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I think Momo is the most attractive girl in the class, while Todoroki is the most attractive boy. What an ideal couple.

Wooeeeooo!! They are so good ;)

So Harry went and did DADA talks at Hogwarts, and I will fight anyone who doesn’t think Ginny went back and ran coaching sessions.

Can you imagine being their kids??

Like Auror Potter, saviour of the wizarding world, tall and wiry and he’s probs got a scar or two at this point, and a beard and these sparkling emerald eyes and he… actually looks a bit scary except those eyes are always laughing and he’s so chilled out and he makes fun of himself a lot, and everyone’s like swwoooooooooon

And James, Albus, and Lily all tossing balled up pictures of Ginny at the back of people’s heads like stooooooooopp it, he’s maaaaarrriiiieeeddd

And Ginny Potter, war heroine and captain of the Holyhead Harpies and just generally the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, toned from her sport, with freckles across her nose and hazel eyes, all mischief, and this torrent of bright red hair that she keeps tied up while she’s playing then she steps off her broom and shrugs off the heavy outer playing robe and lets it down and it flows down over her shoulders like a lava spill, and everyone’s like swwoooooooooooooon

And James, Albus, and Lily all tossing balled up pictures of Harry at the back of people’s heads like stooooooooopp it, she’s maaaaarrriiiieeeddd

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I will admit it. I do focus a lot on pictures of Louis. I think he is incredibly gorgeous in an, I'm not actually attracted to men type of way. Then every once in awhile I see a picture of Harry fly by in my dash and it is almost like I forgot. Harry is really pretty. Like, REALLY pretty. What an unfairly ridiculously attractive couple they make.

honestly i know i’m the same i’m not attracted to either of them but i also have eyeballs and can see how attractive they are and yeah there are a few pictures of harry where the only word that feels right to describe him is pretty (to the point where i apparently have a ‘so pretty’ tag that’s 99% pictures of harry that i didn’t even consciously make???)

(i was too lazy to dig up the original but i think the only major editing here is on the eyebrows):

im still so fucking bitter i mean in the lgbp community specifically its super common to have a somewhat fucked up relationship to sex (just look at that article about gay loneliness, the statistics in it and the stir it created in the community), and the ace community sounds in theory like a great place to have these difficult conversations about how sometimes we use sex like self medication and fuck up the way we experience intimacy and connections to other gay and bi folks. like what does it mean to experience sexual attraction when youve got a couple of years of experience w regular sex parties? or risky sex? or when compulsory heterosexuality has fried your brain to the point when you dont even know what genuine attraction feels like??

but no of course not we get the term ‘allo’ instead and have to listen to people regurgitate homophobia from the 60s, jokes about HIV and how lesbians are narrow-minded, and straight cis people ‘’’’reclaiming’’’’ the q slur. im so fucking bitter oh my god

Be Ours: A Cazigan Valentine’s Day Mini Fic

Happy Valentine’s Day to my OT3! Celebrate with some Cazigan AU love! Mild NSFW.

When Cassian turns the corner out of the elevator and see’s Apt. #301 canoodling next to Apt. #303, he knows he’s in for a long night. The jingle of his keys only barely masks the downtrodden grumble he makes as he approaches his own door and sees the pair go in for a kiss.

“Ahem,” Cassian coughs.

The two immediately stop kissing, but their bodies are nowhere near apart.

“Hey Cass,” the blonde one, Morrigan, pipes up, grinning ear to ear like a siren from the seas. She’s wearing a slinky little number of a dress that’s dripping in red and hugging all the right places. Cassian would have rather been spared the delicious view before facing his night alone.

Even worse is the man Morrigan is all tucked up against - Azriel. Azriel with the five o’clock shadow Cassian wants to run his fingers over and a tux that suggests the two have had quite a night out already.

Cassian hates Valentine’s Day. And his neighbors only make the night worse.

He’d run in to them in this exact scenario two nights ago right after his boyfriend had dumped him - over the phone. When Mor asked if he had a Valentine this year and Cassian had said no, she’d been way too excited about it and it pissed him off.

Even Azriel’s eyes had darkened with delight when he heard the news. Cassian couldn’t understand being so happy in someone else’s misery like that.

The two exchanged a devious look and slipped inside with a quick pair of So sorry and That’s a real shame, man before disappearing for the night.

But it wasn’t the last time that night he’d hear them talking.

