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Skin to Skin Chapter 1: Homecoming, a vampire diaries fanfic | FanFiction

How much do I love Angie’s writing aka the @thetourguidebarbie? Lots!!!!! Not only for her amazeballs smut but for her ability to tell a really good, addictive story, like Skin to Skin. A mates fic set post 3x09 of TVD that had me hooked from the beginning. If you haven’t read this then what are you doing? I’d list all the awesome (not to mention HOT) drabbles she’s written but we could be here for a while. CHAINSis one I will leave you with though : ) 

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Turn Ons:

1: Extremely passionate conversation on a specific topic that is both intellectual and also shows a window into what she’s all about and what she cares about, and what upsets her about the world.

2: Smiling while kissing.

3: Good smells.

4: Lip biting.

5: Eye contact that not only communicates something more than just “I see you”, but really shows emotion and makes you feel like you are the only thing being seen in that moment, special, whatever you want to call it.

6: Hip grabbing.

7: Face touching.

8: Moaning.

What Each Type Does With a Pencil (don’t ask, just read :)

INTP, ENTP: Unconsciously bites it (probably chokes on it but end up being fine)

INFP: Writes an awesome story in 50 pages and gets a sore wrist for a month

ESFP, ESTP: Why would they have a pencil in the first place???

ISTP: Throws it away cause he/she is too cool for a normal pencil. *takes out mechanical pencil*

ISFP: Unconsciously puts the pencil in his/her hair and then spends 4 minutes looking for the pencil.

INTJ, ISTJ: Solves a hugggeee math problem with it while people are low-key copying from their paper.

ENFJ, ESFJ: ‘’Hey do you have a pencil?’’  *but. its the only one left, should I give it to them? The teacher will SCREAM at me if I don’t have a pencil. But… I have to be nice….*   ‘’sure, here you go :)’’

ESTJ, ENTJ: STABS A KID WITH THE PENCIL BECAUSE THEY SAID SOMETHING STUPID. you’d expect me to be kidding, but i’m not kidding.

INFJ, ISFJ: Helps people solve their complicated math problems and is yelled by the teacher for some reason.


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Supergirl Writer Problems

When you have James Olsen, who helps Kara, loves her for who she is:

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But decide he isn’t good enough for Kara

Then you have Lena Luthor, who fills Kara’s office with flowers, tells her that she’s her hero, has a relationship built and trust and respect:

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But somehow she isn’t good enough for Kara so you decide this guy is:

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magnus makes sure to validate Even’s feelings and proceeds to tell isak to do the same!!!

magnus reminds isak his mother is “not crazy, she’s bipolar”, and makes sure to tell isak she is awesome!!!

magnus telling isak to ask Even about his feelings instead of listening to his god damn ex’s thoughts about his feelings!!!

magnus further explaining to isak what being manic really means and what it entails and how that doesn’t make a bipolar person’s feelings any less valid or them any less human!!!

magnus !!! fossbakken !!! y’all !!! representing us all since he gave Even that big bear hug in the hallway !!!

So a year ago I noticed this really cute, awesome blog. The person had so much drarry on it and she was a huge Luna fan and she made a ask for any cute drarry fanfics. I suck at making new friends and I always get so scared showing my stories to people, but I had a good feeling about this one. 

Not only did this girl end up being my tumblr bestie but she also end up being a die-hard fan of my story, Stages, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. That girl is @dreamydrarry aka SAMMIE

Sammie, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we meet and now here we are, close like we knew each other forever. To celebrate this awesome day I made you a sweet drarry story based off awesome art work done by @dasstark​ Hope you love. 

Sometimes It Takes Another Try

The scarlet red train engine was beautiful, a rich and bright color, smoke puffing out from the engine like a dragon. It was even more beautiful than he imagined it would be. More magnificent than all the dreams he had of this day since he finally gotten his Hogwarts letter, delivered by a house-elf during breakfast.

