what an incredible artist

rohan: alright let’s use heaven’s door on this serial killer and see what he has to say

kira’s pages: the artist rohan kishibe has incredibly nice hands, i’d love to take them for my own and–

rohan: okay that’s enough of that

Shall We Begin?

Supergirl Virtual Season begins 5th June 2017. Thanks to @catgranting for the badass art this time round.

The season will run on AO3 and Tumblr, with a new ‘episode’ each week for you to enjoy. The first of those episodes - in fact episodes 1 and 2 - have been written by @inspectorboxer and @fictorium, their first collaboration. 

That will kick off our season of diving deep into Supercat (and Sanvers!). Are you all ready?

Watch out for updates on who’s writing what from episode 3 onwards, and what to expect from the incredibly talented artists, too! Follow here on @sgvs for updates, or on Twitter.


“Save it for the High Priest honey, you’re gonna need it.” ✨

I love this photo!! I found it cleaning out old emails. I think one of my biggest victory laps was doing a costume in spite of having stretch marks on the sides of my legs and thighs(this also went for my ME!ME!ME! costume), and also sewing a costume for the very first time! Sure, editing all of the “imperfections” out looks good and might have a flawless finish but I can’t forget to acknowledge that we’re all real people outside of this– not always as polished and pretty as these shoots allow us to be, regardless of how much I appreciate and love what photographers can do and their incredible artistic visions. We all have flaws and imperfections, but it makes us all so terribly human. I hope everyone is able to feel comfortable in their own skin, the way this hobby has allowed me to be in mine.

Photo by Benjamin A. Pete Photography(be_atlanta)


Making the final push to get some more attention for our future crowdfunding campaign, for Failing Upward. I’m pairing this promo with the pilot, so people can get the full scope of what we’re doing. The artists and animators we’re working with are incredibly talented and I know they, along with @atowncalledomelette and I, can make something REALLY cool. 

Please share this with friends who love animation and independent projects. 

Thanks, guys!

I commissioned the amazingly talented @cocotingo to draw a modern!AU Lambert, and wow! Thank you so much, he looks terrific!

For @asaucyginger, who shares my appreciation for the well-dressed salt lick. Thanks for fangirling and throwing headcanons back and forth with me. :D

Bring Me The Horizon MASTERPOST

It’s a band. Not only Oliver Sykes. Get it people. The other bandmates are individuals, artists who deserve to be appreciated as much as the lead singer. They are all artists who are incredibly good at what they are doing and this, my dearest followers, is my appreciation post to them, because to me, they are as awesome and as great as Oli Sykes and without them this amazing band wouldn’t exist.

So have a warm applause for BRING ME THE HORIZON:

See, this band is why we’re all here, reading this. But how much do you know about all the members?

Let’s start with the guy on the left. Looks familiar?

Matt Kean, Ladies and Gentlemen.

He’s the bassist. Born on the 2nd of June 1986 (29), from Sheffield. In the beginning he was the only Vegan in the band so his nickname was “Vegan”. His girlfriend is called Hanna Tiensuu.

Hanna’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/hannatiensuu/?hl=de

Matt’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/matt__kean/

Next one, well, you know him, don’t you?

Jordan Fish.

The keyboarder and programmer. He is from Sheffield, born on the 26th of June 1986 (29). Before BMTH he played the keyboard in a band called “Worship”. His wife is called Emma Fish. They married in 2013.

Emma’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/emmafish86/?hl=de

Jordan’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/jordanfish86/

The guy next to Oli on the right is called:

Lee Malia

He is the lead guitarist and has been in the band from the start. His birthday is on the 4th of June 1986 (29) and he is also from Sheffield. Without his amazing riffs we wouldn’t know the band as it is today. Oh and also, he has a super beautiful girfriend. Her name is Deni Marie McGonigle.

Deni’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/denimarie_/?hl=de

Lee’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/leemalia/

Last, but not least.

Mat Nicholls

He’s the drummer, has been the drummer since the band started back in 2004. He started drumming when he was 16, never really got lessons and learned how to play the drums through BMTH. He was born on the 22nd of March 1986 in Sheffield, he’s also 29. His girlfriend is called Chloe Mellors.

Chloe’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/chloe_mellors/?hl=de

Mat’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mickypickles/

And well, there is one guy left, but you all know about him anyway.

Oliver Sykes

Born on the 22nd of November 1986, still 28, from Sheffield, married to Hannah Sykes. Stop pretending you don’t know shit about him cause you all stalk him and want to marry him secretly.

But get your shit together, he has a beautiful wife.

Hannah’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/hannahpixiesykez/

Oliver’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/olobersykes/

Alright. So now that we know all the band members I hope that we do not only listen to Oli’s screams, but also to Mat’s drums, Lee’s guitar riffs, Matt’s bass and Jordan’s new sound he brought into the band. Because what these guys do is art and Oli wouldn’t probably be alive anymore if it wasn’t for his band.

Bring Me The Horizon, everyone:

And now you better all reblog because I put a lot of effort in educating you about this band. So stop swooning about how “hoooot” Oli is and enjoy their goddamn music because that’s what it is all about.

BTS: A Hip-Hop/Musical Analysis and General Musical Critique on the Korean Pop Music Scene

I’m a on-air radio personality on a radio station in California, and I felt that this is something I wanted to say and write about. 

I think BTS is a totally different entity from some of the music that mainstream Korea is putting out and this is my analysis on the topic. I have been thinking about this for a while and I really wanted to get my opinion out there. If you’re interested in a long read on the analysis of Western music’s influence on Eastern pop, then please enjoy my opinionated piece.