Tonight, Morrigan’s running her fingers over Az’s bow tie, loosening it at the collar teasingly and Cass knows he’s in for another long night of antics he’d rather not hear.

“Have fun,” Cassian says without giving them time for conversation. “Make it a good one for me,” he says way too sarcastically, pushing his door open and hoping the sounds aren’t enough to force him into another cold shower.

He doesn’t catch Mor’s wicked grin or Azriel’s mischievous look before they too disappear for the night, but he doesn’t barely register Az’s snickering, “Oh we will.”

He tries not to groan at that.

Cassian collapses in the bedroom of Apt. #302 and sighs, running his hands over his face. It takes all of about five minutes before the distinct sounds of laughter and eventual moaning greet him from the other side of the paper thin wall he shares with #303.

Great, he thinks. Just what I needed tonight.

It’s not that he minds his neighbors being so in love. He’s pleased for them - honestly. They suit each other well and seem to make each other happy and there is no denying what an attractive couple they make.

The attractiveness, though - that’s exactly his problem.

When Azriel had moved in next door, Cassian had helped him move his furniture off the truck and out of the elevators. The day spent in sweat and clenching biceps was an inspiring treat for Cass made only that much more appealing by how well he and Az got on. They spent the next two months hanging out more and more frequently and there were times Cassian got the sense maybe his neighbor was starting to incline towards him the same way…

But then the cranky old woman in #301 died randomly in her sleep and not only was Morrigan a much more pleasant replacement, but she had a full rack to kill and legs for days that Cassian couldn’t stop staring at.

Neither could Azriel.

And Mor liked Azriel. Took a liking to him straightaway.

And so that was that. One year and a broken relationship with Apt. #527 on 9th Street later and Cassian found himself alone on Valentine’s Day preparing to listen to his impossibly attractive neighbors have sex and vaguely thinking about what it would be like to join them.


He wasn’t going to do this. It was positively masochistic to sit there all night and listen to them. He would leave.

But why should he leave when they were the ones having all the fun and spoiling a perfectly good evening for him? He’d tell them to knock it off or at least go back to #301 where the wall of Mor’s bedroom didn’t share with his own.

Cassian marched to his door, flew it open prepared to offer the lovebirds a piece of his mind, but as soon as he opened the door, all noise from next door stopped and so too did Cassian.

There was a box sitting just outside his door.

Cassian picked it up. It was plain and ordinary with only one thing written on it.

Apt. #302

“Huh,” Cassian grumbled and took the box inside, forgetting all about his previous plans. He set it on the counter and unfolded the flaps.

Inside was bright red tissue paper and a Valentine’s Day greeting card with a picture of a big purple conversation heart on it that said Be Mine, except that ‘Mine’ had been crossed out in black Sharpie and replaced underneath with a new word in delicate script.

Be Ours.

Cassian opened it and found only one handwritten message, this time in a messier more imprecise handwriting, that said:

Dearest Cassian,
Don’t be blue.
We’re having fun,
Though we could use some 302.

Two’s a company,
But three’s devout.
Bring this over,
And help us shout.

xx 301 & 303

His draw dropped. He almost didn’t believe what he’d read, but the eerie silence form next door and the two sets of handwriting were enough that he set the card down and removed the tissue paper from the box. Beneath it was a box of condoms and a bottle of lube.

Cassian laughed. Laughed so hard, he almost knocked himself on his ass as tears fell from his eyes.

Grabbing the lube and the condoms, he bolted for next door and was inches away from knocking when he saw the note posted above the door handle.

It’s open.

With a chuckle, he knocked anyway and opened the door, ripping the note off for good measure.

Morrigan’s red dress on the tile floor was all that greeted him and when he rounded the corner to the hallway and saw Az’s tux and boxers, he gulped with how quickly it made his blood boil.

“In here, Cass!”

Morrigan’s delighted melody of a voice called to him from the bedroom. He paused just outside the door.

“You’re sure about this?” he asked before entering.

The door swung suddenly wide open and there stood Azriel, stark naked and not looking one bit abashed about any of it. “You read the note right?” Cass flicked his brow up and held up the lube and condoms in either hand. Azriel’s lips twitched in feline pleasure before he slid his hand around Cassian’s neck and tugged him gently towards the room. “I can give you some encouragement if you want, but you don’t strike me as the type who needs it.”