Draco imagined this moment so many times and now he was partially living it. Platform 9 ¾ was alive with boundless energy radiating from Hogwarts students, upper classmen meeting up with friends and exchanging stories of their summer, first-years like him about to start their own adventure. Parents smothering their kids with so many kisses and hugs, reminding them over and over to be on their best behavior, study hard, to write home. Pets in their cages tooting, crying, rattling against the bars as porters carried them and dozens of other luggage onto the train.

The only thing Draco didn’t imagine was him being so nervous. Most of his day he dreamt about this and now he could barely hear the commotion over the blood roaring in his ears, his nerves rapidly bouncing around like they were about to explode any second.

Of course, the look in Father’s eyes as he examined him didn’t help.

“Straighten up.”

Draco bristled at the cold lash in the command, standing taller. “Yes, Father.”

His lips were pursed in a flat line, but he didn’t say anything else. He reached into his coat pocket to retrieve his pocket watch, flipping open the lid. “Ten to seven. You best be on your way.”

Heart pounding, Draco swallowed down a dry lump that grew in his throat. The lump eased a bit as Mother stepped forward, the soft smile in her ice-blue eyes comforting him.

“You’ll be fine, Dragon,” she assured. “I just know it.”

He could tell from the look in her eyes she wanted to hug him, touch his cheek, kiss his forehead, but they were Malfoys and Father said public displays were beneath them.

He nodded and went on his way. He paused mid-step, looking over his shoulder, at the sound of his name.

Father’s eyes were chips of ice. “Do not disappoint me.”

He jerked his head once in a quick nod, then quickly walked over to the train, still feeling those cold eyes watching him even as he stepped inside.

Draco could have gone over to the Slytherin section, where he saw Blaise Zabini gathering up the rest of the pureblood children from their playgroup, but he wasn’t in the mood to deal with their nonsense. When he saw Crabbe and Goyle looking around for him, he quickly retraced his steps, making a sharp turn around the corner.

Walking down the aisle, he peered over available seats but most were taken over by other students-Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindorks. He narrowly missed the youngest weasel-bee wandering around like a lost sheep.

Rolling his eyes, Draco walked over to the last cart. He peered inside, seeing there was a small dark-haired boy staring out the window, dressed in raggy clothes. Something about those clothes, that hair prickled his mind like a trickle. Curious, he pulled open the door and stepped inside.

Bright, blazing emerald-green eyes turned over to him, freezing him in place.

Dear Merlin.

He should have recognized him by the cheap, oversized clothes that were better-suited for a baby whale. He should have remembered the terribly-shaggy, terribly-messy black hair that was in desperate need of a comb. Recalled his curiosity on how glasses so big could fit someone so small.

But then he saw the bright, big green eyes that sparked from the round-framed lenses. He saw the thick scar slashed across his forehead, partially covered by his hair that was shaped like a lightning bolt.

Harry Potter.

The boy he spent most of his life dreaming of meeting and crushing that dream in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t until he left the robes-shop with Father did Draco realize what a complete arse he was. He was so excited to meet his idol, was so desperate to make him his friend that he thought he’d impress him by showing what a worthy ally he’d be, bringing up his name which typically brought up admiration, showing off his knowledge of Hogwarts and Quidditch. It was later did he realize that he came out stronger than he intended-much stronger.

And he was still staring at him like a ninny. Retrieving his fallen jaw, Draco cleared his throat and took another step. “Can I sit here?”

The boy-Potter-Harry-Harry Potter stared at him, his face unreadable. The longer he stared, the harder Draco’s heart pounded. He could feel sweat gathering at his brows, pricking his hands.

Dear Merlin, what was he doing? What was he thinking? Of course, he wouldn’t want Draco here. He wouldn’t even want himself there after behaving like such a buffoon-


Draco blinked, stunned. For a moment he was sure his hearing went off. Or that his mind was playing a trick on him. Till he looked up and saw a smile, a soft and tentative but still very much real smile, curling the boy’s lips.

