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Do you know that post about an uber driver surprising passengers with puppies inside their cab? Because I dreamed about it last night but with victuuri. Like, driver!victor with makkachin and his pups at the backseat, then passenger!yuuri enters and victor just stares at him bc wow what an angel??? 'pls marry me we'll travel the world and raise these puppies together???' Lmao it's just so cute too bad i woke up right after that it's such a nice dream ;//

On Victor Nikiforov’s Uber profile it says: prefers passengers with pets.

Yuuri doesn’t have a pet with him, but he does need a ride, so he figures ‘prefer’ is going to have to be the operative word in this situation. Phichit hadn’t been able to give him a ride, something had come up, so he’s leaning against the brick wall outside of a diner. There are waves of rain beating down on the sidewalk in front of him and a tiny, maroon awning is his only savior.

When he sees a white convertible pull up, he squints, wondering if this could possibly be his driver. Deciding to take the risk, he hurries into the rain and peers into the window. There’s a man inside, too blurry to make out, but he’s waving to him, so Yuuri opens the back door.


(No, this can’t be the right car.)

“Come in, you’re going to get soaked!” the man calls, and there’s a playfulness to his voice, an invitation.

“You have dogs,” Yuuri blurts, as though the man doesn’t know that there are currently five brown poodles habituating the back of his fancy convertible.

The man–Victor, Yuuri reminds himself–nods. “That one is Makkachin, he’s the oldest. And that one is Spot–do you see the spot on his back?–and that one is Bella, she’s the troublemaker, and then that’s Charlie…”

“Right, okay,” Yuuri blurts, and he gets into the car, shutting the door behind him. A dog lays down on his lap. He can’t buckle his seatbelt.

“Where are you heading?”

Yuuri swallows. “Um, doesn’t it say in your, uh, thing?”

Victor looks at his GPS. He’s definitely attractive, Yuuri notes. “Yes, I suppose it does. Just trying to make conversation.”

“Oh, right, sorry. Um, I can’t get my seatbelt on.”

“Oh, Makka!” Victor scolds, looking over his shoulder. “You can just push him off, it’s fine. Just be gentle, please.”

Yuuri tries to push the dog off, but he whines and keeps his head on Yuuri’s thigh. He doesn’t have the heart to try again, so he just prays that Victor is a good driver. “So why, um, why the dogs?”

“Why not?”

(Fair enough.)

Victor turns a corner and Yuuri holds onto Makkachin, trying to keep him from slipping. “Aren’t they cute?” Victor asks, sounding hopeful.

“Yeah, they are,” he admits, patting Makkachin’s head. “Are they all poodles?”


“I used to have a poodle.”

Victor frowns, looking at him through the rearview mirror. “They’re very loyal dogs. They like riding around, meeting passengers. I’ve never seen Makkachin take as much of a liking to one as he has to you, though.”

He blushes and ducks his head. “Really?”

“Really. In fact, it’d be a shame if he were to never see you again after this ride, so maybe you should give me your phone number. So that you can visit. For the dog’s happiness.”

(Well, that escalated quickly.)

He tries to figure out whether or not Victor is asking him out.

But, it’s for the dog’s happiness, after all.

“S-Sure. I mean, I do need rides sometimes….”

“You’ll be my priority customer,” Victor promises. “Now hold on.”

“Haha oka–what?”

They swing around a tight corner, Yuuri is thrown against the door. The dogs don’t look at all disturbed, they maintain their places and pant happily at the man in the front seat. “Sorry about that!”

He clutches his heart. “Yeah… Yeah, no problem.”

“Wow, you’re even cuter when you’re flustered,” Victor muses, watching the rearview mirror again.

Yuuri, on the other hand, watches the road. “Look out!”

He glances down at the road, swings their car to the right. “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“D-Definitely fine,” Yuuri repeats, unsure.

Then, they’re at his stop. “See you soon?”

(For the dog, Yuuri thinks.)

(For the dog, and for that man’s stunningly gorgeous eyes.)