“Well I am here after all,” Cassian said. He couldn’t deny he was still a tad nervous about this. These two twisted his stomach into all sorts of knots he’d never had before, so it was cautiously that he admitted, “But I didn’t think you-”

Azriel cut him off with a smoldering kiss that tasted of heat and wine. When Morrigan giggled like a school girl from the bed, Cassian felt himself go entirely hard. And from what he could feel (and see) from Azriel standing so near, he wasn’t the only one.

Mor pranced up from the bed and went round behind Cassian. She smelled like fresh oranges, juicy and delectable. Her hands pushed his lower back until he stumbled far enough into the room to close the door behind them while Azriel continued kissing him.

He and his neighbors got on quite well after that.


We’d Make A Cute Couple

Summary: Dan comes out to his parents and of course they’re not happy and think it’s a phase. Dan enlists the help of his best friend Phil to pretend to be his boyfriend.
Word Count: 2,822
Genre: AU, Fluff
Triggers/Warnings: homophobic parents + swearing
Beta: the one and only @miememegan <3.

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Finders Keepers Part 1

In which the course of love never did run smooth, especially when your best friend is being stalked by a vampire and a second man is added into the mix.

Genre: Keepers!AU, Vampire!AU, romance, fantasy

Words: 3,054

JiminXReader, JungkookXReader

Part 1

Originally posted by sugutie

You had been at the bookstore for an hour already when Jimin came in to find you. His face was still a little flushed, and that satisfied smile shone on his features. He practically glowed.

“How’d I know you were here?” He cocked his head to the side.

“Was it a young couple this time?” you asked. You recognized that look.

“No, they were both in their fifties. It was even cuter than when little kids find their soulmates,” he laughed.

“Aw, that sounds nice, although I’m glad I didn’t have to wait that long,” you told him with a grin.

“Can you imagine how awful that would have been if Park Jimin didn’t find his soulmate until he was old? My dad would never have let me live it down.” He shuddered. “But what have you been up to?”

“They haven’t gotten the new shipment in yet, so I just reread Black Bird for an hour,” you replied, shutting the fifth volume of said series.

“That’s the demon one, right?”

You nodded.

“Well, I have to admit,” he laughed, “the artist got the good looks right.”

You scoffed, “You say that like you’re a demon.”

“I just know a few, and they’re all very handsome,” he said.

“More so than Keepers?” A playful glance shot from the corners of your eyes caused Jimin to latch onto your waist and pull you flush against his body. You gasped, and your hands flew up to his chest.

“If you say things like that, I’ll just have to keep you in the house all day to prove otherwise,” he practically growled.

Yes, this was what it was like to be the soulmate of the Keeper of Love Park Jimin. You had only met a few Keepers over the years, but you knew that there was one for nearly anything you could imagine. In the past, they had been mistaken for gods, like Jimin’s father, Cupid, but in reality, they were more like guardian spirits.

“But I have Youngmi’s birthday party tonight, “ you reminded him.

“Ah, that’s right,” he sighed, “It’s at the club, isn’t it?”

You hummed an affirmative.

“Promise me you’ll be safe? I don’t like it when you’re in those situations without me. There are too many sleazy guys,” Jimin requested. How could you ever say no to those eyes?

“I don’t plan on even looking at any guys. Why would I when I already have the love of my life right here?” You smiled.

“No matter how many times you call me that, I think it’ll always set my heart fluttering.” He leaned down to peck the tip of your nose, which you scrunched in response.

“I was actually talking about Kyo from Black Bird,” you teased.

He shot you a look. “How you wound me.”

“You know I love you,” you said and went up on your tip-toes to kiss the heart-shaped birthmark just under his jaw.

“You’re not making it any  easier for me to hold back from keeping you home all night, I hope you know.”

But you did end up leaving for your friend’s birthday party that night with sore legs and a promise to be safe. While you knew that most of the other girls would be wearing dresses, you had opted for a tunic and leggings. You were always nervous to wear a skirt in places packed with alcohol, drugs, and sex-fueled people. Pants had the magic ability to make you feel safer. The conservativeness of your attire also helped to ward off potential flirts. You already knew your soulmate.

You met up with your friend Chaekyung at the bus stop. Just as you had suspected, she had chosen a shiny silver number for the night; it was her signature color.

“Nice dress,” you commented.

“Thanks, I got it for like half off.” Chaekyung grinned.