Relief flooding into his body, Draco came in. Potter gestured at the seat across from him, but Draco noticed there was plenty of space at his own seat, so he decided to try his luck, sitting beside him. Thankfully, Potter didn’t seem to mind, smiling all the same.

“You’re Draco, right?” he asked.

The relief floating in his body froze to solid ice. For a spilt moment he considered denial, claiming that Potter must have confused him with someone else. But that was the way of a coward and Malfoys were anything but cowards. Plus, if he came clean, maybe there was a chance he could fix his mistake. Make up for his snobbish behavior at the robes shop.

“Uh,” If Father were to see him now, his heir blushing and stammering like an imbecile, he’d hex him into the next century. “you remember me?”

Potter nodded. Draco immediately jumped in, the words slipping from his mouth.

“I-well, look, the last time we meet…I’m-I’m sorry I acted like that. Its just-I-there was something about you that fascinated me and I wanted you to like me. I tried to impress you. Then when I figured out who you were, I wanted to kick myself for making such an idiot of myself.”

Potter was silent through his rambling. He blinked only once but didn’t pull away to Draco’s great relief. “It doesn’t take that much to impress me.”

Draco took a staggering breath, feeling like years have been restored to his life.

“Also,” He spotted a light shade of pink streaking across Potter’s cheeks. “I thought you were impressive.”

Warmth buzzed around his face, filling his cheeks. Draco averted his eyes to fight off the flustering, though he felt a smile turning his lips.

“My father would skin me alive for saying this, but that big guy you were with,” he confessed. “He was really cool.”

Potter’s smile blossomed, growing from a small bud into a full flower. “Yeah, Hagrid is awesome! He’s a great friend.” His smile then dimmed as he stared off into space. “My first one actually. I don’t have that many friends.”

“Same here.” Draco confessed. It was then that he noticed the little distance between them. Somewhere down the line, he must have moved closer to him. Or maybe Potter was the one who moved. “Perhaps, maybe…we could be friends?”

The words were met with silence that unraveled between them like a thread, unfolding more and more. Draco’s heart seized, fearing that he may have overstepped boundary. It was one thing to have a companion during the train ride, but being actual friends? Did he manage to make up for what happened? Was he too push-

“I would like that.” Harry said.

Draco blinked once, twice, stunned, when realization hit that mind wasn’t playing a trick on him. That he wasn’t caught in another Boy Who Lived daydream. Harry Potter, the Harry Potter, the hero he admired growing up, the idol he dreamt of meeting a thousand times, actually said he would like to be his friend.

Just to be sure that this wasn’t a dream, Draco offered his hand. “So friends?” He couldn’t rid of the slight hesitation that slipped into his voice.

“Friends.” Harry answered with a smile, accepting his hand.

A spark ignited as their hands touched, almost like magic. Draco decided right then there that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

26 years later…

Draco gazed up at the beautiful crimson train that was just as magnificent the first time he saw it. He almost felt like he was eleven years again.

“Hey Dad?”

Only this time he wasn’t the one starting a new adventure.

Draco shifted his eyes over from his son, who was the exact doppelganger of his husband from his unruly black hair, light golden-tanned skin, and piercing bright-emerald eyes.

“What if I’m put in Slytherin?” Before that day, Draco never saw or heard even slightest hint of sheepishness touching his son. If anything he often saw it in the boy’s brother, his fraternal twin brother standing beside him, fidgeting with the button of his robes as he studied the train.

Harry kneeled in front of the boy, the golden band of his wedding ring sparkling underneath the bright sunlight. “Albus Severus Malfoy-Potter,” he said. “You were named after two Headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I’ve ever known.”

A small smile touched Albus’s face.

A smile that mirrored the one curving his own mouth, Draco walked over to them, a touch of swagger pepping his step. “Not to mention, you are also the son of one of the greatest Slytherins to ever live. A brave, dashingly-handsome hero if I do say so myself.”

