what an extremely awkward moment

scifell headcanons yet again

((feels nice to come back to these c:))

-On bad days either Sci or Edge can be found on the house carpet, crying because they bumped their toe into the table.

-Edge tried tickling Sci once, turns out Sci isn’t ticklish and his plan completely backfires as he finds himself the one being tickled. Sci only stops when he’s curled up on the ground, crying between giggles.

-Actually, you know what? Sci is ticklish. But only from his spine. Which leads to extremely awkward moments, such as that one time Blue walked in on him with his hands up Sci’s shirt when they weren’t even actually doing anything for once.

-*insert montage of Sci trying to work while Edge cuddles and kisses him*

-They went from ‘shyly holding hands in public’ to ‘I don’t give a shit that we’re in a museum I want to make out now’ real quick.

-Edge finishing the coffee can mean up to three days of silent treatment.

-When’s he’s mad at Sci, Edge puts his hands in the freezer just to make them cold and puts them on Sci’s neck to hear him squeal.

-Edge tends to break stuff. Sci blows up stuff.

-”Edge, are you crying? It’s just a movie you emotional potato.”

-They went to Blue’s new years party just to piss Geno and Classic off by intensely making out at midnight.