the underground, this is what I’m thinking -

Levi and Kenny clearly don’t get along, and they lived together for a while.  Kenny raised him, to an extent, and Levi’s accustomed to squalor.

Once Levi joined up with the Survey Corps, he found a way out.  Keeping in consideration some of the information we’ve gleaned from character interviews and tidbits (like why he holds his teacups in his particular way), I think Levi’s preference for his cravat is another way for him to give an appearance of being more well off than what he actually is/was AND a way to signify a new beginning for him, where he isn’t learning how to stalk and kill people - in essence, “using his powers for good”.

Once he realizes Titans were/are humans, I think he realized at that point he’s no better than Kenny, and everything he’s done to change things for himself have been for nothing - to paraphrase Kill Bill, he’s not a worker bee, he’s “a renegade killer bee”, and everything he’s done to “disguise” himself is pointless, because nothing in the world can change his Ackerman heritage.  As he tells the 104th -

He’s pretty uniquely qualified to deal with Titans and killers.  Like Erwin and Armin, because of what he knows now, he (and Mikasa, once he tells her about their shared heritage) knows what he has to do now and has “discarded” that part of himself to fight monsters.  Hell -

In summation, I think at this point, Levi is probably being the most honest with himself that he’s been in a long while.  Whether or not he puts it back on once everyone starts donning their uniforms again remains to be seen, and if he does, that raises interesting questions, as well.  Either way, I love Levi, and I get why people don’t understand certain aspects of his character, or broadly characterize him in broad strokes for fanfic purposes and such (I ONLY LOVE CRAVATS AND CLEANING kind of stuff), but I think that’s probably because I’m also “abnormal…probably because I’ve seen far too many abnormal things”.  I feel like that makes it easier for me to understand his headspace and some of his decisions (like his behavior towards Historia or using odd, long winded non sequiturs to explain himself).