Mischief, another trait Albus inherited from him, twinkled in Harry’s eyes as he looked up at him. “I think your age is finally catching up with you, love. Last I checked, I was a Gryffindor.”

Draco repaid the comment with a glare that promised vengeance. As vexed as he was by the comment, it did manage to break the tension hovering over the boys, Albus throwing back his head in laughter, Scorpius poorly attempting to hide his snickers.

“But,” Harry continued. “if it’s really means that much to you, you can choose Gryffindor. The sorting hat takes your choice into account.” He looked over at Scorpius and reached for his hand, brushing his thumb over their son’s pale skin. “The same goes for you. Slytherin or Ravenclaw would be lucky to have you, Cory.”

Excitement beamed in Scorpius’s eyes. It was no secret with his deep love for books, the way his mind soaked up information like a sponge, that the boy carried the traits of a Ravenclaw.

The whistle blared from the train, signaling it was time to go. Harry pulled himself and Albus off the ground. Draco brought Scorpius close to him, hugging him tight.

Albus was Harry’s doppelganger, Scorpius was his. He was a miniature clone of Draco from his platinum-blonde hair, milk-white complexion, and the signature Malfoy-gray eyes. But where Draco’s eyes were often guarded and cool when he was eleven, Scorpius’s was open with bright curiosity.

And today they were leaving them. Tears pricked Draco’s eyes; he attempted to soothe the burn by blinking them. The boys haven’t left their side since they were brought home from the hospital and now they were heading off to Hogwarts.

He could tell from the sheer coming across Harry’s eyes that he wasn’t only feeling the weight of the sentiment. Harry held Albus close, dropping a kiss on his forehead, then reached over to drop one on Scorpius’s head.

“Take care of each other.” Harry said.

“We will, dad.” Albus said. Scorpius nodded.

“And write daily.” Draco tried to conceal his smirk as he saw the double eye-roll the remark brought along. “Three letters a week-from both of you-or we’ll pay the Headmistress a visit.”

“Father.” Scorpius complained.

The whistle blared once more. Children were pulling away from their parents, waving goodbye, gathering up with their friends before entering the train. With great reluctance, Harry and Draco were forced to let their boys go and watch them catch up with their friend, Rose Granger-Weasley, before they all disappeared inside the compartment.

They stayed on the platform till the train took off, disappearing from sight. Harry sighed. Draco reached for his hand, linking their fingers together.

He smiled at him, pecking his cheek. “Ready to go?”

“Not yet,” Draco replied. “There’s still one more thing I need to do.”

“What’s that?”

Draco kissed him, charging right in and claiming his lips before Harry could blink. By the time his mind caught up with what was going on, cupping Draco’s face and eagerly responding back, Draco pulled away, satisfied at the outraged cry that escape his husband’s lips.

Harry glared at him, his face flustered. “Tease!”

“Consider it payback for the old comment,” He smiled charmingly at him, offering his arm. “Shall we go home?”

Nineteen years and the word still caused a pleasant shiver.

Harry rolled his eyes half-heartedly but accepted the gesture all the same.


The things that make Emma special

Requested by Anonymous

This request came as a follow up to the last episode that presented Emma as someone that needed the curse and the hard life that she had in order to become the awesome person that she is. 

The purpose of this post is to dismiss all these ridicules claims that the writers chose to make as canon. We who KNOW Emma so well KNOW that no matter what were the circumstances of her life, she would still possess all of these qualities that make her special and unique because these are features of her true nature and character. 

These qualities were only enhanced after she had her family and people that love her by her side, just imagine where she would have reached if she had that kind of support her entire life.    

OK, but you know what else is awesome about Undyne.

She knows how to play music, I mean, she has a piano IN her house, and I don’t think it’s acknowledged that often, since people just look at her badass warrior side and kinda forgets other sides of her personality ( which isn’t too bad BUT YKNOW ) and she probably also plays along while Napstablook practices DJ-ing and Shyren sings and helps them become better since they’re both probably too shy to let other people talk with them in general and I find that the most CUTEST THING EVER I LOVE UNDYNE SO MUCH YOU GUYS OHMYGODD

36 Reasons why Phantom Planet is most definitely only Danny’s dream

1) the whole thing starts in space???