“Whoa, sweet!” You hi-fived.

“Yeah, I bought it a while back but haven’t had a chance to wear it. It’s an appropriate length and all,  but it’s not exactly a daytime dress, and you know I don’t go out much,” she said.

“Why are you so adorable?” you groaned.

The girl was the oldest of your friend group at 23, but she was the one who got carded the most. Even wearing a dress that was clearly for clubbing, she looked more like a pure, little seventeen-year-old with the way her short curls framed her wide eyes and cherub cheeks. It was a wonder that no one had asked her out – or, at least, it had been until Jimin had confessed to you that he could sense the mark of a vampire in her aura, which worked to drive away would-be suitors. You didn’t think that the poor girl had any idea of this.

She blushed and quickly replied, “I’m not; you are! And you’re a part of the cutest couple.”

“What can I say? Like attracts like.” You shrugged.

“Oh, shut up,” she snorted.

The ride to the club was uneventful but enjoyable as you hadn’t met for a few weeks. You had a lot to catch up on. Chaekyung had been waking up with a sore neck for the past few days; you and Jimin had been looking at dogs. She was writing a very exciting obituary; you had just gotten a promotion at work. Before you knew it, you had arrived at your stop. You quickly ran off the bus, Chaekyung shrieking as she jumped from the last step.

Although your friend didn’t wear high heels as often as you, she was the one who was able to strut down the sidewalk. You saw several men follow her with their eyes, but you also saw how, the second they looked away, they would blink and seem to forget what had aroused their attention in the first place. You sighed.

The club was packed inside, so you were grateful that Youngmi had reserved a section in the loft. You would be able to hang out and drink without being bothered by the sexually-charged dancers a floor below.

And that was exactly what you did.

Youngmi had the time of her life. Every present seemed divine after doing five shots of peppermint schnapps – everything from the designer journal and necklace set to the candy cane vibrator.

“How sheashonal,” she had twittered. It was March.

You shot Jimin a text every now and then to say you were okay, knowing he would be worried until he had you wrapped safely in his arms again. You also remembered to update him on Chaekyung’s condition. At one point in her drunken excitement, Youngmi had thrown an arm around the older girl, which had tugged down the collar of her dress just enough to expose several pairs of bite marks dotting her skin. You would have to keep a close eye on her over the next few months. The vampire that had marked her aura had begun the process of taking her. She could be dead within the year if you weren’t careful. As a result, you were wary of letting her go down to the dancefloor on her own, so you encouraged another girl by the name of Aemi to accompany her.

“Sho…” Youngmi slurred, “I think I need another drink.” She reached for the almost-empty bottle of schnapps, but you slid it further away.

“Give it!” she whined.

“I think you’ve had enough,” you chuckled.

“Com’on, ish my birthday. Let’s do one more together,” she pleaded. You paused for a moment, but you ultimately decided to give in this one time. You didn’t even stop her when she snuck a swig from the bottle. The mint coated your throat, but you knew that soon Youngmi’s throat would be raw from puking her guts out.

“You know, I’m up here getting wasted, but I’ll probably be the only one home alone later – and ish my birthday!” She slouched in the booth.

“Oh, that’s not true,” you sighed and awkwardly patted her head, “and even if it was, it’s nothing to be upset about. You’re such a romantic that you would be offended by a one night stand.”

“I know. It’s just… You have Jimin, Aeri’s dating that guy from accounting, and Yoonhee is even trying for a baby with her husband.” Tears pricked at her eyes.

“Chaekyung isn’t seeing anyone,” you reminded her.

“That’s what I’ve been telling myself too – even though it’s kind of mean – but look! Even she’s getting some down there.” Youngmi pointed at the lower level. You followed with your eyes, and the sight that met them made your blood run cold. A group of three guys had cornered her. Such a scene should have been impossible because of the vampire’s mark, so you could only assume that all three of them were also walking nightmares with fangs. You mumbled a quick excuse and grabbed your and Chaekyung’s things. You had to get out of there as soon as possible.

You fought to keep your eyes on the girl as you pushed through the throng of people covered in a mixture of sweat and glitter. The bump of the bass and the strobe lights hadn’t bothered you before, but now every vibration rattled your bones, and each flash sent a wave of anxiety coursing through your veins. It felt like an hour had passed by the time you reached her.

“Chaekyung!” you gasped out, but she didn’t seem to hear you. However, you could make out what her companions were saying.