“Sure. See you soon.”

12x20 Coda: Pick Me Up

He remembers sitting in an inn with Sam and Dad like this.  Except said inn was probably older than the United States, and it was winter in Vermont, and instead of wine and music and light conversation, it was cheap beer and the blueish glare of the TV and dead silence.

Okay, so it was nothing like this, really.  But he can’t help but reminisce as he watches the siblings and their mother talk seamlessly, as if it’s somehow possible to come up with topics of conversation not related to their mutual job of stabbing things without struggling.

All right.  Maybe that is possible, but not for the Winchesters.

Dean’s halfway through his second glass of wine—yeah, okay, it’s not half bad—when he feels the couch dip beneath him as Max lowers himself into the free space.  Max doesn’t look over at him, but his knee keeps bumping Dean’s as he continues talking to his mother and sister.  How old is this kid again?

Eventually, the two women get up and start moving towards the doorway.  Dean, who’d been wrapped up in the steady hum of conversation and the unexpected fact that Max has been migrating towards him for the past ten minutes or so, snaps out of his reverie.

“Mom thinks she can help me with the rattling noise in the Jeep,” Alicia says by way of explanation.  Her eyes light up as she teases him. “Because you were so useless at fixing it.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Max waves the insult off.  Then, with a wolfish grin in Dean’s direction: “I’ll just keep Dean here company.”

By the time Alicia and Tasha have left, there’s a hand on his knee.  Dean raises his eyebrows.

“I thought you had a date tonight.”

Max shrugs. “I’m flexible.”

Oh God.  Not that Dean hasn’t used bad pick-up lines in his time, but that was pretty damn awful.  Max must be able to read it in his face, because he retracts his hand.

“I’m sorry.  I thought maybe—”

This is the point where Dean would usually laugh and agree that Max isn’t exactly his type, but something stops him.  For once in his life, he’s alone with a guy who has had the same experience that he’s had.

“No.  I mean—that’s not the—”

Max cuts him off. “I get it.  Don’t meet a lot of hunters who have that, though.”

For the life of him, Dean can’t figure out what he’s talking about. “What?”

“Boyfriend.  Girlfriend. Non gender conforming significant other. Whatever.”

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Tawny Gold

Request: Hi could I request a story where reader really likes the idea of having wings so Gabriel snaps up some angel wings for them and their wings start giving signals that gets Gabriel kinda flustered, fluff or smut I don’t care as long as there’s a lot of it. Also your guys blog is awesome! I’m obsessed with it keep up the good work! :)

Request: Hello, dears! I’ve been having a pretty crappy week packed full of exams, so here’s my request: Gabriel x reader that’s just pure fluff. Cuddling, tickles, wing kink, the whole nine yards. Please and thanks! :*

Request: Can we get Babe so cute Gabriel x Reader fluff?? Like the purest fluff possible. like cotton candy sweetness fluff

Warnings: wing!kink, lots of fluff, no smut

Word Count: 1540

Author: Gwen

Gender: Female

Your name: submit What is this?

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Some action movie with cars played on the motel T.V. screen, but despite those being your favorite your eyes remained on the archangel sitting next to you on the ripped couch. His shoulders were relaxed as a smile made itself at home on his already charming face. He was leaning forward, elbows on knees, and it making you wonder if it was because of his wings or if he was just really interested in the movie.

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what are you favorite buffy and angel moments?

Oh wow.

One of my absolute favourite moments between Buffy and Angel is in 2x19 when the poltergeist possesses Buffy and she and Angel re-enact the star-crossed lovers of the teacher/student 1) because the show sets it up to make the viewer think Buffy will actually take on the role of Ms. Newman so it’s a good twist when she’s actually James and it makes sense that she’d be James and she could sort of finally be honest about how much she misses Angel and how much she loves him while also venting her rage at the situation happening to her 2) there is such a sincerity and earnestness to the angst in that episode, like the way Buffy cries and pleads, the way Angel is vulnerable again

and that kiss was so passionate but my favourite part is when she whispers “Angel?” and he pushes her away and runs, like it’s not just heartbreaking, it’s gut-wrenching.