2) WHILE in space a FIRE starts in the outside part…. no offense but uh,,, theres no oxygen in outta space? how would it burn? No logic

3)Tucker ended up mayor??????????

4) Danny gave up his powers and was totally stupid? but also how he gave up his powers is totally illogical? I mean the machine half killed him to begin with, so why didn’t it full kill him this time? 

5) I refuse to acknowledge it as canon

6) i mean seriously? fire in space

7) Danny got statues all over the world for being a hero? da fuc

8) Why the skunk hair?

9) Danny knew about Vlad’s robot maddie from an earlier episode so it’s plausable that they’d appear

10) Why would a computer argue with itself???

11) How’d Vlad even get the map? and out in space?

12) When Danny went out int space to fight Vlad (in the very first minutes) why’d they need to open the cabin door thing for him to get out? He’s a ghost?

13)Also? He’s a ghost? He doesn’t need to breath? I’m pretty sure theres and episode where he’s underwater and can breath (or something i could be wrong) but still??? He’s dead?

14) Disastoroid? Really?

15) A blast would have to be freaking MASSIVE to send the ‘disasteroid’ out of orbit from the rings and across the solar system and into earth???

16) with what minimum wage workers deal with a ghost is probably not that big a deal…

17) Why would vlad hire teenagers to do the ghost hunting??? Surely theres more capable adults? Why would Vlad want to deal more with teenagers?

18) Master’s Blasters??????????????

19) I still refuse to acknowledge this as canon

20) Sam’s reaction was kinda really super dumb and not like her at all?

21) Every time Danny tried to best the Masters Blasters he ended up in only his underwhere? That nightmare 101 my friend

22) It is NOT that easy to take down that grass dude ghost man, fuck that

23) The ghost that the Master’s Blasters all took on were ones Danny had extreme trouble, yet the Blasters took them down super easy, which is also nightmare 101, making his self worth crumble

24) Didn’t we just fight that void/dream realm dude Nocturne?? He even appears in Phantom Planet? He’s probably just screwing with Danny

25) Tbh, Sam would’ve been more understanding, same with Jazz, cause like, have you meet those two? Danny was only fourteen, and he was fighting ghosts, not because he overly wanted to, but because he had to as no-one else could, and finally theres someone there who can do it really well, and Danny doesn’t need to anymore? Why shouldn’t he have taken that opportunity to give up his powers?

26) The portal almost didn’t work in the first place? Why the hell would the Fenton’s risk changing it in case it didn’t work again?

27) Seriously? what is up with the skunk hair man?

28) What was with Vlad going ghost like that? He wouldn’t do that? Da fuc

29) Also his plan was shit? Why was his plan so shit? ugh

30) What is a space nomad?

31) How is it that computer Maddie never got around to telling Vlad what the asteroid was made of?

32) What was up with Danny getting his powers back through the many ghostly plasma blasts? It don’t work like that?

33) Why didn’t Danny go to Clock work?

34) Did the guys in white kill Freakshow???


36) If Halfa’s turn human when they go unconcious being a free roaming space nomad isn’t probably the best escape

Do you know what’s bothering me recently? People who are commenting on Wiishu’s Instagram photos or tweeting her etc saying things like “tell Jack I love him” or “tell Jack I’m his biggest fan” it’s just Jack this and Jack that in the comments. Wiishu may be his girlfriend and of course we all know her because of Jack but, she’s her own person on the internet with her own YouTube channel with it’s own agenda and her videos are awesome. I know you all love Jack but if you want to tell him something reach out to him on his own social media, Wiishu is not your link to Jack and you shouldn’t be using her as that, who cares if we know her because of Jack we should appreciating her YouTube as a standalone channel because she’s working hard to deliver content to us. I hate that so many people can’t just enjoy her videos because she’s a lovely, beautiful person and only seem to see her as an easy bridge to Jack. Just be a fan of Wiishu, not a fan of Jacksepticeye’s girlfriend, you know? I know I can’t do anything about this and writing this rant is going to have little to no impact on the situation but I just wanted to put it out there in case any of you do this, luckily the tumblr community is quite different to the general community on instagram and YouTube and I don’t believe that many here do this but…just something for you to think about if you’re one of those people

Can we just take a second to appreciate how different Scanlan would be had it not been for Kaylie's crit fail??