“Why don’t you just tell us who he is? We’re really not that different from him, you know,” one asked. His voice was deep, and his eyes were covered by round, colored glasses despite the darkness of the club.

“I don’t have a boyfriend – that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Chaekyung blushed as another, taller man wrapped one of her curls around his finger. You saw a spark of red light up her eyes, and you knew that you had to act.

“Stop!” You shoved yourself into the circle. “She doesn’t know anything, I can assure you.”

“And who might you be?” the man with the glasses asked.

The third man, whose distinguishing feature was his broad grin, leaned forward to sniff your hair. You tensed; you had never been this close to a vampire, and you had honestly hoped that you never would be.

“She’s a Keeper’s girl.” His grin dropped quickly. He scrunched up his nose like even the term was repugnant. He reached for the heart necklace that Jimin had given you shortly after you had discovered his true identity, but you slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” you snapped.

The man by Chaekyung rolled his eyes. “Relax, Hoseok already has a girl. He doesn’t need you too.”

“You’re not my type anyway,” Hoseok added.

“What are they talking about?” Chaekyung’s voice trembled.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. You won’t remember this part of our meeting, after all,” the tall man told her.

“I-I won’t remember this,” Chaekyung repeated. Her eyes glazed over.

“Oh, buzz off,” you tried to pull her away, but the man with glasses held you back.

“Why don’t you buzz off? You’re the one sticking your nose into other people’s business,” Hoseok said.

“She’s my friend, therefore her well-being is my business,” you retorted.

“Is it though? Typical Keepers,” Hoseok scoffed.

“This is for our safety. If she hasn’t been officially claimed yet like you say, whoever this guy is will be exceptionally jealous if he finds out we exposed his before he planned,” the tall one explained, “and judging by those bite marks, he’s been visiting her. So, even if she doesn’t know him while she’s awake, I guarantee her subconscious know, and I want to know who I’m dealing with.” He tipped up the entranced girl’s chin so their eyes met. “So tell me, cara mia, what you call your mysterious suitor.”

You held your breath. If you could find out his name, then maybe there was a better chance of hunting him down before Chaekyung was lost forever.

She breathed out, “Suga.”

There was a pause.

“You’re kidding. That guy finally stopped lazing around?” the man in glasses snorted. They all appeared relieved. You, on the other hand, were not.

“You know him? That’s not even a real name. But tell him to stay away from her, all right?” you huffed.

Hoseok had you pressed up against the wall before you could blink.

“Stop acting like you’re a part of this,” he snarled, “Just go back and suck off your precious little Keeper before I really take a bite out of you. I’m sure he’d much prefer the former.”

“He doesn’t make my decisions for me, and I can tell you now that if you lay a hand on me, you will regret it,” you growled right back.

“Hoseok, let’s go. She’s not worth our time,” the boy with the glasses sighed. He had stuck a lollipop between his lips, so his words were a little garbled.

Hoseok gave you one, final, red-eyed glare before he shoved you away. You made sure they were gone, then turned your attention to your friend. Her legs had turned to jelly, and she leaned heavily on the wall. Light gradually returned to her eyes.

“Are you okay? Can you answer me?” you asked. You held her arms to steady her.

“I feel a little light-headed. I think I had too much to drink,” she groaned, massaging her temple. She had had only two shots, and she was by no means a lightweight, so you knew that wasn’t it.

“I already got our stuff, so let’s go ahead and get you home,” you said.

“I should tell Youngmi goodbye.” She tried and failed to pull her arms from your grasp.

“She’ll understand. Us getting out of here is more important right now,” you sighed, not letting her go even for a second.

“But haven’t you noticed  how down she’s been lately? I don’t want to leave her all alone,” she argued. That made you pause for a moment. Hadn’t Youngmi just been telling you about that before you had run off to save Chaekyung? But she was drunk, and the moment had passed. You started moving again.

“There are at least ten other girls still here.” Or at least you hoped there were. Either way, you had to leave, so you wanted it to be under the best conditions possible.

You called Jimin as soon as you left the club to let him know what had happened.

“I’m bringing her over tonight. I know she can’t just move in with us, but she could maybe get one night of rest,” you told him. You rested against a telephone pole while Chaekyung sat on a bench about ten feet away. The bus would arrive in just a few minutes, but until then you would just have to watch over her.

