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Coming Out- Grimes Family and Tara Chambler imagine

Requested by Anon

Request: Can you do a Rick and Carl family imagine where the reader comes out and they show so much love to her and its emotional

AN: It wasn’t clear if the reader was male or female but I’ve always wanted to write a Tara kind of interest thing so that’s where i took this. I hope it’s okay.  In the story, it sounds like I’m making the character ashamed of being gay but that is defiantly not the case at all.

I bit my lip as she threw her head back and laughed. This is what it’s been like since I first met her; staring from the distance. This isn’t the first time a person of the same gender has caught my eye, it’s happened ever since I could remember. It’s not that I was ashamed of it, I was terrified. Terrified of what my family would do if they found out about my attraction.

“Y/N?” I jumped hearing Carl, my little brother, sit next to me at the picnic table.
“Yes Carl?”
“Are you busy tonight?”
“Yeah, Denise is training Tara and I tonight for a little while.”
“Oh,” he said, slightly disappointed.
“Why? Did you need something?”
“No, well, kind of, I-”
“Spit it out Carl.”
“Well we haven’t spent time together since the prison and I just wanted to do something.”
“If you’re up when I get back we’ll play a game or something, how does that sound?”
“Sounds great,” he said before smiling at me. “Oh and Y/N?”
“You should ask her out already.”
“I-I don’t…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Tara, I caught you staring at her again.”
“You’ve been doing it a lot lately.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You don’t have to be afraid of what we will think of you, you’re still my sister, no matter who you love.”
I smiled softly, ruffling his hair, “Thanks Carl, but can this stay between us?”
“Of course.”
As soon as Carl got up, my name was shouted, “Y/N!”
I turned, seeing Denise standing a decent ways from me, near the infirmary, “You coming or what?!”
“On my way!” I shouted, shoving my book into the bag and slinging it over my shoulder.

“Now did anything I teach you stick?”
“I’m a quick learner, you know that,” I told Denise.
“Good, because you never know when I’ll need you.”
“You know where to find me,” I picked up my bag. “I’ll see you later.”
Before I made it to the door, Tara put a box on the counter, “Wait,” I turned to her. “Can I walk you?”
“Oh,” I flushed slightly. “S-sure but you don’t have to.”

“So, have you been doing okay?”
“Yeah, why do you ask?”
“You just seem out of it lately, extra jumpy.”
“It’s nothing.”
“And that’s a lie.”
“What makes you say that?”
“I can tell when someone lies.”
“It’s just some personal stuff.”
“If you want to tell me, you can, I’ll be here.”
“Thank you, I’ll take you up on that offer one day.”
She walked me up the steps, “Here we are.”
“Here we are,” I repeated.
In the few seconds of silence, she got closer, beginning to lean in until I pulled away, “I’m sorry.”
“No,” I said quickly. “It’s not you I..I just-”
“I should’ve…It’s okay.”
“I’m interested,” I admitted out loud for the first time. “I just…I’m not exactly-”
“Out yet?” she interrupted.
“It’s cool,” she said. “But maybe, if you decide to come out, it’ll be with me.”

“Hey, Y/N,” Spencer greeted when I walked downstairs the next morning.
“Oh,” I said awkwardly. “Hi Spencer.”
“I was just dropping off some apples, I know they’re your favorite.”
“Thank you, that’s very sweet of you.”
My dad was giving him a look before Spencer nodded, “Well I’ll see you around.”
“See ya.”
“He likes you.”
“Yeah, it’s a bit obvious don’t you think.”
“No, not really.”
“You should give it a chance.”
“Hell no.”
“You can live now, without fear of losing people.”
“It’s not that, I’m not attracted to Spencer.”
“You should at least try dating sometime, grow up a bit.”
“Dad,” I said firmly. “I love you but please stay out of my love life.”
“Oh so you have a love life?”
I turned red, “No, that’s not what I’m saying I-”
He laughed, “I get it. I’m sorry.”
“I’ll see you later, give Judith a kiss for me.”

Tara and I walked through the woods, on low-alert, not having seen a walker in sight, “I’ve been thinking about the other night.”
“Oh yeah? What about it?”
“How did you come out and tell your parents?”
“I never got to,” she admitted. “The world turned before I could, they didn’t make it.”
“I’m sorry.”
“But you can do it, Rick is a good guy, he’ll understand.”
“I don’t think so.”
“You never know if you don’t try. But whenever you’re ready, he’ll listen.”
I stopped walking, making her turn and face me, “You okay?”
“I will be.”
I approached her before she could respond, grabbing her waist and kissing her. She didn’t hesitate to put her hands on my cheeks and kiss me back.