Like all of Scanlan’s character development has revolved around becoming a better person for Kaylie and trying to be worthy enough to be a father and like, what if Sam hadn’t been able to put together his awesome monologue?? What if Kaylie hadn’t rolled a natural 1 when she went to attack him?? Like that would’ve been a full out battle and would’ve just built more bad blood between them?? That critical fail LITERALLY shaped an entire characters’ story arc and wow can we talk about how crazy that is???

Xavier the Blacksmith

So far to me, the most intriguing new character in Tangled Before Ever After is Xavier the Blacksmith. Why? Because he is a character who was created for an earlier version of the movie but never made it to the version of Tangled we all know and love. For the longest time, all we knew about him was what he was going to look like.

by Dan Cooper

by Dan Cooper

by Lauren Airriess

by Lauren Airriess

From this concept art, alone, it’s difficult to glean any kind of personality, let alone a purpose beyond, “blacksmith.”

But today, I sat down with a friend of mine, a former-animator at Walt Disney Animation, who worked on Tangled, and was around during the version Xavier was involved in. I had to ask what he was like, so we could start getting a possible glimpse of one of these mysterious new characters.

“He was awesome,” she told me. “I’m sure that’s very helpful.”

So, I told her the purpose behind my question - to write this speculative character review - and she got down to telling me about him. But I can’t tell you about Xavier without telling you about Bastion. 

No, not this cocky bastard

by Jin Kim

I’m talking about this lovable teddy bear

by Glen Keane

This is the version of Tangled where this giant bear of a man was our male lead.

Now, the concept art we have for him doesn’t give us much of a clue to his personality, either, so my friend filled me in.

Bastion is shy and self-doubting, though he is actually quite intelligent and strong (although he doesn’t believe this about himself). And, he is a gifted hobby inventor. When the story opens, he’s working on a miniature prototype of a flying machine.

The trouble is, Bastion has fallen in with the wrong crowd, a gang of thieves using him as muscle, and he doesn’t have the strength of character to get himself out. (Not to mention, they’re emotionally abusing him and manipulating him into staying with them - sound familiar? *looks at Rapunzel*)

Enter Xavier the Blacksmith. Bastion has been going to his smithy to get the bits and pieces and parts for his inventions. Xavier is not only seriously good at what he does, and is able to make things that others can’t seem to manage, he also has access to things like materials that a simple hobbyist can’t get his hands on.

Xavier’s forge is Bastion’s safe place, where he goes to get away from his troubles and work on his inventions. And though they don’t necessarily talk about Bastion’s life and problems, it’s good for him to be there and geek out with Xavier about mechanical/ metallurgical stuff and indulge this interest.

Xavier isn’t stupid and he knows Bastion has something else going on even if he doesn’t know what, and he’s all about trying to get Bastion out of that life and into being his own guy and having some confidence and following his dream. Xavier serves as a kind of wise man, not a Grandmother Willow type, but more in an, ‘I believe in you and you’re better than this,’ way. And he’s convincing. At the beginning of the movie, Bastion is hemming and hawing and making excuses, but Xavier’s advice and gentle prodding starts to work on him over the course of the story.

Later on, Bastion and Rapunzel are in the city, hiding from Gothel and Bastion’s gang. They take refuge in Xavier’s forge, and he (Xavier) teaches her how to make chain mail, because he’s a cool feminist like that.