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Here’s a selection of screenshots I nabbed during the Cologne livestream last night. What an incredible show. Every featured artist was spectacular. Damon is such a nerd- look at him dancing with 2D! I cannot wait to see him in person in December!!! (Needless to say, I lasted about 12 minutes after the livestream before I purchased my tickets.)

Look at this cute happy nerd with his precious keytar!

And now, my absolute favorite: I present to you Damon playing some heartfelt acoustic whilst Murdoc wiggles his bare ass at him.

I’ve had… so many incredible instructors. My original master opened his own school as a third degree but he was patient and incredible and I’ve been at his school for eight years. I trained with a grand master as a twelve year old purple belt because this ninth degree grand master wasn’t above training children or color belts. I’ve trained with sixth degree worlds coaches who watched a class of twenty blackbelts and gave every single one of them something specific to work on in their walking stance punch. I once went to a seminar with a gentleman who could move faster than we could see and he was friendly and approachable and the least threatening person I’ve ever met. Idk where I’m going with this but… man good martial arts instructors are so incredible. I love training and what it does to people.

Tiny Tomcat’s Guide for Sad, Grumpy Littles

●Find Out What is Making You Sad
Sometimes just knowing what is making you sad can help you feel better. Because when you know what’s making you sad, sometimes you can stop it. What’s wrong, Little One? Are you lonely? Are you depressed? Feeling sick? Is there a bad storm outside scaring you? It’s okay, sweetie pie.This list will try to help you feel better.

●Tell Your Bad Feelings to Go Away
It’s not silly or weird to just tell those bad thoughts to just go away. You can imagine them as a fly and shoo them away with your hands. You can turn into huge dinosaur, or big strong bear and give your best scary roar and scare away those sad, bad feelings. Throw a fit. You have my full permission– just this once. Stamp your feet, ball your little fists, jump up and down. Go away, go away, go away! There’s no place for you here! Good feelings only!

●Take a Nice Warm Bath
Sometimes taking baths is like a chore. But if you make it something nice and fun it can make you feel better. Add lots and lots of bubbles, rubber duckies, toy boats and bath crayons, light candles and use your favorite smelling soap. Don’t forget to put on jammies or cozy clothes afterwards. Fuzzy sock or slippers after a bath are the best!

● Cuddle With Your Favorite Plushie
A nice warm hug for 8 seconds raises goodie feelings and helps us feel better. So can you imagine how much better a cuddle puddle with your favorite plushies would make you feel? Maybe tell them what’s wrong. They are always ready and willing to listen to whatever is on your mind

●Play With Your Toys
Pull out the legos and play-doh, get out your dinosaurs, cars, littlest pet shops, dolls, lite-brites, mr. potato head, pegs, all of it! Get out all of your toys and spread them all over the floor! Make a huge giant city out of one, and tiny shops and people with the other. Tell a pretty story about two duckies and a porcupine that live there. Now smash the whole city down! Boom! (save the animals of course)

●Have A Dance Party!
Wag that tail, wiggle those little paws, flap your arms and jump all around in circles, hop up and down, shake it left and right. Whoo-hoo! Look at you go, Little One! Shake out all those bad feelings like you’ve got ants in your pants. Shake it all out my little wiggly squirmy wormy! Show me all your silly fun dance moves!

●Treat Yourself
Alright, okay. Just this once because my precious Little isn’t feeling the best. Grab that extra cookie. You can have one more scoop of ice cream. Yes, precious, you can get another toy at the store, you can stay up past bedtime, you can watch one more show. It’s not a night with no rules, cause rules are there to keep you healthy and safe, but we can bend a few, just for you. An extra coloring book, a suprise plushie, and extra sticker on your star chart for being such a good Little and trying so hard to feel all better. I am very, very proud of you. Yes, muffin. You do deserve an extra treat. What a very good and precious Little you are.

●Make Some Art
Oh! Is that your coloring book? Can I see what coloring you’ve done? Wow! Look at that! You are very very good at coloring inside the lines and those colors are so pretty! Can you color a page for me? I would love to have one of your original works to show off. Wow! Did you make this with play-doh? Is that your macaroni art? Did you make a rain maker all by yourself? It sounds so pretty! My goodness! What an incredibly artistic little bug you are. If you are feeling up to it my tiny Michelangelo, I would absolutely adore one of your original pieces if you please. It would be gift to receive something from such a young talent!

●Watch Something Fun
It’s Disney time! What’s your favorite Little One? Do you wanna sing Hakuna Matata with me? Or maybe we can dance around the house to Be Our Guest. Oho. Ooh. So you’re naughty like Stitch, huh? But also cute and fluffy! Or maybe you like Ghibli? Do you wanna cuddle on a big fat Totoro, too? Or fly around like Kiki? Or are you very small like Arrietty? We can watch cartoons, too! Kipper the Dog, or Miffy the Rabbit, what about Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Adventure Time? Shall we explore Ooo together? Or save Beach City with Steven and the Gems? Lets go on a great huge adventure, Little One. You choose where!

●Remember You Are Loved
No matter what you’re feeling, you’re still valid. If you’re feeling upset because you think you’re too clingy, or lonely because you’re without a caregiver, if dysphoria of any kind is creeping in, or if you like Little Space but you’re just sort of floating through it without friends or a big.. That’s okay. Please don’t leave, okay? Little Space is magical and good and pure and sweet. If you want to watch a movie, you can message me sometime, and I’ll try to set one up. If you just need to hear some encouraging words, I’ll send you a message. Upset feelings are sad and heavy, which is why we retreat to someplace happy and light. Little Space should be your safe and happy place always. Talk to someone, talk to me if it isn’t. You are valid, accepted for who you are. I promise. I love you, Little One. I do.
I love you, I love you, I love you. So, so very much. Don’t ever forget that.

- Ayru ☆