Later that night I stayed up later than usual, sitting in the living room. My eyes were filled with tears and sobs left my mouth.
The light came on, making me wipe my eyes, “Dad? I’m sorry I just, couldn’t sleep.”
“Have you been crying?”
“It doesn’t matter, I’m okay.”
“You don’t look okay.”
“You wouldn’t understand.”
He sat next to me, “You can tell me anything.”
“I’m scared, dad.”
“There’s nothing to be afraid of, we’re safe here.”
“It’s not about that.”
“Then what is it?”
“I want to be happy.”
“Is this about Spencer? You don’t have to-”
“No, it’s more than that, I just don’t want you to hate me by who I love. I’m scared you’ll never love me again.”
“Why would you say that? As long as he treats you nice I don’t-”
“It’s not a guy dad.”
“Not a guy?” his eyes softened. “Are you telling me you’re gay?”
I started sobbing, “Yes.”
He let out a breathy laugh, “Why are you crying, Y/N?”
“Because you hate me.”
“I don’t hate you.”
My head shot up, “You don’t?”
“Of course not, why would you think that?”
“I thought you wouldn’t approve.”
“You’re happy, I’m happy.”
I smiled, pulling him into a hug, “Thank you.”
“One question,” he pulled back. “Who is she?”
“Tara,” i said with a blush.
“I hope everything works out, she’s a great girl.”
“Thanks dad.”

AN: I hope this is what you wanted Anon, I don’t think it turned out like it was requested but I did my best.

The Popular Belief

Rating: K

Pairing: Todoroki x Yaoyorozu from BNHA

Two Shot

Romance/Angst- the fanfic with angst that I said I’d write a while ago, enjoy! 


Despite popular beliefs, Yaoyorozu never accepted the idea of lasting relationships. As ridiculous as it sounds, Yaoyorozu grew up in an environment where relationships meant business, and in turn, business meant money. Her family was wealthy; everyone knew that of course, but to her, wealth started to become something really dark and twisted. In her world, wealth was what attracted ‘family friends’, if you could even call them that. She was fed with a silver spoon since she was a baby and she donned gold jewellery for every social event for as long as she could remember. She could technically obtain whatever she wanted with a snap of her fingers, but at the same time, she had to work hard to give her parents something to be proud of. At the age of 8, Yaoyorozu noticed that what really was intangible were people who wanted to know her for her. Not because of the Yaoyorozu family name. And so entered Todoroki Shouto.

               Todoroki, Yaoyorozu swore, was the only person who came from a well-known, greatly publicized family, who never seemed to give a damn about the world. He had to uphold his family name but the composure that he instilled on everyone around him came as a surprise to her. Ever since the exam where the two fought against their beloved teacher two years ago, the girl admired him more so than before. From the wires where he was left hanging, he shouted to her a short speech that Yaoyorozu can still hear, placidly repeating in her mind, as if it were on a broken record.  It left her emotional.

               But when it came to confrontation and discussion, Yaoyorozu would have to admit that it wasn’t her strong suit. Her innocence and naivety were like a spring breeze brushing over soft fields; gentle, fresh, and unwavering. And that’s what plagued her. Jirou had consulted her many times, with a smirk of course, over matcha lattes and cinnamon buns, that talking to him about her inadvertent crush was key to ‘success’. What Jirou meant by ‘success’ however was still a mystery to her, but if that could clear her mind and cure the constant anxiety whenever Todoroki was a meter away from her, then maybe Jirou was right.


               One casual morning came, and the black-haired girl, with her signature pony tail, was struggling to carry a pile of “Hero History” workbooks across the UA hallway. Like always, she volunteered for teacher without hesitation, and she was told to bring it to the staff room where he will begin his long treacherous journey of homework marking. She treaded carefully on the clean marble floor, noticing the few scuff marks that periodically became visible as she walked, giving the only evidence of student existence. Quiet echoes of her footsteps disturbed the silence of the hallways, coercing her to move faster. If it weren’t for UA’s strict policy on using one’s quirk on school property, she would have fashioned a pair of skates by now.  

               A short, slight tap was heard somewhere on the left of the girl, and with a few more steps, she noticed two girls, one with vibrant pink hair, and the other dark brown, taking something out of their lockers. Were they even supposed to be in the hallway during class time? Yaoyorozu stood far in a corner, the perfect perspective to see what they were doing. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back…right?

               “I want to give him this, what do you think?” The pink haired girl, spoke quietly, “I made these myself!”

               A heart-shaped box peaked through the girl’s tiny fingers. Valentine’s Day chocolates? But wasn’t Valentine’s Day way past?

               It was the brown-haired girl’s turn to speak. She leaned forward, Yaoyorozu noted, and she took the box out of her friend’s hands. The contents inside the box rattled a little, and the other girl quickly made a ‘shush’ gesture with her finger.

