what an incredibly special moment


You want to know what my favorite thing about this team is? It’s not the goals, the assists, or even the games won. Those are great, but what really fills me with joy is the unexpected friendships that come out of the team and that we see develop. Look at Abby and Syd. Never, and I mean never, would I have initially thought that those two would go on to become crucial and integral parts in each other’s lives. I mean for fucks sake! Syd had 25 years worth of friends to pick from when choosing her maid of honor, yet she chose Abby. Look at KO and Hope. Completely polar opposites from each other. Hope the scary goalkeeper who never smiles. The cold, calculated menace and hero of the field. Then you have Kelly who can’t walk 100 meters without jumping around. Yet guess what? Some crazy force of nature brings them together for incredibly special moments both on the field and off the field. You turn your head and who do you see? Whit and Ash. Again, the nice sweet girl with the crazy rebel goalie. These two opposite ends are brought together because of soccer. And lets not fucking forget about the New Kids! Can you have three more different people be three better friends for years and years and years? No.You have to admit, as a diehard fan there is nothing better than these strange yet too good to be true friendships that occur and that fill us with joy and emotions on days like today.