I also love this moment because the episode as a whole was just so well-done and gut-wrenching on all levels like Giles thinking James is actually Jenny and Willow says, “Jenny would never be so mean” in that teary-voice, like it just made that Bangel angst on absolute 100 because the episode was so tight and so emotional on all fronts.

I never watched Angel but I did watch the episode Buffy goes to LA and Angel is human and OK, that sex scene when they just go at it on the kitchen table is one of my favourites but there are no gifs of that, lmao, so we’re going to another one my favourite moments which is when their time is running out. David and Sarah do this sense of panic very well, it’s very sincere and earnest, it really does feel like both of their hearts are breaking because they can’t be together and it’s very rare to actually make that devastation real and they do it:

Not gonna lie, one of my favourite moments is when he feeds from her in season 3 because it’s erotic and tragic and sexy and dangerous and intimate and sad and just so many emotions at once and they’re all very intense and it’s all very urgent and now or never, all or nothing, very Bangel, very BTVS:

I like their morning makeout in “Surprise” because the physical intensity is clearly at a point where both of them want to have sex and not because it’s sex but because it’s sex with each other, you get the sense that they’ve reached a point where they want to be as intimate as possible with each other:

Their acceptance/skating rink scene for obvious reasons:

When Angel comes back

and then in the subsequent episode regains his senses and saves Buffy then drops to his knees in front of her, like it’s so intimate and so sad at the same time because he truly loves her, he came back from a hell dimension loving her but it’s fucking with her head and it’s both painful and comforting at once:

The forehead kiss, it’s an intense situation but a gentle moment and it’s simple but he clearly loves her and is protective of her:

Spike’s speech in Lover’s Walk because it’s amazing and also very Bangel even thogh the “shagging” is complicated, which is partially why everything else is true

Their domestic bickering scene

Their kiss before she kills him

I cant find a gif for it but in season 4  when Angel and Riley get into a fight and Buffy breaks them apart and then asks Riley to leave so she and Angel can have a moment and Riley doesn’t move so Buffy and Angel just go outside, it was deliciously petty.

The Amends speech veers on melodrama a little bit but this is what an angst-filled, love-you-too-much, live-and-die-with-your-every-breath plus self-reflection looks like *stares at Julie Plec*

Their kiss in season 5 because it showed that even after all this time, they cant be together because the feelings are always there:

Also in 2x01 when she smashes the Master’s bones and he just holds her as she cries.

That’s it for now!

*none of these are my gifs*

A Little Slow On Love

title : A Little Slow On Love

with : Hyungwon (Monsta X)

summary : Seeing as you’re failing your classes, your Mother hires you a private tutor. (fluff)

(Part 2 x |Part 3 x |Part 4 x |Part 5 x |Part 6 x)

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I need a full essay double spaced times new roman on why you love jimin and his flaws bcus I've never been able to put it in words 💓

what flaws 🤐🤔

lmao, gosh… an essay, huh, i’m not sure i can do that… but to start, let me list some of them.. i mean the ones we know of by watching his behaviour or from stories by others…

  • a really short temper, he’s impatient
  • can be petty, sore loser
  • likes to expose other people just because he can
  • gets defensive
  • tardy, always late, makes people wait on him
  • picky!! vain!
  • way too self-critical
  • dependant on other people’s approval / validation
  • needs attention! always
  • bad at explaining things to other people and putting his feelings into words even though he’s a deep thinker
  • has that usual tinge of internalized sexism
  • holds grudges, when someone slights him or does something wrong, he remembers it and then uses it against them in an argument months later lmao
  • takes advantage of his cuteness/good looks to get what he wants
  • teases, lies/exaggerates
  • doesn’t always think things through
  • doesn’t like showing that he’s actually a nerd and a weeb lmao

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Tales of Angel Lu - Chapter 1: First Love ♥