“That sounds good. The poor girl will need her strength. I’ll talk to Jin and see if he knows of a way to deter a vampire.” Jimin’s voice came through all crackly, but it was still comforting all the same. Even though the mist outside was chilly, his tenor tones warned your insides from your toes to your cheeks to your fingers and heart.

“All right. I have to let you go now, but we’ll be at the house in fifteen or twenty minutes,” you said, shuffling your feet. You could see a man in a hood with his hands stuffed in his pockets swiftly making his way down the sidewalk, and you wanted to be near Chaekyung just in case.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

You hung up, knowing that Jimin would never hang up first unless there was an emergency on his end. You walked back to the bench, subtly eyeing the man as you did. Hunched shoulders were never a good sign unless it was windy or freezing, and while it wasn’t warm, it wasn’t cold enough to warrant that position. You finally breathed a sigh of relief when he passed by her, but then that feeling was gone when he bumped into you. The impact nearly knocked you over. The man lurched forward to grab your arm.

“Are you okay? I’m so… sorry.”

You looked up at the owner of the smooth voice to find that he wasn’t really a man at all, but a boy around your age. He had a cute face like a rabbit’s that contrasted with his broad shoulders and thick arms. His eyes were charming too. You mentally chastised yourself. You hadn’t looked twice at a guy since meeting Jimin, so what was it about this one that made your cheeks turn red?

“I’m sorry too. I wasn’t watching where I was going,” you apologized. He didn’t say anything, just stared at you with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

“Are-Are you okay?” you asked, but then you caught sight of a little mark in the shape of an eye that rested just below the bottom of his hoop earring.

“Ah.” You grinned, finally understanding. “You’re a Keeper, aren’t you?”

That snapped him out of his stupor. He blinked as he jerked back to life.

“What?” he gasped.

“Am I wrong? I’m sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else,” you backtracked quickly, blushing. You hoped he wouldn’t ask what a Keeper was.

You tried to slide out of the situation, but he latched back onto your arm, his grip firmer this time.

“No, no.” He shook his head. “I am; I just wasn’t expecting you to know. That’s actually really, really great.” His smile was free and easy, and the light of it made a smile creep across your own visage.

“Yeah, Jimin has a similar mark on his neck, so I just kind of figured,” you explained.

“Jimin, the Keeper of Love? Of course he would be involved,” the boy laughed, “Did he tell you about soulmates?”

“Well… yeah.” You furrowed your eyebrows as the boy’s hands traveled down your arms to hold yours. The first raindrop of the night fell right between your joined hands.

“I guess I should introduce myself then. I’m Jeon Jungkook, the Keeper of Jealousy, and you’re my soulmate.“

unpopular maxson headcanon time

I accept the headcanon “Danse is inexperienced with sex / or is a virgin” exists. I don’t agree with it, but so be it. The Fallout fandom is a diverse group and fans can have whatever headcanons they want.

But it’s my opinion that, if anyone is a virgin (or inexperienced, at the very least), it’s Maxson. I know he’s the leader of one of the Brotherhood of Steel chapters; I know it’s popular to view him as a powerful, dominating, assertive character with needs – certain needs. But in the back of my mind, there’s this tiny voice exclaiming, “He’s 20-fucking-years old!”

Maxson has been told his entire life he’s special. His soul was forged in steel, I think is the phrase used to describe him. That could have turned him into an entitled little shit, but I don’t think it did. When we’re introduced to Maxson in Fallout 3, he’s a 10-year-old boy who is very unsure of himself. He doesn’t see himself as anything special. Even at such a young age, he thinks the only thing special about him is his family name. 

And he’s not wrong. 

If he wasn’t a Maxson, he wouldn’t have risen through the ranks so quickly. I’m not saying he hasn’t worked hard. Knowing Maxson, he worked twice as hard as his peers to prove (to himself) he was as good as they were. Not better, but as good. He received promotions others probably deserved more, and maybe when Elder Lyons died… Well, it’s been my opinion the other elders wanted to put someone in charge who could bring glory back to the Brotherhood. Maybe someone they could mold. The Last Maxson fit the bill.

So here’s Arthur Maxson, the new Elder of the East Coast Brotherhood, and he’s probably no older than 18 years. Anyone his age is either an initiate, an aspirant, or maybe a knight. His last name already made him a little intimidating and now he has to be an example of strength, authority, professionalism, honesty, and integrity… He could have any woman he wants, but he can’t just go up to someone and ask them, “Hey, wanna grab a drink some time?”