This is also the version of the story where the Queen looks like this

by Jin Kim

because in this version of the movie, the Queen (and King, I presume) are badass warriors.

With Xavier’s help, Rapunzel makes an entire chain mail cowl and puts it on. Xavier suggests she dresses up like the Queen, for the fun of it (and because he’s a total Royal Family/Lost Princess enthusiast), so he digs out a crown for her to wear, and in this version of the story, this is the moment she’s recognized as the Lost Princess.

So, where does all this take us in regard to Tangled Before Ever After? How much of this past life of Xavier the Blacksmith is going to be held onto? All we know for sure at this point is that Xavier is voiced by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. We cannot presume, but it would not be far-fetched to guess, that his character design will remain basically the same.

Since Eugene is not an inventor, he won’t be any sort of role model to him in that regard. However, perhaps Varian the Alchemist is? Alchemists tend to be wizard chemists, but that doesn’t put them outside the realm of inventor.

I can see him still being a Royal Family/Lost Princess fanboy, though, and similarly I can see him teaching Rapunzel how to make chain mail, as well as any other kinds of forging things she’d like to know. (Perhaps she’s the one with the penchant for invention! Or perhaps the invention angle will be dropped altogether.)

At any rate, this is why I’m excited about Xavier. Because he was interesting enough (and boy, was he interesting!) to resurrect him in the modern Tangled universe! I cannot wait to see the role this gentleman takes.

captainthane  asked:

Okay this is not a comment for a page or a theory but it's a text for Ellispsis ! She might be behind the scenes of caretaker but it doesn't mean she doesn't deserve some love too ! Yep you read me correctly Ellipsis ! You are an amazing author, an awesome storyteller and a wonderful person ! So personally i know you are a true member of this team with Nacho and Minty (who are two wonderful persons and amazing authors too) even if you don't see you a lot. So don't forget you are AMAZING !

This is incredibly sweet! Thanks for the love!

Groceries - Josh Pieters Imagine

Summary : sometimes it was the little things that meant the most to you

Word Count : 1090

Author’s note: this was the first josh request I ever got and it made me absolutely squeal, also if you guys could boost this and get it to @fabulous-fictitious-feels that would be awesome, because she was the first josh writer I ever read and it’s really shitty what happened to her to make her take down her stories and it would just mean the world to me if she’d read this :) Also dedicated to @thatcherjoesuggimagines for actually believing I could get over this writing funk and Tanis is just generally my favourite person in the world and she always loves what I write and I just adore her, she’s so cuute :)))

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You had always been able to find a sense of calm out of the most mundane of things; you took great pleasure in organisation and list making. Folding laundry eased your worries and allowed you to gather your thoughts. Your mind was quite the jumbled heap at the best of times, so when you were around about the age of eighteen and realised that doing your chores were the only time when you weren’t frantic with worry, you began to look forward to these things.

Amongst these mundane activities, however, grocery shopping was at the top of your list. You relished in the entire purpose; from compiling a list of everything that you needed to get for the following week, to actually setting aside time to do it, to going home and immediately cooking something delicious out of the ingredients you had purchased - you loved it all.

When you had first moved in with Josh and the Maynards, the first thing you noticed was that they were awful at shopping for food, almost as bad as they were at actually cooking the food. But when you took Josh with you one day to do the groceries, it slowly became more than your process, it became your new tradition with the ginger boy. 

You always had a great time with him and it was often the only proper time you would get with him during certain weeks, so you came to treasure this vaguely bizarre tradition that you had formed with him.

Which is also how you had managed to find yourself with Josh in a supermarket at nine am on a Thursday morning, both of you having put off work and university for a couple of hours in order to do this strange little activity together. It had been going quite well too, any time that you spent with Josh never failed to bring a smile to your face and butterflies to your stomach, that is, until Josh had answered a phone call from Caspar … nearly twenty-five minutes ago.

