what an idiot i love him so much man

This probably happened at some point
  • Remus: *climbs into Sirius' bed*
  • Sirius: *trying to whisper* what are you doing?
  • Remus: *trying to whisper* I want to sleep with you *cuddling*
  • Sirius: you are so clingy... I love you so much.
  • Sirius: you know, sometimes I wonder what did i do right to be loved by him?
  • Remus: him?
  • Sirius: the most amazing man on earth *gives Remus a cheesy kiss*
  • James: Aw I'm so glad you know i love you pads!
  • Sirius: I meant Remus prongs. How are you hearing our conversation anyway?
  • Remus: *dies of embarrassment he only lets Sirius hear the cheesy stuff*
  • Sirius: okay, you got a point.
  • Peter: could all of you please shut up! Some of us actually want to sleep!
Feeling like Hux imagine again >.>

I am so on fire with Hux x reader imagines lately. It’s the best fun to write those!! I hope you’ll like this one and sorry for eventual mistakes ;p I am trying to get my english going so if you notice some horrible mistakes, please, message me. I will be happy to know what I’ve fucked up : D

I am not sorry Dan. You are an idiot >.>

K, but imgine Hux getting drunk as fuck at the party.

First, he becomes more open. He’s always absolutely charming, but a little of alcohol makes him laugh more, and even share some stories, that include something embarassing for Lord Ren, everybody loves so much.

Later, the red headed man switches places to sit next to you and put his arm around you. You move closer to him, getting yourself comfortable, as he continues on telling his story, not giving a single fuck about sad Dan, that just have been told by Hux to “go sit somewhere else”.

After some time, he gets touchy and aggressive. Hearing that Dan slightly supports Lord Ren’s idea for clone army, Hux stands up and approaches him. Despite being drunk, he moves like he’s completley sober. Briskly and confidently. General stops next to the officer and hits him in the jaw. The punch is quick and seems to be almost effortless, but it’s surprisingly strong. You can hear Dan’s jawbone cracking as he falls down on the floor. “I will not tolerate your stupidity any longer” says Hux calmly. At first, you are shocked. You had no idea he is so strong, but then you chuckle. What else could you expect from Brendol Hux’s son?

As the party continues, Hux becomes quieter and calmer. Everybody is having a great time (except of Dan, currently residing at the hospital section). You are sitting on the sofa in the dark corner quiet tired of playing cards and having laughs with fellow-workers. Your eyes are closed but you force yourself to open them, when you felt somebody came to sit next to you. It’s Hux. “Are you having fun?” you ask. No answer. The man is loking at you like through the fog. “Yeah, I am getting pretty tired as well” you add and before you are able to do anything you can feel Hux digging his face in your neck and wrapping you with his arms. He refuses to say a thing. With his big body trapping yours, you are unable to move anywhere. All the general wants to do for the rest of the night is to stay cuddled up to you and have your hand running through his red hair. You stay like this untill he falls asleep and everybody leaves. Taking a look at him sleeping on your chest you think to yourself “Isn’t he the sweetest jaw-breaking cupcake?” tracing random shapes on his face with your finger. He have never got so drunk before. “He’s going to be so dead this morning. Now, how the fuck do I move?”

Lautrec’s master list

Heneral Luna be like
  • Soldier: *in the trenches, tries to see where Americans are*
  • Soldier: *head explodes from canon fire*
  • Rusca: *face covered in brains* FUCK
  • --
  • Soldier son of a rich man: *runs away mid-battle*
  • Heneral Luna: COME BACK HERE YOU IDIOT!!! What the fuck these girls have bigger balls than that coward
  • Two female soldiers in the trenches: *salute Heneral Luna and laugh raucously mid-battle*
  • --
  • Heneral Luna: *playing guitar to the moon* *somebody knocks on the door and interrupts him*
  • Heneral Luna: WHO THE FUCK WOULD KNOCK AT THIS HOUR--oh hi mom
  • --
  • --
  • Other commanding officer: Uh sir do you know how to speak English
  • Heneral Luna: I got this
  • Heneral Luna: *speaks French*
  • Heneral Luna: We... are... sequestering this. This train.
  • Heneral Luna: I've run out of English just arrest this guy already
  • --
  • Heneral Luna: I wanna mess with this guy let's shoot into the window
  • Heneral Luna: Who wants to prove your love for this country by shooting into a window

anonymous asked:

I love that smile ian always does when mickey beats someone up that said/did something to ian in any way.hes just like "gonna step back and let my man do what he does best" or like when that guy called him a twink and he laughed like "you poor idiot"

YESSSS Like he already knew what was gonna happen. He knows his man so well and he doesn’t even stop him anymore. I mean honestly he shouldn’t have stopped him when he beat Ned up because he quite deserved it. It was just a much too public viewing. (And I love Ned as a character, but u know. Pedophile.)

And then when Tetris called him twink he flinched but there was no one to defend him anymore :CCCCC


“which is the real man, the beast or the angel?”                                                                                                                                                  “We are both.”                                                                                                                                                        “Are we?”

Man I go back and forth on Cockles, but despite where I think they stand I know for certain there is a very VERY strong bond there filled with unmoving love, care, and friendship, and I’ve never seen Jensen like this accept with Danneel and that’s saying something, but even then….man…..I can’t help but grin like an idiot thinking what Misha must have done for Jen to make him THIS, then I realize the answer bc he does it for all of us, but still, What Did U Do Mish?! Thank You Mish for making him so much happier than he’s ever been, or that you bring out in him for us to see at least!
Part One?
  • Sherlock: *reading on his laptop, fists clenched; fuming*
  • John: What's the matter with you?
  • Sherlock: *puts on a high-pitched voice; angry* 'Do you believe in love at first sight? There's this man and I love him. At least, I think I do.'
  • John: *blinking*
  • Sherlock: *chuckles coldly* Oh, it gets better! 'I can't stop thinking about him. He's so intelligent it's like he's burning-', he's clearly an idiot, '-and he's so cool but not really-', most likely wears socks with sandals and pronounces it 'barth' '-and he's fit. Oh, he is really fit-', ah, so he has a gym membership. Narrows it down. Brains in his abs, so an idiot indeed.
  • John: ...
  • John: ...
  • John: *puts down his drink* So...you found Molly Hooper's blog.
  • Sherlock: *clasps his hands; concentrating* Mmm.
  • John: *thoughtful* It really bothers you, doesn't it? That she loves someone-
  • Sherlock: *fierce* She thinks she is. She's clearly wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.
  • John: *nods* Sure.
  • Sherlock: *sighs deeply; mutters* Who is the lucky bastard?
  • John: *raises his eyebrows; smirks* Freudian slip?
  • Sherlock: Hmmm? *realises* Shut up.
  • John: *amused* Wait...you seriously have no idea who he is?
  • Sherlock: Of course not. You?
  • John: *grinning* What, me? The man with all the deduction skills of a carrot? *reaches for his drink* I don't have a clue, mate *pauses* But I do know one thing.
  • Sherlock: *hopeful* Yes?
  • John: I have a feeling your deductions were spot on *hides his smirk behind his mug*
  • fandom before 4x15: that is it, we cannot love killian jones more than we already do he cannot be more of a precious baby pirate angel idiot than he is, THERE IS NO WAY HE CAN HURT US ANY MORE, HE IS NOT PLANNING TO COMPLETELY COMPROMISE US ANY MORE RIGHT?
  • killian jones in 4x15: bitch i might be