(Yes, a woman. Don’t tell me the other elders don’t expect him to get married and start procreating in a few years, because you know they do. But what if Maxson is gay? Maybe he’s been attracted to a couple of women in the past, but what if, more times than not, he’d rather have sex and/or a relationship with a man? If he was any other person, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But no, he’s a Maxson. Certain things are expected of him.)

It’s lonely being the one in charge. Maxson could do anything he wants, but doesn’t. He takes his role as Elder very seriously. Even if he isn’t the best leader, he does his best. He hides his insecurities and puts on an air of confidence. He strives to be inspiring, someone his soldiers are willing to follow into battle. He sacrifices a lot to be the leader everyone expects him to be, and because of that, surrounded by people who respect him, he is lonely.

But… that’s just my headcanon.

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AHH IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I HOPE YOU LIKE IT (this was the first one I received)

·Maria is the ultimate lipstick lesbian mmkay
·literally nobody can handle it
·Eliza, the Bean™
·she is so gay it’s adorable
·so naturally when they meet it’s like 50 shades of red
·both from Maria’s lipstick and from Eliza’s face
·Eliza may or may not have almost fainted
·things are slow, but speed up considerably when Eliza realizes that ‘oh hey, she’s not kidding’
·”aw, love, you’re beet red”
·Eliza.exe has stopped working
·once they get together tho
·oh boy
·(or girl, rather)
·they are simultaneously the sweetest and most attractive couple
·then one day
·”hey Eliza, what would my lipstick look like on you?”
·after that all bets are off
·Eliza could’ve had Maria on her knees of she’d wanted for how speechless and shell shocked Maria was
·because 'holy fuck my girlfriend is gorgeous’
·(not that she’d doubted it)

·oh my goodness, I have so many about these two
·so, obviously, it starts when they’re young, way pre-serum
·Steve is so oblivious at first
·But Bucky has always had the gay™ for our dear Stevie
·if you don’t think Steve was the most reckless child
·you are very wrong
·Bucky is that boyfriend that will stand behind Steve as he’s arguing with someone, looking threatening so Steve can think that he wins
·”did you see em’ Buck? I had him shakin in his shoes”
·”you sure did, Steve”
·Bucky considers getting a child leash for Steve
·because that boy will not stay put
·”don’t move, I’ll be right back”
·”what are you gonna do?”
·”stay here”
·”okay, good.” *Bucky leaves*
·*rustling in the bushes* Steve: (ง •̀_•́)ง

(I could go on, but I don’t want this to get too long; if requested, more will come)

·so, it’s very well known that Will is a ray of sunshine
·and that Nico is (a bean™) I mean “the embodiment of darkness”
·things are so awkward when they first start hanging out
·its mostly just silence, a joke, then more silence
·”if it’s so awkward then why do you do hang out with him”
·”shut up Percy you don’t understand”
·until one day will asks him if he actually likes hanging out with him
·and Nico goes silent
·will takes it negatively then gets up to leave
·but Nico just grabs his sleeve to stop him
·because gods be damned if he lost his best friend (and crush)
·so he tries being honest with him, that’s all he can do
·next comes a mumbled “I like hanging out with you”
·”then why are things this awkward? It’s been weeks Nico”
·will loved hanging out with Nico, but he always seemed distant
·”it’s because I have a crush on you you idiot”
·now will is silent
·nico goes red, and begins to panic until will says
·”well why didn’t you say anything in the first place? We could’ve saved ourselves a lot of time. I like you too”
·nico doesn’t move, frozen in shock
·so will does as will will do
·he pulls Nico into his arms and kisses his forehead
·nico wraps his arms around Will and starts crying because
·in all his life, he’d never dream that Will would like him back
·and the rest, as one would say, is history


WTF Mission AU where instead of assassinating and/or infiltrating someone/place, some random client just needed foreigners to become their models and who better than Sakura and Kakashi? Then Naruto gets a copy of the photos as blackmail material -or to make additional money cuz who wouldnt want pictures of kakasaku hotties??? - just cuz he can and

Feast of Fools - Chapter Two

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Fred Weasley Fan Fiction

Word Count: 1833

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: As not much happens at the world cup I kind of rushed through it a bit but I promise that the story will get better! 

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