You weren’t usually a jealous girlfriend - that isn’t to say that you appreciated random girls batting their fake eyelashes at Josh in the clubs, but you trusted him enough to not endanger your relationship - however, it had been nearly half an hour and this was supposed to be your thing, your time. Not yours and Josh’s with Caspar as a phone-a-friend. 

You knew they were discussing work and that it was important and you were trying really really hard to not be the whiny, jealous, attention-seeking girlfriend that you usually cringed at when Josh would tell you stories of Jack and Conor’s latest squeeze’s, but this had gone too far.

Not only were you being neglected by your oblivious boyfriend, but you were also in the cereal aisle and at a measly 5'4, were far far too short to reach your favourite cereal. Josh always got it down for you. And while you weren’t exactly thrilled with Josh’s attachment to his phone today, you had been raised to be overly polite and courteous and you knew that distracting someone while they were on the phone was quite rude indeed.

But you really loved that cereal … and Josh probably wouldn’t be done for a while …

Taking a deep breath and trying to gather your nerve, you stood on your tip toes and tapped Josh on the shoulder gently, feeling the butterflies swarm into your stomach as soon as his bright eyes met your own, that familiar lazy grin spreading across his face as he looked at you. 

Pulling the phone away from his ear, he looked over at you expectantly, “Yeah, babe, what’s up?” he asked you sweetly, meanwhile you could still hear Caspar prattling on over the phone.

Wringing your hands together tightly, you looked down at your shoes shyly, trying to fight back the blush spreading from the apples of your cheeks across to your ears and down and over your neck and chest. When you finally picked your head up, you looked up from your hands to Josh’s wide smile, to the cereal on the top shelf, the bright orange box taunting you slightly.

“I’m really sorry to bother you, but I can’t reach the cereal box, do you think you could maybe get it for me?” you mumbled shyly, peering up at him over the brim of your glasses and breathing out in relief when he reached up easily and plucked the box off of the shelf before depositing it in your basket.

Smiling up at him shyly, you stood on your tiptoes again and brushed a kiss against his stubble covered jaw, “Thanks, doll, you can go back to your phone call now, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” you tell him quietly before lowering yourself back down to your flat-footed position.You fished out the shopping list that you had painstakingly written in perfect cursive the night before, using the pen you always carried with you to cross off the cereal. 

Tapping your pen against the paper as you tried to think of what you needed to get more; milk or cheese, you were surprised to feel an arm wrap around your shoulders firmly.

Jumping slightly, you were shocked when you lifted your head to see your boyfriend sliding his phone into his back pocket before tightening his grip on you and pressing a light kiss to your temple, his arm around you squeezing you slightly. 

“What happened to your phone call? I didn’t ruin it did I?” you asked him innocently, your concern for him shining through your word. 

Josh had told you from day one that his favourite thing about you was how much you cared about everyone else and how you took care of not only him but the rest of the boys as well.

“Of course not, Baby, I only picked it up because Caspar told me it was an emergency and then I couldn’t get him to shut up for long enough to make an excuse to leave. But this is our thing, our time, our day,” he tells you as he leads you further down the aisle, missing the bashful and grateful smile that lights up your face. 

“Oh and we definitely need milk more than cheese, think of all the tea we’d miss out on!” he chuckles as he twists a lock of your hair around his finger lightly.

Maybe things were a little crazy most of the time, and you were friends with some dead set lunatics, but this was still your thing. And it wasn’t going anywhere.

Different fandoms

Osomatsu-san: Come one, come all there’s enough for everyone and you can do everything!
Eddsworld: At least one person will hunt you down and harass you until you leave. Also EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE CONSTANTLY.

Just saying. I love both shows but the EW fandom is a little overwhelming and I hate seeing nice people being harassed for no real good reason.

Also @comixartist said she was leaving the EW fandom and I’m sad because she’s a nice person and I really like her work. She’s talented and we shouldn’t pick on people for what pairing they like.
P.S. Comix if you see this I think you’re really awesome and will continue to follow you no matter what happens.