               “This is really sweet,” the brown haired girl spat, her tone like venom from a snake, “I don’t think he will accept it though. Haven’t you heard about the other girl he’s been seeing?”

               Yaoyorozu almost laughed. These first years sounded so immature she couldn’t bear it any longer. The girl continued to balance her books and was about to tiptoe away when the conversation steered itself towards an eerie ending.

               “Todoroki-san? Seeing someone?” The pink haired girl sounded disappointed. She grabbed the box away and carefully packed it neatly into her backpack.

               “Ya, rumour has it, he’s out with the same girl almost every week. You know, sitting in cafes and stuff,” the other girl hissed, “I wouldn’t confess to him now if I were you.”

               A sudden shock resonated through her and Yaoyorozu’s heart began to hammer. As if all her blood rushed toward her tired arms, a workbook started to tilt forward. Haphazardly, Yaoyorozu shifted her weight on her heels, praying to God it wouldn’t fall. But it did anyway, and the loud thump made the two girls jump in surprise with Yaoyorozu’s presence.  Cursing (which was surely forbidden in her unwritten family code of honor), she placed the steady pile on the floor, gaze fixed on the book which was now half opened. She picked it up swiftly, acting as if the other two girls were simply statues,  Yaoyorozu placed it on the stack and continued on her way. In the corner of her eye, she saw the two girls, mouths agape. Whispering, the two girls turned quickly on their heels to leave. Yaoyorozu could only hope they didn’t recognize her.


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i remember getting an ask ages ago about drawing jason and piper’s kIDS AND. i may have actually started it oOPS.

Stanford called a family meeting and didn’t wait for Stan to come in to start the “family” meeting

Bill said if he cant get to anyone in the Shack, he’ll have to get someone outside of it

Next episode Stan takes the kids on a road trip.


anonymous asked:

I also feel like capricorns usually choose the wrong partners as well. Because certain traits attract them, like family oriented and this is what they tend to fall for but usually it doesn't last because that's the only good thing. Capricorn girls are more prone to choose the worse! They can be materialistic too, so when they meet an ambitious hardworking guy, it hooks them. lol 😂

? Not really, seeing that Capricorn is the most cautious sign and tend to study a person before allowing themselves to fall in love with them. Pisces girls are naive and live in a little fantasy world and honestly most of them even like the idea of getting with the wrong person, because they think it adds to their little art. They are masochists lmao.

However a thing I noticed with Capricorn girls is that they can and do tend to fall in love with people they shouldn’t necessarily be with (e.g older men/women, married or taken men etc). They often tend to have a fairy tail love or relationship or straight out a movie ffs. My mom’s story was such one. But you are right, except the hardowrking and family oriented shit, which I never witnessed. Capricorn girls tend to fall for bad boys. Not necessarily fuckboys or so, but boys who have a rather risky and scandalous past and so on. Often the typical bad boy / good girl shit you see in TV. Y’all masochistic freaks may I add. Pisces, Libra, Capricorn girls live for getting their hearts shattered I swear lmao.

Although I think Cap girls are smarter when it comes to these things. They are more careful. A good thing when you are a Saturn child.

Venus in Cancer

What they find attractive: security (especially financial), sensitivity, intimate, traditional, romantic, values family and friends, thoughtful

Love, friendship, and family are your main focuses in life when Venus is in Cancer in your natal chart. You hold these relationships dear and recognize their importance. You need close relationships with others to feel alive. You care for those around you in whatever way you can because you want to show them how much you love them.

Home is where the heart is, your personal motto. You are traditional in some ways, especially when it comes to your home, keeping mementos, eating at the table, cooking from scratch, and the like.

You try to hide your insecurities and sensitivity behind a veneer of perfection, calm, and dignity even when you are a mess on the inside. Like a crab you want to hide it all away in your shell.

Your greatest strength is your loving and caring nature.

Your greatest weakness is your inability to always process or express your emotions.

Lavinia Amoun  ★  Other Venus Signs  ★  More Cancer

What if the shadow knights weren’t originally intended to be bad

like, I mean their purpose of serving the shadow lord, but maybe they weren’t always ‘villainous’

because going by lore, to become a shadow knight– either you’re forced into it while in the nether OR you were killed and there’s a chance of you being reborn within the nether as one

like what if the shadow knights, originally, were people who’s lives were cut too short and only want to get back to their family, that their determination to live was what attracted the Shadow Lord to them and grant them a second chance at life– that if they’re loyal and defend him, he’ll give them what they crave, give them life

they just want to live

life is neither good or bad, it’s what you make of it

this promise turned to worship and since shadow knight cling to the idea of living, of course they’ll do whatever they can to serve the person who promises them the thing they were robbed of

but slowly this grew into them needing more people, so far gone in THEIR need to live, that they’re willing to take somebody else’s life and inflict their status onto another

like how cool is that